Return to Mysterious Island 2: Mina's Fate

by Kheops

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   July 2009


Gameplay:    This is a first person point and click game. The manual is found in the installed game folder.

The Main Menu has new game, load game, options, credits, gallery and quit game.

In a new game, select a profile from 5 choices.

The options menu has subtitles, rotation, object info, brightness, overall volume, music volume, sound effects and voice volume.

The usual cursors are found in the game as well as horizontal and vertical click-move where in hold down the left mouse button and then move in the appropriate direction.

The in game menu is accessed by right click of the mouse button. It has the inventory frame and buttons for main menu, inventory, documents, goals, shortcuts, dialogues and puttering about.

There are 7 inventory frames accessed using the 7 tabs on top of the frame. There is a assembly area below the inventory where items can be combined or disassembled.

The transit area has the items collected in the game before they are placed in the inventory frame.

Below the transit area is the score. More innovative actions in the game increase the score.

There are pictures of Mina and Jep at bottom left. Here you can use an item on them to either feed or clean the character.

There are several gauges in the game. The energy gauge is seen below the avatar. The friendship gauge at top of screen shows interaction with another character. The pride gauge under the score lowers when in easy mode.

There are several dialogues available for Jep and Mina's interaction with other characters.

ESC key also access the main menu.

There's an optional tutorial that explains the game manipulation at start of the game.

Notes:    To work together, get Jep to be carried by Mina.

To work separate, go to places that Jep doesn't want to go to or where Mina can't go to. An option for Jep to work alone is seen. Some places are: the lake, climb to scarecrow, climb to get Trulca.

Thanks, Margie!

Above the select profile screen are pictures that show a synopsis of what occurred in the previous game. The same can be accessed at the first set of pictures in the gallery.


Mina is rescued by a helicopter from Mysterious Island that is 30 km long with a mountain at west. Carrying Jep, Mina climbs the ladder to the helicopter. On the flight out of the island and passing close to the volcano, a fireball hits the helicopter. The helicopter sinks to the bottom of the lake. The volcano is active.


Main Island

As Jep

Save Mina.

Mina is unconscious and the pilot is slumped on his chair.

Pull the knob of Mina's life jacket by her shoulder. This inflates the life jacket.

Click on the clasp of the seat belt to release Mina.

Check the pilot. He's dead.

Click on the window beside Mina.

Automatically, Jep clings to Mina's leg as she floats to the surface. Jep pulls her to shore.

Talk to Mina. The volcano has awakened, the lake has risen and Granite House is under water.

Mina's leg has a wound. Mina asks to bring back a bandage for her leg.

Care for Mina so her energy gauge rises from red to orange.

Lake - Windmill crossroad:    Select 'caress' and Jep asks for a hug. That raises Mina's energy a bit.

Go to top path, be at a crossroad and Jep smells something.

Turn around and take the leaf of a tree from under some boards.

Beach crossroad:    Turn around at the crossroad and go to the next one with a view of smoke in the sky.

Go forward from the crossroad. See the hot spring. Take the tinder from under the roots of the tree at right.

Turn around and go back to the crossroad (one click).

Turn right. Go forward and Jep smells something again. Turn right and take the short branch from under the plant.

In inventory, click the short branch on Jep's picture in inventory frame to get pointed stick.

Continue forward to the downed tree to get to the beach. Go down the steps. Pick up broken stoneware bottle, jerry can of gasoline, pipe, seaweeds and wheat mixed with sand that washed ashore.

Turn around, and see a turtle trying to go inland. Go back to the crossroad and then go forward.

See a distressed monkey at other side of the ravine. Go back to the crossroad

Meet Slugger:    Turn left to go back to windmill crossroad. Go to windmill at right.

Left of the path by the steps is a large broken branch. Take the branch.

To the left is a big monkey, Slugger. He is eating a carcass and there's a rifle beside him.

Turn around and see pine nuts on the ground under a tree. Take pine nuts from the ground and Slugger gets very angry. Refuse when he asks for them and Jep gets scared.

Go left to the next cross road.

Go back and see if you can take the rifle. Oh well.

Scarecrow crossroad:    Go left to another crossroad. Jep smells something.

Look up and see a scarecrow hanging on a tree and a hornet's nest beside it.

Turn left and get 2 oranges. Turn around from oranges and take the slough-skin of snake.

Windmill area:    Go back to the windmill area where Slugger is located. Climb up the stairs to the windmill.

See a chest right of a dug hole. Open it and take a hook and dirty rag.

Wash dirty rag:     Go back down the steps right of the windmill and forward to the lake where Mina is located.

Use the dirty rag on lake to get clean rag. Give clean rag to Mina.

Fill Jep's energy bar to green.

Ask for a caress. That raised Jep's energy.

Muddy lake:    Go back to crossroad and left to scarecrow area. Turn left and forward to muddy area of the lake.

Take bamboo stick. Turn right and take 3 raw eggs from nest.

Turn around from nest and take clay. See on the water is a tree branch with purple fruit. It is too far.

Kiln:    Go back to scarecrow crossroad and then go forward.

Take 3 dried twigs between the kiln and the destroyed shed.

Click on white crucible at destroyed shed. Pick up worms and ocarina.

Amber, young female monkey:    Enter the workshop and see Amber cracking nuts.

Turn left and see a tub with water.

Talk to Amber and then groom her. She liked that.

Break open nuts:   

Beg for food. She gives a rock to break open nuts.

Click to raise the arm.

Once the arm is just above Jep's bent head click again.

Wait for the green circle to around the nut and then click to break it cleanly.

10 nuts (seeds) are needed to finish the puzzle.

Easy mode is available by clicking on the cartoon at bottom right.

In inventory screen, take pine nuts and seeds then click them on Jep's picture.

Feed Jep until his energy becomes green.

Exit the building. Turn right and forward to scarecrow crossroad.

