A Walkthrough by Witchen =O)
July 2000


Pompei is the first of a trilogy of historical adventures developed by Cryo Interactive.  Adrian Blake is the hero of this adventure series.  Adrian is an explorer and a world famous cartographer.  When he returns home from his most recent adventure, he finds that his wife, Sophia, is missing.

Grieving and unable to function as he normally would, Adrian immerses himself in his manuscripts and, among them, finds an ancient curse levied by the goddess Ishtar.  In order to save his beloved wife, Adrian must find the current incarnation of Sophia and convince her to leave Pompei with him, before the cataclysmic destruction wrought by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D.


You can access the onboard encyclopaedia at any time during the game, either by accessing the "sacred amulet" in your inventory, or by accessing the encyclopaedia directly from your game menu.  Everything you need to know about Pompei, its inhabitants, their customs and rites is readily available. 120 interactive information sheets, complete with illustrations, will give you a broad understanding of Pompei's history and the daily lives of its citizens.


August 20, 79 A.D.

After the introductory movie, go forward to the walkway around the garden.  Turn right.  Go forward three times and enter the building through the red, blue and gold striped door.  Turn slightly right and go forward, right, left, and look down at the floor beneath and to the right of the carved chest.  Pick up the KEY from the floor.  Use the key on the chest to open it.  Take the AMULET on the left.  View a close-up of the CONTRACT in the middle; take it.  Then, take the ROPES laying off to the right.  Exit the chest.

Two men enter the room.  Talk to the one on the left, the heavier of the two.  Popidius Hermes is his name.  Ask him everything.  When he is finished speaking about wine, turn to his brother, Mainianus.  Ask him about Sophia, tremors, Secundus, and issues.  He tells you to find the women at the Wool Market on the Forum.  He is concerned about the bad quality of the cloth.  He explains how to tell if cloth is of poor quality.

Popidius, your host, enters the room.  Turn slightly left and speak with him.  Learn about Secundus' loss in the recent elections.  He tells you of Eumachia and Julia Felix.  Eumachia runs the Wool Market.  Julia Felix is a great lady and political influence in the city.  He tells you that the city is being rebuilt after a tremendous earthquake that happened seventeen years earlier.  Popidius suggests that you meet him later at the Comitium.

Turn slightly right and exit through the door between the two men you originally spoke with.  Go down the black and white tiled hallway and out the door to the street.   Once in the street, turn to your right.  Go forward once to over hear an argument (Save Your Game...timed puzzle coming up!).

Turn around to see two men.  Talk to the man on the left.  They are arguing about a donkey cart blocking the street.  Turn right to see the donkey.  Turn left to see the vegetable cart.  Pick up what looks like a cabbage, SALAD, from the cart.  Place it in inventory.  Turn right to the men again and take the STICK from the man on the left.  Turn to the donkey.  Put the stick on the donkey's head. Put the ropes from your inventory on the stick.  Put the salad on the end of the rope.  The donkey will move out of the way.  Problem solved! The man taking his vegetables to market will give you some sweet DATES.

Use your space bar to view the city map.  Find the Forum off to the east from where you are (the blinking red light).  Exit the map.  Go forward three times to enter the Forum.  Turn left.  Go forward, right, forward.  Turn extreme left to see a man in a brown toga in front of a large door; Harpocrates the merchant.  Listen carefully to what he tells you.  You might be able to work a deal for him.  He's going to talk with Eumachia.  After Harpocrates leaves, click on the big, brown door and talk to the servant about the duumvir and viewing the town records.  No dice, says he.

Turn left, go forward, left, forward.  Turn right to see Popidius and Hermes again.  Speak to Popidius on the right.  Hermes will walk away.  Talk to Popidius about the merchant Harpocrates.  He will give you a SALES CONTRACT and a MONEY BAG.  This deal is sounding better and better.  Meet Popidius at the Baths around one o'clock.

