Nostradamus: The Last Prophecy

by Kheops Studios

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   November 2007

Updated September 2008


GamePlay    This is a first person point and click game. The main menu has New Game, Load, Options, Credits and Quit game. In New Game, select the icon you want to be identified with. The Options menu has choices for subtitles, rotation, object info, adjust brightness, and sound selection.

Right click of mouse during gameplay accesses the inventory menu and another right click goes back to gameplay. Collect items by left click of mouse on the items. They will be stored in the transit area (middle top of screen) of the inventory menu. The items have to be transferred from the transit area to the inventory slot in order to be used. This can be done individually or all items by using the 'auto button'. The trash bin for discarding erroneously prepared items is left of the transit area. There are 3 inventory frames that can be opened using the tabs on top of the frames. Move the cursor over an inventory item to show description at bottom of page.

Madeleine is pictured at top right and her clothes can be changed by clicking on her. At right side of the Madeleine's frame are tabs of the journal entries. The diary has all the documents collected and the task lists. The recipe has the procedures for preparation of other items. The scribes notes (RIP) have the list of information before the gameplay. The map shows the map of the chateau. The dialogues have the transcription of what is said in the game.

The left side has tools that can be used during gameplay examinations. Right click or click the X-back button to go back to gameplay screen. The sun icon shows the main menu.

Overwrite on a saved game by clicking on that saved game and replace it with a new one or make a new game.

Left click skips the intro and hastens dialogues.

Cinematics can be reviewed by clicking on parts of the journal that talk about that event.

Late one night, Queen Catherine de Medici visits Nostradamus in his home. A curse was foretold based on one of Nostradamus' quatrains about 12 people dying close to the Royal family. This was reported by Nostradamus secretary. Nostradamus promises to send his son Cesar to investigate. After the Queen leaves, Madeleine, Nostradamus' daughter was informed by her father that she will go in Cesar's stead tomorrow night.


Wednesday, March 27, 1566:   

Slip into the skin of Cesar:

Madeleine wakes up. Pan right, take the rag and wet it on the basin of water. Presumably this is used as a washcloth.

Take the lady's shoes at the foot of the bed. In inventory, use the shoes on Madeleine.

Go to the cabinet left of door. Take dress and click it on Madeleine. Close the cabinet door.

Exit the room and go down the stairs at end of the hallway.

Talk to Nostradamus in the room on the left. He gives a case with tools which are now seen left of the inventory screen.

Cesar's clothes:    Go back upstairs and enter the first room. Take the clothing of Cesar from his bed and the boots from the foot of the bed.

Take a look at and click on the picture of Cesar on the wall. Click on the constellations seen in the background. He wears a hat, glasses and has a moustache and beard.

Go down the stairs. Enter Nostradamus' bedroom and go left down the hall. Take the front stairs.

At the desk left of the door, take the glasses and then the hat on the wall.

Go back up to the bedroom beside Nostradamus'. Go to the dressing table by the window. Take the long wig from the table.

In inventory, use the magnifying lens on the long wig. See that this has pliers lit up on the close up. This means that you can manipulate this item.

Use the scissor on the left on the close up view of the long wig to get short wig and mustache.

Open the top drawer right of the bed and take the strip of cloth. Take shoulder pads from the bottom drawer.

Take the dress off Madeleine and use strip of cloth and shoulder pads on Madeleine.

Click Cesar's clothes, hat, boots and glasses on Madeleine. Use the short wig and mustache on Madeleine.

Go next door and talk to Nostradamus.

Cesar's coloring:    Go back to mother's bedroom,

Open the drawer of the dressing table. Take the recipe for coloring cream. Take the recipe from inventory and click it on Madeleine's picture or journal that is under the picture; then click it on the recipe part of the book (second tab).

Coloring cream for face and hands:

Ingredient:    Water, oil, beeswax and clay.

Blend one part of each of this products and heat.

Go to the back stairs of the house between Nostradamus' office and bedroom.

Go to the gate on the left and take clay from the trough left of the gate.

Go inside the kitchen. Take the recipients of all sorts from the table right of the fireplace.

Water:    Exit and go to the well.

Click hold and pull down the handle right of the well twice to lower the bucket.

Click hold and pull up the handle right of the well to raise the bucket. The rope breaks and the bucket is down the well.

Turn around and go towards the backstairs. Take the long rope on the ground right of the entrance.

Enter the barn at left and take the apples from the bucket. Take the empty pail.

Go back to the well. Take the broken rope from the beam of the well.

Use the long rope as replacement for the broken rope. Use the pail on the attached rope.

Use the handle on the right to lower the pail twice and then raise it up.

Use the recipients of all sorts on the filled pail to get water.


Go back up and enter the office that is the room across Nostradamus' bedroom.

Prepare coloring cream: 

Use the water from inventory on the cooking pot on the stove at the corner.

Use the pipette from the worktable on the bottle of oil at bottom right shelf. Place it in the cooking pot.

Use the spoon on the bottle of beeswax and click it on the cooking pot.

Use clay on the mortar. Use the pestle on the clay. Use the spoon on powdered clay and then click it on cooking pot.