Go left and forward to the crossroad close to the windmill.

Turn right and go back to Mina

Find the source of the motor sound that Mina and Jep heard.

Talk to Mina. Hear a sound of a machine. Get a hug from Mina.

Go right to the crossroad. Jep turns right. Go forward towards the hot spring where the sound came from.

Go forward closer to hot spring and see a robot.

Turn around and hear Mina scream.

Discover what happened to Mina.

Go back to Mina. Go forward to windmill crossroad and go left. See that Mina is gone.

Go forward to the crossroad. See blood on the ground.

Go forward to the steps. See and hear Mina up at the windmill. There's a jaguar prowling up there.

Pick up the soiled bandage from bottom of step.

Turn right and climb the tree with no leaves. See Jep jump to the windmill.

Care for Mina to bring her energy gauge back to orange and get her to leave the mill.

Talk to Mina. She asks for antiseptic and Jep thinks of austral thyme with lavender flowers.

Austral thyme:    Exit through the window. Go forward to the crossroad.

Turn left at crossroad and then right to chasm with broken bridge.

See a desperate monkey across the chasm.

Turn around and see austral thyme under some fronds.

Snake:    Try to take thyme. A snake emerges from behind the thyme.

Take the ocarina and click it on snake.

Play the ocarina by randomly clicking on the holes covered by Jep's fingers. There are 4 holes.

Play as long as you like. Then right click to stop.

Take austral thyme while the snake is mesmerized by the music you created.

Go back to Mina. Giver her an austral thyme.

Catch carnivorous ants:    Mina says that there are ants that eat meat used by Indians to heal wounds.

Go out the window and turn right to the porcupine carcass Slugger was eating.

Take blade of grass right of the porcupine and the rifle if it still there.

Carnivorous ants:    Look close at dead porcupine and see ants crawling about.

Use the blade of grass to catch-click on ants.

There are 10 ants that can be caught with the  blade of grass.

I select an ant, lay in wait on the path it takes and click when it passes.

Easy mode is available by clicking on the cartoon at bottom right.

Wash bandage:    Go back to the lake. Forward to crossroad and forward to lake.

Click the bandage on the lake to get clean rag.

Suture the wound:    Go back to Mina at the windmill and give her the ants.

She wants Jep to place the ants on the wound and immediate cut their head off.

Click an ant on the open wound. Immediately click again to cut the head off.

Start at one end. Place another close to the placed ant.

7 ants are used. If there are left over ants, they can be food for monkeys.

Scare the jaguar:    Give Mina the clean rag. Mina wants to go outside.

Exit through the window. Go to the scarecrow crossroad.

Get Jep dirty:    Go to the muddy lake. Automatically, Jep jumps in and gets muddy. See him dirty at bottom left.

Go back to the scarecrow crossroad. Look up and climb up to the scarecrow.

Now that the mud protects Jep, use the bamboo stick from the muddy lake on the hornet's nest to get the nest on a stick.

Walk with nest on a stick and go forward to the mill crossroad. Climb the stairs.

Immediately click on the jaguar. See Jep throw nest on a stick on jaguar.

Take the stick. Take hornet larvae from the broken hornet's nest.

Climb inside the mill and talk to Mina.

Wash Jep:    Ask for a caress. Mina tells that he better clean up.

Exit the mill. Go forward to the workshop.

Sponge:   Look left to tube water. Chew the leaf of tree to get dirty sponge.

Use the sponge on water and click it on Jep to get dirty sponge again.

Go back to Mina. Mina carries Jep on her shoulder.

Try to exit the mill.

As Mina and Jep:

Find the robot seen through the mill window.

Exit the mill through the floor. Go to the crossroad and left to the next one.

Turn to the left and see the broken robot. This is the one that thinks Mina is Captain Nemo.

Repair the robot and interrogate it.

Numeric plaque:    Look close at the robot.

See numbers above the numeric buttons, blank bar below it and red lights at bottom.

The aim is to change the number above the numeric buttons, see it entered at bottom and get the lights turn green.

At top is the inscription Nautilus 1860. Note that: 1 is in position 1, 8 is in position 2, 6 is in position 3 and 0 is in position 4.

So: 1 is 1, 8 is 2, 6 is 3 and 0 is 4. Any other numbers are 0.

Check the number that is above the numeric buttons and check the equivalent of those numbers based on above values. This puzzle is random.

Press the buttons to enter the deduced equivalent numbers to be seen at the bottom.

The lights turn green. The robot is deactivated.

Recover equipment in the wrecked helicopter.

Look close again at the top of the robot. Mina says to remove the screws and she needs tools.

Lake:    Go back to the lake at next crossroad. Dive in. Play Mina and Jep is left behind since he hates water.

Take the 2 mussels left of helicopter.

Pan right and take the steel cable from below the helicopter's nose.

Enter through the window.

Take the plastic envelope and the multiblade knife under the pilot.

Take the spool of string that rolled off. Take the handle on the door of passenger side.

Take as many (3) crawfish from the back of the pilot as your air allows.

Exit through the window. Look up and click to surface. You can dive back in if you missed an item.

Caress and pick up Jep.

In inventory, disassemble the plastic envelope to see the delivery slip of the cargo the helicopter is carrying.

Open the robot:

Go back to the robot. Look close at robot.

Use the multiblade knife on each of the screws.

See that the circuits are burned. Place the multiblade knife back in inventory.

Take off all the burned components. Mina says to replace them.

Look for components:

Beach:    Take the path right of the robot.

Go forward until the beach. See the turtle still climbing up to safety.

See that the water has risen. Look at the water fall and see that it is the water from the lake coming out of Granite House.

Pick up items that came out of Granite House that Jep has not taken:   sextant sight.

Look close at robot neutralized in RTMI 1.

Use the multiblade knife on the screws. See that all the parts of the circuit still works.

Take the parts of the circuit.

