Pink Panther ~ Hokus Pokus Pink

Walkthrough By Salar of Myst

Is this game “just for little kids?” No, some of the quotes, references, and humor will go right over their heads. The developers definitely had the K-A group in mind.

The puzzles aren’t that hard but several are not particularly intuitive and some of the pixel hunts aren’t going to be that easy for little ones unaided. I gave Pink Panther to my 9-year-old son and found myself pitching in when he got stuck. There's a hint function included but it doesn't mention where the exits are onscreen (etc) ~ and that's the kind of thing that had him stuck.

Educational value. I did find myself reading many of the passages in the "Book of Knowledge" but my son wasn’t nearly as interested and mostly benefited from the many little speeches and the songs inside the game itself. I expect that’s typical.
The Book of Knowledge can help you solve some of the puzzles (or at least identify your objectives) but didn’t seem to be strictly necessary as the same clues were available elsewhere in the game.

The game begins with a spell gone awry. An irritable young wizard has made a sweet young girl cry. Pink Panther is dragged in without further ado. His book’s contents are lost if he doesn’t help too. But the narrator is not the one that you think. An old wizard’s behind the troubles of Pink.

You begin in the mansion outside the boy’s room. Pink Panther gives up his first thought that this short tale of gloom was just a strange musing, a horrible dream but then realizes, oh dear, that he needs the latrine!

But the Butler is blocking and won’t allow him to go unless the big anxious cat can pay his small toll..

There’s nothing to do here so onward we go.

Your game cursor is a cartoon-esque gloved hand that has “rays” around the finger in a reactive area. Traditional arrows show you possible exits. The one behind Pink is locked so downward is the way on.

Two blue curtains left and right at the bottom of the stairs give your first choice. Let’s go left. It’s the dining room. After commenting on the “big mouth” motif, click on the family portrait so Pink will meet the lady of the house and her dinner guests. She greets Pink very rudely and pays “the commoner” to go away.

Well …Good! Now we can deal with that butler! Back up! Clicking on Pink Panther allows us to access the coins (the book of knowledge is available here too) which we can now give to the butler.

So here’s the bathroom. In the medicine cabinet there are “smile supporters.” Pink relieves himself (so we presume) but says he’s having trouble in there with us “listening.” Hope for your sake that this is a short game, Pink!

Okay, lets go back down and try the right room. What a crazy bunch of guys! The first fella is sharing champagne but its much too early for the kitty. The guy by the window wants to give him a good home (Wow! Success already?) And the Man of the house wants to show off his new dentures. He drops a hairpin while demonstrating their indestructible nature. Alrighty then! I guess we know what to do with that.

Hairpin into lock and ~ Back in the young master’s bedroom Pink gets to hear the same story over again. When you are done listening to the lil darlings, out the window you go!

Pink Panther lands by an ugly old stump. Hhmm looks like Witch Itah’s hut, but lets find out who’s home in this one. Not far wrong, its Wizard Strangeblood going out for his evening stroll. Now to find the cure for the little girl and meet the wizard’s pet spot... err... Spot. Whoops! Click the book. The wizard is back early but we must have made a good impression because Spot arranges a fast exit. Welcome to extreme pinkness and a choice of directions. The little girl wished to be an immortal-magic-princess-mermaid-ninja? Spot reads the book to us & gives 3 options for travel. There’s a frozen saber-tooth tiger, the Dead Sea (water with a headstone), and a link to the spot below the mansion outside the wizard’s hut.

Mermaid clue
To make an immortal mermaid, you’ll need to find me. The only thing living in the saltiest sea

Princess clue
To make a magic princess, you’ll need a princely laugh. Specifically, the biggest one that has a chilly past

For the ninja bit we’re on our own. Spot says “improvise” Gee, thanks :P

Let’s go to the Ice Age


Pink lands on the side of a frozen pond across from a colorful caveman? Ahh its Syberia... err... I mean Siberia! A missing page from Pink’s book of knowledge flows back into the tome. I suppose this is a reminder that you can read up on Siberia in your handy dandy Book of Knowledge. In the middle of the lake there’s a mammoth that has fallen in the pond. Pink comments that the mammoth is certainly old enough and big enough to supply requirements but how is he going to rescue him? A reindeer volunteers a pouch of milk and dashes off again when you ask for his help with the mammoth. Interesting. Oh it’s not a caveman but a sad clown who was fired because his smile wasn’t big enough. Hand him those smile supporters and watch him grin away. Great! We’ve made one person happy today.

You can exit on the left side of the lake to a hut village. An elderly woman would like her reindeer back. We’ve met him but he’s uncooperative. Now how to get him here? Keep clicking on the elderly lady to get hints.

