By Omni Adventures

Walkthrough by MaGtRo & N. Kuderna      March, 2003

Revised May,2003

Gameplay:     You can do a full install (2.68 GB) that eliminates the need for the CDs in the drive. After installation, a choice of configuration of render mode and CD access modes can be accessed. The game is mouse driven. Right click of mouse accesses the pot with the scroll for main menu, knapsack for inventory and camera at bottom left of screen. The pot with scroll accesses the main menu where you can save, save as and quit the game. There are 2 ways to save games. When you click the scroll pot and it becomes the larger graphic, click on it again to show the main menu. Here you can choose 'save game' - which will overwrite the previously saved game you gave a label to and 'save as...' - which will make a new saved game frame that can have a new label. You can also access Help and the panning speed, clue cursor, warp cursor, fixed or free cursor movements, change the gender of the main-your character in the game and volume control. When an inventory is taken, it hangs on the cursor and when they are moved to an active spot to use the inventory on - the cursor disappears and the inventory becomes the cursor. Pressing the space bar skips the cutscenes and introduction. The saved games square seen at bottom of screen can be loaded when the cursor is placed at the center of the square, overwritten when the O at bottom left is clicked and deleted when the X is selected.

To save a headache, be sure that you have right clicked anywhere to remove the bottom inventory bar before panning. You can die, so save often. Having a lot of saved games, pictures taken by the camera and a full install may cause you to run out of memory.

A heartfelt Thank You to those who helped with clues:  acornia, Mordack and Bill.

The second scroll was interpreted by Sir Geoffrey. Warning is stated about a very specific devastating past event linked to dire future - present time. The ancients knew the date and time. He will still decipher the date of the dire event. Hump Allen will be the pilot, driver, all around help to get you all around the globe and privy to sensitive knowledge.  Your quest is to find the other Omega disks.


At the Chamber of Ages, Gil talks about 2 additional precisely cut stone blocks found on both sides of the Ark of the Covenant. One was pried open but the other is still sealed. The Omega disk found in the other chamber cannot be removed but is referenced together as one of 6 disks on the second scroll. The others have to be found and all are connected to the winged Solar disk. All the texts referenced to the stone, The Omega Stone.

If you want, you can check the Ark of the Covenant. In inventory are the Official Site Entrance Passes to the different locations: Easter Island, Devil's Triangle, Chichen Itza, Stonehenge, Giza Plateau. Note the date of the passes: 2-14-2012.

Skull Pyramid Chamber:  Enter the crawlspace at left of the ark. Go right at end of passage and enter a chamber with a skull laden pyramid at the center. Look close at the Giza Omega disk at top of pyramid. Click to open the center base of the pyramid and see a scroll. 

Cobra puzzle - To take the Giza Omega disk, a code must be entered on the cobra heads at the base of the pyramid. Study the scroll to get the code. Take note of the icons associated with the cobras at bottom of the pyramid. Look at the hieroglyphs on the left side of the scroll. Starting at left column going right - Note the numbers of times the 4 cobra associated glyphs are seen and their sequence. Click on the cobras in the sequence noted.

Numbering the cobra and glyphs as 1-4 from left to right: Press cobra heads 1 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 2 1 4 4 3 2 3 3 3 3 1 1 1 1 3 3 3 3 4 1 2 2 2. Hear a click, look up and take the Giza Omega disk.

Pull back and look down right to a box with the familiar hexagon. Open the box, look at scroll and click the knapsack on Giza scroll #1 to place it in inventory. On the left side of the pyramid is another box. Open, look at scroll and click the knapsack again to take Giza scroll #2.

Exit the Chamber of Ages, up the Sphinx via the ramp between its paws and out to the camp site. Go to the Helicopter and give one of the pass to Hump, preferably the Easter Island. He will take you there.

Easter Island

Tent:    You arrive on a motorized rubber raft on Anakena beach. Look around and then go to the tent. Check the books on the bedroll at right corner. Read the background for Easter Island quest. The Moai are the large stone statues. Learn about the 'talking boards' that record 'lost history' of the ancient people fleeing the great city. The Angelic Archeology talks about the references to different 'winged angels found in Egypt, birdman in Easter Island, feathered serpent in Maya, etc.

        Table - Go to table on the left and read the letters. Gil's confidential letter states about a possible sacred chamber that looks like hollow lava tubes as seen by satellite imaging leading away from the AHU on Anakena beach. It is not known which Moai guards the entrance. Have you inferred that Gil wants you to be destructive? Take the memory card attached to the letter. (If you have the DVR-AGPS already, insert the memory card and listen to Gil's additional clue about the Mask. If not, it will not affect gameplay The DVR-AGPS will be found at Stonehenge later). Gil's proposed destructive method of removal of the Moais gets letters of disagreement. Look at the topographical map of the area. To view the entire map, click-hold and move the map.

        Mask - Turn around facing the tent opening and go to the left corner. Read the 2 rolled letters from Yoppie about the black sky Moai, warning about death and the mask that will awaken the Moai to show where to find the Moai of Death. Take the black mask.

        Plastic Explosive - Go to the right side of the tent and pick up the plastic explosive with computer board imbedded in it. DO NOT TOUCH the box with the red button (detonator) or you die!

AHU - Moai Guards:     Exit the tent and let's start looking for the Moai that guards the caves of the sacred Moai. Go to the AHU - Moais on the stone fence.

Stand in front of the Moais who are facing inland. Take the black mask from inventory, automatically see though its eyes and look at the Moais. Right click to remove inventory bar to facilitate panning. Note that the second from left Moai has shining eyes. To take off the mask, open inventory and click on mask again. Go to the second from the left Moai and click the plastic explosive on the Moai with bright eyes. The explosive is laid on its feet. Go back to the tent and press the red button of the detonator. Feel and hear the earth shake.

