By Paulo Coelho, Moebius and arxel tribe

Walkthrough by MaGtRo       October 3, 2001

Game play:  The top bar at the bottom of the screen has the menu, hints, speech, encyclopedia and keyword. In speech, the previous dialogue is written. Background history can be accessed in encyclopedia. Specific subjects pertaining to the immediate game play is shown in keyword, clicking on it can access more information or clues. The bottom of the screen is divided into: bag - where items that are picked up and can be used are shown, people - personages that can be brought into discussion and items - concepts that can be discussed. There are arrows to scroll the frames that are hidden. Press ESC to skip the movie scenes.

Simon is awakened to go to his father, Adalard, who is dying.

Come. Come my son. We have to talk. I don't have much time left. You... are my only child. All my hopes fall on your steps. I hope that today you are ready to accomplish your part in the legend. Are we ever ready? You have to find a man for me. A friend who is waiting for your visit. You will give him the manuscript. Be careful! They all want to know its secret. Go... Go.. to Toulouse and find... Petrus. The manuscript is in the secret room. The door is in the library. The frieze..... it's the key.


Turn left and open the chest and get the notebook. Go to the opposite end of the room and examine the depictions on the top and on side of the bookcase. Get Salome scroll on the middle left of the left scroll pigeonholes.  Salome is placed on the keyword. Click on it and read the encyclopedia. Read the reference to Christian Cult at the bottom of the page. Read about the plagues of Egypt. Then, look at the next subject - The Decalogue. Place Salome scroll on the empty bottom pigeonhole on the right side of the bookcase. A secret door will open. Go forward and light the candle on the top of the screen. Read the note and pick up the manuscript. Leave and go out the main door.

Here starts the pilgrimage of Simon de Lancrois.

River Bank

Move forward and talk to Pablo, the knife thrower. Turn around, forward 3x, left, forward and talk to Isabeau, the tightrope walker. Turn around, forward 2x, right and note the wheel on the side of the caravan. Go back to the main road, left, forward, left and note poles on the side of the caravan. Talk 2x to the man in blue robe - Potronus. Note Raymond VI on keyword. Talk to him once more. 

Go to the middle of the bridge and talk 3x to the Merchant. We can help him in retrieving the barrel that is in the river.

Barrel puzzle - Go forward and pick up bucket from the chest. Go back to the start of the bridge (turn around, forward 3x) and turn left, forward and right. Click bucket to highlight it and then the shiny rock to make bucket and stone. Go back to the chest on the bridge and use bucket and stone on rope wrapped on log. Success!

Now, he wants his black ox. Go back to start of bridge, left, forward 2x, left, forward, left and click harness on black ox. 

Now, he wants a wheel. Highlight spare wheel on merchant. Listen to dialogue. Potronus wants 3 ounces of silver for the wheel. Watch the weighing of the Italian silver coin. It is 2 ounces as shown by the 2 lines on the edge of the barrel while the 4 weights are 4 lines. A silk purse is included in the deal.

Now, he wants to weigh the cask. Click cask on Potronus. Go back to start of bridge and left, right and talk to hermit 2x. Turn right and see boat. Place cask on boat and hermit wants to see his mouse fly as a sign to allow use of the boat.

Mouse puzzle - Go to Petronus. Click on machine beside him and then click machine on Potronus. Demonstration of the machine - Wow! Click mouse and then machine on Potronus. Look at silk purse he is holding on top of the machine and then click silk purse on him. Go back to hermit; pick up Pegasus/mouse using the purse to get mouse and silk purse. Save Game!! Click mouse and silk purse on machine. Immediately go to Pablo and click mouse on him. Impressive!

Cask puzzle - Talk to hermit and then place cask on boat. Talk to Potronus again and he tells that each weight weigh 200 ounces. Go to caravan, click on rope and pick up paint and weights. Go back to boat with cask and click paint on the left side of the boat. Place weights on shore. Take cask off the boat and place on shore. Place weights on boat. Voila!! 

Aymard, the merchant gives you a silk purse and send you to Bernard who leaves close to the Basacles market in Toulouse. Hermit leaves. Talk to Potronus.

Bridge puzzle - Click the destroyed area of bridge and click on trees on the other side. Click bridge on Potronus. He presents several problems. Hubs for wheels - click poles on Petronus. Move caravan across the boards - click oxen on him. How to get the oxen across the river to pull caravan - click rope and then Isabeau on him. Go back to caravan and get rope. Go to Isabeau - click bridge, rope and tree on her.

