The Pandora Directive

Solution by Phil Darke

This solution was played in Entertainment mode. If you choose Game Player mode the plot is basically the same, but there are more puzzles. Also the puzzles either have a time limit or have to be completed in a limited number of moves.


After the introduction examine all the items in your inventory. Use the Vidphone on your desk and call Gordon Fitzpatrick. Ask him about all available topics and then leave the office. Go to the news stand and talk to Chelsee until she agrees to a date. Go to the Ritz and pay Nilo the rent you owe him. Pay him a further $1 00 and he agrees to answer some questions. Ask about all topics and you discover that the man in the photo stayed in room A under the name Tyson Matthews. Go upstairs and look at the keypad by room A. Go back downstairs and threaten Nilo until he gives you the room code (4827). Go back upstairs and enter the room. As soon as you enter you are attacked and knocked unconscious.


You wake it is morning and you have missed your date with Chelsee. Search the room thoroughly. Under the cushion on the armchair you will find a photo of Malloy and a Llama. On the bedside table is a letter from David Wright and in the drawer is a pawn ticket. In the drawers in the table you will find a business card, a photo of a young girl and a letter in a strange language, there is a scarf lying on the bed. Leave and go and talk to Louie in the Brew and Stew. Ask him about all available topics and show him the strange letter. He tells you that it is written in Yucatec and suggests that you talk to Clint. Show him the scarf and he tells you that it was worn by a young blonde woman who came in with the man in the photo; he tells you that her name is Emily. Leave the Brew and Stew and walk to the opposite end of the street. On the way you will find a wallet with money in it, this belongs to Nilo A moral dilemma; to return it or not. By the mail box at the end of the street an envelope is lying on the ground. It is addressed to an orphanage and contains $500 another moral dilemma - to mail it or not. Turn left and go through the fence to the Cocoa Cabana. Talk to Clint. When you ask about Emily and the scarf he tells you that she works in the Fuschia Flamingo. He also tells you about Gus Leach and tells you that he dropped a key last time he was there. Offer to return the key. Leave the Cocoa Cabana and go through the fence near the warehouse. Talk to Crazy Gary and offer to get him a bottle of Scotch. Go to Rooks Pawn shop and pay him the money you owe him. Ask him about the Yucatec language and he offers to sell you a book for $30, buy it. Redeem the pawn shop receipt. Exit to the alley. Combine the book and the letter and read it. Open the manhole and go down into the sewer move the empty box and pick up the money belt, which contains $300. Go back up and out into the street. Go to the Electronics Shop and settle your debt there. Now go to the alley behind the Fuschia Flamingo. Use Leach's key to open the back door. Enter and talk to Leach. Give him the scarf. Leave and go to Chelsee's apartment and persuade her to go for a drink at the Fuschia Flamingo. After talking to Chelsee go up to Emily's room. She asks for your help and tells you that someone is trying to murder her. She tells you about a note and gives you the scraps. She also tells you her real name, Emily Sue Patterson. Gus Leach appears and throws you out.