Shaft-tube Maze:     Go back to the Ahu. Enter the shaft opened when the Moai was destroyed. 

Moai clue room - Forward 3xs, reach a right-left path, pan left and forward. See 3 Moai on either side of room. Use mask to see - left side: the middle and farthest Moai have shining eyes. On right side: the closest Moai has lit eyes. Remove mask by clicking on mask in inventory.

Easter Island scroll #1 - Turn around, forward once, pan left and forward. See right-left path, pan right, forward 2xs, another right left path, pan left and forward. Go forward to cache at the end of the passage. Open the box and place Easter Island scroll #1 in inventory (click knapsack).

Easter Island scroll #2 - Turn around, forward 2xs, pan right, forward 2xs, pan right, forward, right-left path, pan left, forwards 2xs and look close at another box. Take Easter Island scroll #2. Turn around, forward 2xs, pan left, forward and go down until the end (F 5xs).

Lava pool puzzle - Note the 3 statues on either side of the lava pool, positioned just like the first room we entered in. Turn to right and left wall and see 3 wooden assembly inserted on the wall that will turn the head of each of the Moai. Based on the first room Moais, we know which statue's head needs to be moved. Turn right and click on top wooden assembly. Turn left and click on middle and bottom wooden assembly. The Moais that had their heads turned fall forward forming a walkway to the Black Moai of Death at far end. Cross and take Easter Island Omega disk. If you make a mistake here, go back to a saved game prior to touching the wooden assembly and replay to this part.

Exit by turning around and forward 8xs. Pan little to the left, forward 5xs and look up to the shaft opening. Exit and go to the motorized rubber boat. Click on motor to go back to Hump at the sailboat. Let's go to the Mayas.

Chichen Itza

Base Camp:  Go to the hut and check the map on table (click-hold to move the map) and barbecue grill. Later we can have a picnic. Remember the locations of the structures that will help orient yourself later during your spelunking - the ruins at the top of map, Sacred Way, 2 buildings in front of El Castillo and the Temple of the Warriors at right of map.

Tent: Go to the main tent on the right. Zoom in on the bench and read Gil's confidential letter and the reference books. There's a mention of the artifact in the inner pyramid of El Castillo. Read and note the Mayan Astronomy and Mathematics - you will definitely need the knowledge later. Exit the tent.

Humvee:  Go to the back of the Humvee and click the tail gate. Take the crowbar and the grapple and rope. If not picked up now, a glitch happens that the grapple will appear automatically later when needed.

You can check out the Ballcourt, north of the camp or go directly to Castillo at right of camp.

Castillo:  The access up El Castillo is by the left stairs that has rope to help the climb or by the North stairs. At the base of the North stairs is a door that can be opened using the crowbar on the padlock. Enter and see that it ends in a gate that cannot be opened. Climb the stairs to the top of the pyramid. Find a padlocked grate at south side. Use the crowbar on the padlock, go down, forward to another ladder and enter the storage room. See a reclining statue and at far end,  a stand with 6 hooks and a hammer. Look close and remember the glyphs on the base of the stand (graphics later). There's nothing to place here yet. Go back up and down outside the pyramid. Gil said something about the Sacred Cenote up north. Hmm.

Sacred Cenote:  Go north of Castillo to a Sacred Cenote and the ruins. From Castillo's north stairs, go forward, pass the structure on the left and take the Sacred Way going north. Find a cenote - A water-filled limestone sinkhole of the Yucatán pass the ruined building. Turn around and click on wall of ruins with grapple and rope. The grapple catches on wall and can now go down. Use back cursor to go down the pond until an opening on wall above water level.

Hint: Start looking everywhere - ceiling, ground or water for anything that can be picked up or accessed.

Click here for Map, Graphics and Inventory Locations of the Underground Maze!

Underground:  Enter the opening. Click at water below to automatically go down a long way using log steps. Raise computer's brightness here. Go to right side and then forward while walking on shallow water and underground path. At the end of the path, a chamber on the left and stairs on the right are seen. Let's look at the chamber first.

Underwater Chamber:  Enter, go left and up the stones steps. Enter the alcove, right and see a wall mural. Go out and down the water again. Go around the broken stele-wall that is in the water. On right side of broken wall, look down on water and pick up the Atlantis skull #1. Now go up to the middle steps behind the wall structure that is in the water. Enter the middle alcove, pan down and pick up Easter Island skull #1.

Turn around, exit chamber, forward and then turn left, forward, go up the stairs, forward a long way and into a chamber with side halls.

Chamber with Side Halls:  The chamber has 2 side aisles. Forward and look at carving on side walls. Forward once again and turn left. At the middle of the left side aisle is  an access underground.

Left Passage - Go forward into passage that goes down. At the very end of the passage, pick up Devil's triangle skull #1. Turn around and go forward 3xs.

Blowing Horns Secret Room - Look up and climb up to a secret room. The room has murals depicting men blowing horns. Go to left wall and look down at the plate. Pick up #3 bell. Go down the shaft and continue backup to the chamber.

At main chamber hall, turn to face the opening (exit from chamber) not entered yet. Turn right and pan down, pick up Stonehenge skull #1 by the pillar engraving.

Exit chamber, forward and up the long passageway (check your progress once in a while - it's easy to get turned around here). Go forward 15xs to enter a cavern area.

Cavern area:   Forward 3xs and pan right. You will see a triangular opening that will lead ultimately to the Skull Chamber - we will get back to this area later. Pan left again, forward 3xs (out of chamber now), forward 5xs to enter the Inner Chamber.

