Profound Red: Carol Reed Mystery 12

By MDNA Games

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   January 2017


Gameplay:    This is a first person point and click game.

Warning: The game has sex gadgets and adult illustrations.

Before the game starts, see the game settings: display and sound selection frame. The display frame has device, colors and run in window choices. The sound frame has a choice of sound device.

The main menu has resume, new game, load, save, options and quit selections.

The options menu has speech, music, effects adjustments and subtitles choice.

The tutorial on how to play the game can be selected at start of the game.

Objectives and hints are found in Carol's journal found at left of inventory bar.

There is a good hint system in the game. The hints can guide the gamer without the need of a walkthrough.

The main menu is accessed by right mouse click or the ESC key.

The space bar shows all the active spots in the screen.

In Win7, the saved game folder is located at C:\Users\computer name\Saved Games\Profound Red folder.


Carol hopes that she gets time to enjoy summer. She takes guitar lessons.

Investigate Stina's message.

Carol's home:

Look around the apartment.

At the office, click on the guitar to play a few chords and maybe enjoy a drink of white wine. Look around in her office. Exit the office.

Living room:   

Play the guitars in the room.

Turn to the window. Check pot of rosemary. Pick up Carol's cell phone on the amplifier under the window.

A message from Stina about visiting her at her new job at Amalia's House is seen. New location is added to map.

Look at Carol's cell phone in inventory - it has a GB button! Yay!

Turn left, right of chest hutch by office door to see an active power outlet.

Check the bedroom and kitchen. See window cleaning items in kitchen closet by dining table.

At the WC, see a hairbrush on the hamper. Someone is losing hair.

Exit the apartment to see the map.

Hotel - Amalia's House:

Jump to Amalia's House. Go forward and enter the reception door at left.

Ring the bell on desk. Talk to Stina. The hotel got a text message from a Louise. It sounds like a suicide note and was traced to a Louise Elliot.

Walther Elliot's address is stated by Stina. New location is added to map.

Exit the hotel area and jump to Walther Elliot.

Walther Elliot's apartment:

Talk to Walther (Mikael). Louise Elliot is his sister. She jumped from Azure Cliff and broke her neck in the fall.

Sven Olsen is a close friend of Louise. He lives Apus St. New location is added to map.

Walther will visit his mother for a few days and will be gone.

The Azure Cliffs:

Jump to Azure Cliffs. Go forward twice and look right.

Take the magnetic card from the raised ground.

Turn around and look up. See the top of the cliff from where Louise supposedly jumped from.

Go back and exit.

Sven Olsen:

Jump to Sven Olsen. Talk to Sven. Louise also sent a suicide note to Sven.

Sven gives a key to Louise's apartment. New location is added to map.

A photo of Louise is given.


Investigate Louise Elliot.

Louise's apartment:

Look around Louise's apartment. WC is on the left and kitchen is at right of hallway.

Envelope:    Go forward to living room. Turn right and pick up the envelope on top of green box at bottom of the table by window.

Open the envelope and see a picture of Amalia's House. Turn it to read Louise's surprise for Sven.

Louise booked the Viktoria's Suite for the weekend under Sven's name. She prepared a surprise for Sven.

Backpack by drums has running shoes.

Box:    Turn around to door. Look close at the wooden box on table right of the speaker. It is missing an ornament.

Bedroom:    Enter the door at left in the living room.

See a locked orange cash box on table.

Turn left and see a tablet that needs a password.

Amalia's House:    

Go back to Amalia's House and talk to Stina about Viktoria Suite.

Veronica Stein booked the suite day before yesterday. She spent time in the suite and got the key to the tool shed.

Show Louise's picture to Stina. Veronica is Louise.

Viktoria Suite:    Exit and climb the steps on the left. Turn right and enter Viktoria Suite.

Fireplace:    Open the metal door of the fireplace by mirror. Pick up the match box and open it. Get the shed key from matchbox.

Left side table:    Open the drawer to see body stocking packet. Take the ancient mobile phone. It needs a battery.

The right side table has a nail file.

Bag:    Turn right to the exit door. Look close at shopping bag. Take the pair of scissors.

