Walkthrough by nickie

February 2008


Chapter 1:

November 11, Sunday morning:

Click on the blinking answering machine to hear a message from Detective Moretti, NYPD. Moretti says to come to Staten Island to meet with him, that there has been another case. The second call is a hang-up.


Click on the table and in close up take the pendulum and the PDA. In inventory, look at the PDA. Dave can make and receive phone calls, get email, and use the audio function to record patients and keep a journal.


Also in inventory, look at Dave’s briefcase. A credit card will appear in inventory.


Look at Dave’s suitcase on the floor. Forgot his coat.


On the way out to the lobby, pick up the loose change on the table. Look at the newspaper – same old news.


In the lobby, exhaust conversation with the hotel porter. Receive a map.


Go outside, and to the pier. Talk to the two men on the pier. “If you can swim, the ferry is safe, ok?” Nice to be in New York. There’s a rope and life preserver on the platform, but you can’t do anything with it yet.


Look at the bus station, and look at the poster. Funny. Use some small change on the binoculars near the pier (you can do this whenever you like).


Go to the ferry building entrance for a cut scene.


Arrive at the hospital gates and push the intercom, follow the nurse inside. First use of the split screen, see Dr. Young call to Dave from a hallway. We learn from the doctor that our character is a trauma specialist. Look through some observation windows at the patients, and Dave is automatically stopped by Detective Moretti. Move to where Moretti suggests, a hall directly opposite where Dave is, to finish the conversation.


Go to the booth in the main area and talk to Dr. Young, exhausting the conversation options. Receive the patients’ case files,  a cell key,  and an alarm pager automatically in inventory.


Go into patient cell one, and click on the patient. Go into the other cells and do the same. Look at the case files in inventory.



Talk to Dr. Young. Walk down the hallway to get an indication in the right hand upper corner of your screen that you have a PDA message. Use the PDA to see that you now have Moretti’s contact number added. Go outside the hospital to call him. Talking to him, you get your clue.


Go to the nursing station that is in the hallway where Dave talked to Moretti (not the patient wing). Take the paper and pencil.


Go to cell one. Click on the patient to talk to him, and automatically use the paper and pencil. The patient has a flashback. With all of these flashbacks, you are now playing as the patient, rather than as Dave.


Flashback one:

Click on the hole in the floor – not going back there. Use the crowbar in inventory on either side of the ventilation grill until it falls (note that the crowbar and grill fell into the tunnel). Go outside, further outside, and try to climb the fence. Go back to the barrels, and try to push them. Too heavy, they’re full. Try to shoot them with the gun – you’re too close. Click on the fence again to move further away, and use the gun to shoot the barrels. Now push and roll the barrel to the fence, and use it to climb over. (end of flashback)



Go outside the hospital and Dave receives a message on his PDA from his wife. She’s called the hotel. Talk to the security watchman. Go to the hotel (leaving the hospital, go through the gates, to the street, to Rivington street). Use the elevator to return to the room, and Dave automatically calls his wife. Listen to the message on the answering machine. Ooops! Use the PDA to call Dave’s attorney and best friend, Terry Ingram. Click on bed to go to sleep – can’t sleep yet, need a drink.


Go outside the hotel. Try the credit card in the cash machine to the right of the hotel. It doesn’t work (and won’t for the entire game). Go left of the hotel – look at the shop (you won’t be able to go in there for the entire game either). Go into the Nighthawk bar. Sit down on the barstool, and have a conversation with the bartender. Go and get some sleep.


Chapter 2:

November 12, Monday morning:


Look at the mirror, need to tell the hotel porter. Go outside the hotel, and then back in to tell the porter about Ryker. Go to the hospital and talk to Dr. Young in the booth.


Go to cell five, and Dave will automatically be returned to the hallway. Go to cell one. Playback the audio recording Dave made the previous day, which will be listed in the PDA according to when it occurred, not when it was recorded by Dave ( here it would be 11/10, night, part one). Highlight the pertinent audio tape, and click on play, get the PDA off the screen by clicking on the round button, and click on the patient (same procedure throughout game).