Inside the left tent is a violent youngster with a fresh quest for us. Fix a handmade satellite dish and/or find her some candy. You know, I think I’ve met this kid somewhere. You can snag a pot of water before you leave.

And now you can snag her satellite as well. I don’t know about you but I feel guilty.

Let us see where we can put the satellite. From the comments it seems that higher is better. Try the tents and realize that the hut on poles must be the place. Uh oh. There’s a bear up there. How to deal with him?

There’s a pile of snow between the two tents. Click on it and Pink Panther will jump into it. “Snow panther!” He cries. Now use the pot of water on it and make an ice sculpture panther. Not sure what good that is but we have one.

Remember that pouch of reindeer milk? You can warm it over the stove in the skin hut. Then toss it up to the bear and watch him go to sleep. You sculpture looks like an aerial & that’s what it is. You put it up & put the satellite on it. The kid is now happy... or at least pacified. He/she has Blarney. (barf) Now that the little one is occupied, check out the machines in the corner. Pick up the exercise videotape.

Well ~ that appears to be all we can do here right now. So lets call Spot by clicking on the spot in inventory and then clicking on the environment. This takes us back to the pink warp zone. On to the Dead Sea. (Note: you can access Spot on most screens and when you come back to that area, you will appear on the same screen you left from. Kinda cool ?)

Dead Sea ~Israel

Aha! The guy is floating on the water because of all the salt in it. Happily another big chunk of the stuff lies nearby. Pick it up. Also be sure to get the small tweezers lying on the beach blanket. Our friend on the water isn’t very helpful so lets read the Book of Knowledge to find out that the only creatures in the saltiest
sea are specially adapted microorganisms. You can also speak to the ostrich that is stuck on the other side of the salt lake and would like to walk home.

There’s a dark cave in the middle of the rocks on the left and there appears to be something in it toward the end but we need a light. Pink apparently does NOT have cat’s eyes.

The different colored mud you can click on the far right of the beach will give you a talkative bug who tells you that he (a special algae) is the only living thing in the dead sea. But when you try to get him, the guy in the lake demands the tweezers back, He needs them to pop his pustules (eww). You give them back to him and he tosses the tweezers back to the blanket. Just pick them back up and try not to think too hard about it.


Using Spot, we return to Siberia and present the salt lick to a VERY happy reindeer. The mammoth will have to work very hard to give us a bigger smile than that but apparently it isn’t the ingredient we need. So take the salt lick back from the reindeer and give it to his owner. Her problem is now solved and you got a
glowing, talking, guilt-filled meteorite shard for your trouble. Cool ?

Speaking to the elderly villager again we hear that toenail clippings are believed to be useful for casting an evil spell. Pink notes that they also look aerodynamic and snags an extra large clipping off the ground.

When you go back to the lake you will see that the earth tremor you felt while talking to he old woman has dislodged the mammoth most of the way up. One more should free him, says Pink. Now how to do that?

At the lake, use the toenail clipping on the icicles to make a stairway. You’re in the dark again. You’ll have a few questions to answer but they’ll let you in eventually. What creature spread the Black Plague? Fleas were responsible. Which can a rat not do? Grow old. Which year was the “year of the rat?” all three years given.

Inside the rat bar ~ The rats tell you they were affected by nuclear underground testing. The biggest one lumbers off as soon as you click him. If you talk to the bartender he will give you a riddle (the answer is rat). Your prize is a song about rats and a “ratwurst sandwich.” (I don’t want to know). The big rat wanders back in “sniffing for food” and tacks up a smaller rat to a rock. You can get the tack & release said rat by clicking on it.

If you click on the yellow entrance the 2-headed rat will tell you that is where the king lives. Pink says he needs to get an audience with him. Click on the red “pole” to find out it is a seesaw. You have a choice of three rats to jump on the other side. The high blue one is the best choice but you’re still not getting up to the ledge.

Okay how about luring that big guy back where you need him? Tack the sandwich onto the other side of the seesaw and get back on it. Whee! You’ve arrived. The Rat King would be happy to give you your earthquake but he needs something to motivate the other rats into exercising with him. Give him the tape and now everyone is happy.

Back out at the lake the mammoth is now on the surface. His nose is free of ice. This is all you can do here for now.

Dead Sea

Back again with Spot. Use the meteorite on a clickable location in the dark cave and you will see a youngster with a spot welder/blowtorch (Doesn’t every kid have one?) who says he/she is trying to get a “very small object” on the wall. There’s a page for Pink’s book as well. You can check the debris on the floor but you can’t have anything. If you give the youngster the tweezers, you will receive the welding
glasses in return. Take these to Eli (the guy on the water). He’s happy AND he can’t see. Good.