After Popidius leaves, go forward once out into the Forum plaza.  Turn right, go forward, turn right to see the merchant Harpocrates again.  You tell him you are working a deal, perhaps.  Give him the sales contract.  he will give you an Egyptian KNIFE.  Go forward, past Harpocrates and through the red and white doors.  Turn immediately left to encounter three women and a merchant.  Click on the merchant first, then the lady touching the cloth.  Next, click on the lady in pink.  When the conversation is finished, take out your knife and click on the cloth to test it's quality.

Next, you are guided to Eumachia.  Talk to her about Sophia, linen, Secundus, everything.  She tells you that the Isiacs are now questioning Secundus' morals.  Graffiti has done Secundus' reputation some considerable damage.  Graffiti about Secundus was written on the walls of a place of ill-repute; a cauponae.

After Eumachia leaves, go out through the red and white doors, back into the Forum plaza.  You hear a "Psssst."  Turn around to see the young man Eumachia spoke to.  Talk to him about everything.  He tells you to go to the tavern of Dionysus and talk to Palmyra or Pherusa.

Turn right and go F, L, F out into the Street of Abundance.  Use your map feature to find the right tavern, six clicks straight forward from the Forum, then turn right.  You will see a faded "Taverna" sign over the single of the two doors.

Enter the tavern.  Turn immediately left and speak with Dionysus, the proprietor.  Ask him everything. He wants you to solve his basket problem.  When you are finished, turn to face the baskets.  Click on the right WHEEL of the upside-down cart in front of you.  Use the wheel on the small nail on the edge of the lower shelf, toward the right side.  Click on both BASKETS to move them to your inventory.  Get the ropes out of your inventory and use them on the wheel. Then, get out the baskets one at a time.  You have solved the proprietor's basket problem.  Talk to him again about Lavinia and the technique to loading dice.

When the conversation is ended, turn slightly right and enter the door behind the counter to the back room.  Talk to the merchant on the left.  You need the "blind servant of justice."  Leave the room.  Return to stand in front of Dionysus at the counter.  Look on the shelves behind him.  On the lower left shelf you see a set of bronze colored SCALES.  Take them.  Return to the back room.  Take the scales from inventory and place them on the table.  Pick up the DICE and place both sets on the scales to determine that one set is loaded!  Now, you have to play a game of dice.

Click to roll your dice against your opponent.  You win.  The painter gives you a NECKLACE and asks you to meet him at the Baths.  He will give you some sacred water.  Talk to the cheating painter.  After the proprietor comments, turn right again to speak to Palmyre about Secundus.  She tells you the women meant no harm to Secundus. But,  a large contribution to the Temple of Isis, by Secundus, would go a long way toward restoring his reputation.

Turn around and go past the counter area to leave the tavern.  Outside, turn left and go all the way back to the Forum; six clicks.  At the Forum, go one more step forward.  Turn right and go all the way out through the right archway, where you can see blue sky.  As soon as you pass through the archway and come to a stop, turn left and click on the brown double doors in front of you.  Go inside the Baths to meet, once again, with the grateful merchant from the tavern.  He gives you some SACRED WATER from the Nile.

After the merchant leaves, go forward, left, forward into the Baths.  Turn left to greet Popidius for your scheduled one o'clock meeting.  You give the necklace to Popidius as a gift for Julia Felix.  And, you tell him the painter will arrive to paint his frescos on the following day.

After a dizzying cutscene tour of the Baths, and an evening of poetic entertainment in Sophia's company, you see darkness fall over Pompei.  When morning comes, you are once again in the presence of Popidius, who is at his morning prayers.


August 21, 79 A. D.

Attempt to speak with Popidius.  You will see he doesn't wish to be interrupted.  Leave the house by going right, forward, turn right, go forward, turn left.  Then, go forward, right, forward and out into the street again.

An apparently insane man, Fructus the dooms day crier, instructs you to go to the Temple of Isis.  But, he warns you not to go inside.  Access your map to see that the temple is near by.  Turn left. Go forward once.  Turn right. You will encounter another man, an aedile, asking where the crazed man went.  Answer, "Yes" to his question.

Go straight past the questioning aedile, once.  Then turn left to see the Temple of Isis.  Remember you aren't to go inside.  Look down and pick up the SNAKE BRACELET laying on the street.  Meet Locusta the witch/magician.  Ask her everything.

