Pay careful attention to the dialog topics as they play an important part in this chapter. Brian enters the hallway from the staterooms, one of which is his own cabin.
The door leading to the sea-lock chamber is locked. Try using the numbered panel on the right side of the door to trigger a later dialog topic about it. Go into the Neptune Suite and take the trident from the statue of Neptune. Look at the cylindrical tube (next to the diving suit) to activate an elevator that takes you to the upper part of the yacht.
Sushi tells you about her research and that she's hired Dean Grassick, an adventurer and treasure hunter, to dive down to the Orion to recover the trantonite. If you tried using the numbered panel for the door to the sea-lock chamber, you can ask her for the password to use on all the locked doors.
Note that there are a number of doors where you need to enter the password. As you use these doors often there's an easier way to open them. First try to open each door before you enter the password, then enter the password on the numbered keypad. After doing this you're able to use the 'arrow' on the door and won't need to enter the password each time.


Go out onto the deck, where you find Rutger. He has the telepathic helmet (on the floor next to him) that you gave to Saturn. You learn that there's 'bad blood' between Rutger and Saturn. Examine the gardening supplies near the entrance to get a bag of sand. Take the broom next to the refrigerator.
Go back downstairs to the Neptune Suite, where you find Saturn. During the conversation with him Brian realizes that the trantonite could be located quicker by building and using a neutrino detector. Saturn says that you need to empty the glass tank in the cargo hold, get back the telepathic helmet from Rutger and retrieve the missing pages of the science article.
He also gives you a message for Rutger:

You need to act as a peacemaker between Rutger and Saturn. Instead of passing on his message as an insult, change it to a compliment. Go to Rutger and tell him that Saturn said:

Despite the compliment, Rutger responds with an insult of his own:

Pass this message onto Saturn as:

You've got to do a bit of running around, back and forth between Rutger and Saturn. Persevere with your plan of changing insults to compliments as follows:

After the last compliment Rutger gives you the telepathic helmet.


Enter the password (if you got it from Sushi) on the numbered panel next to the sea-lock door. You speak to Camille, then follow her down to the sea-lock room, where you meet Dean Grassick. After talking to Dean Grassick go to the far right to find a storeroom. Take a plastic diving hose out of the box in the storeroom.
Return to the sea-lock chamber and open the door leading to the cargo hold (opposite the stairs) by again entering the password on the numbered panel next to it. Empty the water tank by opening the shut-off valve next to the metal stairway. Take note of the hatch-opening button and intercom to the left of the large metal door. The red button (on the right) opens the metal door, but the door doesn't stay open. Use the broom to block the door and prevent it from closing. You enter cargo hold 2 and find some plastic ties. Note Brian's comment about the two hatches being symmetrical.
Leave the cargo hold (by again entering the password on the numbered panel) and you find Camille sitting on the stairs in the sea-lock chamber. Speak to her to learn that she gave two bottles of wine to Dean (which he refused to take) and that Dean has used the missing pages of the article to wrap his lunch in. Try opening either of the two glass cases on the wall to learn that you need a key.
Go to the upper part and ask Sushi for the glass case key. Note that you must try opening the glass cases to activate this dialog topic.
On returning to the sea-lock chamber Camille gives you two wine jugs and you learn that someone (presumably Joshua) has already removed the hose and axe from the glass cases. Look at the fire hydrant below the glass cases to realize that it could be used to fill the water tank with fresh water. Try connecting the plastic diving tube to the fire hydrant to learn that an essential element to make it work is missing.
Go down to the sea-lock room and take a second diving tube from the box in the storeroom. Tie the two identical diving tubes together with the plastic ties, then again take a diving tube from the box to construct a makeshift hose. Talk to Dean Grassick about getting the paper his lunch is wrapped in, but he's only prepared to give it to you after eating lunch. Take note of Brian's thoughts about Dean being used to having a teleprompter.
Go to the Neptune Suite and try taking Saturn's sketch pad. Note that you must do this after Brian's thoughts about Dean needing a teleprompter. Saturn needs to fill the last empty page with notes on a new invention before he starts a new sketch pad. He tells you about an idea of making something to help people eat more slowly.
You can't give the wine jugs to Saturn (or to any of the other characters) as it's bad luck to re-use a gift as a gift. Can you think of something to do with them? Try putting them in the refrigerator on the deck where Rutger is to get a clue.


During the cut scene that follows Brian's thoughts are that the empty wine jugs may come in handy and you also hear Joshua's voice saying the same thing. Put the sand in the empty wine jugs (note that only one jug is half-filled) then tie both jugs together using the plastic ties to form an hourglass. Lastly, attach the trident to the hourglass to construct a watch-fork.
Enter the Neptune Suite and give the watch-fork to Saturn. In addition to the sketch pad that Saturn gives you, take a marker pen from the mug on the table in front of him.
Go down to the sea-lock room and give the sketch pad to Dean. With the aid of a teleprompter he's able to finish the recording and have lunch. He gives you the missing pages and now that you have everything required, you take it all to Saturn. After building the neutrino detector Brian dives down to the Orion twice, only to find that the sphere is covered in lichens and moss.


You won't find a cloth, but can you think of something else that's used for cleaning? What about the broom used to block the large door in the cargo hold? Under the stairway in the cargo hold you find a toolbox Saturn left there. Remove the saw from the toolbox and cut off a piece of the broom used to block the large door.
When you try leaving the cargo hold, the password doesn't work. Use the intercom next to the large door to talk to Sushi. Thanks to Joshua's handiwork you must find an alternate way out of the cargo hold. Press the hatch-opening button, then climb up the ladder in front of the water tank to get to the deck above. Take note of Brian's comment about the hatch above cargo hold 2 also opening.
Talk to Sushi and tell her that you're diving down to the galleon again. Unfortunately, the trantonite is not in the sphere. After talking to Sushi, Brian again dives down to try get into Captain Malantuņez's cabin. The door is jammed, so a way must be found to prise it open.


After the fourth dive Sushi tells you that Joshua used a crowbar to open boxes and made a mess in the cargo hold. When you go there to fetch the crowbar, both the door-blocking broom and stairs in front of the water tank are gone. Press the red button on the right of the door and although you can't get into cargo hold 2, you see the crowbar Joshua used.
Go to the Neptune Suite where Saturn has completed his latest invention. Note that he only finishes it after you open the door in the cargo hold and see the crowbar. Talk to him about the invention and take the two electro-magnets on the table in front of him.
Return to the cargo hold, press the hatch-opening button and use the electro-magnets to climb into cargo hold 2 to get the crowbar.
Armed with a crowbar, Brian again dives down to the Orion and enters Captain Malantuņez's cabin.