Oz Orwell and the Exorcist

 Walkthrough by: Judy Adams

October 22, 2016


This is a point and click horror game.  You should right and left click on EVERYTHING you can in the entire game. There are many places where you can pick up objects. Many of the inventory items will never be used, but you will get points for everything you look at and pick up.  This walkthrough will get you through the game, but it will not give you maxium points.


Options gives you Volume




Inside the Asylum


Ground Floor:


            Left-Hand Corridor:


            Room 112 - Check everything


            Stairs:       - Heaped Furniture and Locked Door


            Right-Hand Corridor:


            Room 101 - Check Everything


            Kitchen     - Find note in front of knocked down electrical appliance

                                Read note about checking wallpaper in Room 203.


            Room 106 - Check mirror.  Look at frame.  Check wardrobe. 

                                Find note about looking into mirror and say Winston Smith

                                Look into mirror. Talk to Winston. He talks about being afraid of room 101.


            Room 104 - Says "locked" but you can enter.  Nothing here.


            Room 101 - Look at the "unusual spot" under the table and film it.



1st Floor:


          Left-Hand Corridor:


            Room 201 - Scary portraits of a monster.  Use camera on "hole in brick".

                                See the monster in the portraits.


            Room 216 - See viola on the chair.  Click on the viola.  Someone says not to touch the viola. 

                                Meet Erich Zann.  Film the ghost

                                Talk to him fully. He gives clue for keypad in torture room (440).


            Room 209 - See ghost behind you! 


            Right-Hand Corridor:


            Room 203 - Touch wallpaper (after reading note).  Film the hole in wallpaper. 

                                Crazy, scary woman!  Go back into room and pick up dropped camera.                                            

2nd Floor:


          Left-Hand Corridor:


            Room 311 - Little Girl's Room with Dollhouse


            Rooms 312 and 314 .. Cannot enter


            Right-Hand Corridor:


            Room 303 - Click on portrait and get 3rd note.  Click on trunk and get doll.


            Room 311 - Place doll on pedestal.  Leave Room and hear crying. 

                                Go back into room and see little girl's ghost.


            Room 308 - Pick up empty can in front of debris.  Look at hole in wall.


Go to room 204 and meet Randolph, The Exorcist's assistant.  Talk to him fully.  Check out room.  Leave and go to Room 305.


            Room 305 - Meet the clown.  Try to film him.  Talk to him fully.  Get key to torture room in basement.


Go to basement and open torture room door.  Check out symbol on the wall.  Check out the rusty keypad.  Use code from Zann (440) on keypad.  Enter cave.  Look at altar.  Film the floating orb.


Go back to room 204 and talk to Randolph.  Go to room 208 and meet the Exorcist.


Watch sťance; listen to gun shots; watch interview ... Scary!!


The Paths


Visit far left path.  Enter the "church".  What the heck?  Leave and no need to return.


Visit the far right path.  It's a collapsed bridge.  Check the hole in  the  tree and get a cassette.  Leave and no need to return.


Go back left 2x and take path straight ahead.  Go into the "house".  Pick up the mask in front of the door.  Check the door.  Right click on the  door, the portal and the gap and find out you can't enter because "you are not mad enough yet"  I guess we have to go insane to enter.  Let's work on that!


Visit the path to the middle right.  It's the dollhouse we saw in the little girl's room in the asylum.  We have to concentrate all our efforts here.


Check out the giant doll ... creepy but nothing to do here.  Enter the room to the right of the doll.  Meet Erich Zann and talk to him completely.  We find out he is missing his viola.  We need to help him because, apparently, that wallpaper hides a door.  Check out the pictures on the wall ???   What is that all about!


Leave and go to the door to the left of the giant doll.  Check everything.  The door is locked so we can't do anything here right now.


Go to the door on the left.  Let's begin to find our way out of here!


Room with Glowing Platforms:


Walk straight ahead until crosswalk and turn left.  Go to the glowing platform on the right.  Watch cut scene then turn on the light switch.   Right click on everything.  Check the books on the floor.  Turn off stove, then water, then radio and turn off light switch.  When you turn the switch back on, there should be a stone rod on the shelf.


Leave room and go to glowing pad on the left.  You will get a bloody glove, but there is nothing else here now.


Leave and go straight ahead passed the crosswalk.  Click on the glowing pad on the left.  You will be in a room with stairs that go nowhere.  Right click on stairs and look at the slot in the door.  Insert the stone rod we got in the apartment.  What is the phrase we saw earlier?  cogito ergo sum.  That didn't do much for us did it?