Receiving room:    Go to the other room. Check the sofa. The WC is at left.

Turn around. See a Gamesong right of window. It needs a code to turn it on.

Look in trash can on floor. See a postcard that points to the sofa pillow.

Graffiti Plant:    Move the sofa pillow and read the Artwork at Graffiti Plant leaflet.

Turn and read Louise's message. New location is added to map. Louise suggests to look for golden signs at the plant.

Stove:    Check the stove and see that the fire door is screwed locked.

Tool shed:    Exit the suite. Go forward to the red tool shed.

Use the key taken from matchbox on padlock at left door. Take the screwdriver left of the blue Tommasi bag.

Viktoria Suite:    Go back to the suite and the locked fire-oven door.

Use the screwdriver on the 2 screw-locked doors of the oven.

The small door is empty. Open the large oven door.

Take a wooden box with graphics on the cover similar to graffiti on leaflet.

Exit the suite. You can look around Amalia's Hotel different areas. Exit the area.


Follow Louise's clues.

Graffiti Plant:

Look around. Turn left and go to left end. Turn left and look close at painted boulders.

Go back to left end of building. Turn around, enter building and look around.

Golden signs:    Louise wrote to look for golden signs here.

Go forward once and take the ladder from far wall. Turn around go back to original path.

Go forward once more and turn left. Look at the golden G symbol on the post at center of building.

Continue forward once and turn left. See a golden r symbol at far wall.

Continue forward again and turn left. Go through a low windowless opening at far wall to be outside

Turn around to see a golden 7 on the graffiti left of opening.

Go back inside. Continue to end to see an open pipe and hole on the wall.

Open wooden box:

In inventory, look close-right click the wooden box taken from the Viktoria Suite oven.

Press the 3 symbols that match the 3 golden signs seen on the graffiti.

Press (left to right) positions 2, 3 and 6. Press the button on top. See 5238.










Amalia's House:    

Go back to Amalia's House and Viktoria Suite.

Go to the Gamesung gamepad by window at the other room.

Match game:    Enter the numbers taken from the open wooden box: 5238 to turn on the gamepad.

Do a match game. Click a ? and see a symbol. Look for the matching symbol and click both of them.

Do this until all squares are matched. Press the arrow button below.

See a picture of the square hole at the Graffiti building.












Graffiti Plant:

Go back to Graffiti plant and to the square hole on the wall at end of path.

Take the mobile phone battery.

Ancient mobile phone:   

In inventory, combine (click, hold and drop) the mobile phone battery and the ancient mobile phone taken from drawer at Viktoria Suite.

Look close at the mobile phone in inventory. Press each number and see 4 numbers appear.

Button 1 has #4. Button 4 has #2. Button 6 has #1. Button 0 has #3.

Press in order shown by clue: buttons 6401.

See an electrical box with a smiley.

Smiley box:    Go to entryway to this graffiti building.

Turn right before exiting and look close at electrical boxes on brick wall.

Use the screwdriver taken from Amalia's House tool shed on smiley box.

Take the punch card for 7 free massages for Sven. Sven gave a massage table to the Scandium Insurance Group.

Sven Olsen:

Talk to Sven about Scandium.

Learn that Scandium Insurance Group is where Walther is boss and Louise works part time. Their father Einar gave them the money 10 years ago to start the company. New location is added to map.

Learn about the massage table and the alias used by Louise at the club - Veronica Stein.

Scandium Insurance Group:

Try the door and see that it is locked. In closeup, use Louise's magnetic card found at Azure Cliffs on the locked door of the building.

Stairs:    Look around at right and see that there's button with key icon to raise the blocking bar to stairs at far wall. It is too far.

Louise magnetic card doesn't work on the card reader.

Office:    Turn around. Enter the open door to the office. Look around.

See Walther Elliot locked door left of conference room door.

Check Lotta Persson's work cubicle in front of Walther's door. The cubicles are identified by a tag on the desks.

Check the other cubicles. The Aquarium door behind Irene's cubicle is locked.

Louise's cubicle:    Turn around and check Louise's cubicle.

Read the note about her missing printer. Take the key from Louise's desk.

Check the cabinet by wall. Use the key from Louise's desk on the lock at top right of cabinet.