Flashback two:

Go down the hall until you’re stopped by a brick wall. Use the gun in inventory to shoot out the bricks to make a hole in it, and go through it (note that when you’ve made a hole, you have to right click the gun to put it back in inventory before you can do anything but shoot the bricks. You have unlimited ammo, so I guess you could shoot forever if you wanted to).


Try and open the door to the left. It needs a code and we don’t have one. Go the other way to a barred door, can’t open it. Go straight to a ventilator fan and yet another door we can’t open. Looks like we need to get through the fan, but the blade is moving too fast. Return to the brick wall and take a brick. Return to the fan and use the brick on it. Climb through. Use the gun on the brick so the fan blade moves again and you can’t be followed. Climb up the ladder. (end of flashback)


We know that the patient in cell one heard another man, so return to cell three. Receive a message from Moretti with a clue we need here. The logo on the clothes is 108 MHz FM. Maybe that would help jog the patient’s memory. Where have we seen a radio? Go to the booth, and try to take the radio. Dr. Young won’t let Dave take it. Have to get him out of there.


Go outside, and set off the alarm pager. Go back to the booth, and see Young heading to the patient cells. Take the radio and head to the cells. Young isn’t too happy, so sorry.


Go into cell three, and put the radio on the table. Turn the dial to 108 MHz (use arrows and checkmark for selection). If you get the wrong station, Dave will indicate it isn’t correct. When you get the correct station, the patient will automatically begin a flashback.


Flashback three:

Don’t want to go up the airshaft. Walk down the hallway – it’s dark. Push flashlight in inventory to turn it on, and then use it to make it active. Now walk down a lighted hallway and come to a steel door that needs a code. The patient remembers a 1,5 code but this doesn’t seem to be the place (remember that for later). There’s a note in inventory with a partial code that someone else has written:


-         + :  x”

10 minus 2 would be 8. 10 plus 2 would be 12. 10 divided by 2 would be 5. 10 multiplied by 2 would be 20.


Press 8, and press the enter key (bottom row, furthest right). A button lights up. Press 12, enter, another button lights up. Press 5, enter, another button. Press 20, enter, now we have it.

Go through the door. Use the gun to stop the ventilation fan blade (remember that there is a gun here for later on). Climb through, and go up the ladder to outside. Use the barrel to climb the fence. (end of flashback)

 Realize that this is the same scenario as the patient in cell one.


Now use the PDA again to help the patient, by playing the audio tape from cell three, 11/10, night, part one.


Flashback four:

The patient is in the kitchen. He can’t understand why the other guy is around, thought he locked him up. Click on the cabinet, and open the drawer to get a flashlight. We find out by trying different bedroom doors that this patient’s name is Ray. Ray goes into his room and takes the key from the table. Go down the hall and outside (door says main square). Go to the jail building and use the key to open the door. Go to the cell, and use the same key. Find out that the grill has been taken off the wall. Go down the shaft. (end of flashback). Leave the cell.



Call Moretti. Go back to the hotel and pick up the handcuffs from the porter. Go back to the hospital, and into cell five. Quickly put the cuffs on the patient. Play the audio clip of cell three, 11/10, evening, part one.


Flashback five:

Playing as patient five. Go to the main gate area. Open the sliding door on the hut, and take the gas can. Investigate the chain on the main gate. Roll the empty barrel to the gate – no option to climb, going to blow the gate sky high instead. Go back to the fuel dump. On the left is a can with gasoline, need a tube. Go further into the building. In the back left area is an old fire extinguisher. Use the knife in inventory to get a usable tube. Go to the right, and take the flags. Go to the table and take a bottle. Take the cable from the left of the table, and look at table. Hmm, a battery. Go outside the building to the tank filled with gas, and turn the cap. Put the tube from inventory into the opening. Fill the empty gas can with gas, and then fill the bottle with gas. Put the flags in the bottle, now just need a match.

Go back in the building to the table. Attach the jumper cables to the battery. Click on clamps to make a spark. Click bottle on the clamps and pick up the Molotov cocktail. Go back to the main gate, and use the full canister of gas on the empty barrel. Use the Molotov cocktail on the barrel, and automatically blow the gate up. (end of flashback)


Leave the cell, and receive a message from Moretti that he wants to meet outside the hospital at five o’ clock. The message was written at four thirty. Go to the booth and talk to Dr. Young. Yeah, you take the handcuffs off! Go outside the hospital gates and meet Moretti. Automatically return to the hospital. Go to the nursing booth and talk to Tamara.


