Nightlong Walkthrough


STARTING INVENTORY: Credit Notes, Minicom, Elevator Card, Magnetic Pen and Small Key

Pick up the Foil Paper between the two aircars.

Open the door to the building and enter the APARTMENT BUILDING.


Press the elevator button – the fuse inside the panel blows. Remove the Fuse (blown) and wrap the Foil Paper around it. Replace the Fuse (working) in the panel to repair the elevator button. Press the button to open the elevator. Slide the Elevator Card through the slot inside the elevator. Take the elevator to Simon Ruby’s apartment.

Examine the door to his apartment (on the left of the elevator) – [17 – S. RUBY]. This activates the ‘letterbox for number 17’ in the foyer. Return to the foyer.

Open the ‘letterbox for number 17’ with the Small Key – get a Letter (with signature) from inside. Go back to the apartment.

Put the Letter (with signature) on the pen pad on the door. Now use the Magnetic Pen on the pen pad to open the door. Enter the apartment.


Take the Note Paper from the table in the living room. It has a message [ROTMALL 17 11.30 PM] on it – this activates the map in the SUBWAY (see later). Take the Photo from on top of the refrigerator. Open the refrigerator and look inside. Take the Bottle (of Vodka) from the refrigerator. Go to the bedroom.

There are two switches next to the window that lower or raise the shutter. Press the bottom switch to lower the shutter. Now open the window to reveal a piece of sticky tape. Remove the Key from the tape. Open the wardrobe and move the clothes aside to find the safe. Unlock the safe with the Key. Inside the safe are a Pistol, a Tube (of acid) and Ruby’s Report (to Hugh).


Insert the Credit Notes into the vending machine (outside Ruby’s apartment) – it dispenses a Can (of beer). Check the coin return and get Coin (change). Go to the ROOF.


Melt the barrier (next to the rail on the bridge) with the Tube (of acid). Take the Bar.

Return to the foyer inside the APARTMENT BUILDING.


Examine the map on the wall – this activates the SUBWAY option in the elevator. Take the elevator to the SUBWAY.


Examine the map above the ticket machine – this activates the ticket machine for use. Insert the Coin (change) into the ticket machine. Place your thumb on the scanner and go through the access gate.

Talk to the Bum at Rotmall 17. Give him the Bottle (of Vodka), then show him the Photo. He will still be ‘thirsty’, so give him the Can (of beer) as well – he is now prepared to sell the Skate. To buy the Skate select the [I feel for the guy, what the hell…] option. Go up the escalator to get to the SQUARE.


The Doorman outside the FREE CLIMAX tells you that you need a membership card to get inside. You must have spoken to him in order to activate the topic of the membership card with the Storekeeper. Enter the LIQUOR STORE.

Take note that the Storekeeper’s Wife is afraid of rats. Examine the Membership Card on the shelf behind the Storekeeper. Try to take the Membership Card – this activates the topic with the Storekeeper. Talk to him and select the [Ask him about the membership card] option. He tells you that he is prepared to swap it for a bottle of Chateau Lafitte ’85. Climb over the railings to get to the alley between the LIQUOR STORE and the FREE CLIMAX.

Open the manhole with the Bar. Go down the open manhole to the UNDERGROUND TUNNEL. Pick up the Rat near the grating at the far end. Return to the alley.

Use the Tube (of acid) to melt the padlock on the trapdoor. Open the trapdoor and go down to the STOREROOM. Attach the Rat to the Skate, and then roll the Rat (on the Skate) towards the Storekeeper’s Wife. When she runs away – open the case on the floor and take out the Bottle (of Chateau Lafitte ’85). Go back to the LIQUOR STORE.

Give the Bottle (of Chateau Lafitte ’85) to the Storekeeper – he gives you the Membership Card in return.

Show the Membership Card to the Doorman outside the FREE CLIMAX – he will now allow you access. Enter the FREE CLIMAX and have a conversation with Eva. Return to the SUBWAY.


Use the Minicom to contact Hugh Martens (this is the only place it will work). The fax machine needs to be fixed in order for Hugh to transmit a map. Pick up the Plastic Plate (on the floor under the graffiti). Attach the Plastic Plate to the fax machine on the left – you now have a fax number to give to Hugh (PK64768). Use the Minicom to contact Hugh Martens again. Take the Map from the fax machine – this activates the grating in the UNDERGROUND TUNNEL (down the open manhole). Go to the UNDERGROUND TUNNEL.


