By The Fellowship of the Quest


It is not possible to create a traditional step-by-step walkthrough for “Of Light and Darkness” (OLAD).  Many of the object locations in the game are randomly generated and change from game to game.  Some of the sequencing challenges are also randomly generated.

The first sections of this Guide describe some of what is going on in the game, and give suggestions for learning its secrets.  There is even a section near the end of the Guide which includes comments on the game’s philosophy.  More than many other games, OLAD gives the gamer a lot to think about.

If you find that you want more specific direction, look toward the middle of this Guide for lists of hints and spoilers.   



Use the Free Tour in each level to explore the game before you take on the real challenges.  An airline stewardess voice instructs you in the important aspects of gameplay.  In Free Tour you can get an idea of where the transportals and orbs are – though which PARTICULAR transportal is at which PARTICULAR location will randomly generate when you start the real game.  Wander around to each location at least twice, and listen to the videos with Angel and Gar Hob.  This way you learn details about the plot, but you don’t have to use up time in the real game to listen to these videos.

At the very beginning of the game, you can use the Free Tour to get oriented in the Village – it’s a beautiful place, but odd enough and confusing enough that you’ll need to wander in it before getting your bearings.   At the very beginning of the game, you can use the Free Tour to familiarize yourself with using inventory, which is a bit tricky.  To use the inventory items, hold down the right mouse button, keep holding it as you move the cursor over the item(s) you wish to select, and click on them with the left mouse button (they will highlight when you click on them).  Next, release both mouse buttons, then hit the space bar (this activates the inventory items).

Practice White-Light-Flashing (WLFing).  In Level One Free Tour, you can go to Poisoned Air after a yellow flash and practice WLFing an apparition named Mani.  WLFing in the presence of apparitions delays the apocalypse, thereby buying you more game time.  Hold down the right mouse button, then left-click on a red orb, a green orb, and a blue orb.  Check to make sure that a red, green, and blue orb is highlighted.   Release the mouse buttons.   Then hit the space bar.  You will hear a kind of howl as Mani disappears.   You will use this process many times once you start the real game, when the airline stewardess gives you a one-minute-warning before the apocalypse. 

In levels Two and Three you can use the Free Tour to find out the locations that are locked (you will be given a universal key for these locations in Free Tour so you can see inside places without having to unlock them with their particular artifacts).  



Study the map.  (The map is the small black insert that is separate from the manual.  It has icons on one side and pictures of the artifacts on the other.)   The game will be easier if you recognize the icons for  some of the portals. 

There are rooms for each of the Seven Deadly Sins – Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Envy, Pride, Avarice (Greed) and Accidie (Sloth).  There are also rooms for each of the apocalyptic devices – Poisoned Air, Radiation, Earth Shifts, Famine, Flood, Plague and War.  These are not the only rooms –there are other places to explore – but these are the rooms where most of the action will take place.

You will not always have access to the transportal that belongs to every location.  It’s a good idea to use the map to figure out which transportal will at least get you close.  For instance, you may not have an “Anger” transportal, but Anger can be accessed easily through “Flood” or through “Office,” – if you’ve wandered through the village picking up transportals, you’re likely to have at least one of the three. 

NOTE:  if you do not have a map, there is a description of the map at the end of this Game Guide.



Read the manual.  Yes, you have to.  Although in most games you can toss the manual over your shoulder and forget about it, in OLAD you won’t get very far until you have READ THE MANUAL.  Also, it will add a lot of enjoyment to your game. 

If you can only manage to get through part of the manual, then be sure to read:

PAGES 8 to 16. An explanation of OLAD’s unusual gameplay.

PAGES 36 to 52.  If you read the Apparition Stories, it is possible to make an informed guess as to the sin enjoyed/suffered through by each of the bad guys.  This knowledge will save you considerable time in making decisions later on as the game clock ticks down.



As you begin each level, save your game and work from that save – this will keep the orb and transportal locations from randomly regenerating.  Start by familiarizing yourself with what needs to be done.  Use the Mask room to identify the apparitions you’ll need to redeem, and what their colors are.  Find out whose artifacts are whose.  The apparitions will tell you themselves, once you have picked up their artifacts.

