Penumbra Tech Demo

A game by Frictional Games

Walkthrough by Chief


Note : before playing the game, read the Manual that you will find in the game folder in program files under the name Penumbra (for the game #1.1) or the file on your desktop (game #1.0). You will learn about the different controls and symbols use for the game and about the inventory. An object from inventory will turn green when in use.

During the game, a note book will be available for consultation.

This walkthrough is based on the game Penumbra Tech Demo 1.1 that includes a patch.

See this site for the details:

The game auto saves at different locations and when you come back to play the game, you start from the last auto save and click on “Continue”.


The introduction gives a good explanation of what the game is about.

Opening a hatch…………………….


The room with lockers.

The game starts in a room with 7 lockers on the right.  In your inventory, you will find a notebook and a flashlight.

Facing the lockers, start by opening the one on the right: grasp the door and hold it while pulling it. The locker is empty.

Go to the locker on the left and find a glowstick: take it and it will be in your inventory.

Move to the two next lockers: nothing to be found.

In the next one, find a note that will be added to the notebook. Bending down, you will find a small box of painkillers.

**You can use the flashlight if it is dark, but watch its power. During the game, at certain places, you can use the glowstick to do a longer search. If you need to light up a room, the flare is a good tool.**

In the locker before the last one, find a flare and a stick of dynamite. Both will be added in your inventory.

The last locker on the left is lock with a padlock. We will come back to it later in the game.

You will find other objects in the room. You can move them around if you want.

It is time to look in the notebook: open it using letter ”N” on the keyboard, click on it to open it and click again on the letter (note) to find the code for the door: 1993.

Go to the door with a red light on top in front of the boxes. Be close enough to see the door symbol (see the manual) and click on the door. A panel with numbers will come up on the screen. Enter 1993 by clicking on each number and click on the door to open it.

You do not have to enter a code to pass the door again.

As you enter the corridor, this is the first auto save.


The corridor.

Go forward in the corridor and pass in front of a door with a broken panel. We will come back to this door later.

As you pass in front of the door, the power is cut down. Go forward to the next door on your left. Use the flashlight quickly (or the glowstick) to see a piece of key on the box and the other piece in the key hole of the door. Take both pieces to see them go in inventory.

Go forward again to a door and some smoke coming out of the air dock. Turn left and forward again to see three boxes. On top, see a metal rod: take it.

Turn around, and go forward in this corridor, passing through smoke, to get to another door. Grab the handle of the door and push to open the door. You will find yourself in a small room with pipes on the right. Turn left and go toward to two boxes. On the left of these boxes, see another door.

Click on the door to read that there is a little gap. Use the metal rod on the door to open it. Find yourself on top of a set of stairs.



Go down the stairs. Go left at the bottom and left again, passing in front of a big box and forward to two doors.

Enter the door on the right. Go to your right in that room. There is a big generator that has not been in use for several years. Go to the end of this room to some boxes on the left and a small machine on the right: click on it: a small generator that needs some fuel.

Now, go to the other door and see that there is a gas can on top of the shelves in front of you. On one of the shelf, take a flare. On the shelves to your left, take a stick of dynamite. In inventory, you will see a two on top left of the stick of dynamite, meaning you have two of them. Now go back to the other shelves, placing yourself on its right and grab it to pull it down. The gas can will fall on the ground, bend down to take it. There are other ways to get to that gas can. I’ll let you discover them.

Go out of the room and go forward to the big box and be on top of the stairs going down. At the bottom of the stairs, see a door that we can’t open.

Turn right and go between four rusted columns to a desk. Open the drawer on the right and find a rubber hose: take it. In the drawer on the left, take a flare and another stick of dynamite.

It is time to start the small generator. Go back up the stairs and to the generator. First, click the rubber hose on the small generator. Even if it says “There, that should do it”, you must take the gas can and click on the generator. Click on it again to start it.

Now, you must go back up the stairs and to the corridor to the door with the broken panel.


The corridor, second time.

At the door, grab the panel and swing it to the top right until it stays there. Open the door by clicking on it and enter.

This is your second auto save spot.


Room with brick walls.

Go forward toward an open space with two pickaxes in a metal box on the left. On the shelf, on top of the pickaxes, take a small grey jar: liquid jar.

Back up from this open space and go to the end of this room and go through the opening on the right to a smaller room with a red extinguisher on the wall.

Turn right to see a door. Open it.


Room with lever.

In this room, you will find a lever on a box. If you turn around, see a broken cable on top of the door. Explore this room by going to the very end of it and come back through the door to have a cut scene and see a flying monster coming towards you.

If you let the monster attack, you will die. But you can restart the sequence of play.

There are a few ways to get rid of the monster: dynamite, hide, avoid him and this solution: As soon as you can during the cut scene, turn around, enter the room and go directly to the lever. Pull it down. The monster will be electrocuted.

Go out of the room passing over the monster (if you electrocuted it) and forward passing over the door on the floor to the room where the monster came from. In there, you will see flies and traces of blood on the floor. As you enter, go left to two shelves and pick up on the bottom one a vent tool.

Turn around and go for the door with a panel, on the left of two pipes. Open it to be in a corridor.

This is the third auto save.


Corridor #2.

Go right and forward to the steam coming out from some pipes. It is to hot to go further.