Go back up the cliff. See the jaguar pacing above.

Make the jaguar run away:

Turn around and see the electric cannons on walls at both side of the path.

Go down to the lower side of the cannons and under the control box.

Check and look close at the control box of the cannons - trap.

The lights are off; the circuits must have burned out.

Use the knife on the 2 large screws at left side of the panel.

See that the parts of circuit are also burned.

Be sure you are under the control panel - not at top of the steps. The laser light to be activated should be between you and the jaguar.

Place parts of circuit on control panel:

Remove the burned parts. Take the parts of circuit taken from the robot at the beach from inventory. They are seen at the bottom of the screen.

Place the appropriate components on the slots.

See that the sides of the empty slots have different numbers of lit lights.

Find the corresponding part  from bottom of screen that has the same numbers as the lights of the panel surrounding it: that is the number of lights on all 4 sides must match each other.

Change the green lights to red:

Close the panel. See that the lights are green.

See that the path of the metals is still broken and no flow of electricity from right to left.

Click on top right red knob and the laser trap is set.

The jaguar sees Mina and leaps down but is burned by the laser.

Turn off the control panel:   

Look close at control panel. Open the left side of the panel.

Take the 3 parts placed and the laser lights are off.

Fix the robot:

Go back to the malfunctioning robot at the crossroad.

Look close at the panel. Do the same here as that of the laser control panel.

Use the parts of the circuit on the slots.

The robot gives his report. When he deactivated the screen, he suffered a malfunction that eventually caused the geothermal motor to stop. This caused the volcano to be active again and if not stopped will destroy the island.

The robot gives directions to the geothermal motor. In the cliff on the north plateau, look for a passage at an altitude of 340 feet... to the inlet... and cross the sanctuary... to the geothermal motor.

The map he gives is burned. The robot burns out. Hear an explosion.

Explore the island to find a route to the geothermal motor.

Scarecrow crossroad:    Turn left and forward to the scarecrow crossroad.

See a volcanic bomb. The scarecrow is on the ground. There's a new path going north.

Workshop:    Go to right path and check out the workshop. This will trigger the shortcut later in the game.

Spillway and mud flats:    Go back to crossroad and turn right. Go forward to the spillway.

Look left and see that a big boulder blocked the spillway. The bridge is down.

Try to go do down and Mina says that her leg might get infected.

Tell Jep to go to the other side.

Northern Plateau

As Jep:

Cross the mud flats.

Look down and jump in the mud.

Blue dessert:    Look up and see blue fruits on the branch of the tree.

Use the bamboo stick on the fruit. Pick up 2 soiled blue fruits.

Find safe route:    Using the bamboo stick, click on active (gears) spots to see how deep the water is.

The shadow of the tree trunk at right is shallow. Click forward there.

Turn left and find a shallow spot on the edge of the scummy water. Click forward there.

Turn right to the shore and find a shallow spot on the edge of the scummy water. Click forward there.

Be on shore. Mina says to find a way to get her over here.

Help Mina get to the other side of the mud flats.

Turn right and forward to the broken bridge.

Check the leaning post. Jep needs more energy to push the post.

Raise Jep's energy gauge to green.

Turn left and forward to the path.

Kiln crossroad:    Turn to the right and forward to the kiln hut.

Go up the stairs and see a baby bird on the rim of the chimney. Pan left and up the tree and place the bird back with momma at the nest.

Go to the other side of the crossroad. Take the charcoal at right corner.

Go forward and look up at top of cliff. See a monkey up there. See also a hole in the ground filled with water.

Turn back and take 4 Tahitian gardenia from the left and 3 bunches of palm fruits on the right of the path.

Go back to the crossroad.

Lemurid:    Turn left at crossroad and forward.

See a lemurid ran and hide under the big leaves.

Take and use the short pointed stick on active spot under the leaf. Get a lemurid. Sigh!

Pool:    Turn around and see a small pool of water.

While Jep is dirty, look up at tree left of the pool and take 3 honeycombs from the bees.

Take water spinach from the pool.

Use the pool to wash Jep clean. Wash the 2 soiled fruits and get 2 Blue desserts and a clean Jep.

Post:    Go back to the pole and mud flats.

Eat food to raise the energy. Best to eat the lemurid, Mina would not like seeing this in inventory.

Save some oranges, egg, honeycomb and crawfish. Get oil palm kernels after eating a bunch of oil palm fruits.

Wear a gardenia and later an Austral thyme to gain energy.

Now that Jep's energy is green, push that post and get a makeshift bridge for Mina.

As Mina and Jep:

The robot mentioned a passage located at an altitude of 340 feet.

Go forward to the path. At the crossroad, check the writing on the base of the signpost. It is illegible altitude.

Geyser:    Turn left and forward to the end. See the dirty pool.

Look up and see the monkey on top of the cliff hide or leave.

Turn right and look at the kiln building.

-- The shortcut feature is activated. You can now jump to specific places.

Large kiln:    Go forward and look around.

There are tools here for working the kiln.

Turn around from furnace and check the post's stone base. It says: Altitude 325 feet.

Altitude:    If this is 325 feet, we need to find a passage on the cliff 15 feet higher.

Pool:    Go back to the path and turn right.

Check the stone base right of the pool. We're at 306 feet.

Make 340 feet marker.

Sawmill:    Continue forward to the sawmill.

See a still, empty cooling tank and saw table.

Chest:    Look at the slab right of the saw table.

Push the heavy slab to access the chest.

Robber Monkey:    A monkey steals things from Mina's bag.

In inventory, find the monkey's hand. Click on hand to stop it from taking that particular item.

One trick to this is to go back to a saved game, place the items you don't want it to steal on the auto box or in frames other than the first 2.

Open the chest.

Journal:    Read the journal completely. We will follow procedures from this journal.

Read documents about stone mason level: a square, plumb line and better if a sight is fitted.