A Note from Becky: Plan on having a notebook and taking notes.  You will not finish the game unless you do this.  Use the “pause” button to stop the clock while you are taking notes.  If you hate taking notes, proceed immediately to the Hall of Accidie, then exit the game and give OLAD to a friend who doesn’t mind taking notes.

The game gives you information about each character’s background to help you identify her sin.  You can click on her mask in her apocalyptic device room.  You can click on her artifact in her apocalyptic device room.  You can click on her mask in the Mask room.  All these actions will give you bits of information, with varying degrees of helpfulness.

You can also carry the artifact to the star clock/globe and (with your back to the MFer studio) highlight the artifact in inventory and left click on the Victrola/sound icon near the base of the clock.  This will give you even more information.  And if that doesn’t work, guess.

On each level, keep yourself well stocked with orbs (always pan around each location to look for them) and use WLFing every so often to keep the airline stewardess off your back.  Otherwise, don’t worry about the clock running out.  You’ll have plenty of time to do what needs to be done.  Also, keep in mind WHERE there is an apparition, in case you need a quick White Light Flash (this becomes especially important as you near the end of each level and have only a few bad guys left).

The game will be easier if you understand the path the apparitions take.  They leave the Dark Isle when their color flashes  (the Dark Isle is accessible to the gamer only on Level Three), pop into the Hall of Mirrors, exit the Hall of Mirrors at the point closest to their apocalyptic device room and then home in on their artifacts in the apocalyptic device room.  If you want artifacts, grab the artifacts AFTER the correct color flashes, but BEFORE the artifact’s owners return to their apocalyptic device room.

If you are carrying the apparitions’ artifacts, their path changes.  Once out of the Hall of Mirrors, they will move toward you and attempt to home in on YOU.  Using a transportal shakes them off temporarily, but they will eventually find you.  If you stop moving, they attempt to block you.  If you drop their artifacts, (by highlighting the artifact in inventory, then hitting the space bar) they will forget about you and toddle back to their apocalyptic device room.  There are two locations where they can’t follow you – the MFer studio and the Mask room.

To redeem an apparition, take the apparition’s artifact to the apparition’s sin room (pride, anger, etc.).  In inventory, highlight the artifact  AND the orb(s) that match the color of the apparition’s apocalyptic device.  Release both mouse buttons and hit the space bar.  The bad guy will shriek, the camera will suddenly turn to reveal the apparition, and you will hear the judge pronouncing judgment.  Last of all, Gar Hob hobnobs with the redeemed apparition  (these conversations are some of the funniest in the game).  Redeeming an apparition, like WLFing one, extends gameplay for another few minutes.

A Note from Rckasea: Now along with the matching artifact, I went to a sin room and waited. Bad move, I finally figured that no one was coming and went to another sin room. There was the apparition that I needed to redeem and redeem I did. Well this plan has clock issues big time. After doing this for a bit, while waiting in a sin room, I just thought heck, I'll just do it. Big surprise, it worked. The apparition does NOT have to be present in his/her sin room to be redeemed.

If you try to free an Apparition in, for instance, the Hall of Pride, and Pride turns out to be the wrong sin, the artifact you use will simply return to its place in its apocalyptic device room.  You can go back if the color flash hasn’t changed and pick up the artifact again and try in another sin room.  (In other words, the artifacts are re-useable.)



At the beginning of each level you will see a momentary color flash.  As time passes, another color will flash randomly.  The momentary color flashes are generated by the stars on the globe/clock in the middle of the Village.  At the beginning of each level, only one apocalyptic device room has artifacts – the room that matches the color that flashes as the level begins.  As each star flashes, the artifacts appear in the apocalyptic device room that matches that color.  You can only remove the artifacts from a particular room when their star on the clock is “active” (the most recent color flashed).