Read the pink card - code 1759. Exit the building.

Louise's apartment:

Go to the living room and then enter her bedroom at left.

Turn left and look close at computer tablet. Press the on button at left.

Use the code from pink card seen at office on tablet - 1759.

See photos taken from a swinger club gathering.


Uncover Louise's secrets.

Sven Olsen:   

Ask Sven about the photos. Learn that Sven manages the swinger's club and that's where he met Veronica Stein-Louise.

Sven loans the key to Club Adam and Eva. New location is added to map.

Club Adam and Eva:

Use the key loaned by Sven to open the club's door.

Locker room:    Turn right and see lockers for guests.

Lounge:    Turn left from mirror and candelabra to enter the lounge.

Go behind the bar and look around.

Study the picture of labeled dice pointing to an ornate box with colored circles beside the cash register.

Turn around and see the cabinet with locker keys. Exit the bar.

Back room:    Turn left to the long sofa with crimson pillows.

Turn right and enter through doorway left of the restrooms.

Turn right and enter through the doorway left of the stairs.

Dice room:    Turn left and see a room with sofa and pillows.

On the table, see the dice pictured on the paper by the cash register.

Turn right and enter the covered pool with a yellow plastic duck.

Turn right from pool and enter the shower room. Take the shower scraper.

Go back to dice room and turn left towards entryway. Check the wall clock that stopped left of the entryway.

Hallway before mirror room:    Look close at tall table at hallway.

Take a packet of moisturizer beside the matchbox.

Mirror room:    Go through the entryway at top left.

Enter the room with 2 long mirrors on wall.

Turn right and examine the box on the sofa. It is the one depicted on the paper with the dice drawing.

Massage room:    Enter the massage room across from the mirror room.

Look under the pillow. Take the MP3 player with camera. The battery discharged.

Dark rooms:    Back up from massage room and turn left. Enter and Carol says - it's too dark here.

Exit the club:    Turn around. Exit through the hallway right of the massage room; pass the round chairs and forward to the lounge with the chandelier.

Go to the chandelier, locker room area and turn right to exit.

Scandium Insurance Group:

Employee's lounge:    Enter the building.

Use the shower scraper from the club on key button of stair wall. Go upstairs.

Massage room:    Go pass the tables and turn right.

Enter the door at end of short hallway. See the massage table donated by Sven.

Open the cabinet. Read the letter on top of books at middle shelf.

Learn that Louise has a summer cabin. Exit the building.

Louise's summer cabin:

Sven Olsen:    Go to Sven and ask about the cabin. New location is added to map.

Sven earns his living by working on exhibitions.

Louise's summer cabin:    Turn left and see a long red barn that is locked.

Go forward and see the cabin-house. See a padlocked shed with horns beside the cabin.

Red shed:    Go to right side of house and around to the back.

Enter the red shed by clicking on hook at top left of door.

Take the key inside the empty plastic plant pot.

House:    Go back around to the front door of the house.

Use the key from pot on the locked door. Look around.

Kitchen-dining room:    Open the blue cabinet ahead.

Open the box on top and see pictures of Louise in the club.

Turn left and examine the sealed paint tin on shelf above the dining room table.

Turn left and check the drawers under the window. See pictures.

Turn left and check the corner shelf above the sink. Take the keys.

Living room:    Go through to the room right of sink.

Turn left and see a door with no handle behind a red chair.

Exit the living room.

Small Office:    Turn right and go to small office.

Poster:    Look at desk and see a poster for Europe during the War Exhibition.

Sven is the exhibition curator and is located at the Norrköping Museum.

Read the back side to see the list of clues made by Louise to lead to a ring.

The checquered box will be opened with colours from Finger Tingles thing.

Enter the bathroom under the stairs. Look around.

Upstairs hallway:    Climb the stairs.

Left bedroom:    Turn left from hallway. Check the unfinished room behind the door ahead.

At the bedroom, see the checquered box mentioned on the poster on the small magazine table at right.

Master bedroom:    Enter the other bedroom. Look around.

Stairs:    Go back to stairs. See a cup on the shelf above the stairwell. Carol needs something to grab it with.

