. . . The Search for Ulysses

Walkthrough by Tally Ho

Ruins of Troy

As you begin the quest, listen carefully to the opening statements. "Heriseus, banished from his home for a murder that was really an accident . . ." Barely noticed, this detail will come to haunt him much later. As the opening cutscene ends, you are on the pier of a remote island. It's actually the ruins of Troy. Stepping on the beach, you can see some small pebbles to the East, ą la "Lighthouse." Pick them up, they will come handy when you wish to gamble.

Throughout this walkthrough, I will refer to North, East, etc. These directions are to be taken as "On-Screen" directions; that is North is always at the top of the screen, East is always at the right, etc. Whenever I refer to "right" or "left" it is the Character's right or left, which may vary, due to the rotating background. When that happens, it means use the right or left arrow keys, as appropriate.

Please take note: I understand that two versions of Odyssey have been released. It is possible that these instructions are not compatible with the other version.

Go the other way, West, and find the merchants. Talk to them. (Here's where you have a choice to be "naughty or nice." The choice is entirely yours, and the designers probably included this variable to entice players to play the game again.) The skinny guy is a guard, don't attack him. The fat guy is a merchant, and quite chatty. If you are feeling nasty yourself, you can walk around behind him and pick his pocket, yielding his wallet. You will see a rug merchant come by and pick up a carpet. Do the same, pick up another carpet yourself, and you can sneak past the guards and enter the city. You could kill the rug guy if you wish, but there's no need to.

You wouldn't be aware of it yet, but this game is highly variable. You are armed with a sword, and able to kill people. Sometimes, this will result in your arrest and imprisonment (Game Over), sometimes you will get killed, and sometimes it will simply be observed and remembered by the gods unseen. Near the end of the game, you will undergo a lengthy judgment by the gods, who will determine your eternal fate. Since you already have one murder, accident though it was (remember the intro?) it doesn't do much harm to knock off some of your enemies; it just gets added to your list of sins.

Inside the city gates, go into the first obvious house, ahead and to the right. You will meet Merops (in the blue) and Nathos (in the grey) but they are busy and don't give you much time to talk. Leave the house, go further in to the camp, and bear left, meeting a guard who halts you and tells you a pass is necessary to go further. If you return to Nathos now, he seems kind of stand-offish. That's because Merops is still there, and they aren't exactly friends. Just how bad a guy Merops is will become clearer as the game progresses. You need to spend a little time, letting them finish their business. Around back of the house is a pair of gamblers. Join them and play a couple of games. They let you win twice maybe, then it's downhill from there. It's enough of a delay, so Merops should be gone when you return to Nathos, and he will be more friendly, and give you a pass.

Go to the guard who wants the pass. Show him the pass and in you go. Just inside the door, to the south, is a prostitute. You can talk to her or ignore her, the options are many. If you spend the night, you will be happy but penniless. If you "Refuse, but . . " you will donate something to her needy cause and be blessed. You also have the choice of killing her, but there's no point in doing that. From her position, walk North, and keep going until you can go around the camp wall to the right. Don't go left into the alleys, there is a bandit waiting to take your money. Instead, meet Plaseter, the blacksmith and talk with him until Mikis shows up, then talk with Mikis. Follow him. Oops, you get whacked, and wake up to discover Mikis' dead body. Check your inventory; you are in possession of a Trident. You can go back to Saltpeter and ask him about the Trident. Go back through the gates near the prostitute, and visit Nathos. You will be accused of murdering Mikis. Go directly to jail, do not pass Go.

In the prison, meet Koppeas. Talk with him until the dialog is complete. Then, go to the wall near where you were sitting, and take the basket off the hook. (Space.) Turning around with your back to the hook, use it (Space) to cut your bonds. Koppeas does likewise. Then, stand behind the steps, under the opening in the roof and (Space) get Koppeas to help you up to the roof. Once there, pick up the rock (Space) and turn toward the guard, and conk him (Enter.) Open the prison door to let Koppeas out. Go to Nathos' house and retrieve your equipment. Go to the guard, and exit the area with Koppeas. (Either answer works) Talk with Koppeas, and he departs. Heading Southwest, and turning right, you will find the residence of Hakeus. Talk with him, swallow the magic potion, and take the diamond. Leave the house, and continue West and North until coming to the Cave of the Winds.

