By Nemoria Entertainment

Official walkthrough (posted with permission)


Chapter 1 - Awakening

– Pick up the bowl containing dry flowers laying next to the mound of stones.

– Move to the field by exiting the area from the bottom of the screen.

– Activate the water rune followed by the earth rune to cause the seeds in the field to grow


– Take the oats growing on the stalks.

– Activate the fire rune to be able to move into the hole to the left of the field.

– Pick up the kettle laying next to the entrance.

– Pick up the needle sitting in the rug on the ground.

– Pick up the ball of yarn from the broken crate in the centre of the area.

– Combine the needle with the ball of yarn.

– Talk to the hustomte in the far left corner of the scene.

– Make your way back to the mound of stones.

– Fill the kettle with water by using it on the spring.

– Go left to the δlv stone and pick up the grinding stone laying at your feet.

– Use the grinding stone with the oats to remove their inedible shells.

– Put the oats in the wooden bowl.

– Take the iron coin laying within the δlv stone.

– Pick up the sharp piece of bone from the pile of bones next to the δlv stone.

– Move down to enter the tool shed area.

– Attempt to pick up the piece of cloth laying in the front of the hole in the shed, this will

cause the gεrdstomte to appear, speak with him.

– Take the broken shaft from the tool rack.

– Use the kettle filled with cold water on the fireplace, then activate the fire rune. If the water

rune is turned on (the rain), you will have to turn it off to be able to use the fire rune.

– Pick up the kettle, now filled with boiling water.

– Pour the hot water into the bowl of oats, creating oatmeal.

– Exit to the left, back to the field.

– Click on the scarecrow.

– Use the sharp piece of bone to cut the stitches holding the piece of cloth in place.

– Take the hay sticking out of its burlap.

– Go back to the tool shed and use the hay on the piece of cloth in front of the gεrdstomte.

– Combine the two pieces of cloth before using the needle and yarn on them to create a hat.

– Go back to the hustomte and give him the oatmeal and the hat, this will give you a hammer

head, a whetstone and a silver hair.

– Go back to the gεrdstomte and give him the whetstone.

– Combine the hammer head with the hammer shaft and use the hammer to bend the needle.

– Combine the bent needle with the silver hair followed by the broken shaft to create a fishing


– Go back to the mound of stones and use the fishing rod on the spring, this will give you a

gold bracelet.

– Go to the δlv stone and put the bracelet in the empty hole to summon the δlv queen.

– Talk to the δlv queen to end the chapter.

Chapter 2 – An extended hand

– Use the fire rune to burn the stick laying on the sacrificial stone. Move over to the stone as it

cools down and pick up the charred stick.

– Go right and enter the lake shore area.

– Move over to the fishing net laying in the sand and pick it up.

– Go to the bulrush growing near the shore and grab their pods.

– Go back to the sacrificial stone by exiting to the left.

– Place the bulrush pods on the sacrificial stone and ignite them using the fire rune.

– As the smoke from the fire rises, use the air rune to summon a group of δlvor.

– The smoke will cause the δlvor to drop a pile of δlv dust. Move over to it and pick it up.

– Go back to the lake shore and continue right to the glade.

– Pick up the hollow shell near the entrance and leave the same way you came from.

– Move to the forest edge by using the path at the bottom of the screen, opposite the shore.

– Speak with the nattramn sitting on the branch.

– Take some of the dead tree's bark.

– Use the fishing net on the well and climb down.

– Inside the well, try talking to the brunnsgubbe on the wall. Give him the hollow shell so that

he can hear you. He will reward you with a muddy tablet.

– Before leaving the well, pick up the shovel that is stuck in the ground.

– Go back to the lake shore.

– Press the water rune to summon Nδcken before talking to him.

– Hand Nδcken the δlv dust to receive a bottle and a blank piece of paper.

– Go right to the glade.

– Use the shovel to dig up the nettles blocking your path.

– Grab some blackberries and a thorny branch from the brambles to the right of the δlva.

– Talk to the δlva before combining the charred stick with the blank paper.

– Present the writing material to the δlva to receive a note sheet.

– Combine the bark, note sheet and thorny branch to create the bark boat.

– Go to the lake shore.

– Place the bark boat on the water and use the wind rune to send it over to Nδcken.

– Use the mussel you got as reward on the wooden post buried to the left.

– As you crush the mussel, a pearl is revealed inside. Pick it up.

– Go back to the forest's edge and give the pearl to the nattramn. This will give you a pair of


– Use the earth rune to make a snail crawl over the stones of the well, leaving a trail of sticky

mucus on them.

– Use the feathers on the mucus to glue them together, creating wings for the δlva.