Long red barn:    Exit the house. Go down the path. Use the key from shelf above sink on the doorlock.

Turn left and see a chisel on shelf. Carol can't reach it. The ladder won't work.

Climb the steps. Turn right and take the coal tweezers right of the privy holes.

House:    Go back to the house and up the stairs.

Turn around at top of stairs. Use the coal tweezers on the cup on the stairwell shelf.

Get a shiny key.

Padlocked shed:    Exit the house. Go to shed with horns.

Use the key from cup on padlock. Take pitchfork.

Long barn:    Go back to long barn at end of path.

Use the pitchfork on the chisel at shelf left of window. It falls down on the pile of wood.

Hunt for the chisel by clicking on some wood. It is hidden at bottom right.

Take chisel. Go back to house.

Kitchen-dining room:    Look close at sealed tin can on shelf above the dining table.

Use the chisel from long barn on sealed tin. Take the door handle.

Living room:    In the living room, turn around and left. Use the door handle on door with no handle. Open door.

Envelope:    Read the letter from Carl R. He has Louise office printer and threatens her with exposure about her blackmail activities.

Notebook:    Read Louise's thoughts on the notebook. Learn about Carl's motorbike basement. Louise has the entry code.

Carl's motorbike basement:

Go forward to red door. Go through door. Look around.

Go forward to next room. Turn right and enter the next room.

Furniture room:    Take the flashlight from the sofa.

Turn right and take the trampoline left of entryway.

Hallway:    Forward to hallway and turn left.

Look close at table at left. Read the letter on top of the inverted pushcart. Carl wrote a complaint letter.

Check the locked metal door at end of hallway. It needs a code. Exit the basement.

Club Adam and Eva:

Now that we have a flashlight, check the dark room area of the club.

Go forward to lounge. Enter the backroom right of the sofa.

Enter left of stairs. Turn right and go top left to the rooms with sofa.

Dark area:    Turn right and forward to dark hallway.

First room (couples only):    Use flashlight and look around.

Turn left and see a trash can. Enter the black colored theme room.

Turn right and move the round pillow. Take the charging cable from the sex tool.

Exit the room. You can look around at different rooms here.

Exit the club.

Carol's home:

Combine the charging cable and the discharged MP3 player taken from the club's massage room earlier.

Use the MP3 player with charging cable on the power plug at top left corner of living room.

Take the charged MP3 player. Read the memo. Learn where Louise keeps her club locker key.

Sven Olsen:

Talk to Sven. Louise's locker is #34.


Follow Louise's clues - continued.

Club Adam and Eva:

Go behind the bar and take key #34 from the key cabinet.

Go to the locker room, look close and use the key on locker 34.

Open the small case. Take the ornament.

Louise' apartment:

Go to living room. Look close at the wooden box right of the bedroom door.

Use the ornament from locker room on box. Take the key.

Go to the orange locked cash box in the bedroom.

Use the key just taken on cash box.

Open and look close at coin with 3842 written on it.

Carl's motorbike basement:

Enter the basement. Turn right to hallway and forward to metal door with keypad.

Enter 3842 on keypad and enter. Look around at nice motorcycles.

Box:    Turn around to the door. See a box on top of locker.

At far view, use ladder taken from Graffiti Plant on locker.

Check the box and get Carl Roper's address on box. New location is added to map.

Pick up the ladder again.

Check the motorcycles at other end of room.

Take the yellow rubber gloves from table.

Carl Roper:

Ring the doorbell by pressing the black button below the door handle.

Talk to Bigge. He's cleaning the apartment. Bigge wants you to bring window cleaning equipment before he'll let you in.

Carol's home:

Go to the kitchen. Open the cabinet right of hutch by dining table. Take the Ajax glass cleaner bottle.

Club Adam and Eva:

Now that we have the rubber gloves; check the trash cans in the area.

Dark area:    Enter the dark area at back of the club.

Turn right at hallway. Go forward to black curtain.

Turn left twice. Go forward to room hidden by white-black with blue at top wall left of the depicted woman.

Use the yellow rubber gloves on the trash can.

See a picture of the dice room with words: wink at and then kiss the drunk guy.

