Walkthrough by Tally Ho
Spring, 2001

About the Installation

Physikus comes on two disks. You have the choice of full or partial installations. If you can spare the room, I recommend the full option, even though it puts all of disk one on your hard disk, around 600 megabytes. It relieves you of constantly switching disks when you need scientific help. Either way, you must insert disk one to start up, then change right away to disk two to play. As if enough gamers haven't complained about this already. Lucky ones will have a DVD alongside their CD-ROM, and can use both disks simultaneously.

Let's Get Started.
After watching the intro, and finding it's your job to save the world, you land at a little settlement, looking at a bridge. Cross it, and go into the first little house on the left. Find the desk, pick up the personal computer and turn it on. Oh, No! Physics Lessons! They're really basic stuff, and presented in a logical, entertaining style. You can read through as much or as little as you want to right now; you can always refer back to the reference material any time. This is the contents of disk one, and if you did a full install, you can refer to the lessons without changing disks. If you did the smaller install, you will need to change disks to see the material.

Listen to the message on the vid-mail machine, and exit. That's all for now in this house.

The First Problem: 6kg weight
You need to find a pair of houses. Stepping out the door, turn Left and go forward five times. You see a butterfly cross the path. At this point turn left and approach the two houses. Enter the one on the right. F1, R2, you see a sink with a mirror on the shelf. Go to it. Placing the cursor over the mirror shows a green 'scan' line. This means it is an object you can take. Later, when you see a red 'scan' line, it is a place where you can use one of your items. Back up. turn right to see the clock. Open the clock and take the 2kg. weight. You just never know when you will need a weight, especially in a physics-oriented game. Turn right again to see the table. Read the note in the vase. Notice at the top of the screen, you can click to two lessons; one on magnetism, and one on aggregation (boiling and freezing.) The note depicts some sort of device with three sections, and four, nine and four things per section. You can't take the note, so write down a description of it. It mentions the boiling point of water.

Go into the other house, the one that looks like a boiler of some sort. This place is called the Smithy. First thing we see is a hot-press. Close-up, we discover we can move the lever and pick up weights and hang then on the lever. Notice the link to the physics lesson. If we study about leverage, it seems we can use one of the weights to generate 100 kg of force. The 30kg is too much, the 10 kg is not enough, but the 20kg in the correct position is just right. Thank you, Goldilocks. So now what? We have nothing to press; have a look around. Actually, the shortest route is to pick up one important item, and go elsewhere for now. Turn around, and to the right of the door, pick up the bar magnet from the little shelf.

Go outside, through the stone arch up to the stucco house with the barrels on the side. The house is locked (naturally.) Examine the barrel area to see an 18kg barrel that could be raised by pulling down on the magnet. Try it. You can raise the barrel, but it will not stay up. While you are there, you see a place to use an object. If you check the lesson on mechanics, you will find that the pulleys reduce the force by a third, so you need 6 kg of force to raise the barrel, and to stick to the magnet, you need something made of iron. So now we have something to do. We found a press at the Blacksmith's, we have a 2kg weight, if we find 4kg more, we can fashion a 6kg weight and get into this house from the cellar. Before you leave here, look at the sign on the wall that says 3040Watts, 4 Amps, and a picture of something. (Could be an elevator!)

Back up and go right to the bridge. Approaching the bridge, you can click on the Sun for a view of the phases of the moon. The Lesson in Optics is not to be missed. Wonderful stuff. You can play with lenses, mirrors, and see eclipses. And maybe, Heaven forfend, even learn something! Go up the swing-bridge to the ship. It is locked, of course. Look at the porthole to the left of the entrance. Open it to discover the device shown in the note from the table. Install the magnet from your inventory. Now the interesting part. The note refers to the boiling point of water. Is it 212°F? Or 100°C? Or did you study the lesson and find out it's 373°K. You can do it - when it's right, the door to the ship is unlocked. Oh - to "USE" an item, you need to find it in the little viewer on the lower right, then drag it up to the location. A little kludgey I admit, but it works. Go into the ship.

Looking down, is limited by the dark. At the top, we find a telescope, an electrical box, and a frame shaped much like the mirror we picked up. Put the mirror in the frame. Look in the telescope. Very blurry. Check the side of the telescope and take out a lens. Look again. Not sharp, but improved. You can also look out the porthole. Look in the electrical box and take the resistor. Go down the stairs. The light from the mirror allows you to proceed. All the way down, find another 2kg weight. The good news is we have more weight. The bad news is we need 2kg more.

Go outside, and proceed to the 'Danger High Voltage' device at the end of the walk. Open the device, and see 760V. Right, high voltage. When you study the lesson about resistance (not the political kind) you learn that volts divided by amps equals resistance. The note on the side of the house implied we want 4 amperes. So-o-o- if 4 amps is what we need, then 760/4 = 190. Put your resistor from the ship in there, and make the total resistance 190. Divide it between the two resistors however you like (another lesson.) The green lights come on, and the lift descends. Go up to the windmill area. Take the left side, back to the generator building. F, R and find another 2kg weight. That's all to do here for now. Go back down the lift and into the Smithy.

Up the ladder, and around back of the furnace find the horizontal wheel to turn on the gas. At the furnace, light the fire and drop in 3 2-kg weights. Pull the handle to dump the molten weights into the press. (If you haven't raised the hammer before, you must do it now. At the press, lift the lever, and hang the 20kg weight on the third slot from the end to raise the hammer.) With the hot material in the press, lower the hammer to form it, then raise it again to retrieve the 6kg weight.

