by Benoit Sokal and White Birds Production

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   May 2006


Gameplay: This third person point and click game comes in 3 CDs and need CD1 in the drive to play. Aside for the paper manual, there is a .pdf manual that can be downloaded from the CD.

The main menu has new game, load game, delete profile, options, cinematic viewer, credits and quit. After installing, a profile name is to be entered. Under options menu, there are subtitles, subtitle color, antialiasing, shadows, music volume, sound volume and color depth selections.

The interaction in the game is based on the different cursor seen. The dialogue choices are based on sympathy for the main character. The leopard controls are different from the main character. It is seen as change in color of the triangle cursor: gray is waiting, green is movement and blue is for other actions.

Inventory is accessed by right click of the mouse. The items can be examined using the magnifying lens at top right on the item to be checked. Items can be combined in inventory by first selecting and item and then drag-drop it on the item to be combined with.

The in-game menu is accessed by ESC key or by right click to open the inventory and then select the Menu button. The menu button has save, load, options, quit, main menu and back.  The save games are by dates and the folder can be found in My Documents. Click on the picture to save that scene or overwrite an old saved game. Each profile has its own save folder. There are unlimited saves

Double left click makes Ann run. Right click skips the introduction, cutscenes and dialogues.


Maurania:    King Rodan ailing and waiting for his daughter coming from Geneva sits on his throne inside a metal ship. The airport is taken by the rebels. A distressed plane is shot down by the rebels and crashes in the jungle. King Rodan wants his daughter to take his place in this country beset by rebels.


The Harem at Madargane

Where are you?

Ann's room:    The main character is in a harem room. The door is locked. Go to bottom screen and look close at the table. Read the envelope and learn that the woman was found at the edge of the desert by people from Madargane Infirmary. She is sent to the Harem after her physical recovery. She has an old curiously shaped scar in her chest and has lost her memory.

Look out the window and see a woman wave. Aicha, a palace servant takes her picture and gives her the bag found with her. She also names the amnesiac Ann Smith based on the book in her bag. Right click to open inventory and see that she has undeveloped film, university card, camera, silk scarf, map and the book by Ann Smith. Use the magnifying lens at top right to read the book - The Lost Paradise of Maurania. Use the arrows at bottom right to flip the pages. The book contains the flora and fauna found in the marshes. The map shows Maurania.

Talk to Aicha again and she expresses admiration for your scarf. Give her the scarf from inventory. Get the key to the harem in inventory. You are family now. Ask about Moktar, her brother who works at the docks. Talk to Aicha completely. You are in the Prince of Madargane's harem. The Prince is ill with Butterfly fever and sees only his favorite. Madame Souafi is the governess of the harem.

Foyer:    Exit the room. Go to the hutch across the hall and take the oil and lighter from lower shelf.

Outer Balcony:    Go to bottom screen out to the balcony and try to talk to the eunuch guarding the Prince's door.

Door:     Go back to the foyer. Go to the door and use the lighter on the lamp at top right. Use the harem key on door lock. The key will now disappear from inventory. Exit, go to the other side of this floor (inner balcony) and down the stairs.

Inner courtyard:   Talk to Madame Souafi, the woman sitting at the round seat completely. Kadher is the guard and Mustapha takes care of the garden. Look at the rooms behind here: boiler room and wheel room. Look at the area left of her: the cage-scales, the 2 bags (weight) left of the scales and the aviary. Go to bottom screen of the round seat and see the concubines. None of them wants to talk to Ann.

Garden:    Enter the door right of the 2 women at the corner. See a fountain. Go through the open doorway on the left and be at the garden. Talk to the man walking about, Mustapha the gardener. Go up the garden and talk to the princess completely until all dialogue selections are gone - emphasis on favorite. She leaves.


Sweetcakes and scales:

Pool:    Go back inside, enter the door to the pool and go to the round seat. Talk to Aicha. She will help you become a favorite. Go left pass the cage and left to the aviary.

Aviary:    Talk to the princess. She will not talk to you but when you leave (and after Aicha agreeing to help you) she will ask for sweetcakes.

Inner balcony:    Go up the stairs and talk to Madame Souafi standing in front of the Princess' room completely. She will explain what the scales are for.

Pool:     Go to the sofa where there are 2 concubines. Take the empty jar on the tray close to the pool. Go to the side of the pool before the sofa and click the empty jar on the water to get full jar.