Cave of the Winds

Hakeus said Aeolus (the god of winds) will help you. Just what did that mean? Before entering the temple, pick up a Lotus petal from the ground. As you enter, you observe a circular area on the floor, and four objects surrounding it. Nothing happens. Walk between the pillars to see another circular area, wind-blown. Place the Lotus petal in the rising wind (Enter) and see the effect. Now the area in the entrance is enabled. Go there and take (Space) the six statues honoring the various winds. {Remember the one that was topmost.} Then go into the next chamber and take the twelve tiles, six on the east wall, and six on the west. You will need half of them. The important tiles are the four cardinal directions, N, E, S, W, and the Warm Wind and the Damp Wind. Use these six on the archway at the top of the steps. The position of each wind is randomly selected, so you may need to move back and forth in order to place them. They only fit into the correct slots, so the only puzzle is which tiles to choose, not where they go. Once all six slots are satisfied, use the Diamond to pass through.

Caution: Mildly Timed Puzzle - Save your game.

Now you must choose which statue to honor the gods. The Plains, the Mountains, the Desert, the Ocean, the Unknown, the Gods. The only combination that works is first, the Unknown (North) then the Gods (rising.) This will take you to your flying ship. (Atlantis anyone?) How is it timed? Once you open the Great Door, there is a short time to figure out what to do next. Take too long, and the door will close. Here's the process: Place the North wind statue (Enter) on the pedestal. Immediately open your inventory and find the Rising Wind statue. Place it (Enter) and don't bother to retrieve it, just go to the exit and depart. For some fun, try some of the "wrong" winds to see where you end up. Be sure you have saved your game first. The ship takes you to the Land of the Lotus Eaters.


Talk to the guy sitting on the steps. Man! He's been out in the sun too long. Either that, or he's from Southern California. Go to the top of the steps, past the round lotus-pond, and find the old temple with columns and steps where you can climb to the top. If there is someone there, attempt to talk to him. Follow him if he leads you somewhere. (If he is not there, at the end of the room at the top are two inscribed murals. Read the one on the left which says their wisdom comes from the Lotus; (I knew he wasn't from California after all!) and reveals that one of the machines still exists for extracting the magic juice. The other mural says to fill the chalice with the fluid of life. Sounds like it means blood, but actually it's water. Then use the purifying filter to remove the impurities. Scattered around the town are four bowls, and four filters.

Any bowl will work, as well as any filter. Just go pick up any filter (looks like a rug), harvest some Lotus seeds from the pond (talk to the young lady in La-La Land, and find a bowl. There is one just to the right of the stairs you came up. Go down to the ocean, fill the bowl with water (Enter) and go to the machine. To find it, at the top of the steps, instead of bearing right toward the pond and the ruin, bear left. See the two bridges? Take the one closer to the ocean. Notice that part of it has a broken section. Do Not try to walk back down that broken part, you can fall through and 'Game Over.'

Continue around until you find the fire and filter-apparatus. Be careful you don't drink the water or eat the lotus - there's no harm, but you will have to replace them if you do. Put the bowl of water (Enter/put down/space) and walk around to the left of the machine and lower the bowl into the flame. (Space.) Then around front, put the filter on the receptacle (Enter) and the Lotus seeds (Enter/put down/space.) Then go left where you lowered the bowl, and raise it. Then, around front, (space) to tip the hot water. Then take back the empty bowl (space). Go to the receptacle and use the bowl (enter) to pick up the liquid. Use the bowl (enter again) to drink. Zounds! The world has changed somewhat! I recall a song "You Can See Clearly Now" - is this what they had in mind - probably not.

The are many people in the city. You can talk with all of them now, except the one sitting out on the steps. Wander around and interrogate everyone, including the Lotus-lady. There are people on the other side of the door by the second bridge. They will offer you more juice. Just don't make a career of it, that stuff is eventually toxic.

When you are satisfied, head back to the main square. Be careful, the bridge you came up has a broken section. You couldn't fall in climbing up, but you can fall in on the return. Go straight across the area, past the lotus pond, past the old ruin, and turn left, and go around the building with the blue foundation.

Caution: Fussy task - Save your game.

