Riddle Of The Sphinx

All Text, Location Oriented, Hint Based, Experts Walk Through

Written by John T Burt, copyright 2002

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Hint Based, Location Oriented, Experts Walkthrough
Written by John T Burt, Copyright 2002

    If you treat of Riddle of the Sphinx as an investigation of a major crime, sans people, you will be on the right track. The fact that it is in a pyramid is only relevant in the types of clues found. It could just as easily have been in an abandoned skyscraper on another world with different types of clues.
    Only about 1 in 10 of the things you will find have any relevance. You can take most of the important ones with you, but not all of them, which is frustrating. Some of the clues you can take with you are not particularly important. I tried keeping notes on paper and taking screen shots. But less than half way through I had over 100 screen shots and 14 sheets of paper so I gave up and just used a walk through as my notes. You will need to take some notes though so have paper and pencil handy. This walk through will remind you when to write. Stick with it, be careful and you can probably figure it out with minimal help.
    The game does take a while to play. I think I spent 5 hours inside the tent alone. All told it took me about 30 hours to play the game at about 60 minutes a day. An hour was about all I could take before I got bored or frustrated. Never the less, it was an interesting investigation.
    There is plenty to explore and the scenery is good. The exploration is a little confusing at times. The point and click movement process sometimes changes direction automatically making it difficult to figure out where you are and what the layout is.

    This is basically an expanded experts walkthrough. Initial entries for each location give only hints. The hints are scaled from the general to the specific. Those are followed by the goal for each area. The actual solution to an area is included as a spoiler if necessary. Full spoilers are included at the end of the file so stay away from the end unless you need it.
    This game is adequately linear so following the location headings should not be a big spoiler.
    Any walkthrough is a spoiler, but this one should be less of a spoiler than a typical walkthrough.

GAME GOAL: At the very end of this file is the overall game goal.

    IRRELEVANT MATERIAL: Some provide hints, but they are not critical. The things on top of the desk are mainly for atmosphere. If you lie down and go to sleep you can read the paper under the pillow using the candle. All the info on the tapes, except for Gil's specific data, is unimportant.
    HINT 1: You need to find and listen to three audio tapes (tape 3, artifacts tape, tape 1) to get three critical math clues.
    HINT 2: To get into the desk you need to find the key. There are hints in the shaving mirror and in other places.
    HINT 3: You will need matches to get the key.
    HINT 4: The top shelf of the desk has tape location numbers, which can speed up using the tapes.
    HINT 5: You can't take the star charts with you. Remember main patterns on the older one.
    HINT 6: Find a scrap of paper with biblical reference numbers and the bible itself to figure out the lock combination.
    HINT 7: You might need to read the lock instructions if you don't know how to use one.
    HINT 8: When working on the lock, be careful using the dial and do not open the latches until after the padlock opens.
    GOAL: I think the only thing you actually need to play the game is Gil's campus ID number. But you should also open the chest to get the Translation Scroll and tape. It will also help a little if you note the main pattern(s) on the oldest star chart. Gil advises you to use the 6 tablets as "your first clue." Make a note of what they look like on the Translation Scroll and it might save you dying a few times later in the game.
    SPOILERS: (Gil's ID # and the actual combination are at the end of this file.)
    Tape#3 says: Add the day number plus the number of doves plus the number of digits.
    Artifacts tape says: Add the number of young bulls to 5 and subtract the number of male goats.
    Tape#1 says: Number of years minus 30.
    The biblical reference numbers are (R 6:10, L 15:24, R 8:25).
        passage 6:10 speaks about 2 doves;
        passage 15:24 about one young bull and one male goat;
        passage 8:25 about the age of fifty.
    The first combination number is ambiguous; it is 12.

    HINT: There is a tunnel in the sphinx that provides a small hint.
    GOAL: To find out when the scaffolding was constructed.
    SPOILER: As you pass under the scaffold, record the date (it is at the end of this file). The tunnel is on the scaffold side of the sphinx.

ROUTE: Go back to the helicopter to reach the next location.

    HINT: Turn on the water spigot and look down.
    GOAL: To get a Gas Can and the Sacred Scroll.
    SPOILER: Collect the gas can. Turn the water on and let it run a while. Then look at the ground. The water will wash away the sand revealing the Sacred Scroll which is vital to the game.

    HINT: You have gas and a generator, do what comes naturally.
    SPOILER: Put gas in the generator and turn it on to turn on the lights.