There is a way to manipulate the clock during the first seven random flashes.  When the level first begins, you can force the clock to flash any color that hasn’t already been flashed.  To do this, you will need to be at the angle facing the clock where the Hall of Famine is behind you and the Hall of Flood is just on your left.  From this angle, look up at the clock.  If you place a cursor over the stars whose colors have not yet flashed, you will see a grasping hand.  Clicking with the grasping hand forces the star to flash the color you want. 

AFTER seven colors have flashed in a random sequence, there is a simple, though slow way to control which color flashes next.  To control the color of the next momentary flash (and if you don’t mind waiting until the clock ticks down for the next flash to occur) use WFLing on an apparition or apparitions that match the color you want for the next flash.  Then wait until the clock ticks down.  The color you want will then flash.  

But what if you want to force a color to flash that has already flashed earlier in the level, and you want to do so IMMEDIATELY?  To accomplish this, go into the apocalyptic device room of your choice (at least one of the owner apparitions has to be present).  Flash White Light, which will cause both the apparitions and the objects to disappear.  Go to the clock and click the grasping hand on the colored star for that apocalyptic device.  The correct color will immediately flash.  When you go back to the apocalyptic device room, the artifacts will be there and the owners won’t, so you can strip the device of the artifacts and run off to use them before the bad guys get back.

Note 1: it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the color of the stars on the “forcing” side of the globe/clock, but you can go to the other side of the clock to make a note their position.

Note 2:  occasionally, even though you do everything right, the grasping hand cursor does not appear over the star you wish to force.  If this happens, just try again.  It USUALLY works.


GENERAL GAME HINTS (greatest spoilage occurs at the bottom)

While playing through each level, remember to save your game.  Saving your game in the right places will eliminate a lot of repetition.   There is something about this game – perhaps the timed factor? – that makes it hard to remember to save. 

The last two settings on the MFer radio in the MFer studio have the most to do with the game’s plot.

You can left-click to stop conversations (these do take up time while the clock ticks down).

After the clock goes through the first seven color flashes it’s safest to always have a red, blue and green orb in your inventory, as well as a transportal to an apocalyptic device room where you know an apparition is hanging out.  That way, if the Stewardess gives you the one-minute-warning you are completely prepared.

A Note from Rckasea:  I kept one apparition as a shadow. This was Droessus, as I thought he would be one of the last to redeem. I used him to white light a few times and stop the clock. I picked him back up time and time again.  This really helped after I redeemed one or two and the countdown gives you sixty seconds. I would white flash him, pick more orbs and artifacts and him and go on.

Once you have freed an apparition, if you go to the Mask room, that apparition will no longer appear when you click his/her star.  This helps if you can’t remember which apparitions you’ve redeemed and which you haven’t!

There are rooms that only can be reached by clicking on hotspots.  All of these hotspots are in the shape of a star – some are easy to spot, while others are pretty difficult.   Three rooms that are especially hard to find:

                1.  El Dorado (as you face the Hall of Pride, look to your right, and pass the cursor over the wall of the building until you find the correct blue star).

                2.  Accidie/Sloth (when you enter the War room, look to your left.  There is a star on the wall that is the same color as the wall).

                3.  Avarice/Greed  (go as far as you can into Earth Shifts – looking down you see the fiery lava.  Look to your left where you will see a small globe.  Above the globe is a very faint star.)

A Note from Becky:  who are the MFers?  Well, according to the manual, the MFers used to be Druids. They made some kind of deal with Saman, Dark Lord of Millenium Five, who maybe isn't such a Dark Lord after all. He is functionally Evil, but only under duress.

Anyway, Saman gave the Druid/MFers powers to help mankind fight the Dark Lords in the future. It is they who gave us the clock to give us time to figure out how to defeat Gar Hob. Somehow, in the process, they have survived all these centuries to become -- rock stars.  Well, they’ve actually become rock star voices.  You never see their bodies.  It would be interesting to watch them in concert.



Things change a bit on Levels Two and Three.