Stop before you actually go around, and save your game. The next part is tricky, and you will need to try it a few times. You don't want to repeat this whole lotus-filtering process too. As you pass around the corner of that building, a short cutscene reveals a man walking away; as you set down the bowl. He seems to be beckoning you to follow. You must follow him. If you walk, he will get too far ahead, and you will not find him. You must RUN (Shift) in order to keep up. Run around the building (Left-Left) and into the alley, the only place he could have gone. Right into the alley, Right again, then immediate left. As you pass through this point you should glimpse him again. If you followed him accurately, you will see another flash of light, find him, and fall prostrate at his feet. Complete the dialogue, and he will lead you into the Forest of Oblivion. Rest assured it doesn't look much like Kansas.

Forest of Oblivion

This is a maze in disguise, and everyone knows how I feel about mazes. Walk ahead and bear slightly right. The owl will fly overhead, indicating you should follow. Go back, following the owl, through the right turn, and meet the Green Goddess. She gives you a shield, and speaks. It sounds like reversed speech, and I can't make out the words. No matter. Walk around. You may meet a figure who appears and speaks, then disappears. You may meet another such figure. You may wander into the Badlands. (Starting to look like Kansas here.) Keep trying exits until you are in the forest again.

The owl will lead you again; then in the Badlands, go Northeast until you find yourself at the Gorgon's hideaway. This is the exit you are looking for: Observe the curly branches on the left, and the big rocks on the right. This will take you to the Gorgon's Lair.

It's a real good idea to save your game before going inside. One evil look from her will turn Heriseus to stone. Press Enter to raise your shield, and look away from her whenever possible. You can also hide behind columns. In order to use your sword, you will need to lay down the shield. Put it down behind a column, so you are protected by the column. Then, take the sword in hand. (F3) It is possible to reflect her spell so she gets turned to stone herself. It is also possible to sneak around the perimeter, and attack her from behind. She is fairly easy to kill, just so long as you don't get turned to stone first. One player said he was able to pick up some pebbles before entering the lair, but I have not been able to find them. The pebbles are used to toss to the other side of the room, distracting the Gorgon so you can attack. Once you defeat her, pick up the severed head and go up the stairs on the far side of the room. Place the head in the right-hand depression of the scale, and step into the drained well. Krisis talks with you, then it's off to the Island of the Cyclops.

Island of the Cyclops

It's none other than Koppeas. Something about his story doesn't quite ring true. After the conversation ends, follow him. Bear to your left (East, or Screen-right) after you turn the corner and are walking South. Find the big crossbow, pick up the rope and string the bow with it. Then, go west into the forest, and continue as far west as you can go, and exit the forest via the larger clearing. You will find Koppeas' hut. Save your game before entering. Inside, you have two choices of conversation: Heriseus and Koppeas. If you choose Heriseus, you will drink the beverage, costing your life. If you saved your game, it's worth playing this segment to see it. Choosing Koppeas will result in him becoming careless, and betraying his treachery. You have several options here.

You have two ways to deal with the first Cyclops:

Now, go behind the hut and take that large wooden post. Enter the forest, and keep to the south as much as possible, while traveling East to get to the Crossbow. Don't exit the small clearings, you will be a Cyclops-snack. Go to the crossbow, arm it with the wooden stake, and pull the string back (space.) When Cyclops is in position, (Enter) to fire the bow and kill him. Return to your ship and be transported to Poseidon's Palace.

Poseidon's Palace

Caution: Nasty Pointy Spears - Save your game.

Gingerly enter the first room, and observe the motion of the spears. See the lighted columns and the holes between? Let's number them 1 to four, starting where you are standing; that is, right to left. Each cycle of the spears reveals a blank space at one of the holes. The sequence is 1, 3, 2, 4. So, after the One , go promptly to the Third, back to the Second, finally to the Fourth. Open the door, and pass through.