Re-assemble the note scraps then go to the police station and talk to Mac Malden. Show him the note. He tells you about the Black Arrow Killer, but won't give any more information. Go to the Brew and Stew and ask Louie about the Black Arrow Killer. He tells you that it was reported in the Bay City Mirror. Ask him about the Bay City Mirror and he tells you that Rook keeps copies. Go to the Pawn Shop and ask Rook about the Bay City Mirror. Go to the alley behind the Pawn Shop and get the paper from the trash can. Read the article about The Black Arrow Killer and go and ask Rook about Lucia Pernell. He gives you her number. Go to you office and call Lucia Pernell and arrange to meet her in the Brew and Stew. She confirms that the note is authentic and tells you about Leroy Kettler. She also mentions the involvement of the NSA and suggests that you check out a place called Autotech. She also tells you the name of the local victim, Sandra Collins. When you return to your office you see a figure in black on the roof of Rusty's Fun House. Also you have a message from Chelsee on your vidphone. Go to the alley by the warehouse. Go through the fence and talk to Crazy Gary. Offer to get a bottle of Scotch for him. Go to the Slice Of Heaven and open the door near the fence. Go up the stairs until you find a box on top of another box. Move the top box and in the bottom box you find a bottle of Scotch. Take this and give it to Gary, who will now answer your questions. when you show him the newspaper photo of Malloy he tells you about a key which Malloy dropped and gives it to you. Go to the warehouse and unlock it with Malloy's key. Go in and look at the crate near the sliding doors, you need to move it before you can open it. Open the chest at the back of the warehouse and take the wooden leg. Open the control box to the right of the sliding door. Switch on the power and lower the hook return to the crate and use the peg leg on the hook. Go back to the control box and raise the hook. You can now open the crate. Inside you find a photo Plains Of Nacza and a tapestry. Underneath the box is a map. Go to Rusty's Fun House and look at the door, it has a police lock on it. Talk to Mac Malden about it and he will lend you the key. Go to Rusty's Fun House and use the key. You now encounter a puzzle which you must solve before you can open the door. (I couldn't work out the logic of this puzzle but the solution is as follows:- top left to top right, 2nd left to bottom right, 3rd left to 2nd right, bottom left to 3rd right.) Go inside and behind the counter move the pedal on the floor and a door opens. Go through the door and climb the ladder to the roof. You find a coat; examine it and you find a cuff link and a torn photo. Examine the cuff link and you find the initials DH. Re-assemble the photo. Go to the Electronics Shop and buy the photo analyser. Combine the analyser and the assembled photo. Switch on the analyser and move the cursor over the 2nd square on the left and on the door. You discover that Autotech is located at 144 Barcelona. Go there and look at the door; you need a security card to get in. Go back to your office and call Lucia Pernell, ask about Sandra Collins and she gives you the address. Go to Sandra Collins house, on the floor to the left of the sewing table is an Autotech security card. Take it and go to Autotech, use the card to get in. Move the glass partition to the reception area, look at the clipboard. Take the blind cord from the door next the sofa. Take the hair brush from the table. Combine the cord and hairbrush. Use this to get the clipboard. Examine the clipboard to find a list of access codes. On the floor by the ashtray you find a visitors pass. Go down the passage and look at the security scanner. Use the visitors pass on the scanner and enter the code 8338. Go through the door and have a good look around. Look at the door to the evidence room. Enter Dag Horton's office. Move the book on the desk and take the note. Look at the photo on the wall. Open the desk drawers and take the locket. Look at the book case and take the key. Go back to the street and talk to Gary, ask him about Dag Horton, He tells you that Horton gave him a bottle of Scotch and asked him to watch out for deliveries to the Fuschia Flamingo and that he spoke to him earlier today and told him about a delivery. Go to the roof of the Fun House. Climb the ladder and use the key to open the padlock and enter the water tower. Look at the viewing device and switch it on. You see the stalker in Emily's room. You rush down and to the street to the Fuscia Flamingo and after a brief argument with Gus Leach you go to Emily's room. The Stalker escapes through the window. Go to the pawn shop and talk to Rook he tells you that he saw someone on the roof. Go back to the Fun House roof. The S talker is here. Go up the steps leading to the lower roof. When he turns away run down and hide behind the air conditioning unit. Slowly raise yourself until you can just see over the roof and wait until he looks at his watch then rush him. The Stalker falls to his death and you pull his mask off and identify him as Dag Horton.


After you are released go back to your office. Talk to Lucia Pernell then go to the Fuschia Flamingo. Talk to Gus and Emily. Ask Emily about the box and about the wrapper. Ask about Thomas Malloy and she tells you that he is her husband. Ask Gus about the wrapper. He tells you that he threw it in the dumpster in the alley. Go to the alley and look at the lamp post, the wrapper is stuck to it, but you can't reach it. Look at the trash can next to the Fuschia Flamingo back door. Get t he antenna and examine it to extend it. Use the antenna to get the wrapper. Examine the wrapper and combine it with the visual analyzing apparatus. Zoom in on the bottom left corner of the wrapper. There is a microdot with "PB meter 3887412" on it. Go back to the roof of Rusty's Fun House. Near where you fought with Dag Horton you find a tracking device. Return to the street and use the tracking device. Open the manhole near the warehouse and climb down. Go along the first tunnel and turn left at the end. Follow the beeps until you get to the point where they are closest together. Search the wall on the right of the tunnel until you find a loose brick (from the start of the second section of the wall it is 3rd from the left and 3rd row from the bottom).You can't move it with your hands. Continue along the tunnel and turn right at the next junction, where you will find a box which you can open. This contains a chisel. Use this to remove the brick. Here you find the box but it has a Clayborne mine attached to it which you must deactivate by transferring the green photons from the left hand side to the right and vice versa with the red. One red and one green photon are lighter in colour than the others and the shuttle must contain one of these before it can move. The shuttle also will not move if there are more of one colour than the other in either side. To de-activate the mine click on the following photons:-


 (LG= Light green LR=light red R=red G=Green ST=Shuttle transfer.)