A Note from Becky: Level Two brings in new color orbs.  The manual refers to these as “black” orbs.  I thought of them the entire time as “white” orbs.  In the Mask room, there is a black star above the door – this can be clicked on for apparition information just like the colored stars around the rest of the Mask room.

On Levels Two and Three, some of the rooms are locked.  Click on the lock icon, and you will hear the artifact that unlocks it.  After acquiring the correct artifact, approach the locked door, highlight the artifact in inventory, then left-click on the key icon on the door to the locked area.

In Level Two, the Passage of Time is locked.  And in Level Three, Flood and the Passage of Time are locked.  This blocks your access to several more rooms.  Once you know which artifact/keys unlock these doors, it might be worthwhile to force the clock so as  to get these particular keys and open the doors early in the level.

A Note from Annie:  [You don’t] need to worry about losing a "key" if you redeem a spirit. I remember early on noticing I still had the singing stone after I had redeemed Kabungabuna (or what ever his name is) and realized I needed it to unlock a door.

BEFORE redeeming the last apparition in Level Two, make sure that you have at least one red orb, one blue orb, and one green orb in inventory.  You will need these very soon after redemption to use in a puzzle.

Immediately after redeeming the last apparition in Level Two, you are supposed to place orbs on the pyramid in the Hall of Mirrors.  The MFers give you very confusing directions as to how to do this.  Don’t worry if you get the order wrong – there is no RIGHT order.   Gar Hob changes the order of the orbs so you cannot win at this point.

@    @    @    @    @    @ 

On Level Three there are skull artifacts whose Dark Lord owners will take them back if they catch you.  Since you need the skulls to unlock doors, leave them be until you know where to use them.  If you are about to take an artifact from a Dark Lord, it’s a good idea to save right before removing the artifact.

Once you have used a skull to open a door, drop it immediately to keep its owner from cursing you.  (Dark Lords will also sometimes slurp up all the items in your inventory if they catch you.)  If you are cursed, you won’t be able to use your inventory items until you are purified.

If you want to purify yourself, go into the Abyss (purification room next to the Underground) and flash an orb that matches the color of that particular Dark Lord (Dark Lords are either green, blue, or red).  If you don’t know which Dark Lord cursed you, use an orb in the Abyss room, then exit and return.  When you use the correct orb, upon your return, you will no longer hear the “You have been cursed” message.

Pay attention to what the skulls tell you when you click on them in their apocalyptic device rooms.  This will give you the information you will need to place orbs in the correct order around the pyramid  in the Hall of Mirrors.

Level Three also features four extra bad meanies.  Shakem the Sheep guy (Apparition of Miser) is the worst of these meanies.  If he catches you with his artifact, he will hide all the artifacts you have in a bag in a certain room (El Dorado).  If you haven’t already unlocked this room you’ll be in big trouble.  If you can get in to El Dorado, simply click on the bag to get the artifacts back.

The Apparitions of Wrath (Marcello and Caligula) will toss you without warning into a room in the Village (the Mask room seems to be a popular destination).  The Apparition of Spendthrift (Marie Antoinette) will take all your artifacts and whisky them back to their apocalyptic devices.   Sooo, once again, use the artifact to unlock a room, and then drop it immediately. 

A Note from Annie:  BTW, white light does not work on the four special apparitions when they’ve chased you down and are trying to get their objects back. You can try moving to another location, but I've found I never have enough time. The only other option you have is to relinquish the object, which really gets up my nose!  

In Level Three, not all apparitions are redeemed in the standard sin rooms.  Some are redeemed in Nightly News, El Dorado, and the Sin Room in the Dark Isle.

The conversation in Nightly News is between Caligula and Carlos Marcello.  The conversation in El Dorado is between Marie Antoinette and Shakem.

In Level Three, when you are trying to reach the Dark Isle, it helps to save your game immediately before placing orbs on the stands surrounding the pyramids.  If you get the order wrong, you will lose all inventory.

