The only time Joshua becomes fairly lucid is when you select the 'Trantor has been destroyed by a huge meteor' topic with him. Take the knife from the kitchen cabinet drawer and the oil can from the mantelpiece above the fireplace.


Go along the path from the shelter to find Ben Wazowski on the mountainside. He tells you that raw salmon will counteract the effects of the berries. He also talks about his bear suit being incomplete and that bear claws are used to catch salmon from holes in the ice. Look at Ben's backpack, noting the bear claws and bottle of bear essence in it. Take a leaf from the plant next to him.


Return to the shelter and talk to Joshua, again selecting the 'Trantor has been destroyed by a huge meteor' topic. Go through all the dialog topics to convince him that he needs to eat salmon sushi.


When you ask Ben how to make sushi, he tells you about Archibald. He first encountered Archibald by taking his guitar out on the balcony and singing Christmas carols.


There are a number of items to take inside Wazowski's cabin:

1) the chainsaw (under the bed)

2) one piece of firewood

3) the hockey stick

4) a bottle of perfume (with she-bear-in-heat pheromones)

5) the bamboo mat (on the door leading out to the balcony)

Also take (play) the guitar and you automatically go to the balcony and sing 'Jingle Bells'. After being hit by a bottle of bleach thrown at you by Archibald, you meet him at the base of the cabin.
Archibald eventually agrees to prepare salmon sushi, but requires the missing ingredients (salmon, nori, chopsticks and a bamboo mat) from you. If you found the leaf (from the plant next to Ben) and the bamboo mat (on the door leading to the balcony) you already have two of the ingredients. When he leaves, Archibald gives you a whistle to call him with.
Go back out onto the cabin balcony. Pick up the bleach and take the plastic tube from the barrel.
Use the axe on the tree stump at the bottom of the cabin to cut the firewood into chopsticks.


Return to the shelter and take the empty gas tank on the shelf next to the door. Fill the gas tank with gasoline from the pick-up truck. Note that you must have found the plastic tube to do this. Examine the chainsaw (in the inventory) to learn that it runs on a mixture of gas and oil. Pour the oil (from the oil can) into the gas tank and then use the mixture to get the chainsaw working.
Use the chainsaw to cut off the moose head on the pick-up truck. After having removed the antlers, use the bleach to whiten the moose head. Before you can give the moose head to Ben, you need to cut out a lengthwise strip (to make a visor) with the knife.
When you give the moose head to Ben he leaves it on the backpack until he can find a bear cub.
Go down to the frozen river and make a hole in the ice with the chainsaw. The bear won't allow you to get to the hole, so you must find a way to scare it off.
Return to Ben and tell him about the bear. He puts on the moose head and also covers himself with the ferocious bear essence from his backpack. When he leaves, trade the bottle of perfume in your inventory with the one in Ben's backpack. The 'trade bottles' hotspot is fairly mouse-sensitive and is obscured by Brian after he talks to Ben, so I suggest moving Brian to the right to see it clearly. Also, you need to do it reasonably quickly, before Ben returns.
After trading the bottles, again talk to Ben and get him to repeat what he did previously. This time he covers himself with the she-bear-in-heat essence and vanishes into the woods with the bear.
At the frozen river use the hockey stick to reach the bear claw Ben dropped. First try to catch a fish (in the hole) with the hockey stick, but you won't succeed. Attach the bear claw to the hockey stick, then use the bear-style fishing device to catch a salmon.


Now that you have all the ingredients, go to the base of Wazowski's cabin to call Archibald. Do this by blowing the whistle at the part of the forest he came from. Archibald reluctantly agrees to deliver the sushi to the shelter.


After eating the sushi Joshua dashes out onto the frozen lake and is stranded on a slab of ice. Look at the rolled wire on the front grid of the pick-up truck to learn that it's a winch. You must try starting the winch to learn that the battery is dead. Next try starting the engine on the pick-up truck (by using the 'hand' icon on the pick-up truck) but it also won't start. Open the hood on the pick-up truck, then use the bear-style fishing device to hold it open. Look at the engine to discover that you need to find a spark plug to repair the engine. Can you think of where you might find one?


Insert the spark plug into the engine, then open the door of the pick-up truck to start the engine and get the winch operational. You automatically rescue Joshua and go to Professor Simon's home.


During the lengthy cut scene you learn about Trantor and the collection of animals from earth to be taken to an intergalactic zoo. After Tarantula arrives, you and Joshua escape on a snowmobile.