Open the grating at the far end of the tunnel. Go through the grating to get to the PLATFORMS.


Use the Pistol to shoot the lock on the door leading to the MAINTENANCE ROOM. Open the door and enter.

Inside the middle cabinet is a bag containing various tools. Open the middle cabinet and remove the Leads, Screwdriver and Tool (Socket Spanner) from the bag.

Unscrew the logo on the advertisement board with the Screwdriver. The logo is a Metal ‘S’ – which you attach to the chain lying next to the pipe near the door. You now have a makeshift grapple. Throw the makeshift grapple onto the overhead pipe (above the tracks). Cross the platform to the other side.

Open the panel next to the magnetic field with the Tool (Socket Spanner). Attach the Leads to the contacts, and then pull the lever to turn the current on. Apply the other end of the Leads to the magnetic field – this will short-circuit and deactivate the magnetic field. You are now able to pass through.

At the extreme left of the DESERTED PLATFORM is a shed. Take the Pliers that are inside. Use the Bar to knock the loudspeaker off the wall – a Magnet falls onto the floor. Pick up the Magnet. Note: By going down the trapdoor inside the shed; the door leading to the BOOKSTORE will be visible on the other side of the chasm.

Climb onto the BRIDGE. There is a sign suspended by a cable over the rubble on the tracks. Cut the cable with the Pliers – the sign drops down and forms a passage allowing you to cross over to the ZOO.


Open the curtain in the BAR. Take the Broom and the Cylinder (of gas). There is a Small can (of oil) on the counter, which you take. Take the Can (empty) from the table. Go to the SPHINX.

Try to enter the SPHINX – the recorded message gives the access codes for the 3 WHEELS:

"…under the supreme eye of the father of the gods…"

"…sits the solar protector of all men…"

"…to the right of he who delights in the eternal becoming of his being…"

This activates the Book in the BOOKSTORE. Return to the MAINTENANCE ROOM on the PLATFORMS.


In order to cross back over the tracks you need to reach the chain (attached to the overhead pipe). Use the Magnet on the Bar to make a Magnetic Bar. Use the Magnetic Bar to ‘attract’ the chain and cross the tracks.

Open the extreme right cabinet in the MAINTENANCE ROOM. Take the Key from inside. Pour the oil from the Small can (of oil) onto the hasp of the door in the MAINTENANCE ROOM. Now turn the hasp and open the door to enter the STOREROOM.

The STOREROOM is in darkness. Press the switch (to try turning the lights on) in the STOREROOM. Examine the bulb – it’s not working. Open the trapdoor (on the floor as you enter). Go down the trapdoor to get to the UNDERGROUND PASSAGEWAY.


Unlock the door at the end of the passage with the Key. Open the door and enter the BOOKSTORE.


Remove the Book from the middle shelf (immediately to the left of the well as you face it). Read the Book, it contains clues to the access code of the 3 WHEELS.

RA (TOP) = Head of all Egyptian Gods

KHEPRER (LEFT) = Image of God always becoming in his continuous cycle of dying and rising again

HORUS (RIGHT) = Protector from all sickness that afflicts mankind

Remove the Bulb (working) from the light on the desk. Climb down the well to return to the UNDERGROUND PASSAGE. Go to the STOREROOM.


Remove the Bulb (faulty) from the light socket (in the STOREROOM), and replace it with the Bulb (working). Press the switch to turn the lights on. Take the Three-way Adapter from the shelf. Make your way back to the SPHINX at the ZOO.


Turn the 3 WHEELS to the correct settings:

Press the button in the centre of the 3 WHEELS to gain access to the CONTROL ROOM.

The red buttons on the panels indicate that the barriers are active. Press the red button (2nd from the left) to deactivate the barrier at the GODDESS (the button turns green). Press the red button (extreme right) to also deactivate the barrier at the FISSURE (again the button turns green). Take the Gun from the shelf. Go to the FISSURE.

Try crossing the footbridge – a dinosaur appears. Shoot the dinosaur with the Gun. Now cross the footbridge and enter the CAVE.

Take the Flare from the table. Examine the key on the wall next to the cage and note that it has a ‘Xame Electronics’ cell. Go to the GODDESS.

Move the bush to reveal a faucet. Turn the faucet once to extinguish the fire in the brazier. Turn it again and the brazier fills up with fuel. Fill the Can (empty) with fuel from the brazier – you have a Can (of fuel). Go to the POND.