Open the bottom drawer of the stove. Take kindling wood from wall and place it in the drawer.

Go next door and take the lighter from the table right of the entrance. Use lighter on kindling. Close drawer. Move lever to open the vents of the stove. It must be ready.

Use the recipients of all sorts on the cooking pot to get coloring cream.

Go back and talk to Nostradamus completely. He says to give the Queen jam. He gives the Queen's birth chart to review Astrology.

Prepare jam:    Go down to the kitchen and look at the recipe for squash and apple jam above the fire pit.

Get squash from the barn outside.

Place squash and apples in the cooking pot in the fire pit.

Turn around, use spoon on sugar and place it in cooking pot. Do this 3 times.

Place one spoonful of the mixture of cinnamon and ginger in the cooking pot.

Take log from left and place it under the cooking pot.

After a second or two, use the recipients of all sorts on the cooking pot to get 2 jams.

Zodiac:    Go back upstairs to Nostradamus' bedroom.

Look at and study the chart on the wall by the window.  It shows the different parts of the body influenced by the zodiac.

Take the astrological test sheets from inventory and place it in the diary.

Zodiac review:    With the test sheets open in the diary, work on the right column set of test on the right page.

The object of the puzzle is to match the symbols to the name of the zodiac.

The sun icon at the bottom scrolls the name of the zodiac.

The 2 crescent moons icon moves the bottom zodiac one to up position.

Study the sequence of the names of the zodiac and see which one is out of order. The symbols are in order.

The correct sequence is:    Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Check from top down which one is the next sign that is not in correct position below Aries.

Use the sun icon to move the next misplaced zodiac to the bottom-lowest position. The next one that is off is Taurus.

Use the 2 moons to flip the position of Taurus to be one up. Lower it the bottom position again using the sun icon and then one up again. Do this until Taurus is below Aries.

Then work on Gemini. Continue on until they are arranged in order.

The correct zodiac name is lighter in color than the rest.

Once correctly done, the puzzle can not be moved anymore.

Planets review:     Now, work on the left column puzzle on the right page.

The object of the puzzle is to match the symbols on the left column to the name of the planets on the right and that they are in order.

The order is Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

The top arrow scrolls the left column up, to go down on the right column.

The arrow at the bottom exchanges the position of the middle framed tags. This way the positions can be arranged.

I moved only the Moon to be under the Sun and Jupiter and Saturn to be on the same column as the other names. The symbols are automatically arranged.

Once correctly done, the puzzle can not be moved anymore.

Queen's birth chart:   

Move the cursor over the Queen's birth chart and read the description at bottom of page.

Take the compass from the tool case at left.

Click the compass at center of left page. Make an outer circle and then an inner circle by moving the outer arm of the compass.

Take the quill on the left and click it inside the circle to make lines.

Place the cursor over the lines made and read the descriptions at bottom of page. Close the diary.

Talk to Nostradamus about the chart.

Voice:    Click-hold-move the left gold circle-tone to the bottom and the right timbre circle to the top.

Click on a sentence - 'something, anything'.

Check the need to adjust the voice at each question asked.

First sign of Zodiac - Aries.

Zodiac sign that rules the heart - Leo.

Common product avoid contagion - vinegar

Determine someone sign - Sun in natal sky.

Rare animal matter that cross the seas - Ambergris.

Nostradamus applies the coloring cream on Madeleine.


Thursday, March 28, 1566

Chateau:     Exit either on the front or the back gate. Climb up the hill to go to the chateau. The earth shakes.

Queen:    Enter the chateau and go forward to the right corner of the chateau.

Enter at right and climb the stairs. Go left and then right to see the guard at end of the salon.

Talk to guard. Talk to the Queen. You are mistaken, Your Majesty.

She gives the quatrain that describes the curse. Place the quatrain in the diary.

The scribe has a list and information about the victims of the curse.

Quatrain by Nostradamus given by Jean Aimé to the Queen:

Mourning on the court shall fall,

When twelve times catastrophe has tolled.

One by one, in their tombs they lie deplored,

Soon joined by those whom the Queen adored.

Victims:    Exit the room and forward to the monk scribe waiting at the end of the salon.

He gives the notes. Talk to him completely.

Philibert, the librarian that died that morning is still in the chapel. He had an accident at the scriptorium.

Victim's zodiac signs:    Place notes in the old information at right. Read all about the victims.

Use the quill and click it on the lines right of each name.

Madeleine notes that the victims' zodiac signs follow in order.

Scriptorium:    Go down stairs, left, left and enter the scriptorium.

See the scene of the accident.

Go right, left and look at the next set of bookcases. Check the locked cabinet on the left set of bookcases.

Clear the area:    Go back to the accident area. Madeleine says to clear the area for her to investigate.

Take the long pole-perch at right. Use it on the lantern in the ceiling.

Place the long pole back and then use the rope on top of the pole.

Use the pole-perch with rope on the hook where the lantern was taken from.

Click the end of the rope on the bookcase that has fallen.