El Castillo Inner Chamber:  Go forward once pass the side aisle, turn left to the stone structure and pick up the Maya skull #1 from the statue's arms. Go forward once going back towards the entrance you came in, turn right to go behind the pillars, forward and turn corner. Pick up the barbed rope on floor. The chamber has 9 pillars in each 4 sides, some have panels on them. The stepped roof has an opening at the center. Go back to the platform at center of the chamber and study the glyphs.

Exit the chamber on the other side. Go forward through the long vaulted passageway and turn the corner to another cave passage. Move forward 5xs, look down and pan right and pick up Easter Island skull #2. Go forward to Glyphs stone. Take note or picture of the glyphs, the number that goes with the glyph and its position in the sequence (graphics below).

Ruined room:    Go forward to another room. As soon as you enter, pan right and down, pick up Atlantis skull #2. There are 2 other exits to this room - one across and one on the left that is a break in the wall. Exit to the left.

Left passage:    This is a zigzagged passage - be sure to pan to go forward. Go forward 3xs and pick up Devil's Triangle skull #2.  Pan left and go forward until you see the Bell Numbers Stone. It is marked with the Mayan number - 5, 3, 1, 2, 6, 4. Go forward until you reach the luminous pool.

Luminous Pool:  A circular pool lit by an opening on the cave ceiling has a ledge on the left. Go left and forward 2xs to go down the pool. The pool has a shallow ledge underwater that goes around the rim of the central very deep area.  Go to right shallow area 4xs. Pan down and see a cave opening underwater. Click to go to the underwater cave (if you turn around you will see the deeper part of the pool).

Underwater cave - Go forward. Enter the opening on the right and go forward until a wide dead end area. Pick up a #2 bell by cliff side and #6 bell partially hidden by the big boulder one step before the dead end area. Turn around and go forward until the deep part of the pool.

Deep part of pool - Look around to pick up Stonehenge skull #3 and #5 ball from skull eye socket by the wood and rocks area.  Turn right, forward and pick up Giza skull #1 and #1 bell (side area). Look up and click until you are above water and click to the entrance on cave wall.

Go back to the ruined room. It is time to check where the other door leads to. Go to door on the left, go forward to a dead end, back up and then turn to a side passage.

Skewered Skeletons room:  So this is where the prisoners are dropped from the ceiling to die. Pick up Stonehenge skull #2 on the floor.

We will now go to the Skull room at the side passage at the cavern area. Go back a long way, pass the ruined room, pass the Castillo's inner chamber and to the cavern area (Forward 6xs from inner chamber). Once in the cavern area, go forward 3xs and then turn left to the side opening. Just before you enter the side opening, pan down to the right and pick up Giza skull #2. Go forward and enter the Brown mural room.

Brown Mural Room:  As soon you enter pan back around, click at scroll on floor and take a look (or a picture using the camera) at the skull scroll (graphics later). Turn around, exit the room and go forward on a curving path (with a weird stone structure in the middle of the path) until the Skull Room.

14 Skulls Room:  As soon as you enter, turn right, take box, open it and take the Maya scroll. Go forward once, turn left and pick up Giza skull #3 from bottom shelf. Go to the opposite wall and pick up Easter Island skull #3. Look at the skull puzzle at middle wall.

14 Skulls Puzzle - Based on the skull glyphs stone and the skull scroll in the brown mural room, deduce the head orientation of the 14 skulls. Click the skulls to place them facing left, right or center. Position skulls as shown on graph below.

This is described in the book in the tent. Each glyph is made up of a Mayan number and a glyph. Study the glyphs individually and use the chart below to see what head orientation is associated with that glyph. For example: the top first glyph has the Mayan number 1 and the glyph attached is the one depicted in row A. The skull orientation of A1 is facing left. Do the rest.

Top Row

























Bottom Row

























The skulls move to make an opening. Enter through the opening. Pick up Atlantis skull #3. Look close at the circular carving with a skull at the center. Looks familiar! Zoom in on the gold glyphs at its round points, from bottom left to bottom right: Stonehenge, Atlantis, Maya, Devil's Triangle, Giza and Easter Island. Exit the room. Go back to the Chamber with side halls via brown mural room and left on cavern area.

Chamber with Side Halls:     Go to the now left side hall opposite the side hall that opens to a path and the ceiling secret room and see an etched carving. Look down and see a slab cleared of debris and has a crack. Use the crowbar on the slab. Go down the long stairs that was uncovered and enter a chamber.

Statue Secret Chamber - Go forward and check the place out. See a statue with outstretched hands and a square for a chest at the center of the chamber. Check the 3 etched slabs on each wall. Go to the back and look at the table. See magnificent intact potteries and beautiful jade necklace. Look close at the bluish green small tray. Pick up the Mayan skull #2. Pick up #4 bell from the pot full of nuts.

Statue - Go back to the statue. Click on his right hand. I don't think he likes us - he puts his hooked tongue out. Use the barbed rope on his right hand. OOPS, we broke something back there. The rope tied his hand to his hooked tongue. Let's see what damage we did. Go back to the left rear dark area. The stone slab fell down and revealed an opening on the wall. Go down the steps.

Sarcophagus - Click to open the ornate sarcophagus. (Glitch here causes you to get the mask before opening the lid). The lid moves back. Take the jade mask. Click on the other end and take Devil's Triangle skull #3.

Go all the way back outside, up the cenote and back to El Castillo pyramid. The grapple is automatically placed in inventory.

El Castillo:    Go to the opened grate at south atop of Castillo. Go down the ladder, go forward to another ladder and enter the storage room. Go pass the reclining statue and look close at stand with 6 hooks and a hammer.

