Out of Order

By Hungry Software and Tim Furnish

 Walkthrough by MaGtRo      February, 2003


Gameplay:        This is a point and click, fast paced, beautifully drawn, great storyline and ingenious puzzle game.  Out of Order (OOO) is an 8.79 MB freeware game that is downloaded from http://outoforder.adventuredevelopers.com/page_main.html. The main menu is accessed using the ESC key. The right mouse button cycles through the actions: walk, look, use, pick up and talk to. Right clicking also skip the through the text on gameplay. The left mouse button performs the action selected by the right mouse button. The space bar brings up the inventory and clicking the left mouse or hitting the spacebar will hide the inventory. Pressing the 'S' key will do a quicksave. The + or - keys will speed up or slow down the text on screen.

A storm is raging, a young man cannot sleep through the storm and decided to go down to get some grub. He talks to mom. The End.

Meanwhile in exactly the same place at exactly at the same time, a storm is raging, a young man cannot sleep through the storm. The storm disappears. The Start.


Find out what's happening:


Bedroom:        Check the duck novelty light cord and the pillow. Look at speaker and pick up Stuff-Stik from wall holding the speaker cord. Check the stereo and the plastic panel on the side held by 4 screws. Check and pick up the converted toast rack to get the Three Frank Harlon's CD. Play the CD on the stereo by right clicking on the CD in inventory and 'use the CD with' the stereo. Makes me feel I can do anything I want. Use the door and see that is goes up but blocked by the doorknob. Pick up door handle. Use door to get out of the room.

Middle Corridor:        Look at bedroom door - 162C - Hurford Schlitzting. Use handprint panel to open the bedroom door. Check the other rooms of your neighbor. Walk to the left end of the corridor. See another room with a human handprint - Sylvia Jjones Jjjones. Knock on her door and she proves to be unfriendly. Walk to computer terminal at right alcove.

Computer Terminal:        Use and find out it's a talking computer. Talk to computer completely. Find out about The Town, floor 162, meeting downstairs and get an ID card. Walk back to middle corridor and then to the right end of the corridor.

Lift:        Check the other neighbor. Use the call button. Walk to lift, use ID card with ID card slot and exit the lift. Enter the enormous doorway where voices are coming from.

Auditorium:   Look at and talk to human public address system. The electronic device behind the human butts in every once in a while. It is the locking device for the Control Room door at right side of the electronic device. Walk to the Auditorium. An unseen speaker is heard. Start talking to empty stage over and over. Use all the dialogues available. Then exit the auditorium.  An Anthem is played and then.....

Hurford's room:        With blank memory except for the meeting, a goofy smile and an overwhelming desire to be here, you find yourself in your room. Use Three Frank Harlon's CD with the stereo. After listening to the music, you get back to your normal state. Go outside to right end of corridor and talk to the computer about the person behind the meeting. Go back down the lift to the Auditorium.

Auditorium:   Look at the Security Notice above the computer terminal - Security by Anitron LTD. Talk to happy computer. It wants a passcode.


How to get the passcode:


         Get a MotorTroll that reads passcode.

Bob Piles:        Go outside, turn left on the path and enter the shopping centre. Walk to Bob's Piles and talk to Bob about everything. Find out about the free cardboard boxes he threw out for recycling. Exit the store and turn left to the Alley.

Alley:        Use or pick up cardboard boxes twice. Look at the MotorTroll booklet and the Warranty card in inventory. Motortroll is just what we need to get that password on the control room. The warranty requires the return of the broken MotorTroll with the card for a replacement. Turn left and go to surgery.

Surgery:        Check the surgery waiting room. Pick up the toy box twice to get toy antigravity car and doll.

Walk to consulting room.  Note the thcalpel for thlithing-surgical instrument on right table. Look and pick up bin to get 5 fingered rubber surgical glove. Look at the relaxation bumper sticker, wired-up glasses and transformer at the bottom right table. Try to pick up the relaxation sticker.

        Talk to the alien emphatic doctor. Thympthoms? Ask it all about Relaxthman for threthed state. He wants you to prove you have a car before he gives you the bumper sticker. Show him the toy car and he just laughs.

        Go back to right bottom table, look and use the 'faulty' transformer. Change the setting as far as it can go (5-6) before it goes ....phht! Look and pick up the busted transformer to get burnt out wires.

Bob's Piles:       Show Bob the warranty. He wants the broken MotorTroll. Use the burnt-out wiring with Bob. There are no MotorTrolls left. Bob gets a pre-release version of the MotorTroll and places it on the counter.

Auditorium:  Use the MotorTroll on the electronic device. It got the scan but will not release password of machineries made by Anitron. Now what?


        Find a way for the MotorTroll to recognize the electronic device.

