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South Africa


Quest for glory 1: so you want to be a hero


When you start the game you are in the town of Spielburg, talk to the

sheriff about everything. Walk and go in the hero's tail inn. Talk to

shameen the katta about everything and leave the inn. Go left and go

in the guild hall. Sign your name in the book and look at the book.

Look at the board on the wall. There are some wanted notes hanging

here. Wake the man and talk to him about everything. Leave and go in

the magic shop. Talk to zara about everything. Leave and go right 2X

to the apple lady. Talk to her about everything and go in the drygood

store. Talk to the man about everything and buy two empty flask

bottles and a food ration. Leave the store and go left into the ally.

Give the boy money and talk about everything. Leave and go in the bar

next of you. Talk to the two guy's playing cards and sit on the small

stool in front. Talk to the bartender and get the note on the ground.

Leave the bar and leave town. [Now your adventure has begun. Whenever

you see creatures or brigands, fight them. When they are dead search

them] Run [E2X\N\E] In a snowy clearing you will meet a warrior

giant. Talk to him about everything. He will want fruit from you.

Walk left and down. Here will be a fox in a trap, free him. Run left

to town and buy 5 apples from hilde. Go back to the giant and give

him the apples. He will give you something you will need later on for

your trouble. Run to the town entrance and you will see a man

standing against the wall. Talk to him and give him two gold coins.

Talk to him about everything [Thief: touch man] and go [N] This is

the healer's cottage. Knock on the door and talk to the healer about

everything. Leave and go left to the horseman. Talk to him about

everything and go [W3X\S2X] to a mushroom patch. Pick up 500

mushrooms and go back to the healer's house. [N2X\E4X] Now give her

all the mushrooms. She will say that's enough, but she will forget to

stop paying you. Leave the house. Notice the bird in the nest on the

branch of the large oak, there are two solutions to this puzzle.

[Fighter: Thief: climb tree] [Magic user: run back to town and to the

magic shop. Buy a fetch spell and go back to the healer's house. Cast

fetch at the nest to recover the ring] When you have the ring, return

it to the healer. You'll get money and a big kiss. [Thief: Fighter:

pick up rocks until you have 500. Throw them all and then pick up 50

rocks] Walk back to town. When the sheriff's gone or rest until sun

set, go to the inn and sit at the table. Talk to the man about

everything and buy him a meal. Talk to shema about everything and buy

yourself a meal. When you're done, [Fighter: pay shameen for a

night's rest] [Magic user: leave and go to the magic shop. Buy two

magic spells and go back to the inn. Pay shameen for a night's rest]

[Thief: Leave inn and rest 30MIN. Go right, left and into the ally.

Go near the glint. Two thugs hide in the ally ready to rob you. When

they make their move, touch them. They will take you for one of their

own and give you the password to get into the thief's guild. Leave

and go in the bar. Notice the ugly looking dude sitting on a chair at

the left side of the bar, go to him and ask him about thief's guild.

Give him the password. Once in the thief's guild, you'll encounter

the boss. He rambles on about the times being so hard and then turns

his attention to you. Go to the door in the corner of the room and

buy a toolkit and a license. Talk to the man. Once you are a

registered thief, talk to the boss about everything. Play the game

with him and win 4 times. Leave the guild. You can pick a couple of

locks in town and steal stuff. Go to the sheriff's house next to the

drygood store. Picklock his door and look around. Use sneak and steal

what you can. On the other street, next to the magic shop, you can

enter the old lady's house to steal some more. First pet the cat. You

can sell the stolen stuff in the thief's guild. Walk to the hero's

tail inn and pay for a night's rest]