The Generator, battery, keys and codes.
Now you can go back to the house with the barrels, put the 6kg weight on the magnet, and when you pull the magnet down to raise the barrel, it stays up. Go in the cellar, look up the ladder and take the key. Exit. We'll be coming back. Bring the lift down again (190 ohms) and go to the windmill, opening the door with the key. Inside, go to the millstones and lift up the wooden block. Then up the ladder, pull the lever to engage the windmill. (if you leave the wooden block down, the windmill operates, but all its work goes into the stones, not the generator.) Go to the Generator and turn on the switch next to the entrance (turn around to find it.) Go to the transformer at the other end of the room and set the windings. We don't really know the correct value yet, but you can peek at the answer. Push one of the colored switches, it doesn't matter which. Write down the shape and color to save a trip back here.

Exit the Generator building through the green, electrically locked door next to the transformer. Down the rails, right, through the gate and into the village. Across the village, find the bridge and lower it with the wheel. Cross the bridge, and back into the cellar. Switch on the light, turn around and find the dead battery on the table. Back to the village. Straight ahead is a dead-end alley. Find the dustbins on the right, and take the hammer. To the left is a door with an encoded lock. If you go to the door with the round panel hiding a combination lock, you may feel stuck, for it appears that there is no way to back out. Look carefully at the bottom of the combination panel, and you can close the slide, revealing the back-up arrow.

Exit the alley and go right to the Optical shop. Open the door by matching the lens shapes when they pause. Inside, go behind the counter and open the top drawer, taking the green filter. Around front of the counter, you can see a bell-jar that rings when you touch it. Exit, and go across the square to the door with the red button. Through the door, find the wind-powered battery charger. put the battery in, turn on the charger, and take the charged battery with you. Back to the village, and down the well. Find the box and put the battery in. At the end of the corridor, those bricks are just begging for a hammer. You have broken into jail! Ooops, the door slammed shut when you touched it. Klutz! Guess we need to set off the dynamite. Try lighting the fuse with your lens. Through the heavy door, up the stairs and left into the Police office. Find the File on the right end of the middle shelf. The graphic depicts sound traveling through iron. What is the speed of sound in Iron? Go to the desk and take the large key from the bottom left-hand drawer. Go across the hall into the darkroom. Examine the photos. You can't see all you need to see because of the red safelight. Put your green filter in and slide it over. Now you can see a door code on the third photo. The code to the safe is 2312.

Go outside, and into the alley where you found the hammer. Open the door to the thief's house with the Iron code. His name is Tor T. Eloni. Cute, huh? From the bowl of fruit, take the Golden Sphere. Open the portrait to reveal the safe and open it with the darkroom code. Take the Concave Lens. Go to the ship and put the lens in the telescope. Look through the telescope (remember a straight telescope inverts everything) and scan until you see the code-lock near the battery charger. You can see F _ _ _ _ . At that door, you are prompted to study the laws of motion. Your hard work reveals that Force equals mass times acceleration. The "F" is hidden, you should input "=", "m", "dot", and "a".

On the Beach
Go straight ahead to the end of the dock. Read the note in the bottle that tells you to use the density of chlorine as a code to the observatory. Go to the astronomer's hut, the building around the corner. It is the only unlocked door in town. Find the control-table and put your Golden Sphere in the slot.
When you get it right, the sun turns and the chapel door is unlocked. Go there and take the Tuning Fork. Remember that Bell-Jar? Go to the Optician's shop, put the tuning fork on the counter and ring it. The glass shatters, revealing a Crank for you to take. Exit the shop, and go around to the right, behind the shop, and across the tracks you slid down before. All the way out, there is a submarine. Go to the back of the mirror, put in the crank and lift the mirror to heat the water in the tank. Look in the tank to see the water boil. Inside the generator, look up to open the valve and let the hot water into the boiler. Turn on the fire to make steam. The generator is working.

Go to the transformer and set the windings. We don't really know the correct value yet, but you can peek at the answer. Push one of the colored switches, it doesn't matter which. Write down the shape and color to save a trip back here. Go outside and up the ladder again, to take the Lead Pipe from the empty tank. Back to the beach generator. Use the pipe to replace the broken handle. The generator is now generating. Set the windings on the transformer. We don't really know the correct value yet, but you can peek at the answer. Push one of the colored switches, it doesn't matter which. Write down the shape and color to save a trip back here. Better go to the Observatory to figure things out.

The Observatory
Find the observatory up the stairs between the tracks and the submarine. At the top, there is the door that needs to be opened with the code, the density of chlorine. You can find the density of chlorine in the section on Mechanics under the subheading of "density." Use the four-digit code, followed by the red button, to open the door. Up the stairs, into the control room, and look at the chart on the wall. 5,000,000 watts is a major amount of power. That's like 50,000 100-watt light bulbs. Anyway, we need to decide how many volts to feed to the impulse machine. Watts equals volts times amps, so 125 amps need 40,000 volts. Have a look at the controls. Turn things on with the little toggle switch on the left. You can see the various voltages the three generators are producing. So the windings on the transformers have to be set to values that will result in a combined total of 40,000. Volts, not windings. Again, you can peek at the answer. Also, the color-switches need to match the colors you select. Study the Optics/color subtraction unit to figure those out. The shapes, circle, triangle, square, identify the generators.

After your voltages total 40,000, you need to set the three color-selectors so they yield the colors you used; then the resistance must be chosen (125) so that the power output is five million watts. The test button will show green when all is set correctly. Push the lever and enjoy the scene.



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The speed of sound in iron is:

5170 meters per second

The transformers need to be set as follows:

The windmill generator is producing 5500 volts. Set the windings at 4000, for an output of 22,000 volts from the transformer.

The steam generator is putting out 1520 volts, multiply that by five to produce 7600 volts.

The water wheel is generating 1300 volts, times 8 is 10,400.

The combined output of all three generators works together:

22,000 + 7600 + 10,400 = 40,000.



The density of gaseous chlorine in standard conditions is

3.214 kg per cubic meter