Take red pigments, grindstone, plumb or weight, rusty axe and chalk.

Turn around and see a stone base with illegible writing.

Sharpen the axe:    Take the nail off the saw blade.

Take the blade off and replace it with the grindstone.

Place the nail back on to hold the grindstone in place.

Press the pedal on the ground. Use the axe on the grindstone to get sharpened axe.

Pine forest:    Turn around and go forward to the cliffs. Turn to the left and see a pine forest.

Use the sharpened axe on the pines to make a pile of 21 foot long pole. Take 3 21 foot poles.

Trulca:    Turn right and see a succulent with red berries. In front of it are brambles.

Use a 21 foot pole on the brambles. Go to the succulent.

Use a 21 foot pole to drop the trulca. Get 2 trulca red berries.

See that Jep smells 2 monkeys up the cliff. We will deal with them later. Mina needs us here.

Go back to Mina and ask for a hug and be carried.

15 foot pole:    Go back to the saw mill.

See that the saw blade is rusty. Sharpen the blade on the grindstone.

Take the grindstone off and replace with the saw blade. Don't forget to secure with nail.

To lay it on the table, click the 21 foot pole on the space between the grooves of the table.

Move the cursor over the lever to check how long the cut pieces will be. See the measurement of the resulting cut poles.

Move the pole right or left until: 21 foot long pole = 6 foot + 15 foot long pole.

Press the pedal and then pull down the lever to get  a 15 and  6 foot pole.

Make a stone mason level:    Review documents.

Use the multiblade knife on spool of string to get cord.

Combine cord + weight + sextant sight = level.

Make a 340 marker:    Go to the Large kiln building.

Place the 15 foot pole on the stone base. There, we have a 340 feet marker.

Let's get closer to the cliff where the passage is supposed to be.

Go forward to the cross road.

Transfer marker:    Turn around to the 340 pole at the large kiln.

Use the level to sight the top of the pole.

Click-hold the cursor on top of the pole. Release the mouse.

Pan left until you see a bird on top. The bird or the top of the tree can serve as the next marker.

Right click to exit close up.


Mark the 340 feet on the cliff:    Go up to the sawmill.

Use the level and look for the bird on top of the tree. Click on the bird to mark the height.

Pan right to the cliff to find a 340 mark. Hey, the bushes moved.

Go to the cliff and see a monkey and a passage behind the bushes.


Fill Mina's energy bar up to the green.

Mina needs to have more energy to climb the cliff.

Make containers:    It is time to make containers for liquids.

Using the shortcut, jump to Workshop or any place close by and then go to workshop.

Make pottery:

Use clay on the wood wheel on the table to get a close up.

Note: You only need the clay this first time. There will be clay on the table from now on. No need to click clay for later vase making.

Wet hands on the basin left of the wood wheel.

Take clay from right of the wood wheel.

Click on wood wheel to start spinning.

Click on 1 or 2 or 3 side(s) of the spinning clay to give it a shape.

Wait for the wheel to stop and then take the pottery to be fired.

Make 2 each of 6 possible shapes to get 12 potteries to be fired.

Make shapes by clicking at: middle, top, bottom, top and bottom, top and middle, middle and bottom.

To make fire, 3 things are needed:

A starter like: dried twigs, tinder or paper.

A large material that can be burned long like: wood, logs, branches or poles.

An igniter like: matches, lighter (if you have them), friction or the sun.

Fire the potteries:

Go to the kiln outside.

In inventory, click the level on disassemble icon under the score frame to get plumb, cord and sextant sight.

In inventory, combine:  twigs or tinder or illegible sheet of paper + large broken branch or pole + sextant sight = fire ready to burn.

Place fire ready to burn in the kiln.

Click the bellows string (at end of the bellows structure) to make a bigger fire.

Place one pottery to be fired in the kiln.

Wait until it glows and becomes lighter in color. Immediately click to take it out or it will crack. The hand cursor briefly closes when the vase is ready to take out.

Fire all 12 vases.


Water:    Fill 3 vases with water from the tub inside the workshop.

Blue Dessert:    Get Jep to go to the muddy lake at end of path where the scarecrow was before.

Use 21 ft. pole on the blue fruit on the branch in the water.

Take the dirty blue dessert.

Go to the lake and wash the dirty sponge.

Use clean sponge on Jep.

Wash the dirty blue dessert on the lake also.

Go back to Mina and climb on her shoulder.

Maple syrup:    Go to the lake and use 2 vases to collect 2 maple syrup from the tree close to where Mina was sitting earlier.

Sugar:    Place one maple syrup on fire and get sugar.

Palm oil:     Go to windmill.

Place oil palm kernels in the top bin.

Use a vase on the palm oil in box on the floor.

Wheat:    Combine wheat with sand with vase with water to get wheat, sand and water.

Flour:    In the windmill, place wheat in the top bin.

Use a vase on the flour in box on the floor.

Cook:    Use only ingredients that you have enough of. Don't exhaust your supply.

Check the journal-documents.

Seasoned salad:    Combine water spinach + palm oil.

Cake batter:    Combine water + flour + (sugar, honey or maple syrup) + egg.

Tart:    Make the batter as above + fruit (oranges, trulca or blue dessert). Place in kiln.

Seafood:    Cook fish, crawfish or mussel in kiln.

Still:    Use only ingredients that you have enough of. Don't exhaust your supply.

Prepare the still:    Jump to sawmill.

Fill the cooling barrel with water.

Attach the pipe from the beach on the still.

In inventory combine:  twigs or tinder or illegible sheet of paper + large broken branch or pole + sextant sight = fire ready to burn. Place fire under the still.

Alcohol:    Open the door of the still. Use any fruits (oranges, trulca or blue dessert) or sugar or honeycomb available.

Use vase to collect alcohol.

Perfume:    Place Tahitian Gardenia or Austral thyme in still.

Use vase to collect perfume.