Day 2


The next day, leave the town. Run to the healer's house and buy an

undead potion. [Magic user: buy five mana pills] Leave the house and

go [S4X] Leave and go [W5X] to the dryad. Approach the tree and the

dryad will appear. Listen and say yes. The dryad will ask you to get

a seed from a plant. Leave and go up. Run [N3X\E\N\E\N] [Thief:

you'll have to climb a rock and catch the seed] [Fighter: throw rocks

to get the seed] [Magic user: use the fetch spell to get the seed. If

you can't get it, drink a mana pill and try again] Go back to the

dryad [S3X\W2X\S3X\W] and give her the seed. Here, you will get

information you will certainly need. The first ingredient (an acorn)

can be found under the tree when the dryad disappears. Leave the

drayd and run [N4X\E2X\N2X\E\N\E\N] When you get there, eat a fruit

and get some flowers. Read the runes on the stone. [Magic user: cast

an open spell to move the stone and get the scroll in the hole] Leave

and run [W\S4X\W4X\S\W] Talk to the meeps about everything. [Magic

user: ask for spell and get it] Get the fur and leave. Go

[E3X\S2X\E3X] Here is a ledge with a door. Use an empty bottle on the

water. [Fighter: throw a rock on the cave 3 times and climb the rock]

[Magic user: cast detect and climb the ladder] [Thief: climb the

rock] Knock on the door. Be sure to step aside quickly, the door

swings open WIDE. In the cave, talk to henry the hermit about

everything. [Magic user: ask for a spell and get it] Leave the cave.

The last ingredient, fairy dust can be found at the ring of

mushrooms. However, you must be there at night. Run [W5X\N3X] to the

goblin ground. Fight some goblins. If you win, search them. If you

want a new battle go down and rest. Go up and fight. Do this until

dark and go down to the mushroom ground. Dance for the fairies to win

their sympathy. Talk to them and then click an empty bottle on them

to get some dust. Now spend the rest of the night at erana's garden.

Go up and run [N2X\E3X\N3X\E\N] sleeping peacefully.


Day 3


The next day, leave and run [W\S4X\E] to the healer and give her the

ingredients for the dispel potion. You'll have to leave the healer

alone while she prepares the potion. During that period, practice

your skills where the goblins live. Rest after a battle to get your

stamina points up. Fight until it's mid-afternoon. Run back to the

healer and get the dispel potion. [Magic user: buy 5 mana, 5 stamina

and 5 healing pills] [Fighter: Thief: buy 5 healing and 5 stamina

pills] Leave and go [E2X\N\W\N\E2X] You will come to an open ground.

Forget the sign's and go up the mountain until you are at the house.

A gargoyle will ask you a riddle, so you better answer it right. When

you're in, go up the stairs. Talk to erasmus and fenrus about

everything. [Magic user: erasmus will ask you to play a game with

him. If you win, you will get a spell] Stand and leave. Go to baba

yaga. Run [W\S2X\W5X\N2X] Talk to the skull about everything and give

him the gem. He will let you pass. [Say: hut of brown now sit down]

Baba yaga is a pretty mean witch, she'll change you into a frog to

eat you. But don't worry she'll change you back again because she has

an assignment for you. You have to bring her some mandrake root

growing in the town graveyard exactly at midnight. Here comes the

spooky part. Go down to the goblin ground. Fight and rest. Do this

until midnight. Drink the undead potion and walk east. Get the root

near the large rock and leave. Run and bring back the root to baba

yaga. She'll let you live as a reward for your service. Leave and run

[E3X\N3X\E\N] to erana's garden and sleep.


Day 4


The next, day run [W\S4X\W3X] to the goblin ground and fight. Rest

and kill. Also drink pills.


On midday at day 5


Run [E4X] from the goblin ground and [N] to the castle. Talk to the

guard about everything and touch the gate. Walk in. When you see the

fight master, talk to him about everything. [Fighter: drop all you

can and pay him to fight. Later get your stuff] Go right and get a

job at the stables. When you're done, talk to the man and leave the

castle. Go to the healer and buy 5 healing and 5 stamina pills.

[Magic user: buy 5 mana pills] Here comes the boring part, you have

to improve your skills greatly before you can accomplish your hero

mission. Run to the goblin ground. Fight during day and night to get

money and to upgrade your skills. [Magic user: cast your spells to

upgrade them] [Thief: use sneak. Don't run don't walk. At night in

town, you can learn picklock skill at old lady's house and sheriff's

house] [Thief: Fighter: at night, you can climb tree at healer's

house to upgrade skill] [Fighter: every midday you can go to castle

and fight with fight master. Drop all you can and later get your

stuff] Rest and kill goblins. Also drink your pills. You can also go

to the healer and get more potions if needed.