There is one transportal that will save you a lot of trouble on Level Three.  It’s the transportal to the Dark Isle.  It’s the only transportal icon that has red lines in it.  I found it in two different locations in Level Three.  Usually it is right by the elevator in the Hall of Mirrors.  Stand in the elevator and face toward the Hall of Mirrors, look down to your right – it is sitting on the floor.  It also appeared twice in the Hall of Plague (the one with the large heart).  Sometimes I couldn’t find the transportal in either of these locations, but I discovered that if I went to the Dark Isle WITHOUT freeing a Dark Lord and then returned, it was  always in its location next to the elevator.

Once you have the Dark Isle transportal, do NOT use it immediately after a color flash.  This will send you straight to the Dark Isle before the apparitions leave it, and you will find it very hard to shake them off.

BEFORE redeeming the last apparition in Level Three, make sure that you have at least one orb of each color (red, green, blue, black/white).  You will need these soon for a puzzle.

For the final challenge in the throne room:  you can get extra clues by going to the Dark Isle Sin Room.  Here you’ll find the chastened owners of the skull artifacts who will give you one or two hints to use in the final room.

Cheating the Apocalypse -- One Ugly Little Spoiler.  If you refer to the lists below, describing which artifact matches which apparition, you can eliminate reading the Apparition Stories in the manual AND you can eliminate the need to visit the Mask room.  All you really need to know to redeem apparitions:  which artifact gets which color orb(s) in which sin room.  At the beginning of each level, drop by each apocalyptic device room, note the artifacts there, look at this Guide for the color of that particular device room, and look at this Guide for the sin that matches the artifact.




Apparitions’ Artifacts and Sins Stay the Same

Artifact, artifact number (from the insert), sin, apparition, page number (in the manual) 

Skull, #?, Dark Isle sin room, Quechua, p. 36

Branding iron, #12, envy, Raj, p. 36

Spiral singing stone, #4, Accidie, Koobooragong, p. 37

Stallion, #20, lust, Wa-No-Te, p. 37

Skull, #?, Dark Isle sin room, Amratus, p. 38

Silk, #17, accidie, Heung Po-Chi, p. 38

Tablet/chisel, #3, envy, Shaamra, p. 39

Spoon/dining stick, #15, gluttony, Xuanchiquel, p. 39

Skull, #?, Dark Isle sin room, Cain, p. 40

Sheep’s skin, #9, El Dorado, Shakem Ben-Jamin, p. 40

Noose, #18, lust, Tirinia, p. 41

Flower/blossom, #5, anger, Osira, p. 41

Skull, #?, Dark Isle sin room, Admah-Najeh, p. 42

Abacus, #8, avarice, Man of No Name, p. 42

Heart, #16, anger, Tiplotezca, p. 43

Mirror, (note reverse #23), envy, Zanazca, p. 43

Skull, #?, Dark Isle sin room, Saman, p. 44

Olympic Wreath, #21, avarice, Droessus, p. 45

Stone with symbol/plans, #24, accidie, Piankhy, p. 45

Oyster, #7, gluttony, Serguis Orata, p. 46

Skull, #?, Dark Isle sin room, Alexander the Great, p. 46

Wood-handled dagger, #22, Nightly News, Caligula, p. 47

Yin-yang/pendant, #19, pride, Mani, p. 47

Jolly Roger/pirate flag, #14, lust, Anka, p. 48

Saber/sword, #27, pride, Ivan the Terrible, p. 48

Money purse, #6, El Dorado, Marie Antoinette, p. 49

Fancy cross, #2, pride, Aleister Crowley, p. 49

Scalpel, #10, pride, Dagmar Hirt, p. 50

Cannon, #29, avarice, Alfred Krupp von Bohlen, p. 50

Guitar, #25, accidie, Jimmy Ray, (Elvis impersonator), lawsuit apocalypse, p. 51 Big Blank

Cigar, #11, Nightly News, Carlos Marcello, p. 51

Clown mask, #26, anger, John Wayne Gacy, p. 52


Apparitions Organized by Sin Room

Anger:  Osira, Tiplotezca, John Wayne Gacy

Pride:  Mani, Ivan the Terrible, Aleister Crowley, Dagmar Hirt

Lust:  Wa-No-Te, Tirinia, Anka

Gluttony:  Xuanchiquel, Serguis Orata 

A Note from Becky:  Gluttony  SHOULD have had Mr. Big Blank (guitar).   No way there are only two gluttons! 