Bell puzzle - Click the 6 bells collected on the hooks and they will automatically be attached. Click on hammer and then take hammer from inventory. Use the hammer to strike the bell in the order seen at the Bell Number Stone in the tunnels - 5, 3, 1, 2, 6, 4. Automatically pan to see reclining statue. Glyphs flashes at the statue's stomach. They are the glyphs at the platform at El Castillo Inner Chamber - remember the order of the glyphs.

Go back to the El Castillo Inner Chamber's platform. It's going to be another long trek - up to top of pyramid, down outside the pyramid, Sacred way, down the cenote and underground to Inner Chamber.

El Castillo Inner Chamber Platform Puzzle - Go to platform and look down at 4 glyphs. Based on the clues seen on the reclining statue after doing the Bell Puzzle, press once on S, E, W and N. Zoom out and the stand rises to the opening in the ceiling. South, depicted with 3 lines off center, east is depicted with 2 hooks at center, west looks like a face with a puckered mouth and north is a side view open mouthed face.

 South East West North

Ceiling complex - The area is made up of hallways on all 4 sides with 2 side dark alcoves. At the opposite hallway from the chamber's platform you arrived on is an entryway flanked by 2 jaguar heads. Inside are also 2 side alcoves and on the inner room is a huge familiar jade and gold round slab.

Gold 6 Skull Puzzle:    This jade and gold round slab is also represented at the base of the Bell Puzzle seen at the storage room at El Castillo and behind the 14 skull puzzle. The 17 skulls collected have 2 marks on them - a location and a glyph. The depiction behind the 14 skulls puzzle shows what location skull is to be placed where. Since you have more than one skull from each place, the depiction shown at the base of the bell puzzle in Castillo shows what glyph to use.

The placement of the skulls by location, from bottom left to bottom right - Stonehenge, Atlantis, Maya, Devil's Triangle, Giza and Easter Island.

The glyph to select which skull from a specific location is shown below.

Stonehenge Atlantis Maya Devil's Triangle Giza  Easter Island

Place the 6 jade skulls shown above from L-R at their correct place. Place the jade mask from the sarcophagus over the jade skull at the center. The circular panel opens, enter and a small gold El Castillo rises up. Click on top of the pyramid to get the Maya Omega disk

Now, we have all these excess jade skulls for our skull collection. Go back down by clicking on the edge of the square that took you up here. Exit the underground and cenote. Take the grapple when you leave. Go to Hump at the camp site and give him the Stonehenge pass card. That's it for Chichen Itza. Thank goodness!


Recreational Vehicle:   While still sitting at the passenger seat, turn to the right and read the 2 letters that should be on the shelf or armrest. If the letters are not there, go to some other part of the world and then come back.

Hint: If you have already exhausted all possible clues in a certain area - go to another part of the globe and then comeback. New clues might surface - like the appearance of the letters here.

I visited Easter Island and saw letters about the destruction done to the Moai. The Archeological academia is shocked by those actions and Gil is compared to the Taliban.

Gil's Stonehenge letter talks about Christian, the former student here at Stonehenge and Cornelius Snelling. Take the key. The other letter is from Cornelius Snelling, who is suspiciously eager to get in the site. Go to the worktable behind Hump.

Desk - Read the letter in the brown envelope concerning the wireframe models sent to Christian. Open top drawer. Note Christian's discoveries on Grid D of Celtic warrior and artifacts. Open middle drawer and study the DVR-AGPS paper. Roll out and study the map of Stonehenge. Open the bottom drawer and read about Stone-In 2012.

Sink Area - Look close at the coffee - we might just need a cup of Midnight Oil - Mission Possible Coffee. Check the skull.

Bathroom - Enter and check the newspaper article about Gil. Look close at the paper in the toilet - Sheley's been abducted? Enter the shower and turn the left faucet for a hot steamy bath. Read the words on the door - The stones multiplied. Hmmm! Exit and enter the bedroom.

Bedroom:     Left shelves - Pan left and look close at the GGAI hat. Take the canister with ancient coins labeled for L.S. found in sqr D-A3 (the Celtic warrior's dig area as seen from Christian's drawing of the dig site). Look at the shelf below the hat and see a depiction of 2 stones from the Stonehenge complex - remember what they look like.

Bed - Read the book on the bed. It mentions Shelly (of the paper in the toilet fame) leaning on her favorite Trilithon - the westernmost Trilithon.

Right shelves - Note Troy's medications sent by his mother, a necklace and also beer bottle.

Desk - Read the flier about Pagan Playground, the proposed theme park here.

Drawer - Open top drawer and read the letter of Troy Christian's' mother and all the letters of Snelling. That rat! And he is supposed to be Gil's friend. The coins we just took must be what he wanted.

Stonehenge musical box - Look close at the Stonehenge replica. Zoom in on key at left and then click on key at left side to start the music box. Insert the key from Gil's letter on keyhole at right. Place key back in inventory. Click the area between the 2 keys around the plaque to open the secret compartment. Take the Omni DVR-AGPS (the how to of this machine is at second drawer at the desk behind Hump). Pull back and open inventory.

DVR-AGPS - Click on DVR, insert the memory card found on the secret compartment together with DVR at right side. Press the top right button to listen. Hear Gil talk about - Trust no one. Cryptic clues were left before Giza to help break the code. He also mentions 'Wet behind the ears (we already took a hot shower) and factoring Shelly's stone will prove essential.

Exit the bedroom and look again at Stonehenge map at middle drawer of desk. The stones in the inner horseshoe are called Trilithons and the westernmost are #s 57 and 58. Those were Shelly's (of the book on the bed) favorite Trilithon (stone). Exit the MARV.

Outside, turn right and climb the ladder of the RV. See a beeping device. What is it? Go down from the roof.

