The Oracle

Game by Eugene Couto

Walkthrough by Chief


The opening page gives access to the Main Menu. The messages seen on the screen can be removed by clicking on it. On top of the page, find the inventory in a bag. In the bag, see the items in a Pocket PC and the Menu on the Pocket PC on the right. In inventory, right click to get a message about an item. You can get access inventory by right clicking on the screen.

This game has a very good Hint section found in the Pocket PC.


Home and around

Press on Introduction to see the basics for the game and get to listen to the message on the answering machine.

Where is the mailbox key? You must read that postcard.


Walk the sidewalk up to the street and click at the right of the screen to be on that other street.

Go up the sidewalk again and click on the post office just beside the white post on the other side of the street. In front of the entrance, find a dog that will not let you pass.

Click on the entrance and then the dog. You need something to move the dog.

Move back by clicking on sidewalk and go back to the corner where you came from.

Go up the screen to a park with mailboxes on the right.

Click on the mailboxes and then the gate on the right. Click the latch to open the gate and go to a buried thing on the ground. It’s a dog toy that you take and it goes to your inventory.

Go back up to the sidewalk and back to the post office. In inventory, take the dog toy and move it out of the Pocket PC. Click it on the ramp and the dog will move away.


Enter and talk to the postman about your little problem and your lost mailbox key. He will give you a new one.

Back to the mailboxes. In inventory, right click on the key to learn that your mailbox number is E7.  You have six big boxes in front of you. So “E” will be the fifth one, marking “A” as the first one on the left. Just count the number of small doors on the “E” box from the top and click on the seventh one: my mailbox. Get the key from inventory and click on E7: inside, you will find the postcard.

Get rid of the key by right clicking and pick up the card. Click on all the messages you get on the screen and off you go in a plane.


Your room

Check everything in the room, especially the chest on the floor near the door.

You open the chest to find a metal container. Click on it and it goes on the desk.

Go to the bottom of the screen to close the chest that will go in inventory.

Click on the metal container and a beam of light appears. You reach for the container…….

An hour later you wake up and you find a pill on the floor: take it. Stand up and go to the doorway.



We are outside the hotel, so let’s go to the town. Walk to the road. Look at the sign post: an elevator. What could that be? Walk the road again and find yourself in front of the church.

Turn right twice and take the path to the elevator. Enter and talk to the person in the booth. Ask for a ticket and she gives an all-day pass on the elevator. The ticket goes in inventory. When you want to use the elevator, you just walk right in.

Talk to her again completely. When she talks about the wind power generator, a map appears on top of the screen.

Have a look at the map: two destinations: Nazare and Wind Generator.

Let’s go for a ride: walk to the elevator car and get in. When the car starts moving, turn around and see the control panel. On the left, there is a two way radio. Remember that.

When the car stops, go out to be on a place with restaurants. Not much to do here. Go back to the elevator and the entrance booth. Back to the road and turn right to see a woman at a gift shop. Talk to her.

Next to the gift shop, you will find a chapel. You can visit if you want.

Back to the street, go right again and see street vendor. You can try and talk to the vendor: nothing to understand.

Right next to some bottles, see a telescope. Take out some money and click it on the coin slot.  Look around. Nice view. Click on “look away” at bottom of screen and walk back.


Wind Generator

Go to the map and click on that destination.

When you arrive, find some shoe print on the left of the car by clicking on “gravel” first than “forest”.  You will then have a view of the ocean.

Find more shoe print and see a path. On the right, a hut: go in.

On the box on the left, find a book: take it. It is about Cistercian Mythology. Right click on it and read to learn about three stones that are hidden across the land and the Chamber of Union. What is the Oracle?

Look around and find a journal on the desk. It will go on top of the screen along the map.

Read it carefully.

You will also find a bottle of pills on the desk.

For now, there's nothing else to do in the hut. So go to the beach.

Turn left to see a fisherman in the water: talk to him: he will say that there was a man who worked on the hill near a stick in the sand. Go back and right to the float with the number 183 on it.

Check the cliff on the right of the stick and find a metal bar: how can you get there?

Take the path to the valley and back to the hut: let’s have a look at the Hint System to see what we need to build a cannon launcher:

Map tube: over the desk.

Arrow: in the quiver on the right by post

Rope: in the bin

Anchor: between the quiver and the bin

Shot gun shells: in a box on the shelves

Cloth: above the box by the lantern

Rubber stopper: in the hanging basket

Lighter: behind the lantern

Go back to the beach and the metal bar on the cliff.

In inventory: put together the rope and the arrow. Wrap the rubber stopper in the cloth. Open the knife and click it on the shells to get gun powder. Put the gun powder in the tube. Put the wrapped stopper in the tube. Slide the arrow in the tube. Use the lighter on the tube and the arrow will go up to the metal bar.