Welcome to the Chamber of Riddles. Walk up the steps, and confront the Minotaur, the first of three questioners. He gives you several clues, and if you remember your Mythology better that I, you will know that he is referring to the story of Theseus. Go down to the floor, and find the circle representing Theseus. Stand on it, and press Space. The Minotaur is satisfied, and subsides below ground level. Next is Hercules. He speaks of "My father . . . " I missed something in my education - I always thought Hera was a goddess. Anyway, Hera is the correct answer. Finally, Prometheus asks about his "greatest creation." The answer is Man. Choosing that answer opens the door at the top, to a room where . . . can You believe your eyes? It's Ulysses in the flesh! Well, almost. You have been betrayed before, so be careful. If you choose all the trusting answers, finally you will drink a potion and die. Instead, any one of several paths that inspires you to kill him, will result in revealing that "Ulysses" was really Merops in disguise. Turn him to stone. He doesn't stay stoned very long, however. Poseidon gives him further instructions, and you will be sent to Lamus, on the Island of Telepoulos, home of the Lęstrygonians. As you arrive, and are observant, you will glimpse Merops climbing up the cliff wall to the island. Remember, he is a master of disguise.

Land of the Lęstrygonians

Save your game each time you gain a little.

You encounter four merchants. As usual, they appear very straightforward, but you have learned by now that you should trust no-one. After the conversation, you can enter the village, and will see the merchants standing at their various stations, in addition to one other person, up on the watch-tower. Explore until you are near the tent at the far West. You can talk to any of the merchants, but be careful if you talk to the one that is standing near the tent, do not mention Ulysses. He will betray you. Instead, go up to the front of the tent, stand right in front of the bowl of green stuff, and press <space>. Boros will come out of the tent and talk to you. Mentioning Ulysses with him will give him an idea to get you into the Lęstrygonian camp. Accept the offer, bad as it sounds. After riding up the hoist, you find yourself standing alone facing West. Walk west, and STOP as soon as you can see the brutes in the distance. Stand still and watch them, they cannot see you from that distance. They will walk up the hill, then turn and look right at the place you are standing. Do not move. They will turn and go back down the hill. As soon as they turn away from you it is safe to move. Go further west until you see a portion of a fence you can hide behind.

Take a step or two South (Toward you) and wait. You will see the brutes down below, as they reach the bottom of their route, on a wooden bridge. Watch closely and observe the path they take to come back up. You will be hiding behind the fence. As soon as they are beyond your vantage point and can move again, go down to that bridge using their same path. You will need to run most of it, or they will catch up to you. As you reach the bridge, you will see the guard at the mouth of the cave leave his post for a short time. This is your opportunity to get inside the cave.

Save your game once you get inside.

The guard is sleeping. The room you need to enter is behind the guard. If you are delicate, you can get between the jugs on the floor, and his feet without waking him. This is the easier way into the prisoners' room. If you can't get by without waking the guard, there is a more complicated way. Circle the room, hugging the wall. There are some tools on the floor, and if you step on them the noise will waken the guard. Find the board and pick it up. Then, near the entrance is a ramp you can climb. Go up there and wait where the water is dripping until the guard sleeps again. Then use the board to cross the gap. Descending the other ramp will give you access to the room. Talk to a prisoner and free him. Then you are taken prisoner, and realize you have been set up yet again by Merops/Boros. Boy, that guy has more faces than Martin Short!

So now you are in the custody of Hippomyon, the chef who will be featuring you on the menu in three days. Charming. There are two ways out of here, and you have the choice of providing Hippomyon with an escape route if you wish. The various paths add to your records of good or evil. It's not important either way, just that the gods are always observing, and they remember everything you do. If you ask for a day of rest, you will be taken to the upper room. Pick up the Ram's skull, and on the other side of the room, use (Enter) the skull on the Rope, creating a Hook. (If you forget to combine them, and pick up both objects instead, go to the balcony - the side with a railing, and you can put down one of the objects (Enter) and combine the other with it (Enter.) At the balcony, on the side without a railing, use the hook to escape. You will get to a bridge, where you can jump off, and find your ship.

Another way out is to refuse the rest. Go into the kitchen (North-west side of the room) and find two objects - a Ladle and a single piece of Wood. Go back to Hippomyon's area and pass him, to find a large circular stone. Use the wood and ladle to create a lever, giving an escape-route for Hippomyon. Then, back in the kitchen, push that hanging weight so it's in front of the room where the guard is sleeping. Go into the guard's room, and entice him to follow you. Whack! That's the end of him. Pick up the wood-cradle near the fireplace, go into the guard's room, and find the exit on the other side. If you haven't saved in a while, you might just want to do so before finding the exit. Careful! Don't step off the edge. Placing the wood-cradle accurately lets you slide down the chute safely and reach the ship. Creating the exit for the cook is optional - you could just go push the weight and get out.

