by Benoit Sokal and White Birds Production

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   September 2008



Gameplay:    This is a first person point and click game. After installation of the game which doesn't need the DVD in the drive, choose a profile. The profile selection can be scrolled using the arrow at bottom right and then click 'select'.

The main menu is seen as floating icons over the city. Pan right or left to see: New game, load, options, profiles, credits, quit and save icons.

The options menu has graphic and sound options:    mouse, volume, subtitles, resolution and advanced selections.

The game play default cursor is a dot at the center of the screen. The dot cursor changes when it lands on an item that can interacted on or during movement. Check the manual for the different action cursor.

The inventory is accessed by right click of mouse. A central circle is surrounded by small circles that contain the items picked up. Hovering over an item in a small circle shows the item on the central circle and is selected by a left click. The central circle has the main menu access and a read icon on its perimeter. Right click closes the inventory.

Save a game by clicking on the 'save' under the empty frame at right. It is saved when the scene, time and date is entered. There are 9 saved game slots and one automatic saved game file.

A manual is in the installed game folder in your computer.

You can die in this game but gets a lot of chances to do the puzzle again.


Paris March 2023:    Alcide Nikopol paints in his apartment. A pyramid hovers over the city. A flying man comes out of the pyramid. An announcement by the militia states that an unidentified object has fallen from the sky. Two modules on a parachute fall down from the sky. See a crashed module on a rooftop. Inside is an unconscious man. Horus, an Egyptian god with a falcon head looks down on the man.

This mortal seems pure. Surely lost in this city.


Chapter 1


Nikopol's apartment:    Gorgon, the brotherhood chief left a message for Nikopol. He seems to be in a panic the last time.

Bedroom:    Look around the room.

Look at the window and take the chain.

Look down right of the mattress. Take incense and the lighter.

Living room:    Open the door at right and go forward to the bathroom.

Turn right and go forward to the front door. Take and read Gorgon's letter slipped under the door.

It informs Nikopol that his final test for joining the order of Great Evangelical Return is now. They want him to bring a portrait of his father.

Picture of Nikopol's father:    There might be a picture in one of the vacation reels.

Turn right and go to the living room. Take a video reel from the corner shelf.

News:    Turn around and read the newspaper on the coffee table. Learn that a reward is out for news about the unidentified object that crashed. Also that there is an Atheist terrorist group in Lyon.

Read about the mysterious pyramid and Choublanc, the dictator-prophet's negotiation with the identity of the pyramid inhabitants.

Learn that selling religious objects are illegal.

Hockey game Paris Holy Cross vs Lyon's Kamikaze will be hosted by Choublanc.

Projector:    Go to the movie projector behind the chairs.

Open the top right circular canister. Place the video reel and then close the canister.

Go to the plugged fireplace. Look up and pull down the movie screen.

Go back to the projector and pull the lever on the top of the tube part.

See Nikopol's father during his court martial. He was sentenced to hibernation and guarded by an android, XB2.

Studio:    Go to the studio left of the bedroom. Look around the studio. See the pyramid outside the window.

Take the empty painting easel in front of the window.

Take the painting kit on the table at left.

Pan left and take a white canvas from the stack at the corner.

Take hammer and automatically the chisel right of the unfinished bust.

Paint the portrait:    Go back to the projector. Automatically, place the easel down.

Place the white canvas on the easel. Click the painting kit on the blank canvas.

Nikopol wants to find a way to paint quicker. Right click to return the painting kit to inventory.

Turn to the projector and click the base of the projector so that it shows the face on the canvas.

Click the painting kit on the blank canvas.

Look close at the projected face and paint over it. It is done when Nikopol states that it finished.

Click on a paint and then click on a part of the face on the canvas.

Click on the glass of water at right of painting to reset the puzzle.

Paint black (5) on the hair and automatically do the eyebrows.

Paint white (4) on the shirt and automatically do the cheeks.

Paint dark gray (1) on the jaw line and throat.

Paint medium gray (2) on top of mouth and automatically do the inner jaw line.

Paint light gray (3) on the forehead and automatically do the rest of the face.

It is time to bring it to Gorgon.

Front Door:    Look up and see that the ceiling is getting weaker and are held by posts.

Exit the apartment and see a monster that wants to arrest Nikopol.

Escape the Monster Militia:    Automatically, Nikopol goes back inside the apartment.

Block the front door:    Turn around to the right and take the heavy metal beam at the corner.

Place the metal beam on the door and it bars the door for a few seconds.

Bedroom door:    Go to and enter the bedroom. Automatically close the bedroom door.

Use the chain on the door lock to buy some time.

Studio:    Go next door and face the shelving right of the fireplace.