And away we go!!


Gate of Toulouse

Talk to guard 2x. Note the sword beside him. Go left; forward to talk to Octavio, Spanish knight who lost his sword. Turn left and click on lady client by the perfume shop. Click guard, purse and then guard again on her. Go to gate and pick up sword and give it to Octavio. He gives a copper and a Spanish coin. Go to the guard and give him the copper. 

Basacles Market

Go forward to enter the market. Talk to caterer and note keyword Catharism, read about perfects. Talk to him again to find out he needs a garment for tonight and ask about the reception. He gives some information about Bernard and his brother.

Ask all the merchants about Bernard, Petrus and other merchants.

The shoemaker needs help in getting a silk ribbon from the silkworker. Ask about the silkworker and he explains about the Law of emancipation. He knows Bernard Paquin, kin to Cathars.

The moneychanger does not talk about anything but he will exchange your Spanish coin for 2 silvers if you solve his riddle. 

Scale Puzzle - there are 8 cloth bags that contain 3 silvers each except one that has 2. Find the lightest one in only 2 weighing. Click on a pan and place 3 bags. Do it to other pan also. Click the light metal on the crossbar of the scale to weigh. If the pans are equal - weigh the other 2 bags that are not weighed yet on each pan. If the pans are uneven - weigh 2 bags from the pan with the lighter bags. If the bags are even, the third is the one with the 2 coins. 

The tailor knows about Bernard but will not tell anything unless something is bought from him. The ceremonial dress cost 5 silvers. The caterer says that he cannot buy it before getting paid for his wares.

The cutler is surly and those knives look sharp.

The instrument maker is a friend with the shoemaker. Click on instruments and find out that he wants to go to Lombardy but is wary of traveling with money. Click on picture of daughter and learn that he wants her married. 

Go to silkworker. Click instrument maker, daughter and law on him. Now a matchmaker!

Go back to the instrument worker and click daughter, silkworker, law and shoemaker on him. He gives you 2 more coins, Faraway love, Pastorelle and The Battle poems.

Go back to silkworker and click daughter and shoemaker on him. He gives a ribbon.

Give the ribbon to the shoemaker and he gives 4 more coins to make 8 coins.

Go to the tailor and give him 5 coins for the ceremonial dress. He also says that Bernard Paquin is now called Paul and lives in the house with the green lantern off the main square.

Give the ceremonial dress to the caterer. Can get in the castle as his assistant this evening.

Go to the house at the northeast corner of the square that has the green lantern. Knock on door and click Paul on maid. Listen to the dialogue. Talk to Paul; click Aymard and Petrus on him. He asks you for help to find out someone that can endorse his letter of credit and pay someone else he owes. 

Click instrument maker on him and he gives the Letter of Credit for Vital, the cutler. Give the letter of credit to the Instrument maker and he gives money. Give money to Vital, the surly cutler and click Paul on him. Wonder what that paid for?

Go back to Paul's home and the maid gives a note and a fur coat. He wrote about Petrus and can find out more about him from the abbot of St. Sernin. He also wants to give the abbot the fur coat.

Turn left and talk to the guard. Click fur coat on him and then give him the coins.

Abbey of St. Sernin

Click on door. Click fur coat on monk. Go forward until a shushing monk is seen and then turn left to see the abbot. Give the fur coat to Abbot Arnault. He leaves the room. Read the letter from Pope Innocent III to Arnault, it is loaded with information. What a plot! Ask Arnault about Petrus. Oops!! Should have known better.

Talk to the prisoner 3x. Click Petrus on him and find out that he is a friend of Raymond VI. 

Dungeon door puzzle - Go to the far end of the room. Look at the inscription on the light-colored stonework with an opening. Stairs, hmm! Place Hades on opening, then Bethel and then Yahve. Hear that click and see that the door is now unlocked. Tell the other prisoner - Aww! - too late. Get the bowl.

Grate door puzzle - Enter the other room. Forward and left to the depiction of washing of the feet. Place bowl on the opening to get bowl and water. Go to the trough and notice that it has a ball on the other side and that the trough connects to a scale. The center of the scale has gears connected to other contraptions. Pour water on the trough and it starts the ball rolling, in more ways than one. Grate rises. Enter.