Locusta gives you two GLASS VIALS to hold the two specific potions/philters that she will create.  She also gives you a LIST OF ITEMS  you will need to collect for her so she can develop the philters.  Locusta tells you to meet her at Dionysus' tavern (capone) at midday.

Look at the item list in your inventory.  You need nine items:

1.  Three stones from Octavius' garden
2.  Pure wine
3.  Light oil
4.  The rose that grows at Venus' feet
5.  The power of a donkey's tooth
6.  A drop of blood from an animal sacrificed to Apollo
7.  A tear from Apollo
8.  The feather of an Ibis
9.  Some incense

Turn around and go forward toward the T intersection.  Turn right and enter the door that is adjacent to the Temple of Isis.  Speak to the priest.  He confirms feelings of a coming disaster.  Give the holy water to the priest.  He goes to place the offering in the Temple itself.  Do not go forward.  You are not welcome in the inner sanctum of the Temple.  Immediately turn around and leave through the door behind you.

Look at your map.  Now you need to go back to the friendly tavern.  Remember all those boxes, bottles and jars on the shelf behind Dionysus?
Turn right and go forward once.  Turn left and go forward twice.  Turn right and go forward three times. Turn right.  Go into the tavern and talk to Dionysus again.  He will give you PURE WINE, INCENSE, and LIGHT OIL.

Make sure you click on the appropriate containers on the shelf behind you.  The item list Locusta gave you will appear and the three items will be struck off one by one.  When you have all three items, exit the item list. The small fee with be deducted from your inventory.  Leave the tavern.

Look at your item list again.  Specifically, at "the rose that grows at Venus' feet."  Now, where did you see that rose bush in a planter?  Exit the item list.  Turn left.  Go forward once. Turn right.  There's the rose bush under the mural of Venus and cherubs.  Click on the planter to see a white dove fly off.  Your item list will appear and "THE ROSE THAT GROWS AT VENUS' FEET" will be struck off.  Exit the item list and pick up the white DOVE'S FEATHER  from the street.  You should hear the man in the stall behind you comment that you are Venus' favorite.

Look at your item list again.  You decide to go for the "powder of the donkey's tooth" next.  Exit the item list and the closeup.  Turn left.  Go forward three times.  Turn right to see a donkey in front of a shop.  Hmmm, could this be the donkey you are looking for?  Speak to Ascula, the woman in blue in the perfume shop.  When you find yourself suddenly back outside, click on the donkey.  When Ascula tells you the "ass is poisoning her life, " and you are again back outside, ask Ascula everything.  You will end up outside again.  Pick up the TWO BASKETS of greens/flowers from either side of the perfume shop.

Turn around and talk to the man across the street against the red wall.  He owns the mule.  Turn back to Ascula and talk to her again about everything.  Turn around again and talk to the man about his mule.  He consents to let Ascula use the mule for advertising if she gives him some perfume in exchange.

Turn to the right and speak to the man in the white tunic in the next shop.  Talk to him about everything.  He consents to paint a sign.  Look in your inventory.  The SIGN should appear there.  Pick up the sign and place it against the board under the donkey. Put the flower baskets on the donkey.  Fructus, the dooms day crier, will come and have a heart-to-heart with the donkey.  Talk to Ascula again about Sophia and the bottles.  She will ask you to choose a perfumed oil, a gift for Sophia.  Click on the shop to access the various perfumes on the shelves.  Take a PERFUME BOTTLE from the middle shelf on the right side, by clicking on it with the small bluish FLASK you will find in your inventory. Be sure to look at  the "empty flask." It will turn blue and the name in inventory will change to  "perfumed oil" if you have done it correctly.

Okay.  You have PERFUME for Sophia and you have performed another notable act of diplomacy.  It will benefit you in the due course of things to come.  But, you still need to pursue "the powder of a donkey's tooth."  Obviously, there must be another donkey around somewhere.