Shopping Centre:        The Television store is closed. Go down to back of shopping centre. Talk to green alien. Look at shop window. Watch the Sylvia interview. She does not like journalists.

Diner Mo's:        Enter food substitute emporium. Check out the place. Insert ID on the slot. The big plastic burger won't give you food because you don't have money in your ID card account. Talk to human public address system about the brainwashing and how you undid the result. Find out about the Panel, the address of the Panel: changes at every new game (mine were EM or FF on replay) and about finding about the music's effects.

Hidden Doorway:   He brings you to the alley, says a code that ends with 'Spuds' and the wall opens to the tunnel. His name is Deirdre. Walk to tunnel. Walk to lower level.

        Talk to journalist - Urban Leopard about everything - old magazine and what you've discovered about the meetings. Look at the clippings board and learn about the vendetta of the Woohah Development Inc (makers of MotorTroll) on Klaxon Enterprises. AHA!! That's the way - get the MotorTroll to recognize the rival company Klaxon and subvert it by giving the passcode! But the electronic devise in the Auditorium is made by Anitron. We have to change that somehow.

        Look at stack of papers by the ramp and then pick up the old issue of Radio Times. Read all the articles in the magazine especially the puzzle at bottom left and the delivery person opening at Bob's store. Note the door under the ramp. Exit the tunnel.


        Get the surgical instrument.

The Sweaty Palms Freehouse aka The Pub-Bar:        Enter the pub. Look around. Try to pick up the strange panel behind the robot but the robot blocks it. Note the fruit machine, sign on right wall above a metal box with authentic coin and sensor. Pick up authentic coin. Talk to Gregor Renchant, the barman. He accepts authentic coin as alternative payment for drinks. Use authentic coin on Gregor. OOOPS! The sensor gave you away! Gregor says that the coin has to be within the range or the sensor goes off. Okey dokey! Let's move the sensor closer then. Pick up the sensor and relocate sensor on top of the fruit machine. Now, get a drink from Gregor using the authentic coin again. Select any drink but end up with only one selection. Pick up Tai-Kwon-Donkey and a straw.

Surgery:        Go to consulting room. Since the doc is emphatic he can sense if you're sick or not. Let's get sick. Use the straw in inventory on T-K-Donkey. Immediately while still ill, talk to the doc about being sick. He looks at his encyclopedia to study about your illness. Take the thcalpel for thlithing, surgical instrument on the right table. Exit the Surgery.


       Get the bumper sticker.

Sylvia's Apartment:        Go back to the apartment building, use the call button, use lift and then go to Sylvia's room at left end corridor. Use door and talk to Sylvia - You're her biggest fan. She's great and find out she doesn't have a wrinkle in her body (remember this). She's famous as a photographer of plastic models. Select 'hang on there for a second' dialogue. Open inventory, use scalpel-surgical instrument on ID card and then on the doll. Use ID card photo on headless doll to get a Hurford doll. Use Hurford doll on anti-gravity car to get Hurford doll in toy car. Use Hurford doll in toy car to Sylvia. She'll photograph 'Transition Left Eight' for you. Exit building.

Office Block:        Take the right path outside the apartment. Pick up the red OK plastic letters from the reassuring notice on the side of the building.

Sylvia's Apartment:        Ask Sylvia about the photograph and get "Transition Left Eight".

Surgery:        Use the 'Transition Left Eight" with doctor to prove that you have a car. The Relaxation bumper sticker is taken. Let's try the security system in the Auditorium again.


        Open the control room.

Auditorium:        Remember the clipping at Urban Leopard's place. The MotorTroll might reveal the password to subvert Klaxon. Use bumper sticker on security notice. In inventory, use Stuff-Stik on the red OK plastic letters. Use the sticky red plastic letters on the bumper sticker on the wall. The security is now by Klaxon. Use MotorTroll on the electronic device. The password is 'default'. Tell the electronic device that the password is default. The door to the control room is now open.

Control Room:      Look around and play with microphone, if you want. Look at the screen on the machine under the microphone. You cannot get the CD that is at the left slot while it is playing. Use the Three Frank Harlons CD on the right slot. The right screen comes on. Press the right button to play it and to stop the left CD. Take the left CD (item in the slot) - control room CD.


Learn about the Control CD:


        Get in the Office Block building.

Bob's Pile:        Talk to Bob about the job. He needs a package delivered to the Office Block.

Office Block:      Enter the office block door. No matter how much you try to talk to the Roboceptionist 8000, communication is impossible. Use the package on him and he beams a ray to the sensor of the hefty looking door. Go through the now open door to the corridor.

Bathroom:         Check the bathroom and note the cubicle, the automatic sink that dispenses water and at back of the bathroom - the  manky, flooded urinal. Exit the bathroom.