Take-hold-move down the end of the rope at the ceiling to the floor. Click the table to tie the rope.


Click and then use the magnifying lens on the table where the book case was leaning on before.

Examine the book about the Celts. Take the crumpled paper.

In inventory, use magnifying lens on crumpled paper. See that it is a map. Place map on the journal at right. A portion of the map is burned.

Click and then use the magnifying lens on the floor - base of the raised bookcase.

Take the sawdust. Philibert's death is no accident.

Click and then use the magnifying lens on the front set of books that fell off the bookcase. Check the blood and books.

Jean Aimé Chavigny:    Talk to Nostradamus' secretary.

Philibert:    The chapel is now open.

Move the sheet off Philibert. Take Philibert's key beside the body.

Use magnifying lens on the body. Use the tongs on the splinter on his head. Open his mouth to check his tongue.

Scriptorium:    Go back to the scriptorium to see if the key will work on the cabinet.

The cabinet is forced opened. Move the rug on top shelf and a small packet falls off.

See a vision of Philibert.

In inventory, use the magnifying lens on the small packet. Use the scissor or scalpel on the small packet.

Get Philibert's engraved stone and Philibert's note.

Place Philibert's note in the diary. Use the scalpel on the blood spatter on the note. Use the quill on the missing part of the note. See that it comes out to be AMP 45.

Use the magnifying lens on the engraved stone. Click on the stone to see the word TOMBE at the back of the stone.

Jean Aimé Chavigny:    Climb back upstairs.

Turn right at the stairs and go forward. Enter the second door at right.

Talk to Jean Aimé as Cesar.

Go back down the stairs and enter the right door of the chapel.

Change to Madeleine here by clicking on her dress.

Go back to Jean Aimé as Madeleine. Talk to Jean Aimé.

Exit the room and turn right. Talk to the guard at the end of the gallery.

Go back home.

Report to Nostradamus:    Go up the house and talk to Nostradamus at his office across the bedroom.

Nostradamus is not sure that he wrote that quatrain.

Report about the murder and the zodiac order of the victims.

Nostradamus wants to induce his memory to be sure that he wrote the quatrain.

Mandrake hunt:    If it is midnight or night time, look for mandrake. Exit the yard.

Take garlic from the stand at left.

Go forward until the smith's house, turn right and up the hill.

At the gallows, take the wedge off from the wheel of the cart. Pull the cart.

Take the mandrake under the gallows.

 Get other herbs:    Turn left and get cypress wood from the ground in front of the evergreen.

Turn left and take swallowwort from the bush across the road.

Go forward down the hill and take fenugreek from the bushes in the middle of the road.

Go back to Nostradamus at the bedroom. The recipe for hypnosis powder is in his office. Make some sage wine with mandrake powder.

Work table:    Take the sheets from worktable.

Place the recipes for hypnotic incense powder and sage wine with mandrake in the journal.

Incense powder to Induce hypnosis:

Use the mortar and pestle to ground individually:    Swallowwort and fenugreek picked from shrubs outside.

After grounding each of them, use spoon to place each of them in the cooking pot on the stove with no fire underneath.

Use spoon on absinthe that is on the second shelf at left and place in cooking pot. It must be ready.

Use the recipients of all sorts on the cooking pot to get Hypnotic incense powder.

Sage Wine with mandrake:

Use the pipette to place wine (top shelf second from right) in the empty cooking pot.

Use the spoon to place sage, cinnamon, pepper, ginger and honey in the cooking pot.

Use magnifying lens on Mandrake root in inventory. Use scalpel on mandrake root to get mandrake root and mandrake berries.

Place mandrake root on mortar and ground with pestle. Use spoon on ground mandrake roots and place in cooking pot.

Open the vent of the stove. I hope it will work.

Use the recipients of all sorts on the cooking pot to get sage wine with mandrake.

Go back to Nostradamus lying on his bed.

Use the incense powder to induce hypnosis on the brazier in front of him. Use the lighter on the brazier.

Talk to Nostradamus. Give him the sage wine.

Madeleine reads the quatrain. He found a stone with engravings. It is in the observatory.

There are 2 quatrains and an engraved stones. Take the medallion around his neck.

Observatory:    Go up in the back stairs.

Observatory door:    Use the medallion on the lock of the observatory door.

The object of the puzzle is to place the movable worlds under each of their own etched picture on the medallion.

Left - moon, middle Saturn and right - sun.

Saturn moves itself. Moon moves Saturn and moon. Sun moves moon and sun.

First move sun to its correct position which also moves the moon.

Then move the moon to its correct position.

Then move Saturn to its correct position. Hear music and the door opens automatically.

Engraved stone:

Turn right to the shelf left of door and take Nostradamus' small engraved stone. It is similar to Philibert's stone.

Madeleine dreams of a tunnel.


Friday March 29, 1566

Nostradamus' residence:    Get Madeleine dressed. Go down and talk to Nostradamus in his bedroom.

Nostradamus wants bread:

Kneader repair:    Go down to the kitchen and look at - click on the kneader left of the exit.

It needs to be repaired. Get a faulty part.

