Realms Of The Haunting

by Gremlin Graphics

Solution by Phil Darke

In Realms Of The Haunting you play the part of Adam Randall. Your father has died and you go to the village of Helston in Cornwall to investigate.

 Before starting the solution proper a few general points about the game. This game is enormous. At the time of writing I have been playing for about a month and am nearly half way through the game. The game is extremely atmospheric and keeps you coming back for more, even though it is very hard in places. I have only one gripe and that is the control system. Movement is via the keyboard arrow keys and weapons are fired with the Control key. Object manipulation and cursor control is via the mouse. This is great if you are lucky enough to be ambidextrous, but for lesser mortals like me it can be a bit of a pain. The centre of the cursor changes colour, green indicates that the object can be picked up or used, blue that it can be examined and red means it is a target. So if you are trying to pick up an object and trying to avoid monsters at the same time you need to use both mouse and keyboard together. Throughout the game you will pick up various maps. Unfortunately you can only access these via the inventory and then you can not see all of the map at once, but have to scroll to the part you are interested in, also there is nothing to show whereabouts on the map you are, some sort of automap would have been much more useful. Despite this it is a terrific game and will hold your attention for a long time.

 Now a few words about combat. Shortly after the start of the game you pick up an automatic and several magazines for it. You will also find more magazines scattered throughout the game. Some times these are not easy to see and you need to search every location thoroughly, making full use of the tilt up/down and look up/down keys. Shortly after the start of chapter 2 you will acquire a shotgun, which is much more effective. There are many monsters in the game and some are quite hard to kill. It is not necessary to kill every monster you meet and is often easier and less wasteful of ammunition and energy to avoid them. You can outrun most of the monsters you meet, so unless they are preventing you from accomplishing something important run past or away from them. Also it is usually easier to kill monsters by shooting at them from a confined space such as a passage or open doorway. In a passage go as far forward as it is safe to go and fire a couple of rounds as they approach and then move back and fire a couple more. Remember also that the shotgun has a shorter range than the pistol, although it does more damage. Also use the Z key to crouch as you then present a smaller target. When you enter some rooms the monsters do not appear until you have progressed some way into the room. If you are about to enter a new area it is a good idea to save before you enter. Open the door, then turn around and walk in backwards. As soon as you hear the monsters, you can then run back out and attack from the comparative safety of the open door. Enough waffle from me on with the game.