Envy:  Raj, Shaamra, Zanazca

Accidie/Sloth:  Koobooragong, Heung Po-Chi, Piankhy, Jimmy Ray

Avarice/Greed:  Man of No Name, Droessus, Alfred Krupp von Bohlen

El Dorado (the worship of money): Shakem Ben-Jamin, Marie Antoinette

Nightly News (wallowing in revenge): Caligula, Carlos Marcello

Sin Room in the Dark Isle (All the sins All the time):  Quechua, Amratus, Cain, Admah-Najeh, Saman, Alexander the Great


The locked areas and the artifacts that unlock them stay the same

Level 2

Lust – the guitar

Passage of Time – the oyster

Pride – the mirror

Avarice – the spiral singing stone

Anger – yin\yang

Gluttony – the clown mask

Envy – the flower/blossom


Level 3

Pride – the money purse

Earth Shifts – the cigar

Flood – the wood-handled dagger

El Dorado – red-eyed skull

Passage of Time – blue-eyed skull

Plague – green-eyed skull


The color of the plague rooms stays the same

Famine – red

Radiation – blue

Earth Shifts – green

Plague – purple

War – light blue

Flood – white/black

Poisoned air – yellow


The colors made by combining orbs stays the same

Purple – red plus blue

Yellow – red plus green

Light blue – Green plus blue



Location of the orbs – they are in different locations in each level; within the same level they are generally in the same location, but this is not completely consistent.   The most efficient strategy may be to remember where there are several orbs grouped together in one location, and get back to this location whenever possible.

Locations of the transportals – these randomly regenerate each time you enter a level for the first time.  Once you’ve saved your game in that level, they USUALLY appear in the same place, though they are also not completely consistent

Individual apparition apocalyptic devices/colors – this sometimes stays the same for each level and each new game, but sometimes does not.  For example: the flower could be in Famine (red) in Level One, Famine (red) again in Level Two, but then show up in Earth Shifts (green) in Level Three.

The pyramid puzzle – the sequence of orbs for this puzzle is most random.

In the end game – the order of the orbs you place on the throne always changes, even if you return to a saved game.

A few of the apparitions never make it into a particular game.  Which apparitions are benched changes with each game.


EXTRA:  THE PHILOSOPHY OF OLAD (Warning – Plot Spoilers)

Annie:  If you are philosophically inclined, the game is an invitation to think about what sin means.

The Seven Deadly Sins are, of course, not original to OLAD.  They date back at least to the sixth century, and pop up in all kinds of literary works, such as Dante’s Inferno.  What makes them deadly is that they are all sins against the self, soul murder.  (I think it’s interesting, that by contrast the Law, at least in the west, will let you murder your soul all you want, but punishes sins against others.)

The Seven Deadly Sins corrupt you and separate you from the Other.  They are also only thoughts and feelings.  The manual says only these thoughts and feelings (lust, anger, avarice) are sinful, not the actions they lead to (rape, murder, theft), which I think is rather hard cheese for the victims of these actions.

I have some problems with all this.   If I am already damned because of a sinful thought, and if for instance murder is no sin, what is to stop me from just murdering everyone?  The manual says that actions cannot be changed (and therefore the harm cannot be undone), but the thought can be -- therefore recognizing the sinfulness of the thought can lead to redemption.  But the victims stay harmed.

Are thoughts and feelings really wicked?  After all they come “unbidden.”  As small children we have most of these thoughts and feelings all the time, and it’s only when we have gained enough maturity and detachment that they lose their hold on us.  Perhaps they are only sinful if you “clutch them to your bosom,” that is, if you nurture them, allow them to fester and to corrupt you.  Otherwise I think we are all in big trouble.