Leave the yard using the exit by the well. Go forward until the smithy ahead.

You can knock on the door and talk to the blacksmith. He can't repair the faulty part.

The blacksmith also wants bread.

Take the piece of metal on the ground by wood pile.

Place the piece of metal on the forge.

Use the handle on the right to fan the embers.

Turn back to the forge. Use tongs on the glowing metal. Turn right and place metal on the anvil.

Use the wire cutters on the ledge on the red hot metal.

Right click and move the tongs to the bucket of water left of the forge. Place the tongs back on the forge.

Take cut piece of metal from the water.

Go back to the kitchen.

Place the piece of metal on the hinge of the kneader.

Bake bread:    Read the recipe right of the window.

Use the right handle of the kneader to raise the beaters.

Place 2 scoops of flour in the kneader. Click water from inventory on the kneader.

Using the spoon, add salt and yeast from table in the kneader.

Lower the beater of the kneader. Use the handle on the left to turn the beaters.

The bread rises automatically. Once it rises, take risen bread dough and place it on the breadboard.

Place the bread on breadboard in the oven. Use the lighter on the wood behind the bread.

Watch the bread cook. Take breadboard from table again and use it on the baked bread.

Place the breadboard with bread on table. Take baked bread.

Bring the bread to Nostradamus by talking to him..

Go to the smithy and knock on door. Madeleine leaves the bread on the shelf.


Get Jean Aimé's key to his office:

Before going through the drawbridge, get clay from the bin on the ground.

Go to the chapel of the chateau and change to Cesar, unless you have changed earlier.

Go upstairs and click on Jean Aimé's door.

Go back down to the scriptorium and see Jean Aimé. Talk to Jean Aimé.

Go to the chapel of the chateau and change to Madeleine.

Talk to Jean Aimé as Madeleine. While his back is turned to look at the books, take the clay from inventory and use it on the key beside him to get key impression.

Go to the scribe sitting on the drawing desk by the window and talk to him. Harrumph!

Make a key:    Go back to the smithy down the hill and right of village.

Knock on door and talk to Smith about making a key.

He wants one of father's medicines against the plague.

Go back home and talk to Nostradamus in his bedroom about medicines to prevent catching the plague.

Simplest preparation:    Go to the office.

Use pipette to get vinegar and place in cooking pot.

Use garlic taken from stand outside the gate on mortar. Use pestle to pound the garlic.

Use spoon on garlic and place it in cooking pot.

Use the recipients of all sorts on the cooking pot to get Vinegar of the Four Thieves.

Recipe for incense powder against plague:    Go to the desk.

Read the 2 old quatrains on the book stand. It was about Henry II's death.

Take phial on top of the books by the window.

In inventory, use lens on phial. Use tongs to get the parchment - recipe for incense powder against plague and ambergris.

Place the parchment in the journal and read the ingredients.

Go back down and out through the back exit of the yard.

Walk up to the next block of houses. Look at the last door on the left.

Take orris from the window box and 2 aloes hanging on the doorway.

Go back to the workbench in Nostradamus' office.

Use mortar and pestle on each of these herbs: cypress wood taken beside the gallows, orris and aloe.

Use spoon to place each of them in the cooking pot.

Use spoon on clove and place in cooking pot. Use pipette on rose petal juice and musk and place them in cooking pot.

Use ambergris from inventory on cooking pot.

Open the stove vent. It must be ready.

Use the recipients of all sorts on the cooking pot to get Preparation against the plague.

Blacksmith:    Go to the blacksmith.

Knock on the door. You can give him one of the preparations made.

Madeleine automatically leaves the key impression.

Leave the blacksmith's place, go somewhere like up the hill and then come back to the smithy's.

Knock on door. Automatically take the Chavigny's key from the shelf.

Jean Aimé's office:    Go back to the chateau and change to Cesar in the chapel.

Go up the stairs. Another earthquake. Use Chavigny's key on the second door at right.

Check the green book on the table. Astronomia Magna of Paracelsus (AMP).

Now that you have written the missing number of the AMP note of Philibert when you found it, take Philibert's notes inside the book.

Click on the desk. Look close using the magnifying lens.

Open the drawer inside. Take the star chart.

Use scalpel on right bottom corner of the desk by hinge. Use tongs to get parchment inside.

My job, Jean Aimé, my job. Learn about the reason what happened and why to Nostradamus' prophecy.

Guard at gallery:  

 Exit Jean Aimé's office. Click on dead guard. Jean Aimé arrives.

Use magnifying lens on guard to look close. Take the letter that smells like it came from a woman from his belt. Use the magnifying lens on the wound made by a dagger on his stomach. Use compass on the footprint on the pool of blood and find out that it measures a little less than a royal foot.

Documents:    Open inventory.

Place the parchment taken from the slit corner of the desk in the journal. Read the original 2 quatrains.

Place the star chart from someone born Dec 14, 1553 in the journal.

Place Philibert's notes taken from the book in the journal. It has a circle and some inscriptions similar to the engraved stones. It describes something under the scriptorium, key, alphabet and disks.