 You start by the front door, the doors here have symbols painted on them and you can not open them yet. Take the book and ammunition from the small table and walk down the passage. You enter a room with several doors. As you enter the typewriter starts to type. There is another magazine here. Take the page from the typewriter and the pistol and scrap book. Exit via the door to the left and go up the stairs to the first landing. Light the candles and turn right. Walk to the end of the passage and examine the painting. Light the two candles but stand to one side as you do so. A secret compartment behind the painting opens, revealing a key. Take the key and turn around. Walk back down the passage and use the key to open a door on you right. Enter the study and you will see a video clip of your father's ghost. Switch on the lights and search the study. Pick up the following items, Gold coiled serpent statues, three masks, sword, three letters and colt ammunition from the desk, a note from the floor and a shield. Click on the gramophone and listen to the strange noises. Click on the grandfather clock and note the time at which it chimes. Click on the bookcase to open it and walk in. Here you encounter the first monster. Dispose of it and continue down the steps to a room with a bridge over a river. As you enter another monster appears, when you have killed it take a look around, noting the square recess in the wall. Continue onward until you come to a room with a pool. A monster emerges from the pool. To your right you can see some more ammunition. As you approach another monster appears Continue on until you come to a room with a pentacle on the floor. Ahead of you are some wooden crates, which contain ammunition for the colt and for the shotgun. Before you pick up the ammunition turn around so you are looking directly at the pentacle, as soon as you pick up the ammunition a monster appears in the centre of the pentacle. Shoot it. Turn 90 degrees to your left. In front of you is an alcove with a shelf. Take the orb and the ammunition from the floor. Turn right and walk forward to the door with the aperture in the middle Use the orb to open the door and enter. A monster appears, shoot it and search the room. Take the map from the table and the sketch and healing potion from the small bureau. Leave and turn left, go down the passage to your left. A monster appears in front of you and at the same time another appears behind you. Run forward shooting as you go. When you get across the bridge turn around and shoot the other. Continue on down the passage until you come to a circular room. This is where the technique of walking in backwards comes in useful. As you back into the room a monster appears in front of you and another four behind you. Shoot the one in front of you and run back up the passage. Turn around and shoot the other monsters as they come up the passage towards you. Once you have disposed of them all search the circular room to find a shotgun, ammunition and two healing potions. Go back to the room with the pentagram and leave via the exit to the left of the wooden door. At the top of the steps you meet a further two monsters, while a third awaits in the chamber at the end of the passage. Go down the passage and turn left. In the next room is a raised dais with a red pentagram and a sarcophogus. The concealed entrance behind this is your way back here later in the game. On the opposite wall is a door which can be opened by the lever. Go in and follow the passage. Facing you is a door, with a passage around it. This passage is patrolled by two monsters. If you time it right you can enter the door without meeting either of them, but you will probably meet them when you leave. Enter the door and search the crates for some ammunition for the pistol and the shotgun. Look through the bars and you will see another door. There is a lever here which opens this door, but you have a limited time to reach it. It is easier to leave this room and walk around the passage and reach the lever from the other side of the bars. Another monster lurks inside this room. Search the boxes for more ammunition. There is a key on the wall, as soon as you take this another monster appears. Spin around and dispose of it and then leave the way you came back to the room with the sarcophogus. In the corner of this room is another door opened by a lever. Enter and follow the passage at the end is a room wih several monsters, save your game here. Run into the room. Don't even bother to try shooting the monsters here because they regenerate faster than you can kill them. There are four hand symbols on the wall, two on the wall facing you, one on the room with the transporter and the fourth, which does not appear until you have pressed the other three, is in a small side room. When you have pressed all four the monsters will die. Return to the transporter and read the words on the wall. Return to the room with the red pentacle and exit via the door behind the sarcopghogus. Open the portcullis in front of you and despatch the monster which appears. Go forward, ignore the steps going down on your right for now and enter the door on your left which has writing on it. There is another monster in here and some ammunition for the shotgun. Exit and continue along the passage. Enter the door on your right and go through the small room into a room full of boxes. Get the shotgun and colt ammunition and leave the way you came. Continue along the passage and up the stairs to your right. Go through the shimmering doorway into the throne room. Sit on the throne and go back down the stairs. Exit via the steps which you ignored earlier into a room with two large statues. Don't touch them for the moment and don't try to open the door to the left of the farthest statue as it explodes. Go to the door on the right. Operate the lever and go through. After you have watched the movie clip carry on down the passage and turn left at the bottom of the steps. Go to the end and turn right. In front of you is a wooden bridge. Save your game. As you cross the wooden bridge two monsters appear in front of you and another behind you. These are very hard to kill, but if you turn around quickly and run into the corner behind the pillars they can't get at you and you can shoot at them as they run around. Cross the bridge into the room and find two healing potions. Return to the bottom of the steps and walk ahead towards the water. Turn right and go up the steps. Take the shrive and the staff. The staff is some kind of weapon but I did not find it very effective. Return to the room with the two statues. Walk up to the one on your right and click on the statue. Turn around so that the statue is behind you and speak the words of power. Two monsters appear in front of you. Run past them to the steps at the far end of the room. Turn around and you can kill them as they approach. Return to the statue and go through the opening behind it. You now meet Florentine. It doesn't matter what you say to him as the outcome is always the same. When the clip is over you will be attacked by three skeleton monsters. When you have killed them open the wooden door and enter. Open the next doors with the shrive and enter the mausoleum. There is an altar her but do not approach it until you have thoroughly searched the rest, to find some ammunition and a serpent statue. Approach the statue and meet Aelf. When the clip is finished take the three healing potions from the altar and get out as quick as you can as you will be attacked by more of the skeleton monsters. Return the way you came and follow the route back to the study. Use the shrive in the square recess that you saw earlier. This opens up a secret door leading to the study. When you arrive back in the study you will meet Rebecca, who will be your companion for the rest of the game.


 As you exit the study door a monster appears to your left, kill it and go down the stairs. Turn left at the bottom, as you walk along the passage a monster appears in front of you and another behind. Take the first door on the left and look at the green hemisphere. Leave and turn left. Enter the door at the end of the passage, this is the dormitory. There is nothing much to do here except for a chest which you can move but I don't know what it does. Leave by the door opposite and turn left. Turn the sword mounted on the wall to open the door. Go up the stairs to the first landing and enter the door on your right. This is the armoury. After the end of the video clip you have about thirty seconds before several skeleton monsters appear. Grab the ammunition from the corner and the map from the top of the bookcase. Leave and turn right. Enter the door at the top of the stairs. You receive a message but there is nothing more you can do here for now. Go back down the stairs, through the door and turn right at the end of the passage. Follow the passage and go through the door on your right. Open the first door on the left. Shoot the monster from the open doorway, then enter. Look at the map and the empty picture frames. Pick up the helmet and use it. After you have watched the video clip exit via the double doors. Pick up the card near the front door. Turn right and go to the room where the typewriter is. Enter the first door on the right and pick up the map of the caverns from the table. Exit through the other door to a room with two maps and a fire. Take the crystal from the fire and leave the way you came. There are two monsters in the first room. Go back to the typewriter room and leave via the door opposite. Turn right and enter the first door on the left, this is the locker room. In the corner near the door is a stone of a different colour to the rest of the floor. Click on it and a secret door opens. Inside is a map of the house. Go back to the room with the green sphere. Use the crystal and watch a video clip. You will meet Gnarl who asks you to take a test. Go to the opening with a view of the pyramids and take the masks from the wall. Click on the Green sphere


Go back to the room at the top of the stairs by the armoury. Stand on the stone and use the masks. You will now be transported to the tower, where you meet Raphael. When you have watched the video walk up the path to four pillars. Turn right and walk down the steps to the way stone. Touch the symbol to receive health points. Enter either of the shimmering doors and then walk to the plinth. Stand on it . You are transported to a court yard with a garden. Take a good look around and take the key from the circular pool. Open the locked door and enter. Take the map. As you do so you get a message and four monsters appear outside. Open the door and shoot them from the top of the steps. There is one other door here that you can open but there is only a monster inside, who poses no threat if you leave him alone. Go and stand on the plinth again and return to where you entered the tower.