Scales:    Go left of inner courtyard and see a cage with pictures of 3 women - slim, middle and fat.

Left of the scale in the dark corner are 2 hanging bags which serve as weights. Click the filled jar on the front bag and see the cage rise. Enter the cage and get light sweetcakes. Go back to the Princess and give her the light sweetcakes. She wants more.

Get more water and click the full jar on second hanging bag. Enter the cage and take normal sweetcakes. Give the normal sweetcakes to the princess.

She wants more. Go back to the hanging bags and click the hook. That lowers the cage back down. Click above the cage to climb up and get heavy sweetcakes. Give the heavy sweetcakes to the princess. Now she wants a steam bath because she feels bloated.


Steam bath:

Talk to Madame Souafi upstairs about steam bath. Then go back to the princess to ask her how she likes her steam bath. She will give her medallion.

Go to the boiler room on the left of the steam bath room (one with a bird on top).

Look close at the panel on the right wall. Insert the medallion on top slot. Pull the lever. Take the projector card from the bottom tray. Pull back.

Start the steam:    Look close at the boiler. Take the filthy rag below the round lid on the tank. Use the filthy rag on the nozzle tip. Then use the oil flask on the filthy rag. Use the lighter on the rag with oil. Flames starts.

Personalize the steam bath:     Go to the room right of the closed steam bath room. Climb the steps and insert the projector card on the slot close to the pipe going to the wall. Pull up the lever to see light coming out. Go to the wheel on left wall and turn the 2 small wheels to get the holes even with the projected circles.

When done correctly, see the princess enter the steam bath room.

Favorite's robe:

Climb up the stairs and click to enter the basket outside the favorite's room. Watch Madame Souafi come, do the lock, looks in the room and leave. Exit the basket and look close at the lock. Turn the birds' head (L-R) to point: left, right and bottom right. The door opens. Enter and pull the call rope at left of window. This calls Aicha to the princess' room. She opens the chest and takes the robe.



In your room, talk to Aicha. Now she says you need to use the favorite's perfume because Kadher has a strong nose. Talk to Madame Souafi. She says that the perfume is made from Madargandier flower that is found in the garden and distilled by the Prince himself in his workshop.

Prince' workshop:    Exit the courtyard and go to the garden. Climb the stairs until the tower that is the Prince' workshop. Read the book and see the ingredients needed to make the perfume are: blue almonds, Madargandier flower (which is nocturnal) and Barbary water. Go to right table and pick up the Barbary water. Go right of the window and see a telescope. Look through and see an almond fruit. Exit tower.

Almond:    Go around the garden and collect 3 sticks. One stick is under the bench just upon entering the garden. Another stick is by the door close to the greeneries at right of screen when on top view of the garden. The last stick is by the Almond tree that is on the left side of the garden and lotus pond and above the fish pond. In inventory, combine all 3 sticks to make a pole. Use pole on tree. Pick up 2 almonds.

Leopard:    While by the almond tree, go right to the cage behind the large post and see a caged leopard. Look close and Aisha will shout a warning. Go back inside and ask Aisha about the leopard. Talk to Madame Souafi about the leopard. That will be difficult when collecting the flower for the perfume. Hmm...

Good night:    Go upstairs to the outer balcony and talk to the guard Kadher. On the way, see a Madargandier flower opening. It must be getting to nighttime since the flower is nocturnal. Go back to your bedroom and see that it is dark. Click on the bed to sleep.

See the leopard patrol the garden. Practice manipulating him around. The closer the cursor is to him the better to control him. Press ESC key to quit the training part.

Madargandier flower:    Wake up and go to the garden. Pick up the flower at left feet of the first bench seen close to entrance.

Prince' workshop:    Go to the workshop and prepare the perfume procedure:   

Go to the grinder and place the almonds on the container. Click on wheel. Take powder.

Go to the still at the corner and add the Barbary water on the funnel on top left, add the almond powder and then the flower.

Use lighter on burner. Take the perfume.

The Prince:    Go back to the fountain and talk to Aisha. In your room, Ann is made up as the favorite. Go to the outer balcony and Kadher the guard steps aside to allow passage. Go right and talk to the Prince. The Prince recognized that Ann is not the favorite. After going through all the dialogue selection, the Prince tells a story about the leopard and a young girl named Ann Smith. This Ann is given the responsibility to return the leopard to the desert and she can go home. Ann is free to go to town and get the supplies she needs.