– Go back to the δlva and give her the wings.

– Return to the brunnsgubbe.

– Place the nettles in front of the brunnsgubbe to ward off the toadstools' advance.

– Return to the δlva to finish the chapter.

Chapter 2 – The hag

– Approach the cauldron and scoop up some of the brew into the empty bottle.

– Feed the sweet brew the top-left nestling to the receive the putrid hogweed ingredient.

– Throw the putrid hogweed into the cauldron, turning the brew green. Fill the empty bottle

once more.

– Pour the acidic brew onto the rope that is connected to the pole to the left of the hag before

using the air rune to fling the bag of ingredients hanging from it into the cauldron, obscuring

the hag's vision.

– Feed the remaining acidic brew to the bottom-right nestling to receive the oily onion


– Throw the oily onion into the cauldron and fill your bottle with the flammable brew.

– With the hag blinded, pour the flammable brew onto her foot before using the fire rune to

ignite the liquid.

– The δlva has been released from the hag's grasp, ending the chapter.

Chapter 3 – Beneath the surface

– Use the air rune to cause the twig in the opening to fall down. Pick it up.

– Go to the strange formation by using the down-most path to the right of the foot-shaped


– Use the earth rune to reveal two vδttar. Speak with them.

– Go back to the mountain entrance and move into the tunnels by use of the top opening.

– Use the earth rune to open the hidden door in front of you and go through it to the large


– Go into the abandoned mine by use of the left-most opening, surrounded by wood beams.

Encountering the svartalv will gain you a small piece of rock.

– Give the iron coin to the svartalv to gain access to the smelter.

– Pick up the sturdy stake standing against the leftmost wall of the area.

– Search the beds to find a string-less bow.

– Move to the right part of the area and use the earth rune to loosen the pickaxe from the wall,

allowing you to pick it up.

– Go back to the large chamber.

– Go through the middle tunnel taking you to the dried-up river.

– Move over to the boulder and use the sturdy stake to remove it from the chasm.

– Use the water rune to get the river flowing.

– Go back to the large chamber.

– Go through the right-most opening, taking you to the gruvfru.

– Talk to the gruvfru.

– Go through the top-left tunnel to the blocked passage.

– Use the earth rune to reveal a vδtte hiding in the left corner. Speak with him and he will

accompany you in the form of a stalagmite.

– Go all the way back to the strange formation.

– Place the vδtte (the stalagmite) next to the other stalagmites. This will give you a flute and a

copper wire.

– Pick up a rotten apple from the floating crate.

– Go to the dried-up river.

– Speak to the hedgehog hiding in the dark hole. Feed it the rotten apple to gain a couple of


– Go to the gruvfru.

– Combine the flute with the spines to create a comb. Use it to comb the gruvfru's hair,

calming her down.

– Pick up the clamps she drops.

– Go back to the mountain entrance and use the clamps to pull the glass shard from the footshaped


– Combine the reflective glass shard with the twig to create a mirror.

– Go back to the gruvfru and hand her the mirror. This will cause her to release a spell.

– Go to the abandoned mine. The svartalv has now moved away from the chest, standing in

front of a large silver vein, previously hidden by the gruvfru.

– Go to the blocked passage and use the fire rune. Remember the symbols and the order in

which they light up.

– Go back to the abandoned mine and interact with the chest next to the smelter. Solve the

combination using the symbols. This will give you fresh supplies and a metal mug.

– Go to the vδttar and give them the supplies to receive a saw blade.

– Combine the saw blade with the string-less bow to create a saw.

– Go to the tunnel leading away from the mountain entrance.

– Use the created saw on the root bursting through the cave wall to cause it to emanate sap.

– Use the small piece of rock on the root to coat it with amber.

– Go back to the abandoned mine.

– Give the amber coated rock to the svartalv. He will then let you use the pickaxe to retrieve a

chunk of silver ore from the silver vein.

– Put the silver ore inside the smelter. The molten silver will then appear at the lower hatch.

– Combine the metal mug with the clamps and use the created dipper to scoop up the molten


– Move over to the cast on the left and fill it with silver. This will create a silver bell.

– Pick up the silver bell before leaving the abandoned mine for the blocked passage.

– Use the saw on the roots to clear a path as well as receiving two sawed-off roots.

– Move through the opening to the bergrese.

– Using the silver bell on the bergrese will wake him up, ending the chapter.

Chapter 4 – A winding path

– Standing at the mountain shelf, start by going to the marsh from the bottom-right corner of

the screen.

– Take the moist moss hanging on the gravestone closest to the entrance.