Turn right from where you are facing the perfume shop. Proceed to the Bakery of Sotercius.  Use the map to determine that the bakery in east/right of the perfume shop.  Exit the map. Turn right. Go forward five times.  Turn right and go forward into the bakery.  The baker will briefly greet you.  Go into the back of the bakery, where the flour is ground and stored.  Go forward once more.  Turn right and go forward three times, into the extreme rear of the shop, where you see another donkey harnessed to a grinding stone.  Turn around, go forward twice, toward the open window.  Look down to your left to see a DONKEY'S TOOTH laying on the floor.  Pick it up and return to the donkey in the rear of  the shop.  Drop the tooth down into the container on top of the grinding stone.  The donkey will grind the tooth to powder for you.  Pan down to collect the POWDER OF A DONKEY'S TOOTH.  Return to the front of the shop toward the window and turn left.  Exit to the right and out into the Street of Abundance again.

You are close by, so check out the possibility of getting "the stones from Octavius' garden" from Locusta's item list.  Look at your map.  You are only a stone's throw west of Octavius Quartho's house.  Turn right and go forward twice.  Turn right to speak with Statius, Octavius' servant.  Statius tells you both the master and his wife, Lavinia, are at Vespasian's Temple to make a sacrifice.  He tells you that if you want to see Lavinia, to come back before cena.  But, that Octavius only has guests in the morning.  Guess you are out of luck right now for gathering three stones from the garden.

Look at the item list again.  Next, you decide to go after the "tear from Apollo."  Turn right and flollow the Street of Abundance all the way back to the Forum; 9 clicks forward.  When you arrive at the Forum, go one step forward into the plaza.  Turn right and go forward twice.  Turn left, cross the plaza to see a man in a green tunic in front of a large door.  He tells you to come back later.  Not this time!  Enter the temple anyway.  Turn left to see the figure of a priest in a white robe.  Approach him and speak with him.  He cannot provide either a drop of blood (because the altar has been purified), or a tear from Apollo.

Walk forward past the priest.  Turn right at the corner.  Go forward and around the next corner.  Turn right and go forward to enter the temple area.  Go to the altar at the base of the temple steps.  In close-up, pick up a few drops of WATER with one of the glass vials in your inventory.  Turn around and approach the large statue of Apollo.  Use the vial of water on Apollo's left eye.  Then, quickly use the other empty glass tube to catch A TEAR FROM APOLLO before it falls to the grass. Voila!  The list appears and the item is struck off.

Go back to the priest and go forward twice, past him, down the walkway.  Exit through the door to your right.  Leave the Forum as you usually do.  Go straight up the Street of Abundance past the bakery; seven clicks from just inside the Forum entry.  Go forward once more and turn right at the street just before Octavius' house.  Go forward once, turn left, go forward, turn left to see a gardener standing in a doorway.  Speak to him about everything.  When he goes off to find where Fructus is hiding, go one step forward inside the garden.  Turn around and look down to see THREE STONES FROM OCTAVIUS' GARDEN.  Pick them up.  Good. Another item is struck from the list.  Now you should have only the drop of blood, and the feather of an ibis yet to find.

Leave Octavius' garden and go right to the corner.  Turn right and go forward to get back to the Street of Abundance.  Turn left and go forward 5 times.  Turn left, go forward twice.  Turn right, go forward. Turn extreme left and enter the Temple of Isis.  Turn right.  Go forward twice.  Turn slightly left and enter the darkened room ahead of you, through the archway.  Go forward and pick up the FEATHER OF AN IBIS from the right side of the table.  Another item is stuck off the list.  One more to go, the blood of a sacrificed animal. (Note: Do not click on the urn on the left end of the table.  You will be tossed out of the temple forever.)

Leave the Temple of Isis. Turn right, then go forward.  Turn left and go forward twice to get back to the Street of Abundance.  Time for you to check on the Temple of Apollo again.  Turn left and go forward three times to go back to the Forum.  Go forward once, turn right.  Go forward twice.  Turn left, go forward three times, back into the temple.  Inside, turn left.  Go to the end of the walkway, past the priest.  Turn right and go forward once.  Turn right and enter the temple area.  Turn left and click to get a close up of the altar where you found the water.  Yikes! There's animal blood on the ground  there now.  Perhaps the purification process wasn't so very thorough.  Or, more likely, another animal has been sacrificed since last you were here.  Use the glass vial in your inventory to get A DROP OF BLOOD FROM AN ANIMAL SACRIFICED TO APOLLO.