Madargane Town

Exit to go to town using the door opposite the fountain. Go right and go to the buildings at top of screen. See a store with rugs (sells everything) and then go right to a mat roofed ramp. Look through the mat and see a truck. See a cutscene of the Colonel of the Rebels learn about Ann's arrival and crash. Hmm... He talked to her.  Go back to the main road. Meet a man selling rugs. Go forward to the planked covered road. Check the photographers' door on the right and see that it is locked.

Hassan's Garage:     See the rug merchant blocking the way. Turn left (bottom of screen) after the planked covered road. Go extreme right and enter the garage. Talk to Hassan. He will fix the 1933 truck for you. It needs batteries, radiator fan and tires.

Go right and see the crashed airplane. Take the hand pump left of the plane. Look inside the plane and a cutscene of the crash is seen. Take the battery, the spring coming out of the seat and the burned document from the dashboard. Read the document in inventory. It is written by Ambassador Mekoulou (note the panther seal) to a Mademoiselle. Talk to Hassan about the plane. Exit the garage. Go left and then up the screen to the path after the covered road.

Market:    Go forward pass the archway and be at the market square. The dog barks at Ann and suddenly Molgrave men riding gazelines nearly runs over Ann. Go to the other end of the market square and talk to the official about the King, spies in town and pass. He gives a pass that needs an ID photo and the Prince' signature to leave town.

Dock:    Go forward under the arch and be at the docks. (May or may not be here - Talk to the 2 men and hear the argument about the war). Click-check the tires hanging on the dock wall. Talk to the boy on the left, Moktar. He will take the tires to the garage for you.

Coiffure Mohamed:    Go back to town. Go through the covered road, right and enter the shop on the left. Look at the noisy electric fan on the left. Talk to the hairdresser. He will give the fan if you fix his old fan. Click on the pedal on the floor left of the chair. Use the spring on the pedal. Turn off the fan, take the cover of the electric fan and get the ventilator fan. Exit the hairdresser.

See a murder scene.

Cafe:    Talk to Moktar twice outside the Cafe. He sympathizes with the rebels.

Enter the cafe on the right and listen to the 2 men arguing (may or may not be here). Take the newspaper on the right on top of the blocks. Read the newspaper. The front page talks about the war, the second page has the crash and a bank robbery. Note the ads on the third page. The back page has a performance blurb.

Go to the back of the shop and talk to the proprietor. He is the brother in law of the camera shop owner. He doesn't believe in the King and the spies are already in town. He gives the photographer's key to the camera shop. Exit the cafe.

Camera shop:    Go to the tunnel and use the photographer's key on the locked door on the right.

Enter and flip the lever right of the door to the middle to get light in the laboratory.

Go right to the laboratory. Look inside the top drawer and read how to develop the film and enlarge pictures.

Go back to the first room and flip the lever down.

Go back to the laboratory and see that the light is now red. Place the undeveloped film on the spool. Hey! Click on the timer on the left. Take the developed film.

Go back out and flip the lever back down to get red light. Go to the enlarger on right bench. Look close and place the developed film on the middle slot. Take a photographic paper from the left and place it on the bottom plate. Click on the button above the tray on the right to start the timer. Take the photographic paper and place it on the tray.

Take the photograph. In inventory, combine the photograph and the pass to get pass with photograph. Exit the shop.

Hassan's Garage:    Go back to Hassan. Take a left after the tunnel and go extreme right to Hassan's garage. See that he is dead.

Go to the truck. See that tires are already on. Look at the open side of the truck and place the battery on the right side and then place the fan above it.

Click on the rope in front of the car to tie the rope to the winch on the left.

Click on the windshield to get a close up of the dashboard. Turn on the ignition at top middle of the dashboard. See the truck get off the ramp.

Use the hand pump on top of the drum on the right. Click on the rubber tube on the floor to connect it to the hand pump. Click again on the rubber tube to place it on the truck. And then click on the hand pump to fill the truck with gas.

Click on truck to leave the garage. Ann parks the truck at the Harem's garden.

Harem:    Go to the Prince in his room. Talk to prince and he gives the key to your traveling companion.

Garden:    Go to the left of the garden and talk to Mustapha.

Go to the wheel on the right. Click the wheel twice on the right (clockwise) to open the gates of the big pond. See fishes jumping.

Go forward to the upper garden and go to the cage at the middle. Use the key given by the Prince on the lock and the turnstile opens.

