In the beginning, talk to Captain Lloyd. Your ship will be hit and the captain will ask to go with him. Go into the hold, get the fire extinguisher on the wall and use it on the flames when the captain is gone. Go back to the control room and talk to Driscoll. Open drawer of Captain's desk and look in it; get the key, the recorder and the notebook. Use notebook on radio and go into the sleeping quarters (upper right door). Here is Hamsun. Search under the bed in the lower part of the screen and get ice shoes and life vest. Also take the axe (on the wall next to the closet). Take the St. Christopher medallion (on the night table in SE part of the screen). Then talk to Wayne twice, he will go away. Use medallion on Hamsun to hypnotize him; use recorder on Hamsun to record his chant and then go back into the control room. Quickly use the tape recorder on yourself to kill the Prisoner.

Go into the engine room (latch in the SE part of the screen). Get the wrench and turn on the switch in the middle of the room. Talk to Stanley and go back into the control room; talk to Driscoll about Stanley and go back to the engine room. Use walkie talkie on yourself to free Stanley. Talk to Stanley and tell him Lloyd is dead; he will tell you the frequency. Now go to the control room. Use wrench on metal wheel in the middle of the room and use the radio to send the SOS. You can't get to the sub's torpedo room, so use the axe on the electric box in this room. Then take a look at it. The means of this puzzle is to maintain the wires, so that there is no interruption in the cables (each color has it's own cable). Click here to view the right combination. When you made the right combination, talk to Driscoll and ask about the surface. Now go into the hold (left door).

Put on the ice shoes (use them on yourself) and use the key from the drawer on the lock next to the hatch; get the revolver. Now go to the torpedo room (down the hatch in the sleeping room). Use metal wheel on the box to the far right, then use it again. Get the fuse (in the middle of the room); open the torpedo tube and the hatch of the bottom right torpedo (No. 26). Now use the walkie talkie to contact Driscoll to tell him that you are ready. End of Sequence!!!

You start in captain Sears' office. Talk to Captain Sears and when he leaves, get the cigarettes on the right desk and open its left drawer. Look in the drawer and get the paper in the drawer. Also take the identification sheet from the right desk. In the hall, look at the desk and get the film. Go into the radio room (middle door). Talk to Shaw. Use your identification on the steam to get the photo, then go to the projection room: Go the hall outside Sears' Office, walk to the door on the right (=elevator room), then to the next door on the right (=hall) and once more to the next one on the right (=projection room). Here, talk to McLagen and give him the cigarettes. Now talk to him again; ask about the film and give the film. After watching it, look at the bookcase in the back of the screen: the book beneath the red lamp is a specific book you can look at. Carefully place the mouse cursor on the single book to read it and search. Use the fragment of sheet with #523 in the book (remember the code: 496-523).

Go back to the radio room and talk to Shaw; ask about the radio message. Also ask him about Fisches and McLagen. Now go to Sears' Office. Use the portrait on the left wall to discover the safe; use the safe and open it (code 496-523 from the projection room). In here is a stamp and a key. Take them and close all. Now search Sears' desk; use the stamp on the pass on Sears' Desk and use the photo (from I.D. You get the photo by using on your I.D. the steam in the radio room). Now take the pass and go to the elevator room. Push the button next to the elevator, go into the elevator an head down. Go through the door and give the guard the pass you've from Sears' Office. Now go through the door to the room with two Guards downstairs. Talk to the guards, then go into the closet (middle right door). Take the container on the upper left shelf and open the coffin. Search the coffin, then go back to the nurse room (bottom right door in the previous room. Look at the magazine (has no significant value whatsoever) and search the magazine (has no significant value whatsoever). Talk to the nurse about seeing the doctor, she will ask if you may come in. Tell the doctor that there's something wrong with your stomach. Then give the doctor the container you got from the closet. While the doctor is getting your pills you must get the manual on the doctor's desk. Go to the armory (upper door in the room with the two guards). Go into the upper door (armory). Give the guard of the armory the manual from the doctor's office. Go into the armory.

Get the fire extinguisher from the wall and the cigarette from the desk. Put the cigarette in the trash can. Quickly go behind the shelf on the right part of the screen to hide from the guard. When they are gone, put out the fire in the trash can with the extinguisher. Now go into the closet of the armory (left door). Look at the half open file drawer and search it. Look at the file and close the file drawer. Leave the armory. When Sears is back, talk to him. You will be put back to the submarine. On top of the Submarine, get the cable and use it on the metal stick. Walk across the icy part to the end of submarine and open the compartment at the end of the sub. Take both pieces of metal; use one piece of metal on the other to make a tool. Now walk to the entrance of the sub on the far left of the screen. Use the newly made tool on the entrance of the sub to go inside the submarine. Go into the sleeping quarters. Look at the closet on the NW part of the screen and take the paper in the closet. Go back to the control room. There's a prisoner; to escape him you must look at the button (it's near Driscoll's old post). Use the key on the lock and quickly get out of the sub.