Hooray!  Locusta's item list is complete.  Time to meet with her again.  Leave the temple. Just outside the door, turn right and follow the walkway forward three times.  Then go left, forward, and turn right to the doors.  Ask the office clerk to speak to a duumvir.  In spite of your warning, the clerk will not listen, but suggests you speak to Fructus.  Is he in denial, or what?

Leave the clerk by turning left.  Go forward to the wall.  Go left, forward, and then right out to the street.  From your position in the street, go forward 5 times and turn to your right.  Well, wonder of wonders.  Locusta is standing there exactly where she said she would be, in front of Dionysus' tavern.  She tells you the two philters will be ready the following day.  And she will come to find you when they are ready.

When Locusta totters off, enter the tavern.  Talk to Dionysus again.  He will offer you honeyed wine.  Just proceed to the back room.  Marcus Epidius, another friend of Secundus, invites you to play another dice game (Tali).  The first game is practice.  The second game is for money  Go into your inventory and choose the amulet.  Find "Games" on the index list.  At the bottom of the Games page, is a link called The Game of Tali.  Click on it to review the rules of the game and the scoring involved.  Choose Quit to go back to the game.

After the practice game, put down your stake...money from inventory.  Marcus uses his amulet to cast a good luck spell.  He asks you if you have a good luck charm.  Use your dove's feather on the dice.  If you do this each time you will get the high score (Venus).  Click on the game board with the Tali BONE DICE that are now in your inventory, to start the game.

You can play Tali more than once,or not at all, whichever you prefer.  When you are finished, just back out of the game and Marcus will suggest that the two of you go to the Baths.

In the street again, you will be facing Octavius' servant Statius, looking out from behind the door of the house.  Talk to him and he tells you Lavinia will speak to you in the garden.  Go forward, through the house, to the garden.  Go down the center walkway to find Sophia.  Speak to her.  Give her the dates from your inventory.  She loves them.  Then give her the perfumed oil and talk to her about everything. (Note: If Sophia will not accept the perfumed oil, you may not have filled
your flask.  Take it back to the perfume shop and get it filled with perfume.)  In the end, she wants to think about your proposal over night.

Lavinia arrives and speaks of hearing that you brought her something.  Give her the snake bracelet, which she had recently lost.  Lavinia tells you that Sophia is promised to Habinnas, a young business man, who disgusts Sophia.


August 22, 79 A.D.

Darkness falls on Day Two and you begin the next day facing the room with the small pool in Popidius' house.  Walk forward to the three people standing the doorway across the room.  Popidius wants you to check out what Fructus is up to with "the end is coming" sign on the donkey in the street.  Go left, but keep moving forward quickly, when someone yells at you to stop.  If you aren't quick enough, you'll be "crowned" by a roof tile and the game will be over!  If you are successful, you will reappear in the perfume shop.  Ascula gives you a RED ROSE in appreciation for markedly increasing her perfume business.

Outside the shop, turn right to see two men. Speak with the man in the red trimmed robes on the right.  Aedile Helvius wants you to prove you didn't personally paint the "the end is coming" sign for Fructus.

Turn left and speak with Ascula again.  She will tell Helvius she'll act in your defence.  Turn around and speak with the painter.  Fructus is definitely the culprit. There's no doubt about it!  Turn left and speak with the mule's owner again.  Helvius believes Fructus is your accomplice.  Marcus arrives in the nick of time and intercedes with Helvius on your behalf.  Then, Marcus takes you off to the Palestra to practice some javelin tossing.  Marcus tells you that he believes Helvius, who was Secundus rival in the recent election, might be behind the graffiti incident with the prostitutes.

In the Palestra, walk over to the right and down the right side of the pool, to pick up the javelin, which is standing upright in the grass.  Throw the javelin forward away toward the wall.  It will land safely in the ground.  Don't offer the javelin to Marcus or you will end up killing someone, and you know by now what that means.  Do a few practice tosses just for fun.  Then when the javelin is stuck in the ground, take the roses Ascula gave you from inventory and click them on the javelin. Throw the javelin (listen to Marcus) toward the crater of Mount Vesuvius, which you will see over the wall opposite where Marcus is standing.

