Walkthrough written by Norma Kuderna, Linda Shaw, and Ozma38

Jan 06, 2000

System Requirements:

Windows 95/98

166 MHz Pentium Processor


8X CD-ROM Drive

130 MB available hard disk space

16- Bit color graphics video card, 16- Bit Windows compatible stereo sound card.  Mouse and speakers.

This walkthrough was written from playing the game in the Senior Detective level.  There might be differences if played in the Jr. Detective or Master Detective level. [If you get stuck in this game, try changing from Day to Night, check the note pad by the phone in the apartment, and look for new mail and packages on the chair next to the phone and the table. You can also get help by calling your friends.]There are a lot of clues and things to look at which I will not always write in the walkthrough.


Nancy Drew is asked to come to New York and stay at her Aunt Eloisa's apartment with the soap opera star Mattie Jensen. Her new case is to find out who is sending the death threats to Rick, Mattie's costar.

Talk with Mattie at the apartment. Ask her about the teleprompter, poisoned chocolates and threatening letters. Mattie will leave and give you a copy of the keys and have a pass ready for you at the World Wide Broadcasting Company. Search and look at everything in the apartment. You will pick up a tv remote control in the basket beneath the window. Read the letters in the Vertical drawers of the desk in the living room and the card on the desk. Read the note next to the phone and call Ned.

Go to Worldwide Broadcasting.  Before signing in at the front desk, pan to the right and read through the magazine on the table.  Notice the letters have been cut out of the magazine.  You can also look across in front of the sign in desk and read another magazine which has the letters cut out.

Pick up your pass and sign in.

While going down the hall stop and listen by the door of the Producer, William Pappas.

Go to Mattie's dressing room and talk with her. She will invite you to come down to the set. After she leaves check out her dressing room. Read and look at everything. In the top section of her jewelry box you will find Rick's cell phone number and in the drawer of the box you will see a torn note. To turn the pieces of paper, put your cursor in the left upper corner until you get a curved arrow, then click on it. (See graphic below of the torn note.)

Head over to the set and watch the scene as Rory almost gets hit by a falling lamp. When everyone leaves you can check out the stage. Notice the broken clock, the teleprompter and make your way over to the workbench. Pick up the screw driver.  Before going to Rick's dressing room listen through the door to the Producer's conversation again.

Go to Rick's dressing room and talk with him. Pick up the 3D glasses from the vanity drawer. Notice the threat letters especially the typed ones. The "Y" is dropped. Go to the Prop room and talk with Millie. She will tell you to talk with the Director. When you talk with Lillian, the Director, she will take your pass away.

Go back and talk with Mattie at the apartment and she will arrange for you to be hired as an extra with her agent Dwayne Powers. You will now have a new address on your map.

Go to Dwayne Power's office, Ring the buzzer TWO times to speak with Dwayne.

Return to WW Broadcasting Studio.  You will be given another pass. Talk with the Director and then Millie in the Prop room. Millie will give you some riddles to answer:

Give it air and it will live .   Give it water and it will die.


What has a head and tail but no body


What has teeth but can't eat


Riddles for Jr. Detective level:

1) I run all day and never walk, I tell you something, but I do not talk!

What am I? .........Watch or Clock

2) When you look at my face it is easy to see, You're looking at you when you're looking at me!

What am I? ..........Mirror

3) Soft as a petal that falls from a tree, the more I dry the wetter I'll be!

What am I? ..........Spongeor Towel

Riddles for Master Detective level:

1) The more you make the more you leave behind?

What am I?........ Friends (Other answers can be  Tracks and Footprints)

2) What is full if holes but holds water?

What am I?........ Sponge

3) What has four fingers and one thumb but is not alive?

What am I?....... Glove

Now you can enter the Prop room...

Solve the chest puzzle to get a clock hand. 

Look at the map in the back of the chest and notice the poem written around the edge. Pick up the wire cutters under the map. Look at everything and pick up the door knob, and oil can.  Notice the typewriter and that the "Y" is dropped. Look at the log book on the table and notice the name in the back corner of the book.  It reads Millie   WWB1958

(see graphic: Log book in prop room here)....

