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Walkthrough by MaGtRo

October 16, 2001

Game play: The game is typical point and click. The Backstage screen access any of the three main characters, a period in the game and the book that shows the summary of the game. To move to the next period, completions of 2 main characters are needed. Moving the arrow point to the next level can skip a character's puzzle and a question to go to next level will be asked. A lip cursor will show a choice of dialogue at the bottom left of the page. The dialogues chosen on the walkthrough is the shortest route to the next scene. In some instance, other choices are not wrong selections and will eventually end in the progress of the game. At the lower right of the screen during game play shows the options, help, index and map. There are only 12 save game spaces allotted. Save games will start only at the beginning of the character or period chosen, not in the middle of the period. There are several timed puzzles involved. Pressing ESC goes to backstage screen and pressing the space bar skips dialogue and cut scenes.

Characters:        Jacques de Douai - a 25 yr. old middle class master craftsman with some rigid morals and is affianced to Rosamonde. He is brother to Adam de Douai, a master craftsman, mechanical inventor and clockmaker.    Rosamonde - a beautiful 23 yr. old performer who is honest but has adjusted to life in order to survive in a hostile world.    Pierre de Cinq-Ormes - a naive, athletic, not wealthy nephew of Nogaret. He is in love with Agnes de Chatillon.    Agnes de Chatillon - a spoiled, easily influenced, wealthy 20 yr. old lady in waiting of the princess. Her father confessor is Jean.    Jean de Laussane - a very rigid, ascetic, 35 yr. old Dominican Inquisitor who sees evil everywhere but can be a soft-spoken and charismatic.    Guillaume de Nogaret - a high-level cold but honest politician under King Philippe. He took care of the Templars and the Pope for the king. He received a clemency from Pope Clement V but felt that it was it was given as an amnesty for a culprit. He wrote to the pope a confession acknowledging to have faked information against the pope on behalf of the king and the largest good of the kingdom of France.

This is the story of how the invention of clock came about. King Philippe wanting to master Time as one of his achievements desires a clock to be placed at his new palace. Nogaret hired Adam de Douai to make a mechanical clock. Near the completion of the clock, Adam falls off the tower of Notre Dame Cathedral while a performance by Rosamonde was going on. At the audience is Adam's brother, Jacques. Brother Jean immediately took Rosamond to be interrogated. The body of Adam and Jean was taken to the tower under the care of Nogaret. 

Chapter 1

Pierre - Select Pierre on the backstage stained glass screen. Outside the palace, look at white flower on ground. Agnes snubs the gesture. Pierre, in order to please Agnes tries to find out about the accident. Click forward 2x. Pick up and then climb ladder. Enter tower, click left to move up one floor more. Click on wood door. Listen. Rosamonde is being interrogated. Go back down one floor and enter wood door. Guard the case/letter/confession given by Nogaret.

Jacques - In the torture room, click on Adam 2x. Go to fireplace and click to go up.

Wall climbing puzzle: There is a time limit to climb the wall. Click/hold hand/foot and release on to stones, bricks or holes. Progress of climb is seen on the right screen. Climb a little to right side, slight left and slight right and then left up. Once you hear voices, the time becomes short. 

Once above, see Rosamonde's interrogation and pick up the scroll (translation will be shown later in the game). Go down and out through the chamber door. Jacques is upset about Adam's death, the secret of Rosamonde and her complicity with Jean.

Rosamonde - Rosamonde is interrogated by Brother Jean and agrees to help him. Select dialogues - Adam 3x. 

Rope puzzle: Click on Rosamonde's tied hands. Untie her by clicking on the end of the ropes.

Chapter 2

Pierre - Pierre is determined to give Agnes a present. In Jacques' shop, click on devotional object/book at top part of table, goblet and then clasp of motto/lavender cloth. Agnes poses riddles to Pierre to see if he should buy her a gift.