You are transported back to the room up the stairs from the armoury. Step off the plinth and a hand appears on the wall. Click on the hand. You can now open the other door in this room. Go through the door, along the passage and down the steps. Note the symbol on the floor and on the wall opposite. At the bottom of the steps is a door on your left. Enter and walk forward as you do so two monsters appear in front of you. Run back out of the door and shoot them from the open doorway. Go back into the room and stand on the sunken stone. Place one of the gold serpent statues on the plate on the floor. The stone rises allowing you to take the gold key. Don't forget to pick up the statue before you leave. Leave the room and walk straight ahead and then turn left into a room full of boxes. As you walk into the room several axe wielding demons appear. Run back the way you came and stand on the steps. When the demons stand on the symbol on the floor shoot at the symbol on the wall. A stone rises from the floor an squashes them. When you have disposed of all the demons return to the room with the boxes. Open the first door and move the lever, this moves the boxes, allowing you to open the other door. Go through and follow the passage and enter the door opposite. Pick up the ammunition and health potion. As you leave the room a monster appears before you. Go down the steps and follow the passage until you enter a large cave. Walk to the far right corner of the room. Watch the video and exit via the passage near here. Carry on down until you reach some steps leading down. Save your game here. The next part of the game is extremely hard and took me a long time to complete. In your inventory you should have a map of the caves. Unfortunately I did not find this much help and was unable to follow it. This is a large area and it is easy to get lost in it. The only essential task here is to collect a red crystal and to give it to the Red Demon here. There are large numbers of green flying creatures here who will attack you. If you try to kill them you find that for every one you kill several more appear. The best strategy is to keep moving and dodge them as far as possible. At the bottom of the steps as you leave turn about 45 degrees left and run along the walkway, across a wooden bridge. Turn 90 degrees left across another bridge, then forward and sharp right. Run between the two torches and keep going until you come to a turning on your right. Ignore this for now , but remember where it is. Continue until you reach a T junction with a drop in front of you. Turn right and then left between the torches. The cave containing the red crystal is now before you. Grab it and get out as quick as you can. Return the way you came and go left down the passage you ignored before. About half way along this passage is a turning to the right. If you go in here you will find a teleporter which takes you to a small chapel. Here there is a health potion on the altar and several boxes of shotgun ammunition. There are also quite a lot of flying monsters. The amount of hassle to get in here and get these items I thought was quite frankly not worth the effort. So unless you are desperately short of ammunition. I suggest you don't bother. So ignore this turning and continue along the passage, across a wooden bridge, sharp left and cross another bridge. Turn right and follow the walkway around to the left. There is an alcove in the wall here containing some shotgun ammunition. Grab this and carry on. Turn right at the end of the walkway and then right until the walkway forks. Take the left fork and enter the cave on the right. Here you encounter the demon . Tell him your name and then give him the red stone. As soon as you can go ahead and through the stone door.


Go up the flight of steps in front of you but stop on the third step from the top. Turn left and crouch. The monster at the top cannot hit you from you here, but if you stand up as he approaches take a quick couple of shots and crouch down again, you can eventually kill him. Though it takes quite a long time and a lot of ammunition. Once you have disposed of him you can enter the chamber. Cross the moving stones to the far door. Enter and walk straight ahead. A bear like creature appears before you run back down the passage, turn and shoot as he approaches. Return to the room. In front of you is a breastplate, before you touch it explore the rest of this room to find some ammunition. Pick up the breast plate. You now meet Aelf again. As soon as this video is finished you can find two health potions in the place where the breastplate was. Another bear creature and two monsters appear. Either kill them or run up the stairs and through the wooden door. Look at the writing on the wall, read it if you want to but I don't think it helps solve the game. The area you are in now consists of several rooms connected by a corridor. Make sure that you search all the rooms thoroughly. There is a skeleton monster patrolling the corridor, but with careful timing you don't need to bother with it, as it is quite easy to avoid. Exit via the door to the left of the one you entered by, switch on the light and go into the room opposite. This is Florentine's living room. Switch on the light and take the health potion from the top of the bookcase, the map of the Raquia maze, sketch of a sword and a magnifying glass. Exit via the other door, to the bedroom. Switch the light on and pick up the staff from under the bed. (note Florentine's staff can be used as a weapon but DON'T attempt to use it. It has a very special purpose later in the game and if you have used up all the shots from it you will not be able to complete the game).Pick up the healing potions from the chest and note the locked cupboard. The door opposite the one you entered by contains a stone with dead rats. There is nothing to do here, so exit by the third door. Open the door opposite there is a bear type monster here and some crates containing more health potions. Go back out to the corridor, there are some wooden boxes here containing some ammunition for the colt. Go up the steps to the room with the flashing light. There are some bear type monsters here, but they are slow and easy to avoid. Open the door opposite. Turn left and run to the end of the passage. A skeleton monster will pursue you turn and shoot him. Go back and past the door you entered by. On your left is a short flight of steps leading up to the observatory. There is, also a light switch here. Explore the observatory and pick up the quill pen and ink and the journal. Examine the journal to find a small key. Go back to the bedroom and use the key to open the locked cupboard. Take the Serpent statue and go back to the room where you found the breast plate. Open the wooden door and use Florentine's staff on the green symbol on the wall. a teleport pad rises. Step onto it to be transported back to the Study. 