Stonehenge area:    Look at the signs on the gate. Enter the area and follow the road to the end. Hear the beeping device.

Bunker:    Go down the walkway ramp to the metal green door. Read signs. The EAT protest signs are everywhere. Look down and notice 3 empty medicine bottles of Troy's and lots of empty beer bottles. Read the notes of Troy. February 9 - He sees something that he wants down. February 12 - They are watching him by the Heel Stone and he threw the shovel at them. The brush offs by LS (Snelling), Black Ops and the farewell notes. Go back to the road and out the gate. Let's see if the shovel is still where he left it. On the way back, go to the Stonehenge main area and hear that beeping sound.

Road:  Go out of the gate, forward to main road, turn right and forward to the Heel stone, the large stone on the right side by the fence. Turn left by the Heel stone and go to the other side of the road. Pick up the shovel. Walk back to the parking area, look around and see another bunker. This is where the green door leads to.

Parking lot:    Go back to the gate and to the MARV. Climb to the roof of the RV again and press the button of the disk to turn the beeping sound off. (Possible glitch here, if you still hear a beeping sound. It will stop beeping if you quit and load the game again). Is this a spy mechanism or something to drive one nuts?  It's time to check Stonehenge proper.

Stonehenge Area:   Go to the center of the complex, face the 6 standing stones on the Sarsen Circle with 3 dolmens (slabs) connecting 4 of them and the single standing stone with a knob on top on your back. Now, you are facing due north. Let's see where Shelly's Trilithons are located. Turn left to look west. There they are - #58 and #57 stones - just like the bank giveaway. Turn around and see a similar 2 stone structure - #53 and #54. Go around the other side of these stones and see a broken ladder. Look up to see something sticking on top of the dolmen. Use the grapple (taken from the Humvee in Chitzen Itza) on the slab. Climb and check Troy's briefcase.

Troy's briefcase:   Take the key.  Read Troy's journal. He wears the Trilithon necklace given by Gil. He writes about meeting with Snelling, Gil's actions on the scans he's taken, the find at A3 and his dreams. He rants about your imminent arrival, his flushing the vital clue that Gil wants you to know (Shelly was abducted) and Mayan and Egyptian potteries found. He started digging on another site known only to him. His tone has changed from eagerness, professionalism, to anger and finally the nightmares. Pull back and look around - see the Heel stone to the North by the road, the buildings across, bunkers, RV at parking lot and a fenced in building. Go down and let's check the fenced in building south of here.

Troy's Dig site:   

Electrified fence - Read the Warning sign. DO NOT TOUCH the fence area or you die! Look close at the green box by fence gate.

1. Use Troy's key from his briefcase on the keyhole to open the green box.

2. It asks for a card. Take your Stonehenge pass card from inventory and swipe it on panel. Return pass card to inventory.

3. It now asks for a 4 digit code. This must be the information Gil wants Troy to give you and he flushed it down the toilet. Hmm! Shelly was abducted. The stones multiplied from the shower stall. Shelly's favorite Trilithons are 58 and 57. 58x57= 3306. Enter 3306 on keypad. Enter the site.

D-A site - Click on the Celtic warrior's skeleton to go down, go to A-1 (top left) and use shovel at A-2 area (top middle grid). Take Stonehenge scroll.

Go back to the MARV. Give Hump a pass card to go to another place in the globe and then later comeback here.

Devil's Triangle

Finally- Sunshine! Look close at the table and read the letter. Take the memory card. Take the DVR in inventory and insert memory card at right side of DVR. Listen to Gil talk about a find of an ancient shipwreck. The items on the floor are in a shape of a hull at 44 N, 18 W. Comet!

Diving:    Look close at the map. Move cursor to close to bottom right to read 64-44 and 32-18 and then click. Hump moves the boat to those coordinates. Go outside, wear the diving gear and go in the water. As soon as you get underwater, go forward to the shipwreck 2xs. Pan slightly right, forward 1x, pan little to the left towards the pots and forward once. Look down and take the Devil's Triangle Omega disk from one of the potteries close to the tip of the so called hull.

If you go to other coordinates, you will see wrecked ships, remnant of the fabled WWII airplanes, other potteries, etc. Have fun diving anywhere if you want to.

Go back to the boat. Enter the cabin and automatically remove the diving gear. Give Hump the pass card to Stonehenge.

Stonehenge Revisited

A new letter is by the passenger's chair. Read Gil's letter about his friend, Lord Lloyd Bathelwaite II. Bathelwaite can help you on your quest. There is a map enclosed that Hump will find useful. Another letter appears - In Gil's letter to Bathelwaite, find out that he is also an acquaintance of Snelling. It is signed - Your SS brother. Place this letter and map in inventory. Now, take the letter and map from inventory and click on reliable Hump.

Manor House of Lord Bathelwaite

Exit the Mercedes Benz limousine by clicking on door and then try alternating repeated knocking on door or pressing the buzzer. Well! After waiting for an answer, being scolded and asked to come in, Lord Bathelwaite asks that you have to find the door key yourself to prove how good you are. He issued you challenge! Turn left and go around the house passing a padlocked cellar door. The manor's glass door is also locked. Turn left and see a maze. The entrance is flanked by spear carrying warriors.

Hedge Maze:    You can use the manor house which is at the bottom of the picture above as a point of reference when you feel lost.

Enter, turn left, forward midway and take a look at a statue with a sword sticking from his chest (clue for another puzzle). Go forward up to the end and follow the path until you see the Conservatory. Enter the Conservatory and see fountain at the center. Wrapped around the fountain's base is a snake. Look at snake's head.

