Pirates of the Caribbean
PC Version
Written by Thet Oo Maung
Version 1.0



This Guide contains Side Quests and the main quests. 'Pirates of the Caribbean' 
is one of the best open-play RPG of year 2003 although it has some annoying 
glitches and bugs. I am the biggest fun of 'Elder Scroll III - Morrowind' and 
after I have finished the game and its expansions I want more of games like 
this. Ever since Bethesda Softworks announced about 'Sea Dogs II', I can't wait 
to get this game. Finally, the game is out and it changed the name to 'Pirates 
of Caribbean' and at the same time the movie is showing. Man! Those are the 
golden days, I watched movie and played game everyday non-stop. 

This guide could have been completed to end but as you all know, the game has 
terrible bugs. It made me start over three times. So that's why I can write the 
walkthrough till the part of the game that I have reached so far. I am also 
searching for the possible bugs and glitches so that other people who start 
playing this game won't suffer like I did. Well, enough of talking and lets 
continue to Guide.



This FAQs is written by Thet Oo Maung. Expect for personal use, reproducing, 
selling or publishing of this FAQ partly or whole is strongly prohibited. 


Version History

Version 0.75 - Start writing the FAQs. I was almost finished the game but a 
glitch hit me badly. This is the third time. I didn't give up though.

Version 1.0 - Finished the game and FAQs. Corrected misspelling and names of 


Side Quests

Atios Votary

This quest can be started by entering the pirates Island first time. Make sure 
you have one space left for an officer. If you already have three officers, 
remove one officer first before you go to the pirate's island for the first 
time. As soon as you enter the pirate fort, you will see a man with sword is 
fighting to another one without sword. If you let him kill the guy, you quest 
will be with Blayth. I saved Atios and killed Blayth. He will join you. 

Take him to Conceicao and you will notice that he is disappeared. Go to the 
Tavern and ask the Tavern Owner where about of him. Tavern owner will tell you 
about Atios and then you will have to go upstairs room to see a wounded man. 
Then the soldiers will come and accuse for murder. I went with them easily and 
nothing harm. After solving the problem of accusation of murder, you will have 
to go outside of the town to the jungle and your quest is updated. You will see 
three men with Atios lying. Help him and he will tell you about him. Force him 
to tell about the secret and he will tell you about the treasure.

To get the treasure, you will have to go to Donuswan. Then go out to the jungle 
to find a waterfall. There is a small path on the left of the waterfall which 
leads to the wracked ship. But you will have to fight with skeletons on the way. 
After killing all the skeletons, go to the ship's part which is on the land. 
There you will find a box and grab the silvers. You will get 50,000 gold in the 
exchange of silver which is really worth it in the beginning of the game. 

Finding the son of Admiral

When you are at Isla Mulle, go to the Town hall and talk to the guy standing to 
start the quest. He is worry about his son and asks you to bring back. Last time 
he heard his son is in Redmond. Go to Redmond and ask the Tavern keeper. 
Admiral's son is in affair with Governor Silehard's daughter. To see her, just 
go outside to the jungle and you will find her with two soldiers. She will tell 
you that the Admiral's son is now back to his father.

Go back to Isla Mulle to continue the quest. Admiral will tell you that his son 
is kidnapped and he wants you to exchange him with 20,000 gold from thugs. Go to 
Falais de Flau and go to the Tavern. You will meet a guy there and he will lead 
you to the house. Don't bother trying to kill the thugs in order to save the 
son. Just give them 20,000 gold and the son will be free. Go back to his father 
to collect 10,000 gold for reward. If you want Admiral's son as an officer for 
your crew, he will join you. Remember to free one space for officer. This game 
has some glitches and this is one of these. Like in the quest of Atios, if you 
don't free one space for an officer, although he is joined to your crew, you 
cannot see in your passengers.