Riddles: 1. When I am filled, I am wine. When I am raised, I am blood. When I am drunk, I am divine. What am I?  Click on chalice on the extreme right of the screen. 2. It must hide the secret of my heart but disclose it to the first person that looks close. Click on clasp of motto/lavender cloth. Agnes spills and mixes the motto on her way out.

Jacques - Brother Jean interrogates Jacques and will bring the arranged motto to Agnes. Click on Brother Jean. 

Motto puzzle: Put together the motto on the clasp by click/hold and release on circles. When a completed pair is done, Jean will ask a question. Click on OK at the bottom right when done.

  With good heart - I give it     Who loves fine - Forgets not     Have mind - Of me  
  Think on - Your end     With grace - Receive this gift      All goes fine - That lasts  

Rosamonde - Rosamonde is in search an object she has seen fall down from the tower with Adam. Go to the stage on the left, climb stairs and click on the floorboard on the right side of the screen. Go back down, right 4x and pick up the big gear off the ground. Brother Jean takes it from her and wants her to steal a letter from Nogaret's office.

Chapter 3

Pierre - On the banks of the river, Pierre shows his trust and archery prowess to Agnes. Select dialogues - love and letter 3x. A quick look of the letter shows the start of the Confession of Nogaret to the pope. Click on the letter 2x. Click towards the archery range. 

Archery: On the left side of the screen, pick an arrow and click 4x to pull the bowstring. Immediately move to right side of screen and aim it above the circle to place the arrow inside the circle.

Jacques - Nogaret visits Jacques to see how well his mechanical aptitude is. Enter Jacques' shop. Nogaret wants him to fix an automatic machine made by Adam. 

Automatic machine puzzle: Click/hold the pieces on the table and place them on the appropriate holes or protruding rods. Place the left end of piece 1 on protruding rod 1. Insert piece 2 on hole 2. Insert piece 3's left end hole onto just inserted rod 2. Insert left end hole of piece 4 on barely seen knob 4. Insert middle knob of piece 5 on hole 5 on head of machine.



Rosamonde - Rosamonde sets about to steal the letter of Nogaret as ordered by Brother Jean. Move only when the guards had just turned away or out of site. Wait for the guard to turn and walk to the right and then go to barrel. Get the ladder when the guard turns away. Climb the ladder when the guard has entered the opening on the left. Enter tower, climb up one floor by clicking left and enter the wood door. Go forward, turn right 2x, click on the curtain between the 2 windows 2x and get the key. Open the chest on the left of the curtain with the key. Pick up scroll. It is actually the letter hiring Adam.

Chapter 4

Pierre - Agnes informs Pierre that they cannot marry because of close relationship as told by Brother Jean. Pierre goes to Nogaret to inquire about the truth of that allegation. Choose dialogues - love 4x and then Jean. In Nogaret's office, forward to the cabinet. Open the cabinet and click on big book at the bottom shelf. 

Heraldry puzzle: Complete the shield with clues given at the bottom right. Per pale are the background colors. Choose/click the dexter (observer's right) and sinister (observer's left) by the different colors argent (silver), azur (blue), gules (red), or (gold) and sable (black) and the markings on it. The markings can be cross, lion rampant (rearing) or lion passant (normal stance). There are 3 puzzles available on rotation when the previous puzzle is unsolved.




Jacques - Jacques confronts Rosamonde in the tavern and reads the parchment that Rosamonde hid in the interrogation room. In the tavern, click on Rosamonde and choose dialogue, Jacques, Rosemonde and Jacques. Read the parchment - When the light of the sun at the zenith illuminates the martyr's instrument. Then shall be found the buried source of divine inventions. Enter Jacque's shop. Turn right, forward and pick up grill. Click down, turn right, right, forward to window and click - the grill is placed on window. Click down, turn around facing fireplace, forward and click on tile on floor. Pick up manuscript and read using right pointing arrow.

Rosamonde - Rosamonde upset about the quarrel with Jacques plays dice and listens to the conversations around the tavern. Click on dice on table. Listen to conversations about the king, pope, politics, underground tunnel, etc. while playing dice or wait until all the conversation finishes before starting the game. 