Travel to David Wright's cabin. Move the papers on the floor, you find a pool of blood. Go up the stairs and move the painting to reveal a keypad. Go back down the stairs and pick up the wad of paper which is lying at the foot of the stairs. Get the CD from the drawer. Return to the computer room in your office. You are grabbed by two NSA agents and taken to Jackson Cross's office when he questions you don't try to be too smart or you get shot. When he asks what you know tell him part of the story. When he asks if you are holding something back, pretend you've come clean When he says is there anything more you want to tell me about tell him about the box and hand it over. You will be released. When you return to your office you find a woman waiting for you. Her name is Regan Madsen and she offers you a deal on the box. She also tells you that Thomas Malloy is her father. Go to your computer room and use the CD from the cabin on the lap top. You now have another puzzle to solve. Read the crumpled page from the cabin for instructions. Arrange the coloured squares in the grid in the following order:-

Top row - Red, Blue, Yellow, White

2nd row - White, Green ,Red, Blue 3rd row - Blue, Yellow, White, Green

4th row - Green, Red, Blue, Yellow

You are now shown the combination for the door in the cabin, Top row 2, 2nd Row 4, 3d row 3, 4th row 1. There is also some information about Mayans. Return to the cabin and open the door upstairs. Enter the room and open the bookcase doors. Take the reel of film and pull down the projection screen. Use the film on the projector and watch the film. Move the loose floor boards and examine the body. Go and talk to Mac Malden and ask him about PB meter 3887412. He tells you about the post office in the Mission District. Go there after some enquiries you find that Thomas Malloy is staying at the Garden House. Talk to the Landlady and persuade her to let you into his room. Get the puzzle book from the night stand. Search the drawers of the roll top desk. You find an envelope addressed to Elijah Witt, it contains a CD. In the top of the desk you find a copy of Cosmic Connection magazine and an ETS business card, examine the card and note the numbers on it. Return to your office and try the CD on your computer, you need a security code. Return to Malloy's room. There is a pair of Jeans on the chair, which weren't there before examine them and you find an invoice from a warehouse. Go there. You finally meet Malloy. As you are talking to him two NSA agents burst in. Malloy and the agents both get killed.