Rescuing Toff's daughter from pirate

This quest is easy and worth it because you will get Nicolas's Saber for reward. 
But your rank should be respectable for example bloke and above. When you are at 
Donuswan, go to the Tavern and talk to the guy who is wearing a green clothes. 
He is depressed because his daughter is kidnapped by a pirate. Promise him to 
help and go to the governor's house. Talk to the governor and you will get 
permission to aboard the pirate ship. On the pirate ship, talk to the pirate 
leader but you will be in a scene of this pirate leader and one of his crew. 
Then they start fighting and you will have to kill the pirate leader. When he is 
killed, you will get the daughter and go back to the Tavern to talk to the 
father. He will reward you with the sword. Go to the Town hall also to collect 
reward from Governor.

Strange things in Arperchio

Go to the Town hall of Donuwesan and you will see three women are standing. Talk 
to them and you will know about the kidnapping of the children and Governor 
doesn't take any action. You can promise them to talk to the Governor yourself. 
If it is at night, sleep until morning and talk to the Governor. He will ask you 
investigate yourself. You can start your investigation from the Pirates in the 
jungle which is the same way now you are going to look for the ship.

Go to the jungle and search for the pirates den. Now go to the pirate chief's 
house and ask about the Black Frigate that kidnapped the children. He will tell 
you that this ship doesn't belong to the pirates and it is heading to the 

Talk to the guy on your right in the Greenford Tavern. He will tell you that the 
ship is going to Pirate Island. Follow to the Island and talk to the Tavern 
Keeper woman. She will tell you that the ship really was here on the Island but 
she doesn't know where it left. You have to investigate your own again.

Most people has lost track of this quest after talking to the old lady at the 
pirates island. The fact is that you have to go to Redmond church and do favor 
to the priest in order to continue this quest. Go to Redmond church and talk to 
the priest. He will ask you to do a favor which is to investigate about the 
priest of Greenford. 

Go to the Greenford and ask the two priests. Then go to the Tavern and talk to 
the Tavern keeper and the waitress. You will have to find a man who makes fake 
writing of the priest. He is living in the house just behind the Tavern. Talk to 
him and your quest will be updated. Go back to the Redmond Church and talk to 
the Priest. Now you can ask him about the black frigate.

He will now ask you another favor. You have to bring the letter to the Isla 
Mulle church. As soon as you are near to the Isla Mulle Island, you will be 
landed on the shore and faced men with red robes. You will be in a small fight 
but this is not that difficult. You will get a medallion and your quest is 
updated. Go to the church and give the letter to the priest. When you go back to 
Redmond and continue talking about black frigate with the priest, his assistance 
will attack you and your quest is updated. 

Go back to Isla Mulle and talk to the Tavern Owner. Then go out and find a man 
that the Tavern Owner tells. You will get information from him that the leader 
of the black frigate is now in Greenford.

Go to Greenford and talk to the Tavern owner. The leader is now in the prison. 
You will have to talk to the Warder to meet with him. The warder won't let you 
see the guy unless you pay him 5000 gold. The only option is to go back to 
Redmond church and talk to the priest. The priest will give you document and you 
can show that document to let the Warder let you see the man.

After you free the red robed man, sail to Isla Mulle. Immediately, you will be 
a cut scene with Red robed man in the Tavern room. You will have to kill him 
after you try to get the information from him. The information you get is where 
about the hide out of 'Animists', those Red Robed men. It is located at the 
small island near Isla Mulle. Sail to that shore and walk straight until you see 
a cave.

You will be fighting with at least 10 Red Robed men. Their boss is hiding behind 
the big chair in the main room. Kill him and your quest will be updated. Go back 
to your ships to fight with 'Mefisto', black frigate. After that all the 
problems are solved and all you have to do is go back to Donuswan and Redmond to 
collect rewards.


Main Quest

Quest 1 Arrival at Oxbay

This is where the story begins. Nanthial Hawk, Captain of the ship named 
'Victory' (default name; you can change whatever you want), wake up in his cabin 
and realize that his ship has been luckily escaped from a storm last night. One 
of his Crew comes and tells him what he has to do for today. If you are playing 
for the first time, I advice you to follow the tutorial first. Otherwise choose 
the option to skip the tutorial.
Before you leave Oxbay you have to do the followings.

