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Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game.

    A manual is located in the installed game folder.

    The main menu has intro, new game and continue.

The gameplay menu is accessed by ESC key or the control panel at right end of the inventory bar.

The gameplay menu has saved game options, gameplay options and audio options.

Saved game options are save, restore and delete buttons.

Gameplay options are restart, quit and achievement buttons.

Audio options are voice & text, dialogue skip and narrator on buttons.

Volume controls for music, sfx and speech are top right of the gameplay menu screen.

The saved game list frame is at top left of the gameplay menu screen.

Play button at bottom right returns to the gameplay.

Before the start of the actual gameplay, a tutorial is offered.

Inventory is at top of the screen. At the right end of the inventory bar is the lute and above it is the control panel to access the gameplay menu.

Description of items pointed at by the cursor is described at bottom of screen.

Left click skips the dialogues aside for action in gameplay (walking, collecting...); right click describes items.

If the game is too pixilated for you, open the winsetup in the installed game folder. Adjust the graphics settings to your desired resolution by changing the filter and/or windows-full screen. It will still be pixilated but maybe you can find one you can play with. More settings are seen in advanced setup. I adjusted my game to windowed and changed the anti aliasing.


Finn the bard is playing a song on his lute from his father's songbook. A monk Brother Eoin converses with Finn. Learn that Finn is on his way to join the King's Challenge at the fairy realm He wants to compose a ballad that honors his father, Donal of Galway. Donal served the Order of Thorne.

At the royal court in Crann Naoimh, King Quilhairn announces the challenge - find the Queen and bring her back to the King. The prize for winning the Challenge is a wish granted by the King and the title Champion of the Faerie Realm.

The seven challengers are:    Gauen a knight of the Kingdom of Stoneland, Chucker of the Fairie Realm, Snow and her friend Red, Faolan an adventurer, Abdon High Priest of the Kingdom of Rosette and Finn the bard.

The King gives all the challengers a royal coin that will gain access to all of the realm.

Crann Naoimh:

Village Center:

Finn comes out from the Royal Tree. Go back inside to the throne room and look around.

King Quilhairn:    Talk completely with the King sitting on the throne. The King feeds the tree with his energy. Learn about the tree, the land, the Order and the Queen.

Fountain:    Exit the throne room. Look around the area around the fountain.

Talk to Chucker standing by the fountain. Chucker quits the challenge already because it requires a lot of walking. (Achievement - Chucked it in.)

Woodlands Tavern:    Climb the stairs around the Royal Tree. The tavern owner's house is locked. Enter the tavern and talk to Elka that tavern owner. She has a daughter Ardaigh that cannot talk.

Talk to Faolan the adventurer. Faolan decides to stay at the tavern and think about where the Queen is hidden rather than exploring. He invites Finn to join him.

Exit the tavern and tree.

Eastern part of Crann Naoimh:    Go right through the archway at the fountain crossroad.

There is an old monastery and a potion store here.

    Monastery:    Enter the monastery - chapel of the Order of the Thorne. Look around.

Talk to the monk, Brother Kunchen. Brother Kunchen talks about Donal, Finn's father.

Potion shop:    Exit the chapel and enter the potion store. Look around.

Talk to beautiful Glenda. She is out of Ueli juice the main component of restore potion. Magic crystal hums and increases the potency of potions.

Western part of Crann Naoimh:    Go back to the fountain. Then go to the left.

There is a library to the north and general store to the west.

General store:    Look around.

Talk to the Stefan the shopkeeper. He looks familiar. Examine the chicken soup on the counter. It is the shopkeeper's lunch.

Click on empty jar at top shelf. The shopkeeper wants a royal mushroom in exchange for the jar. Royal mushroom looks like other mushrooms but has a bright purple color on the underside.

Library:    Outside the library, look at the statue and bird bath. Enter the library.

Talk to Elder the librarian. Learn that the Order of the Thorne worships the Unknown God. Elder recites the Order's Code of Conduct. The Isle of Honored is a sacred place - cemetery where the defenders of the realm are laid to rest. Lord Sinister is a warlord and warlock that tried to conquer the land but was killed by Faolan.