When you get back inside the cave, kiddo will have gotten...whatever it was. He/she dashes off leaving you the tweezer again. Take them and go after the fungus again (which looks remarkably like a beetle)

As soon as you collect the little guy, Strangeblood appears and dries up the lake. Click the ostrich and she’ll come over and give you an egg and an ‘educational’ song before heading home. (Hit the escape key if you tire of it early)


Warp back to the lake. Stick the ostrich egg in the mammoth’s trunk and he will break free on his own. Cross the lake on the ice floes and get him. The grateful clown will solve the rest of your immediate problems for you. (No, it doesn’t make sense)

Back to the Mansion

You click on the rope to go back up to the house (You can go back earlier, if you wish). Put the bug in the pot for the immortal mermaid part. Choose the mammoth and click on the boy to get your mammoth laughed.

Downstairs on the right hand side, the dinner party has gathered. You can talk to the guests for fun but be sure to get the black belt from the unconscious guest in the bottom of the screen (He’s wearing stars). (If you come back early you can get amusing comments for various inventory items)

You got your black belt. That ought to do for a ninja. Go add it to the pot.

Now its movie time.

Okay…so now we have a poisoned/sleeping- immortal-mermaid-magic-princess- ninja (named Violet). And a very puzzled mammoth.

The next challenge:

The cure for our poisoned princess is said to be “the carrier of the human soul & the redhead’s woeful plea.”

If you go back downstairs you will find the dinner party finally tucking in.. Each guest will offer more silly commentary. You can get a very stale (hard) cookie from the pile of desserts behind the table. Nobody there is fool enough to eat it however. You can also snag the Greek salad platter and its lid. Its very shiny. You can see yourself in it.

That’s all you can do at the mansion for now. Call spot at any location that appeals to you and see that two new locations are now available. These are represented by a giraffe (Kenya) and what looks like a Las Vegas line dancer (Indonesia)

Clicking on the woman lands you on a boat with three “Boogies” on it who brief you on piracy in their part of the world. They claim to be descendents of ferocious ones (Boogie-men ~ groan). A page for your book may appear here. You can also have the burlap sack on the mast but not the shark fins. They say those sell for much money (and if they get really desperate for food they may eat them). Their cooking pot is empty. They really could use some food.

You can dive down into the water. There is a shark here who offers a poem to express his displeasure at having been de-finned. Pink promises to help. A very poisonous sea snake introduces himself as well. You can bag him. Clicking on the coral rouses a moray eel who looks very hungry. You give him your cookie and he grouses at the loss of his tooth (which you pocket). Sorry, Charlie.

Okay go back up and then click down once. You can click on the boat which will give you a few barnacles. If you ask the shark about them he tells you these can be made into a tasty stew for humans. Pink feeds the the folk on the boat and gets the fins. When he returns them to the shark, Strangeblood appears n the background and the shark is magically restored. Cool!

The grateful shark says he will help Pink get around. So get to the top and click on either island to get a ride to it. Mr. Shark will take you there. If you click on the right island first, you’ll land on the beach of a jungle island which Mr. Shark claims is the “jungles of Borneo.” You can now go left or click on the other

Going left you meet an orangutan and a tiny tarsier who seem to be here to make sure you get at least some educational value out of this game .<g> After the orangutan leaves you can click on the light brown spot on the tree to your left. Pink says he’d like to free the birds that are stuck inside.

Click the two tiny “flowers” (hanging crescent shapes on a stick) in middle of the screen. Four villagers pop up who tell you that the birds inside are afraid to come out because they have not seen the father’s hornbill inside the nest. The villagers have been feeding them but that’s all they can do. They also say this hornbill is “the
carrier of the human soul.”

Okay now you know what you are looking for: a hornbill or a hornbill’s... bill. One warrior is very hungry.

Going right (Back at the beach where you landed) results in the shark taking you to Dragon Island. So go in from the beach there and meet a very worried warthog. He says the dragons are coming and they are hungry! Pink is not initially impressed but when he checks the sign (click on it) a Komodo dragon shows up. It threatens to eat Mr. Warthog (Pink will climb back up the tree automatically) and a slow song about Komodo dragons begins (as before, hit escape when you get tired of it). When it ends, Pink will still be up the tree. Linda, the Komodo dragon, definitely wants to eat Mr. Warthog. Clicking on the sign and Linda got me more info about Komodo dragons but didn’t really change anything. Pink can, however, leave anytime. (Linda thinks he’s a tourist.) You can also get a page for your book on this screen.

As soon as you drop the snake IN the sack on on the dragon, she leaves. The grateful warthog gives you a ham sandwich for your trouble. (Don’t think too hard about that one)

You can go back to the other island now and feed the hungry guy. He’ll tell you in return that you can call hornbills to you with fruit. (At least he did the first time when I had rescued the birds ad the others had left.)

I went back to the beach before calling Spot.