Enter the cage and go forward inside the cage. Pull the lever on the floor in front of a long tube. This drained the water from the big pond.

Look close at the control panel to turn the bridge. You need to get the wired covered path straight so that the leopard can go straight to the cage that is at the back of the truck.

From left to right: 1. click on the #6 position and then pull the lever on the right. This moves the bridge to the right. 2. Then click on the #3 position and then pull the lever to move the bridge straight.

Watch the leopard get out of his cage and walk to the cage on the truck.

Prince:    Go back to the Prince and say your goodbye. He signs the pass automatically to get a valid pass.

Garden:    Go back to the garden and drive the truck.


Molgrave Desert

Watch Ann drive out of town with the Leopard. She gets startled by 2 gazelines and drives over the cliff.

Above cliff floor:    She regains consciousness in the midst of the wreck, with no leopard in sight. Pick up a piece of glass from the ground close to where she was lying.

Go to bottom screen and see that the path inside the hollow tree trunk is blocked by vines. Use the glass on the vines.

Go forward and down to the right on the giant tree branch. The branch breaks off. Go back and walk the middle branch to the end. Click on the liana-woody vine and get bit by a snake. Click again on the liana and it hangs down. Go back to the bottom tree branch by clicking on the branch to get Ann stay on the tree branch.

Cliff floor:   

Palmettes and falcon:   

1. Go forward until palmettes are seen in the sand. A palmette falcon swoops down and the palmettes burrow in the sand. Read the book in inventory to see that these palmettes use suckers on their feet to catch prey. Traverse the sand when the falcon flies overhead to get to the other side.

2. Kick the tree trunk on the left twice to move it in the gully. Go down and see another palmette sand convention. Run to the right side and over the rocks beside the sand to get to the other side.

Sand lilies:    Go forward until the sand lilies. Traverse the sand by finding stable lily leaves to stand on. I did this puzzle by going diagonal left, cross diagonal right and diagonal left again to the other side.

Major Goodmorning:    Talk to the man by a dead gazeline. Learn about leopard, gazelines, Molgraves and polopolo.

Polopolo bats inside tree trunk:    Go forward until you see Leopard walk by in the background. Take the branches from the broken fencing on the left. Enter the hollow tree trunk to the right and see the polopolo bats fly down. Go back in and place branches on the ground. Use the lighter on the branches. Wait until the smoke clears and go back in the hollowed out tree. Climb up to get to the Molgrave Village.


Molgrave Village

Go left and pick up the handle just before the break on the walkway. Jump over and go forward until a hanging rope. Look close at the rope. In inventory, combine the handle and the glass to get an improvised spear. Use spear on rope to get a walkway going down.

Mound:    Go down to next level hut. The path is blocked by a stone stump and a mound. Climb the tree trunk and Ann tries to go over but falls down. Look close at the mound blocking the path. Use spear to make 4 indents on the mound to use as foothold.

Matriarch:    Go forward and try to cross the next break in the walkway. Ooops. Enter the hut on the right. Talk to the Matriarch of the Molgrave through an interpreter. You have only until tomorrow before the hunters kill the leopard. Ann faints.

Sorcerer-priest:    Talk to the sorcerer. The snake bite took effect. Ann is told that she is Rodan's daughter because of the Leopard mark on her shoulders.

Plant 1:    Exit the sorcerer's hut and go forward to the man, woman and child by the matriarch's hut. Go right and then left to see if you can get a clear response from the man. Take plant 1 on the fencing in front of him. (See picture below).

Go back to the right until the ladder. Go pass the ladder to the close up of a trunk of a big tree. Go right and pull up a big jug. Take the polopolo fat. To the right is the path to go to the drum tree. Go back to the trunk of the big tree. Go left of tree and take the top walkway. Go forward and see gazeline corral.

Prince:    Go across the gazeline corral to come out the right side. Climb the ladder. Hear that Madargane has fallen, burning and in ruins. The sacked Palace is now the rebels HQ. The Prince and his retinue have been massacred as well as many inhabitants.  Oh!

The young Prince explains how to catch leopard. Make polopolo bats fly and his falcon will catch the bats. Hang the bat as bait for leopard. Scare Polopolo with drums. Come back to the Prince when you have a drum. Drum and tree together.

Repair a drum:    Go back down to the gazeline corral, cross to the other side and go left to the angler. Talk to the angler. He is catching sand dabs.