Red paint:     Combine red pigment and alcohol = red paint.

Bouquet:    Combine Gardenia + thyme = bouquet.


In inventory, combine multiblade knife and broken bottle to get cork.

Combine cork with red paint to get red cork.

Combine 6 ft pole + cord + hook + red cork = fishing pole.

Jump to the lake. Combine fishing pole + worm = fishing pole with lure.

Drop the baited fishing pole on the lake.

Wait for red cork to bob. Click hold to maintain the fish in the bar at right to be green.

If it turns red, release the mouse button a bit to get it back to green.

The aim is to get the green fish down to the net at bottom of bar. Have fun with the fish.

Raise Mina's energy:    Give Mina the seasoned salad or tart, cooked crawfish, cooked mussels, astral thyme and perfume.


Explore the inlet to find a way to the motor.

Passage:    Now Mina has full energy. Go to the cliff.

Climb to the bushes that were marked earlier (340 feet) on the cliff. Let's do it.

Leonard, the robber:    Turn right and see the monkey that robbed Mina.

He's doing it again. Press space bar to start the puzzle.

Click on Leonard's hand to prevent him from taking more items.

Inlet:    This is the inlet the robot mentioned. Climb down using the liana-vine. See Mina's boat.

Turn around and see a termite hill, fresh water and wild peas. Hmm. This will make a good pea soup.

Use vase to get water. Pick the cliff reed growing in the water and the wild peas from the plant at right.

Get some termites:

Use the pointed stick on termite hill. See a close of the stick with termites.

Now slowly and with steady cursor move that stick to get it outside with some termites on it. Good luck!

Beach:    Go forward to the beach. Mina reminisces about the boat.

Strange object:    Look down in the sand and see an object with square slots. A token was on the side but it disintegrated when touched.

Face:    Look up on the cliff and see a face. This is the face mentioned in the journal.

Go forward and pick up shellfish and the can of dried out green paint by the boulders on the shoreline.

Turn towards the cliff. Take the path ahead. A monkey on top of the cliff threw something.

Pick up the empty coconut shell.

Basin with potting soil:    Turn to the cliff and see a basin with potting soil on the ground. Strange.

Green crystal mold:    Turn to the right see something glowing green under the sand. Mina clears the sand and sees a green crystal mold.

Use clay to make a mold and get plaque of 6 unfired tokens. These tokens look like a match of the strange object in the sand.

Go forward to the beach and look up the palm tree.

Get Jep to climb the palm tree and check that face on the cliff.

Jump to cliff side:    To successfully get to the cliff side, click when the arrow is in the green area of the bar.

On the cliff ledge, look up and see something shiny under the vine.

Click to move the vine. Hear strange words again and smoke coming out of the face.

Look close and see another green crystal mold.

Use clay on the mold to get plaque of 9 unfired tokens.

Jump back to the palm tree and then go down to the sand.

Get a hug from Mina. Then climb on her shoulder.

Make tiles:    Now that there are imprints of the 2 green molds, it is time to fire them.

Jump to workshop.

Place the plaque of 6 unfired clay tokens in the kiln. Take the tiles as soon as they lightened in color. Get 6 terracotta tokens.

Place the plaque of 9 unfired clay tokens in the kiln. Take the tiles as soon as they lightened in color. Get 9 terracotta tokens.

Strange object:    Jump back to the inlet. Go gown to the beach and forward to the strange object in the sand.

Terracotta tokens:

Look close at the terracotta puzzle. Take the 9 and the 6 tiles fired.

The object of the puzzle is to place the tiles in specific slots that would show specific combination of lines.

Lines on a tile on the top row and lines on a tile on the first column should be seen combined on a tile placed in the intersected position of those 2 tiles.

For example: Lines on tile placed in top right and lines of bottom left tile should be seen combined on tile placed at bottom right.

Place the 6 top tiles at the bottom in correct place at top row and left column.

Place the bottom tiles in slots that would show that those tiles have combined lines from the top row and left column.

Hear that scary voice again. Take the young sprout that appeared at top of the strange object.

Plant the sprout:

Turn around and go to the cliff wall under the face.

Plant the young sprout on the basin filled with potting soil.

Wow! Hear that voice again. Water the plant. What a green thumb! A vine forming a gorgeous design grew so fast.

Use a vase to collect the turquoise liquid.

Fill 3 vases with water from the pool beside the termite hill.

Climb back up to the cliff ledge.

As Jep:

Leonard, the painter:    As Jep, go to the far side of the ledge and see Leonard.

Look around and see paintings on the cliff wall. See an Alien, hot air balloon, the vine, the Nautilus and the volcano.

To the right is an empty space ready for another drawing. They look like a history of the island.

The rock by Leonard has indentations for different colors. Only black paint is there. He is out of other colors.

The vine painting is similar to that actual vine from the young sprout.

Get lizard and/or get stolen good: 

Try to go to the left and Leonard does not approve.

You can scare him with the slough of the snake or the can of green paint but I think getting his ire and difficulty in pacifying him later is not worth it.

Offer him turquoise liquid.

While his back is turned, go left immediately:

If you do want to try to recover stolen goods, turn to face the palm tree with a nest on top.

To successfully get to the nest, click when the arrow is in the green area of the bar.

Jump to the nest. You can use easy mode on this arcade puzzle.

Once on the nest, look down and open the bag.

Take one important object that you might need later. Food and flowers are not important. You can get only one item at a time.

Jump back to the ledge or see Leonard come and throw Jep out. Thanks, Liz.

At the ledge, see a lizard at crack on wall. Use the pointed small stick to get the lizard.

Go back and look at the new painting Leonard did inside the vine that is similar to the young sprout's vine.

Go back to Mina. If your energy is down, ask for a hug first and then get carried. Save the food.

As Jep and Mina:


Go down to the vine under the face.

In inventory combine the multiblade knife + cliff reed = reed stalk + paint brush.

