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An Unfinished Walkthrough by MaGtRo and NKuderna




A substantial reward is offered for the recovery of the stolen 100 coins. As the curator of the museum talks about which coins have been taken, the television starts to get static and shuts down. You are in the apartment of someone that plays the guitar, basketball and has an interest in electronics. Turn around and click on the big cabinet doors to enter a secret passageway. You see a secret laboratory filled with strange machines. Turn to your right and flip the switch. This lowers the time machine. On the front of the machine is a large screen. Click on the machine and it turns around. Click at the back of the machine and it stops. Open the door and see a link to the WWW. Pull out and click the large screen in front. Enter the time machine. You are now inside the time machine. You see vortexes that allow access to different points in time and places. Click on the star in the upper left of the screen to bring down the menu. You don't have to go to the different locations in any particular order. Clicking on disengage brings you back to the main laboratory. Museum plan gives the layout of the museum’s different exhibits, the number of the display case and the information about the display. This information is also seen when you click on the coin slots in front of the screen. Click on any of the little boxes or any of the vortexes to start.


Shall we start?


Salamis –Evelthon 500 – 400 BC

Take a close look at the chair and notice that the knobs are clickable. Turn around and get a hotspot outside. Take a closer look and see a drawing similar to the chair knobs inside the tomb. The drawing shows knob #4 to knob #7 to knob #5. Go back to the chair and push knobs 4, 7 and 5. A Cyprosyllabic script is seen. 


Upon reading the history of this time in Display 2 of the museum, take note that most of the early coins minted are inscribed with Cyprosyllabic script of the name of Evelthon as Euveletone. Turn left and see 3 statues with script at the bottom of the statues. Translate EU VE LE TO NE to Cyprosyllabic script using the scroll from the chair puzzle and turn the statues to highlight the scripts. 



To the left of the chair, a sealed recessed tomb is seen on the floor. Look up on the painted ceiling above the sealed tomb, a circled pattern is seen lopsided. Look closer and click on it. A sliding sound is heard. Look down at the opened, recessed stone box and pick up the 3 coins.


Salamis – Eyagoras 400-300 BC

A temple in a desert like clearing is seen. Still outside, look at the right side of the temple. The drawing shows an arrow from the temple. The one at the center under the roofline is a depiction of military men. The lower hotspot shows stairs flanking columns. Click on the right stairs depicted on the wall carving.

A stairs going doing down under temple is revealed. Enter.  Turn right, forward and then left. Forward to a room with circles in a V formation is seen on the right wall and a triangle with pointed downwards on the left wall. Look down and pick up the 5 coins at the center of the floor. Go forward once, turn left, forward, turn right, forward to a room with similar inscriptions on the wall similar to the first room with the addition of a sun on the middle wall. Look down and pick up the 5 coins.


Enter the temple and see a Temple Statue standing guard. Click on him and listen. “The Goddess is depicted on the coins of the successors of King Pnytagoras the First. 5 letters of her name make up part of the clue.” At the back wall of the temple, a stone script laden circle with rings is seen.Each ring can be rotated. Arrange the circle script to form the name of the King of Salamis, PNYTAGORAS horizontally. The script-laden circle swings open and a coin is revealed. Pick it up.




Kition 500-300 BC

An Amphitheater with mountains in the backdrop is seen. Look to the right and see 3 columns. Look closer and notethe markings. The bottom circle shows a circle with a diagonal line slashing through it and an arrow pointing to the upper left. Go to the center of the amphitheater floor facing the seats and see a mask on the upper left tier. Click on the mask with eye and the view pans to a seat with markings on the riser. Click back to the center of the amphitheater floor and click forward to the center of the seats. Pan to the right and see a piece of paper. Back to the center of the amphitheater floor and pan right and see a mirror. Click on the mirror. Turn the mirror as far left as possible until light is reflected on the seat riser. A smiling face is revealed. Click on the face. A paper is seen close to the face.Study the paper. Click on the face and the tongue protrudes out as well as a shadow is seen on the right side of the screen. Click on the shadow. A block of stone with 3 buttons pulled away from the section produced the shadow. No need to do anything with the buttons. Click on the top back of the stone’s hotspot. Push the button revealed. An entryway is revealed at the aisle close to the mirror.

Enter the revealed entryway. Looking around the columns of light, note that there are 4 in a row. Remembering the paper by the face, there are columns of dots, four in a row. One of the dots is circled clear.At the second row of lights from the right of the entryway, there is one column of light missing. Look for a hotspot on the ceiling behind the first column of light. Click on the hotspot on the ceiling to unblock the covered light.A shower of rocks clears the light hole and looking down on the light on the floor shows coins. Pick the coins up.