You now have all the Serpent statues. Place them on the pads surrounding the Sarcophagus. The Sarcophagus opens. Enter and follow the passage until you come to two pools either side of the passage. These rooms are guarded by a two headed green monster. Kill them and enter pick up the silver chalices and fill them from the fountains by clicking on them. Exit and continue along the passage to a hallway. There is a mosaic on the floor. Stand on it to see a video clip. To your right and left are two doors which can be opened by throwing the water from the chalices at them. If you enter the one on the right you will find a sword, but will be killed when you leave. Ahead is a lock. Enter the room on the left. Pick up Aelf's dagger and watch a video clip. When you leave you will be confronted by Belial. Choose whichever response you like, the outcome is always the same. Now run and get out as fast as you can back to the study.


Leave the study and head towards the front door. As you approach a zombie appears in front of you. Use the dagger to dispose of him. Now open the door and enter follow the passage to another door. In this room is a Pentacle on the floor surrounded by candles. Light the candles and watch the video clip. A large winged monster appears. He is very hard to kill, but fortunately quite slow moving. So run back out through one of the doors and shoot at him through the open doorway. If you are low on ammunition you can use Aelf's dagger, which re-charges itself. When the monster is destroyed he leaves behind a statuette. Exit via the door to the left of the one you entered by. Turn left and go up the stairs, here you will find a cupboard with some shotgun ammunition and a healing potion. Go back down the stairs and turn left go straight ahead through two doors. Turn left and go down the steps. There is a cupboard here containing shotgun ammunition and a die. Go back up the stairs and through the door on your left and the door opposite. Open the door on your left and enter a room with a huge table. There are three health potions on the table. jump on the table, as you take the third potion two monsters appear. Run back out of the door and shoot them from the open doorway. Go back in and pick up the ammunition from the corner by the window. Leave via the other door and turn right. Go through the door on your left and the one opposite. Turn right and go through the opening on your right. Go up the steps, through two doors and into the court yard. Pick up the healing potion to the right of the gate and then go and open the door to the left. Shoot the monster from the open doorway, then enter and pick up the gun. As you pick it up two zombies attack you. Run out of the door. In the courtyard several more zombies are waiting. Go down the steps to the corner to the left of the door. Get right into the corner behind the bushes, from here the zombies are unable to get at you but you can still shoot at them. When you have destroyed them enter the door to the left of the one you just left. Go through the door opposite and through the next door into a passage. Switch on the lights and go to the other end of the passage. There is a slot beside the door, this requires the statuette. Open the door and enter.


This is Florentine's library. As soon as you are able, turn around and leave. Two monsters appear before you. Run past them and out of the door at the other end. Now turn around and shoot at the monsters from the open doorway. Return to the library. Open the door and shoot at the monster inside from the open doorway. Enter and switch on the light. Pick up three parchments, the complete map of the tower, a quill pen and ink and a health potion. Leave the library, not forgetting to collect the statuette on the way. Go to the other end of the passage and exit via the door on the right into a small court yard. Listen to the voices and approach the stone. Leave the court yard and go through the door on the right. Turn right and go down the steps. Ahead is another door which requires the statuette to open it. Enter and take the door on the left into the cellar. There is a maze here. Search the maze until you reach a room with a pool and pillars. Go through and open the door ahead of you. Go up the steps and watch a video clip.