Go to cell three. Need to do something else to help him with his recollection. It was nighttime… Return to the nursing station. Take the flashlight on the counter. On your way out of the room, look at the fuses to the right of the door. Push them, which turns the cell lights out.


Go to cell three. Talk to the patient. Push and then use the flashlight to make it active, but then right click so the flashlight isn’t covering the screen (it will still be on in the scene). Click on the patient. Play the audio tape of cell five, 11/10, night, part one. Click on the patient.


Flashback six:

Investigate (not use) the diary in inventory. Click to disengage. Go outside the room and go to Jonathan’s room (patient one). After the cut scene, leave the room and see Cliff (patient five) in the hallway. Go to Cliff’s room, enter and you’ll be thrown out. Click on the door, and select listening instead of opening. If it is quiet and you enter, you’ll be thrown out. When you get the comment that “he’s running around, further away”, enter the room and immediately click on the small note that is on the wall to the right of the door. (You can do this as many times as it takes to get the note). (end of flashback)


Now have Dave go back to the nursing station again, and push the fuses to restore light in the cells. (You may have to do this more than once, if Tamara sees you doing it).

Go to cell 1 (Jonathan). Play the audio recording of cell three, 11/10, afternoon, part one.


Flashback seven:

Cut scene.


Leave the cell and go to cell two. Click on the patient. Play audio tape of cell one, 11/10, afternoon, part one. Click on the patient.


Flashback eight:

Look at the railing on the watchtower. Not going to jump. Go inside the glass booth. Click on the cabinet – can’t open it with bare hands. Use the knife from inventory to open it. Push the lifeboat to the rail. Click on the railing to tie the rope. Push the lifeboat over the edge. Click on the railing. (end of flashback)


Leave the cell and go to cell five. Play audio recording from cell three, 11/10, afternoon, part 2. Click on the patient.

Flashback nine:

Cut scene.


Go to cell three. Play the audio recording from cell five, 11/10, afternoon, part one. Click on the patient.


Flashback ten:

Ray hears screams. Talk to Cliff. Consider the half full wine bottle on the table. Try to take it. Go outside the building, and to the jail building. The door is locked, so go to the barred window to talk to the girls. Cliff has the key in his pocket. Go back inside the living quarters to see Cliff leave his room. Go into Cliff’s room. Consider the empty wine bottle, and then take it. Note that a new action is available behind the door – “I’ve got to get him in here and then I can surprise him”. Go to the kitchen, and ask Cliff for the key. Switch your empty bottle in inventory with the half full bottle on the table. Go back to Cliff’s room and hide behind the door. (end of flashback)


Leave the cell and go to cell five. Play the audiotape from cell three, 11/9, night, part one.


Flashback eleven:

As Cliff, look at the ventilation shaft in close up. There’s a knife, but can’t reach it. The cell door is locked, nothing to do but beat up the chair. Pick up the piece of broken chair. Close up view of the ventilation grill again, use the chair strut to get the knife. Use the knife on the grill screws (four corners of the grill). Put the knife back in inventory, and pull the grill off of the wall. Crawl through the shaft. Cliff recognizes the passageway and knows the code on the door. Go down the hallway and out the sliding door. (end of flashback)


Leave the cell and go to cell two. Play the same audio tape you played for patient five (cell three, 11/9, night, part one). Click on the patient.

Flashback twelve:

Cut scene.


Leave the cell and go to cell four. Play the audio tape of cell two, 11/9, evening, part one. Click on patient.

Flashback thirteen:

Use the knife on the ventilation grill – the knife gets dropped. (end of flashback)


Dave receives a message on the PDA from Moretti. Go outside the building and call him. Moretti tells him about a drawing found in the patient’s clothing. Go to cell two and click on the patient.