Hellenistic Period 332-30 BC

Since there is a battle going on, the time machine will not go to this area, but gives a schematic view only. The object is to use the resources and blueprints from General Headquarters to get over to the fortified city and find the coins. You can read about the Hellenistic Period (332-30 BC) in display 9 of the museum. 

From the General Headquarters, where decisions are made about utilizing the resources, put the axes with the lumbermen. Place the lumbermen on the trees, to get some logs. Put the logs in the mill. Place saws in the mill and then put the blueprints for the bridge in the mill. Move the bridge to connect with the little island. Place the woodcutters on both sets of trees on that island. Put the woodpiles in the mill. Put the blueprints for the ship in the mill. Put hammers and the blueprints for the battling ram on the ship. Place the ship near the iron ore mine. Put hammers, then the blueprints for battling ram in the iron ore mine. Pick up the battling ram and place on boat. Bring ship back to the mainland and place the battling ram on the land. Put the ship back in the mill. Put the blueprints for the tower in the mill. Place the battling ram and soldiers inside the tower. With the bridge between the mainland and island, place the tower on the island. Move the bridge to connect the island with the fortified city. Place the tower on the land just outside the walls of the fortified city. The soldiers will use the battering ram to break a hole in the wall. Now you will be able to retrieve 16 coins.


Roman Period 30 BC – AD 330

Starting this section, you will be in the main room. In front of you will be a table with a round dish and to the left of that you will see a bench and past that a statue. Get a close up of the bench and look at the scroll. Back off and turn all the way around to your left. Go through the doorway and you will come to another doorway that will enter into a reddish room. Upon entering this room you will see a peacock painted on the wall above another long bench. Turn around and notice the tile floor.

There is a tile that resembles the picture on the scroll. Your cursor will change when you find that tile and you will be able to click on it. The tile will change color. Turn around and open the door of the birdcage. As you open the cage door the peacock picture will fade away. Open the cage door all the way and leave the room.



When you are back in the main room where you started, turn to your right this time about 90 degrees and go through this opposite doorway. Go forward through another doorway and you will be in a room with some large shelves that look like bunk beds. There is a little alcove near the floor with 12 holes in a row above it. Back away and turn to the wall with the peacock. Go closer and you will notice a basket of grain, plate, and a lever. Put 12 grains on the plate and pull the lever, which will empty the grains into the bird's mouth. Back off and go toward that little alcove area again. This time you will notice the holes are filled. From left to right, click on each hole. The little alcove will open automatically after you finish clicking on the holes. Go through it and collect your coins!


Byzantine Period 330 –1191 AD

Enter the Church and look around at all the beautiful wall pictures. There are 2 candlesticks on each side of the altar. The one on the right has an unlit candle. Click on that candle to light it. Get close to the altar and you will see an offering plate with some coins. Be careful and don't take those or you might get thrown out of the church. Look at the book or picture on the altar. When you get close to it your cursor changes into a hand. Make the sign of the cross on that picture, clicking 4 times, from top to bottom and from right to left. Each time you click the picture will glow. The last time you click on it, the back of the altar will open up and you may go forward and collect more coins.


Medieval Kingdom of Cyprus 1191-1571

You come into this age facing an entrance to a walled city surrounded by the sea. On top of the entry is a framed stone carving Look close at the carving, a lion is seen. Enter the city. Let's take a tour and start searching for coins.

Turn right towards the columns. Look in the jug and pick up a coin. Turn left into the city and forward until the end. Turn left, forward across the fountain until the end and turn right. Forward until the dry fountain. Look closer on the dry fountain and pick up 5 coins. Take the upper right road, left on next road and then right. Enter brown house. Turn around and look inside one of the wooden cask by the door and pick up 4 coins. Take the upper left road and turn left. Take second road toward the city and get a close look at the camel. Check one of the jugs and pick up a coin. Go to the lower left road towards the wall of the city and go south. Take the first road towards the city proper and then the first left. Look at the palm tree. Pick up the coin inside the jug. Take the left road until you see the 3 horses. Pick up 2 coins from the saddlebag. Go back out of the city towards the wall enclosure and circle the perimeter until you reach the right wall enclosure. Take the second road from the corner tower and turn left and get a closer look at the church.

Checking the information on display 17 of the Museum, a legend was described about that for a brief period after midnight the lion opens its mouth and those daring to thrust their hand down its throat maybe lucky enough to secure a valuable treasure. Look close at the lion. Change  your computer clock to 12 midnight. Wait for 15-20 minutes. It took me exactly 20 minutes. The lion’s eyes will flash. Another flash of light will come out when the lion opens his mouth. Take the coin from the mouth. WOW!


