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Hints by Chief

October 2006


This is a point and click game.

At the bottom of the screen, find Save, Load and Quit.

To pick up an item, click on it and it will go in inventory.

Find the inventory on top of the screen: click on the item you want to use.

The game starts in front of a building. Just walk in to be in a room.

The objective of the game is to open the door with the round window in front of you.

To open that door, you need to find five pumpkin seeds. You can pick them up in any order.

You can explore the room and play the game in any way you want and click on everything to see or hear something.


 The door with the round window being the front of the room, letís find the seeds:

-see a white spot on the right of the entry door.

-on the right wall, below the wooden beam, on the left of the screen.

-on the left wall below the picture on the left.

-on the table on the right and click on the book. (Click under the book to back of the table.)

-see the ghost of a woman when walking back to the entry door: click on her right hand to pick up the seed. You have to be fast enough to pick it up before she disappears.


Seed from the woman: you can start your game by walking in the room to the door with the round window and come back to the entry door and see the woman.

If you miss getting the seed in her hand, go back to the door with the round window and press the red button: walk back to the entry door and see the woman. If  you are coming from any part of the room and do not see the woman, go and press the red button and walk back to the entry door.


There is now only one thing to do: pass the seeds through the round window of the door when you are in a close up position: the door will open.


See the surprise ending.


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