Dice room:    Exit the dark area. Go pass the massage room to the hallway.

Turn around and enter the room with dice on table.

Examine the dice on table. Note that kiss is yellow; wink at is green and drunk guy is brown.


Mirror room:    Go back to the room across the massage room.

Turn right and look close at the box.

Using the clues seen at dice room; press the brown and green buttons at top left and yellow at bottom right.

Take the Finger Tingles that has blue, yellow and red dots. We saw this clue and the checquered box before.

Louise's summer cabin:

Go to the left bedroom at top of stairs in the house.

Look close at chequered box. Using the clue taken from club; press blue, yellow and red hexagon.

See a postcard of Barthew's Stoll. New location is added to map.

Turn the card over and see the clue "look under the red moss".

Barthew's Stoll:

Look around and then enter the tunnel until the end.

Turn right and forward twice. Turn left and check the red moss on ground.

Pick up a rock with a clock depiction. Turn rock over and see "where have you seen this?"

Club Adam and Eva:

Go to Dice room. Turn around and look close at wall clock that has stopped working.

Turn it over and read Louise's notes about drawer at 1950's room at Norrköping Museum. New location is added to map.

Norrköping Museum:

1950 room:    Enter and look around.

Go to living room. Turn right to book shelf. Open top drawer.

Pick up the black disk. See that it has small circle underneath.

The aim is to turn all the circles to red.

Press circles 1-6.

See the next clue - 1980 VHS.










1980 room:    Exit the 1950 room. Turn right twice and go forward to 1970 room.

Turn left outside 1970 room and see the 1980 room left of the helicopter.

Enter and turn around. Take the VHS tape on the book shelf.

Turn to TV and VHS recorder. Use VHS tape on recorder.

See next clue on TV: 1950 red book.

1950 room:    Turn right from 1980 room. Go forward twice to silver flying boat-seaplane and turn left.

Go to 1950 room again. Go to book shelf and check the red book at left side of shelving.

Check the back of the book and see the next clue - 1970 jug with snake.

1970 room:    Go to living room and check the jug with snake on shelf.

See the next clue - 1960 ashtray.

1960 room:    Examine the red ashtray on coffee table.

See the next clue - 1970 vinyl record.

1970 room:    Go to living room and check the vinyl record on right shelf top of pre-amplifier.

Look close at the back of the record to see - next clue. Louise hid something at father's metal factory. New location is added to map.

Exit the museum right of the flying boat-seaplane.

The Elliot Metal factory:

Go forward to the opposite corner of the building. Turn around and go down the stairs to basement. Look around.

Basement:    Turn right and take window scraper from window shelf.

Go forward twice and turn left. Take antique mobile phone from ground. Turn to the back and see that it needs battery.

Outside:    Go outside and turn right. See a plastic jug on ground below. It is unreachable right now.

Turn left and look inside the well. See a spray can and pipette. It is also unreachable.

Other building:    Go inside the other building. Turn left and forward to dark area.

Use the flashlight on screen. See a drain on the floor at left room.


Look close at urinal in right room wall. Take the battery. Note the colored lines above the urinal.

In inventory combine the ancient mobile phone and battery.

Look close at mobile with battery. Press the 3 buttons until the colored lines above the urinal is reproduced - red at left, green at center and blue at right..

Press OK button. See a picture of 1970 white bowl.

Norrköping Museum:

1970 room:    Go back to museum. Enter the 1970 room.

Check the white bowl at right middle shelf in the living room.

See the next clue - 1950 vinyl.

1950 room:    Examine the vinyl record on the turntable.

See the next clue - picture of Design Museum. New location is added to map.

Design Museum:

Look around at the different costumes.

Go to the farthest room at right. Look close at 4 costumes at right corner.

Read the next clue tucked at waistline of the dress form at right.

See the next clue - the second suit with the H insignia.

Go back to the uniform with insignia and white shoes display 2 clicks back.

Check the pocket of the second suit. The next clue states that there is a stone outside the low window at the graffiti plant.

Graffiti Plant:   

Enter and go forward 4xs. Turn left and go outside through low window.

Go forward and look under the stone block.

Turn the rock over. Read Louise note.