Take a crystal from the stone then go up the steps to the altar. At the back is a lever which opens a door. Go through the door and step onto the stone. Use the mask and you will teleport to the tower. Within a few seconds of arrival at the tower you will be attacked by a flying monster. It is not hard to kill but you do need to aim very accurately and quickly. Now look at the complete map of the tower. You are currently at the top middle of the map, where there are three stones. Use the map to make your way to the stone with the Raquia symbol on it at the top left of the map. As you leave the last of the shimmering portals you will be attacked by another of the flying monsters. Movement here is difficult because the path is very steep and quite narrow. What I did was to run back up the path and back into the portal and shoot at it through the doorway. Continue until you reach Raquia. Follow the stone path until it runs out. To your right are some grass steps. Cross them until you rejoin the path. Turn left and walk up to the next corner. To your right you can see some pillars. This area is guarded by a winged green monster. The easiest way to deal with it is to use hit and run tactics, quickly go around the corner and take a quick shot then run back, it takes a little time but it is safe. After you have dealt with him follow the path on around past the next corner. Then turn left through the gap in the hedges. Rejoin the path and follow it until you see some steps leading to the tower. Head toward the tower. As you approach the archway you will see a video clip. You have to collect the following items from the maze before going to the tower, a ring, ear plugs, jewelled meat and pan pipes You have a map of the Raquia maze in your inventory. The arch way through which you enter is at the bottom of the map in the middle. First go and get the ear plugs, which are bottom left of the map. The jewelled meat is here on top of a pillar. There is a switch at the base of the bench which lowers the pillar. From here head to the right of the map to find the pan pipes. Jump across the pillars which are rising up and down to get the pipes. Next head for the top left of the maze to get the ring. More jumping onto the floating pads. Now head for the tower. Give the jewelled meat to the monster as quick as you can. Go through the right hand portcullis, turn left, then right and go down the passage until you come to some steps on your right. Go up and follow the passage, past some windows on your right until you reach the bell chamber. The object here is to reach the opposite door without making the bell ring. Go down the steps to your left and cross to the steps. Jump onto the steps and go up walk to the end then jump onto the stone in front of you . Turn right and jump onto the moving stone and from there onto the moving steps. Walk to the end and turn left. Jump onto the moving stone and turn left. Now jump onto the steps which run up the side of the wall. Walk to the end and turn left jump onto the moving stone and from there to the exit. This room has seven doors and a pillar in the middle. Number the doors 1 to 7 from left to right. Room 1. use the pan pipes and enter. Take the flask of oil and spectacles. Room 3 use the ear plugs and enter. Click on the siren to get a key. Room 5. Use the oil and wear the spectacles. Jump over the first beam then walk around the other two. Take the scroll and examine it. Door 2. Click on the door and say the word SPIRIT. Take the warm flask. Room 4. Use the warm flask on the floor then go and get the armlet. Room 6 open the door with the silver key. Take six crystals from the window. Place these on the points of the pentacle in the correct order. Take the rainbow key. Room 7. Wear the armlet and enter go through the door opposite and open the cupboard. Take the coloured gem and the health potion. Go to the pillar and place the coloured gem in the recess. Step onto the pillar and walk forward to the door ahead. The room, is full of spheres which explode when touched. Use the crouch and tilt keys to manoeuvre your way to the left hand corner. Pick up the gem and combine it with the ring. Walk through the double doors. Step onto the plinth and use the ring. Take the key of tears. You now have to make your way back the way you came to the study. The path back through the maze is slightly different to the way you came. Watch out for the hedge cutting machines. When you get out of the maze you will find several zombies and a green winged monster waiting for you. I found that the easiest way was to make a run for it. Go back through the tower and step onto the stone. When you arrive back at the temple. There is a zombie and another monster. You will need to destroy both of them if you are to make it through the cellar maze. You can shoot at the zombie from behind the altar, using the crouch key to duck down and avoid his fireballs, it is not easy but it can be done. The other monster is a bit harder, you can try shooting at him from the top of the altar steps, but I did not find this very successful and eventually ran past him into the pool room. You still need to kill him however. When you run down into the pool room he will follow you, but won't follow you up the steps on the other side. So you can shoot him from the top of the steps. In the cellar maze there are three of the whirling dervish, skeleton type monsters. These are very hard and if they get too close will kill you in seconds. Walk through the cellar maze until you see one of these monsters ahead of you. Turn and run back through the pool room and through the doors into the altar room. The monster will follow but won't come through the door. You can now shoot him from the steps through the open door. Repeat this procedure until you have destroyed all three. There may actually be a fourth as I heard one when I was going out of the maze but did not actually encounter it. From here make your way carefully back to the study You will meet a couple of the ordinary monsters on the way but these are comparatively easy to deal with. By running through the nearest door and shooting them through the open doorway.


Enter the sarcophagus and go to the clock chamber. There are three of the green winged monsters and several zombies here. You can kill them by shooting at them from the top of the steps down into the chamber. They are quite hard to kill and it will take some time. You may find it easier to take a chance and run through the chamber. Return to the room where you met Belial. Approach the lock and use the key of tears. Watch a video clip and talk to Hawk who will give you loads of information.