*	Buy a new spy glass
*	Sell the goods at store so that you will get enough money to repair ship 
and hire crews
*	Go to tavern and hire crews
*	Lastly, go the shipyard and repair the ship

If you are following the crew for doing these quests, after you finish repair 
ship, he will tell you about the 'Loan shark office' where you can loan money. 
And then he will tell you that if you buy import goods of Oxbay such as silk by 
using loan money and sells at another island, you will make good money. 

If you buy a better sword than the one you have at the beginning, you will see a 
dungeon near the shipyard. The dungeon is located at the basement of the house 
which is in front of the shipyard. But the skeletons pirates inside dungeon are 
so hard to fight at the beginning of level one. 

After you have done everything at Oxbay, set sail to the sea. You will watch the 
FMV of French attacks English colony, Oxbay. And you will receive new quest.

Quest 2 Inform the Governor of Redmond about the French invasion

Your next quest is to go to Redmond, which is English colony near to Oxbay and 
inform the Governor about the French invasion. When you first arrive at the 
Redmond port, you will see a man walking near the gate. His name is Rhys Bloom. 
If you talk to him, he will first tell you that he knows the name of your ship 
and you. Then he will ask your help. If you agree to help him, you will have to 
go to harbor master. Harbor master house near the gate as well. Talk to the man 
inside and he will tell you about Rhys Bloom, who is discharged from a ship 
because of bar fight. If you promise to take care of him to harbor master, you 
can take him as your crew member. When you go back to Rhys bloom after talking 
to harbor master, and tell him that you have take care of everything, you will 
have a option to take him as your crew member. He will ask you 500 gold but I 
think it is worth to spend since other officer you hire in the tavern at least 
2000 gold worth. But Rhys has very poor stat and you have to take him with you 
all the time to train him. As for me he is my first officer in my ship.
After you have done with Rhys Bloom, go inside the town and find the Governor's 
residence. Just go straight and you will see a big house. If you enter the 
residence at night, the guards will stop you and ask you to come back in the 
morning. When you enter the residence, you will first meet another captain. He 
just says good bye and leave. Tell the Governor about the French invasion. He 
will try to take his hand on your ship to liberate Oxbay as he is now short 
handed of his ships. But you agree to help and he will give you an order. Your 
task is to sneak into the city of Oxbay and grab the as much as information 
about French troops you could. He will tell you that after you finish the task, 
he will reward you handsomely. So now you receive updated quest.

When you set sail again, you will see that French are now aggressive to your 
ship just like pirates. Sail to Green Rock Bay or Far beach. As long as you 
don't sail to Oxbay port straight, you won't be fighting with French's 
battleships. Go thought Jungle to Oxbay town. You may have to fight with two 
French guards at the entrance to town, if they stop you. Be careful of those 
smugglers in the jungles. They are hard to fight if you have low level. 

When you are inside the town, head to tavern. When you talk to the tavern keeper 
about the French, he will tell you that he is now sick of these French. Then you 
get an idea about how to get more information about French troops. There is a 
French officer who is drinking inside the tavern. The tavern keeper agrees to 
corporate with you for liberation of Oxbay. You approach the officer as you want 
to be his first mate. And tavern keeper gives you Rum and Ale as much as you 
want and make the officer drunk. When he is drunk take him outside the town to 
the Jungle. And now you can ask the information you want on him. Because you 
threaten his life, the officer tells you everything, when you know you can 
whether kill him or just let him go. I killed him of course and then two guards 
as well. There you will get a letter about the Braque ship with tons of 
ammunitions is sending to Oxbay and you have to stop it. The ship is now at 
Flarais de Flu and waiting to be escorted to Oxbay. You have two choices for 
next quest. You can whether go back to Redmond to report the Governor about this 
information or go to Flarais de Flu to investigate by yourself.

I didn't report back to Governor instead I went to Flarais de Flu by myself. 
time you arrive at the Flarais de Flu port, a crew from the ship will come and 
you 1 gold for show you the town. Give him and you can ask the information you 
want on the ship. The fact is that the French has hired a Captain to escort the 
ship to the Oxbay. This Captain is now at the town's tavern. Go to the tavern 
and ask the Captain's name to tavern keeper. He will tell you that he is now up 
stair in the room. Go to the room and talk to the Captain. Now you will have two 
choices that you kill the Captain or bribe him. I bribed him with 3000 gold and 
over took his job. You will get the document from the Captain. You will have to 
show the document to Harbor master at the port. His house is on the right side 
near the port. Show him the letter and he gives permission to depart. The owner 
of the ship will come and talk to you. Now you can set sail to anywhere expect 
to Oxbay. I set sail to Redmond and I destroyed the ship with ammunitions which 
is to deliver to Oxbay. 