– Use the sawed-off roots on the marsh water to create a bridge to the right island.

– Put the dried flowers in the vase next to the decorated gravestone, causing a lyktgubbe to


– Talking to the lyktgubbe will gain you his empty lantern.

– Go back to the mountain shelf and take the stairs down into the ravine.

– Speak with the vitorm lying around the stone. He will tell you a riddle.

– Go back the mountain shelf and take the path up and around the corner of the mountain,

leading you to the stone door.

– Interact with the mechanism on the ground.

– The puzzle is solved by rotating the plates so that the elemental symbols carved into them

end up at the correct angle. This has to be done in four turns or the plates will return to their

original positions. Click on the top-left S symbol, causing both the water and the air symbol

to light up. Click the arrow at the centre pointing clockwise. Do this twice to align the water

and the air plates. Click the fire symbol and then the arrow pointing clockwise to align the

fire plate. Click the earth symbol and then the arrow pointing counterclockwise to align the

earth plate, solving the puzzle.

– Move through the stone door into the ancient chamber. This will gain you the Cup of Sigryn.

– Pick up the rope laying amongst the bones to the left of the altar.

– Take the skull sitting on the skeleton, this will reveal an irrbloss. Use the lantern on the

irrbloss to collect it.

– Use the moist moss to clean the muddy tablet in your inventory, revealing the ocean tablet.

– Place the ocean tablet in the empty opening, making it possible to complete the puzzle.

– To solve the puzzle the correct tablets have to be lit in a specific order. Use the ocean tablet

to reset the puzzle should you lock an incorrect tablet. Solving the vitorm's riddle will tell

you their correct order, which is the cycle of water.

– Start by activating the water rune followed by the fire rune to lock the steam tablet.

– Activate the water rune followed by the air rune to lock the rain tablet.

– Lastly, activate the water rune followed by the earth rune to lock the river tablet, completing

the puzzle.

– Use the lantern to collect the revealed irrbloss.

– Touch the mysterious plant to collect some itching powder.

– Go back to the mountain shelf.

– Use the earth rune to cause roots to burst through the cliff wall. Tie the rope to the roots

before climbing down.

– Search the broken cart to receive a beguiling necklace and a wooden wedge.

– Touch the tree stump next to the ditch to reveal an irrbloss, use the lantern to collect it.

– Move across the stump and use the itching powder on the vitorm.

– Use the lantern to collect the revealed irrbloss.

– Go back to the marsh.

– Use the water rune to gain access to the left island.

– Move towards the bysen and talk to it as it awakens.

– Use the wooden wedge to heal the bysen and collect the revealed irrbloss with the lantern.

– Give the lantern containing the five irrbloss to the lyktgubbe in return for safe passage

through the swamp. This ends the chapter.

Chapter 5 – Gate of promises

– Standing in the dark woods, start by retrieving the smelling salt from the deer totem to the


– Go right to find the encampment.

– Take the smelly haunch of meat hanging on the meat rack.

– Search the smaller tent to find a copper blade.

– Search the fireplace to find a steel horseshoe.

– Pick up the cloth canvas and iron bar laying in front of the ancient tree before speaking to


– Use the smelling salt to wake him up.

– Give him the blackberries to restore his palette.

– Use the earth rune to light the earth statue.

– Go left from the encampment to the guarded passage.

– Use the air rune to activate the air statue.

– Use the earth rune to cause dry tinder to get pushed out of the anthill. Pick it up.

– Keep going left and leave the area for the cliff.

– Pick up the piece of flint hanging on the totem in the right part of the area.

– Use the air rune to trigger thunder.

– Walk further into the area to cause the draug's arm to appear.

– Combine the iron bar and copper wire into a lightning rod. Place the lightning rod on the

pole next to the draug arm.

– Use the fire rune to have lightning strike the pole, causing the chain to break as the draug

leaves. As it leaves you will gain the reflecting ring.

– Pick up the white flower from the ground.

– Pick up the copper blade stuck in the ground near the cliff's edge. Combine it with the other

copper blade to create a pair of scissors.

– Use the water rune to activate the water statue.

– Go back to the dark woods.

– Use the scissors to retrieve the largest glowing plant growing next to the gravestone.

– Go back to the ancient tree.

– Combine the white flower and the glowing plant into a herb mixture before giving the

mixture to the ancient tree. This will give you numbing paste.

– Combine the numbing paste with the meat to create spiked meat.

– Go to the gloson in the blocked passage area and speak with her.

– Give gloson the spiked meat.

– Move through the now accessible path to arrive at the Copper Gate.

– Retrieve the chisel stuck in the ground.

