ROONSEHV: NETERRA Official Walkthrough



- Use the mouse to look around you

- In the distance, near the mountains, there are a structure

- Observe there a few seconds

- Go to this structure

- Left-click on the buttons to activate

- Left-click on the joystick in the center to zoom

- Right-click to exit the zoom

The fall

- Look behind you, near the old wooden structure with the flag: there are stone slabs that sink into the mountains

- Follow up pillars still standing.

- Move slowly towards the broken jetty

- Then jump!

The stone head

- Continue to move between the mountains ... Watch the pillars all around, they seem to be some 8 with strange symbols, and with

numbers ... We will return.

- Further, although watch the stone head, there are four eyes: each is a different color and has 4 positions (1 point, 2 points, 3 points and

4 points)

- Above and below each eye is a black mark (which indicates the position of the eye)

- Now look on the head, we can identify four groups of dots of each color! Simply. We must put in the same position: blue = 1, green = 2,

red = 3, yellow = 4

- Read the letter, she will give you advice as to remember the age of our ancestor.

The Oasis

- Keep going between the cliffs. A little further you will find a tree, water and grass

- Look directly at your left, looks like a passage to a metal door.

- Click on the metal handle ... the lock opens!

- Go down to the underground

The Generators’ Room

- Walk softly in the dark, once near the door, go to the right and continue forward

- Once down the metal ramp (near a new door) look to your right ... another staircase away, go for it!

- Go up the stairs, he increasingly black, but up on your right you will see an array of illuminated command.

- Approach and activate the joystick.

The light is returned to the control room

- Look left of the window, it is two control panels:

- Activate the first: the light back into the generator room

- Now activate the second device: the "wooden barrels" are being set starting position.

Now look to the right of the window, there is one last panel

- Just above, there is a drawing of a straight curve from 1 to 5 with the D'ni numbers 1-5 representing each of the barrels

We will have "tare" the barrels so that they tilt in the same curve

- Click once on the command to see what position are the barrels

- Then go down the generator room (the door is opened by clicking the white light near it)

- Click on wheel in front of each barrel to put them in the right position.

Please note the sequence for each wheel is: 0-1-2-3-4-5-0-1-2-etc.

- Return click on the handle of the console to see if the sequence is correct (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5)...

If this is the case, the white light of the console will turn on and the barrels will continue their cycle.

Electricity is back in the cave!


The age of Ri’Jame

- Come back to the surface, then look in the grass near the bench, you will find a tombstone:

- The age of our ancestor? Missing numbers:

Ri'Jame X537 - 180X

Below these dates are correspondence in D'ni.

- Go down to the cave now (left of the tree).

- Open the iron gate and go to the panel at the right

- Press the first top left button to activate the first part of the desk: the numbers in D'ni.

- Everything is symmetrically on the panel (lamps, buttons, etc.) so you can easily make reference between the D'ni numbers and Arabic

numbers just right!

Now it is the age of the ancestor?

If he died in the 1800s, it is probably born in 1500. He is born in 1537 and died between 1800 and 1809 ... So it must have been between

263 and 272 years. Its age is 269 years. So press the D'ni corresponding to the symmetry numbers:

- Then click the middle of the joystick. This will have the effect of activating the second panel (Arabic numerals)

Re-enter the age of 269 years and validated by clicking on the top right button:

A passage in the river will open!

The dark corridors

- Turn on so the hall light, see that it activates a green light on the right panel above.

- Walk down the corridor.

- At the intersection, go left

- Then at the next intersection, go right

- At the next intersection, go straight; see a door with a flower on the left: Click the flower to open the door.

The room of Amélia

- Upon entering, look behind you, hide behind the door: a painting ... take it.

- Then click the large picture that blocks the passage, it will fall.

- Look immediately to right: there is a wooden frame that can hold 4 paintings.

- Click on one of the locations to place the painting you wear.

- You'll have to solve this puzzle: In this room, 4 paintings form a large drawing at this location.