Use the magnifying lens on the letter taken from the soldier in inventory. Use scalpel or scissors on the letter to get red rose and empty envelope.

Guard room:    Go forward the gallery guarded by the dead guard. Enter the room at right.

Look around and see the jail cell. Look above the bed by the door and see the empty slot on the knives holder.

Remove the bed sheet from the bed to see an empty bottle of brandy.

Guard by the Queen's door:    Talk to the guard at the Queen's door to report the death of the other soldier.

Learn that the dead guard is seeing Constance, the Queen's companion.

Constance:    Turn around and knock on the door at right.

Enter and talk to Constance. Find out that she knows about the prophecy.

Leave the room. Constance asks a favor and gives an ambergris for the love potion she asks for.

Nostradamus' residence:    Automatically be at home. Another quake occurs. Madeleine reports to Nostradamus.

Nostradamus gives his drawer key to check on whose star chart that was that was taken from Jean Aimé's desk.

Talk to him again and ask for the aphrodisiac. Cesar kept the recipe.

Nostradamus' desk:    Go to the office and use the key on the desk drawer.

Take the paper and find out that it is the birth chart of Henry of Navarre.

Future of Henry of Navarre:    Go upstairs and enter the Observatory.

Solar Return Machine:    Turn right and read the procedure for the machine on the wall left of door.

1. Click on the rim of the machine to pull out the tray. Place the birth chart of Henry of Navarre on the tray. Click on rim to slide the plate in.

2. Look close at the top of the machine. Click on the ? at top right to see the planets associated with the birth of Henry Navarre.

Move the planets in position corresponding to natal chart:

Each zodiac is within 30 degrees gradation. The gradation is read right to left: zero at right end and 30 at left end of each zodiac sign's gradation.

Moon at 26 deg Aries, Mercury at 6 deg Capricorn, Venus at 24 deg Scorpio, Mars at 16 deg Capricorn, Jupiter at 4 deg Libra and Saturn at 10 deg Pisces.

If the zodiac tabs are placed correctly, Madeleine will not move it anymore and music is heard.

3. Set counter to person's age. Since Henry is born December 1553 and the present time is March 1566; Henry is 12 years old. Enter 12 on the counter at top of the solar system circle.

The planets will move to the positions that will affect him today.

4. Exit out of close up. Turn crank at right of machine.

5. Remove chart with solar return printed in its center from the tray.

Place the birth chart of Henry of Navarre with solar return in the journal. Read his forecast.

Cesar's room:    Go to Cesar's room.

Open Cesar's chest:    Remove the cover of the chest.

Look close and use the magnifying lens on the lock of the chest.

See that the flap is blocked. Use the scalpel on the very small rod sticking out of the bottom hinge.

Use tongs to pull the small metal rod (pin).

Flip up the lid and see that the 3 rollers have zodiac signs on them.

Stand up and look at the portrait of Cesar on the wall.

Take note (draw it on a scratch paper) of the 3 constellation behind him.

Go to the observatory and open the balcony sliding door.

Look close at the depicted constellations on the balcony.

Find the 3 constellation seen on Cesar's picture:     Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. Remember the zodiac symbols.

Go back to the lock of Cesar's chest. Click-hold-move to enter from left to right:     Libra, Aquarius and Gemini.

Pull back and take the long metal bar from the chest.

Open the chest and take the sheet on top of the clothes.

Place the sheet of paper in the journal.

Prepare Constance aphrodisiac:    Go down to the worktable in the office.

If you don't have any aloe leaves, get another one from the door of the house close to end of the right road to the chateau.

Use the aloe on the mortar and pestle. Use spoon to place the aloe powder in the cooking pot.

Use spoon to place: iron fillings, cinnamon, clove, sugar, grated nutmeg and iris illyrica root in the cooking pot.

Use pipette to place: sparrow blood, musk and mulled wine in the cooking pot.

Drop the mandrake berry and ambergris in the cooking pot.

Open the vent of the stove. Perfect, I think I've got it.

Use the recipients of all sorts on the cooking pot to get Aphrodisiac potion.

Automatically, Madeleine is in bed. She dreams of Philibert in the tunnel.


Saturday March 30, 1566

Nostradamus' residence:    Get Madeleine dressed as Cesar. Go down and talk to Nostradamus in his office.

Madeleine reports her findings to Nostradamus.

There are 4 parts to the Astronomia Magna of Paracelsus.

Chateau:     Go up to the chateau.

Queen:    Go upstairs and report to the Queen.

Jean Aimé office:    Go towards Jean Aimé's office.

Pick up a fragment of Philibert's map from the floor in front of the closed door before Jean Aimé's office.

Enter Jean Aimé's office. Talk to Jean Aimé.

Map of the chateau:    Add the fragment of Philibert's map to the map in the journal.

There is a hidden room in the scriptorium.

Place the cursor on the scriptorium and see a small unspecified room at left side of the scriptorium.

Scriptorium:    Go down to the scriptorium.

Hidden (rare books) room:    Go to the right alcove and across the forced cabinet.

See Philibert again.

Pan right to the right bookcase. Move the books at middle shelf to see a keyhole.