Attach the anchor to the rope and click on it: up you go. You will find a metal ball, a hole and a post. Take the ball and place it in the hole.

Now, return to your room in Nazare , click on your bed and rest for the night. During the night, there will be a lightning storm and your key will be forged.

Now return back to the cliff top. With your knife, click on the hole and you will get the key from the mold.

Go back down. Remember the Sceptre in the journal. It's time to find it. Go back to Nazare with the map.



Go to the telescope, put some money in and look for the Mount: you have a new destination in the map. Look away from the telescope and go to Monte Sobras.


Monte Sobras

Go up the rock stairs and then the metal stairs. Some army personnel are there in the tower.

You need a two-way radio: go to Nazare and the elevator. Look at the control and take the radio. Go back to Monte Sobras.


Up the rock stairs again, but instead of taking the metal stairs, go left to a secluded spot.

Right click on the radio in inventory: it will come up on the screen. Open the radio with the knob on the right.

With the “up-down” button, look for CH69. Press the big button on the left to talk.

Choose the “gamma tower” in the conversation choice at the bottom of the screen and talk to the man. He will leave the tower.

Put away the radio and go up the stairs. You will find the sceptre on a table on the right.

In the coffee cup on the left, put in the pill. The man will not bother you for a while when he drinks it.

Go back down and hide in the secluded spot while the man comes back to the tower. Go back to the metal stairs. But do not go up the stairs. Instead, go up and right of the screen to find a way to the mountain top. Nice view.

Take the sceptre and click it on the word Nazare and then click the sceptre. You will get a new destination on the map.



The door is locked. So, go right to the barrier and click on the broken fence. Walk the path and down the stairs to the cliffside.

There is a cave there: have a look inside. You will find a metal door. Now look for a hole and use the key. Enter to see a ladder: go up.


Chamber of Union

See a dead body. It is Alex. You will find a note: read it.

In the middle of the Chamber, see a pillar. In inventory, open the box and take the metal container to put it on the pillar. Click the metal box and three portals will open. But which door to choose and where does it go?


The church

Choose the first portal on the left and you will be in a church.

Remember the book about the Cistercian Mythology and three stones hidden across the land.

That is what you are looking for in the three portals.

Walk ahead in the church to the table. Turn right and go in the first opening on the left: the hallway. Go to the chapel on the left and pick up a snuffer.

In the chapel on the right, you will find two bells: use the snuffer on them and remember the sounds.

Walk back and go in the opening on the far right: chapel-altar: find a tableau and click on it to get close and see a panflute. You can check the Hint system to get some help.

On which pipes must you click to get the sound of the two bells: the second and fifth pipes: you will ear something moving.

Walk back and see a secret chamber: click on it to have your first stone: a red one.

Go back to the portals.


The castle

Do the same thing again with the metal box. This time go to the third portal and be in a castle.

Take the stairs on the left and pick up the bucket. Go up again and go through the doorway on the right and see a guillotine.

Pass the guillotine is an archway: go in. See a glass with weapons.

Take your knife and open the lock. Click on the open glass and a club will go in inventory.

Walk back to where you arrived and go to the doorway behind the broken column.

See a display case and a figurine. Use the club and take the figurine. Right click on it in inventory: something inside.

Back to the guillotine and put the figurine in the lunette. Cut the rope with your knife.

Pick up the cut figurine and look at it in inventory: a black stone.

Back to the portals.


The Garden

Do the same thing with the metal box and go to the portal in the middle.

When you arrive in the garden, take the path on the left to see a machine with two levers and symbols. Remember where this machine is.

Go back to the main path and go forward, passing another machine on your right, but keep walking.

At the end, there are two paths: go right to a machine with what looks to be a big drill bit.

Now you will have to be fast: click on the handle and before the water stops going down at the end of the machine, take the bucket from the inventory and click it where the water falls. You will get a full bucket. You can also get the water where it comes out of the machine near the drill bit.

Now walk back to the machine you saw on the right: get close and pour the water from the bucket on it. You will see two symbols at the end of each funnel - alpha and omega.

Go to the pathway on top of the machine and walk back to the machine with symbols: put the left lever on the symbol on top (alpha) and the right lever on the middle one (omega).

Walk again pass the machine on the right, but this time go left to some mirror with inner and outer ring: Click on them to see the third stone: the blue stone: take it.

Back to the portals.


Chamber of Union

Take all three stones and put them on the pillar.  Open the wooden chest and take the metal box to put it also on the pillar. Click on the metal box and get the Oracle.

Take the Oracle and put it on your friend’s body: life is returned to him.

Keep clicking to see all the texts.


End of game.

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