    ROUTE: After going up the ramp, you will reach a junction of sorts with a VR area and three new hot spots.
    HINT 1: The hot spot on the side goes up to the King's Chamber. The hot spot on the low tunnel leads to the Queen's chamber. The final hot spot is on a grate.
    HINT 2: Take the route to the Queens chamber after reading the note.
    GOAL: To find and read Gil's note for the math instructions.
    SPOILER: The note says to add together the last 4 digits of Gil's campus ID number and the date the scaffolding was constructed.

    IRRELEVANT material: As near as I can tell there is no critical data in the journal on the table with the control panels. Near the end it does have some hints about what you are doing and how to do it.
    HINT 1: The Cheoptronic is on top of the boxes. Get it first.
    HINT 2: There are square holes in the walls.
    HINT 2: The Cheoptronic is smaller than it looks.
    HINT 4: There are three power switches on the control module on the table.
    HINT 5: There is a message in the bottom module that has hints. The journal has some hints near the end.
    HINT 6: The drive of the Cheoptronic is very long and the unit gets stuck four times before you reach the end. The walls also get smooth near the end.
    HINT 7: When you reach the end, a special message will appear on the control module.
    GOAL: To use the Cheoptronic robot to open some doors.
    SPOILERS: The Cheoptronic is smaller than it looks and is used in the hole in the wall near the table - it is an airshaft. Gil's math instructions can be interpreted at least 4 ways. The correct solution is at the end of this file.

ROUTE (Time saver):
    HINT: You need stuff from the King's chambers before you can complete the Queen's Chambers. Go back to the VR point in the entrance tunnel and go up the ramps and stairs to the empty King's chamber.

    GOAL: Find a stone block that can be pushed out of the way so you can get to the real tomb.

KING'S GOLD TOMB: Go under the coffin.

    GOAL: When you reach the cobra fire stand, you are in the rectangular loop king's corridor. The corridor just leads to other rooms.
    ROUTE: Go left to match this walkthrough.. You can look above the doors to the next rooms to help identify them.

KING'S THRONE ROOM(s) [chair]:
    ROOM 1: The Heraldic Key is here. The gold Anubis maze disk is an interesting hint but it is not critical.
    ROOM 2: Hidden door, try the throne.
    ROOM 3: Pick up the Royal Scope. The wall mural is an Important Clue and you should remember it (see the end of this file).
    GOAL: To get the Heraldic Key, the Royal Scope and an Important Clue (see the end of this file).
    SPOILER: Push the lid of the silver pot in Room 1 to get the Heraldic Key. Sit on the throne in Room 2 to open the hidden door. The Royal Scope is on the floor in Room 3 and the Important Clue is brightly lighted on the wall. Return to the corridor and go to the next room.

    GOAL: To get the Yacht Scroll, several arrows, and a Golden dagger.
    SPOILERS: The dagger is in the chest at the top of the stairs, the arrows and yacht scroll are to the right of the stairs. There is a stars map on a pot to the left of the stairs. You can pick up the pot and rotate it in all directions. Be sure to look at all sides of it. There are many of these pots and only one is important. Return to the corridor and go to the next room.

    HINT 1: There is a map pot to the left after entering. Another map pot is in the back left corner.
    HINT 2: Look at the game board near the first pot for the Flat Wick Key.
    HINT 3: Find a trumpet and scroll to the right after entering.
    HINT 4: You have to get the side doors open.
    HINT 5: Sound can break things and charm snakes.
    HINT 6: Look at the door coverings for the hint on how to open them.
    HINT 7: Make some music to make the snakes go away - check out the statue and the scroll.
    HINT 8: There are two tablets - one is deadly. This will always be the case.
    GOAL: To get the Royal Trumpet, the Flautist Scroll, the Throne Scroll, the Flat Wick Key, Hathor's Tablet and look at two more star maps.
    SPOILERS: The key is in the side drawer of game board. To open the doors, place the trumpet on the golden stand in the middle and blow it. Then do it again pointing the other way. To make the snakes go away, put the plug in the pipe in the back of the flute player statue. Then press the bag in one of the doors eight times.

    In the long empty hallway you will find a crawl hole on one side and the sun sign door on the other. You can skip these for now.