Use Philibert's key on the keyhole. It won't turn.

Use the magnifying lens on the key in inventory.

Use the scalpel on the key to move the inner teeth of the key. Now use the modified key on the keyhole.

Enter the hidden room.

Look at the book on the book stand by the door. The second Astronomia Magna of Paracelsus does not have any hidden paper.

Other Astronomia Magna of Paracelsus:    Use the lighter on the candles of the chandelier.

Go to the rear of the rare books room. Pan left and take the green book with AMP label on the spine.

It is Book 2 of the Astronomia Magna of Paracelsus. Take it and turn around. Drop it on the book stand.

Look through the book. There is another Philibert's note.

Hear Jean Aimé come to the scriptorium. Avoid Jean Aimé by exiting through the other exit.

Philibert's note:    Place Philibert's note in the journal. Read about Celtic sanctuaries, a wall covered with symbols and being summoned.

Constance:    You can go to her as Madeleine or as Cesar.

If you go as Cesar, you can agree or not to take the love potion with her.

To ask her questions, she will play a game with you.

Dice addition puzzle:    The aim of the puzzle is to guess what set of numbers add up to the total she gives.

You can change the number shown by the dice by clicking on them. Then click on the check icon.

If you lose, you give her something. If you win, you can ask her a question.

The first set that I won was a total of 15 = 3 + 3 + 3 + 2 + 4.

She gives Philibert's medallion that he asked for her to hide.

If you lose, you can give her the rose, white flowered Orris or jam.

Another set of numbers given in the puzzle was 19 = 1 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6.

Find out that the scribe was an addition to the group. He wanted to see the Archbishop and knew where the others were going.

Exit out after asking the questions.

Check Philibert's medallion in inventory using the microscope lens. Turn the medallion using the cursor to see SIDH or or scripts.

Rare books (Hidden) room:    Go down to the scriptorium. Move the books. Use Philibert's key on the keyhole and enter the rare books room.

Floor tiles alphabet puzzle:    Look down on the floor tiles.

Each corner has the runes or alphabets seen on the 2 engraved stones and Philibert's medallion.

Take note that Philibert's medallion has the letter SIDH. Maybe Sidhe?

Using the runes or alphabets on this medallion as the clue, find the first alphabet from the 4 corners and click on it. Then find the second, click on it, third and so forth.

Standing on the far side of the room and looking out on the open door: the first alphabet is left of the door. Second alphabet is at left at rear of room, third is at right of the door and the fourth is right at rear of room. These have to pressed in order as the medallion scripts.

Once all 4 alphabets are correctly pressed all the tiles at 4 corners stays depressed.

Floor tiles slider puzzle:    Now that the 4 corners are depressed, the tiles can be moved sideways or up-down.

The object of the puzzle is to move the tiles to get the central area opened.

Standing with the far end of the room on your back:

1 & 2 move right

3 & 4 move down

13 move left; 14 move right

8 move left

5 & 6 move up

7 move left

9 & 10 move down

12 move right

5 & 6 move up twice

The hole is seen. Music is heard.

Celtic tunnel:    See a hole to the underground.

Go down:    Go to the smithy and take the rope from the hook left of the forge.

Go back to the rare books room. Use the rope on the chandelier. Climb down.

See the tunnel that Philibert showed Madeleine in her dream.

Last Astronomia Magna:    Look down and pick up Book 4 of the Astronomia Magna.

In inventory, use the magnifying lens on the green book. Using the cursor, open the book and take the note.

Place the note in the journal. It talks about an underground realm that is like a purgatory.

Engraved stone wall:    Go forward to the end of the tunnel.

Take the sword and the shield from the ground. Place the shield where it is easily accessible in inventory.

I placed it alone in the transient area. SAVE GAME HERE!

Look at the engraved stone wall and see that it is the same as the 2 pieces of engraved stones of Nostradamus and Philibert. There are 2 holes on the stone wall.

Use the 2 engraved stones from inventory on the holes in the stone wall. Madeleine copies the wall.

The earthquake shakes the tunnel and the tunnel roof starts to collapse.

Immediately, open inventory and take the shield. Move forward to the other end of the tunnel with the shield automatically shielding your head.

There is a second chance given if Madeleine loses consciousness.

Climb up to the rare books room.

Scribe's room:    Go up the chateau and turn to the gallery.

See that the previous closed room is ajar. Enter the room.

See that the scribe is dead.

Examine the scribe:    Use the magnifying lens to examine the scribe.

Look close at his hand. Use the cursor to get the scribe's notebook. Look at the ink on his finger.

In inventory, use the lens on the notebook. Then use the scalpel on the notebook to get key and sheet hidden in notebook.

Use lens on his foot and then use compass to measure his foot. It is the same footprint size as the one seen by the dead guard.

Use lens on his mouth. Click on his lips again to know that he is poisoned.

Madeleine doesn't want to use the key on the chest by the bed.

Exit the room.

Nostradamus' residence:    Automatically be back home and work on the documents taken.

Celtic alphabet:    Open the journal to Philibert's notes.