Spikes and platform puzzle - Look at the left bucket of the scale with the bullet. Go to the other bucket and sit on it - heavier than one stone anyhow. Add 3 more and weigh again. So the weight is 4 stones/bullet. Get out of the bucket and go forward and left down the stairs to the protruding ramp. Look up and down. A platform of spikes is suspended on the ceiling and another plain platform at the bottom. Midway down is an opening. Save Game here!! On the left side of the main platform are a counterweight bucket and some bullets. Let's see, the weight is 4 stones and the opening is higher than the bottom. Can get "spiked" if the right counterbalance is not done. Place 3 bullets in the basket. Go back to the ramp and click the lever on the right. Way to go!

Mural puzzle - Enter, left, forward and left again. Look at all the murals by clicking either the left or right lever. There are 20 murals, 10 looks like the 10 Plagues of Egypt and the rest looks like the depiction of the 10 Commandments (Decalogue). Check the Encyclopedia under Religion and Christian Cult. Click the center lever while placing each frame in order. Do the 10 Plagues of Egypt first. A walkway extends and a new stand appears. Choose the frames in order for the 10 commandments and shoot the ?laser at the center in each selection.


10 Plagues of Egypt



Click on Pater and Fili.

Go out of the dungeon and back at the market, ready to go to the palace.


Talk to Isabeau 2x. Learn that Potronus is ill and have to put together his machine so that the show can go on. The counsellor that will check the performance comes in. 

Dragon puzzle - Go to the curtain area on the right. Get Part 1 and place it on the red diamond on the floor. Get Part 2 that is on the hanging on the right side and attach it to Part 1. Get Part 3 and attach it to Part 2. Get container and place it at the middle of Part 2. Get bellows and place it on the bottom left of the machine. Get trunk and place it on the left side of Part 3. Get pipes and place it close to the bellows.



Go out of the curtain area and go left, forward, right and look down on chest. Get heart, minerals, costume and rope. Go to the center open area of the dining table, forward 2x and left and get the carafe. Go to the right corner close to the door and look down. Use rag to get embers. Go back to machine. Place embers under machine. Place minerals in container. Click carafe of water in pipes. Place costume on machine. Click on bellows. Go to Isabeau and give her heart and then rope. Talk to Pablo. Gee, can only extemporize a rhyming story so much! Even the music agrees!

The counsellor loved the performance and now wants a poem for a Lady from Norborne. Click the Faraway love poem on counsellor. He grants you a reward. Click Petrus on counsellor. They move to the tower. He allows Simon to ask him questions to explain matters. Ask about manuscript, Adalard, Raymond, Diego and Marc and listen carefully to the explanations.


Petrus explains about Tradition to Simon, thus starts his apprenticeship - to "Convince you to join us in the Good fight". Simon undergoes initiation.

How to be born again test - recreate the scene before by clicking on areas where Petrus, cross, rock and Simon were.

Petrus then asks several question - Click on Simon's arm and then click Grow, Strong and Dream on Simon/tree.


Knock on the Abbey's door. Pedro tells Petrus that the terrifying demon is here and that Sir William was sent to help them. Petrus found out that the Tradition sent Sir William to fight for his redemption. Petrus tells Simon that he needs to defeat the demon - Hades, Simon's personal enemy, that Simon cannot escape him, this pilgrimage is his road to power and that regrets are immortal. He bade Simon to learn the messenger ritual. 

Exhaust dialogue with Diego d'Osma.  Click Petrus on Diego and then answer his sly inquisition with yes, no, no and no. Petrus knows Diego.

Petrus tells Simon that he needs a weapon - Durandal and for him to do the Messenger ritual. Check up on Song of Roland on keyword. Roland was attacked at the pass of Roncevaux and before he died "He placed his sword and his horn under him and turned his head towards the race of pagans". Go out of the building, turn left and go to the unfinished church with no roof.

Enter; right, forward, left, forward 2x, left, forward and right - facing a makeshift altar. Click the messenger on the altar. The messenger can answer only 3 questions. Be sure that Durandal is one of them. A way below ground is shown to you.

Search for Durandal puzzle - Go forward and place the ?cross/sword on the left and the horn on the right wheel.