The paintings are hidden here:

o Painting 1 : Behind the door

o Painting 2 : To the right of the window on the small stage

o Painting 3 : Behind the easel (on the wall)

o Painting 4 : In the small room to clean tools

- Once the 4 paintings in place, a secret hatch will open on the left, it contains the diary of Amelia. Read this

- Remember three things:

o The green / red lights code system is not played and protects access to the "Lector" of Ri'Jane

o To help his little brother, Amelia to use his magical paint to identify green lights that need to be powered on.

o Ri'Jame say have established indications in the rooms of the sisters. And they see very well!


The codes of 3 stone discs

- Come back close to 4 paintings in the wooden frame, and watch them better: They form a large drawing in its center is 8 gray dots,

drawing a line between the center of the paintings and the gray dots; you will receive a symbol D'ni, representing a number. This forms a

circle of 8 digits

- Come back in the corridor, turn right at the next intersection, go right, and click on a green firefly, to have light: turn around and go

straight, you will see 3 discs containing stones numbers 1 through 8 surrounds 8 lights off.

- You have 8 lights, and the number of each light. You miss the three Arabic numerals for each light! Where have we seen showing a figure

8 items D'ni and 2/3 Arabic numerals? The pillars! Outside!

- Retrace your steps, and note the D'ni numbers and Arabic numbers for each pillar:

- Some numbers are deleted, it will be necessary to try several combinations

- Come back near the stone disc (do not miss a green firefly with you)

- Take the first figure above: on 4 paintings match the number D'ni 1. On the pillar of D'ni number 1, there were 5/5/1. Enter the numbers

on the discs, respecting the symmetry of the pillars in the wilderness, grand disk = 5, medium = 5, small disk = 1, aligned front of the

lamp from the top. Press the middle button to light the lamp from the top.

- Do the same with all codes:

- After the lights are off. Follow the corridor to the right: the iron door is lit and the joystick to open it works!

The office of Ri’Jame

- Turn the handle of the iron door and enter the office Ri'Jame.

- On your right is a cabinet with 3 drawers, open the middle drawer and pick up the treble clef.

- Near the bed (behind the fountain) is a yellow light button, turn on to display the constellations. But it lacks the star map:

- Look just to the right of the constellations on the wall you will find a button: click it to go down the star map.

- Get out of the office and turn left. Go straight at the next 2 intersections.

- Open the door to the music’s room.


The music’s room

- Head to the organ under the light dome.

- Look on the left side of the organ, there is a lock, click it, the treble clef will develop: thus activating the color keys.

- Observe right of the keyboard of the organ, it is 5 small levers that you can mount (right-click) or down (left-click). These tapestries levers

positioned directly behind the top of a green sofas.

- Position the tapestries to obtain the musical score:

- Click on the keyboard of the organ in the same order, paying attention to the space (white) between identical colors: red - red - yellow -

purple - orange - blue - orange - orange – green

- This will activate a secret passage.

- Climb the stairs to the secret passage, get up, and go to the right into the cave.

- At the end is a lift, click the button to access the refuge.

Green & Red Lights

- Of all the musical notes, note the presence of a constellation (no stars):

- Where have we seen another constellation? Go back down and return to the office of Ri'Jame: watch the map of constellations, we find

the same constellation top left. Except here the stars are visible.

- Turn around and look at the panel green light / red, above the fountain button. We recognize the symbol in the middle bottom of the 8

lights. It is also at the bottom center of the constellation.

- We have the same light green lights the stars in the constellation present!

- A green light is normally already lit: the top center, it is the first light that we lit before going down in the corridors... She should be off,

go back there and turn off there, this is the way to go back:

o Leave the office of Ri'Jame, go left

o Next intersection: straight

o Next intersection: Left

o Next intersection: to the right

o The button is at the top of the stairs on the left.

- Press, the green light goes off on the panel above.

- Go back down and go right this time.

- Next intersection (near the scree), turn left.

- Next intersection on your right, there are stones that obstruct the passage impossible to go there. Go left at the far end of the impasse,

press the red button, it illuminates one of the indispensable light to open the code constellations.


The last room of Léa

- Come back to the intersection of scree and go left.

- Farther on your right is a large wooden door with a circle in the center. Press the circle to open the door

- Click on the first candelabra on your left as you enter the room to open the passage

- Go to the bath, near the wooden panel with green and red lights

- Look on the left side of the panel, there is a handle, click it.