See the monster through the broken wall. Nikopol states that the monster can not see but can smell him.

Turn to the right and click the base of the hoist. It will move to the shelving.

Press the button on the control hanging at right to lower and clamp the stone from the shelving.

Press the button again to raise the stone off the shelving.

Click the base of the shelving again to move it away from the shelving.

Block the monster from smelling Nikopol:    Enter the bedroom.

Look down right of the mattress. Place the incense on the incense holder above the box of incense.

Use the lighter to light the incense. That should block the monster's sense of smell.

Take the chain off the bedroom door and immediately go back to the studio.

Studio:    Now that the stone is gone from the shelving, move it to block the entryway to the bedroom at left.

Move the hoist with the stone and it will be beside the moved shelving.

Lower the hoist to place the stone back on the shelving.

Lock the monster:    Exit through the unblocked door.

Now that the incense is covering your smell, go to the bedroom door and close it.

Use the chain on the door to lock the monster inside.

Exit the building:

Unblock the front door:    Go to front door and see that exit is blocked by a metal beam and the destroyed door.

Click on the metal beam and door. The place will collapse if that metal beam is removed.

Look down on the floor and see a pile of dirt left and above the stone block.

Click on the pile of dirt to make a clear space.

Take the block of stone below it and drop it on that clear space.

Take the wood beam lying on the right. Place it on top of the block of stone to support the ceiling.

Use the hammer on the door to remove it from the exit.

Find a way out:    See that the stairs on the right is blocked.

Turn around and see a window that is bricked up. Look close at the bricked up window.

Use the hammer or click on 5 bricks to make a space to exit. Exit through he opening

Watch Nikopol climb down the wall of the building. He rides a taxi and goes to the cemetery.


Chapter 2

Cemetery:    Meet Gorgon.

Gorgon:    He wants Nikopol to code a secret message to the other faithful in a way that the militia will not catch on.

Gorgon gives a manual to explain the coding. Read the manual in inventory. The meeting place is at a back room at right.

Read the hockey news on the counter right of Gorgon. Wow - hockey in the future is vicious. Hockey player 23 asked for asylum. There was an attempted coup by General Vertegoutte?

Look around at the cemetery and see that this is a place full of the dead in boxes.

Meeting place:    Pan left from Gorgon and go forward twice. Turn right and enter the open door.

Enter the dark room. Click and Alcide wants light. Use the lighter.

Pan a bit to the right wall. See 2 switches. The bottom one needs a key and the top one is with a flip switch.

Click the flip switch.

Review the manual:    The walls need something drawn on them. The floor needs tiles.

Wall drawing:    Read the wall drawing arrangement in the manual. There are 4 panels on each side of the central panel where the portrait should go.

Pick up the chalk on the floor at right.

Click the chalk on a wall panel to draw. A selection of icons will be seen.

Click the icon that you want to draw and it will show up on that panel.

The serpent should be on the far left coming in from the entryway.

The Horn of Abundance and the Cup should face each other.

The Cup is in between the Hanged Man and the Tree.

Place the Wheel of fortune and the Hanged Man beside each other, without being on the same wall.

The Hat is on the same wall as the Wheel of Fortune.

Based on the clues, draw the different symbols at the correct place.

Draw from left to right:    Serpent, Horn of Abundance, Crane or skull, Hat or Miter, empty space for the portrait, Wheel of Fortune, Hanged Man, Cup and Tree.

If done correctly, Alcide will say: All the drawings are in the right place.

Tiles on the floor:    Tiles should be arranged on the floor. Review the tiles description in the manual

Find the tiles:    Look down on the floor and see tiles by the walls.

At left side the tiles are: sword and tower.

At right side the tiles are:    key, crown and scale.

There are missing tiles. Click on the broken tiles in front of the other intact tiles by right wall. See that black cross, salt and two coins are missing. The urn is also missing.

Two coins:    Exit the room and then pan left to the path left of the graves.

Go forward and see a vending machine. Click and see that these are urns with the ashes of the dead.

To the left of the vending machine on the wall is a collection box.

Click on it twice and see that Gorgon is watching on the mirror on the wall.

Draw Gorgon's attention elsewhere:    Pick up a rock from the ground below the collection box.

Use the rock on the mirror on the wall. The mirror is now focused elsewhere.

Open the collection box and get 3 coins.

Mother's urn, Clemence Morganidon:    Your Mother's urn - Clemence Morganidon - 3

Use coin on the slot below the red circle of the vending machine.

See that it lights up and that the name of the content of the urn is written on the top of the machine.

Clemence Morganidon is at 3. Use the up arrow to light up the third from top row.

Use the left arrow once and see that the name above is Clemence Morganidon.