Cross the bridge and stand on the mantel stone to be transported to St. Michael's church. There are several zombies here, but don't try to shoot them as there are too many. As soon as you arrive run to the rectory and enter the front door. Switch on the light and open the cupboard to the right of the front door and take the torch. This enables you  to see the green ward symbols, make sure you keep it in your hand all the time you are in the rectory. Now click on the welcome mat and pick up the ward disruption wand. Use this to destroy the wards on doors in here. Go through the door to the left of the front door. Destroy the two green wards in here and go through into the kitchen. Open the fridge and take the key. Destroy the ward on the door to the left of the fridge and go through. Destroy the wards on the doors to the left and right. Go through the right hand door into the TV room. You can switch the TV on with the remote control on the desk, but there is nothing else to do in here. Go back out and through the left hand door, this leads to the cellar. Open the next door and enter. Switch on the light and go down the steps into the cellar. There are three monsters in here. When they appear run back up the steps and shoot at them through the open doorway at the top. This will get rid of one of them but the other two are a little more difficult. Half way down the cellar steps, to the left and right are two more flights of steps leading down. You can shoot at them from the landing at the top of these steps, but be careful that while concentrating on one the other can attack from behind you. Once you have disposed of all three explore the rest of the cellar. There is a green two headed monster in a cage, but he is no threat. Light the candle you find and look for a green ward. Destroy it and go down the passage to the laboratory Switch on the lights and take the health potion form the bench and the key from the corner. Return to the cellar and use the key you got from the lab to open a pair of ornate doors. There is a tree here through a shimmering portal but there is nothing to do here apart from look at it. Go back up the cellar and into the hallway. Go up the stairs. Ignore the first room on your left for now. Open the second door on the left and enter destroy the green ward on the left and go into the bathroom. Switch on the light and destroy the ward on the door opposite. Open the door, but don't go more than a couple of steps into the room. Turn around to face the door and switch on the light. Open the door and side step to the right. As soon as you hear the monsters behind you side step back left and run through the door. You can now turn around and shoot the monsters through the doorway. Get the key from the bedside locker and go back out. Now return to the door which you ignored before. Enter and open the wardrobe. Destroy the green ward and go through the wardrobe. There are two cupboards here, one with a green ward gives you a view into another room. The other contains a key. There is one more room to explore up here, another bathroom, but I did not find anything in here. Go back down to the hallway and open the door to the right of the front door. Open the door and enter and switch on the light. Run forward and turn right and exit via the other door. The monsters will have appeared behind you and you can now shoot them from the doorway. Examine the bookcase to find three books. Examine the brown book in your inventor to get the key for the church tower. Time now to leave the rectory and head for the church. But first there are still some zombies outside to deal with. Stand in front of the front door and position yourself so that if you run backwards you will go up the stairs. Open the front door and walk forwards. When the first of the zombies appears run backwards up the stairs. The zombie should follow you into the house but will not follow you up the stairs. The front door will close behind him and you can shoot at him from the landing. Repeat this until you have destroyed as many as possible. There are still more outside but with luck you can avoid them. Go out of the front door and turn left along the side of the building. Jump over the fence and run towards the church porch. Turn around and go in backwards. As soon as you hear the monster behind you. Run back to the rectory and into the front door. The monster will follow but will not enter the door. From here you can shoot him. When he is killed he leaves behind a coin. Pick it up. Now return to the porch and put the coin in the collection box. Open the door and enter. Turn left and go into the tower. Go up the first flight of steps and pick up a tiara from the table. Carry on up and get a key. Return to the church and go to the pulpit. Pick up and read the note book. Now go to the stained glass window behind the altar. As you approach you will see a video clip and receive two feathers. Now go to the door in the screen, Save your game here as the game sometimes does not do what it should. Enter and look at the picture. Put the tiara on the head of the statuette and a feather in the indentation in the table. What should now happen is that the picture should open, but the first time I tried it two monsters appeared. If this happens just reload your saved game and try again. Walk into the opening in the picture and Aelf appears. After the video clip take the two health potions and go back to the church.


Leave the church and run to the mantel stone and wear the mask to be transported to the tower. Look at the complete map of the tower. Head for Arqua which is at the bottom left of the map. Take care when you enter the second portal as a flying monster attacks as you approach the exit. I found the easiest way to deal with it was to run back through the portal as soon as it appeared and then turn around when I got to the other side and shoot it as it emerged from the portal. Carry on down the path until you come to a mantel stone. Check your health before stepping onto it and use a health potion if you need it, since you will lose all your inventory when you enter Raquia. When you arrive you will find a parchment in your inventory. Read it. Head down either path and enter the first gate you come to. Go into the house and look around until you find a teleport pad with red in it. Step onto it and you will be transported to the next floor. Walk to the fountain in the middle. There are two gold coloured pads on the floor, one has an eye symbol and the other a chalice. Click on the eye symbol to be transported to another part of the building. Just follow the steps to the highest point where you will find a magnifying glass. Now return to the teleporter you arrived on and return to the fountain. Click on the chalice. When you arrive go down the first flight of steps, turn left then down another flight on your left, turn right at the bottom and then go up a flight on your right. Turn left down the next flight of steps, through a gap in the wall and turn left at the bottom. Turn left and follow the passage, keeping the wall on your left until you come to a flight of steps leading up. Turn left at the top then up another flight and turn right. Carry on up the steps and from here you should be able to see the chalice over to your left. Pick it up and return the way you came, back to the room with the fountain. In each corner of the fountain room is a shimmering door, which you can not walk through. Fill the chalice from the fountain and throw it at the doors. You will now be able to enter. Go into each room in turn. In one you will find a metal flask containing red powder and another containing black powder. In another corner is a plate which you can not yet open but if you examine it with the magnifying glass you will see the word GRIND. The next room, to the left of this one contains a fan and another plate, which you can open with a scroll inside. Continue to the next room on the left, to find a piece of flint and a steel cylinder. A plate here has the word BURN on it. The fourth room contains a mortar and pestle and a plate with the word BONG on it. From your inventory combine the mortar and pestle then the black and red powder to make snow. Combine the cylinder and flint. Use the cylinder and flint with the snow. The bong panel opens to reveal some amber. Now go to the room with the grind panel and click on it to get a hookah. Go to the room with the burn panel. Use the magnifying glass with the scroll. Use the scroll with the cylinder and flint. The burn panel can now be opened to reveal some tinder. Now use the tinder with the cylinder and flint to make fire. Use the amber with the mortar and pestle to make incense. Now go to the fountain and look at the symbols on the wall around it. Place the fan on the cloud symbol. Place the incense on the gold square. Place the snow on the wavy line symbol. Place the burning tinder on the flame symbol. Rebecca will now tell you that it is time to put the offering together. Use the snow with the hookah, then use the incense with it, next the fire and finally the fan. Now click on the fountain to be given the Dragon Sword. This is supposed to be a powerful weapon but I found that it was not very good at all and I found Aelf's dagger to be the most useful followed by the blunderbuss.