Climb the stairs. Read the open book on the table that is recommended by Elder.

The Book of Fairies has a map of the realm. Check the books on the left bookshelf.

Talk to Elder about the map. Leave the library.

Leave Crann Naoimh by going to the fountain and taking the path going down.

Pixie Tree:   

Get the Book of Songs:    While Finn walks down the hill, a pixie steals the book of songs. The pixie flies towards west.

Go west. Read the sign of the western border. Check the mushrooms growing around here.

Go north and talk to Faolan. Examine the crystals and the giant mushrooms.

Pond:    Continue on the path and be in a pond. Examine the log and rock.

Take the wilted flower right of the crystal.

Pixie Tree:    Go north and see the pixie tree. Look around. The blue pixie, green pixie and red pixie are here.

Talk to the red pixie. She wants her harp lost at the swamp in exchange for the song of books. There's a monster in the swamp.

Look for the swamp entrance:

Picnic:    Go down to the pond. Go right through the trees. See a couple having a picnic.

Talk to the boy and girl. Take the watermelon.

Angry Tree:    Go up. Look around. See a mound of fertile dirt in front of tree and a Firienne bush behind the tree at center.

The tree won't let Finn pass. It is angry.

Turtle Lake:    Go right. A fisherman and a turtle are fishing on the lake.

Look around. Check the mushroom. Nope.

Take the bamboo right of the mushroom. Finn is scolded by the turtle.

Talk to Ted the fisherman. Ted is in love with Glenda at the potion shop but he can't express himself.

Finn will compose a song for her and find a rose. Finn will tell Glenda about Ted's feelings.


Open the lute at right side of the inventory bar.

Songbook has songs known to Finn as well as those collected during the game.

You can play the lute in easy or hard mode. Click on the song you want Finn to play.

In easy mode, Finn plays the song automatically. In hard mode, you have to repeat the strings played in the same order.

There is a Happy Song (smiley icon) already in the song book.

The Fisherman's love song (heart icon) is the one Finn - Ted wrote for Glenda.

Swamp:    Try to enter the swamp between the trees. Ted stops you.

Talk to the turtle about the swamp. A knight already entered the swamp.

Continue exploration:

Road and bridge:    Go back to the angry tree at left, down to the picnic area and then down to be on the main road.

Go right and cross the stone bridge. At the dogleg road look around. Continue down.

High priest:    See Abdon the high priest going to the eastern border. Talk to the high priest. (Achievement - high priest.)

Continue to the border at right. The high priest wants to leave the realm. The guards allow him to depart.

Talk to the guards. Learn about the ferryman's response to a dirge. The troll likes treasure but hates goats.

Touch the border stones.

Tree with hole:    Go back to the left and then down by the corner of the road with purple flowered bush.

See an old tree with hole at right. Click on the hole and Finn finds treasure.

The gnome arrives. The gnome is about to run Finn with his sword but is saved by Snow and Red.

Mushroom:    Finn goes left at the bend of the river.

Examine the mushrooms. Finn takes the mushroom with purple underside.

Gnome:    Go up to the bend of the river.

Gnome is being followed by the Snow and Red. The ladies try to help the gnome.

Snow and Red:    Learn a song Ode to Peace (dove icon) composed by Red.

Snow teaches Finn a powerful dark and mysterious song Stairway to the Other World (sickle icon).

Bear:    Go left by the river bank. Go down to see a great white bear asleep on the ground.

Go right of the bear to be where the mushroom was found. Go right again to be by the old tree with hole.

Gnome and old tree:    See the gnome's beard is stuck on the tree. Red frees him by cutting the beard off but the gnome gets upset.

Try to get a rose:

Old Rose Garden:    Check the map and click on the labels of some areas. See that there is an old rose garden at bottom left.

Go up to be on the road from the old tree. Follow the road until the west area.

Passing the tree of Crann Naoimh up the hill; look at the Mirror Mountain and the Forlorn Mountains at the border of the Land of Sunlight.