Press the bottom green rectangle below the down arrow.

Take the urn (pop can) and also the 2 coins.

Black cross:     Turn around and go forward to the makeshift altar.

Take the tire iron-cross key that the faithful uses as a cross.

Cold rooms:    Turn right, forward and look up at a moving camera that checks the area.

Try to go in through the rubber curtain and hear a warning voice.

Look at the sign on the right behind the grill - Boucherie arrow pointing to the right.

Go left of the rubber curtain to the side aisle.

Pan right and down. See a recently placed metal shelf. Use the cross key-tire iron on the metal shelf.

Click to remove the plate. Go through the grill behind the plate.

Enter the cold rooms. The place is a cadaver repository before they are buried.

Look around. Go right to center of the building. See that the door is guarded only by a speaker.

Pan left and go forward to the other end. See the Boucherie sign above the frozen bodies.

Salt:    Go back to the center area by the rubber curtain.

Turn around from the curtain and enter the inner alcove.

Turn right and click on frosted door at right end.

Alcide says that the corpse is preserved in salt.

Look at the metal plate right of the end door. Use the tire iron-cross key on the plate.

Take the plate off. Turn the red valve once and see that the ice on the door melted.

Open the door and use the chisel to get a piece of salt.

Exit the cadaver building.

Arrange the tiles:    Go back to the meeting room. Now that the missing items are collected, it is time to arrange the tiles.

The key is under the Crane.

The Salt is under the Cup.

The Urn is between the Two Pieces and the Black Cross.

The Scale and Sword are on the same line as the Black Cross.

The Scale and the Crown are on the same column as the Key.

Your Mother's urn - Clemence Morganidon - 3

Arrange the tiles as clued by the manual.

Place tile or items from left to right and top to bottom:   

Key, 2 coins and tower

Crown, Urn and salt

Scale, black cross and sword

Perfect, everything is in place.

Place the portrait of Alcide's father at the center panel above the candles.

Find out what Gorgon is up to:

Someone possibly Gorgon locks Alcide inside the room.

Open the door:    Look down at base of door. Click and see that there is a plate screwed here.

Take the cross key-black cross from the floor and use it on the plate at bottom of door.

See that there is a space now.

Use the manual on the space under the door.

Use the chisel on the door keyhole.

Pull the manual back and get a ring of cemetery keys.

Use cemetery keys on door lock.

Gorgon's office:    Exit and go left pass the vending machine.

See-click that the large rollup doors are locked.

Use the cemetery keys on the lock of Gorgon's office.

Enter and look around.

Take the decoding diagram paper from the book shelf. Look at it in inventory.

Click and read Visions 0.8.1 of the Order of the Great Evangelical Return. Learn of a beast that will cause Armageddon. Note the red lettered "Nikopol". So they think Nikopol is the beast.

Take the coded letter on the counter. Look at the picture of Alcide's father with a red star.

Look up and take the photo on the wall above the roll up window. Look at the photo in inventory. See a door with a Boucherie (meat market) sign above it and the meat counters.

Pull out the suitcase from under the bed. Read the letter from the Worship Authorities. Gorgon is collaborating with the government.

Decode the coded letter:    Exit the office and go back to the meeting room.

Use the cemetery keys on the bottom panel switch right of the door with the tree drawing.

The ceiling lights turn on. Look around and see that the whole room has symbols.

Study the decoding diagram and see that each of the panel that has the symbol has a letter associated with it.

Turn left and see a metal cover that is open. Place the decoding diagram on the open metal cover.

See 3 papers:    the coded letter, the paper to decode it and the decoding diagram.

Since the symbols on the coded letter at left have an associated letter as seen on the right paper - enter the letters on the lines of the paper at the center.

On the paper at center when a line is hovered on by the cursor, see that the line turns red. The symbol for that line is red lettered on the coded letter at left.

Click on the line and see the alphabet frame. Click-select the alphabet associated with that symbol and all the letters of that symbol will be filled. If an error is done, click on the delete and the erroneous letter will be removed from the middle paper.

The coded letter has more words at the back of the paper. Click on the word 'following' to turn the paper on the other side.

At bottom right, click the magnifying lens to review the symbols in the room. The X is to exit out of the puzzle.

A - Ring

B - Prism

C - Earth

D - Star

E - Empty


F - pi

G - Moon

H - Sun

I - Spiral

J - Serpent


K - Horn

L - Crane (skull)

M - Miter - Hat

N - Wheel

O - Hanged Man

P - Cup


Q - Tree

R - Key

S - 2 Coins

T - Tower

U - Crown


V - Urn

W - Salt

X - Scale

Y - black cross

Z - Sword

 Alcide reads the decoded message that states: player number 23... Nikopol... His son. Alcide is to be arrested.