Flashback fourteen:

She’s in the watchtower, and the ladder broke on her way up. Consider the searchlight. Too heavy to push. Enter the booth. Use the green button to turn the searchlight on. Can’t move the light around though with the arrows, the controls must be damp. Turn the screw to look at the panel. Take the console plate. Look at the plate in inventory, have to dry it somehow. Use the plate on the searchlight – too hot. Go back in the booth. Connect the cable with the clamp on the bottom left and the searchlight goes out. Now you can use the console plate with the searchlight to dry it out. Go back in the booth and disconnect the cable, attaching it to the next clamp to turn the searchlight back on. Turn it back off to get the console plate, and return the console plate to the control panel. Press the green button to turn the searchlight on, press an arrow to start the light moving. Someone shoots the spotlight out. (end of flashback)


Leave the hospital and run into Dr. Young. Get a message from Kim that a letter has been delivered to the hotel. Go to the hotel and get the letter from the porter, and then to the room to read it. The restraining order comes from the same law firm where Dave’s friend Terry works. Call Terry, and call Kim.


Can’t sleep, so head on over to the Nighthawk bar. Sit on the barstool and have a long talk with the bartender while getting cozy with some Johnny Walker scotch. Click on Ryker for a cut scene. Go back to the hotel and go to bed.



Chapter 3

November 13, Tuesday morning


As you leave the hotel, the porter asks to speak with you. Click on him to speak with him. Click the credit card on him to pay for the bill. The card is blocked, and Dave says he needs to make a call. Look at the card in inventory, and the telephone number for the credit card company will be added into the PDA. Go back to the room, and call the credit card company. The account is frozen. Call Kim, but can’t reach Terry.


Go to the hospital. On the way, a stranger stops Dave. Looks familiar. Then Moretti stops him as well. Continue on to the hospital.


Go to cell four. Play the audio recording of  cell two, 11/9, night, part one. Click on the patient.

Flashback fifteen:

Go to the kitchen, and pick up the bucket and mop that is near the door. Look at the bucket in inventory to see that it needs water. Click on the sink to get a close up view, and click the bucket on it. Click the faucet to run water into it. Go back to the pool of blood in the hallway to automatically clean it up. Take the bucket outside, click on the well. Use the bloodied water bucket from inventory on the well. Go back inside to Laura’s room where the blood was. Inside her room there are drawings on the table – click on them, and take the knife. She’s going to look for Laura to see why she would draw those horrible things. Go back outside and hear Laura calling for help. Go to the watchtower. (end of flashback)


Go to cell five. Play the audio recording from cell four, 11/9, evening, part five. Click on patient.

Flashback sixteen:

Cut scene.


Go to cell one. Play the audio recording of cell five, 11/9, evening part one. Click on the patient.

Flashback seventeen:

Look to the left, and there is an area to get a close up view. Pick up the gloves. Continue down the path until it comes to a fork. Take the path to the left, a way to get out of there. The stone slab is too heavy to push on your own. Retrace your steps and go the other way, right, where the path forks. Use your gloves on the roll of barbed wire to get the metal bar. Go back the other way to the slab of rock you want to move. Use the bar on the slab. Wait, something is crying. Go back to the area you saw the barbed wire. Oh no! Look at the injured deer, and use the gun on it so it doesn’t hurt anymore. Go back towards the cave, and see someone. (end of flashback)

Click on the patient to hear about his fears of Dr. Young and Tamara.


Go to cell three. Play the audio recording from cell one, 11/9, evening, part four.

Flashback eighteen:

Try opening the door. It seems to be stuck. Take the nearby fire extinguisher (it remains in hand and not in inventory) and bash the door. OK, the wheel turns but still need a code to open it. Click on the light switch to the right of the door, and look at the code lock again. Some numbers have been partially rubbed off with use. Earlier this patient remembered a code that began with 1 and 5.  Those are two of the numbers that show wear. The other numbers are 3 and 7. Try and select the numbers, but can’t because the power is flickering. Turn the light off, and select 1,5,3,7 (you can’t see the numbers but just bars to select. They’re in order though). Open the door. Looks like a radio room. (end of flashback)


Go outside the hospital to call Moretti about radio transmissions. Return inside and you get a message from Moretti. Read the message, and then scroll down in the audio clips to see the radio message.

Return to cell three. Play the radio transmission for the patient.