Go back to the maze and enter through the left side now. F, L, F to end, L, F to end, L, F, R, F, R, F, R, long F. Take a look at the statue on the left midway this long passage - it is similar to the other statue except it doesn't have a sword stuck on it - remember where it is. Go R, little F, L, long F, R at the second to last one, F to end, R, F to end, L, F to end, L, F, L, F, R, F, R, F, R, long F, R at first R, curve around to center of maze.

Pick up sundial and turn the tap. Exit the maze to go to the hothouse. Exit using the path to the right of the bench (that has both left and right path on each side) to curve around, L, long F, L, long F, L, F, R, F, R, F to end ,R, F to end, L, F to end, L, F, R (at first R), Little F, L, Long F, L, F, L, F, L, F, R, F, R at second right, F, R, F and out to Conservatory.

Conservatory:     Enter the conservatory. Go around the fountain and look at the now open snake's mouth. Take key. Now go to manor house via the hedge maze again.

Enter the right side of the maze now and just follow the path to the exit.

Cellar:    Go to the padlocked cellar door on side of the house. Use the snake's key on padlock. Enter the cellar. Go to center of room, turn left and see crates with GGAI Artifacts written on them. Use crowbar on top crate. Read Gil's letter to Lord Bathelwaite. It states about a Santorini dig that produced a case and the Crete dig produced a disk. The signature seen earlier on the letter with the map means that Gil is one of the Sacred Seven Sect, an offshoot of the Knights of the Temple. The Omega Stone has a smaller twin. The prevention of total annihilation of mankind depends on your solving the final pieces of the mystery. Hall of Records was found under the Sphinx. Talk of Snelling's interference and the possibility of his working for a world leader. Take and open the box. Pick up Atlantis red scroll from the box. Pick up the Atlantis omega disk at the corner of the crate.

Go towards the stairs, then go to the shelves under the stairs and look close. Take the ornate measuring tool (dram). Flip through the large red book. Go upstairs.

Living room:    Turn left and go to the living room. Look close at table by the glass doors. Read the journal. Lord Bathelwaite writes about Gil, the history of the Ark of the Covenant when it was place in King Solomon's Temple in 955 BC by the Knights Templars, the mystery of the appearance of the Ark in the Sphinx at 2500 BC when it was last seen at the Temple of Solomon and other discoveries of the Templars. The scrolls that detail the Atlantean civilization, of the building of the Chamber of Ages by the Atlanteans and mention about the Omega disc unlocking the power of the Omega Stone - the stone of end times. Take the SS membership card similar to the markings on the spy disc on top of the MARV - 7 birds around an SS. Very Interesting!!! What have you gotten into?

Upstairs:    Check the picture of the maze on right hallway. Go back down the stairs and forward to the closed double doors at the end.

Study:    Enter and talk to Lord Lloyd Bathelwaite. He talks about collecting books for your use concerning the Celts based on your task. He continues on and discusses Stonehenge's history, that it's 1 millennium older than the Druids, 2007 BC, about the connections of the Chichen Itza, Sphinx, Aegean and Stonehenge and the significance of 2012. It is the end of the calendar for the Mayans and how Stonehenge calculated misalignment is important. The others forewarned of the event that will happen in 2012. Like the builders of Stonehenge misaligned the stones but the inner stone circle will come aligned this year -2012. The danger sounds celestial. Have a look around. When done, be on your way. This time use the front door.

Turn left, climb the ladder and read 2 books about the Celts and Alchemy. In one book, note that the measuring tool you took from the shelf in the cellar has the one dram icon. Note also the markings for other weights. Go to the other side of the room. Look at the maps on the table. Place in inventory a map.

Go towards the Grandfather clock. Lord Bathelwaite will give another hint - The important date connected to the Ark of the Covenant is when it was moved to King Solomon's temple. We already know from reading Lord Bathelwhaite's journal in the living room that it is 955 BC.

Clock Puzzle - Look close at the clock. Set the clock to 9:55. Click the minute hand, move it around to 11 and click on it again to release the hand from the cursor. Now, click the hour hand, turn it close to10 and click it to release it from the cursor. The clock moves and reveals a secret staircase.

Click on staircase to climb down to a storage room. Go to the corner and take the familiar box from atop a barrel. Place the Stonehenge scroll in inventory. Turn around and pick up the skull turner atop the crate.

Exit the storage room and the manor (through the front door, of course). Enter the car and give the map taken from the study to Hump. He says not to pay attention to Bathelwaite. He would not take the map. Give him then the SS membership taken from the journal in the living room. Now, he will take us somewhere. If you just click on him - he would say 'do you have anything to show me'? If you come from the manor and click the SS membership card alone - he will also not budge. It is necessary to first show the place - map and then give him the secret code approval to take you there - the SS bookmark. Getting quite covert now.

Celtic Compound

Go to Cemetery gate, turn left and look up at the lamp. Its reflection is a mazelike spiral. Hmm! Take the sundial taken from the center of the maze from inventory and place it at the center of the gate. This is another dark and gloomy place with lots of dead trees. There are tent frame wood structures. Go forward towards the full moon. See an arch with 3 skulls embedded on the side stones. The lantern also shines a maze reflection.

Trees and Pond - There are 6 trees surrounding a pond. Each tree has a depiction of St. George slaying the dragon and a Celtic cross. Above it is the sign of the skull inside the tree. Under the plaque is a keyhole surrounded with 3 holed skulls similar to the skull turner taken from the room behind the clock in the manor. Between each tree is a path that goes somewhere.

Trees - Use the skull turner on the skull hole. Go up the ladder and see a tied up, hooked up imprisoned skeleton. Take the skull. Collect all the skulls from the trees. The skulls have the gold on blue depiction of bird, fish, horse, swan and boar. The skeleton on tree to the right of the arch is missing his skull.