Gods at war:    Exit the room.

Meet Anubis, the God among the Gods and the jackal headed God.

He informs Alcide that his father's shuttle returned to earth several days ago.

Horus took and subjugated his father and with him has plans to cause chaos on Paris.

Anubis wants Alcide to stop Horus and his father.

He gives an Ankh that will protect Alcide from Horus.

Once Alcide finds Horus, point the ankh to the pyramid and Anubis will come to subjugate Horus.

Elder Nikopol is in the National Bunker.

Gorgon:    Hear Gorgon warn the militia about Alcide. 2 militia men have come to arrest him.

Escape the cemetery:    Remember the Boucherie (meat market) picture seen in Gorgon's office.

Enter through the rubber curtain and be inside the cadaver repository.

Go right to the frozen cadavers under the Boucherie sign.

Click the frozen cabinets and see a door.

Go through and escape. Watch Alcide escape and arrive at the checkpoint.

Border patrol:    Alcide is stopped from going through the checkpoint and entry to the 1st Urban district. Only residents of the 1st Urban district are allowed to pass. There is a curfew because of the attempted coup. The National Bunker is at the far end of that district.


Chapter 3


Pass through the Border Patrol.

Security border patrol checkpoint:    Look around.

Look at the laser light on the left wall.

Look down on the road and take the iron bar.

Look at poster on the left wall and see that there is another candidate for the oncoming election. The XB2 android that was to guard the elder Nikopol in his hibernation is running against Choublanc.

Metro Tunnels:

Go in the Metro tunnels:    Go down the steps on the left of the checkpoint that ends in a grilled door.

Click on grilled door and see that it is too heavt to lift. It cannot be opened even with the iron bar.

Look down at left and see a worn down plate.

Use the iron bar on the plate 4 times until it pops off. The iron bar breaks.

Look-click inside and see a chain that holds the grill door.

Use the chisel on the chain and the grill raises.

Enter the metro tunnel. The metro was closed because toxic mud of the Seine river flooded the tunnels.

Blocked rail tracks:    See a train blocking the rail tracks.

Click on the right side of the tunnel and Alcide says that the old metro prevents the passage.

Turn around and go forward.

Turn left to cabinet with metal door covering the metro control panels.

Clear the passage:    Open the cabinet.

Console:    Check the console on the left and see that there is no power.

Monitors:    See that there are 3 monitors on the top for: platform with the blockage (Metro A), the tunnel (Metro B) and the upkeep (start of the switch).

Rail lines:    The middle portion shows the set up of the rail lines.

The top is line A, the bottom is line B and the zigzag lights is the upkeep or switch line.

Power buttons and directions:    At the bottom panel see the buttons that starts the power to Lines A and B.

The knob at right points to the place where the switching line goes through.

Power supply:    Check the right side monitor and see that it is the power supply control.

Gauges:    See 4 gauges on the right:    Metro line A, Metro line B, Switching, and Console. These gauges show how much power is directed to those areas.

Power:    The power is depicted by moving flakes. To get power to an area, concentrate the floating power to go to the open bracket beside the gauges and make the gauges stay at 100 % or to point to the right.

Power concentrators:    Click on the monitor and see a glyph that can attract or herd the floating power. Click 4 times to get 4 of the power concentrating glyphs.

Use the glyphs to power the area you want.

This can be done on fewer steps if you can light up 3 gauges at a time.

Unblock the B line to clear the switching lines.

Power the console and Metro line B:    Concentrate the power to the console at bottom of the monitor and line B second from top.

Place glyphs at bottom and at top to flank-concentrate the flow of power to flow to the bottom console and second from top B. Wait to see which ones light up.

Click on the X to pull out of close up as soon as the lights are on the correct gauges.

You can see if both lights are on from a far view.

Note:    If you can get line B, switch and console lit up at the same time, you can do the procedure 'Activate the upkeep switch line' now.

Console:    Look at the console at left.

Remove the car from line B that is blocking the upkeep line.

Now that metro line B has power, press the bottom B (0/1) button.

See the car move away from line B on the monitor.

Activate the upkeep switch line:

Power the console and upkeep line:   

Concentrate the power to the console at bottom of the monitor and switching line second from bottom.

Place the glyphs by click hold dropping it and flanking-concentrating the floating power to the 2 bottom gauges. Wait to see which ones light up.

As soon as the lights are on the bottom 2 gauges, pull out by clicking on the X at bottom right.

You can see if both lights are on from a far view.

Console:    Look at the console at left.

Turn the knob at bottom area from 0 to B to A. See the lights go on the switching line.