Pink arrives next to a tourist group about to take a hot-air balloon ride over the Masai Mara Reserve (and hears the end of the Park Rangers speech about it) but the lever breaks right after the party enters the balloon. Pink is asked to find the it or something that will work in place of it.

To the left Pink finds quite an assortment of safari-type creatures, and a bird’s beak on the ground. You can talk to pretty much all of the creatures but this was mostly good for edutainment info and a few minor giggles. Shake the tree for a fruit and go further left to the Masai village

If you talk to the elder you will hear a speech about how the Masai have survived bad events in the 19th C. You will also get a highly repetitive song about the first Masai (“a man called Masinta”) which documents how God supposedly told him a to build a corral and he’d be given cows. This song has less than usual to do with the story.

The short guy on the left with his head painted in red ochre has just been declared a man. He will be able to marry soon, he says, The red-haired warrior leaning on his staff has a problem. He needs to feed and water his cattle but he needs to celebrate a his new baby’s birth with a bovine feast (or at least some part of it) and his cattle aren't fit for such a feast. Pink says he’ll keep his eyes open for some beef or beef…parts. If you click on the nearest hut door a Masai woman officially welcomes you to the Masai village.

Back to Borneo (the shark will take you back over from Dragon Island) and into the jungle. Use the hornbill beak on the nest. Give the tooth to the warrior who wants something sharp. The natives leave (except for the 4th guy if you havent fed him yet). Give the fruit to the remaining hornbill. Okay you’ve got half of the ingredients and a big gold(?) round thing.

Back to Kenya

Give the ring to the ranger and he will give you a beribboned bottle in return.

Warp back to the mansion

Go back to the dining room and trade Flip (the drunk guy furthest left) for the liver he didn’t want.

Take the liver to the Masai and the short fella will teach you a Masai proverb to cheer the young lady (a plea). This game has no subtitles but it sounded something like “O lappa. O weebore enkara.” (trans: “Children are the bright moon”) You don’t need to worry about learning it. The plea is a cloud object which Pink simply picks up.

We have the ingredients to help the little girl now so back to the mansion we go.

Adding them to the pot wasn’t enough it seems (even with the hornbill dancing) so Pink Panther adds some veggies from the covered platter. Eewww…. Violet was prettier before. Be sure to pick up the platter again.

Looks like we still have some work to do! Speaking of ickies, you can check the bathroom for a bit of
additional humor.

Down in the Dining room the guests are finally getting to the part they came to see~ the unveiling of the “star’s bite collection” ick... Violet turns up and announces he/she is Echidna: an evil spirit possessing Violet who was drawn in by someone tampering with a mysterious spell. To break the spell and depart from Violet, Echidna must have the help of “the most powerful man in the world” which one of the guests says must be Zeus. Reward her helpfulness by swiping the perfume and a small mirror from her pink purse on the table. Pink Panther now knows his next goal is Mount Olympus. Also swipe the camera from the back of another guest’s chair before you leave.

Last challenge

When you call Spot after this scene, you will only be able to choose between Mount Olympus and the mansion.

Upon arriving, Pink is delighted to find his last page. His book is fixed. Yay! He queries the local deities about speaking to Zeus and hears that its not easy to arrange. After clicking on Ares and hearing about “the family quarrel,” Poseidon appears and asks if anyone knows where Echidna has gone. The others say Athena would know but Zeus has swallowed her whole. Poseidon storms off, leaving his trident, which Pink Panther pockets. Click Pegasus to hear a song about him (“When horses fllyyy…”)

You can ask the minor deities about contacting Zeus again if you want, but they aren't very helpful. Give Aphrodite the perfume and she’ll call Zeus for you. Use the trident to rescue Athena from Zeus’ head as “the pink god of headaches.” Athena, once freed declares herself to be innocent of Echidna’s abduction.

Pink tries to explain and is informed he must defeat the two gorgons and bring proof to keep his life (but spill no blood). Zeus gives Pink use of Pegasus for the trial.

Once near the gorgons, choose the salad and offer it to them. The first sister will turn to stone when she sees herself in the platter. The second will happily chomp the salad until Pink gives her the compact mirror. Then take a picture and return to Zeus. You’re not out of the woods yet. Poseidon challenges you to a mythology trivia quiz (the only bit you might have needed to read the book thoroughly to win) but even if you lose, you still have the opportunity to prove you didn’t willfully make off with Echidna. The questions are:

1) What did Medusa’s hair become ~ snakes
2) Which gift did Athena give to be declared the patron of Athens ~ tree
3) What gift did Poseidon offer ~ a salty spring
4) Who fathered many of the other Gods? Zeus
5) Which of these disguises did Zeus not use to woo new women ~ the sandwich

Poseidon goes back with you to the mansion and the rest is a movie. Enjoy!


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