Open the machinery panel – the tank opens and the Kid (on the other side) falls down. Pour the fuel from the Can (of fuel) into the tank. Note that you are left with 2 Cans (empty). Also pour the gas from the Cylinder (of gas) into the tank. Finally, throw the Flare into the tank – the resultant explosion opens the sluice gate. Note what happens to the Minicom, i.e. the sparks! Cross the bridge to get to the Kid. Search the Kid and get the Remote Control. Examine the Remote Control and note that it is also a ‘Xame Electronics’ gadget (the same as the key in the CAVE). Return to the CAVE.

Activate the key with the Remote Control to open the elevator. Take the elevator to the WAREHOUSE.


Search the open crate (on the extreme left) and get the Pincers. Search the same crate a second time to get the Projector. Take the elevator (on the far right) to get to the metal walkway above. Press the push-buttons to open the trapdoor. Climb up the staircase to the ROOF.

Note that the trapdoor is sealed shut. Use the Magnetic Bar to open the door that leads to the MACHINERY ROOM. Enter the MACHINERY ROOM.

Note the two canisters filled with gas. Pull the lever (above and to the right of the mixer faucet) to turn the gas off. Loosen the pipe by cutting it with the Pliers. Now bend the pipe upwards so that it is visible (and accessible) through the window.

Turn the gas supply on again by pulling the lever. Go back to the ROOF.

Place the Minicom on the lock on the sealed trapdoor. Disconnect the hose from the faucet and attach it to the pipe (visible and accessible through the window) – see picture above. Use the hose to get gas onto the Minicom and ignite the sparks. The trapdoor will be blown open.


1. the fire alarm goes off

2. the previously hidden passageway where the Guard comes from

3. how he deactivates the alarm

4. he drops a match

Return to the ground level of the WAREHOUSE.

Pick up the Match dropped by the Guard. Open the panel (in which the alarm is housed). Unscrew the cover with the Screwdriver. Disconnect the earth (middle) wire and join it to the negative (right) wire.

Replace the cover – the booby trap is now ready. Go back up to the metal walkway.

Light the Broom with the Match to make a Torch. Touch the sensor (near the push-buttons) with the Torch to set the alarm off again. The Guard will come investigate and gets electrocuted when he switches it off. Go to the HIDEOUT through the passageway.


Insert the Three-way Adapter into the socket (on the lower part of the wall near the entrance). Plug the Projector into the Three-way Adapter. Switch on the Projector to activate the hologram. After overpowering the Terrorist, search him and get a Laser and a Key. Take the elevator to the DESERTED ROOM above.

Unlock the left desk drawer with the Key. Search the drawer to find a (Security) Card. Move the picture on the wall to reveal a Piece of Paper. Take the Piece of Paper – it gives a clue to the correct sequence in which to press the buttons on the security system (downstairs). Note that the colours range from ‘white’ to ‘black’ in gradual shades. The sequence to follow begins with ‘white’ and ends with ‘black’.

Return downstairs.

Fire the Laser at the panel to open it and reveal the security system. Insert the (Security) Card to activate the system. In order to deactivate the retina scanners (upstairs); press the buttons in the correct sequence.

Remove the (Security) Card and go back to the DESERTED ROOM.

Look through the spy hole in the door to the right – the room behind it is empty. Open the door and enter the MEDICAL ROOM. Press the panel on the partition wall to open the partition. Open the panel inside the partition wall to get a Stethoscope, a Syringe and Simon Ruby’s (Medical) Report. Return to the DESERTED ROOM.

Look through the spy hole in the door to the left – there are two people (Al and Eva) in the room behind it. Use the Stethoscope to listen to Al and Eva through the door. Select all the ‘talk’ options to get the full story line as well as a clue to the mirror (see later) being non-reflective.





Take the Coin out of the water font. Take the Cloth that the skeleton is holding. Go to the cablecar area in the AMUSEMENT PARK.

Pick up the hammer and hit the drum with it – part of the hammer breaks off. Take the Hammer. Enter the hut through the door. Open the left drawer of the ticket office and search inside it to get a Match. Go downstairs to the boiler room. Shut down the boiler by turning the handle with the Cloth. The spider leaves – revealing gunk (on the floor) and mildew (on the wall). Take the Mud (gunk) and Saltpetre (mildew).