Water will flow from the eyes of the 2 carvings of Christ, fills the reservoir and raise the platform. Take the torch on the left wall. Move forward and look at the shelves on the left. Place torch on middle ring on the right side. Get wax block and exchange/click wax block on wooden block. Below, turn right, forward and pick up sword. Climb the stairs, out of the basement mausoleum, out front of the building and enter the top floor.

Place the sword on the right hand of St. James and it will point to the third column on the far wall - note location of column in relation to the building and the circle marking on the column in relation to the drawn line (entrance). Get the sword and staff. Go back down to the basement mausoleum and place the sword at the center wood block. Go to the location right below the column on the top floor, forward, facing the entrance, turn right, forward, turn around, look down and place staff on hole on the right by the wall. A wall niche will open and a shell will be taken.

Exit and go to the snowy area left of the main abbey and find a snow-covered sword like sculpture. Place the shell on the sculpture - Durandal.


Meet Sir William and listen to his memories of pleasure and disillusionment. Watch him meet his death and redemption in the hands of Hades, the demon. 

Talk to Petrus 2x and he will tell you to heighten your intuition. Click on rock on the left of screen. Click on water and see the sword on the river. Here we go! Go to the bridge and close to Hades until he talks. Aha, he wants the sword. Turn right, forward to river and throw Durandal in river. Hades wanted it that bad!

Go to tent. Release and talk to Isabeau.

More Travels


Talk to Nicolas, the man in blue 4x. Ask Petrus about the spirit - reconcile them with their past, OK! Talk to the Nicolas again.

Enter the house, go towards the cabinet and listen to the witch wanting REVENGE! Click the table with your back to the wall. She shows the past (burned witch turned to ash), present (burning couple) and circle for this life. Outside will be the future. Get pot of water and click it on the ash and the burning couple. Place ash/spirit outside of past and present - outside of the circle of this world.

Talk to Nicolas again to learn the story of the witch. Click spirit on Petrus. 


Go forward, turn right and open cabinet to get string, knife, bowl and hammer and nails. Enter the door at the left of the altar. Study and then pick up the map on the stand - there is letter H at the bottom left and letter T on upper right. Read the note by the window - the priest left behind something he made from his vision. 

Go the wall behind the altar. Place the map on the wall. 

Climb the stairs and look at the stained window. Place the staff in one of the holes around the rosette. Turn it until H or T and hear a click. Go back to map and see a light. Use hammer and nail on the light. Do the same for the other letter - staff, turn, map, hammer and nail. Click the string on the nail and see that it cross the word Agape. Go back to the stained window and press the letters AGAPE. The round stained window falls on the floor and makes an entrance like a manhole cover.

Go to bell rope. Look down and click the end of the bell rope on ring of metal circle. Save Game!!! Click bell rope close to top of screen and then descend. Quickly read the wall inscription and click on amulet necklace of statue. Read the inscription on the amulet and immediately go back up. 


Enter the burned fortress and notice the hanged man on the left side and click on the drawbridge. Once inside, turn right and get iron stick from the pile of debris. Click on door 3x and find out that Diego d'Osma and Marc are behind it and wants you to release them because of the plague.

Turn around and to the right to the drawbridge wheel. Click on lever on right side to pull up the drawbridge. Place iron stick on the metal bar above the wheel to hold the chains. Click on chains - my, that's heavy. Go to fallen timber blocking the door and click chain on it. Now that the chain is wrapped on the timber, release the drawbridge by removing the iron rod from the metal bar.

Enter the door and see that Diego and Marc have been playing chess. Listen. Time to look for the key to Marc's cage. Look in cabinet behind Diego and get crossbow and axe

Go back outside the fort by the drawbridge and right to the hanged man across the moat. Use the crossbow to cut the rope that's hanging him. Use axe on pole in front of you. Cross the moat and get the key.

Go back to Marc's cage and use key on the cell door. Listen to gain better understanding of Tradition and the role of Innocent III and Diego's inclinations. Marc sends you to seek Belibaste.

Belibaste's House

Belibaste gives you part of the answer to your question - entry to his house.


Cross to other side of the pool and see green bottle and a maze map. Click green bottle and enter the maze.

Turn left, turn right on second opening, forward, turn right on third opening, forward (spirals) until room with the table. Read inscription on left wall of hallway before you reach the table - reflection. Click on cheese - so that's how a test mouse in a maze feels.

Back at the pool, go forward until the door, look at the reflection and click on the reflected door.