Club Adam and Eva:

Go to the dark rooms. Enter the first room ahead.

Look close and open tube of cream. Use the scissors on the tube to get a wedding ring.


Investigate Carl Roper.

Carl Roper:

Now that you have the window cleaner and scraper, go back to Carl Roper's apartment.

Ring the doorbell and talk to Bigge.

Look around the apartment. Turn left and read the letter on desk.

Learn that Carl has #7 store room at Ciccone St 6.

See a closet with key at end of hallway. The key lock needs lubrication.

Kitchen:    Enter the room at right. Check the motorcycle pictures on counter.

Living room:    Read the letter in folder on coffee table.

Bedroom:    Go to room across living room.

Read the poem on the window shelf.

Take the magnetic card from computer table.

Open the drawers on cabinet at right. The middle drawer has a box with 4 numbers.

Carl's storage room:

Use the magnetic card from computer table on the card reader left of door.

Go to storage 7.

See a colored keypad.

Using the poem clue; press - purple, gold, bottom red and blue buttons.

See skateboards. Take the Rubik's cube from box at left.

Get a text from Jonas. He is at DeVille Park. New location is added to map.

















Locate Jonas' father's items.


Talk to Jonas. Learn that he's studying ancient languages.

Jonas asks for help in finding his father's lost things at the Herb Garden. New location is added to map.

Jonas gives the list of the missing things. Jonas will work on the Rubik's cube.

Herb Garden:

Go across the bridge and enter the Herb Garden at left.

Tape measure:    Go forward and left twice to be behind the building.

Look close at pile of rocks. Take the tape measure.

Flower Seed:    Go back to the main path. Turn left and forward once.

Turn right and look close at plant on left of side path. Take the Macarena seed packet hidden under the leaves.

Turn left to face the main path. Go forward to the tree. Turn right and look close at another plant.

Postcard:    Take the postcard of the Cactus Garden. Jonas' Father was there when he was feeling sick. New location added to map.

Medicine blister pack:    Go behind the tree with bench and forward to water's edge.

Take the blister pack from ground.

Hearing aid:    Look at bench surrounding the tree. Take the hearing aid.

Cactus Display:   

Liniment:    Turn left twice. Check the trash bin. Take the tube of Zon liniment from ground at right side of bin.

Flower seed:    Go forward at path once. Turn right. Take the Indian cress flower seed packet from flowers by statue.

Bottle of pills:    Turn to main path. Go forward 4 times. Turn right and take the bottle of pills from grass.

Cactus Garden:    Turn right to the path and go to the cactus display on other side of path.

See a blue card on ground. The garden is under construction and the fence is high.

Use the trampoline taken from Carl's motorbike basement on fence.

Jump on trampoline. Take the blue membership card.

Go to the exit behind the statue.

Get a message from Jonas asking for Belladonna. He sent a Belladonna picture.

Herb Garden:

Go inside the herb garden. Go forward 3 times.

Go left and pick a Belladonna leaf.


Talk to Jonas. He gives the solved Rubik's cube.












Investigate Carl's connection with Elliots.

Carl Roper:

In bedroom, go to drawer right of computer table.

Open the middle drawer. Using the cube solution: press 2 at middle left, 6 at middle, 3 at top middle and 8 at right middle.

Click on open padlock. Read the rejection letter. Learn about the problem Carl had at Elliot Laboratory.


Carol wants a background check on Carl also. New location on map is added.

Carl Roper:    Go to computer at right. Click on keyboard and the search icon.

Read about Carl Roper losing his appeal of unfair dismissal.

Learn that Carl was chief chemist at Elliot's lab and was accused of erratic behaviour. The other colleagues who lived at Mercury Street also showed similar behaviour after Carl was dismissed.

Mercury Street:    Do a search on Mercury Street.

Read about the derelict houses on Mercury Street. Carl's house was #3. New location on map is added.

Mercury Street:  

Carl's house:    Go forward twice. Enter the house at right. Carol counted the houses.

Enter and look around.

Bedrooms:    Go forward and left to 2 doors. The right door is locked.

Living room:    Take the metal object bar on the floor at right.

Kitchen:    Go left at hallway and to the kitchen.