Come back to the start of the corridor and find a mattress on the right in front of the door. Use the glowstick if you want.

Grab the mattress and move it away from the wall using the directional keys.

You will then have access to three valves. Bend down and turn them clockwise to hear a shut down sound: no more steam coming out the pipe. Stand up again.

If you have a problem moving the mattress, do this:

Beside it, find two barrels. Move them out of the way by grabbing them and using the directional keys. Get as close as you can to the wall on the left of the mattress, turn right and bend down to see three valves : turn the small wheel (handle) by grabbing it and turning it away from you. You will hear a shut down sound when done properly. After the first two valves are shut down, you can go through the steam by running close to the wall on the opposite side of the third steam pipe. But it is better to close all of them to be sure in case you come back and forget about the steam.

**If you have a problem to get to the valves on the left side of the mattress, try the right side and turn the valves toward you.**

**You can also bring the barrels to the steaming pipes if you have the patience to do so**

** There is a third way to get past the steam pipes: go back to the first corridor and near the boxes where you found the metal rod,  find a hatch on the wall. Open it with the tool, go forward and open the other hatch. You will be pass the steam pipes. If you go this way and have to come back, you will have to use these hatches to go back to corridor #1.**

Go forward pass the pipes and find a door on the right. Pull the door and be at a storage room where you will find a powder jar on a shelf in front of you. Take  powder jar.  You will also find two flares: one behind a bucket and the other one on the bottom shelf on the right of the broom. If you got to the corridor with the watch, the storage room will be between you and the steam pipes.

Go back to the corridor and turn right. Go forward until the end and turn right twice.

As you turn the second time, a ventilation hatch will open. Now the fun part: you must place the two boxes under the hatch  and climb on them to go through the hatch. You will know you are in the proper position when you get the door symbol on the hatch.

To pull the box, grab it and use the directional key to move it. Jump on the boxes and go through the hatch.


Ventilation dock.

In front of you, see some other traces of blood. Could there be another monster?

Turn left and use the vent tool on the hatch to find yourself in a small storage room with a broom. Nothing to do in there.

This is the fourth auto save.


Room with 2 tables.

On the table on the left, see a machine to repair the broken key. Click on the machine to find out that the power cord is missing. We will come back to it. Check the drawers to see if you can find some objects and also open the drawers of the other table. On the floor on the right of the table with other different things, find a note that will be added to the book.

From there, turn right to see another corridor with a light: go there. Turn left at the end, forward and left again to a garage. You will see some kind of electric cord on top of the shelf. That will be useful for the machine in the previous room.


The garage.

In the garage, you will find two lifts that you can move up or down with the two levers on the left see as you enter. The left lever is for the lift close to the shelves.

There are multiple ways to reach the electric cord: use of boxes, lift and even dynamite. If you decide to use the dynamite, do not forget to run away from the shelves after throwing it. A combination of boxes one on top of the other and a lift is a good way to get to the cord.

With the electric cord in hand, go back to the machine to repair the key.


Room with 2 tables.

Take the electric cord from the inventory and click it on the machine. It is now connected. Click the two pieces of key on the machine and then the wheel on the right. The key will go in inventory.


Going back to the first corridor.

Now, you must go back to the very first corridor: go toward the small storage room to see a door on the right. Check your note book to get the number to open it. Click on the door to see the panel and enter 3654. Open it to be in the corridor under the hatch you opened before.

This is your fifth auto save

Turn right and go forward and back to the mattress. Open the door on your left and when you see the monster on the floor, turn right and go through the opening and forward to the door. Open it and find yourself in the first corridor. The door you just opened is the one you repaired the broken panel.

Note: there is another way to go back. Just before passing the once steaming pipes, there is a hatch on the left wall. Get close enough to get the door symbol and use the vent tool. Go forward to the other hatch and open it with the tool. You will be in the first corridor.

This is your sixth auto save.


The first corridor.

Go to the door where you found the pieces of key. Use the key on the door and enter.


Second room.

As you enter, close the door. In front of door, place a chair and the bin that you will find on the left wall. Walk to the end of the room to ear a noise: another monster.

But you have some time to pick another chair and to place it under a ventilation hatch. Use the vent tool and enter the ventilation system.


Ventilation dock.

You can only go one way because one end is block. Go forward and turn right. Go forward again and left on the first opening. Find another hatch and open it with the tool to find yourself near a computer.

This is your seventh auto save.


The computer.

Click on the computer and a particular mail will be added your note book. Open the note book with the “N” key and click on the book to open it. Click again on the mail. You are interested by the number 6667. Get rid of the book using the escape key.

Go to the door and click to have the panel on the screen. Enter 6667 to be in the first corridor. The monster is there but leave it alone and go in the corridor in front of you until the end. Open the door by clicking on it.


The room with lockers.

You are back where the game started and time to work on that padlock.

In inventory, mix together the powder jar and the liquid jar to get some acid.

Use the acid on the padlock and open the locker. Take the ID card.

Go to the door and exit the room.


The corridor.

The monster is still there but let it go to its business.

Take the corridor to get to the set of stairs.



Go down twice to be in front of a door with a panel and a code.

Look in the note book: Level 1 access to Level 2:  1124.

To open the door, you can use the ID card and the number 1124


End of the game.


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