Go to the slot machine. Hit the spider (on the slot machine) with the Hammer – it’s leg holds one of the ‘skulls’ on the slot machine in a fixed position. Insert the Coin into the slot and then play the slot machine. Remove the Coins you win. Go to the shooting range.

Slow down the targets by throwing the Mud on the runners. Insert the Coins (you retain one) into the slot. Fire the gun and win a prize. Take the prize – a Puppet (with a Remote Control). Return to the hut near the cablecar.

Open the right-hand drawer of the ticket office and put the Puppet inside – you are left with the Remote Control. Get into the cablecar cage and then press the button on the Remote Control to get the Puppet to start the cablecar.


Go to the CHURCH. Break off the Torch (on Joshua’s left as he enters). Pick up the Skull from the centre of the pentacle. Note that there is a hole in the cranium. Open the brazier and remove the Charcoal Slack. Go to the ALCHEMIST’S STUDY.

Read the book on the podium – it contains two clues on werewolves:

1. …kill a werewolf with a silver bullet…

2. …werewolves’ blood corrodes metal…

Pick up the Parchment on the left (on the table) – it contains instructions for making gunpowder:

…make gunpowder from saltpetre, charcoal and sulphur…

Read the parchment on the right (on the table) – it contains a clue to the mirror puzzle:

…the mirror is enveloped by the mists of the waters of the Styx…

Take the Small Bag from the shelf and examine it – the Small Bag contains papaverine, a sleeping drug. Take the Jar from the shelf and examine it – it’s filled with sulphate. Put your foot on the tile (under the water vessel) and note that the flow of water stops. Put the Skull on the tile to stop the water flow. Insert the Torch into the Skull, and then light it with the Match. Kick the Torch off the tile to start the flow of water again – the mirror mists up and the numbers 7 8 4 5 are visible. Take the Shaft that’s standing next to the vessel. Go to the TOWER.

Insert the Shaft into the meridian circle. Next fill those numbered holes (with the Shaft) in the same sequence as the numbers visible in the mirror, i.e. 7 8 4 5.

You find Moreau’s diary and are transported to HUGH’S OFFICE.


Study the picture behind the Secretary – it’s the 1st clue to the access code to Hugh’s computer. Empty the Small Bag (of papaverine) into the chocolates on the Secretary’s desk. She eats a chocolate and falls asleep. Press the button on her desk to open the door to the Meeting Room. Enter the Meeting Room.

Open the showcase and remove the Pistol and 2 Iron Balls. Take the Club from the Suit of Armour. Examine the door to the right and note that it has a metal lock. Use the Positioner to go back to the cablecar area in THE AMUSEMENT PARK.


Hit the drum with the Club – the Bell falls to the ground. Pick up the Bell. Go to the lava in THE LABYRINTH.

Put the Bell on top the lava. Next put one Iron Ball on the Bell, which is now floating in the lava. Also put the remaining Coin on the Bell. The Coin melts and the Ball becomes silver-coated. Remove the Bell with the Cloth – the Ball (silver) falls on the floor. Pick up the Ball (silver).

Go the Werewolf in THE LABYRINTH. Mix the Saltpetre with the Charcoal Slack to make a Powder. Now mix this Powder with the Jar (containing Sulphur) to make the final Powder (gunpowder) solution. Note that you are left with an empty Jar. Load the Powder into the Pistol, then insert the Ball (silver) into the Pistol. Fire the Pistol at the Werewolf – the ‘silver bullet’ kills it. Take the Blood from the Werewolf by putting it into the empty Jar – you now have a Jar (of blood). Return to the Meeting Room in HUGH’S OFFICES.


Pour the Blood (in the Jar) onto the lock on the door to the right – it melts, allowing the door to be opened. Enter Hugh’s Office. Open the drawer in Hugh’s desk and remove the Slide. Insert the Slide into the projector (in the Meeting Room) to get the 2nd clue to the access code to Hugh’s computer.

Switch on the computer and enter the access code 5 6 2 3 9 6. You learn the truth about Martens. You go to ROCAS PERDIDA with Al and Eva.


ADDITIONAL INVENTORY ITEMS: Laser, Wrist-comm and Parallel Cutter

Take note of the turtle walking into the ocean as you arrive.

Sift through the tracks (those nearest to you) left by the turtle – you find an Egg. Go to the FENCE.

Throw the Egg towards the Snake – it comes closer. Shoot the Snake with the Laser, then use the Pincers to pick it up. Go to the CONDUIT.