After the sequence, go to the doctor's office. Get the needle on the center of the Doctor's desk and go all the way back to Sears' Office. Use the needle that you found in the Doctor's Office on the map to the left of the screen; a secret compartment will open. Get the stone and the secret papers and go back to the infirmary. Use the stone that you found in Sears' Office on the Prisoner to kill it. Get Quincy's paper that is at the foot of the bed.

Look and search the empty display in the middle of the room. (You notice the display is empty). Talk to Diane and to the museum's receptionist, Hernandez. He will bring you to the curator's office. Talk to Curator. After the accident, go to the library (walk up the stairs in the lobby). Pick up the cane in the corner of the room and pick up the pile of books at the foot of the door. Now talk to Diane. You must carefully move the icon around the book stacks until you find one book. You have to click on the book to activate the mechanism. Go into the passageway. Use the cane you found on the ground floor on the ladder to fix it. Climb up the ladder and you're at the 3rd-floor. Move your icon around the book shelves until you see an empty slot where you can place some books. Search the empty slot and place the three books in chronological order. That is: Sophocles, Shakespeare, Goethe. Then a secret opening will appear. Search the book stacks and read about Leonardo De Vinci. Hit the switch on the book stacks around the middle of the room. Move the icon to the far right and walk off the screen to get to the fifth floor. Click on the statue to the far right to trigger the secret compartment in the middle statue. Look at the secret compartment and you'll get a key. Use the key on the terrace door and exit to the terrace. Walk on the statue of Venus and talk to Diane. You should jump on the next statue. Look at the disc in statue's hand and talk to Diane again. Look at the disc on statue's hand again and try to take it; you are captured by the Germans !!!!

You'll end up in a prison cell. Pick up the stool next to the right wall of your cell. Pick up the stensils on the table of your cell. Use the spoon on the wall next to Parker to listen to his story (you must not let the German officer catch you talking to Parker or else you die!!) After you listen to Parker you have to wait until the German Commander speaks with you. Use the fake report on the sink to clog the drain and make the water run. Then click on the table to slide it to the center of the room. Wait until the guard sees you and opens the cell door and throw the stool to hit the guard when he walks in the door. Look at the unconscious guard; take his cell key. Use the key on the cell door to close and lock it. Slide the table to the center of the room. After the table is in the center of the cell, use the stool on the table and climb on the stool. Use the spoon on the grill to open it. Click on the open grill to escape through the vents.
Crawl to the right end to exit. You will end up in a cave with lava. Click on the stalagmite in the center of the cave to open a secret compartment. Take the objects in the secret compartment. Walk to the right and use the red ruby on the left eye and the blue ruby on the right eye of the rock face. Go into the secret door to teleport. Walk to the far right and search the wagon; take the metal bar. Use the metal bar on the rock where the lava is trickling out to flood the room with lava. Now be quick!!!! Heat the metal bar in the lava and use the red hot metal bar on the wagon wheel to loosen it. Click on the wagon to push it and it will open the metal door to the right. Walk out the gate before the Prisoner gets you.
In the Vent Room, use the metal bar on the big spinning fan of the big vent. After you jam the spinning fan walk in the vent. You'll see a sequence. Click on the grill to get into the room, use the sheet in your inventory on yourself to kill the Prisoner. The sequence will take you in the teleporter. Pick up the first piece of the cannon on the floor. Pick up the battery on the computer and look at the piece of metal on the foot of the stairs of the teleporter. Walk to the far right and pick up second piece of cannon at the far right of screen. Now walk to the far left of the screen and pick up third piece of cannon on the far left of screen. Sit down on the terminal to the far right and listen to the story. Look at the scanner in the middle of the room; put the battery in the slot to right and push the left button. Use all three pieces on the video screen to build the cannon. Now exit the screen. Use the newly built weapon to shoot the big rock in front of the metal closet. Look at the metal closet and search. Use the solar disc on yourself to escape the future.

Use the incantation paper on yourself to stop the Prisoner. Talk to Parker; a sequence will follow. You will be warped to the library. When the guy wants to shoot: quickly get the cannon and shoot the German spy.

Pull the chain on the left side of the screen; a stone circle should rise. Look at the stone circle. You have to solve the puzzle; put the stones in this order: 

Air Water Fire Ice
Cthulhu Dragon Nyarlathotcp Prisoner
Now a book will appear; take a look at the book. Put the stone in your inventory on top of the book and talk to Necronominous and to Boleskine. Now take the book. Continue out of the cell to your right. Get into the boat. Talk to Sears and ask him about Parker. Then ask him about Parker AGAIN. Talk to Sears again and ask him about the Great Ancients. Then quickly use the sword to cut the chord so that the chandelier falls on Sears. You'll come in the room with 3 stone heads. Walk on the stone in the bottom middle of the screen to activate trigger. Use the sword on the head to the far right of the screen. Continue to your right.

Use the sword on yourself three times to cancel the spells. When the man to the right falls to his knees you must throw the book to the altar. Now watch the ending scene...

Beware of the secret


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