See a coffee tin on the counter. The lid is stuck.

Turn left and see a coffee filter cone on the shelf.

Turn towards the hallway and take the key on key hooks.

Other bedroom door:    Go back to the locked bedroom door. Use the metal object on door.

Open the black metal box on the floor. Take synthetic oil.

Basement:    Go forward towards kitchen and right to basement stairs.

Go down. Look around. Turn right and forward to basement room. Turn left and see 2 rooms.

Go to left room. Turn around to entryway. Take the scalpel under the light switch.

Enter the adjacent room. Turn around to entryway and check the dresser. Take the sandpaper on top of dresser.

Go back upstairs.

Kitchen:    Look close at coffee tin can.

Use the sandpaper taken from basement on rusty tin can. Take the club card.

Second floor:    Climb the stairs.

Right upstairs bedroom:    Take the pliers from floor.

Left upstairs bedroom:    See a coat hanging by window. Check the pocket to see Carl's calling card while he was Chief Chemist at Elliot Laboratory.

Carl Roper's apartment:

Go to the closet at end of hallway that has a key on keyhole.

Use the synthetic oil from Mercury Street on key.

Check and open the Canon printer.

Read the paper. Learn how to deactivate the central locks at the Scandium office. The phone number of Securitas and the code 2178 are stated.

Scandium Insurance Group:

Enter the office.

Use the cell phone and call Securitas to deactivate the locks. Give the code.

Go to the Aquarium at back of the cubicles and enter the conference room.

Check the bag on the chair. Read Louise's notes. Is he innocent?

Carl Roper:

Ring the doorbell. Talk to Carl. Learn about his being fired by Louise's father and the reason.

Carl admitted taking the printer. He shows the blackmail letter he took from Louise's trash. The blackmail letter was for Mr. Carlsson.

Learn how to enter Walther's office. Carl used a bent credit card.


Investigate Walter Elliot.

Scandium Insurance Group:

Walther's office:    Enter the office and go to Walther's office door.

Look close at lock. In inventory, use the pliers from Mercury St house on club card from coffee tin.

Use the bent club card on lock of Walther's office door.

Tablet:    Look around the office. Turn on the tablet on desk and see symbols used as password lock.

Pull back and Carol wants to ask Jonas about the ancient language.

Take a picture using camera on cellphone that automatically appears on screen to get photo of strange letters.

Letter:    Read the letter sent to Walther by Immodia Berling concerning Louise's vicious activities.

Use the phone to call Immodia Berling. Immodia will meet Carol at home.

Carol's home:

Talk to Immodia. LOL. Learn about her intentions concerning Louise and the club.

Learn also that Walther's mother moved next door to Walther. New location added to map.

Learn also about Walther taking over the metal factory.

Louise's mother:

Press the call box left of door and get buzzed in. Talk to Louise's mother.

Walther might be in his cottage. Louise's mother got a suicide text from Louise.

Walther's cottage:

Sven Olsen:    Talk to Sven. Learn that Walther bought Christina Nilsson's birth house. Info about the house is found at Rostock Mountains. New location is added to map.

Also there has been a burglary at the club.

Rostock Mountain:     Go forward through the woods. Turn left at end and climb the cliff.

Go forward, right and read the info panel. Learn that Walter bought and moved the house to a new location. New location added to map.

Club Adam & Eva:    Sven said there has been a burglary at the club. Look around the club.

Go to the dark area. Turn left to the curtained black-red room. Take the key at left side.

Walter's cottage:    Enter through gate. Use the key taken from club on cottage lock.

Living room:    Read the letter on table by sofa. Learn that Jed who financed Scandium is being blackmailed by Louise.

Bedroom:    Enter the door at right. Check the cabinet.

See a box labeled with Walther's address at Mercury Street. The number is covered by a Fragile tag. Try to take it off.

Use the moisturizer on the label first; then use the scalpel from Carl's old house. The address is Mercury St 10.

Kitchen:    Check the other rooms. Go to kitchen top left from living room after exiting the bedroom.

Take the file from the trash can under the sink.

Read the letter on kitchen table. Walther starts to write a letter asking Louise to stop digging into Mercury Street affairs.