Dice game: The object of the game is to get the highest score on 3 rolls of the dice, preferably 3 of a kind. In each roll, one can choose/click one or both dice that can be placed on the 3 squares on the right to accumulate a high score or skip a choice for a better roll of the dice next time. If no choice was made on the first 2 rolls the last roll will automatically be placed on the squares on the right and is the score for that set. Scoring - 3 dice of one kind is the highest score especially if they are 1's or 6's. One is higher than 6 and the rest follows. If there are no triplicates, then a set of accumulated dice that have 6's and/or 1's wins over other numbers. Betting - the dark coins are the opponents and light ones are yours. Each start of the game has an ante and can bet before and during the roll. Winning or losing the game does not matter to the mystery game. The gaming ends when one of the players runs out of money.

Look to the right after the game and see Brother Jean talking to Agnes. Brother Jean approaches Rosamonde, informs her that the letter she stole is not the right one and gives her money to do another errand. Choose dialogues - letter 2x. 

Chapter 5

Pierre - Pierre enters an archery contest and is drugged by Agnes. The Archery puzzle is again done. Click 4x to pull the bowstring on left screen and click on top center of circle on right screen to place arrows inside the circle. Click on goblet to make Pierre drink the drugged wine Agnes gives and she whispers "Now you'll be mine completely". Click on target to start a second round of archery contest. Pierre faints, loses the contest and the letter/case is stolen.

Jacques - Brother Jean tricks Jacques in removing Nogaret's seal off the stolen letter for him to use. Click on Brother Jean walking outside the store. Click 2x on remove the seal dialogue. 

Seal removal puzzle: Heat the knife until the point has completely changed color but not any longer. Too hot melts the wax and too cold will crack the seal. Gently insert the knife under the seal and out and this process can be repeated. Cool the knife for a short time, then reheat and try the seal again. Patience is needed in this puzzle. Really!! (I find success in sliding from top down and then back up in small sawing motions and can take from just 2 strokes to over 20 to remove the seal). 

Rosamonde - Rosamonde performs Jean's errand to steal the Nogaret's case/letter of confession from Pierre. She recognizes Agnes as the one who drugged Pierre. Click on Pierre, Nogaret and Agnes. Click on table, turn right, click on tree above archery target and see bush. Pick up the letter/case. Read the letter of confession to the pope revealing his involvement and that the king ordered Anagni's attack on the pope. Click outside the letter. Rosamonde feels guilt in her participation of Brother Jean's campaign against Nogaret.

Chapter 6

Pierre - Go towards Brother Jean and select dialogues - Agnes, letter and king. So, Pierre is to give Nogaret's confession sealed with the removed seal by Jacques to the king. Enter palace. In the palace hall, go to Agnes in her usual red gown and choose dialogues - letter and Jean. Pierre is now aware of the Jean's trap. Then go to Nogaret, bent man in blue on top of the screen and choose dialogues - Jean and Agnes. Pierre is given permission by Nogaret to marry Agnes and to meet him in his office to stop Borther Jean in learning about the secret underground passage.

Jacques - Jacques goes to Nogarets office to know more about the disappearance of Adam's body. Pick up ladder, climb ladder, enter tower, climb up one more floor by clicking left and enter the wood door. In Nogaret's office, turn around to the fireplace by clicking left 4x. Read the engraved words and see the knife on the hearth.

Flower puzzle:  Click/hold the finger pointer to remove the soot and draw a flower with a leaf. Start by cleaning the center to reveal a flower.  Make the stem by cleaning from the center down to the bottom center by following the central line. Clean the soot off the leaf; the tip should be even with the center of the flower. When the cleaning is complete, the knife glows and can be picked up. Then using the knife, click on the center of the flower and then the tip of the leaf and x marks will be placed. Click on the lever that appears on the right side if done correctly.