Hut - Go forward to the path left of the tree in front of you, with the arch path behind you. Go forward and see a hut and a kiln. Inside the hut is a fire at the center of the room. Behind it a circular tree trunk grill with 6 holders surrounding it. If you click the collected skulls on the holders and they will automatically go to their correct holder when the skulls are moved around the holders. The missing skull should have a snake glyph on it. If you do not have all of them they go back to the inventory. We have to find the snake skull then.

Exit the hut. The end of path to the right of the hut when you exit the hut has 4 line-marked standing stones with4 round rock and a center rock in front of them.

Go back towards the hut. Take the path on the other side of the hut and forward. Find 7 line-marked standing stones with round rocks in between them. Go back to center of pond.

Go to the path at right of arch. See 3 line-marked standing stones with 4 round rocks in front of them. Go back to the pond.

Go to path at left of arch and between the trees. Go forward and see 7 lined-marked standing stones in a circle. In front of each stone is a round rock with indentation. Go back to pond.

Go to the path 2 away from the arch and to the right of the far tower. Go forward and see 5 line-marked standing stones with assorted numbers of round rocks in front of them. Go back to the pond.

Go to the path towards the tower. The path splits to a set of standing stones to the left and forward the tower. There are 3 lined-marked standing stones in a row with 4 round rocks in between.

Tower:    Go to left side of the Tower and see a locked cemetery with a spiral drawing on the wall. Go back, take the footbridge, climb ladder and enter tower by clicking on door handle.

First floor entryway - Note the lit alcove with a cross-shaped hole surrounded by 7 birds similar to the SS insignia. Look down and see a lit basement

Second floor storage room - Climb the stairs and then climb the next ladder going up left of the exit on the floor.

Third floor Prayer room - There is a Celtic cross on top of the window with 2 candles on right and 3 on the left. Look down and see a kneeling pad and a book. Click down and kneel - best pray that we can finish this game! Turn around and go up the next ladder.

Fourth floor storage room - Climb the ladder again.

Fifth floor dining room - I think someone left their dinner in a hurry. Check the table with the spiral-maze seen on the lamps. Take a look at the scroll by the cup with signs like that of the gold tree skulls and the SS insignia. Ahh, another climb up the stairs.

Sixth floor Alchemy room - Look at the work table and see various powders in bowls. Take the measuring tool and find out in inventory that you picked up the one scruple and the one ounce measuring tools. Climb the ladder again. I'm tired - How about you?

Top Floor room - Knock several times on the peephole on the hatch. Ooops! The Celtic priest says Begone! Run or feel the claws of doom! Leave! Okay, let's leave.

Go back out of the compound gate and go forward. The helicopter will drop a ladder and off you go back to the Manor. Do a turn around and give the map and membership card to Hump again to go back to the Celtic compound. Enter the compound again using the sundial. Go back to the tower.

Celtic Priest's bedroom:    Climb back to the top floor and see that the hatch is open. Look through the telescope and see the gate, hut frame and the Celtic priest looking back at you. He is hiding behind one of the skeleton prison tree by the path to the hut. Turn left and take the key on a string hanging on the bedpost. Go to the table and open the drawer. Take the one pinch measuring tool. Make a separate Save game here to facilitate going back to study the book if unable to get the priest away from his bedroom again. Study the red formula book. Pull the bell rope and look through the telescope to see an agitated Celtic priest. Exit the tower and then go around to the locked gate of the cemetery.

Cemetery:    Use the key taken from the bedpost on the gate lock. Read the name on the gravestones. They are the Developer Team of The Omega Stone. Take the Celtic Cross atop the SS monument. Go back to the tower.

Tower:    Go to the alcove at the first floor entryway. Use the Celtic Cross from the cemetery on the cross on the wall. The stairs moved back to reveal an opening to the lower floor. Climb down.

Secret Room:    There are 6 stone slabs. Each one has a sword and all have a red book except one. The cover of the books has the depiction seen on the skulls taken from the trees - bird, fish, horse, swan and boar. The books have the layout of the standing stones, round rocks and some of them have the tree skull signs noted in the scroll at the dining table. In one page in each book, all of the standing stones depict tree skull icons. Better make a note of that stone formation and from what book. Take the sword from the stone slab missing a book. Time to solve the case of the missing snake skull and snake book. Where did we see a snake prominently displayed and didn't we see the snake book under the stairs of the cellar? Climb up. Take back the Celtic Cross inserted in the alcove. Go back outside to Hump and go to the Mansion.

Mansion:    Go back to the cellar and look again at the red book under the stairs. It does have the snake symbol - the missing book. Note the layout that has 4 stones and 4 rocks in a cross layout. They all have one of the signs of the tree skulls. Make special note of where the snake sign is positioned in the layout. Exit the cellar and go to the maze.

Maze:    Go through the maze. Stop at the statue without the sword noted earlier on the long outer path at right edge of the maze. The statue is at the X in the graphic above. The statue seems to be missing something. Place the sword on his right hand to match the other statue at the opposite side of the maze. The statue gets stabbed by the sword and moves back. Go forward to an enclosed lawn. Click on handle of the door of a marbled covered shed. Enter and go forward to a makeshift altar. Take the snake skull. Look at the scroll. It shows how to use the grate in the hut at the Celtic compound. It has the name of the ancestor of the eccentric Lloyd Bathelwaite, H. Ian Bathelwaite III. Exit the enclosed lawn and automatically take the sword back. Go back to the Celtic compound.

Hut:    Go to the hut at the second path on the left from the archway. Place the gold marked skulls collected in this area on the stand behind the fire on a tree trunk grate. L-R: bird, horse, snake, boar, swan and fish. Click on the blue circle on each head and see different powders. Exit and hear the bell sound 3 times.