Flashback nineteen:

Look at the desk, just some old documents. Look at the radio on the other table. It doesn’t have power. Look to the left side of the radio, and put the power cord into the wall. That didn’t work, someone has done something to the radio. Click to the left of the radio for a close up view of the rear side – pick up the rags. It’s too dark to see anything else. The overhead light doesn’t have a bulb. Try to take the bulb from the lamp that is working – won’t do it while the power is on. Click on the light switch to turn the light off( by the door you came in). Use the rags from inventory to get the bulb, and use the bulb in the lamp above the radio. Click on the light switch to turn the lights back on. Click just to the left of the radio to see the rear of it again. There are four plugs and four sockets. Look at the papers on the wall above the radio. Someone has written on them “1-R, 2-4,3-2,4-3.”

On the table you see that Red is first, closest to you, with green next to it, then purple, and then yellow. According to the handwritten notes, we need to connect red, then second we would connect the cord that is fourth, the yellow cord and so on.

Put the cords in to the sockets red, yellow, green, purple. ( You have to click on one plug and one socket, and then right click to disengage and do the next one.)

    Click the on switch. Uh oh, after all that someone shot out the radio! (end of flashback)


Go to cell one. Click on the patient.

Flashback twenty:

Cut scene.


Go to the front booth in the hospital to talk to Dr. Young. You tell him that you’re going to start in the morning with the patient in the second cell. You also tell him to stay away from the patients, and have the nurse stay away too. Exhaust all conversation options. Interesting. Leave the hospital.



Talk to Miller, the security guy by the gate. Go back to the hotel. Click on the porter to talk about your bill. Go to your room, and see that suitcases from home have arrived. Pick them up to read a letter, and have a cut scene. Call Kim and Terry. Kim agrees to a meeting in central park. Go to bed.



Chapter Four

11/14, Wednesday morning:

Automatically call Terry Ingram. Hmm. Go to the hospital, and on the way you’ll stop at the pier to notice the stranger you’ve seen twice before talking to Dr. Young. Talk to the stranger.


Go into the hospital, talk to the security guy Miller and to cell two as planned. Oh no! Use the alarm pager to call Dr. Young.



Receive message from Kim confirming that she’ll be meeting him around eight tomorrow. Go outside the hospital to call Moretti. Moretti says they need to meet tonight.


Go to cell one and click on the patient to talk to him.

Flashback twenty-one:

Cut scene.


Go to cell three and click on the patient.

Flashback twenty-two:

Cut scene.


Back to cell one. Play the audio clip from cell three,11/8, afternoon, part one. Click on the patient.

Flashback twenty-three:

Pick up the key. (end of flashback)


Go to cell five, and talk to the patient.  He heard Dr. Young and another man arguing loudly. Play the audio clip from cell one, 11/8, afternoon, part two. Click on the patient.


Flashback twenty-four:

Use the smaller key in inventory to unlock the door to the armory. Open the door and go into the next room. He remarks that guns must be in the back, so go to the far wall. Click on the cabinet, use the other key from inventory to open the lock. Pick up the guns. Return to the area where there are a lot of parts on the floor, and take the crowbar. Across the room are boxes. Use the crowbar on the ammo boxes to take some ammunition. Go outside. (end of flashback)


Go to cell one. Play the audio clip from cell five, 11/8, afternoon, part four. Click on the patient.

Flashback twenty-five:

Cut scene (Ohhhhhh)


Leave the cell and find Dr. Young eavesdropping again. It’s late – leave the hospital.



 On your way to the hotel, you hear a voice coming from the water at the end of the pier. Automatically go to the end of the pier to investigate. Cut scene.


Go up the steps and continue to the Nighthawk Bar, where Moretti can help with those new bracelets. Talk to Moretti, clicking to continue the conversation. After Moretti leaves, talk to Ryker. Go back to the hotel, talk to the clerk to get the letter, go to bed.



Chapter Five


November 15th, Thursday morning:

Automatically call Terry Ingram. Go to the hospital, run into Moretti at the pier. Moretti says he’ll meet Dave on the pier after eight.


After Moretti leaves, Dave sees something in the water – go to the end of the pier to see a dinghy. Go back to the front of the pier to pick up the rope and the life preserver. In inventory, combine the two items and click on the rubber dinghy. Look at the dinghy to see a weapon. Pick up the weapon.