Unblock the A line and clear the path for Nikopol.

Power the console and Metro line A:    Concentrate the power to the console at bottom of the monitor and line A at top.

Place glyphs at bottom and at top to flank-concentrate the flow of power to flow to the bottom console and top A. Wait to see which ones light up.

Click on the X to pull out of close up as soon as the lights are on on the correct gauges.

You can see if both lights are on from a far view.

Console:    Look at the console at left.

Remove the car from line A (the one behind you).

Now that metro line A has power, press the top A (0/1) button.

See the car move away from upkeep on the monitor.

See it come on the rail tracks behind you and pushes the other car out of the way.

Go to the surface:    Go to the now opened rail tracks at right.

Look up and see a ladder. The ladder is held by a wedge.

Look down on the ground. Pick up a rock and use it on the ladder.

Climb up on the now lowered ladder.

Guard Post:    Be on the guard post right of the checkpoint.

See the guard on watch.

Check the map on the wall and learn that there are 2 lasers flanking this area.

Across is the pass machine. The barracks and the MontParnesse door have key card code seen in red.

Look around and see the wanted poster for Nikopol's father.

There's a locked cabinet right of the vending machine.

Check Choublanc's poster above the desk. Take the old knife from the desk.

See the big red button of the alarm and the intercom with green button.

Take care of the guard:   

See wire coiled right of the desk. It is still plugged to the socket.

Unplug the wire from the wall socket.

Use the dull knife on the coiled wire to get exposed wire.

Plug the wire again into the wall socket.

Use the exposed wire on the guard standing on the road.

Pull the electrocuted guard to the guard post away from the road.

Automatically get his magnetic pass card.

Take care of the other guard at the courtyard:

Use the call-intercom box by pressing the green button. Alcide calls the guard. He wants the laser off.

The laser lights seen at the wall is red.

Cross the road to the machine at other side of the road.

Laser power:    Open the top left box and see the green and red wires. Unplug them. Plug them back but they get plugged the other way.

Pull back and look close at the panel at the bottom of the box. Press the on-off button and the lasers do not want to be turned off. The bar lever doesn't want to move.

Go back to the other side. The laser lights seen at the wall is now green.

Use the call box again to call the guard.

The guard got zapped. Click on the zapped guard and get an armory key.

Locked cabinet:    Use the key on the locked cabinet right of the vending machine.

Take the rifle with scope.

Take care of the guard at the watchtowers:

Barracks watchtower:    Look up at the guard at the watchtower over the barracks.

Use the rifle with the scope and fire at the guard.

Left watchtower:      Cross the road. From facing the pass card machine, pan left and up.

See the guard at the watchtower. Use the rifle with the scope and fire at the guard.

When both watchtower guards are taken care of, there will no more bullets and the rifle is gone from inventory.

Turn off the lasers.

Laser panel:    Look close at the laser control at the bottom of the wire box.

Click-hold-move the middle and right bars-levers down so the red light goes to the left and the green lights are gone.

The laser to the courtyard and to the road back to the second urban district are off.

Pass card:   Based on the map, the MontParnesse door has code 2 pass card.

The one taken from the guard pass card is for code 1. We need to change the card to code 2.

Pass code 2 entry:    Insert the magnetic pass on the slot right of the monitor.

See the red lines 1 seen on the pass card at top right.

The object of the puzzle is to copy that code on the hexagons at center.

The arrows outside the hexagons remove the lines on the side of the hexagon they are pointed at.

Clicking inside a hexagon with red lines already entered removes the previously entered red lines and adds red lines on the gray lines around that hexagon.

The return arrow at bottom center resets the puzzle. The X pulls out of the puzzle.

The top right graphics is the line to be copied at the center. The bottom right button cycles the patterns of the red lines. The OK button flashes when the code-red lines entered are accepted.

Based on the magnetic pass and the map, we need pattern 2 on this machine.

Enter code 2:

Change the pattern at top right to pattern 2.

Click the center of hexagons A, B, C, D to get red hexagons.

Click #7 arrow, #2 arrow, inside B, #2, inside B and inside C.

See the flashing OK. Automatically be pulled back with the coded magnetic pass.

Courtyard:    Go to the courtyard by going forward when at the pass card machine.

Parking lot:    See parked vans.

Turn to the left wall and see an alarm panel.

Deactivate the alarm:    Don't press the right red button on top of the panel or you set off the alarm.

Open the panel and see the alarm systems for all the border patrol.

Click the on button and see the lights on the box at top left cycle down

The right wires are for the loudspeaker of the alarm. Immediately remove the wires on the right side to silence the loudspeaker.

Remove either the solid green or the solid blue wires on the far left.