Talk to Mattie again. Go back to the apartment and it should be nighttime. Look at the chair next to the phone and watch the video. Call your friends for help. You may need to change to Daytime.

Go back to the studio and check Rick's dressing room. When you knock on the door it will open slightly. It is a good time to save your game. Go inside and disarm the bomb.  To disarm the bomb, use the screwdriver from the work bench in the studio on the four screws of the tape recorder. (You may want to save your game immediately after removing the screws.)  Quickly use the wire cutter on the wires just above the TIMER CLOCK on the bomb.   You need to clip the wires slightly to the left of the wire you want to cut.  See picture below of the placement for the wire cutters when cutting the YELLOW wire.  Clip the wires in the following order: YELLOW, RED, ORANGE and BLUE.

Return to Mattie's apartment.

Talk to the Producer on the phone. Check the note pad again to see a message from George. Look to the left of the phone to see a new letter. In it you will find the code for the side entry. Now it is time to go to the studio at night. If you are on Days change to Night and go to the studio. You will get in the back entrance. Go to the Director's office and use your pass on the door knob to enter.  If you get caught at any time by the Security Guard, use your SECOND CHANCE option from the main game menu.  To prevent getting caught by the security guard, don't loiter in the hall and go directly to the room you want to go to without making a wrong turn. Save often because if you do the Second Chance it will take you back outside and you will have to repeat everything.

Go to Lillian's office (Director).  Use your pass on the door knob to open the door.  Look at the book on the shelf above the desk to get Lillian's Personal File Disk.

Look at the Fax Sheet on the Fax Machine.

Look in the trash can below the Fax Machine.

Look in the top drawer of her desk at the Rubber Cement.

Look at the calendar on the wall and the desk calendar. Note the numbers in code, written on the right side of the calendar. Now move to the clipboard underneath the TV/VCR in Lillian's office. Click carefully on the paper BENEATH the top paper. Use the 3-D glasses you took from Rick's Dressing Room on the paper to read the codes. Make a note of those codes as you will need that information in combination with the files on Lillian's Computer in order to can access to the Control Room.  (See graphic of the DECODER below.)

Use the Personal File Disk you found in the book on the bookshelf in the CPU of the computer, then log onto the computer using Millie as your LogIn Name and her password: wwb1958.

On the Computer, click on the Disk Icon and read the personal letter on the disk.

Also look in the Computer's TRASH can (Recycle Bin).

Look at the KEY icon and make a note of the codes for each of the rooms at the station, which are: KEYS for the following CODES:










Print the document when you've searched and looked at everything. Then go to the printer (in the corner of the desk) and look at the document.

After you finished searching Lillian's office go to the STAGE.  Use the clock hour hand you found in the chest on the clock.  Place that hour hand on the 11 (eleven).  You will get a key.  Decipher the code with the clues you found in Lillian's office to open the door to the Control Room up the spiral steps. Use the 3-D secret codes information, along with the Security Codes you found on Lillian's Computer (ACTOR is the code word for entry to the Control Room) and the printed document in order to figure out the Control Room electronic panel. (see diagram below)  Match the letter's from the code ACTOR to the shape that it is near on the decoder.  For example A is in the shape that looks like an upside down L .... That corresponds to the shape on the key pad. C is near the shape that looks like a reversed L .... R is in the square with the dot in the middle .. etc... (see graphic: Decoder below)


Control Room Key Pad

Using the code from the diagram above open the Control Room. Use the key from the clock on the High Voltage box on the wall. Turn on the power switch at the top of the box. Close the Voltage box and then pan left. Get the Security Video tape off the shelf. Use the cassette in the cassette player on the right. Adjust the levels 1, 2 and 3 on both sides of the voice/frequency analyzer to tune in the background sounds and alter the voice. You will never be able to hear this cassette clearly, but that is not important.  The important things you must do in the Control room is to turn on the power and pick up the security video.

Leave the Control Room and go down to the far side past the stage area where you see some comfortable chairs and coffee cups.  You will see a locked panel on the wall which you can open with the key you got from the clock.  Move the gears as the diagram shows.

Maneuver the levers to match the diagram and push the button above the levers to activate the trap door.  Move the levers in the following way:  Move the top lever to the right one time.  Move the middle lever to the right one time. Move the top lever to the right one more time, then move the bottom lever all the way over to the right side.