Use paint brush with the turquoise liquid.

Paint the drawing Leonard did on the wall inside the vine.

The wall with the drawing pushes out.

Click on that large button and enter the Sanctuary.



Push the button and enter. See an old temple.

A sentinel monkey calls out. The rest of the monkeys appear. There are 4 monkeys and one missing. Maybe the fifth one is the one across the chasm.

Cross the pit guarded by the monkeys.

Attack monkeys:    Pan left and try to walk down the stairs. The monkeys start throwing mud at Mina.

Mina retreats to the beach. Counter attack is required.

In inventory, combine the reed stalk and the wild peas to get a blowgun.

Go back inside the temple and shoot only at the sentinel, the 4th monkey from left and Slugger the first monkey. Do not hit Amber and Leonard.

That didn't work.

Ambassador of Goodwill:    Mina and Jep hold a council meeting. Mina says that they need allies. Jep will be the Ambassador of Goodwill. To get their goodwill, raise the friendship bar of each monkey to green.

Momma monkey:

Before going to fulfill the mission, get a hug from Mina. Ask to be carried by Mina.

Jump to lakeside. Go to the beach-chasm crossroad, south from here. Go right to the chasm.

Mina sees the destroyed vine. See a desperate monkey across the chasm.

Rope:    In inventory, combine multiblade knife and spool of string to get cord.

Make 3 cords. Combine the 3 cords to get rope.

As Jep:

Go to the other side. This is Jep's job.

Cross the chasm. Talk to momma monkey and she points to baby monkey stranded on a pole amid the lava flow.

Go up the destroyed wall. Throw the rope on the baby monkey's pole.

Baby monkey crawls on the rope and is caught by Jep.

Go down and give baby monkey to momma.

Momma monkey has green friendship bar and is happy.

Cross the chasm and ask to be carried by Mina.

As Jep and Mina:

Amber, the gentle monkey:

Jump to sawmill. Go to the cliff wall.

Get Jep to cross the laid pole over the brambles to the trulca plant.

Look up and Jep shows that Slugger and Amber is up the cliff.

Climb up. See Slugger eating ants and Amber fanning herself.

Look down and see a broken bone. Use hook on broken bone to get marrow.

Slugger:    Try to look inside the hole on the wall. A very angry Slugger growls.

Try to talk to Amber and again Slugger, the alpha male does not permit it.

Talk to Slugger. Pacify and then groom Slugger. Looks like diplomacy will not work with Slugger.

Frighten him off by using the slough of a snake or the can of green paint on Slugger. This will work only if those items have not been used with him before.

Now that Slugger is gone, look inside the hole on the wall. Take the Gardenia and enameled vase. Hmm. so this is what Amber likes.

Go to Mina. Ask for a hug since the energy is down after the fight with Slugger.

Make blue vases:    Go to the workshop.

You need 2 of each shaped vases empty. Make more vases. Fire the vases.

Paint all (2 sets of 6 different shapes) empty vases with blue paint. Combine vase + turquoise paintbrush.

Place the enameled vase to be fired in the kiln. Take it out as soon as the color lightens.

Make shell necklace:

Combine shellfish + Multiblade knife = shellfish with holes.

Combine shellfish with holes with cord (from string) = Shell necklace.

Go back to Amber up the cliff. Talk to Amber. Groom her.

Amber is a lady, see if you can court her with feminine items.

Give her shell necklace, tart, Austral thyme, gardenia, bouquet or perfume. Sorry no chocolates here.

Give her 6 different shaped blue enameled vases.

She might also want some food. She loves fish if you already caught one.


Play the ocarina by clicking on any of the holes covered by Jep's fingers. Right click to stop.

Amber whistles a tune. Reproduce what she whistles. If correct, a music that repeats the tune is heard.

Play another tune and again she will whistle another tune. Reproduce what she whistles. If correct, a music that repeats the tune is heard.

Amber is now your friend.

Leonard the painter:

Jump to Mina and be carried.

In inventory, combine can of dried green paint and gasoline = green paint.

Make white paint:

Read the settler's journal. Learn how to make white paint.

Make lime:

Jump to large kiln. Build a fire.

In inventory, combine:  twigs or tinder or illegible sheet of paper + large broken branch or pole + sextant sight = fire ready to burn. Place fire in fireplace.

Get Jep to go up the stairs. Place shellfish in chimney.

See lime pour out of chimney. As Mina, collect lime with vase.

Hydrate lime:    Add lime to water (in that order) = hydrated lime.

White paint:    Palm oil + Hydrated lime + chalk = white paint.

Jump to Inlet. Go to Leonard and see if you can convince him.

Talk and then groom Leonard


Play the ocarina by clicking on any of the holes covered by Jep's fingers. Right click to stop.

Leonard whistles a tune. Reproduce what he whistles. If correct, a music that repeats the tune is heard.

Play another tune and again he will whistle another tune. Reproduce what he whistles. If correct, a music that repeats the tune is heard.


Give him  red, green and white paint.

Watch him use each of the paints given to enhance the murals on the cliff wall.

Paint Mina:

Take the paint brush and click on a color on the rock.

Use the colored paint brush on the empty space on the right part of the cliff wall.

Use all 5 colors: black, red, turquoise, green and white. See a magnificent drawing of Mina.

Gifts:     Give Leonard fish, marrow, lizard, orange, bunch of palm fruit, and blue desserts (or other food still left).

Leonard is green!

Attack monkeys part 2:

Go back down to the vine button and enter the temple.

See the 5 monkey pictures on top. Our allies: Leonard, Amber and momma are all green. Slugger has no friendship bar at all - he's really mad and the sentinel has only red.

Use the blow gun on either Slugger or the sentinel. Once one enemy is red go to the other enemy.

The aim is to have both of them red at the same time. Happy shooting.

Slugger and the sentinel beat a hasty retreat. Click on your allies and they wave back to you.