Then turn right, forward and hide behind the vans.

See the guard run to the alarm.

Immediately go to the guard house at top left. The guard will come back in a while.

Use the coded 2 pass card on the slot below the red light.

Pan left and exit through the door to the MontParnesse Tower.

MontParnesse Tower:    Be at the yard in front of the MontParnesse Tower.

See space cars arrive. See the jellyfish on top of the Tower.

The space cars shoot the jellyfish.


Chapter 4

MontParnesse Tower:   

Get inside the tower:   Talk to the guard.

Learn that elder Nikopol is at 50th floor. Only the cases with items used to test on the jellyfish are allowed up there.

After talking completely with the guard, go back to the center of the yard. Look up at the jellyfish covering the top of the tower.

The guard joins Alcide and looks up.

Pan left and enter the gate. Turn around and see a locked chest on the ground.

Exit through the gate at left. Turn to the left and see a key hanging inside a box on the wall.

While the guard is still intent on the jellyfish, take the chest key. Immediately go back through the gate at left.

Use the key on the locked chest. Enter the empty chest.

Hear men pick up and take the chest to the top floor where you want to be.

Learn about the deployment of the guards to Elysée where Choublanc is staying.

Open the lock of the box from inside:    It's dark in here. Use the lighter and then look on one side of the cover of the chest.



See the lock of the chest. The chest is locked from outside.

Use the cross key on the square hole to take the cover off the lock.


Look at the part on the right with the round hole.

Use the chisel on the plate with round hole. The chisel breaks.


Click on the thin plate on the top that holds the 2 gold plates together.








The spring is blocking the right plate. Use the knife on the right side of the vertical part of the spring to move the spring to the left.


Push the plate on the right up by clicking on the bottom part of the plate.

Take the knife back into inventory by clicking on the handle.



The spring is blocking the release of the left plate also. Use the knife at bottom of the horizontal part of the spring to push the spring up. Push the left plate up.

Exit the box by clicking on the cover.

50th floor:    See that you are outside the 50th floor. Look around.

No save is possible on this part until inside the store room.

See a guard patrolling at the end of the hallway behind the door.

Study-click the map on the wall left of the door. Father is on this floor at other side of the barracks.

Enter through the door by pressing the red button.

Check the double doors that do not have a handle at right.

Turn around and see a Security office ahead. The guard is coming back.

Turn left, press the red button and immediately exit back to the outside before the patrolling guard catches you.

Get in the security room:   

Vent:    Look at the vent left of the shelves. Open the vent.

Flip the switch seen at left to point to the right so that air goes in the office rather than exhausting it out of the Security room.

Fumes:    See a pan in front of the vent.

Check the bottles on the right. Mix chemicals on the pan to see what is formed.

Use the top right small white bottle with red cap on the pan.

Add the bottom right blue bottle of bleach. See toxic vapor come out of the mixture.

Take the pan with the mixture and place it in front of the fan of the vent.

Hear and see the guard come out of the Security room and falls down unconscious.

Security room:    Enter through the door and then go left and enter the Security room.

Pull the unconscious guard into the Security room. Automatically, get a hypodermic gun.

Right monitor:    Click on the monitor to check the incoming mails.

From top to bottom:

1. Learn about the spatial jellyfish. It came from Centaurus Alpha. It has now grown down to the 51st floor. It is covered with ticks that are now being trained for urban combat.

2. Learn about the crash of Alcide Nikopol placed in cryogenic sleep because of insubordination. His left leg supposedly has broken off and left at the shuttle. The report included the raid on Alcide's apartment.

3. A woman's picture.

4. Learn about Gorgon and the escape of Alcide, the son of the hockey player Alcide Nikopol.

5. Learn that the elevators, stairs and the 51st floor are not guarded.

Click on button at bottom right to exit the frame.

Middle monitor:    Click on the monitor and see Horus talking to the elder Nikopol. Hmm... Nikopol still has both legs or was it fixed by the gods?

Nikopol asks about the pyramid. The plan of Horus starts with the control of the fuel. Horus states that the pyramid needs combustible fuel.

Horus realizes that someone is eavesdropping on them and blocks the video and later audio of the room.

Red button for door:    See a box at right end of the table. There is a red button.

Press the red button and hear a door open.

When the way is clear outside, exit the room by pressing the button right of the door.

See that the door across the hall is now open.

Storage room:    Enter the now open door. See that this is a storage room.

Go through the open entryway on the right and see a part of the spatial jellyfish on the stairwell.

51st floor:    Climb the stairs at right to 51st floor where the jellyfish has already invaded.

See a tick feeding on the jellyfish. There are some cardboard beside it.

Take care of the first flea:    Go back to the right side of the feeding tick.