You see a cutscene, where the rose entwined javelin lands periously close to Sophia, who is strolling in Octavius' garden.  Afterward,  turn right, go forward, turn left and leave the Palestra.

Walk forward to the left, where you hear a voice calling  you.  Turn back toward the amphitheater to see Locusta hiding under the stairway.  Talk to her about everything.  She gives you the TWO PHILTERS.  (One is to convince Sophia to leave with you, which you must use while you are alone with her.  The other is to render someone unconscious should they come between you and Sophia.)

Locusta will ask you to rescue Fructus, who has been taken into custody.  She is afraid that Helvius will beat Fructus when he arrives to investigate.

After you finish speaking with Locusta, proceed forward around the perimeter of the amphitheater.  Two clicks forward, you will encounter guard who is holding Fructus. Talk to him.  Don't tell him you are the Gallic magus (magician).  Answer, "No."  If you answer in the affirmative he will start yelling for help and the game's over.  When you are finished with the discussion concerning Fructus, go forward to the iron gated doorway and speak to Fructus, who is strung up in the passageway between two gates.

Answer, "No," to speaking to the guard on his behalf and, after telling him to be silent, go outside.  Don't talk to Fructus' guard again, or he will tie you up and give you a "time out" too.

From outside, standing near the guard, turn right and go around the perimeter of the amphitheater back toward where you met with Locusta.  On the fourth click forward, you will come across a young man and Palmyre, the prostitute.  Speak to Palmyre.  She will distract the aedile guarding Fructus for you.  She leaves.  Now, talk to the young gladiator, Pyrame.  (It doesn't matter if you are unable to complete all conversation options with either Palmyre or Pyrame. The result will be the same.)

When you're finished talking with Pyrame, turn around and go up the steps to the amphitheater.  Pyrame will follow.  At the top, turn around and go forward.  Turn right and enter the arena.  Cross to the doorway on the opposite side.  Click on the GATE to pick it up.  Turn around and click the gate on Pyrame.  He will break down the gate for you, with his  head, no less!

Go forward once. Turn right to see poor Fructus still strung up and miserable.  Don't talk to Fructus, or the game will be over. You will be discovered by the guard.  And, don't click on the square rock, sticking out of the wall to the left, or you will cause a disturbance and will be arrested.

Instead, use your knife to cut Fructus free.  He and Pyrame will follow you.  Quickly, go back out across the arena, turn left and go outside.  Immediately, turn right and use those right side stairs to descend to the plaza again. If you use the left stairs, you will get another nasty surprise.

Note:  This sequence in the following paragraph may be skipped if you are not interested in playing a game of Tali with Pyrame:  Go to the tavern by turning around and going forward to the trees you see in the distance.  Go forward again twice.  Turn right and go forward to the Street of Abundance.  Turn left.  Go forward twice and turn left to face Dionysus' tavern.  Inside, talk to Dionysus again.  Go into the back room to find Pyrame, the gladiator.  He wants to play a game of Tali.  You may play a game of Tali with him or not, as you choose.

Afterward, you'd better check in with Sophia again at Octavius' house.  If you are at the tavern, go right, up the street.   Go forward three times and turn right to see the front door to Octavius' house.  Enter and speak to Statius.  Ask for Sophia.  He won't let you see her.  Ask for Lavinia.  He tells you you will find her near the Euripe.  Don't listen to Statius.  Walk forward past him and go into the house.  Go on through the house and out into the garden.  As before, you will find Sophia along the long, central path.  Talk to her about Habinnas, who thinks only of money.  She consents to leave with you, finally!  But, only if Lavinia gives her consent.  you will notice an addition to your inventory; a NIGHTENGALE.