Spider lady:    Go pass the sign showing the western border. Examine the spider webs and remains of a traveler.

Try to go up the road but is stopped by a spider lady.

Touch the border stone right of the tree. Go back to the right.

Troll:    Go down by the sign and see the troll guarding the bridge and path to the rose garden.

Nope, the troll will not let Finn pass.

Get the beehive:

Ferry:    Go right from the troll and bridge. At the river bank, go up to the road.

Go right and up before the stone bridge to be at the picnic area.

Beehive on fallen tree:    Go right from the picnic area.

Look at the fallen tree and the active beehive.

Dock and ferry:    Go right from the beehive area. See the ferryman.

Talk to the ferryman. Give the gold coin to the ferryman. They travel the waters to the Isle of the Honored.

Isle of the Honored:    Take the cloak hanging on the pole.

Go right to the memorial lawn. Pass the cursor over the memorial stones. Read all the names on the memorial stones.

Go back to and click the ferry. They go back to the dock.

Remember what the guards said about the ferryman. Play the Stairway to the Other World (sickle icon) on your lute.

The ferryman is touched and returns the gold coin.

Get the beehive:    Go to the left to be at the fallen tree.

Play the Ode to Peace (dove icon) for the bees. The bees calm down. Use the cloak from the Isle of the Honored on the beehive.

Get the treasure:

Find the gnome:    Go back down to the old tree with hole (left to picnic area, down to the road, right pass the stone bridge and down at the corner of the road).

Go left twice to the bear area.

See the bear has the gnome. Skelton the gnome tries to get Snow and Red be the replacement food for the bear.

Save the gnome:    In inventory combine the bamboo taken at Turtle Lake with the beehive wrapped in cloak to get a hanged beehive.

Use the hanged beehive on the bear. The bear eats the honeycomb and goes back to sleep. The rude Skelton leaves.

Hole on the tree:    Go right twice to be at the tree with hole. Use the hole in the tree to feel a treasure chest.

Skelton arrives and is going to stab Finn with a sword. Red and Snow save Finn by changing the gnome to a mushroom. (Achievement - Two Girls and a Gnome.)

Finn takes the treasure chest.

Go to the Rose Garden:

Go up to the main road, down the path across the hill and left by river bank to be at the troll bridge.

Give the treasure chest to the troll. (Achievement - Treasure the troll.)

Go forward to the rose garden. See a pretty young lady.

Thinking that the young lady is the Queen, Faolan arrives and grabs the girl's hand to take her away.

Look around at the old rose garden. Examine the strange stone and stone border pillar.

Take a rose by the strange stone.

Deliver Ted's message to Glenda:

Go back to town (up, right, up and up.)

Chucker by the fountain tells Finn that it was Ardaigh, Elka's daughter not the Queen that Faolan brought back.

Glenda:    Go to the potions shop at eastern side of the village.

Talk to Glenda about Ted. To make Glenda believe that Ted loves her; give her the rose and then play the fisherman's love song.

Glenda leaves to find Ted. (Achievement - Perfect Match).

Village errands:

Faolan:    Go back to fountain and climb up to the tavern.

Talk to Faolan. Learn about his secret. He didn't kill Lord Sinister. Sinister disappeared during an aborted spell. He cried "this is not Avalon". (Achievement - Faolan's story.)

Faolan tells Finn to talk to Brother Kunchen to learn all about Sinister.

Go down to the fountain.

Shopkeeper:    Go left to the general store. Give the mushroom to the storekeeper.

Take the empty jar from the shelf.

Outside see a bluebird at the birdbath.

Monastery:    Go to the eastern side of the village.

Talk to the Brother Kunchen about Sinister. Learn about Arcturus. How Arcturus came out of the mist from the north with a simple sword. With his 12 knights, he united the land and founded the Order of the Thorne. His banner has a sword entwined with a thorn. Arcturus returned to Avalon by boat. Sinister was obsessed in finding Avalon.

Find the harp:

Go back to Turtle Lake. Talk to the old turtle.