Let's add something to his feed. Use the hypodermic gun on the jellyfish that he is feeding on.

See him fall asleep. Take the cardboards beside it.

This can be done on the left side of the tick.


Move the jellyfish:    Go forward and see some part of the spatial jellyfish.

Before entering the other corridor, place the cardboard box atop part of the jellyfish.

Add the manual to the cardboard boxes. Use the lighter on the manual to get a fire.

The fire heat made the jellyfish move away from this room and to the room where the agitated flea is located.


Take care of the second flea:    Go through right side of the jellyfish to be in the next hallway.

See another flea at left. This one is feeding now (if you saw him earlier, he is agitated).

Take-pickup the red tool chest.

Now that the flea is standing in one spot filling his stomach, click the tool chest on him. He is now sleeping also.

Exit this area:    Go forward to where the tick is located.

Pick up the hammer from the floor beside the flea.

Use the pick axe to get a close-up of the bricks.

Click on specific bricks. The cracks weaken the bricks further. The passage is clear now.

Find the elder Nikopol:    The guards are coming.

Go forward the hallway and see that the cell of the elder Nikopol is empty.

Outside the window, see that father is outside and being taken by the Third company to the Elysée.

Stop the guards from entering:   

From the window, go to the right side of the sink. Take the glass from the sink.

Turn the tap on by clicking the glass from inventory on it. Get a filled glass.

Pan right and use the filled glass on the security lock left of the door. Sparks are seen from the control panel and makes the lock inoperative.

Exit the room:    Pick up the stool beside the bed and click-throw it on the window.

The window breaks.

Go to the window and look down at the glass shards.

Turn around to the bed. Take the feather from the bed. Horus?

Take the bed cover and use it to pick up a glass shard.

Look down on the baseboard of the room and see cable.

Use the wrapped glass shard-lucky knife on the cable right and left of the sink to get a piece of cable.

Look up to the wall at right of window and use the cable on the coat hook.

Exit through the window.

The elder Nikopol enters the space car and departs.

Alcide stows at the back of the other car and arrives at Elysée.

The guards are deployed at the Elysée because of the election.

He enters through a grate and is now inside the palace.


Chapter 5

Find my father:

Elysée:    Look around to see where you are.

Room 4:

Monitor:    Check the monitor and get a map of the Elysée.

You are in #4. XB2 is in #9 and Father is in #10.

Armory:    Look at the door left of the monitor.

It is the armory and it has the #8 code for the pass card.

It is #5 in the map.

Outside:    Climb the stairs on the left and see a mattress covered door.

Climb the ladder on the wall and be outside. Look around and see that there are guards.

Climb back down to go back to room 4.

Room 3:    Press the door lock left of the door and the cabinet. The door signal sounds. Enter and be at room 3.

Hear Choublanc's announcement that he is stepping down as dictator and going to the Defense monastery.

He is replaced by Alcide Nikopol (father) in this election. This must be the work of Horus.

Room 2:    Pan right. Go through the right door and be in room 2. That signal of door opening sounded again.

Pan right. The left door is closed and try to get through the right door. If there is a guard, go through the crack on the right wall.

(If you go through the crack) Stairs:    Be under the stairs.

Go forward, left and see the hallway ahead.

Go forward. There are guards outside the window of the hallway on the right.

Hallway:    There are 2 doors at the opposite wall of the hallway.

If you open the right door, the guards will hear it.

North hallway:    Go left (north) to the other end of the hallway using the left path.

Take the iron bar leaning on the metal cabinet.

Hear a guard coming, immediately go back to the left wall and enter the open maintenance metal cabinet.

Hear the guard talk about the candidates. Only the sergeant can talk to the candidates and only by telephone. Exit when the guard has stopped talking.

Exit and enter the door at opposite wall.

Room 6:    See that you are in a hallway. Open the other door. That door signal is loud.

This is 'general neighborhood' or security room for the guards.

Look close at the monitors.

Hear the other candidate XB2 talk about wanting Nikopol dead. XB2 was his guard when Nikopol was in cryogenic state.

Alcide wants to stop XB2 before he kills his father.

Middle Monitor:    Click on monitor and see that it's not working anymore.

Take the mobile phone from left side of the monitors.

Left Monitor:    Click on the monitor and see the guards' deployment.

The guards can be moved to a patrol that will enable Alcide to get to the armory and father.

We can do this later until we see where the guards are located.

Right Monitor:    Read the memo about Security here at Elysée, specifically the escape hatches.

The telephone does not work inside the building.

Room 7:    Go right from the monitors. See that this is the break room of the guards.

See the door at left that leads to the candidates rooms. It must be locked from the other side.