In addition, if you rest the first day, and find yourself in the upper room you can rest again, finding yourself in the kitchen area again. Careful! If you rest a third time, you can probably guess what happens. Not for the squeamish, however.

Having made your escape, you are returned to Lamus. You need your clothing and sword, so go visit Boros. This is the real Boros, not Merops in drag; he doesn't quite know what to make of you. Take your belongings, and decide whether to kill Boros, or be merciful.

Now, remember the Lęstrygonians expect a toll for passage through the strait. The only way they know when someone sails through, is if they are alerted by a horn. It's the job of the watchman on the upper level to blow the horn. Climb up there and crack the horn by stepping on it. Try leaving without breaking the horn, to see what happens to toll-gate crashers.

Island of Aeęa

Go into the lowest level of the house, climb to the top of the stairs, and talk with Circe. When she offers you a magic drink, accept it. You are changed into a Piggy. Cute, huh? Exit to downstairs, and upon reaching the outdoors, turn right (West) and go around the far side of the house, up an earthen bank which gives you access to the next higher level. Go in, and climb the stairs and find yourself on the rooftop. Turn right (West again) and continue that turn to climb up the next roof. Go around counter-clockwise until you come to the last window, which is conveniently open. (You might have explored up here as Heriseus, but the human cannot fit through the window, the pig can.) Go in and have a look around. See the green pillow next to the railing? Then four ropes tied to the railing. The object of all this is for you to retrieve one of the objects by biting through the rope. Unfortunately, it will break upon landing below, unless you do something to soften the impact. Start by biting the first rope, and drop the stone below, to dislodge the board that blocks the objects' falling path. Then take the green pillow, and take the short-cut into Circe's room, directly down the stairs, and through the one-way gate. Place the pillow on the floor where you expect the object hanging from the second rope to land. Exit Circe's room. On the way out, you overhear Merops talking with her, and witness the attack. She is injured. Now re-trace your route outside and over the roofs, to return to the lab. Bite the second rope, and let the bottle fall to the pillow. Go down through the gate, pick up the bottle and take it to Circe. (If you did not have a conversation with her about the potion, you will now.) Press Enter to give it to her. She is revived, and so are you. Talk with her about Ulysses, who it seems, has gone to the Underworld. You must find a way to get there yourself. She goes on at length with instructions. Here's part of the transcript:

"First a mixture of honeys, then wine, then water. Make a blood offering to the gods, and promise them one hundred others upon your return to Ithaca. Sprinkle the libation with a little white barley flour, then make a blood offering to the gods, and promise them one hundred more upon your return to Ithaca.

"Turn towards the riverbed and wait. Many deceased souls will gather. But hold your sword against your leg, do not move, and do not let the dead ones approach the blood before Tiresias appears."

Return to your ship, being careful not to trip on all the dead pigs on the way out. Looks like Merops decided the only good piggie is a dead piggie. He was trying to insure your demise. The ship takes you to the entrance of the Underworld, then departs. It seems you will need a different means of departure.

The Underworld

"Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate"

In Italian, that says "Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here." That's what Dante said is inscribed over the Gates to Hell. Well, I don't think so. Heriseus is made of better stuff than that. Go in and talk with the dead folk. As you make your way down the steps, you will run into Koppeas. Talk with him, and give him your gemstone, in order to cut in line. Follow him to the boat, and give your sword to Charon, since you don't have any Zorkmids or Dramoi. He will give you a flute in return, which will summon him at any time. On the other side, ignore Cerberus, the Three-Headed Dog. Just RUN away from him, or he will send you scouring for the latest saved game. Once you arrive at the ramp leading into Hades Headquarters, you are safe.

Clear your calendar here - you are in for about a fifteen-minute episode with the gods, who dissect your past and determine your future. They will decide which of three destinations will be your fate. That's the way gods are, a little weird. No wonder I don't do religion any more. It doesn't really matter, but for efficiency's sake it's best to go to Hell (Tartarus) first.

The paths here are varied. You must visit in any order; Tartarus (Hell), the Elysian Fields, and the Fields of Asphodels. Regardless of where they send you first, you must finish the Episode in the Fields of Asphodels. If the gods have sent you to Asphodels first, I suggest going elsewhere. The best sequence is Tartarus first, then Elysium, then finally the Asphodels. Ironically, the Elysian Fields (representing Heaven) are the most unpleasant of the lot, and Tartarus (representing Hell) is the easiest to deal with it. Go figure. So - go to Hell; do not pass Go.