FURNITURE ROOM(s) [arrow]:
    ROOM 1: The Reed Leaf Key is here. There are two more star map pots. You have to open one of the pillars and climb a pole.
    ROOM 2: Once you cross the bone bridge you have to figure out how to cross the chasm. The Anubis Tablet and the Archway Scroll are here.
    ROOM 2 HINT: It is hard to see but the statues on the far side are holding ropes that prevent a bridge from unrolling. Ropes can burn.
    GOAL: To get the Reed Leaf Key, the Anubis Tablet and the Archway Scroll.
    SPOILER: The Key is in a wooden box in one of the alcoves. You need the dagger from the Weaponry room to cut the ropes to get inside the pillars. Use flaming arrows with the crossbow to burn the ropes the statues are holding. Climb up to get the tablet. On the way back across the bridge, get the scroll from beneath the crossbow. Return to the corridor and go to the next room.

    HINT: The miniature yacht moves. It is a clue although moving it froze my computer.
    GOAL: To get the Pillar Key, Sacred Amulet and Charmer Scroll.
    SPOILERS: The Key is inside an upright brown wooden chest in one corner. The Amulet and Scroll are in a chest on the other side of the room. Return to the corridor and go to the next room.

FOOD ROOM [pot]:
    HINT 1: There are two more star pots.
    HINT 2: Does the symbol on the bottom of one remind you of anything?
    HINT 3: Look for a jug with a gold lid.
GOAL: To read a Star Map Pot and get the Ankh Key.
    SPOILER: The pot with the Six Prong Comb is the right pot - remember the map. The Key is in the jug with the gold lid on the table. Return to the corridor.

    In the corridor, go back to the crawl hole and sun sign door.

CRAWL HOLE YACHT ROOM (Sobek's Antechamber):
    GOAL: To find a color sequence combination.
    SPOILER: Look at the eyes of the statues (see the end of this file).

    GOAL: To get to the top.
    HINT: The star and lever thing in the middle is inactive at the moment.

    HINT 1: The chart on the wall should look familiar.
    HINT 2: There are loose stars are in the big pot.
    HINT 3: The patterns on the stars should also look familiar.
    HINT 4: You have to "turn on the lights" in the room above after the star map is complete.
    HINT 5: Remember the switch in the middle of the climb.
    GOAL: To get the Star Scepter, open a door to more stairs and turn on the lights.
    SPOILERS: Use the Six Prong Comb stars and pattern (see the end of this file). Go back down to the "light switch" in the middle of the climb. Insert the Scepter in the hole in the wall and turn the lever. Now you can go up the stairs to the attic.

    HINT 1: There is a lever to move.
    HINT 2: The scroll you can get after moving the lever provides a hint.
    HINT 3: The thing in the middle is a bed, believe it or not.
    HINT 4: You can only see stars at night.
    HINT 5: Be sure to record which star patterns and gods are represented here.
    GOAL: To get the Thoth Tablet. The Astro Scroll and star patterns can also be useful.
    SPOILER: The Tablet is in plain sight. The lever is at the top of the stairs. The scroll is at the bottom of stairs that moving the lever reveals. Click on the bed to sleep until it is night. Put the Royal Telescope in the stand in front of each opening. Note the star patterns and which heads they go to. Move the lever again to get out of the room.

    HINT: You are done with the King's Chambers.
    SPOILER: Return to the Queen's Chamber and enter the new opening there. There is a crawl hole on the right at the end of the opening that leads to a new tunnel.

    GOAL: The corridor basically just leads to other rooms but there are a few thing to do in it also.
    ROUTE: The first small room is right after you enter. It has chains in the doorframe.

    HINT 1: You can probably figure this out on your own if you leave now and wait till later.
    HINT 2: The Pharaoh has the lever. You have to hurry a little.
    GOAL: To close the door and get out.
    SPOILER: Get the lever from the Pharaoh statue, use it in the slot to the right of the door and get out before the door closes.

    HINT 1: The next exit is by the single sitting pharaoh.
    HINT 2: Once in, all you have to do is climb down a tube.
    SPOILER: Click the sitting pharaoh statue and it will move aside. To the back of the room and to the left is the tube with the ladder. Go down it and then down the stairs.


FUNERARY YACHT CHAMBER: (See the end of this file for the room layout and the door combinations.)

    GOALS: To get a Bolt, a door combination, and to open the doors to Sobek's alligator cove and to the River of Death.