Go to the hospital. Dr. Young seems surprised to see him. Better hurry and see the patients before Dave is thrown out. Go to cell one. The patient is unconscious. Look at and then take the powerful sedative. Go look at the other patients – all are unconscious. Go to the front booth – Dave got Dr. Young so upset he didn’t lock the booth. Click the sedative on the medicine cabinet to get the antidote. Go give the antidote to the four patients.



 Go to cell one, and talk to the patient.

Flashback twenty-six:

Cut scene.

Receive a message from Kim that she’s waiting in Central Park. Go right of the hotel to get there.



Move forward three times to meet up with Kim. Cut scene. Dave is automatically returned to the hotel area, and sees his suitcases waiting for him. Pick up the suitcases and leave them in the Nighthawk bar. Go to the pier to meet Moretti, but he isn’t there. Call him, and hear his telephone ringing nearby. Look in the dumpster.


Go to the hospital, where you’re automatically thrown out. Use the  gun, and click on the door to go back inside. Use the sedative on Dr. Young and Tamara.


Go to cell one and talk to the patient.

Flashback twenty-seven:

Cut scene. Psychlops Industries is testing Goliath. Remember that. Get in the rubber dinghy Dave tied up earlier, and Dave will automatically go to Fort Tilden.


November 16th, Friday, early morning:

The PDA and the guns are lost. We need evidence and we need a weapon. Look at the fence twice. Pick up the stone by the dinghy, and use it on the stone on the ground. With your now sharp stone, use it on the dinghy to get a rubber strip. Use the rubber strip on the fence, and climb over. Look at the crowbar and pick it up. Climb through the ventilation shaft. Once through, click on the ventilation shaft again, to see that the gun is still there blocking the blade. Use the crowbar on the ventilation shaft, and get the gun in inventory automatically. Go forward two clicks to the hall intersection. Go through the barred door, and Dave is in the main gate area. This is familiar from Cliff’s flashback. Go to the main square, and to the armory. Go to where Cliff picked up the ammunition to get a clip, which is automatically loaded into the gun. Go back to the main square, and to the watchtower. Use the rope to climb up, and pick up the knife in the booth that was dropped there by Laura. Use the ladder to climb down. Go back to the main square and to the main gate, open the sliding door and back down to the bunker passages.


Now go to the steel door which needs a code to open. Here’s a puzzle that needs a word from an earlier dialogue in the game. The answer  is the name of the program, “Goliath”. However, it’s not enough to enter Goliath for the code. Enter as follows:

G is the first letter. Press the key with “G” on it. Since “G” is the first letter on that key, one click is all that is needed.

“O” is the next letter. Press the key with “O” on it. Since “O” is the third letter on that key, you must press the “O” key three times, before going on to the next letter. Likewise, press the “L” key three times, the “I” key three times, the “A” key once, the “T” key once, and the “H” key twice. The door can now be opened and Dave is in a surveillance room.


Go across the room and see that it is next to the radio room. Look at all the surveillance tapes. It would be helpful to get the one that shows the shots being fired in the hall, and the one that shows the kids being brainwashed as they sat around the computer monitors. Use the take function on the tapes to start the puzzle. There’s a screen with a video tape which has three different categories – location, day and time. Once you think you have the correct match on what you need, you select the tape by clicking the checkmark. If you have the incorrect tape, Dave indicates it wasn’t the right tape. You’re not able to view the tapes, except when the two correct tapes have been selected. The tapes which you need are Corridor, Day 4, 0-6 hours and the LAN-room, Day 2, 18-24 hours.


Now look at the computer server behind glass casing. We’ll come back to it. Go across the room to see a ventilator grill. Use the knife to take the grill off the wall, and climb. Dave is now in the LAN room. Go further into the room to see that the computers have been wrecked. Click on the computer to get the hard drive. Click on the boxes near the flag to take some adhesive tape. The door is locked, so go back down the shaft to the surveillance room.


Dave has enough evidence, and now needs to destroy the computer server. Use the adhesive tape on the air ducts on its side. Watch the ending movie.

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