Rosamonde - Nogaret confronts Rosamonde about the stolen letter and Rosamonde tells him the truth. Play dice game again to the loss of money of one of the players. At the end of the game, Nogaret comes to talk to Rosamonde. To be truthful to him, select dialogues - Adam and Jean 4x. Nogaret gives Rosamonde an abacus.

Chapter 7

Pierre, Jacques and Rosamonde - Jacques and Rosamond makes up and with Pierre goes to look for the underground passage. Go out of the door and go down one floor to the torture chamber. In the room, turn right and click on lattice. The three heroes looks for the underground passage to the Hall.

Maze puzzle: Go down the stairs and pick up the right torch. Go forward 2x to hole, click on the left side of the hole 2x. Looking down the hole, go forward and climb down another stair to a door. Enter door, go forward to another hole in the ground and click left of hole 2x. Take right entrance, forward 5x and take center cavern, forward 3x, take left cavern, forward 3x, down stairs to marked door.

Abacus/Door puzzle: The inscription on top of the door says King Philip and underneath are aeternitas, voluntas, patientia. There are letters on the wall - P, e, g and the other side - O, h, R, i, L. Click on the tip of the abacus showing at the bottom of the screen. Using the abacus, match the 3 words from the wall inscription to letters that are on the wall. The outer wheel can be clicked right or left. Aeternitas - H, Voluntas - P, Patientia - R. Look at wall and click on letters - h, P and R.

Chapter 8

Pierre - The 3 heroes separate and go through the maze. Forward to closed door, turn around, forward 5x, right, forward, right, forward to stairs, right, forward 8x to see cavern of rats. Click forward to have Pierre show his archery skill again.

Rat archery: To get pass the rats, 7 rats out of 10 must be killed. The bowstring can be pulled if you move the cursor to edge of screen (Thanks, Rachel). Get arrow, then aim at around half an inch above the rats and shoot.

Turn right to enter Hall where Adam created the clock.

Jacques - Go forward, turn, forward 5x, right, forward, right, forward to stairs, 6x to a blocked passage. Click on stones and Jacques climbs through. Forward to enter Hall where Adam created the clock.

Rosamonde - Forward, turn, forward 5x, left, forward 8x. Go through the hole, forward and right to Hall.

Chapter 9

Jacques - The 3 heroes see Brother Jean. Listen to Brother Jean's reason for what he has done. Jacques has to put the clock in working order.

Clock puzzle: 1. Remove 2 pieces on top of the mechanism that are not in the right place. Pick the medium cog on top bar before the small cog.  2. Place the small cog on center protruding rod close to right roped cylinder. Place the medium cog right behind it and closer to right roped cylinder by aligning the central hole to the rod. Place the large cog in front of left roped cylinder by aligning the central hole to the rod. 3. Place the c-shaped bar on hole on the top plate by inserting the hooked bottom end to slot on right edge of plate. Place the T-shaped bar on hole close to large cog that was placed in step 2 by aligning its center cross-junction to the hole. 4. Place the clock face on center support beam. The first weight is placed by aligning the end of rope to the hole at the bottom of the large gear and the end of the rope of weight 2 to the other hole on the other side of the big gear.



1. Remove wrongly placed pieces. 


2. Place small, medium and large cogs.


3. Place 2 parts on top of mechanism.


 4. Place clock face, weight 1 and weight 2.

Nogaret presented the clock to the king. The king ordered the clock to be placed in the square tower in front of the new bridge. The opening of the palace occurred two days later. Pierre married Agnes and was dubbed knight at the same ceremony. Jacques married Rosamonde and was given the title Goldsmith by appointment to the Royal Court. King Phillip had his total triumph against time, his grandest hall and other achievements. Nogaret died soon afterwards in 1318 and the king a year later. Adam is alive after being spirited through the underground tunnel by Nogaret but was crippled. He was not able to do his trade except that of beggar. The name of the inventor of the clock was lost through history.

So this story ends as told by Adam de Douai, inventor of the clock.

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