    THINGS TO FIND: Stairs Rod, Pyramid Bolt, Vase Bolt, Sun Bolt, and Cross Bolt.
    HINT 1: Only one is important.
    HINT 2: Check out the winch.
    SPOILERS: The VASE BOLT is in the vase in the alcove at the bow of the yacht under the winch. The STAIRS ROD is in the big jug on the stairs landing. The PYRAMID BOLT is in the red wicker basket between the third and fourth pillars on the right side. The SUN BOLT is in the wooden box on the yacht. The CROSS BOLT is in the pink jug at the entrance to Sobek's archway under the entrance stairs landing.

    HINT 1: Remember how the small model yacht moved.
    HINT 2: You should have color codes from the room with medium sized yacht with the crocodile statues.
    HINT 3: You should have the Yacht Scroll.
    HINT 4: The Yacht Scroll tells you which pillars to turn.
    HINT 5: The colors of the eyes on the crocodile statues tell you what the settings should be.
    HINT 6: You need one of the bolts to use the winch.
    HINT 7: Look in the alcove near the bow of the yacht, beneath the winch.
    SPOILER: (See the end of the file for a "picture" type spoiler.)
    The Vase Bolt is in the vase in the alcove at the bow of the yacht under the winch. Climb the pillars and turn the tops to the correct settings.
        The color settings are:
    Port (ramp) side (L to R); none, white, green and white;
    Starboard side (L to R),; red, blue, none and green.
    Climb up to the winch. Put the vase bolt in the winch axel. Use the winch to pull the yacht. The door is under the stern of the yacht.

    NOTE: I had some trouble getting the door to work even with help. I had to turn around and enter the code again and it opened at odd times. However, I might have done it wrong.
    HINT 1: Note the positions of the stones in the archway in the alcove at the bow of the yacht under the winch.
    HINT 2: Use the Archway Scroll with the pattern of depressed stones to figure out the combination sequence to Sobek's alligator cove door.
    HINT 3: The door to Sobek's alligator cove is under the entrance stairs landing. When the door turns, hop on fast. You will not be locked in.
    SPOILER FOR SOBEK'S DOOR: Numbering the stones from bottom left to bottom right: press 12, 18, 20, 9, 3, 7. (See the end of the file for a "picture.")


    HINT 1: You can walk on alligator backs.
    GOAL: To get Sobek's tablet. You're done when you have it.

    ROUTE: You will not run out of air. About 14 clicks down the river, there is a junction where you can pan around. Align yourself with the return route to the yacht chamber behind you.
    LEFT channel: goes to the Cobra Shrine.
    MIDDLE channel: goes to the Lost Temple of Ra.
    RIGHT channel: goes to the River Cavern.
    SPOILER: Middle channel last.

    HINT 1: When you reach a shore, get out. Then swim some more to reach a ladder that leads to your destination.
    HINT 2: You have to climb to get a tablet. Don't forget the pickaxe. There are notes in the briefcase if you want to read them.
    GOAL: To get the Pickaxe and Horus' Tablet.

    HINT 1: Good place to save.
    HINT 2: You'll need the pickaxe to get in.
    HINT 3: Remember the scroll showing a snake being charmed with an amulet.
    HINT 4: The tablet is off to one side at the end.
    GOAL: To get Tauert's Tablet.
    SPOILER: After you open the hole with the pickaxe, a cobra will pop up. Use the Sacred Amulet to make it go away. The tablet is at the back of the cave off to the right below the walkway.


    OVERALL GOAL: To get six scrolls.

    HINT 1: There is nothing that needs to be done at the pool yet.
    HINT 2: (time saver) Go right after going through the arch.

    HINT: Look up.
    GOAL. Find the colors of three sun balls.
    SPOILER: Climb to the top of the arch and uncover the sun balls. The colors are Blue, Yellow, Red.

    HINT 1: There is an important item to find halfway to the statues.
    HINT 2: Between two of the statues is a scroll.
    HINT 3: Between the other two statues is the route.
    HINT 4: Be sure to find and record the icons before going back down.
    HINT 5: Check the fallen statue too, for an important item.
    GOALS: Find Three Circled Icons, Two Scarab Weights, and Ra's Scroll,
    SPOILER: The first scarab weight is in the sand on the right about half way to the statues. The second scarab weight is in the fallen statue's ear. Ra's scroll is between the left two statues. The route to the top is between the right two statues. The three circled icons are on top of one statue's head. From L to R they are: Odd arrow, Circle with X, Fat belly [my names].

ROUTE: Return to the temple and follow the other shore.