Meet Belibaste, the hermit again. "You have not traveled all the way here to bring me a question....The reason you walked this.... road.. is to bring me an answer... You are not a legend, you have one.... will you accept it or not." Turn around and enter door until the light.

See the 4 knights. Go behind the silver knight and click on it. Enter and go to the eye.

3 Kings

Kings puzzle - Ghosts hold the Kings in prison inside the caves. Each ghost will demand a gift for entry to the King inside and can only be killed by a specific weapon. Each King has a weapon that he will give you but demands the killing of their ghost jailer. Each King have 2 gifts enclosed in glass and can be taken only by breaking the glass with weapons other than that king's. 

  King of Lore (Adalard)  

  King of Faith (Diego)  

  King of Strength (Marc)  

Gifts Glory and Progress

Love and Salvation

Power and Peace
Weapon to be taken Sword


Guard Ghost Weak Fool Pagan
Ghost's demand Power Glory Salvation
Weapon to kill ghost Axe Sword Staff

Shoot one of the ghosts. Enter and talk to the king inside the unblocked cave and get his weapon. Make a deal with the other ghosts by clicking on it and talk with the jailed kings. Get the weapons and the gifts of the kings. Give the ghosts the gifts they demanded and hit them with the required weapon while they bend down. Go back down through the eye.

4 Knights

Red knight puzzle - After finishing the silver knight, go to the red knight and look down on lever mechanism. Place peace tube at the bottom of the right lever. Pull down, each lever and listen. Leave the tubes on the notch that sounds different from rest. If you leave them on the notch that is not correct, you will form an Anti Christ sound and get whacked by the red knight. The right sound to make is AGAPE. Place the left tube - Third notch from bottom; middle tube - very top notch; right tube - second from the bottom. Then click the protrusion at the very bottom right of the stand. Get the jar from the spliced dragon statue.

Black knight puzzle - Click on the knight's forehead. Look down on the beam and see oppression (skull). Place progress on forehead and the beam will move to another place and show justice (black heart). Click jar on black heart to get shadow in jar.

Go to Green knight and exit by the opening on the ground beside it. 


Exhaust dialogue with Hades. He says you are both in Limbo and have lost your shadows. Now, you gamble with the devil. 

Chess puzzle - to mate in two, click white pawn on blue book/manuscript on chest board. This brings the white pawn to bag. Move white pawn from black square to white square above it. Click the white rook (St. James statue) to replace it. Click the white rook to move to last white square on the left.

Hades leaves. Click on St James (seek and you shall find, speak and you shall be answered). Ask him about the shadow in jar. 

"For life is nothing but a question".

3 Judges

You now face the 3 Judges - Belibaste, Petrus and Marc. 

To make the dream of humanity - a dream of light and love. It is true for everyone, no matter his race or religion. This is the secret of Tradition.

Questions and answers.

Marc - Who will be the victims of this so-called crusade? Cathars. Who is its initiator? Innocent III. And whom did he need to convince for that matter? King Phillippe. What event acted as a sparkle? Pierre de Castelnau. Who was his (Bernard) machination aiming at? Diego d'Osma. Who had sent this Diego d'Osma? Innocent III. Who was he supposed to take his orders from? Arnault. What were these orders?  Marc. What information does he expect to get from me? Manuscript

Petrus - What is the name of their (Cathars) main sacrament? Consolamentum. What do they call themselves once they received it? Perfects. Can you tell me what name they give to their messengers? Paraclete. Durandal, who did it belong to? Roland. Which great king was he serving? Charlemagne. Why was he (Hades) a prisoner in limbo? Quest. What was he trying to achieve? Simon.

Belibaste - I am not what people think I am, I am carried and I carry; I am the vessel of truth though I am a fake. Manuscript. I come escorted by fearsome guards, I am feared and expected. No ending though its how it starts. Apocalypse. I live between earth and sky; I have offered something precious to someone special. I'll be one of the answers to the final question. Isabeau.

The Tradition today proposes to you, the youngest among us to become our champion, to fight the good Fight with us, to get men closer to each other, to join them together above all different beliefs beneath the eye of God. For Peace and Agape, against hatred and certainty.

Simon de Lancrois, do you want to join the soldiers of the dream?

Simon de Lancrois, do you want to become the bugle, which will announce the realm of free men in a world of lost men?

Yes  or  No

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