After you have done this, you can now go back to Governor Silhart of Redmond for 
reward. And he will give you another order.

Quest 3 Escort English troops ship to Green Ford and meet an agent at Oxbay

This time the quest is a little bit complicated. Governor Silhart will tell you 
that an informer at Green ford has found a cave near Oxbay shore and Governor 
has idea of hiding these soldiers into the cave. When he commands the navy to 
attack the Oxbay by sea, these troops will attack Oxbay by land from behind. 
Your orders are first meet the informer at Green ford port first and then the 
informer will tell you the landing area to drop the troops. Then you take the 
troops to the location. After you deploy the troops, you next order is to meet 
an agent at Oxbay tavern. 

When your quest is updated, leave the town hall and go to the port. You will 
meet a captain who is in the mission with you together. Set sail to the Green 
Ford port. At the port, you will meet a man who is happened to be an informer. 
He will tell you that it is best to deploy the troops at night fall in order not 
to get attention from French. You and the captain agree to go to Tavern for 
drink while waiting.

At night fall, you will have to sail to Green Rock Bay. Upon arrival, the 
informer will tell you that a French troop is coming this way and you will have 
to enter a land battle with French. These soldiers are not very difficult to 
kill. Kill them all and the informer will take the troops into the Jungle to the 
cave. Say good bye to the Captain and now you will have to go for next order.

Go to Oxbay through the Jungle as usual. Go to the Tavern and meet an Agent 
named Tobias. He is drinking at upstairs. He will tell you that he is waiting a 
French officer who lost a lot of gold at Gambling and cannot pay the debts. 
Tobias convinced him that he will take care of the debt if the officer is 
willing to give up his ship to English. They made agreement and appointment at 

Unfortunately, while waiting the French soldiers arrive to Tavern and try to 
capture Tobias. You will have to enter a fight again. From this point, you will 
have to enter many fights. Kill all the soldiers and Tobias joins you temporary. 
He suggests that you should run to Shipyard owner McConnell for asking favor to 
hide. As soon as you and Tobias get out of the Tavern, French soldiers run and 
fight you. Tobias will be escaped because he runs like hell but not you. You 
will have to fight with at least six soldiers. The best technique is block all 
the time and shoots with gun. You should have some health potions to recover 
yourself. Run to the shipyard after fight. Fast travel doesn't work this time.

Shipyard owner will hide you from soldiers. After that he will ask you return 
favor. He wants you to deliver the locked chest to the Tavern keeper at Redmond. 
This is a new quest and it is the beginning of the quest 'Black Pearl'. Finally 
it makes sense to the movie. You will have to agree his favor.

Tobias will tell you that the French officer will be now waiting at the Tavern. 
Because the soldiers won't recognize you so that you are the one to go to him 
and tell him to meet Tobias at somewhere. You will see other your crew members 
are missing from you and you will have to go alone. 

Go to the tavern and find the officer. He is sitting at the table near the 
stair. He is nervous and when you tell him, you agree to go with you. Take him 
to behind the tavern near the wall. Tobias is waiting there. Then you three make 
escape to the port. You will be talking with a solider at the port. He will let 
you go easily but when you are near at the dock, other soldiers run to you and 
you will have to fight many soldiers again. It is easy because they cannot 
surround like before. The dock is small enough for two man and you are blocking 
their way. So easily kill one by one and then leave the port. If you have two 
ships before you do this quest, one ship will be send to Redmond and another 
ship will help you fight the French's ship on the battle at the port. The ship 
you are commanding is the ship of the French officer who agrees to give the ship 
to English. This is quite hard because on the way, a French battle ship is 
blocking and shooting the ship. At the back, the ford will shoot the ship with 
cannon. And two small French ships are on the side shooting at you as well. My 
suggestion is sail away as fast as you can instead of fighting back. Since 
battle ship is slow, first sail to the direction which it cannot shoot and then 
from this point sail away fast. 