You fill Gordon Fitzpatrick in on what has happened so far. He agrees that you should continue working for him. When you return to your office you have a fax from Lucia Pernell, you also have another message from Chelsee. Go back to the Waterfront Warehouse. In the corner to the left of the window is a pile of pallets, move them and you discover a safe. You need to find the safe combination. Go to the electronics shop and buy the Robco Combuster. Return to the warehouse and use the Combuster on the safe. Press start and turn the safe dial one full turn. The combuster gives you the combination numbers, but they are not in the right order. To find the right order, find the mathematical relationship between the numbers on the combuster and the ETS business card. The numbers on the card are the square of those on the combuster. Enter them in the same order as on the card, 22, 31, 15, 07. Take the paper and the key from the safe. Go to Malloy's room and open the closet with the key from the safe. Take the "There Are Messages" book. Look on the top shelf and open the brief case take the photo and notebook. Go and talk to M ac Malden, ask about the connection between Horton and the NSA. He tells you that Horton's body is in the Morgue. Go to the morgue. Take the scalpel from the tray and use it on the drawer marked G-I. Take and examine Horton's wallet and the filing cabinet key. Go to Autotech and use the key to open the filing cabinet. Take the manila envelope and examine the key and the two papers note the number on one of the papers (1091) and read the BAK memorandum. Go to the door of the evidence room and use the card from Horton's wallet on the keypad, enter the number 773348 and go into the evidence room. Find locker B17 and open it with the key from the filing cabinet. Take the box and go to the degaussing machine. Press the "OPEN" button and place the box in the machine. Enter the code 1091 and take the box. Return to the office. Examine Regan's note and call her. Arrange to meet her at The Imperial. When you meet her, tell her about her father. Show her Malloy's notebook, she agrees to try and translate it. She gives you her box. Return to your office and call Lucia Pernell. She wants you to get a file from the evidence room about operation Euphoria. Ask her to find an Anagram from the title of the book "There Are Messages From Outer Space". She sends you a key. Regan calls you and tells you that the notebook contains references to OE, EW and AE, these are probably the initials of other people who received boxes. Go back to the evidence room at Autotech and open box E36. There is a CD inside. Also look in box E14 which is not closed properly. You find an NSA ID badge. Degauss the CD in the same way as you did the box. Go to the waterfront warehouse. Pick up and examine the paper from the floor near the table. It is a flight schedule. Also pick up the scrap of paper from the table. Move the box and pick up the postal receipt from underneath. Combine the map of Asia with the flight schedule. Examine the box Regan gave you, it has a sliding tile puzzle. Combine Regan's box with the tapestry. Slide the tiles on the box to match the pattern on the tapestry. Examine the box and the pegs. Combine the pegs with the box from the evidence room. Now combine the box and pegs with the map and flight schedule. You now need to insert the pegs in the box in the same order as the flight schedule. Unfortunately the holes in the box do not match the map. There are 16 holes in the box lid, 6 round holes and 10 star shaped. But there are 17 pegs. To solve this puzzle the pegs must be placed in the holes in the correct order. When two are placed correctly a red line joins them and when there is only one peg left the red lines form a star with its centre in the middle of the screen. Place the last peg in the hole in the middle. (Star = Star shaped hole, Hole = plain round hole.)

Place the 1st peg in the bottom hole in the centre of the screen.

Place the 2nd peg in the hole at the top immediately above it.

Place the 3rd peg in the 3rd hole from the top on the left half of the screen. Place the 4th peg in the 2nd star from the top on the right half of the screen.

Place the 5th peg in the 2nd star from the top on the left half of the screen. Place the 6th peg in the 5th star from the top on the right half of the screen. Place the 7th peg in the leftmost hole on the left of the screen.

Place the 8th peg in the rightmost star on the right of the screen.

Place the 9th peg in the bottom star on the left half of the screen.

Place the 10th peg in the top star on the left half of the screen.

Place the 11th peg in the bottom star on the right half of the screen.

Place the 12th peg in the top star on the left half of the screen.

Place the 13th peg in the 4th star from the top of the right half of the screen. Place the 14th peg in the 3rd star from the top of the left half of the screen. Place the 15th peg in the top hole of the right half of the screen.

Place the 16th peg in the bottom hole on the left half of the screen.

Place the last peg in the hole in the middle.

The box opens and you find a module and a slide. Examine both. Return to your office and call Gordon Fitzpatrick. Ask about the power cell, A.E. ,O.E. and E.W. He mentions Archie Ellis. Also ask about Elijah Witt. Archie Ellis is listed in the phone book, but before you call him examine the Gate of The Sun Photo and the photo of Nacza. Call Archie Ellis. He is reluctant to talk to you ,but will agree to meet you if you can answer three questions the answers are J.I.Thelwait  The Plains Of Nacza and The Gate Of The Sun. Travel to the Cosmic Connection. After a cinematic sequence Question Ellis about Thomas Malloy, Ellis's interview with Malloy ,Ellis's puzzle box, The Pandora Device, the power cell, J.I.Thelwait. Go back to the office and call Gordon Fitzpatrick. Ask about Roswell, Ellis's puzzle box, The Pandora Device. Talk to Ellis again. Ask about Roswell and security clearance. Talk to Gordon Fitzpatrick again and ask about Roswell Security clearance and about Roswell. He gives you the co-ordinates. As you are preparing to leave for Roswell you receive a call from Regan Madsen She wants you to go to her place but you refuse.