Now go to one of the white telepads to go back to the ground floor and from there back to the mantel stone to the tower. Once back in the tower Look at the complete map of the tower, you need to head for the mantel stone which is near the top of the map and to the right of the one which brought you here from St. Michaels. There are several monsters guarding the approach to this and they are very hard to kill. Unless you are particularly good at fighting, don't take them on in one to one combat. Head back towards the stone, when you exit from the first portal you come to a T junction turn right there and go through the next portal As you approach the exit to this portal you can see a monster ahead of you at the top of the steps. Shoot at him from inside the exit to the portal and follow the path until you reach a place where the path crosses above one at right angles to it. From this point you can see two of the monsters patrolling the path below. Use either Aelf's dagger or the blunderbuss to shoot at them as they walk underneath. When you have destroyed these two continue a short way along the path and turn right. Over to your left is a way stone with a monster on it and you can easily kill him from here. The monsters who explode in a shower of sparks leave a health potion, so it is well worth a trip around the paths to collect them before heading towards the mantel stone. Step onto the mantel stone. You are taken prisoner by Belial and end up in a cell. Take all the notices from the notice board and read them. After a short while you are rescued by Rebecca.


Exit via the door Rebecca opened and go to the next cell where you will find some ammunition, health potions and a map for the grave yard and the third part of Florentine's journal. Leave and head up the stairs. Open the door and walk carefully into the chamber. There are zombies in here. Quickly open the door and run back down the stairs. You can now go back up and shoot them from the open doorway. There are more zombies outside so open the double doors and then quickly open the other door the zombies will come into the chamber and the doors will close behind them. Now deal with them as you did before. Open the doors and proceed straight ahead through the grave yard. When you are about half way across you will encounter more zombies. Run back to the chamber. The zombies will follow and you can deal with them as before. Go back out and cross the grave yard and through the gates. Turn right and walk up to the three flames. Click Florentines journal on the flames and they will be extinguished.


The door to you right now opens. Go through and down the tunnel. There are more zombies and monsters around the tunnel exit. Shoot them if you can, but if not run straight ahead to the grave yard maze. Enter and make your way cautiously toward the mantel stone in the centre. There are more zombies and monsters patrolling the maze. The stone itself is guarded by three zombies and you really need to destroy them before you use it if you can. If not try making a run for it. Stand on the stone and use the mask. As soon as you arrive in the tower you will be attacked by a flying monster who is quite hard to kill. If you approached the mantel stone from the left hand side as you are facing it from the entrance, then you will be facing the right direction when you arrive. This will give you a couple more seconds in which to deal with the flying monster. You have arrived at the mantel stone at the bottom right of the tower map and you need to head for the stone with the Sheol symbol on it. There are more monsters to kill on the way, don't forget to pick up the health potions which they leave. When you arrive you will find that the stone does not work. This is because you don't have the Dragon sword and the Shrive. To your right you can see another way stone, but there is a gap in the path leading to it. Run and jump across the gap. Enter the portal and pick up the sword and the shrive. There is a health potion on the other way stone here if you killed the monster. Now return to the stone and step onto it. Walk down the path and talk to Abbadon. Walk through the arch. The floor rises leaving you in a chamber. The chamber has a stepped circular pillar in the middle. On the perimeter of the chamber is the brain machine. You have to feed this machine with 16 brains in order to get the circular stone to lower so that you can go to the arch. You will find 4 brains around the perimeter of the chamber and one behind the machine. The rest are in the maze of tunnels and caves. Radiating out from the perimeter of the chamber are four double tunnels. These lead to four more tunnels in a roughly rectangular shape around the chamber. There are four caves at top, bottom and each side of the rectangular tunnels. Three of the caves contain two brains and the fourth, one. The remaining four brains are in the dead ends of two tunnels which run north to south at either side of the chamber, between the rectangle and the central chamber. There are monsters in the caves and patrolling the tunnels. They are fast and very vicious, the good news, however is that it only needs one hit from Aelf's dagger to kill them. The description I have given of the maze is very basic and it is easy to get lost. What I did was to run around the maze and save every time I found a brain or killed a monster. It takes some time but you can do it with a little patience. When you finally have all 16 brains return to the machine and use them on the machine. As soon as the last brain is in the machine, quickly run behind the machine. A monster appears, he can not follow you in here, but you can shoot at him. Walk back to the centre and through the arch. You now discover the truth about Rebecca. Walk through the arch into a room with a throne and a red light with a figure inside it. Talk to the figure. There are three tunnels leading from this room. Inside are 16 mirrors. As you approach each mirror, when your reflection becomes visible a monster runs toward you. You cannot kill them. What you have to do is to fire at the mirror before you are attacked. The easiest way to do this is to approach each one at an angle, so that you can see the mirror but your reflection does not appear. Then shoot at it. When all 16 mirrors have been smashed. Walk up to the throne. It sinks revealing an arch. Walk through the arch and talk to Hawk.


Walk back through the arch to a room with eight rooms leading off it. There is a puzzle to be solved in each room before you can proceed. I have numbered the rooms 1 to 8 anti clockwise, 1 being straight ahead as you arrive.

1. Walk forward and click on the symbol on the wall. Now enter the door on your left. Ahead of you is a tiled floor. You have to cross the tiles in the correct order. The tiles form a 6x6 grid. Number the columns 1 to 6 from left to right and the rows A to F from top to bottom. Now step on the tiles in the following order, F3,E3,D3,C3,C2,C1,B1,A1,A2,A3,A4. Now walk forward and touch the hand symbol. The tiled floor turns to green slime and a force field bars your exit. Run across the slime and shoot the force field as you run.