Sand dabs angling:     Sit on the chair. Select colored baits. Use the 2 wheels to position the bait and when one comes close to the bait, click on the reel. When caught the sand dab will be in inventory.

Cure skin:    Go inside the hut and talk to Major Goodmorning and then give the sand dab to angler. He needs 2 plants to do a fast but inferior cure of the skin.

Plants:    One of the plants is the one taken from the man left of the walkway after the matriarch's hut. The other one is found on the level above. Go outside, right pass the corral and right until the ladder. Climb ladder and take the path up and left of the stairs. Go left until you see a vine growing in front of the left hut. Take plant 2

Go back and down the ladder by the boy. Go right and take the path left of the big tree trunk. Go forward and give the 2 plants to the angler in his hut. Talk to Major Goodmorning. He says the angler wants the fat of the polopolo too. Give the fat taken from the hanging jug.

Skin:    Leave the hut and then later go back inside the hut. Take the cured skin stretched on the right wall of the hut.

Find the drum:    Exit the hut, forward and left after the big tree trunk. You should be where you got the polopolo fat on the hanging jug. Take the walkway going down. Climb up and place the cured skin on the drum.

Prince:    Go back to the Prince. Exit, forward and cross the gazeline corral. Talk to him about the drum being finished. He asks for you to beat the drum. Go back to the drum and click on it. Watch the falcon catch a polopolo bat. Go back to the Prince and take the polopolo beside the Falcon.


Make an elastic:     Go across the gazeline corral, right, forward and climb the ladder.

Go to the hut on the right and pick up the hook and several nuts. Exit the hut, forward and take the path left of the ladder or boy.

Go right and see a sign. Note that the number of nuts correspond to either the thickness of the elastic or the size of the person. The elastic is for bungee jumping as shown by the pictures.

Enter the hut. See that it looks like a measuring contraption


Stand on the scale platform to weigh Ann. She weighs 2 and one half nuts. LOL!

Go to the fiber preparation setup (nut holder) right of the scale. Place a nut on the holder and pull the lever. The milk is removed and the nut is thrown to be used. Do this one more time. For the half nut, place the nut on holder and click at center of nut the cleaver goes down and cuts the nut in half and serves as a stop on the drill. Pull lever to get half a nut. :)  If done correctly, see the scale show 2 and half nuts.

Go to the elastic maker on the right. Pull lever and if the correct amount of fibers (nuts) from the coconut is done - see elastic made. Take elastic.


Bait the trap:    Go down the ladder and right to the big tree trunk.

Take the left path to the angler's hut. Go down the ladder beside the angling chair.

As soon as Ann reaches the platform, she drops the hook.

Retrieve the hook by using the elastic on end of the board Ann is standing on. Watch her bungee jump and retrieve the hook.

Go to the trap and place the hook on the hanging line. Bait the hook with polopolo bat. Pull the lever to open the floor.

Take the branches right of the ladder and they are automatically placed on the open floor of the trap.

Climb up the ladder and it is nighttime. Ann falls asleep. Leopard prowls around. You can play with the leopard or skip this part.

Ann wakes up. Go to the sorcerer. He will be standing on the platform of the Matriarch's hut. See 2 wrapped bodies hanging behind him. These men killed Major Goodmorning. They found espionage report on them and the paper is given to Ann. As Ann departs the village, the sorcerer tells Rodan's daughter's story.


Maur River

Read the espionage report that states Ann is M.R. and gives her description. Go to the right and see that the ferry is sinking in one corner.

Go back and up to the broken truck. Take a jerry can from the side of the truck bed.

Go to the right and then right of the ferry landing to a dock. Go to the end and use the jerry can on the ferry corner that is below water. Do this 3 times (jerry cans) to raise the ferry above water.

Click on the gazeline and it will go to the ferry. Go to the ferry's front and watch what happens.




Zamarat Mines

Mine town:    Go forward from the ferry landing. Listen to the 2 miners by the entrance to the mines. Go right, left until the end, forward through the shanties and see a man on the left standing on a porch. Climb the steps and enter the door on the right. Enter the door above.

Talk to Sergeant Harambee, supervisor of the mine completely. Exit the office. Harambee reports to someone that Malkia Rodon-Crown, Rodon's daughter is there and will keep her here. Outside, listen to the talk by the sitting man. He is injured and rambling: 1095, The beast, Dada.

Locked in:    Go back inside the office. Talk to Harambee again about the wounded man. He locks Ann in the office.