Corridor:            Look at Diner Mo's poster and the notice on the bulletin board. The Diner Mo's poster has an illustration of a free burger leaflet. The poster is glued on the board covering part of the notice. Look left of the bulletin board at the leaflet box and find that it is empty. Use the surgical instrument on Diner Mo's poster to get a Diner Mo's leaflet. Read the notice about the new username and the 7 alphanumeric password released.


        Using the Meeting Organizer's Computer.

Meeting Organizer's office:          Use door on the left. Look around. Pick up the pen from the bookcase and postcard on the board. In inventory, use postcard to see the reverse side and then look at postcard to read - You Force Heaven To Be Empty. Hmmm!

        Go to the Computer, click the screen and it asks for a username. What did Deirdre say the address of the Panel was - enter the 2 letters or whatever name Deirdre told you (Mine were EM or FF on replay) and then press check mark.

        Now it wants the password, the notice on the bulletin board states 7 alphanumeric and the postcard can be translated to: U (You), 4 (For), 7 (ce Heaven), 2 (To), B (Be), M (Emp), T (ty) - just like the puzzle in the magazine. Enter U 4 7 2 B M T. Press check mark.

        Logging in..... Use computer. The only one available to be accessed is Lookout Express.  Use all the dialogue. Learn about electromagnetic disturbance from the Doctor's basement. The 3 messages sent are about 1. to Deirdre Spenser. 2. to Accommodation Computers about TownDate system 3. Problems with the TownDate system and to not tell anyone about it. Exit the building.


        Play the control room CD.

Diner Mo's:        Use the free Diner Mo's leaflet on the slot of the box by the big burger to get a burger. Look at the burger in inventory. A gherkin is pulled out. Look at the sliced gherkin - it's the size and shape of a 50p coin. Hmmm!

Pub:     Use the slice of gherkin with fruit machine. The robot moves to fix the fruit machine. Now, that the robot is out of the way, pick up the strange panel. Pick up the screwdriver.

Hurford's room:         Use the handprint panel and enter your room. Time to check that CD. Use the screwdriver on the side plastic panel of the stereo. Look at the wiring - plus to plus and minus to minus. Use wires connected to motor. Use positive wire to minus connection and the other wire automatically gets connected. Walk back to bedroom or zoom out. Use the control room CD on stereo to be played backwards and hear the subliminal message sent through the audience. Exit the building.


        Make a copy of the control room CD.

Surgery:         Ask the doctor about his basement and then he won't let you in.

Hidden Doorway:        Talk to the hidden doorway in the alley using the SPUD dialogue. Talk to Urban Leopard about the meeting development and the subliminal messages. He wants to hear it and so we need to make a copy. Ask about the doctor's basement. He has a remote to open the door to the doctor's basement but he forgot the combination. He says it's a 4 numbered combination. He gives you the door remote.

        Door remote Puzzle:      Walk to the door under the ramp. Use the remote on door. The combination changes for every game. Prod all the buttons and note the sound it makes - clunk or click. Select the one that sounds 'click' (example #2). Then find the next number by using the first known click number and then prod another number to learn the next 'click' (example 2 and then 1, 2 and then 3, 2 and then 4, etc). Then prod the first known click, second known click and rotate through the other numbers until the third click is known. Continue until you get the fourth number and the door opens. (OR mash all the buttons at once).

Doctor's basement:       Enter the basement room. Check everything especially the strange oval and old tape deck. Pick up the cassette. Go back to your room.

Hurford's room:         Use the cassette on stereo. Use the control room CD with cassette in stereo. Pick up the  cassette on stereo. Go back to Urban Leopard.

Urban Leopard:        Talk to Urban Leopard and explain about the meetings, subliminal messages and the cassette.

Doctor's basement:        Use the cassette on old tape deck. Talk to Urban Leopard again about the door into the Doctor's basement. Look at strange oval and Urban Leopard will end up calling the Doctor to the basement. The Doctor will not explain what the strange oval is for until Urban Leopard is gone.


The Strange Oval:


        Get rid of Urban Leopard from the basement:

Meeting Organizer room at Office Block:        Use the computer's Lookout Express. Select Send out new messages and then Accommodation computers. TownDate things are working again.

Accommodation Computer in the Apartment Building:          Go back to apartment and to the computer terminal. Use or talk to the computer. You will have only the 'off now' dialogue. After ending the dialogue with the computer, it will inform you about the TownDate and gives you a form. Ask the computer for another form. There will be 3 blank TownDate forms in inventory.

        Use Sylvia's door and give her a TownDate form (er, form to teach photography). She will give the neat, tidy TownDate form back. Go to Urban Leopard.