To summon Charon from Tartarus, there is a small strand of beach between two large rocks. If you arrive there by way of the Styx, take note of the scene, so you can find your way out again. Whether you were brought by Charon, or sent directly by the gods, the correct direction to start out is West. Continue walking until you see Tantalus sitting under a tree, to the North. Talk with him. He offers to provide some of the ingredients. Start by picking up the jar of Honey. It's on the ground, near what looks like a cooked turkey. Walk straight ahead (Southwest) a couple of steps and pick up the Empty Glass. Step forward again and pick up another Empty Glass. Return to the pile of stuff and pick up an Empty Wineskin. That's a pretty good start - one ingredient and three containers. Leave Tantalus and go West again. That's Merops standing out there on the point. Go past him and continue walking. Pick up a pebble from that bluish pile of rocks. Keep going and find Prometheus. That nasty bird is constantly picking at his wounds. Yuck! Throw the pebble at the bird to give Prometheus a break. A neat place to stand is atop that slanted rock. After the conversation, use the Empty Wineskin to take some blood. After you leave Prometheus, you can visit with Sysiphus if you like, he's the one pushing the rock forever uphill. Beware; do not offer to help him.

Tantalus wanted some water. Let's see what we can do. Go East, as far as you can go, though part of it looks like North. Pass Charon's Landing, and climb the hill, where the Danaides are constantly filling the leaking cask with water. They say you shouldn't take any water, but aww go ahead. Your little glass won't hold much. Indeed, fill both glasses. One will be given to Tantalus. The other one will be used as the Water ingredient. Go to Tantalus and give him water. You can ask for any one ingredient, I suggest getting the Barley Flour, it's much easier than the method used in the Elysian Fields. You could ask for Wine instead - it's also much easier than the Elysian fields, where you have to negotiate a maze. Return to Charon's Landing and play the flute to summon him.

Elysian Fields

Welcome to a Maze. It's not a very serious maze, but one task is timed, so there is no room for wandering. If you don't have the Barley Flour, find the Little Girl, who is baking flatbreads. Take a fresh loaf of bread to the people in the Rest Area. You must do it before the bread cools down, or they won't have anything to do with you. If you make them happy, the little girl will give you flour. (If you asked Tantalus for Flour, you can ignore her and the dead souls.)

If you don't have wine, you need to find your way to the vineyard (grey blocks in map) and pick up the wineskin. It already contains wine, no need to fill it. If you asked Tantalus for Wine, you can skip this part. By now you should have Honey, Wine, Water, Flour and Blood. Check to be sure. If you have everything, find the Exit to the maze and call up Charon with the flute.

Fields of the Asphodels

If you need to summon Charon from here, there is a small strand of beach between two large tropical plants. If you arrive there from one of the other lands, take note of the scene, so you can find your way out again. Just to the East of that spot is the altar where you will make the offerings. You must place them in the correct order. Any time you need the recipe, it is in your inventory. Also, the sequence is mentioned just above. The first four ingredients ask the dead souls to gather. Then, the blood implores Tiresias to appear. Stand your ground. When the souls attempt to approach, press Enter to drive them away with the Trident. Do not walk around. After a few attempts to reach your offering, they will try to leave. Let them depart, until there is only one left. He is Tiresias. Talk to him. He wants to honor your offering. Leave him alone a few moments, then talk to him about Ulysses. He creates three crystals for you. Take them. Go toward the spot where he disappeared, around the West side of that huge rock with the seven holes around the base. Place the crystals in the correct holes. The holes must be used in sequence. They appear to be randomized. When all three are placed, there is a strange light coming from above. Find the path that leads to the top of that rock. It's just to the left of a clump of daisies. There is a glowing crystal in the wall. Touch it, and you will be transported again to the Gates of Hell. This time, do not enter the cave, instead go Southeast toward the sea.

Poseidon - Meet Your Match

Need I suggest saving your game? Poseidon will give you your five weapons. You must choose three of them, and in the correct order. The correct answers are randomly selected just for you! Here is how to know if your choices are correct:

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