When you get back to the Governor, he is pleased with you and give you reward. 
And he will order to participate in liberating Oxbay. But first he wants you to 
rest at the Tavern and wait for his call. This is another quest.

Quest 4 Wait at the Tavern and deliver the locked chest

Although these quests are written separately in the quest book, I will take it 
as one same quest. When you head to tavern to deliver the locked chest you are 
asked, there are two pirates waiting you at the entrance. They will ask you to 
give the chest to them. You can refuse and fight them but believe me; you cannot 
even make them a scratch. They will give you another chance and ask again to 
give the chest. This time, give the chest to them and they will be disappeared. 
You quest will be updated as they will tell you that the shipyard owner set you 

Go inside the Tavern and you will meet a cute babe, Denial and her right hand 
Ralph. Since you two had strong relationship in the past, you will be surprised 
to see her again. After some talk, English soldiers come and arrest you. You and 
Denial will fight soldiers. But Denial's right hand Ralph will die. She will 
become so mad at you and tell you to run away. After she runs away from the 
Tavern, other English soldiers arrive. But this time you give in. 

Quest 5 Escape from Jail

Now you will be in the jail. You weapons will be taken. You will be talking with 
the warder. If you can convinced him that you will let him join your ship as an 
officer, he will let you go and give you weapons back. On your way out, you have 
fight two English soldiers and before you get out, the Governor will come in. He 
will tell you this is the terrible mistake and say sorry. But he will execute 
the warder for breaking law and letting you go. You can convince the Governor 
that you will take care of the warder as your crew on your ship. The Governor 
will agree. And guess what, while you are in the jail, English has already 
liberated Oxbay and you don't have to involve in the battle.

Quest 6 Find the betrayed Captain Rehims and bring him back

The Governor orders you this time to find a man named Rehims who betrayed 
English in order French to achieve the invasion. He was last heard at the 
Pirate's hideout. Go to there and dock at the port. At the first time you go 
into the pirates' hideout, you will see two man fighting swords. You can just 
let the man kill or save the man. If you save the man, the navigator will join 
your crew. If you let him executed, the captain will join your crew. This is 
another quest and you can see this crew member only when you enter pirate's 

If you talk to the other man inside hideout and you will get information that 
Tavern keeper woman is close to Rehims. Go to tavern and talk to the tavern 
keeper. If you can convinced her, you will tell you that Rehims has left to Isla 
Mulle. But you will also hear that at the day the Rehims he was shot. You get 
information about Smuggler leader.

Follow Rehims to Isla Mulle and go to the Tavern. Ask the Tavern keeper and he 
will tell you to go away. Leave the Tavern and you will meet with a smuggler who 
will take you to the smuggler leader.

You will meet with a smuggler leader and know that Rehims left by telling no one 
where he is heading. He is in the expedition for finding something. You know he 
has a house in the smuggler lair but the smuggler leader prohibits you to go 
inside. You should go to Tavern and wait until night fall.

There are two men guarding in front of the house. Go to the right side of the 
house and then you can enter the house. You will find nothing but an old ledger. 
Two guards will enter the house and you will fight with them. The quest for 
finding Rehims is temporary ended here as you lost trace of him. Before you go 
back to Governor and report about it, it is good time to investigate about 
'Black pearl'.

Quest 7 Black Pearl

This is the original quest of delivering the locked chest to Tavern keeper at 
Redmond from shipyard owner at Oxbay. So you go back to Oxbay. French ships 
won't be there to attack you because English already liberated Oxbay. Shipyard 
owner admitted that he knows about the attack but he didn't plan to set you. In 
fact he set up the Tavern keeper because he is his enemy. In the chest, there 
are coins inside. Those pirates are like ghosts, and they follow the coins and 
kill the man who has the coins. He will tell you that if you want to know more 
about these coins go to Flarais de Flu. 
Sail to the Flarais de Flu and first time you enter to Flarais de Flu, you will 
'Black Pearl' ghost ship. Don't bother trying to sink that ship. You ship will 
be sank instead. If you don't start attacking, it won't attack you. Sail to the 
port and find a house inside there is a man sitting. To find his house, just go 
straight from the port door. You will see on your left two houses and on your 
right there is a road to Jungle. The guy is in the second house on the left. He 
will tell you a story about the 'Black Pearl' and its cursed pirates. Apparently 
you cannot kill it. 
When you get out of the house the man will come and talk to you. He and you will 
be drinking at Tavern and he will tell you about how to kill the Black Pearl. In 
order to destroy the ship, you will need an ancient Incan treasure. The quest 
will end temporary here.