    HINT 1: The only important thing at this time is at the base of one Palm.
    HINT 2: If you explore the pyramid you might get some clues.
    HINT 3: Check out the door and look up.
    GOAL. Get One Scarab Weight.
    SPOILER: The scarab weight is at the base of the palm tree on the left as you are leaving the pyramid area.

ROUTE: Return to the temple pool.

    HINT 1: You have to find a statue and a doorway.
    HINT 2: Look on the deck around the pool.
    HINT 3: The doorway will take you to the top of the temple.
    GOAL: To find a combination.
    SPOILER: The statue is in one corner. Record both the black and white circles and the colored shapes. The door is in the other corner.

    HINT 1: As you are going through the passages, look behind you.
    HINT 2: Be sure to record the two statue symbol combinations.
    HINT 3: Use the three scarab weights on the balance.
    HINT 4: On the balance, match the statue color codes to the circle patterns.
    HINT 5: After the balance chains move, the door combination is visible. Find it before going back down.
    GOAL: To find two more statue combinations, to use a balance beam and to find the door combination.
    SPOILERS: (See the end of this file also.)
    Put the three scarab weights on the balance beams.
    The combinations are:
        Clear, Black, Clear = red bar, green circle, blue circle.
        Clear, Clear, Black = green bar, blue circle, red bar.
        Black, Clear, Clear = red circle, green bar, blue circle.
    Look down into the pool for the door combination.

ROUTE: Return to the gold pyramid.

    HINT 1: Moving your hand on and off the front door changes the icon that appears. The symbols should look familiar.
    HINT 2: There is nothing to do inside, but a careful look might help later.
    HINT 3: When you climb the sides, remember the colored balls?
    HINT 4: Remember the three circled icons?
    HINT 5: Look at Ra's scroll.
    HINT 6: It is important to remember that the circled icons are upside down relative to the scroll.
    HINT 7: With hints 3, 4, 5, 6 you should be able to figure out the combination.
    HINT 8: The outer rings of the big gold disks turn.
    HINT 9: The icons should look familiar.
    HINT 10: It helps to make a list of the 12 symbols on the disks.
    HINT 11: You now have all the info necessary to dial in the disks.
    HINT 12: The icon sequence is: lizard, fish, cat, turtle, owl, beetle, croc, slug, unknown, cobra, stork, bird.
    GOAL: To activate the pyramid and get inside by dialing in the combinations.
    SPOILERS: On three sides of the pyramid you can climb to a gold disk with a colored cobra ball above it. Using the hints 3, 4, 5 you can match an icon with a color. Then you just have to dial in the correct icon on the correct disk. But, the icons have to be upside down so they have to be at the bottom, which you cannot see unless you back off. One way is to dial in the correct icon to the top position and then rotate the ring six places either way. Another is to figure out which icon is opposite the one you want and put it at the top. (See the end of the file for the final combination.)
    The combination for the door is the pattern seen in the bottom of the pool. From top to bottom it is: sun, cobra, yacht, waves.

    HINT 1: The tablet shaped receptacles are the new feature after activation.
    HINT 2: If you put a tablet in any slot, you will be able to see the symbol on it, pick it up again and put it in the correct slot.
    HINT 3: Don't forget to get each scroll. Feel like a guinea pig yet?
    GOAL: To get six scrolls.
    SPOILER: The tablets go in the recessed areas on the ramps in front of each statue. The scrolls come out of the circular holes above. From L to R: Anubis - Giza Complex Scroll, Hathor - Mayan Pyramid Scroll, Horus - Easter Island Scroll, Sobek - Atlantian Scroll, Tauret - Bermuda Scroll, Thoth - Stonehenge Scroll.

ROUTE: Go back to the Queen's corridor.


    HINT 1: The next exit is across from the two sitting pharaohs.
    HINT 2: The route inside was a little confusing. Just keep going until you reach a large chamber with a giant cobra wrapped around a giant pillar. (Pretty neat place.)

    HINT 1: Go around back of the pillar first.
    HINT 2: Play the tiny harp.
    HINT 3: Climb the giant cobra ramp next.
    HINT 4: Each harp is missing a piece, which you should have by now.
    HINT 5: Remember the 5 keys you collected.
    HINT 6: Play the tiny harp again.
    GOAL: To get the Harp Key.
    SPOILER: The tiny harp first opens the door to the room with 5 harps. Each harp is missing one key. You should have them from the King's Chambers. Once the harps are complete the tiny harp will break off in your hands and you can collect it.