See the copied words from the stone wall.

See the inscription of Philibert's stone at top left of the left page.

Use the quill on the alphabet of Philibert's stone to get TOMBE that was found in the back of that stone.

Decode the alphabet using the wheel below at left page.

Use the compass on the inner wheel to complete the circle below and get a column of alphabets at right.

If you have not touched the puzzle yet, A and the Celtic alphabet below it is already matched. Just click on the double arrows to enter it

You can use the stone's alphabets that translate to TOMBE as one guide to decode the alphabet.

The other source of known alphabets is the one from Philibert's medallion which translate to SIDH.

Enter those alphabets on the wheel by clicking on the double arrows when it is under the matching alphabet on the outer circle.

Take note of the pattern as stated by Philibert's notes: a sequence, a manipulation that is always the same.

The pattern after studying the addition of SIDH and TOMBE alphabets shows that: after entering a correct alphabet at top of the 2 circles, count clockwise (to the right) to the third Celtic alphabet and that will be the Celtic alphabet for the next alphabet on the outer wheel.

For example: If A and its Celtic A alphabet are on the top of the circles (correctly placed), the alphabet for B will be the third one to the right of the Celtic alphabet of A.

Do this until all the alphabets are entered on the right page.

Turn the inner wheel so that the Celtic alphabet matches the outer circle's alphabet.

Click the double arrow inside the wheel to enter it on the column at right.

Move to next alphabet and match based on the pattern seen as described above. Count to the third Celtic alphabet clockwise and place it under the top. Move the outer wheel to place the next alphabet at top.

Do this until all are matched. It will not enter the alphabet if it is wrong.

After decoding, Madeleine sees that they are Nostradamus' 2 quatrains.

Nostradamus:    It is night time. Report the findings to Nostradamus in his bedroom. Talk about dreams and other info.

Select any suspect you think is the murderer. He wants you to arrange his observatory.

Observatory:    Climb upstairs to the observatory.

Solar system puzzle:    Pick up the loose planets and weights from the floor below the solar system mobile by clicking once on the floor.

See the close up of the solar system mobile. They are lopsided and missing some items.

See weights, moon and Venus at bottom left of the screen.

The aim of the puzzle is to place the correct items from bottom left on the mobile.

One possible solution:

Saturn:     Place 2 large weights on the left and a small weight on the right. Place ring on Saturn.

Jupiter:    Place 1 large weight and 2 medium weights on the right.

Mars:    Place 1 large weight on the left and a medium weight on the right. Add a moon to Mars.

Earth:    Place 1 large weight on the right and a small weight on the left. Add a moon to Earth.

Venus:    Place 1 medium weight on the left. Add Venus on the loop hanging on the right.

Mercury:    Place 1 small weight on the right.

Nostradamus talks to Madeleine. They discuss the quatrains. He will examine the destiny that Madeleine must follow. He wants Madeleine to drink Eucalyptus tea.

Eucalyptus tea:    Go down to the worktable. If you do not have water get some from the well.

Place water and a spoonful of eucalyptus tea in the cooking pot. Open the vent of the stove.

Use the receptacles of sorts on the cooking pot to get Eucalyptus tea. Click the tea on Madeleine.

Go upstairs to bed and sleep with no dreams. If no tea is drunk, Philibert will be in the dream again.


Sunday March 31, 1566

Nostradamus' residence:    Get Madeleine dressed as Cesar. Go down and talk to Nostradamus in his office.

Nostradamus agrees that Henry of Navarre is in danger.

Madeleine alone has the answer to solve the danger.

A pentagram asserted itself in Madeleine forecast.  The key is in the last one.

The recipe found in the scribe's missal is for a potion that feigns death for several hours.

Smithy:    Go to the smithy.

Straighten the sword:    This can be done the next day.

Place the sword on the embers of the forge. Use the handle at right to fan the embers.

Use the tongs to take the red hot sword. Place it on the anvil. Use the sledgehammer on sword.

Right click and place the sword in the water left of the forge.

Return the tongs on the forge. Take the straightened sword.

Chateau:     Go up to the chateau.

Scribe's room:    Go upstairs and enter the first room in the gallery.

Use the key taken from the scribe's missal on the chest.

Take the monk's cowl and a note from Philibert.

Place the note in journal and see that it concerns the 'offerings of great values' given by the Celts.

Use magnifying lens on chest. Take the sawdust beside the saw inside the chest.

Jean Aimé office:    Go to Jean Aimé's office.

Use the copy of his key and find out that he must have changed the lock.

Constance:    Go to Constance room beside the Queen's room in the salon. The guard is not on his post.

Find out that Constance is dead. Use the magnifying lens to read the paper in her hand.

It is a suicide note about her guilt and implicates Nostradamus, Jean Aimé and Cesar in the plot against the Crown.

Before Madeleine can leave the room, the guard arrives and finds Constance and the suicide note.

They arrested Nostradamus and Jean Aimé.

Use the monk's cowl on Madeleine's picture.

Guard's room:    Go to the gallery past Jean Aimé's room.