Room 8:    Go right from room 7.

Code the pass card:    See a familiar pass card coding station.

The pass card needs to be coded to pattern 8.

Insert the pass card on the slot.

Enter code 8:

Change the pattern at top right to pattern 8.

Click D 7 3 C 7 C D B 2 8 B A.

See the flashing OK. Automatically be pulled back with the coded magnetic pass.


Get back to the armory:    Now that the pass card is coded, go back to the armory.

Silence the door of room 8:    There is a guard outside this door.

If the door is not noisy and the signal above the door is silenced, Alcide might be able to sneak by.

Look down below the door plate left of the door.

Use the lucky knife on the cable of the door signal to cut it.

Way to armory:    Exit through the door. Go forward to the other side.

Enter the hallway close to the windows.

Turn right under the stairs. Go forward through the crack on the wall.

See a guard patrolling room 2.

Turn right and read the memo tacked on the door. That gives me an idea.

Program the patrol deployment:    Go back to room 6 where the monitors are located.

Click on the left monitor. Use the arrows to change the deployment.

Alcide states to use the security defaults or any programmed deployment. These are seen when the 3 areas at bottom left are all in black letters.

It is needed that Rooms A B and C need guards to be moving-patrolling; not at a standstill-surveillance. The hall needs surveillance so that we can sneak and not get caught if the guards patrols.

This is just one example of default deployment.

Top:    Surveillance Hall - north

Middle:    Patrol A - B - C

Bottom:    Surveillance Hall - south

Exit through room 8 and go back to hallway E under the stairs.

Go back to the crack on the wall and see the patrolling guard.

Room 2:    Wait until he enters through the door on the left.

When the door closes, then go forward and go to that far right door where the guard went through.

Stand in front of right door. Look at the door signal above the left door or wait to hear the door signal of his moving to another room  before entering room 3 using the right door.

Room 3:    Immediately go to the right door on the left wall and go through to room 4.

Room 4:    To work undisturbed, immediately go to the left side of the cabinet and push it to block the left door.

Armory:    Use the coded 8 pass card on the slot right of the armory door. Look around.

Rifles:    There are rifles on the wall. Push up the grate door of the display using the handle at the base of the screened door.

Study the paper on the left of the rifles. It describes the rifle so that you can select which one you want.

Select the one for tactical elimination; it has range and silencer - BAR-89 rifle (gun) on the left.

Exit the room.

Find XB2 and stop him:

Outside:    Turn right and climb the stairs.

Mattress:    Use the lucky knife to cut the cord of the mattress.

The door is stuck. Use the iron bar to pry the door open.

Exit to the outside on a walkway.

XB2:    Look left to the yard.

Use the scope of the rifle to look through the windows at opposite building.

See the middle window with a telephone on the wall.

Use the mobile phone and press the phone icon on 'invited apartment 1'.

Once the phone starts ringing, close the phone frame.

Use the rifle scope and focus on the window with the phone.

Wait until you see XB2 answer the phone, target and fire.

If you missed, an alarm sounds and you're dead.

If you hit him, see him fall down.

Go down:    Click on the ground below.

Go back to the hallway and pick up the mattress.

Throw the mattress outside.

Throw the mattress over the railing to the ground below.

Jump down.

Guards:    See 2 guards on the left up the stairs and by the door.

Use the phone and cycle to call 'doors to the lounge'.

Close the phone, wait a bit and see the 2 guards go inside.

Go to father:

Apartment hallway:    Go forward to the building across the yard.

Enter the garage at right. Climb the stairs left of the car.

See the 2 apartments at right and left of the hallway.

Click on the left and right doors.

DNA verification system:    Click on the door lock of the right door and it asks for DNA verification.

Check the robot's left apartment. It asks also DNA verification from the android.

Turn back to elder Nikopol's apartment.

Use Horus' black feather on the lit frame above the door lock. The door opens.

See the elder Nikopol dead. Talk to Horus.  He says that his brothers did this to stop Horus.

Horus wants Alcide to replace his father and become the president of Paris.

Horus chases Alcide after he refuses.

Escape Horus:    By the door of Nikopol's apartment, turn right and immediately press the red alarm panel right of the apartment.

The guards are alerted.

Go forward to the end of the hallway. Press the door lock's red button.

Enter room 7, go to hallway 8 and out to room 1.

Go forward to the small hallway and then right under the stairs. Go through the crack on the wall.

Be at room 2, take the right door to go to room 3, then another right door to room 4 and up the stairs left of the armory.

Climb the metal ladder to the rooftop.

Go forward to be by the glass ceiling.

Look up at the pyramid and use the ankh.


Watch the justice of the Immortals.
I will arrange that.

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