Go to the shelves on the left and take 3 knobs, old rod, new rod and miner clothes.

Go to the floor at corner below the desk and book shelves. Look close and note that the wood is not very solid there. In inventory, combine a knob with new rod to get miner's stick. Use the miner stick on the floor. Look down and see the mine shaft.

Go behind the screen on the left and click the miner clothes on the screen. Ann will automatically change clothes.

Go to the animal head on the wall and Ann will climb up to the top floor. Harambee comes in and thinks that Ann went down to the mine. He leaves the room. Click on the x at bottom right be back down to the office. Exit through the open door.

Mine shaft entrance:    Exit through the right entryway, forward, right (meet Harambee on the way) until the entrance to Zamarat and go left. Go left to the far mine shaft entrance and listen to the men talking. Ignore the bodies - it's a glitch. Go back to the right closer mine shaft entrance. Use the panel on the bottom left corner of the platform.

Level 975:    Go right and see a platform with a hook. Go back to the elevator and go left.

Bill:    Enter the office and talk to Bill. Learn about the mines, Dada and emeralds. Exit the office.

Elephant:    Go to the mine entrance above screen and pick up the rope on the ground. Go left again and see an elephant tied up. Go back to Bill and he says that the elephant is old, blind and is waiting to be hoisted to the surface. Bill leaves the office. Ann automatically changes clothes. Look on top desk drawer and take 2 wedges and wrench. Bill comes back.

Go to the elephant and use the wrench on the bolt holding the chain tied to the elephant. The elephant is freed.

Go to Level 1095:    Go back to the elevator.

Click on top of elevator and see a close up to the ceiling of the elevator. Click to go up the roof. Place the 2 wedges on the holes at left beams of the elevator.

Go back down to the elevator and click on the elevator button. It goes up and the bottom floor is exposed.

Go back to bottom floor. Tie the rope on the hook of the bottom floor. Automatically, the elephant pulls the floor covering. Go down.

Look close at the yellow controls. Flip the rightmost switch to the right and then pull the lever down.

Level 1095:    Go forward from the elevator. Talk to Engineer Dada, the Queen of Hell. You can skip the Leopard segment. After the talk, Ann is thrown down the shaft where the leopard is located.

Get out of level 1095:    Leopard is here. Look around and see that the elevator is held by a rope tied to the ground. Go to left screen.

Pick up the broken lantern on the ground left of the boulder at back wall.

Go to the platform rope at right and click the broken lantern on it (pour oil). Use the lighter to burn the rope. The platform is released.

Enter the cage and use the button to go up. Exit and take emeralds from the bucket in front of the elevator. Go left and take the fuse wire on the ledge at left.

Go up one more level and see emeralds on the wall. Take the drill on the floor and use it on the emerald wall to make a hole.

Go to the cage and throw emerald on bat at ceiling - 3 times. The bat lands on the crate hanging on the right. Leopard must be hungry and jumps to the crate. The crate falls to the ground.

Go down and pick up dynamite. Go back up and insert dynamite on the hole drilled. Use the fuse wire at end of the dynamite's short wick.

Go down to the bottom level. Pick up the end of the fuse wire behind leopard and go to detonator on the bottom screen. Attach the end of the fuse wire to base of detonator. Be sure that the plunger of the detonator is down. Click the top of detonator to set off the dynamite.

Bill and elephant:    Level 1095 is flooded. Ann and Leopard escapes to level 975. Exit the yellow control platform and talk to Bill in the office to get him to leave. He will not leave his post but hoist the elephant and you to the surface.

Go to the path right of the elevator. See that the elephant is waiting. Climb the elephant and be hoisted to the surface.

Mine surface:    Talk to the man. Malkia Rodon-Brown. Find out what happened to Harambee and the other men. Go right and see the exit scene.


Rebel Camp

Leopard jumps off the elephant. Ann is caught by the rebels.

Cage:    Ann is in a cage hanging on a tree. Talk to the guard. There an active spot on the branches to the right of the cage. There's a beehive above the guard.

Swing:    (Thanks, Sue!) Swing by placing the cursor at the extreme edge possible. Keep the cursor on that place. Then click hold when the swing moves to that side. Release the hold on the mouse to allow it to swing to the other side. Click hold again on the stationary cursor several times until the cage reaches the maximum reach to that side. Then immediately move the cursor to make it an active cursor, click on the active branches on the right and Ann will automatically get a stick.