Leave and go right and right again.  Click on left glowing pad and be taken to a room with talking faces and melting watches.  Talk to the first face.  Leave and talk to face on the left.  This face will give you 3 different riddles.  You have to leave and talk to the first face until you get and give all of the correct riddle answers.  This will take you to:


Charlie the Puppet.  Talk to the puppet.  Click on your camera on the pedestal between the curtains.  Then talk to Charlie and he will tell you to take the camera AFTER you complete a task.


Go to the room at left and see a pivot in the middle of the room.  Click on the cardboard box twice to get 5 planks.  Put the planks on the pivot:


1st plank on the right

2nd plank from the right

Middle Plank

Left Plank

Remaining Plank


You've created a cross.  Click on it.  Nothing so go back to Charlie and he tells you to "use the cross" so USE IT.


Oops .. we are hanging upside down in a pit facing a butcher.  Talk to the butcher, and we are taken back to the beginning of the Paths.


Go back to the dollhouse and to the room with the glowing platforms and back to the room with Charlie the puppet.  There is a box where your camera was.  Click on the box, then click the box onto Oz.  You get a picture of his camera (really not helpful) and a piece of chalk.


Charlie is gone, so go back left to the pivot room and now we have a very creepy stone clown.  Click on the clown's "mustache", and you will get viola strings.  Right click on the cardboard trees to get some information about Oz and his experience with the play "Little Red Riding Hood".


Exit and go back to the room where we found the bloody glove.  We see "Grandma's Bed" and Little Red Riding Hood.  Answer her questions correctly.  She will leave and you go to the cardboard tree at right.  Click and you will get a viola.


Using the glowing platforms, go back to Erich Zann.  Talk to him and give him the viola.


Back to the glowing platforms.  This time go to the platform next to where Charlie the Puppet was found.  Immediately click on the table to hid under it.  The BUTCHER arrives looking for you.  He is one scary guy!  Right and left click on everything.  Clicking on the sinking boxes will give you an old key.


Use the glowing platforms to go back to the room left of the giant doll.  Use the key on the door and open it.  Whew - that was terrifying! 


Now we are back on the path.  Go back to the dollhouse and the glowing pads.  Go straight to the junction, turn right and go straight to the glowing pad.  Now we are in a roomful of puppets, and we don't know which one is Charlie.  Click on the birdcage and you will get a viola bow.  Click the bow on the viola strings in inventory to get a repaired bow. 


Go back to Erich Zann, talk to him, and give him the bow.  Click the chalk on the wallpaper and a door will appear.  Erich will play his viola.  You click on the door, but you don't want to pass the threshold.


Back to the glowing platforms.  Go straight ahead and click on the glowing platform ahead of you.  Oh my gosh, where are we now?  Click on your dead Uncle hanging from the tree.  Talk to the apparition.  Click on the bicycles.  Enter the house.


Right/left click on EVERYTHING.  Click on the trunk twice.  You will see your dead Brother's body and get a "toy" gun.  Click on book.  Use gun on Oz .... this takes you to a cut scene that finally deprives you of all of your sanity.


Exit the dollhouse and go left to the house.  Enter and you end up in a motel room.


After a very long cut scene, right click on everything then go to the bar/office.  Speak completely to the owner. 

Exit, go back and speak completely to the fisherman. 

Now you are aboard a ship.  Click on the porthole twice and you will end up on land in a very strange place.


Go forward towards the huge pit.  Try climbing the stairs .. they are too much for you so why not jump into the bottomless pit!




We are in a strange cave.  The Exorcist appears.  Talk to him completely.  He will leave a mouth organ.  Pick it up and go left.  Take tarot card from pillar.  Go left.  Look at the machinery and the missing section.


Go to the right 3x and click on the dead creature.  Click on its wound, and you will get a pipe section.  Click on the pipe section next to the creature.  Click on the dead body.  Pick up the Necronomicon.  Another cut scene with the alien.


Go back to the machinery.  Put the two pipes together and put them onto the missing machinery section.


Go forward and up in the huge lift.  Push the white button ... uh oh, the lift goes back down and crashes and an explosion cause a fire.


Cycle through the sphere to see each new place.  Cycle to the forest.  Click the Necronomicon on Oz, and he will recite from it.  Uh oh ... a huge monster is approaching.


Click the mouth organ on Oz ....you end up with a padded surface surrounding you.  Looks like a coffin.  Keep clicking and talking to the gravedigger.  Eventually you get out of the coffin.  Finish all conversations with him.  Two days later, there is more conversation to cycle through. 


THE END (or is it?)


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