You travel to Roswell. But on the way realise that Archie Ellis is in danger. Go directly to the Cosmic Connection and warn him. Return to Roswell and enter the guard room. Pick up and examine the paper from under the mattress. Open the drawer in the nightstand and take the security card and the box of matches from the table. Take and read the emergency procedures handbook from the chair. Open the drawer in the table and take the walkie talkie, examine it to get some batteries. Open the right hand locker and take the key. Open the back door and go into the yard. Take the shovel and the fuse which is on top of some nearby boxes. One of the boxes can be moved, move it and examine the cable sticking out of the ground. Use the padlock key to open the storage shed. Take the torch and combine the batteries with it. Take and examine the tool box. Take the wire strippers. Look at the door with the Yellow sign on it and use the Security Card on the panel to the left. Switch on the laser control panel and enter the code ALPHA. Laser field diagram you picked up earlier disable the lasers by pressing the following squares:- 11,1,4 ,13, 5. Cross the laser field, avoiding the red beams. Take the wire by the side of the door and combine it with the wire strippers. Return to the yard and use the wire to repair the broken power cable. Switch on the switch by the back door and go back into the guard room. Open the door with the wheel on it. Enter the room and open the trap door in the floor. Take the dynamite and combine it with the fuse. Go back through the laser field and use the matches with the fuse and use the dynamite on the door. You can actually use the dynamite on the door from the far side of the laser field, which gives you plenty of time to get out and as far a way as possible before the explosion. Go back through the laser field and go through the door as you go through you are overcome by a pocket of gas. DAY SEVEN When you wake you have an alien entity after you and you have only a limited time in which to dispose of it. Save your game and follow these instructions exactly.

 Don't wander around and don't be distracted. It's a good idea to do a quick recce to find where everything is and then re-load your saved game. Go to the end of the corridor where you start and turn right. About half way down this corridor on your left is the mess hall. Enter and go to the kitchen area. Open the upper compartment of the fridge freezer nearest the door and get the ice pick. Turn right and open the second overhead cupboard from the right and get the pot. Leave the mess hall and go back the way you came and turn right at the end. Half way down this corridor on your right is storage room 104. Enter and use the ice pick on the half full drum of diesel fuel. Use the pot on the diesel fuel. Leave and turn right. Continue down the corridor to the dorms. This door has been welded shut. Use the shovel on the door then enter. Go through the double doors opposite and open the last locker on the right and get the containment device. Combine the device with the containment scrap. Return to the kitchen. Switch on the front burner of the cooker furthest from the entrance. Put the pot of diesel fuel on the burner the n take it. Leave the mess hall and turn left. Further down the corridor on the left is storage room 102. Enter and take the box of spark plugs. Leave the storage room and turn left. Turn left again at the end of the corridor and go to the generator room, which is on your right. Enter and look at the generator. Open both covers and use the spark plug on the left hand opening. Open the filler cap and use the diesel fuel on the filler. (Spark plugs on a DIESEL?!!) Look at the right hand side of the generator and move the priming lever three times. Press the green button and the generator starts. You will now see the alien appear over the generator (Green blobs). Use the containment device on the alien. You have now contained the alien and can proceed at a more leisurely pace. Before you leave the generator room take the wire cutters from the top of the box in the corner and the oxygen cylinder. Return to storage room 102 and get the plastic container from the top of the box directly in front of the door, this contains a welding tip. Now go to storage room 104 and get the handle for the welder. Go to the dorm and pick up the CD by the door. Go through the double doors again and find the CD player in one of the lockers. Combine this with the CD and examine it. Also in one of the drawers is a roll of duct tape. Continue on down to the far end of the room and go through the doors and turn left. Here you will see a pair of doors which is slightly ajar but jammed. Through t he gap you can see a security card but you are unable to reach it. Leave the dorm and return to the hall where you entered further down this passage on your right is the rec room. Enter and take the dart from the dart board and the billiard cue. Also take the Alien Abductor and the free weight bar. Return to the dorm and combine the dart with the billiard cue and the duct tape with them to make a spear. Use this to retrieve the security card. Now locate the elevator and go to level 2. Go to the War room and use the security card to enter. Take the papers and the photos from the table and the Remote for the Alien Abductor from the floor under the video projector. Examine the Alien Abductor and you find that it has no batteries. If you had a good look around the electronics shop earlier you will have seen some Robco batteries. Travel to the Electronics shop and buy them. Return to Roswell, go to the room with the large fan near the entrance to level one. Use the free weight bar on the fan to stop it. Now combine the Robco battery pack, Alien abductor and the remote. You are now going to use the abductor to get into the contaminated areas on level two. Place the Abductor in the duct and guide it with the remote to level two. Take care not to get hit by the fan blades as you pass them. Look at the signs on the walls. The areas you need to visit are:- J2-12 Computer lab, pick up the screwdriver from the floor near the chair. J2-8 The Metallurgy lab, get the coil of hose which is hanging on the wall. J2-3 The Linguistics Lab Here you will find a card for level three. Now press home and get out of there. Head for level two and find the elevator for level three. Use the card on the reader and open the door. Examine the control panel and the wires. Use the screwdriver to open the panel. Inside you find a bomb set to explode when button three is pressed. You can't disarm it so you must dispose of it. Use the wire cutters to cut the wires and grab the bomb. You now have 30 seconds before it explodes. Run out of the elevator and around to the toxic waste disposal unit. Open it and dump the bomb and get away. You don't need to actually go right up to it. You can open it and dump the bomb from about half way down the corridor; as soon as you can see it, this is far enough away for safety). Go back to the elevator and go to level three. Find the door marked 101-200. It is jammed. Find the door marked miscellaneous items. Open it and enter. Get the acetylene cylinder and the striker, which is hanging on the side of one of the crates. Return to door 101-200. Combine the acetylene tip and handle, hose, oxygen and acetylene tanks and the striker. Use the torch on the door and open it. Enter and look at the computer, it is only working in manual mode so you will have to the items by hand in order to get item 186 . Look at the item 186 scrap to get the access code. Use the computer and enter 186 and 7AC. Move the items in the following order;- 122,106(L) 168,149,150,148(D) 177,176,178,180(R) 180,199(D) 198(R) 160,166,196,195,192,(U) 182(L) 188,199(D) 178.180(L) 198(R) 186(D) 197(U) 178,180(L) 188,199(U) 175,174(L) 186(D) 176,177(L) 150,148,168,149(U) 122,106(R) 186(D). Now open the glass doors and take the power cell. Travel to your office.