Quest 8 Deliver the letter to Pirate Lord

When you are back to Redmond Governor, he is so mad that you failed the task. 
But he will give your reward anyway. Your next task is so simple. You have to 
deliver the letter to Pirate chief at Pirate Hide out. Just go and deliver. It 
seems that Governor has been using Pirate Lord's help.

Quest 9 Retrieve the stolen treasures

After delivering the letter, the Governor wants you to do the personal order. 
His ship with the lots of goods and important collection of Incan treasure was 
robbed by pirates and now the pirates are hiding at Donuwesan jungle. Your job 
is to go to Donuwesan and retrieve it.

Upon reaching Donuwesan, you will enter sea battle with a ship. Destroy it and 
you will be at the shore ordering your crew to find the treasures. Your crew 
will be recovered most of the treasures but one is missing. Go back to the 
Governor and inform him about this. He will give you next order.

Quest 10 Bring the prisoner from Greenford

The Governor wants you to go to Greenford and take the pirate prisoner to him. 
Go straight and turn right to get to the prison at Greenford. It is near the 
other side of the gate. But you will be informed that the prisoner has been 
escaped. Get out of the prison and the woman will ask your help. Three men are 
trying to burn an old man near the prison. Help the old man and he is happened 
to be a scientist who is living at Lighthouse. He invites you to his house and 
when you reach to light house, you will meet with Denial again with the other 
guy named Vincent. The guy knows where the Rehims and Denial agrees to take you 
along. Go back to the Governor and inform about this and tell him about the 
trace of Rehims. The Governor is happy to let you do this job. 

Quest 11 Continue searching for Rehims

Go back to Lighthouse to meet with Denial. And off they sail to the sea. You 
will have to sail to Donuwesan and dock at the port. As soon as you arrive, 
Denial will tell you that Vincent has already gone to Tavern. Go to the Tavern 
and you will meet with Vincent. He will tell you that the guy who is sitting 
near the entrance of Tavern is Rehims. When you talk to Rehims, he is first 
surprised and then later he will tell you to go to his house which is outskirt 
of the town. As soon as you, Denial and Rehims get out of the town, three 
cutthroats will rush to attack you. You will be stayed behind in order to escape 
Danielle and Rehims. She will tell you the way to Rehims's house. Fight with 
thugs and just continue walking straight. You will be at the first intersection. 
Keep walking and you will see another intersection. Turn left to get to Rehims 
house. Upon arriving you will be surprised to see that Rehims is dying. Danielle 
now realizes that you work for English and she will draw her sword. Before you 
can do anything, the crazy girl will stab you and you will fall and pass out. 
You will hear what Rehims and Danielle are talking. It seems that you are stuck 
in some kind of conspiracy of English Governor. And Danielle is looking for the 
same things that Governor Silehard is after. Your quest is updated and now ready 
to find Danielle.

Quest 12 Find Danielle

Your next destination is to Isla Mulle. Go to the church. Just go straight from 
the entrance of the town and then turn right to the big church. Ask the priest 
to let you into the Library. But the priest won't let you unless you do him a 
favor. His documents were stolen by pirates who are apparently at Conceicao. 
Follow him to Conceicao tavern and you will meet him near the entrance of the 
Tavern. He will not give up his stolen documents and you will have to fight him 
by sea battle. Go out the Tavern and go to the port. Depart and destroy the 
pirate ship. If you sink the pirate's ship the documents will be lost. I 
captured the ship of course and I got the documents. Return to the Isla Mulle 
church. You can blackmail the priest before you give the documents. I got about 
5000 gold. After that you will study about ancient Incan text and you will start 
tracing what Danielle and Silehard are after.