Move the cursor to the beehive side and do the similar procedure. Keep the directional arrow stationary and then click-hold to make it swing to the maximum reach on this side. Then move the cursor to make it active and click. Ann will automatically, hit the beehive.

See the beehive drop and Ann is later released.

Talk to Conrad Siri completely: Black Vault, favor and drums. He  knows Malkia in Geneva and that they discussed leading the revolution. He wants Malkia-Ann to stop the drums, enter Black Vault and ask Rodon to give up. He gives the emeralds and a walkie talkie. Take Siri's document from the desk and read it in inventory. Exit the tent.

Go to the path right of Siri's tent (upper left) and take thorns from bush at right. Go back and take the path to bottom right to enter the soldiers' camp. Talk to soldier and learn more about Black Vault and drums. Go left and see the Black Vault at the river. Go back to the main camp (Siri's tent).

Wamganga:    Exit the camp via the path on top of screen. Take cattails reeds from the bank. Go right and talk to the soldier until he allows you to talk to the prisoner. Talk to Wamganga, Chief of the Buluus. He is doctor to Rodon. Learn about Black Vault, Rodon, Buluus and the drums.


Black Vault

Go right twice and see the Black Vault.

Climb up the Black Vault:

Snake:    There's a snake on the chains. Go back to Wamganga and ask for help. Give the thorn and reeds. See the Buluus Chief take care of the sentry. Look close at chair and pick up the knife. Use knife on rope of the Chief's cage attached to the tree on the right. Follow the chief and see him dispose of the snake. Climb the chains.

Side of the ship:     Climb: right - up - right - up - up - left - up.

Get inside the Black Vault:    Be at the deck of Black Vault. Take the distress flare from the cabinet on the wall. Go right and climb up the ladder. There is no way to get through the ventilation duct. Go down and then left to go back to the ship's railing.

Monkeys:    Go left (cursor at top left of screen by railing) and see shots fired from protected cannon. Enter and note that there are a lot of monkeys. Use the distress flare on the open door of the cannon. See the monkeys leave. Enter.

Cannon:    Flip the lever down to power up the cannon. Use the 2 wheels to move the cannon right and left; up and down. Move the cannon extreme left and in a position to hit the ventilation duct. Flip the top left lever and then click on green button. Now it's out of the way.

Inside the Black Vault:    Go back to the right twice and climb the ladder. Enter the hole made by the destroyed duct.

Call the elevator by pressing on the button left of the elevator. Go down and right to open entryway. See a room with a pile of coal and a control panel to the right. Go to right end and see a room with a leopard head furnace that has a mine cart in front of the face. There's a control panel on the right side that is not functional. Look down the ladder and Ann will say that there are electric cables going down the water. Go to the right corner and see water pouring in. Exit to the left and enter another hallway. Pick the gas can right of the entryway on the left. Exit to the left and be back to the room with the coal.

Start the furnace:

In the room with the pile of coal, look close at the yellow control panel hidden behind the post at right.

1. Flip the top left switch to turn this panel on.

2. Flip the horizontal lever at bottom right to the right position to get the cart that is in front of the furnace to this room.

3. Flip the vertical lever down to position  the scoop above the coal.

4. Push the left red button to get coal.

5. Flip the vertical lever up to move scoop above cart.

6. Push right red button to drop the coal.

7. Flip the horizontal lever to the left to move the cart back in front of the leopard furnace.

8. Push the middle red button to pull out the side protection of the furnace.

Light the furnace:

Go back in front of the leopard furnace and the metal leopard rises.

1. Click gas can on the hole at back of the leopard's head.

2. Use lighter on leopard's hand.

3. Push the right button on the back to move the lit hand forward.

4. Push the left button on the back to blow the gas into the furnace.

Drain the water: Go to the control panel across the leopard furnace.

1. Push the left red button to start the pump.

2. Flip the lever to drain the water.

Ritual room:    Go down the ladder and go to left of the screen. Enter the open doorway. Use the elevator to go up (see a native left of the elevator). Enter right and go to top hallway and see monkeys that block the way. Go back to the other hallway and turn the wheel once. See the monkeys run off. Turn the wheel again to turn off the spray.

Go back and enter the ritual room. See the leopard inside the circle of candles. Pick up a chalk by the door at edge of the circle of candles.

Wamganga:    Go out and turn right. See a giant snake blocking the way. Go back to the other hallway and enter the exit to the left midway the corridor. Go down the elevator and talk to the man. It is Wamganga, sorcerer of the Buluus. Talk to him about the monkeys, leopard and statue. He wants you to get the statue, symbol of the tribe from the treasure room and he will help with the leopard.