Ottoman Rule 1571 –1878

Arriving outside in the middle of a clear night, with stars twinkling bright in the night sky, turn around and enter the mansion. Based on the information from Display 18 of the museum, this must be the mansion of the famous Dragoman (interpreter) of Cyprus. You are in a courtyard, moon above and rooms on the left and right side. The rooms that can be entered on the left side are the green room, blue room, orange room and a yellow room. Each of these rooms has a cabinet and other furniture. The orange room has a picture of a man holding a paper. The yellow room has a clock with a picture of a girl. On the other side of the courtyard, there is the red room and the white room. Outside the rooms is a table with a telescope, compass and a star map. Looking through the telescope, you will see the night sky as it is seen from the naked eye while standing at the center of the courtyard.

Standing at the center of the courtyard, look above the entrance to the mansion and see a white cross at the intersection of 4 blocks of stone. Remembering the information from Display 18 in the museum, “in this mansion, the cross symbol with the abbreviated religious sign IC XC NI KA is found inscribed in various places.” Look down on the block of stones paving the courtyard and see 2 orange stones. A hotspot to the right and also below the left orange stone is seen. Click on both the hotspots. One is KA (above the stone) and the other XC (below). Click on them to light them up. Turning exactly 180 degrees from that spot and facing the left rooms, with the fourth arch from the end in the foreground, a hotspot is found on one of the stones close to the bottom of the screen. Click on it and click again on IC. Pan right and with the stairs at the center of the frame, look for a hotspot close to the bottom of the screen. Light up NI. Look at the 4 block of stones above the entryway and see that the inscription is now visible. Arrange the inscriptions to IC and XC on top and NI and KA at the bottom. The center white cross turns blue. 


British Administration 1878 – 1960

You will start this section on the street with sounds of gunshots in the background. Turn to your left and find the hotspot below the Wanted poster. Pick up the matchbox and turn it over. Looks like a combination. Write it down since it may come in handy later. (35-25- 60-75) Turn and enter the library.

Go up the stairs and look at the notebook on the table. Use the pencil over that note to make it readable. The note tells you to identify yourself by transmitting your leader’s alias to H.Q. then the correct order for the combination will be sent to you. How do you find your leader's alias? Check in the museum. Go to the museum plan and read about the British Administration 1878-1960 in Display 19. It mentions the struggle Cyprus went through to become an independent republic and also gives the name George Givas (alias DI GENIS) as the leader. Go back to the game, turn about 90 degrees look up the stairs to the bookcases on the top level. Click on the hotspot and move the yellowish book to the right. Enter the secret room and you will find a telegraph machine and code. Type in the name DI GENIS using the code on the wall. As soon as you do that you will get the order of the combination (2 left, 3 right, 1 left, 4 right).

Exit this secret room and go down the stairs out to the main hallway. At the bottom of the stairs go forward into that first room where you will find a safe. With the numbers from the match box and the correct order from the telegraph message you will get 25 left, 60 right, 35 left, and 75 right.

This is not the combination, but the number of spaces you need to move the dial. There are a total of 100 spaces or numbers around the dial but 20 clicks, so each click is 5 numbers or spaces. With this the actual combination becomes 75 left, 35 right, 0 left, and 75 right. Open the safe with the handle and destroy the papers with the matches in the safe. Now you can collect your coins! 


Republic of Cyprus 1960 – present day

At anytime during the game you can exit the time machine and try to leave your apartment, but you can't get very far because the gate is locked and out of order. Look through the keyhole of apartment #011. Interesting! Enter apartment #012 and notice all the piggybanks. Look through the telescope.

Turn to the left and click on that big freestanding closet. Bang away at it quickly with your fist until it moves all the way over to the left and stays there. Now you can enter apartment #011. You will see a table with laser lights positioned around it. When you try to move closer a huge crate will come down and cover it.

Turn around and solve that puzzle on the wall panel to raise the crate. The object of the puzzle is to select an icon (circles with lines) from #1 that when laid over the icon on side #2 at the same position produces an icon that will negate lines inside the circle. The end product should be a circle with no lines.




Go back to that table and you will be able to see 9 coins under a sealed cover. The object of the next puzzle is to light up all 9 lights to open that seal. 





Here, we leave until you or we or somebody else solves this last puzzle. We hope that we have given you a head start so that the Museum of the History of Cypriot Coinage will have back the magnificent collection of coins that connects us to the early days of monetary history of a grand country.


We were informed by a gamer on January, 2001 that the code for the last puzzle is (row by row from the top):

9 8 9

4 7 6

8 5 2

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