Doctor's basement through hidden doorway:         Give Urban Leopard a blank TownDate form and get back a scruffy TownDate form.

Accommodation Computer terminal:           Go back to the computer at the apartment building. Look at the 2 filled Town Date forms in inventory. Use pen on both filled TownDate forms. Use the 2 forms with computer terminal. The TownDate Machinery found a match and the match will be summoned. Sylvia says behind her door that she feels a need to meet someone at the Pub in the shopping center. Watch her leave. Now to check on Urban.

Doctor's basement through hidden doorway:         Talk to Urban about meeting someone. The Doctor helped by explaining that thothialithing will thyarpen the thentheth. Urban leaves. Talk to the doctor. He will demonstrate the strange oval but needs a crystal battery - A crythtal A-85 battery from Bob.


        Get crystal battery.

The Pub:        Check on how the date match is going. Talk to Urban and find out his true name.

Bob's Pile:         Talk to Bob about the crythtal and learned that the last one available for a while was sold to 'her' at 162.

Sylvia's apartment:         How to enter her apartment? Remember what Sylvia said about she doesn't have any wrinkle left in her whole body after the plastic surgeries. Use the surgical glove on Sylvia's handprint panel. Look at the fire. There's something electrical behind it. Use the Tai-Kwon Donkey with fire. Even if the drink is alcoholic, use it anyway.  The hologram fire turns off and automatically take the crystal battery. Exit the building and back to the doctor.


        Recharging the battery.

Doctor in the basement: Use the battery on doctor. The battery is no good. It needs to be charged with water and a funnel is given also.

Office Block:      Bathroom:        Go to the bathroom at the Office block. Use the crystal with automatic sink and automatically the funnel will be placed on the crystal and water turned on. A sound of someone coming from the back of the bathroom is heard. Hurford goes in the cubicle. When he comes out the crystal is gone.

        Lobby:        A guard is waiting in the lobby because you have been about posing as a delivery man. You are zapped.


        How to get away from the guard.

Hurford's Room:             Find out that you do not have any inventory. Pick up a Stuff-Stik from the wall again. Use door and have a talk with the guard. When the door closes, talk to door and Hurford will fake an order for the guard outside. Select the dialogue and the guard said he can do both jobs because he can see the other job from here.

        The next step needs to be done fast. Use the door and see the guard's back is turned away from you. Quickly, select the 'pick up' action icon and move the icon on same level, a little to the left as that of the table and on Hurford to 'pick up the guards back pocket'. When successful, Hurford will say 'Got it'. Look at Franklin J. Morgansen's ID card in inventory. Open the door again and use the Stuff-Stik on guard. He gets sick after eating it. Open door and go to the lift. Go back to the doctor.

Doctor in the basement:        Talk to the doctor. He explained that 'it worked' - you came back 5 minutes ago bringing the crystal. To explain further - he told Hurford to enter the strange oval. Walk to the front of the bathroom after coming out of the urinal. Watch a rerun of what happened in the bathroom. Pick up the charged battery and funnel. Walk back to the strange oval in the urinal. The doctor sends you back to pick up the crystal while the first Hurford is in the cubicle. This was done because you told him about being taken by the guard. Got it? Hurford  eventually asks to be taken out of town.


The Explanation of why you are here:


Out of town:        Talk to glowing, floating ball thing - Thrid. Find about being a computer simulation, automated plans for a park and Tn(s) are the owners-viewers. After all the dialogue is exhausted, pick up Thrid to sock it. Hurford hits the wall and exposes random access memory. Walk to exposed random access memory.

Random access memory:        Look around at the blinking nonsense at bottom front and the flashing square on the right wall.

Use the flashing square on right wall and get sucked in on the right wall.

After checking things around in there, a magnifying lens cursor appears. The whole area is now EXA.

Left click the lens on blinking nonsense to examine it and Hurford finds out that the automated plans for the park is just going around in circle.

Right click on blinking nonsense, the cursor changes to a wrench and the whole area changes to DEC. Find the reason for the loop by left clicking the wrench on blinking nonsense.

Right click again on blinking nonsense to get an arrow (STA) and left click the arrow to code it.

Right click again to get a pencil and left click the pencil to correct the problem (EDI).

The flashing stops. OOOPS!

Thrid comes in and Hurford explains that he skipped the automated testing procedure and now it's done. Hurford is now bodiless and can't get out of the RAM. Thrid gives Hurford wall a  zapping as payback for what Hurford did outside. They end up exchanging body.

Tn:        A dialogue with someone or someit starts. It thinks that you are Thrid. Exhaust the dialogue with one of the Tn. End up in the Meeting organizer office, get the human body back and continue talking to the Tn. Watch the ending, the credits and another cutscene.


The Real End

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