Walther's Mercury St house:

Enter second from last house on Mercury Street.

Left bedroom:    Go forward and then left. Enter the left bedroom. Open the closet at left. Check the black box and take the spool of steel wire.

Right bedroom:    Turn back from hallway and enter the adjacent right bedroom. Check the left closet. Read a letter from Myana (former girlfriend) with the ancient letter (reversed B).

Read the note on the floor from Greta; thanking him for coffee.

Check the other rooms. Go upstairs to look around.

Go down the basement using the stairs off the kitchen.

Take the planting fork from right room in basement.

Take the boathook left of power box by stairs.


Ask Jonas about ancient language and the letters of Walther's tablet.

Jonas wrote down Myana using South Arabian letters in a note.

Scandium Insurance Group:

Walther's office:    Enter the office and look close tablet.

Enter the password using Jonas' note of Myana's name on tablet.

See a to do list. He wants to be sure no bottle, containers, pipettes or syringes are left.


The Elliot Metal Factory:

Go down to the basement via the stairs at far top left corner of main floor. Look around and take all containers.

Go forward once and left. Pick up the plastic bottle.

Go forward outside to round room. See a jug on ground. Use boat hook from Walther's Mercury St house on jug-plastic container.

Turn around and look down in well. In inventory combine the ring with steel wire.

Use ring with steel wire to get pipette.

Drain:    Go to next building. Go left to dark area. Look close at drain on floor of left room.

Use garden-plant fork on grill of drain. The holes are too small. Use the file on plant fork.

Then use the filed planting fork on grill. Take the syringe with needle.

Carl Roper:

Carl will analyze the items from metal factory.

Learn that Walther gives coffee to the neighbors at Mercury Street.

Carl's house at Mercury St.

Go to kitchen and turn around. Take the coffee filter cone on shelf right of entryway.

Get a text from Carl. The plastic container has traces of Fentanyl.

Carl Roper:

Give the filter cone to Carl for analysis.

Carl asks for liquid from where you got the syringe. He gives the pipette. The syringe was found at the drain at metal factory.

The Elliot Metal Factory:

Go down to basement. Get a text from Carl. The filter cone has traces of a drug that distorts perceptions of sight and sound - severe hallucinations.

Go to the other building and left to dark area. Open the drain at left room.

Use pipette on liquid at bottom. Get a new text from Carl. It says it was a blind chase.


Meet Walther on the way out.

Use window cleaner on Walther. After Walther bends down completely, go pass him to stairs. Exit the metal factory.

Car:    At the parking lot, check the red car.

Open the armrest. Get the codes for mother (1679), garage (1395) and Jed (4988).

Check the glove compartment. Read the letter from mother. She knows about Walther's poisoning the tenants at Mercury Street and activities at metal factory. She wants Walther to convince Louise to stop investigating Mercury St incident and Carl Roper.

Louise's mother:

Try the door handle - Louise's mother is not home now.

Use code 1679 on door keypad. Look around the apartment.

Bedroom at right of hallway:    Enter bedroom at right of hallway. Take the key in medicine box on bookcase.

Kitchen:    Take 3 of clubs card from behind the tray with flower design on counter.

Open the tea tin on shelf right of patio door. Take the 8591 paper.

Turn around and check the Jasmine Tea tin. See that the tin has the 4 suits at corner of label on cover of tin.

Bathroom:    Enter the bathroom across the kitchen.

Turn right and open the lightbulb box. Take the ace of hearts card.

Living room:    Check the black pushcart drawers. Take the 2 of clubs card from left drawer.

Locked chest:    Turn around from sofa.

Use the key from medicine box on the chest lock.

Take the sim card from eyeglass case.

Upstairs:    Go to hallway and climb stairs at right.

Open the red ottoman. Take the 4 of diamonds card.

Kitchen:    Go back to kitchen and look close at Jasmine tea tin on hood above stove.

Press in order: heart, club, spade and diamond.

Take the cellphone. Enter the number taken from the other tea tin - 8591.

It wants the sim card. Insert the sim card from eyeglass case.

Press the SMS icon. Select "sent". Read the confession letter sent to Walther.

Exit the apartment. Learn what happened next.

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