Check out the messages on your vidphone, from Archie, Lucia Pernell and Chelsee. Call Lucia Pernell and get and examine the fax she sends you. Go to your computer and use Malloy's disc on it. Enter the password "MERGE THE FOUR RARE CASES TO SEE MAPS" You will now see a message for Elijah Witt and his phone number. Call Elijah Witt. He is uncooperative and you need to find his address. Go to the Electronics Shop and look at the Videphone Call Tracer and ask about the call tracer and buy it. Return to your office and use the call tracer on the Vidphone. Use responses B,A,B,C,C,C,C. Witt now agrees to meet you in San Francisco. The call tracer has done its job and you now know Witt's address. Travel there as soon as you enter an alarm starts to sound. Turn right and move the mask on the end of the book case. Press the purple button underneath. Turn left and go to the plant on the table. Press the green button behind it. Near the fireplace is an orange button but you can't reach it. Take on of the canes leaning on the fireplace. Go to the riser and up to the second floor. From here use the cane to move the orange switch. Move the plant on the right hand dresser and press the blue switch behind it. The alarm is now deactivated. Take the paper from the bed and read it, it gives instructions to open the box. Open the dresser drawer and examine the scrap book. One of the photos is of a statue in the apartment and has numbers 77, 61 ,44 and 26 written on the back. Above the door is a plaque but it is just out of reach. Use the bamboo pole to get it. Examine the plaque, there are symbols with names under them MULUC, CHUEN MEN and AHAU. On the top of the night stand to the left of the bed is a pair of tweezers. Take them. Return to the ground floor. Pick up the book beside the sofa. Examine the chart beside the bookcase and note the numbering system. Move the plant by the fire place and move the switch behind it. This turns off the fire and reveals a foil packet. Use the tweezers to get it. There is a key inside. Also pick up the Mayan Culture book from the floor behind the armchair Use the key on the statue  in the corner to reveal the next puzzle. Slide the blocks to match the numbers on the back of the photo. When you have completed this puzzle the bookcase opens to reveal Witts puzzle box. Take it and examine it. On the lid of the box are two dials. The left is used to set the modern date and the right to set the equivalent Mayan date. Below the dials are four symbols with a number below each one. Compare the symbols on the box with those on the plaque to find out their names. If you have read Witts notes, the calendar book and the culture book, you will have realised that the Mayan calendar was made up of 20 months of 13 days, starting at the beginning of the year. If you want to work it out for yourself you can do as I did, which was to make up a modern calendar in a tabular form and underneath I divided it up into periods of 13 days and then added the Mayan month names from the calendar book. From this I was able to look up a Mayan date and see the equivalent modern date.