    HINT: The next exit is the chain door near the end of the corridor. It should be down if you completed the first Chain Door Room as described above.

    GOAL: Pick up the coiled Cobra Wheel and jot down the simple Maze Map before leaving.

    HINT 1: Last stop on the corridor is at the end.
    HINT 2: The Cobra Wheel is used here.
    SPOILER: Insert the Cobra Wheel in the pink console.

    HINT 1: The Cobra Wheel can be turned as many times as you want.
    HINT 2: Using the map, enter the openings to figure out the maze.
    HINT 3: There is nothing to do in the Gold Pillar Room until you have the Cull.
    HINT 4: The skeleton in the Cull room has a scroll.
    GOAL: To get the Sacred Cull and the Flume Scroll and to reach the Gold Pillar Room.
    SPOILER: After inserting the Cobra Wheel, click it three times. Enter the maze and follow it to get the Sacred Cull and the Flume Scroll. Return to the console and click the Cobra Wheel one more time. Go through to the Gold Pillar Room.

    HINT 1: The intricate chest with the sun gadget is apparently unimportant.
    HINT 2: Remember the Small Gold Harp Key.
    HINT 3: Find the sand dispenser.
    HINT 4: Remember the Cull.
    HINT 5: The lotus is an elevator that goes down.
    HINT 6: See the pot in front of the chair in the middle of the lotus?
    HINT 7: Try adding weight to it, maybe sand.
    GOAL: To get the Gold Lotus open and descend in the elevator.
    SPOILER: Use the Gold Harp Key in the stand at the top of the stairs to open the closed lotus. Use the Cull to get sand from the dispenser on one side and fill the pot in front of the lotus chair. The result is you will be automatically taken down the elevator. It will take six loads of sand and each load takes 24 clicks even with the warp arrow. Frustratingly slow.

ROUTE: Just leave the elevator, go through the door and approach the mosaic cobra to enter the start of the large maze.

    HINT 1: The maze is laid out like the big gold disks you have seen. Unfortunately, the disks are only approximate representations of the maze and are not really maps. There is no true map of the maze.
    HINT 2: The god you are working with is Anubis (the Jackal).
    HINT 3: Follow the black headed Jackal / Anubis statues through the maze.
    GOAL: To reach the Sacred Pool in the center.
    SPOILER: Unfortunately, the click and move engine used in this game makes it difficult to map the maze and keep track of where you are. They should have used VR mode at the junctions.
        Ring 1: Go either direction in ring 1 to reach Anubis 1 on the far side.
        Ring 2: Approach Anubis 1 and go right in ring 2 to Anubis 2.
        Ring 3: Approach Anubis 2 and go right in ring 3 to the U turn.
        Ring 4: Go around the U turn to ring 4 and to the end with Horus (Falcon).
        Ring 5: Partially approach Horus and go right in ring 5 to Anubis 3. You can see part of Anubis 4 if you look.
        Ring 6: Pass Anubis 3 on the left and go right in ring 6 to Anubis 4.
        Ring 5: At Anubis 4 go right then left into ring 5 and up to Anubis 5.
        Ring 6: At Anubis 5 go left then right into ring 6. Go to the end of ring 6, passing two Horus alcoves along the way, to reach an opening on the left to the pool and an opening on the right to some red and white standpipes.

    HINT: Notice the valves at the top and bottom and the symbols at the top.

    HINT 1: Check out the Anubis statues.
    HINT 2: Click on them.
    HINT 3: The wheels are valves.
    HINT 4: Note the symbol on the wheel and the pattern beside it.
    HINT 5: You can't do anything in the dry pool yet but it might help you figure out what is next.
    GOAL: To drain the pool and get six combination numbers.
    SPOILER: Click on each statue to move it back. Then click on the wheel to turn it. Note the symbols on the wheels and the number of balls in the red beside them.