You will have to sail to Oxbay Lighthouse and from there go to Oxbay mine. First 
you will have to ask the mine officer and ask about the guy who come here before 
to get the Clay Tablet from the mine. Then go inside the mine and talk to the 
Negro slave master. He will not tell you anything until you free him. Go to the 
officer again and buy this salve from him. It is 1000 gold. When you free the 
slave, he will tell you about the guy who come to the mine. He will ask you to 
be your crew member. It is up to you.

Go back to Isla Mulle Tavern and ask about the girl, Danielle. As soon as you 
out of the Tavern, you are in the battle with thugs to save Danielle. Save her 
and she will join you. Now you have realized that Governor Silehard has been 
using you. Danielle wants to sneak into Silehard's house and ask him about the 
Incan treasure. Go back to Redmond. 

You will be immediately inside the Silehard's bed room. You will threaten him 
but cunning Governor will escape and you will be battled with guards. You and 
Danielle will split up to find the last Incan Idol and about the text.

Quest 13 Looking for the Incan Idol

Although, this is the continue quest from the last quest, I want to separate as 
different quest. Since Danielle is out of the party temporary and you are on the 
way to Greenford while she is in search for the ancient text to find the 
treasure. You will have to go to Greenford Prison again and ask the Warder to 
give the Incan Idol that is kept in the prison. But Silehard is this time one 
step before you and he orders to bring the Idol to Redmond and kill anyone who 
asks about this Idol. Fight with all the soldiers inside the prison. And hurry 
back to the port. There is an English Frigate and you should try to capture it. 
It is hard battle since you board to another ship. The soldiers on the ship are 
harder to kill then normal pirates. When you get the Idol, sail back to the 
Lighthouse where you and Danielle are appointed to meet. 

But you will be informed by the old man that she was there awhile ago. You 
become worry about her and should sail to look for her. As soon as you get to 
the map, the cut seem of the storm and ship. You have encountered a very bad 
storm and you will be overboard and wash away. 

Quest 14 Get a ship to go to find your ship and crew and Danielle

You will wake up on the shore without have anything. You money will be gone and 
you ship and crew are lost. You will be told by a man near the shore that a 
storm hit your ship and you are too lucky to be alive. Lucky for you that you 
still have you equipments. You are now on the island of Donuwesan and you should 
get into the town to find a way to find your ship and crew. 

But this is at night and the road is dangerous to travel. You have no choice but 
to go. There are many thugs, skeletons and bone monkeys in the jungle. This is a 
kind of hard since you have no crew member beside you. And the enemies are in 
group so normally you have to run or avoid them.

When you are at town, go to the Tavern but you have no luck that there is no 
ship of yours dock at Donuwesan. You have to find a ship to travel first. Tavern 
keeper will tell you that there are pirates in the jungle and you might find 
someone to let you onboard. Go to the jungle and search for the pirates den. You 
will know that a pirate captain is looking for crew. He is inside the Tavern. 
Talk to that old man and ask him to let you onboard. I challenged him and take 
over his ship and crew.

Now that English are after you. You have to avoid fighting with them since your 
pirate ship is so weak and English has those battleships. To find your ship, 
crew and Danielle, sail to Isla Mulle. You will first meet with your crew and 
they are so happy to see you. While you and crew are celebrating, Danielle will 
see you and ask you to come to her room upstairs. She will tell you that her 
ship was stolen but she still has the copy of the ancient text. And she is 
happier to see you than to know that Incan Idol is saved. Whatever she feels, 
you and she now agree to find someone who can read ancient text. He is the old 
man from Lighthouse. 

Quest 15 Find the old man

Sail to the Lighthouse and you will alone go inside the Lighthouse. But instead 
of old man, you will meet English soldiers and fight with them. The old man has 
been arrested and taken to the Greenford prison.

Danielle will tell you to rescue the old man. But this crazy girl has crazy idea 
about capturing the whole colony instead of breaking the prison and rescue the 
old man. 