Look down at Sophia's feet and note the hot spot.  Take the Tali dice from your inventory and throw them at Sophia's feet.  Sophia will ask you why you must leave in such a hurry.  Ah, you are alone with Sophia, right?  Maybe its time for magic philtre #1.  Take it out of your inventory and place it on the water in the fountain to your right.  You will see a brief vision of the coming disaster in Pompei.  Sophia promises to meet you by the garden gate, the following nite, after the feast of Vulcanalia.  That is, if she gets Lavinia's consent.


August 23, 79 A.D.

Again, morning finds you in Popidius' home.  Turn right and speak with Popidius.  He needs your help again.  Sylphium is needed for the culinary feast and the cook has none.  You must find some.  Popidius also wants you to arrange for the evening's entertainment.  Go R, F, F, L and exit to the street.  Go right and meet the mule's owner again.  He wants you to buy the donkey from him.  Accept the purchase gratefully.  Turn left and go forward up the Street of Abundance, 3 times.  Turn right and enter the tavern again.  Talk to Dionysus to gather information about the lack of sylphium and the entertainment preferences.  Ask about Fructus and then go into the back room.  Talk to Pyrame.  Ask him everything.  He consents to leave Pompei with you.

Go back outside. Go left and then go forward 4 times.  Turn right to face Ascula's perfume shop.  Ah, and there's your newly acquired donkey!  Talk to Ascula.  Ask her about sylphium and the wandering actors.  She recommends that you speak with Locusta and visit the theater.  Give her advice about leaving the city, then ask her where Locusta might be.  She mentions the Triangular Forum and explains why the aediles watch over the acting troupe.

When you have finished speaking to Ascula, access your map to find the Triangular Forum south west of your position.  Exit the map.  Turn right.  Go forward twice.  Turn right and go forward twice.  Turn right, go forward twice more.  Then, turn left to enter the Temple of Isis.  Go forward across the center lawn to find Locusta standing in front of the ruins of an ancient temple.  Speak to Locusta.  She wants a branch from the tree off to your right.  Save your game here!   You life depends on your quick movements, as follows:

1. Pick up a stone from the temple steps to your right.
2. Turn and throw the stone at the tree where you see the hot spot.
3. Pick up the branch.
4. Turn immediately, and place the branch over the snake that you uncovered when you picked up the stone on the steps.
5. As soon as the snake winds up on the branch, turn 45 degrees to your right and throw the branch as far as you can toward the back of the scene and to the left or right of the tree.

Afterward, give Locusta the branch.  She tells you the priests of Isis have sylphium.  She tells you where some may be hidden in a small pot.  She also tells you that Fructus always wanted to be an actor.  Hmmm.  She entrusts you with a cherished PAPYRUS, when you promise to get her and Fructus out of the city safely.

After you finish speaking to Locusta, turn left and enter the temple walkway.  Along the walkway, you will find Helvius, Secundus political rival and your nemesis, standing in front of a door.  Speak with him.  When he rushes off in pursuit of Fructus, enter through the door into the theater.  Go forward and look left and down at the seating tiers.  Pick up a MASK AND COAT on one tier.  And, across the way, pick up a CAPSA ( with lines and costumes).

Afterword, turn and go up the steps in front of the stage.  Talk to the actor Pyladius, on the stage.  He needs someone to replace the missing actor, Publius.  Fructus' talents might just come in handy here, right?

Leave the stage and go left and forward out of the theater.  Turn right and go forward, left, forward to exit to the street.  Turn right and go forward twice.  Turn left and go forward twice more.  Turn right and go forward 4 times.  Turn right and enter the bakery.

Talk to Sotericus, the baker, about not having a delivery person for the baked goods that must go to the theater; stale bread for the actors.  Go into the back of the bakery to find Fructus hiding behind a pillar on the left.  Speak to him.  You tell him about his "big break" and ask him to go to Locusta and wait for you.  He needs a disguise to pretend he is Sotericus' delivery boy.  Look around and find something to disguise Fructus with.

Go to the back of the bakery where the donkey is.  Pick up the FLOUR COVERED FABRIC off the base of the grindstone.  Go back and give it to Fructus.  Frustus' costume is perfect!  He triumphantly leaves to make the deliveries.