Enter the guard's room and talk to Jean Aimé inside the prison cell.

The man who asked for Henry of Navarre's chart is Cardinal of Lorraine, the Duke de Guise.

Jean Aimé gives the key to his room so that Madeleine can check the pentagram.

Jean Aimé office:    Go to Jean Aimé's office.

Use the key to enter the room. Look at and use the magnifying lens on the desk.

Open the green book and take the pentagram engraving. Click to read the page of the book.

Use the scalpel or scissor on the Last Prophecy page of the book.

Place both the pentagram and book page in the journal.

Chapel:     Go down to the chapel and look at the body. See that there are sacks only.

Go outside and see that the drawbridge is raised and Madeleine is trapped.

Queen:    Go to the Queen. No need to talk to the guard, just walk in.

Talk to the Queen.


1. I have not come to defend my own head.

2. I know that no explanation... So the only way to convince you is to catch the really guilty party.

3. You've nothing to lose by letting me try.

4. My father is in the custody of your guards...

5. Someone so clever that today he seems above suspicion.

When the bell tolls is the signal. No more disguises, the Queen took all her disguises.

Chapel:    To look for another entrance to the Celtic entrance, stand by the altar.

Madeleine thinks that it should be around here.

The scribe arrives and Madeleine is knocked unconscious.

Upon waking up, the scribe says that he gave Madeleine poison. He will give the antidote only if Madeleine finds the entrance to the treasure.

Save Game here and after each completed puzzles for possible replay for more puzzle time.

Timed puzzle 1 - Altar rings:

The scribe shows what he found on the altar facade; a glass medallion with lines inside.

The aim of the puzzle is to move the rings and position the lines to form a pentagram.

Move the rings by click-hold-move the white dots in each ring.

Once correctly done, see numbers inside 4 corners of the pentagram.

Take the glass pentagram and a cavity is seen. Take the stand with a star at the end from the cavity.

Timed puzzle 2 - Decode the Last Prophecy:

Part 1:    The numbers seen in the pentagram is placed in the Last Prophecy page in the journal.

The aim of the puzzle is to find the letters that corresponds to the numbers taken from the pentagram and see what it forms.

Open the journal to the pentagram page.

Take the quill and click the letters corresponding to the numbers in each of the 4 lines of the prophecy.

Count off the letters and include the dashes in the count.

When correctly done see the letters in red at right side of the page.

Part 2:    Lines appear at bottom of page.

Click on a red letter and automatically that letter will be placed at bottom of page to form a word.

Form the word that is associated to the pentagram based on what Nostradamus foresaw last night.

Learn how her first name is the key.

Timed puzzle 3 - Find the location of the treasure:

Talk to the scribe and ask if there are any scripts that are different from ours seen.

He mentions 'like the ones on the capitals' (columns).

Feel the 12th earthquake. Madeleine thinks that this is the 12 disasters (not the murders) that are foretold.

Part 1:    Click on the top of the first column at right wall of the chapel.

See lines on 2 horizontal rings. The rings can be turned to form Celtic alphabets.

The aim of the puzzle is to form the Celtic name of MADELEINE.

Some columns can have one or 2 alphabets that can be formed; so there can be several solutions.

Directions are based on facing the altar.
column 1 right wall front column 2 right wall rear
column 3 back wall left column 4 back wall right
column 5  left wall rear column 6 left wall front

Part 2:    If the Celtic alphabets are correctly done, the columns descend and show rods with mirrors on them.

Go to the statue of Mother Mary at right side of the back wall and listen to the last prophecy about her eyes that will illuminate...

The object of the puzzle is to get a light source and bounce the light on the mirrors to illuminate Mother Mary's eyes.

Get a light source:    

In inventory, look close (use magnifying glass) at the stand with a star at one end taken from the cavity. Click to lengthen the stand.

Place the lengthened stand on the hole at top of altar.

Place the glass medallion on the top of the rod.

This shoots a beam of light on the first column.

Adjust the beam of light:   

The mirrors in each column can be raise or lowered and also can be turned.

Adjust the light beam bounced from the mirrors until it reaches the eyes of the Mother Mary.

Mirror placements on the columns:    Directions are based on facing the altar.

First column right wall - Move the mirror up. Swivel the mirror until the beam hits the first column on the left wall.

First column left wall - Move the mirror up. Swivel the mirror until the beam hits the second column on the right wall.

Second column right wall - Move the mirror down. Swivel the mirror until the beam hits the left column on the rear wall.

Left column rear wall - Move the mirror up. Swivel the mirror until the beam hits the second column on the left wall.

Second column left wall - Move the mirror down. Swivel the mirror until the beam hits the head-eyes of the statue of Mother Mary.

The beam from the statue hits the tile on the floor.

Use the long metal rod on the tiles.

The bell tolls.

Sidhe:    Go down to the sanctuary of the Sidhe.

See a headless statue of the Sidhe guardian.

Pick up the head of the statue on the floor and place it on the statue.

Place the straightened sword on his hands.

The Sidhe makes an opening to the treasure room.

Enter the treasure room.

At least for the moment.

Score = 346

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