Look around carefully as there are certain items within your reach despite being shackled. Examine the shackles (on Brushian's foot) to see a close up view of them. Take the dagger (which is really a letter-opener) and paperweight from the table behind Brushian. Also note the nail stuck in the beam near Camille. Try removing the nail with the letter-opener, but you can't reach it.
After talking to Camille, throw the letter-opener to her so she can use it to remove the nail. Now that you have the nail, use it (together with the paperweight) to open and remove the shackles. Note that the dialog and sub-titles incorrectly refer to you using the letter-opener as a mallet.


Take the bottle o' grog from the same table as you got the dagger and paperweight. Look inside the cabinet against the wall to learn that it contains certificates and various other documents. Inside the glass flask next to the Japanese armour you find a seven-tailed dragon's tongue.
Go outside the cabin to the left. Watch carefully while listening to the pirates above, noting that they throw their sunflower seed remains on the floor below the left window. Search through the remains to get three sunflower seeds. Examine the window on the right to activate a hotspot for the window sill below it. Use the letter-opener to detach the board from the window sill noting that you now have a pair of nails. Take note of the empty bottle that the pirates are hanging from above.
Go back inside the cabin and attach the seven-tailed dragon's tongue to the bars on the door on the right. Use the paperweight (as a projectile) with this shooting device to knock out Russian Mongrel, the guard in the passageway. You can now exit through the door to the passageway.
There's more to do in the cabin, but this is dealt with later in the walkthrough.


Go to the passageway corner and talk to Husky Hound. Before he gives you your ration of grog, you have to pass three tests, then bring him a 'Certificate for Pirates of Low Moral Standing' form.


The first two questions Husky Hound asks are a genuine test of your 'pirate' knowledge. The third is a bit of fun, but you should get it by thinking about the title of the game.

(image changes to show all 3 answers)


The fourth question is a neat variation of the old 'Fox - Duck - Corn' riddle in which you must get all four pirates from Lentil Cove to the port in 8½ days:

Two pirates at a time make the trip to the port and one returns to Lentil Cove with the leg
The time taken to complete a trip is always that of the slowest pirate
Henry Wobblins takes ½ a day to complete the trip
Diego el Cojuelo takes 1 day to complete the trip
Jean-David L'Eclopé takes 2½ days to complete the trip
Joao de Passeromo takes 5 days to complete the trip
There are two possible solutions to the riddle, one of which is shown below.

(image changes to show full solution)



When you try opening the door next to the dead ornamental pirate, someone (or something) on the inside thrusts a sword through the door. Use the board from the window sill to grab the sword, after which you enter the treasure room. Your assailant is none other than a lemur named Demon Dog.
Inside the treasure hold, click anywhere on the treasure trove to get the golden idol. For a bit of fun examine all the portraits on the wall behind where you entered. The portraits depict 'pirate' versions of various characters from both this game and Runaway One. There are also a few very interesting items among the treasures including The Beatles 'A Hard Days Night' album cover.


Did you notice how dirty Demon Dog (the lemur) is? Examine the cask next to the dead ornamental pirate to learn it's full of water. Note Brushian's reaction to the clean water. Try soaking Demon Dog in the cask of water, paying attention to Brushian's thoughts about 'strange reactions when you mix water with certain products'.
There's a cabinet filled with useless junk next to the dungeon door behind Husky Hound. Rummage through the cabinet to get a bar of soap . Note that you only find the bar of soap if you tried soaking Demon Dog in the clean water in the cask.
Throw the bar of soap into the cask of water, then soak Demon Dog in the soapy water.


Go back inside the cabin and get the Certificate for Pirates of Low Moral Standing from the cabinet. Note that if you didn't open the cabinet previously you must do so now, then look inside it twice.

After having completed all three tests, give the following items to Husky Hound:

golden idol - certifiable proof of plundering and pillaging
Demon Dog - act of extreme cruelty
Certificate for Pirates of Low Moral Standing - he fills it in, spits and seals it
bottle o' grog (after giving him all the other items) - he fills it up for you


Pick up the paperweight from where it landed at the foot of the stairs in the passageway. Now for a bit of silliness! Go back into the treasure hold and again take some treasure. You take almost all of it and end up with a voucher for huge treasure in your inventory. There's only one item remaining in the treasure hold, so go down the stairs and take that thing there, which is actually a funnel.
Return to the cabin and talk to the parrot. The parrot wants something to eat before it helps you, so give it the three sunflower seeds. In return you get the first two parts of the 'directions' to finding the Beacon of Avernus, but you need more sunflower seeds to get the rest.
Go out onto the deck (through the door on the left) and restore the board from the window sill under the right window. You can now fill the hanging bottle with the bottle o' grog. Note that you must have the funnel to do this. When the pirates above get the grog, they again toss sunflower seed remains down onto the floor below the left window. Before searching through the remains you need to enter the cabin and then come out again. Search the remains to get five sunflower seeds.
Feed the five sunflower seeds to the parrot and it gives you the complete list of directions:

Can you think of where the directions can be used? Have you tried spinning the globe in the cabin? The places in the directions given by the parrot are all on the globe. Start by spinning the globe until it 'clicks' into place at the first direction. Note that the globe is initially set at this position, so it must be moved (in either direction) and then returned there so that it 'clicks' into place. Thereafter, follow the remainder of the directions.

(image changes to show full solution)


All that remains is for you to sit back and enjoy the ending.


(Snippet of the sequel are shown after the credits)