Alchemy Puzzle:    The object of the puzzle is to place specific amount of powder from the skull on the grate to make the Stonehenge disk. The horse skull does not have any powder.

1. Learn the different icons associated with the skull. This can be found in the scroll at the dining table of the Celtic priest.

2. Study the red books associated with this skull signs at the secret room at the basement of the tower. From each book, select the standing stone formations that contains the skull icons. All the stones must contain the skull icons except for 7 standing stones which has an additional icon. If you missed checking the snake book, go back to Lord Bathelwaite's cellar and study it.

3. Go to each of the standing stone formation outside the tower. Select the stone in that formation that corresponds to the icon of that skull book. Write down the number and position of the line marks on that specific stone.

Bird Book   Horse Book   Snake Book
Boar Book   Swan Book   Fish Book

4. Study the book in the bedroom of the Celtic priest. You might need to go back to that saved game I mentioned. The bottom left is the line mark of the stones. At top right is the material associated with those line marks. The center icons are the amount needed for the material. Look for the stone drawing that are similar to that of the selected stones outside. Note the material and amount for selected stones. Make a note of the icon for crystal when checking the horse skull.

Measurements - From the book in Lord Bathewaite's study, the icons representing the different weights and the materials are seen; as well as, the measurements.

There are only 4 measuring tools taken in the game - ounce, dram, scruple and pinch. Adjustments to these tools are based on the Apothecary Measurements.


  bird horse snake boar swan fish
lines L-2 L-4 L-1 L-3 L-3 L-4
R-3,4,3 R-1,2,5 R-5,1,2 R- 2,4,3 R-3,2,1 R- 2,2,1
material cinder crystal cinnabar sulfur sea salt mercury
amount 1ounce, 4 drams (1pint), 3 pinches 2 scruples, 1 ounce 4 drams, 2 pinches 1 pinch, 1 dram 14 ounces (1 pound + 2 ounces) 4 scruples, 1ounce, 4 drams

5. Go to the hut and the grill with the skulls. The making of the disk is seen on the scroll found at shed at the enclosed lawn at the Manor. Save your game!

1. Measure the correct amount of the chemicals and place them on the grill using the deduced amount shown above. The powders are taken from the skull except for the horse powder (crystal) that is found at the alchemy table. It is on a bowl in front of the tripod with its icon label. The horse powder can be taken on 2 trips to bring to the hut (Scoop the crystal powder using the scruple and then use the ounce tool from inventory on the crystal again in one trip. Come back for the other scruple load.) Be careful not to move the grate lever when measuring the materials on the grill. They will be dumped, unless you made a mistake in measurement and want to start over. Be sure to check that you have something in the scoop part of the tool and also that it is empty after clicking on the grill.

2. When all the materials have been added to the grill, turn around and get a flaming log from the fire. Light the grill with the measured materials. If incorrectly done, you will be incinerated. If correctly done - Whew! Take the Stonehenge disk from the grate.

Go back outside the compound, click forward to the hillside and arrive at the Manor. Give the Stonehenge pass card to Hump and from Stonehenge we better check Giza.

By this time you should have 6 omega disk - Giza, Easter Island, Maya, Devil's Triangle, Atlantis and Stonehenge. As for the scrolls: Giza - 2, Easter Island - 2, Maya - 1, Atlantis - 1 and Stonehenge - 2 scrolls.

Giza:    Tent - Read Gil's ever-present confidential letter. Do hurry up The Omega Stone has us in view! Take the pass card to Santorini Island. The pass card is seen only if you have all 6 omega disks. Go back to Hump and give him the pass card to Santorini.

Santorini Island

Arriving on a seaplane, go to the back and read Gil's letter lying on the dropdown table. But for now, you have seen what I needed you to see. You now know what needs to be done! Turn around and don the diving outfit at bottom left of the shelving unit. You will be looking through goggles now. Get out from the seaplane and dive down to the pyramid. If you are not wearing the diving outfit, you will run out of air and die.

Crystal Power House:    See the imposing tip of a giant pyramid with a gold capstone. In front of the pyramid is a circular structure. Enter and see a vat full of crystals. The ceiling is open. Exit and climb the pyramid to the top.

Underwater Pyramid:   On the wall is an enlargement of the glyphs seen on the circular structure at the center.

Omega disk end puzzle - Place the disks collected on the proper slots as seen from the enlargement on the wall.

To know where the different disks goes, check the scrolls collected throughout your travels.

Match the glyphs of a scroll to the chart on the wall. The source-place of that matching scroll is then the omega disk that should be placed at that glyph location on the circular structure at the center. You would only need 6 scrolls. Insert the disks at its correct place.

Starting from one o'clock position going clockwise - Atlantis disk, Stonehenge disk, Giza disk, Chitzen Itza disk, Easter Island disk and Devil's Island disk. Take the Omega Sun Disk.

Crystal Power House:    Go down to the crystal power house. As soon as you enter, look down at the vat and insert the Omega Sun disk at the Omega insignia at the side of the vat. The crystals lights up but then subsides.

Hear Gil say that it needs a power boost from the ultimate source and brought in the Ark of the Covenant on a copter. A bright stream of light shoots out from the Crystal Power House into the sky.

Listen to Jeff, er I mean Gil talks about the finding that brings credence to Edgar Cayce's prediction - the other cut stone slab at the Chamber of Ages leads to the Hall of Records in pristine condition. He discusses the Atlantean civilization is made up of different tribes that has offshoots all over the world. How the small Omega stone made up of 2 comets destroyed Santorini. The similarity in architectural structures found in the different places visited. No one place is Atlantis.

Work is still to be done. The scrolls mention ancient civilizations still to be investigated in the East.

The End

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