Explore the underground galleries and halls.

Cemetery:    Go down the stairs. See the cemetery.

Vase puzzle:

There are 5 shelves; one has a blue enameled vase.

Under the shelves are lines. The lines are sometimes part apart or close together.

The blue vase seen here is skinny at the bottom.

The lines underneath is made mostly of close together lines and wide at the bottom.

If we correlate the lines with the vase; it looks like the wide lines corresponds to the narrow part of a vase and the close together lines are the normal part of the vase.

The aim is to place the correct blue vase on the shelves that matches the line.

From left to right:

Narrow top only.

Narrow bottom only (with vase already).

Narrow middle only.

Narrow top and middle.

Narrow middle and bottom.

Underground passage:

Entrance:    Hear the alien voice again. A vessel with fluid is seen at right alcove.

A set of tones is played. Reproduce those tones with the ocarina. If correct, the music is reproduced.

Press the symbol on top of the fluid vessel. Hear the alien voice and the portal is opened.

Underground stairway:    See a long staircase going down.

The left wall is filled with ovoids. Turn to the far right and see a board with alien script. Click on a line and hear that alien voice again. Maybe we can understand him later.

Gate:    Go down the stairs and try to go through the arched entryway. The gate slams down.

Face:    Turn right and see that it is the back of the face we saw down at the beach.

Look through both eyes and see green fog over the island.

Look down and see 3 posts with holes that have colored gas inside:  yellow, magenta and blue.

Ovoids:    Turn around and see flashing ovoids. The 2 at the bottom do not have pink centers.

Take the metallic ovoid on the left and an alert blares. Place it back.

Michael Ardan:    Take the lowest left ovoid with pink center.

It is that of Michel Ardan's (Journey to the Moon) memories of his talk with Captain Nemo and his time at the moon. Click on the X at bottom right to close the monitor.

Cyrus Smith:    The next ovoid with pink center on the right has the memories of Cyrus Smith.

Listen carefully to Captain Nemo talk about the builder of this place he named X and the working of this facility.

Learn that the ovoids contain the essence of the individuals. Learn also about the workings of the language machine, geothermal, dynamo and other important topics. Click on the X at bottom right to close the monitor.

Language machine:   

The aim of the puzzle is to reproduce a sentence. Study the setup below the ovoids.

Each blue cone has a different sound or words stored in it. The cones are kept at the bottom.

The pipe activates the blue cone's sound placed on top of it.

The middle bottom blue tube is to start and turn off the pipes.

The sentence that should be formed is:

He who has intelligence will discern the known in the unknown and understand how much the other is like him.

Find the correct position:    To start the pipes, place a blue cone on first pipe at bottom left and then press the center blue button at the bottom.

Listen to hear if a coherent word is heard and if it forms a sentence.

The text at top right shows the number of cones that are in the correct pipes.

Move that cone to the next pipe and the next... until a coherent word is heard.

Push the bottom center button again to raise it and stop the machine.

Do this until all the blue cones are placed correctly and the sentence is formed.

You might need to move the cones to another pipe if a some of the words are misplaced in the sentence.

The picture below only shows the pipes that would produce the correct sound. Finding the correct cone to be placed on top of that pipe is to be a systematic search. Aside for listening to the sound, check the text at top right to see if that cone is in place. Good luck.

The alien voice is now understandable.

See if you can understand some of the other ovoids now.

Writing on board:    Go back up the stairs and look at the board at left close to the entryway.

Click on each sentence and hear the report about the environment. The report is bad.

ID scan:   Go back to the ovoids.

Take one of the ovoids with no pink center just above the language machine. They are still not imprinted with memories and serves as identification.

Mina's memories:     See Mina's memories and the greetings done by the alien machine. The language of the monkeys is even understood. See the meeting of Mina and Jep and with Captain Nemo's consciousness. Click on the X at bottom right to close the monitor.

Jep's memories:     Take the other blank ovoid.

The alien voice states that the process of destruction is now intensified. See that more green gas is released.

In inventory, use the blank ovoid on Jep. Place Jep's ovoid back on the wall. See Jep's memories. Click on the X at bottom right to close the monitor.

Repair the geothermal motor.

Geothermal motor:   

Enter through the now opened gate and see the geothermal motor.

Go down the stairs, right, left to cross the turbines and see a large control panel at left.

Control Panel:    The panel shows the layout of the power source of the island. The water from the lake is not reaching the turbines.

Test:    Press the button at bottom of panel. A test has to be passed before controls are given to Mina.

Press the button that the voice states.

Press the button again to open the settings. There is an imbalance on the processes involved.

Try one of the levers and be told that there is insufficient power.

There is a block on the water path. Then clear the path of the gas by placing in it an object of appropriate diameter.

Start up the geothermal motor again, then find the optimal tuning for stabilizing the volcano.

Unblock on the water path:

Go back to the entrance to this room. See a door with an N on it. Try to open Captain Nemo's room. It is stuck.

See that there is an electrical cable in the water. Its crystal holder is broken on the ground. The holder is a crystal held by metal clamp. Pick up the twisted crystal holder from the pool of water.

Find crystal:    Go back to the door with the mark of the alien beside the control panel.

If the door is closed, water must be flowing in there and the door is sealed. Press the button to pull down the cover of the levers.

Enter to be at the water duct. One side has a gate valve and the other leads to one pipe of the volcano. This is the path that sends water to the volcano and produces steam; as well as control the volcano.

Enter the volcano pipe. Look up. Turn right and go forward on the ledge. Turn to face the wall and see the turbine duct that gets steam power from the volcano. This is the other end of the turbine at the control room.

Look above the turbine duct and see a crystal. Use the axe to take the crystal.

Repair the crystal holder:    Jump to the large kiln.

Place the twisted crystal holder in the fire.

Use the tongs left of the furnace to take the red hot twisted crystal holder.