- This will open a new panel containing 16 lights. We'll have to make the right code: Amelia wrote in his diary that to help her little brother

she had put the living painting on the correct codes! Look more closely at the 16 button, without moving ... some of these buttons seem

to move! Solve puzzle by illuminating only the "live" button and close the panel: green light should come on!

- Whew! One more.

The fountain

- We'll have to turn the other green light panels, leave the room and go right

- Go down the stone steps to the big cave

- Advance to the center and see a kind of handle shaped "S", click it. It blocked.

- Continue your way up to the other for access to the cave

- Go up the stairs, you're back at the door of the room of Amelia

- Enter the room, pass the entrance, and once near the garden, go on your right.

- You will find to the right of 4 paintings on the wall, a small room to clean the painting tools, look to the right on the wall, there is a new

green light panel.

- Open and solve the new puzzle, watch the "live" buttons are different.

- Close the panel, the green light should light

- Now leave the room and go right

- Next intersection, go right at the far end of the corridor, a new light to light

- Retrace your steps, and then at the intersection turn right, then straight to go in the music’s room

- At the entrance on your left is a last light panel that will turn! Solve the new puzzle, as already seen before.

- Close the panel, you have now turned all the lights on as the constellation!

- Come back office of Ri'Jame: exit the chamber music, next intersection: straight and then again straight, then on your right.

- Approach the fountain, and click on the button under the light panel, the fountain opens releasing a new access tunnel!

Access to Lector

- Get down.

- Continue your way and get the grand staircase

- Below, you can access the large cave (so far available only from above)

- Advance in water, further, you will find you are blocked, there is a bridge under water, but it is not turned the right way! we must go

back in the office of Ri'Jame

- Once at the top, look near the library, to his right is a button, click it! it will release the brake to turn the crank shaped "S" located in the

large cave (top)

- Leave the office of Ri’Jame and go right

- Scroll down to the big cave, marble gateways center, you see that the shaped crank "S" is released. Click it to turn and look down into the

water: in the form gateway "S" also turns!

- Place the gateway so as to allow a passageway in the water.

- Then go back in office of Ri'Jame and descend by the fountain

- Come down, into the water, across the lake to the new marble bridge

- Climb up to approach the Lector (a dome with a control panel on the left)

- Observe the control panel, it shows that we must place 5 colored balls on 5 locations.


The puzzle of Lector

- Remember: Ri'Jane wrote in the diary of Amelia (end) he had added a few things to help her sisters to start up the Lector. Things in their

room they could easily recognize? These lights of all colors ... they were not present before, and were added by Ri'Jane

- Just go back in every room and count!

- Step back so by the fountain, and exit the office of Ri'Jame, go left

- Next intersection: go straight, then turn left

- Next intersection: go straight, then go right

- You will discover a new door and a new room: Supply room.

- You can start counting the lights from here, and return to all the other rooms to know the exact number of lamp, here is the solution:

o Supply room : 1 green, 1 violet, 1 blue and 1 red

o Dark chamber : 2 violets, 1 blue and 1 red

o Room of Amélia : 1 violet, 2 blues, 1 yellow and 1 red

o Music’s room : 1 yellow and 1 violet

- Now go back to the Lector.

- Then place the crystal balls in order of the number of lamps:

o GREEN (1 lamp)

o YELLOW (2 lamps)

o RED (3 lamps)

o BLUE (4 lamps)

o VIOLET (5 lamps)

- Turn the lever to the left will open the Lector

- Go inside and close the Lector (lever to the left on entering)

- When enabled Lector, click the dome at its center, here you teleport on RoonSehv...


- Open the Lector by clicking on the handle to the right of the door.

- Come out and watch on the desk on the right, there is another memory Ri'Jame

- Made around the Lector and go to the office... just behind the door allows to go outside ...

The End

- Let go credits of RoonSehv

- You are again awake, and NeTerra! In the refuge of Léa. But strange thing: it looks slightly different? The photo in the frame, light, etc.

- Click the right button in the window and observe the sky ...

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