Move to the stage, behind the sofa and operate the trap door. Follow the hallway down below to another hydraulic lift. Go up and find yourself inside the locked area of the Prop Room. Look at the ID for Owen Spayder in the shirt pocket. Note the ID number: 318-67-2001.  Use this number to find out information about Owen Spayder in Lillian's computer.

Go back down and up the other lift back on stage.  Leave the stage and return to Lillian's office.  Look up information on Owen Spayder on her computer.

After finishing your search in Lillian's office go to Dwayne Power's building .  On the right side of the buzzer panel ring Hess Grumbly's office. He is waiting for pizza and will buzz you in.  Go to Dwayne's office and use your pass to open the door. Get the wallet out of the coat pocket and look at the calling card. Use those numbers to open the briefcase. [4377-6630]  Look at everything in his briefcase. Use the key in the briefcase to open the file drawers.  Inside the Filing cabinet, look carefully at Rick's Personal File, and that of Mattie's and Owen Spayder's.  Note her SKILLS (fire arms, etc.) Also read the LEMARRON book on the bookshelf. This provides valuable information and clues to the "coded" messages. Notice, also, the piece of paper in the RIGHT drawer of Dwayne's desk. You will see a diagram drawn of the BOMB timer and the wires (numbered 1-4) in the lower right corner of that paper. Additionally, you will find a few useful telephone numbers for the WWB Cast and Directors. Look in Dwayne's top middle drawer for the adhesive (wonder what he might have used that for). Look underneath the chess board on the small table.

Return to Mattie's Apartment.  Watch the Security Video that you picked up from the Control Room.  It has the red label.

Look at the chair next to the phone.  You should see a package for Nancy Drew.  Open it and read the threatening note.

Then call Bess. Talk to her about everything and everybody. Exhaust all conversation topics.

Leave Mattie's and go to the Studio. Talk with Lillian, Mattie, and Rick exhausting all conversation topics.  Return to Mattie's apartment and you should hear the phone ringing.  Answer the phone.  Change to night time and return to the Studio. Use the side entrance (3689) and enter. Go directly to the Stage doors. Use your pass card to enter. Lillian will be standing right there in front of you as you enter the Stage. SAVE YOUR GAME here.

STUDIO - Final Climax:

Talk to Lillian and exhaust all topics of conversation. Ask particularly, or suggest that the culprit is Dwayne Powers.... Save your game right after talking with Lillian. The lights will go off, and Dwayne will appear in the Control Room window up above. After talking with Dwayne, he will tell you that he is coming down to rid the Studio of Lillian and YOU. When you regain control of Nancy Drew's movements, turn immediately to the right and move forward towards the Fire Alarm. Pull the alarm, and then back up two times. Immediately click on the Vacuum Door release button just to the left of the doors that lead out of the Studio. Once you have pushed the button to release the Studio doors, a small panel opens (see graphic: EndGameCodes) revealing the Final Puzzle of the game.

Remember that your time is very limited on this puzzle before Dwayne finishes you off!  Don't wait. Immediately click on one of the buttons. IF you have pushed the WRONG button, you will not see a change in the panel. IF, however, you have pushed a CORRECT button, a white triangle appears in the center, in the black ball.

Now push another button. If the white triangle disappears, push the FIRST correct button again (to re-light the white triangle) and try another button. The idea is to quickly enter the code so that with each button you push, a white triangle appears in the center of the black ball. You must correctly push the buttons in the proper order. Any wrong button and ALL the white triangular lights will disappear, causing you to start all over again. If you do NOT finish the puzzle before your time is up, use the SECOND CHANCE option from the game menu. Be FOREWARNED, however, that each time you use the SECOND CHANCE option, the button sequence will CHANGE. When you have completed the puzzle, the sequence will appear to be the same as if you'd done it incorrectly, but the Security Guard will enter through a side door and nab Dwayne!  If you need more time to finish this puzzle please email me and I will send you some files.  Norma

Now sit back and enjoy the final sequence of events as Nancy writes another letter to Bess.... You've solved the mystery and Life goes on at the WWB Studios! Congratulations!

This walkthrough will be updated frequently.

Updated 3/13/01

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