Open the grating by shooting the padlock with the Laser. Throw the Snake into the pond to feed and distract the piranhas. Climb through the grating to enter the LAUNDRY.


Move the sheets to reveal the Detergent. Take the Detergent and empty it into the bucket. Pour the contents of the bucket down the conduit to make it slippery. Close the grating that you entered through. Put the 2 Cans (empty) into the washing machine on the right and switch it on – the guard hears the noise and comes to investigate. The guard falls through the grating. Take the Keys that the guard left in the door.

Unlock the red door with the Keys and enter the ISOLATION WARD. Open the window on the door to the 2nd cell on the left and talk to Moreau. He tells you that the fence has 100000 volts. Select the following options:

[ask him how to open his cell door] – he tells you about the door to the prison governor’s office

[ask him where the laboratory is] – he tells you that he can recognise the sounds of the keypad

Take the MDVD from the desk at the SENTRY’S POST. Film the audio and visual of the keypad on the wall with the MDVD. Take the MDVD and give it to Moreau through the window – he tells you that the code is 446677.

Enter the code into the keypad and enter the LABORATORY. Take the Tester, Tubes (containing poison) and the Gloves. Look at the blackboard – it has sketched formulae and calculations on it that are clues to opening the door to the Governor’s Office (see later).

Unscrew the panel along the wall at the SENTRY’S POST with the Screwdriver. Examine the box with the Tester – there are 3 identical wires. Cut the correct wire (the box) with the Parallel Cutter. Eva and Al will be able to get past the fence. Eva finds a code, but is captured. Al is killed.

Unlock the door to the INFIRMARY with the Keys. Search the coat (through the reinforced bars) – you get Floss and a Thermometer. Inflate the Gloves with gas from the cylinder (also through the reinforced bars). Look out of the window – the windows of the prison cells are visible. Call Eva – she is in the 1st cell, i.e. the one closest to you. Fill the Syringe with the poison from the Tubes. Tie the Floss to the Syringe, then attach the Syringe to the inflated Gloves. Float the Gloves across to the window of Eva’s cell – she now has a weapon to use to overpower the guard.

Unlock the red door with the Keys (again) and enter the ISOLATION WARD. Take the Laser from the guard on the floor. Open the window to Eva’s cell – she gives you the Paper (code) she found.


Information Known:

(1) The laboratory door access code is 446677

(2) The symbols for this code don't appear on the equations on the blackboard

(3) Therefore the numbers 4, 6 and 7 are excluded from the equations


The equation can be divided into two parts:

PART ONE: abc x dc = defc

PART TWO: defc + cbfc = agecb


defc + cbfc = agecb

agecb is a number in the "ten thousands"

but agecb cannot be 20 000 or greater

so agecb must be a number between 10 000 and 20 000

therefore a = 1


abc x dc = defc

c is the last digit in all the numbers

so c x c = c (or a number ending in c)

so c can only be 0,1,5 or 6

but c cannot be 1 (a = 1) nor 6 (excluded)

therefore c can only be 0 or 5

Back to PART TWO:

defc + cbfc = agecb

again look at the last digit in the numbers

so c + c = b (or a number ending in b)

but c cannot be 0 (0 + 0 = 0 doesn't fit)

therefore c = 5

also: if 5 + 5 = 10 (c + c = b)

then b = 0

Staying with PART TWO:

defc + cbfc = agecb (def5 + 50f5 = 1ge50)

look at the last two digits in the numbers

so f5 + f5 = 50 (or a number ending in 50)

therefore f can only be 2 or 7

but f cannot be 7 (excluded)

therefore f = 2

What do you know so far?

a = 1, b = 0, c = 5, f = 2

missing letters are d, e and g

missing numbers are 3, 8 and 9


abc x dc = defc (105 x d5 = de25)

using "trial and error":

if d is 3: 105 x 35 = 3e25

but 105 x 35 = 3675, therefore d cannot be 3

if d is 9: 105 x 95 = 9e25

but 105 x 95 = 9975, therefore d cannot be 9

if d is 8: 105 x 85 = 8e25

and 105 x 85 = 8925, therefore d can only be 8

therefore d = 8 and e = 9

also by process of elimination g = 3

The governor's door access code – as on the Paper from Eva is e c d g f b

Therefore the code is 9 5 8 3 2 0.

Enter the number 9 5 8 3 2 0 on the keypad.



A Walkthrough by Malcolm Schmidt

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