    HINT 1: Notice the symbols on the doors. Look familiar?
    HINT 2: Remember the symbols on the valve wheels.
    HINT 3: Remember the symbols on the red and white standpipes.
    HINT 4: Remember the red and white ball patterns beside the valve wheels.
    HINT 5: The wheels in the pool turn too.
    HINT 6: Once you get the doors in the dry pool open, the only thing you have to do in each tunnel is get a key. Warp works on the way out.
    HINT 7: The large pipe in the wall is a short cut back to the maze start.
    HINT 8: Click on a locking pin to open the grate.
    HINT 9: You had to add sand to get the elevator to go down! Now you want to go up.
    GOAL: To get the six doors open and get 6 keys.
    SPOILER: Return to the red and white standpipes. Each has a symbol at the top. Use the valves to put the correct number of balls in the red and white areas matching the symbols from the statue valves. (See the end of the file for the combinations.)
    When done, return to the pool and open the 6 doors by clicking on the wheels. Go down the long, long tunnels and get each key in the room at the end. That's all there is to do in each. It's kind of boring. Warp works on the way back if you can find the arrows. When you have all six keys, climb up into the large pipe and follow it to the start of the maze. Click on a locking pin on one side to open it. Back in the lotus elevator, dump the sand from the pot to go up.

    HINT 1: You are done with the pyramid site!
    HINT 2: Remember, this is all about the Sphinx.
    SPOILER: Make your way out of the pyramid and use the helicopter to return to the Sphinx.

    HINT 1: Remember the Sacred Scroll from way back when!
    HINT 2: You have 6 matching Keys and Scrolls.
    HINT 3: Open one of the 6 Scrolls. It has one thing in common with the Sacred Scroll.
    HINT 4: The Sacred Scroll looks like the door.
    HINT 5: On each of the 6 Scrolls is a symbol. The same symbol is on the Sacred Scroll.
    HINT 6: Maybe the positions of the symbols on the Sacred Scroll are important.
    GOAL: To get inside the Sphinx.
    SPOILER: Open each of the 6 Scrolls and note the name of the scroll and the symbol. Open the Sacred Scroll and note which circle each symbol is in and which land it goes to. Insert each key in the position indicated on the Sacred Scroll. (See the end of this file for the locations.)

    HINT 0: If you click on the wrong blue circle you will die.
    HINT 1: There is no pure solution to this.
    HINT 2: The correct star pattern was on the Star Chart in Gil's tent.
    HINT 3: Four constellations can be eliminated- they were in the telescope room.
    HINT 4: Of the 6 lands, which one are you in and what is its star pattern?
    HINT 5: The correct circle matches the position of the key of this land.
    HINT 6: We are at the Sphinx, which is in Giza.
    HINT 7: The star pattern for the Sphinx is Orion.
    GOAL: To get inside the Sphinx.
    SPOILER: Click on the top left blue circle.

    The ending is long and a bit weak. Once inside, Gil will come up from behind and give you a boring lecture. Then you can open the chest and click on the inside to end the game. That's all there is.


    GIL'S CAMPUS ID is (1 007-72-33-1334).

    The SCAFFOLDING was "constructed 02/17."

    CHEOPTRONIC ROBOT CODE: 1551 (from 0217+1334=1551).

    the Six Prong Comb on the mural.

    CRAWL HOLE YACHT ROOM (Sobek's Antechamber):
Port side - white, green and white,
Starboard side - red, blue and green.

- X - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - X - -
- - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - -
- - - X - - - X -
- - - - - X - - -
- - - - X - - - -
- X - - - - - - X
- - - - - - X - -

White BOW Red
Green Yacht Blue
White Yacht none
none STERN Green

- 1
4 -
- -
6 -
- -
- -
- 2
5 -
- 3
- -

On the beams dial in:
TOP:  red circle, green bar, blue circle.
MIDDLE:  red bar, green circle, blue circle.
BOTTOM:  green bar, blue circle, red bar

From top to bottom: Circle with a dot, cobra, yacht, three waves.

        Solution method (top to bottom)
Colored disks give Blue Yellow Red
Statue symbols are Odd arrow Circle with X Fat belly
Scroll lookup results are Slug Cobra Owl
Dial opposites are Fish Turtle Stork

    Dial in to the top of each ring:
BLUE - fish
YELLOW - turtle
RED - stork


Y-shape S-shape Pitcher 4-prong plug Thin blocks Three dots
white 4 3 2 0 5 1
red 1 2 3 5 0 4
land Mayan Bermuda Atlantis Giza Stonehenge Easter Is.

Giza Top left
Stonehenge  Top right
Bermuda Right
Easter Is. Bottom right
Atlantian Bottom left
Mayan Left

    OVERALL GOAL OF THE GAME: To get the Sacred Scroll, 6 Land Scrolls, and 6 Land Keys.

Hint Based, Location Oriented, Experts Walkthrough
Written by John T Burt, Copyright 2002
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