Becky:  What struck me most about the game was the way it merged things that were ancient and modern.  Terror of ecological disasters is a modern problem, whereas the concept of sin is ancient.  Many of the prophecies quoted in the device rooms were ancient, while the rock music and radio show were modern.  The graphics were surrealistic, though traditional in their beauty and realism.  The apparition masks were stylized and reflected a recent emphasis on the diversity of cultures.   The game was also tied directly into an (at the time) upcoming event – the new Millennium. 

I think the game used this mix as a way of expressing the belief that, while there is constant change in the world – technological and cultural change, civilizations rising and falling – some things stay the same.  The Apparition Stories show that human nature has changed very little in six millennia.

What surprised me most about the game was that the Dark Lord had a sense of humor.  I didn’t expect this at all.  (Imagine Sauron engaged in light banter with his minions!)  I finally decided that the game itself, with its stories of past sin and violence and human failing, would have been too dark without Gar Hob, the bailiff and the MFers cracking an occasional joke. 

The Abyss room, and the Sin Room on the Dark Isle puzzled me quite a bit.  I think the objects in those rooms represent the seven deadly sins, all of which were enjoyed by the Dark Lords:  the costume represents Pride, the red mask represents Anger, the heart-shaped mirror – Lust, the liquor bottle -- Gluttony, the pierced globe – Avarice (money makes the world go around), and the trap-like maze—Accidie.  I have been trying to connect the fan to the sin of Envy, but cannot find any way to do so, except through a pun.  

I also came to the conclusion that we (The Chosen One, or Messiah) are in part an agent of the MFers.  Our feet are jester feet (either that or we are wearing very odd bedroom slippers) and the MFers’ studio icon is that of the jack-in-the-box jester.  For some reason, we have to become a fool in order to do the job of saving the world.



In case you are playing OLAD without the map, here is a listing of the places that appear on the map, and which rooms they connect with:

Clock on the center of the village (clockface icon) -- no connecting rooms


Hall of mirrors (simple mirror icon) -- no connecting rooms until Level Three


Studio MFer (jester icon) -- no connecting rooms


Luna Crossing (moon icon) -- connects to The Temple

The Temple (columns icon) -- connects to the Luna Crossing and to Earth Shifts

Earth Shifts (circle with pellets icon) -- connects to The Temple and to the Hall of Avarice

Hall of Avarice (quartered Earth icon) -- connects to Earth Shifts


Poisoned Air (round mouth icon) -- no connecting rooms


Radiation (globe on frame icon) -- connects to the Hall of Lust

Hall of Lust (fancy mirror icon) -- connects to Radiation


El Dorado (circles within a circle icon) -- next to, but not connected to the Hall of Pride -- El Dorado has no connecting rooms


Hall of Pride (stage icon) - connects to Backstage

Backstage (simple arch icon) -- connects to the Hall of Pride, the Mask Room and Underground

Mask Room (mask icon) -- connects to Backstage

Underground (???) -- connects to Backstage and The Abyss

The Abyss (winged locket) -- connects to Underground


Flood (teapot icon) -- connects with The Office and Passage of Time

The Office (desk icon) -- connects with Flood and the Hall of Anger

Hall of Anger (square, side gear icon) -- connects with The Office


Flood (teapot icon) (an entire set of places connects here in the other direction) -- connects with Passage of Time and The Office

Passage of Time (fancy arch icon) -- connects with Flood, Plague, Hall of Envy, War

Plague (big heart icon)-- connects with Passage of Time and The Nightly News

The Nightly News (Eyewitness icon) -- connects with Plague

Hall of Envy (slicked hair icon)-- connects with Passage of Time

War (radar icon) -- connects with Passage of Time and Hall of Accidie (sloth)

Hall of Accidie (balance icon) -- connects to War


Famine (acorn smile icon) -- connects to Hall of Gluttony

Hall of Gluttony (water pump icon) -- connects to Famine


OLAD’s Questers – Annie, Becky, Rckasea

GameBoomers Walkthroughs and Solutions