2. This is a mirror maze. Just find the hand symbol, click on it and find your way out again.

3. This room contains a gun and twelve spheres. The object is to get the bullet to ricochet off each sphere in turn and finally exit via the square at the top left. If you want to work this out for yourself, the way I did it was to draw a chart showing the position of each sphere and then number them. Then by trial and error find out which switch controls which sphere. Then work out which position causes the bullet to ricochet onto another sphere. There is only one correct position for each switch. It should not take too long, but if you can't be bothered to go through all that here are the correct positions for each switch numbered clockwise from 1, assuming 1 to be the twelve o'clock position.

Top row:-1,1,5,1. Second row:-3,6,1,8. Third row:-1,8,8,7.

4. This room contains a green translucent maze and five hand symbols. The object is to open walls within the maze to get to the button. To do this click on the top right and bottom left hand buttons.

5. Shoot at the wall to remove the force field and reveal a row of coloured stones, Use the controls on the gun to move it and then shoot all the stones.

6. This puzzle consists of twelve blocks which move up and down, controlled by seven levers. Move the levers until all the blocks are at the top, leaving a clear space at the bottom. Then fire the gun. Now move the blocks to create a clear space at the top, then fire the gun again.

7. There are four mirrors in this room. Three of the four are protected by force fields. Breaking the unprotected mirror removes the force field from one of the others. There are also fireball traps. Avoid these by jumping over the pools of light on the floor. It is easier to jump diagonally. Destroy all four mirrors then go to the room opposite the entrance and jump on the pillar.

8. There are a number of blocks which can be moved by means of the switches. Create a path to the room on the other side. Press the hand symbol and return. Warning do NOT save your game during this puzzle. If you do then when you restore all the blocks will be returned to their start position. Once you have solved all eight puzzles go to the entrance to each room and click on the symbol to move the red dot to the six o'clock position. There is a specific order in which to do them but I could not figure out what it is. So just keep going around until they are all done. You will hear a giggle and the flames will be extinguished. A guy with a flame thrower appears and comes after you. He is very tough and you have no chance against him in one to one combat. Let him catch sight of you then run into one of the rooms and down the corridor leading to the puzzle. From the entrance to this corridor you can shoot at him. Aelfs dagger and the blunderbuss appeared to have no effect on him so I used the shotgun. When you have finally killed him. Click on his body to get the Shield of Perdition. This is supposed to protect you from flames. Now go through the arch. Save your game and go back through it again. You arrive near a castle. As soon as you arrive you will be attacked by a flying creature. It is very hard to kill and takes at least three direct hits from Aelf's dagger to kill. When you have killed this creature turn approximately ninety degrees to your left. In the distance you can see another flying creature coming in to attack, fortunately this one takes a few seconds before attacking. Giving you just enough time to use a health potion if you need it and take aim. Pick up the health potion from near the arch. Cross the bridge and head for the castle. Follow the wall around to your left and pick up up two more health potions. Now head for the centre. Here you find Rebecca. Make your decision. Belial appears. Run and crouch behind one of the smaller stones. From here you can stand up and shoot at him and duck when you see one of his fireballs coming.


Click on the green hemisphere. When you arrive run to the tunnel, picking up the health potion. Turn around and you will see another health potion on the window ledge. Carefully run over and grab it. Making sure you are not spotted by the red flying creature. Go down the tunnel and stop before you enter the cave. There are several flying monsters out there (six I think) and three green winged monsters as well. These will fly in through the cave mouth and attack you. You really need to destroy these to progress further, but if you feel confident try making a run for it. These creatures require about three direct hits to kill. So you need to be very accurate. When you have destroyed all go forward and cross the river by the wooden bridge. Follow the walkway until you come to some stone steps leading up. Two flying monsters will attack from the top of the steps. You do have a couple of seconds breathing space though so choose the shotgun and aim for the top of the steps as you don't have time to wait for Aelf's dagger to re-charge. Start shooting as soon as the first one appears and when you have killed one quickly run back around the corner and turn and deal with the second one as it approaches. Continue up the steps and round to the right. Cross the wooden bridge and kill the monster blocking your way. Enter the cave and pick up the health potion. Continue until you see two monsters blocking the tunnel ahead. Kill them and run through the tunnel. There are three flying monsters in the tunnel. Kill them if you can but if not just run for it. Step onto the stone.


You arrive to find Florentine, Gaul and Hawk gathered. Choose your responses and wait for the outcome.


You return to the court yard close to where you get the blunderbuss. The house is starting to collapse and you need to get out. There are zombies here but don't waste any time on them. Run forward and up the stone steps and through the double doors. Turn left and through the door in front of you. Take the next door on the left and continue through the door ahead. Turn right and down the passage slightly to your right. Go through the right hand door at the end of this passage. Take the next left then through the door to your right. Turn right then follow the passage through two left turns to a door on your right. Put Florentines staff in your weapon hand and open the door. Proceed slowly in to the room. When the blue monster appears. Use Florentine's staff three times to kill it. You can now open the front door and get out.


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