Day 15


}From the healer's house [Thief: Fighter: throw all your rocks and

then pick up 100 rocks] run [W\N4X\E2X] to the cave and fight the

troll. When he's dead, search him. [Fighter: break chest with sword]

[Thief: picklock chest] [Magic user: cast open and take money] Go in

the cave and you will see a big bear. Give him a ration and go

further in the cave. [Magic user: go near the cobolt and cast flame

at him. Later, cast detect and open. Get the key and the money]

[Fighter: go near the cobolt and throw rocks at him until a key

appears. Get it. Go down until you bump into a chest. Break chest

with sword and take money] [Thief: sneak up to cobolt and take key.

Go down until you bump into chest. Use lock pick on chest and take

money. Walk] Leave and unlock the chain to free the bear. Leave the

cave and run [W2X\S4X\E\N] to the castle. Go up. In the castle, talk

to the baron and baronet about everything and leave.


Day 16


The next day, leave the castle and walk to town and into the bar. Get

the paper and leave town. Go to the castle and get a job. Rest. Leave

the castle and run to the town entrance. Go down and go left. Listen

at the conversation. When bruno leave, [Thief: Fighter: throw a rock

at the man] [Magic user: cast flame at the man] [Fighter: go E\N to

town and to the drygood store. Buy the chainmail armor. Leave town

and go S\W] Wait for a little while, then go down and up again to the

dead man. Search him and leave. Run left 2X and down. You will pass

an antwerp. Whatever beast that may be. Talk to the door and unlock

it. Open the door. Go through the cave and fight the monitaur. Search

him when he's dead. [Thief: Fighter: climb rock on right to upgrade

climbing skill. If you go over wall, go down and climb again] Go

through the hole witch you came earlier and go up and down. Rest. Now

unlock the door and fight the troll. When he's dead, search him 3X.

Leave the cave and run [N6X\E2X\N2X\E] Now walk [W\E] and fight

monsters. Also rest now and then.


On midday at day 18


Run [S4X\E] to the healer and give the claws and the beards to her.

Drop all empty bottles. Leave and go [S3X\W3X\S] Go through the cave

and go in the brigand's fortress by bashing the gate open. [3X] Walk

through the court, but choose your way carefully, you may fall over

traps. In the room, close the door behind you. Run to the west side

of the room and stay there until the men are gone. Now move the chair

on the east side door so that it gets barred. While working with the

chair, some bad guys will enter from one of the remaining doors. When

their almost near you, push the candelabra to bar their way. When

their on the other side of the table, climb the table and get the

rope. When the chandelier fall on them, exit through the north door

before more bad guys comes in. Now you are in the anteroom of the

brigand Leader's office. The leader's guard is sitting here in a room

which looks like a toyshop. However, there are traps here. Talk to

yorick  about everything and he'll become quite friendly. Walk to the

upper left door. You'll pass a maze and end up at the right side of

the room. Go through the door next to you. Pull the chain and be very

quick. Go left through the maze again to get to the right hand door,

then move to the door which the chain opened. If you make it in time,

you'll end up at the left hand side of the room again, but near a

different door. Touch the door then quickly step aside. When the door

fall, open the door. You are in the brigand leader's office, facing

the big bad guy. Quickly throw the dispel potion on him and before

your eyes, the brigand leader will change into elsa the lost baron's

child. Yorick the leader's guard comes in looking quite happy. Watch

where he came from, that's the secret way out. Elsa will tell you

that she's leaving with yorick, but she'll offer you a mirror and two

healing potions. Take them and look at the black bird on your left.

Leave before the brigands comes in. Your quest is nearly finished

now. There is one more bad creature you have to deal with, the big

bad baba yaga. Run [N5X\W\N] Say: hut of brown and go in. When she

tries to turn you into a frog again, use the mirror on her. Watch the

chicken fly. Now you're in the castle where everyone's waiting for

you, the...




The end


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