Archives:    Enter the room on the left. Talk to Mr. Gretzelburg about everything. Try to touch Rodon's statue. Go to the table right of the doorway. Look at the phone number - 00242 575 683. An obnoxious Siri calls Malka. Malka asks him to call here and tell the banker that his transfer is in effect. That got him out of the way.

Look close at Rodon's statue. Use the knife on the gold medallion on his left hand.

Treasure room:    Go to the double doors on the right. Use the medallion on the circle. Pull back and enter the treasury room. Go forward to the center shelf. Take the 4 hanging voodoo dolls and the treasury bonds. There's another voodoo doll with a safe for a body that cannot be acted on yet.

Mr. Gretzelburg comes back and blocks the doorway. Use the lighter on the voodoo doll with a safe body. It burns and Mr. Gretzelburg gets hurt and leaves.

Go to the left corner and get an African mask.

Exit the treasure room and go back to Wamganga. Talk to him first and ask for 'help'. Then give him the voodoo doll with orange vest and white ?eyebrows.

Ritual room:    Go to the ritual room with the leopard and candles. The sorcerer is there now.

Look for the active spots and draw using the chalk the symbols said by the sorcerer.

Trace the sky at the zenith

Trace the abyss of the foundation

Trace the earth at the middle all around the leopard


Then talk to the sorcerer to show where to position the 3 voodoo dolls: The one with a gown at right, the one that looks like a tree by the door and the fat one by the sorcerer.

Royal apartments:    For the sun, he says to use Ann's doll. Go to the elevator and then go to the left (cursor is at bottom right with the elevator on the left). Enter the royal apartments. The royal apartment is closed and is found on the bottom screen. Open the door on the left by door to elevator. Open the chest and get Ann's doll. Go back to the ritual room and place the doll on the sun symbol.

The sorcerer wants you to place money on the leopard. Place the the treasury bonds on the leopard.

Medicine:    The sorcerer then goes out and removes the big snake. Talk to him. He wants morphine, disinfectant and bandages to complete the healing. Go outside, left and see that the snake is gone. Go right through entryway. Go down and left. Enter the infirmary. Go right and get a card from top of the clothes. A monkey grabs it. Open the medicine box under the closet and take morphine, dressing and disinfectant. Go back to the sorcerer. Exit the infirmary, go up, left, and go right at the middle of the corridor. The go left twice to be at the ritual room. Give the 3 items to him. He does not want to be disturbed.


Card:    Now to get what that monkey stole. Exit the ritual room, go left, right, left, left and halfway the corridor; go right. The monkeys are fascinated by the TV. Enter the next room. Click the mask on Ann and the click on the camera. Ann will sit on the chair and wear the mask. The monkeys are frightened. Go back to the other room and see that one monkey stayed behind. Give him the emerald and he gives the special key. Exit the TV room.

Half starved monkeys:    Go down, right and continue to the right bypassing a corridor going down. See 3 half starved monkeys. Go back and go down the corridor just passed. Enter the galley midway on the left. Go to the stove at bottom screen. Take the can opener and use it on the can. Not appetizing for the monkeys, eh. Use can on pan on the stove. Use the lighter on stove. The monkeys arrive for chow time. Exit and go to top right; now that the monkeys are gone.

Reading room:    Go right until the room with cabinets and a sealed door. Open the cabinet on the left and take another espionage report. Read it in inventory. The Prince Souramar. Hmm... Look at the note on the cabinet door - 2577. Go to the numbered panel right of door. Enter 2577. Then insert the special key bribed from the monkey.

War Room:    Look at the map. Then take and read the military report under the map.

Drums:    Go down the hatch at top left of the table with the map. See the source of the drumming - frogboxers with bait in between the drums. Go to the control panel on the right and flip the lever. Climb up.

Wheel room:     Go to bottom left and climb the ladder. Go forward and talk to Willy Vandergard twice to learn more about the leopard and Mailka's mother. Leave and Vandergard commits suicide. Go back and take the gun and Rodon's key. Go back down.

Rodan:    Go to Royal Apartments. Go right and exit the room. Go left pass the galley corridor, up, up and go right midway the corridor. Go to the elevator: up, left midway the corridor and left of elevator. Go to bottom of screen and use Rodan's key on door.


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