Now, go back to the Triangular Forum. Leave the bakery, turn left and go forward 4 times.  Turn left.  Go forward twice.  Turn right. Go forward twice.  Enter the Temple of Isis. GO L, F, R, F, L to face Locusta and Fructus at the theater door.  They will follow you inside.

Go up on the stage and talk to Pyladius, the actor, again.  With the addition of Fructus and Locusta to his troupe, he consents to stay and provide the entertainment for Popidius' banquet.  You will all meet at Stabies Gate before dawn to collectively flee the city.

Leave the theater.  Turn right and go back out to the entrance.  Turn right in the street and go forward once.  Turn right and enter the door to the Temple of Isis.  Speak to the priest about sylphium and the entertainment.  Give the priest the papyrus you got from Locusta.  When he asks you which book, answer "third book."

When the priest leaves, go right and forward into the back room (ekklesiaterion).  Move the little palm plant on the right.  The sylphium is there.  Pick up the SYLPHIUM in the round box and leave the temple.

Now, you are ready to meet with Popidius again.  He is at home.  Go R, F, L, F, R, F into Popidius' house.  Go forward through the room and out the door on the right, around the corner.  Go forward once and turn left to see Popidius.  Go forward, turn right and give him the box of sylphium.

When you appear in the kitchen, talk to the cook. You will be presented with a three part guessing game.  He wants you to identify tonight's menu by solving his riddles.  As you view the dishes, pick them up and place them in inventory.  The replace them on the table in the correct order acccording to the cook's riddles.


Part One
1. mussels
2. eggs
3. tuna

Part Two
1. dugs
2. duck

Part Three
1. oysters
2. dulcia
3. dates

After your success identifying the cuisine for the feast of Vulcan, talk to Popidius again.  He asks you to go and get five fish for the sacrifice to Vulcan.  Turn right and go forward down the outer walkway.  Turn right at the corner and go forward once.  Turn right to see the sunken pool in the atrium garden.  Go forward to the pool.  Wow, red goldfish!  Click on the pool to collect five RED FISH.  Take the fish back to Popidius and he will make an offering to Vulcan.

In the next scene, you appear at night.  Its now after the evening's feast is over and you are in position just outside Octavius' garden gate. Save your game.  Quickly now, click the nightengale on the open gate.  Turn 90 degrees left and click again to get out of the way of a well-aimed stone.  If you don't move quickly enough, game's over!

Now, you must follow Statius the arrogant servant, who tends Octavius' door.  He's very hard to see in the darkness.  So, go R, F, R, F, to the Street of Abundance.  Turn left and go forward 5 times.  Turn left again and go forward once,  You will hear a sound.  Quickly turn around 180 and take one step back toward the intersection.  You will ambush nasty Statius.  After he is subdued, talk to him   At Octavius' orders, he has kidnapped and hidden Sophia!  He refuses to tell you where she is being held.  He  really does like his work, doesn't he?  Take philter #2 from your inventory and use it on Statius.  Enough of this.  It will take him out for a while.

Turn right from where Statius is paralyzed on the sidewalk and go forward twice.  Turn right and go forward twice to be facing the Temple of Isis.  Keep going to the temple ruins where you met Locusta earlier.  When you have gone clear across the temple floor, turn right to see Sophia.  Go forward, turn right and rescue Sophia by using your knife on her bonds.

In the next scene, you're in the street in front of Popidius' house, with a grateful Sophia.  Daybreak is about to happen!  You have warned everyone you could about the coming eruption.  Time for you and yours to get the heck out of Dodge!

Put the mask and cloak from your inventory on Sophia.  Offer her the donkey to ride.  Turn left.  Then turn completely around and head for the Stabien Gate, which is straight ahead of you.

When you get to the gate, one of Helvius' aediles is guarding it, and he recognizes you.  He doesn't want you to leave the city.  Talk to him again.  Talk him into believing that you and Sophia are actors from the wandering troupe that just left town through the same gate.  Give him philtre #2, or the Capsa from your inventory.  As with Statius, this action will take the guard off duty for a few precious minutes.

After you and Sophia safely leave the city through the gate, you rejoin your new found group of friends.  All of you will witness the earthquake, the explosion of Mount Vesuvius and the complete annihilation of Pompei!



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