– Pick up the spruce branches laying to the left of the gate.

– Use the water rune to turn off the rain.

– Go to the encampment.

– Pick up the urn of oil laying in the muddy hole.

– Combine the piece of flint with the steel horseshoe before combining the created flint &

steel with the tinder. This will create fire-starting material.

– Use the fire-starting material to light the fireplace.

– Heat the chisel in the fire before leaving for the cliff.

– Use the hot chisel on the post next to the cliff's edge to retrieve the chain.

– Go to the unfinished totem standing to the right of gloson and add the spruce branches, the

skull and the vitorm's skin to it. Activate the fire rune before leaving the area.

– The next time you enter the guarded passage the shadowy being that's been stalking the

creature will have become spellbound by the totem.

– Take the statue piece and withered pages from it before moving on to the copper gate.

– Use the statue piece on the broken statue. Activate the statue using the fire rune.

– Use the urn of oil on the lever.

– Place the chain in the empty slot on the copper gate.

– To solve the copper door puzzle the chains need to be pulled into the correct order. There are

four positions possible for each chain. As you pull the lever, each face connected to the

chains will make a sound. What sound each face makes depends on the position of the chain

below it. If the chain is in the top slot, the face will make a wind-like sound. If the chain is

in the second highest slot the face will make a water-like sound. If the chain is in the second

lowest slot the face will make an earth-like sound. If the chain is in the bottom slot the face

will make a fire-like sound. You need to match the sound each face makes to the elemental

colour of its eyes.

– Pull the chain below the face with blue eyes twice.

– Pull the chain below the face with green eyes once.

– Pull the lever to open the gate, ending the chapter.

Chapter 5 - Bergakungen

– Using the earth rune will cause the orb containing the δlva to fall down.

– Talk to the slim-nosed troll. Present the beguiling necklace to him to receive a bent dagger.

– Talk to Bergakungen before giving him the withered pages. This will open up the path to the

lower level.

– Press the water rune to make the fat-nosed troll spit on the ground. Scoop up the bile using

the Cup of Sigryn.

– Pick up the leather straps laying below the fat-nosed troll's belly.

– Climb down the hole in the centre of the cavern.

– Walk to the right to see a red glowing jewel stuck inside the cave wall. Use the bent dagger

loosen it, at the same time returning the dagger to its original shape. Use the cloth canvas to

retrieve the vibrant jewel.

– Place the reflecting ring on the stalagmite exposed to the light from the eye. This will blind

the slim-nosed troll, allowing you to grab the orb piece laying in front of him.

– Move over to Bergakungen's tail and use the dagger to retrieve the tuft of hair growing on

the edge of it.

– Combine the tuft of hair with the leather straps to create a brush.

– Use the brush on the fossil sitting in the wall behind the stalagmite to expose it, at the same

time receiving soil.

– Take the exposed loose bones from the fossil, gaining you the bone pipe along with three

bone shards.

– Put the bone shards into the bone pipe in the following order as shown on the casket below

Bergakungen: The medium sized, the longest and lastly the shortest. This will create the

skeleton key.

– Use the skeleton key to open the locked casket beneath Bergakungen. Reach inside to find

an ancient tome.

– Move over to the mushrooms and pour the contents of the defiled Cup of Sigryn onto them,

creating poisonous smoke. This will trick the fat-nosed troll into getting rid of his piece of

the orb.

– The δlva is walking between the holes in the floor. When the light is shining from the

leftmost hole, use the soil to fill up the middle hole. This will cause her to walk the other

way, emerging beside the mushrooms.

– Move over to the altar in the centre of the cave and examine it.

– To solve the altar puzzle you need to rotate the symbols carved into the stone plates into

their correct positions. The hints from the smaller altars in the upper level tell of their

correct positions.

– Press the right-most plate twice.

– Press the top plate once. This will bring the golden wheel (the sun) into the correct position,

as well as aligning the man and woman next to one another.

– Press the bottom plate twice. This will align the troll plate, solving the puzzle.

– Solving the puzzle will reveal the Εsksten.

– Leave the lower level.

– The fumes from the mushrooms will cause the fat-nosed troll to abandon his orb piece.

– Place the vibrant jewel inside the ancient tome before handing it over to Bergakungen to

receive his orb piece.

– As the slim-nosed troll is now blinded by the light from the ring you can move over and

grab the final orb piece.

– Combine all three orb pieces into an orb.

– Move down to the lower level.

– Place the orb on the altar and then use the fire rune to power the orb.

– Pressing the air rune will make the δlva sing and the now powered orb will rise to the upper

level together with the Εsksten.

– Leave the lower level to complete the game.