There's a raptor in the swamp. The turtle teaches the Song of the Turtle (turtle icon) that calms the raptor. He also advise to visit Yamma Uba.

Raptor:    Enter the swamp. See the raptor.

Play the Song of the Turtle as advised by the turtle. The raptor calms down.

Continue to the left. See sleeping Sloths. Try to get to the water at left. The Sloths attack.

Library:    Exit the swamp. The turtle advises to ask Elder at the library.

Go back to the library at the village. Talk to Elder.

Raptors love anything chicken. Raptors and Sloths are natural enemies.

Get chicken:    Go to the general store.

Click on chicken soup on counter by shopkeeper. The shopkeeper gives his lunch to Finn.

Get rid of the sloths:    Go back to the swamp.

Use-entice the raptor with the chicken soup.

Go left to the sloths and the raptor follows. Seeing its natural enemy, the raptor runs off the sloths.

Go to the swamp:    Enter the water and be out at the swamp.

Go left, up and see a spider web.

Spider web:    Look at the spider web. See a purple pixie wing on the web. The spider is the big monster.

Use the empty jar on the spider to get spider in jar.

Get the harp:    Go up and then left. See the knight go to see the seer.

Go down and then left. Take the pixie harp from the raptor's nest. (Achievement - Swamped.)

See the seer:    Go back to the right, then up and up to be at the Seer's hut.

Listen to Gauen the knight and the seer. (Achievement - A Knight to remember.)

Talk to Yamma Uba.

Finn is given blue, red, yellow and purple vials.

The sky... Add blue vial to cauldron.

The grass... Add yellow vial (blue + yellow = green) to cauldron.

The earth... Add red vial to cauldron. It turns brown.

The seer says that you've met the Queen already but didn't recognize her.

Yamma Uba says to get the Ueli juice in the chest inside the hut. (Achievement - Seered to perfection.)

Enter the hut. Read the old book about a King wearing a feathered cap. :)

Open the chest and take the Ueli juice.

Yamma tells of a secret way out of the swamp. Talk to Yamma again and learn that the way is to the west. The berries are guarded by a weird tree.

Go west in front of the tree at left.

Get the Book of Song back from the pixie:

Come out at the pixie tree. Talk to the red pixie.

Give the harp to the red pixie. The red pixie tricks Finn and will not give the book back.

Use the spider in the jar on the red pixie.

Finn gets his father's song book back.

Get the Shield of Cosiant song (shield icon). It is a protection song.

Get Blessings of Mead song (bottle icon).

Get Firienne berries:

Go back to the village and potion store. See Ted and Glenda.

Talk to Ted. Ask Glenda about potions and then restore potion.

Get restore potion:    Give the Ueli juice and the watermelon to Glenda. She gives the restoration potion.

Go to any crystal. The closest might be the one by the sign to the western border.

Place the restoration potion with the crystal. The potion is charged.

Wilted flower:    Combine the restored potion with the wilted flower to get pretty flower.

Angry tree:    Go to the angry tree up from the picnic area.

Plant the pretty flower on the mound of dirt in front of the angry tree.

Play the Happy Song (smiley icon). The tree is happy now.

Take some of the Fierenne berries. (Achievement - Thank you berry much.)

Yamma Uba:    Go back to the seer in the swamp (long way or the shortcut by the pixie tree).

Give the berries to the seer. Yamma Uba says to play the song of clarity and truth to one of the allies.

Brother Kunchen will know the song.

Find the Queen:

Learn the song:    Go to Brother Kunchen at the monastery.

Talk to Brother Kunchen about music. He composed the Blessings of Mead song but it has changed. He teaches Finn the original version of the song - Truth in Mead song (bottle icon).

Find the queen:    Go to the sleeping bear. Play the new song - Truth in Mead song.

The bear awakens and changes to the Queen. (Achievement - Hello Your Majesty)


Finn wins the King's Challenge. He is named Champion of the Faerie Realm. His wish will be granted.

When the flying attackers come - play the Shield of Cosiant protection song. It produces a magical barrier around the Queen.

After the credits - the flying enemy reports to General Tanean about Finn and the monk.

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