However if you don't feel like going to all this trouble set the dials as below.:-

AHAU 4 - SEPTEMBER 8, CHUEN 10 - MAY 20, MULUC 3 - APRIL 17, MEN 11 - JULY 12

After you have opened the box examine it and then travel to Malloy's lodgings. Take the box from the bed and examine it. Combine the untranslated letter with the Yucatec Made easy book. Combine the pieces from Witts box with this box. You have to assemble these pieces to form a frame around the symbols on the box. The lighter coloured pieces go to the top right and the darker to the bottom left. When you have done this examine the box. Now combine all the pieces from the boxes and the power cell to complete the Pandora device but it still doesn't work. Travel to your office and watch the cinematic sequence. After you return to The Ritz you find Regan Madsen waiting in your bedroom. Her intentions are clear and the choice is up to you.


You travel to the Snake Chamber enter and pick up the puzzle pieces (14 in all) and the parchment> Assemble the puzzle pieces on the Altar to form a map. Exit via the door with the Star symbol over it and pick up the piece of charcoal. Combine this with the parchment to draw a map. Take the first turning right and left at the end. Go to the end of this passage and turn left and then left again. You find the body of Oliver Edsen. Take the gun, handkerchief, glasses and lamp. Examine all the items. Turn around and go to the end and turn right then take the next right. Pick up the dagger and return to the intersection where you found the charcoal. With your back to the door walk down to the end of this passage and turn right and right again. Go back to the intersection again and turn left. Go right, right, left, left and up the steps. Examine the skeleton and take the spear. Use the broken lens on the hemp rope and take it and the spear. Return to the snake chamber and exit via the door with the sun over it. Go left, right, left, right, right. Pick up the hatchet. Turn around and go left, right, right, right. Pick up the dagger, turn around and go left, left to the end of this passage, then left, left and 2nd right. Open the door and enter. Examine the altar. There are 13 gemstones on it arranged as below:


                  11            12

            8           9            10

      4           5              6            7

               1           2        3

Use the blunt hatchet to strike the stones in the following order:- 13-7-5-4-1-8-11-9-10-3-2-12-6. Exit via the door with the star symbol. Go to the end of the passage, left, right, left, 2nd left, right, right, left, Pick up the gold dagger. Turn around, go right, left, left, right, right, left. Look at the door and listen to what Tex says. Combine the handkerchief, lantern fuel, fuel and matches. Open the door and enter. Use the flaming spear on the wasps nest. Pick up the tiles and use them on the altar to form a picture of three Kings. When you place the tiles on the altar place them so that they are very slightly mis- aligned with the m arks on the altar. If you have chosen the correct tile for that position it will click into place. Exit via the door with the moon symbol. Go right, left, right, 3rd right. Pick up the Gold dagger. Turn around and go left, left. Enter the door with the dagger symbol. Examine the altar and place the daggers into the slots in the following order from top to bottom:- Black, gold, white, silver, red. Exit via the door with the Black Sun symbol over it. Go to the end, turn right, right, left. Go through the door with the pentagon symbol. You will immediately fall through the floor. When you land you meet Regan Madsen. Pick up her rucksack from the corner and take the rope. Use the rope on the statue in the middle of the floor. Combine the jacknife with the bullets and then combine the gunpowder with bowl and the lantern fuel, hemp rope and matches. Use the explosive device on the fallen statue. Pick up the two smaller pieces of statue and place them on top of two of the pedestals. You now rise up to the space craft. Here you meet Gordon Fitzpatrick. Jackson Cross appears and enters the space craft with Regan. Fitzpatrick closes the door but gets shot by Cross. It is now up to you to launch the space craft before it blows up. Fitzpatrick starts to tell you how to do this but dies before he can finish. Press the Black sun symbol, then NORTH, CIRCLE, RED, EAST, CROSS, ORANGE, SOUTH, TRIANGLE, YELLOW, WEST, DIAMOND, GREEN.


This is the conclusion of the game and you discover which path you have been following and your future with Chelsee.


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