Quest 16 Battle at Greenford
This is not an easy battle. Danielle plan is that you attack the ford from the 
sea while she and other crew will attack the ford from the land from behind. The 
ford is equipped with many cannon and you should too. I advice you to have at 
least two battleships before you take on Greenford. I attacked Greenford with 
three battleships and my ships are almost sinking. Destroy all the cannon from 
the ford. Target the cannon only and not to the wall. You will notice where the 
cannon are since when they shoot you from the Ford, you will see smoke which is 
the location of the cannon. Eventually you will be able to enter into the ford 
and fight with English Soldiers. Instead of your normal party members, there are 
many crew will be back you up and this is not a problem. After you capture the 
ford, go into the city. 

You will see Danielle and other crews are battling with English soldiers. Help 
them and she will tell you to go to prison. Save the old man from the prison. 
Man, this is one hell of the battle.

The old man will tell you that he can translate the text for you but you must 
take him with you on expedition. All you have to do is to wait in the Tavern. 
Danielle will have some conversation with you. 

After talking with Danielle, a crew man of your ship will come into the Tavern 
and tell you that English fleet is attacking. Danielle agrees to cover you up 
from the fort and you will have to go to sea battle with two battleships and one 
caravel. After the battle, you will get back to the port and Danielle will run 
to you and talk to you. After that you are sent back to the old man at the 
Lighthouse and he will tell you that most of the translations are finished and 
you are ready to set sail

Final Quest Sail to Khoal Roa

This strange island has been forgotten for its unnatural surrounding. The island 
can be entered only to the specific time of the specific year. You will need to 
prepare well since you will be fighting non-stop sea battles and land battles 
and there is no way back. What you are fighting includes one big battleship 
called ManOwar of English Governor Silehard and three ships of pirates. Your 
main concentration should be capturing ManOwar because you will definitely it 
for fighting with 'Black Pearl'. This is not an easy battle though. But if you 
are prepared, ManOwar is yours.

Incan Temple

After you have won the battle with pirates and English fleet, you will be landed 
to shore. You cannot go back to sea no more. Clement and Danielle is in your 
party. Start going into the Jungle until you find a Hugh temple. Go up to the 
top of the temple and you will find an entrance to the maze.

The maze

This is the confusing part of the game but if you know the key, it is quite 
easy. You will see that you are in the Alert state (your danger icon is red). 
You will be at the place where three tunnels like entrances are there. Danielle 
first tells you that she will go left and Clements chooses right. You will have 
to go straight ahead.

Go straight ahead and you will go up a ladder to a large room. You will fight 
with a skeleton. There are five entrances but only one entrance is the right 
one. Look carefully to the floor. On your left when you come out from the 
ladder, the first entrance has a marking of 'skeleton to sun' on the floor. Your 
main goal is to follow that marking all the time and you won't get lost in the 
maze. Continue following and you will get a room which has a square on the 
floor. Step on the square and press F3 for placing idol in it. Cut scene of door 
opening will appear and you will fight with two skeletons. Go into the door to 
meet up with Danielle and Clements again.


This is a very Hugh temple room and you need to go up to the stairs to the top. 
And follow the middle part to enter into the middle door. The light will take 
you to another room with a Hugh statue. Clements will tell you that he will look 
for the trap. And Danielle will tell you that she will start looking for the 
treasure. Just wait her till she move to the statue and the very cool FMV will 

Final battle with 'Black Pearl'

You will be back to the shore and short conversation with Clements and Danielle. 
After that you will be battled with 'Black Pearl'. You will have an ability that 
is needed to use for fighting 'Black Pearl'. Without this ability, you won't 
hurt the 'Black Pearl'. This ship is so fast and the battle will take a long 
time. After you have done decent damage to 'Black Pearl', you will have other 
ability which is shaped like a crystal. Use it and cut scene will appear. Sink 
'Black Pearl' and enjoy the final ending of the game. 

After the ending, credits will show up and main screen will load up. If you want 
to continue playing, you will need to install mod for PC users.


First of all, thanks to Bethesda Softworks for great game. Many thanks to 
Gamefaqs for posting the FAQ. Special thanks to all the gamers out there writing 
and suggesting any topics about this game at all the message boards and forums.



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