Move the tongs with heated twisted crystal holder on the stone anvil and then click to hold it in place.

Take the hammer hanging left of furnace. Hit the twisted crystal holder to straighten it.

Place the hammer back. Right click the tongs to take it off the anvil. Then move it to the water trough.

Click to drop the crystal holder in water. Return the tongs on the wall.

Restore power to Captain Nemo's door:    Jump back to Motor room.

In inventory, combine crystal + crystal holder = insulator.

Go to the downed power line. Use the insulator to pick up the electrical cable.

Insert the insulator on the hole in the wall. Hear the door unlock.

Captain Nemo's underwater base:   

Shield control:    Go down and go left. See the shield control.

See oil spilled on the table. To the right is an intercom to the destroyed Nautilus. A light is on.

Mixer:    Go to the other side. See the mixer on the table. There's a sick plant on the left side of the table.

To the left is an intercom to the destroyed Nautilus. A light is also on.

Nemo's ovoid:   There's an adulterated or imprinted ovoid on the right side of the table.

Take the adulterated ovoid at right and then go other ovoids outside the grill door.

Take the metallic ovoid and replace it with Nemo's ovoid.

Click on it to hear what he says. Learn about the colored fogs, mixer, the geothermal control and the shield control.

Office:    Go back to Nemo's base and go to the office at end of the room.

Read Darwin's book: origin of the Species. Read what Nemo wrote on the front page. Very appropriate.

Read a book by Pasteur. Read the handwritten note by Nemo: his thoughts about the origin of life.

Check the pictures hanging on the wall:    the cross section of the island, Nemo's family portrait and an older Captain Nemo by the windmill.

Play the elephant box on the couch.

We are now in the circle underwater in #2 lake.

The control room we were in earlier is #1.

The volcano pipe we walked in to get a crystal is the right red one.

We need to unblock the blue line under the lake that leads to the volcano pipe at left.

The white path above the lake needs to be checked also. It carries the steam out.

Diving mask:    Take the diving mask left of the desk. The diving mask's can is empty.

We need a source of oxygen. Read the journal. It states that the chemical reaction of hydrated lime is reversible. That can then recycle the air.

Combine diving mask + Hydrated lime.

Hatch:    Open the hatch and see it is stuck. Use palm oil on the rusty lock or use sponge with oil spill.

Go back to the shield control panel. Use the clean sponge on the oil spill on the table.

If the sponge is dirty, combine it with water. Use the clean sponge on the oil spill.

Use the sponge with oil on the rusty lock of the hatch. Open the hatch.

Dive in:    Use the diving mask on Mina. Enter the hatch. Jep is left behind.

Turn right and turn the red wheel to let water in the airlock.

Jep is definitely doing mischief.

Underwater:    See the down helicopter ahead. Go to the helicopter.

With your back to the helicopter, go forward to where an orange part of the helicopter is seen ahead.

Blockage:    See a big rock over a metal gate. So that is what is blocking the water flow.

Look down and see a wheel. Move it and take the steel hook.

Go back to the helicopter.

Surface:    Look up and swim to the surface.

See the jaguar pacing at the crossroad. You can get maple syrup again from the tree.

Use the diving mask on on Mina and dive down to the helicopter again.

Cargo hatch:    Try to open the cargo hatch left of the passenger door. It's stuck.

See a winch attached to the side of the window. Use the handle from inventory on the winch.

Place the steel hook on the loop under the winch. Click on the hook and it will automatically attach to the cargo door.

Click to turn the handle of the winch. The door is pried open.

Enter the cargo hold. Take the net, uninflated float and nitrogen tank.

Remove the blockage of the water line:

Go back to the metal gate blocked by rock.

Use net on rock. Then use uninflated float on the net. Now, inflate the float with the nitrogen tank.

Click on the nitrogen tank. Look at the gate and see that it is mouth of a water main.

Go back to Nemo's base.

Open the hatch:

Turn the red wheel to empty the water from the airlock.

A cover opens showing the emergency panel. Look up. See that the hatch is closed and things are thrown all over on top of the hatch.

Jep cannot open the hatch.

Unlock the hatch:    Study the panel and see that each frame cycles different arrangement of lines.

Look up and click on Jep. Then click on a picture frame on the hatch.

Study each frame of the pictures.

The family portrait's frame has broken sets of lines. The pattern is repeated every 2 sets.

Copy the lines starting at top left until it is repeated on to the control panel squares.

Cycle the lines selection of the control panel using the button. The hatch opens. Go up and see the mess Jep made in the office.

Straighten up the office:    Place the pictures back on the wall.

Put the elephant box upright. See an unfinished To Do list that Nemo made.

Pick up Jep and go to the control panel of the geothermal motor.

See that there's power to the dynamo now.

Clear the path of the gas:

Try to work the levers below the control panel. The voice says to clear the path of the gas by placing an object of appropriate diameter.

Enter the door at right to go to the volcano tube. Turn right and go to the turbine duct.

Get Jep to go in and see what he can do.

Go to the end and see the hole at the end. Use the coconut on the hole.

Join and and ask to be carried by Mina.

Balance the flow and frequency:

Go back to the control panel. Press the button below the panel. That starts the power back on.

See the water flows on the chamber at right and volcanic gas-steam passes through the turbines at left.

Now balance the process.

Look at the lever below the button. The right lever is the flow and the left is the frequency.

The aim is to have the gauge at the center be at the green area and all 4 lights on.

Move one of the levers to the top. Slowly move the other lever to get the gauge at green area.

Once it is in the green area, move the lever slowly until all 4 lights are on.

Mina did it! The disaster is averted.

Go out to meet the rescuers.

Exit to the ramp and check the eye of the face. See that green cloud is released and has now covered the whole island. The plant life are all dying.

Continue on up to the door with the alien script. Press the button.

Slugger:    Slugger rushes through and enters the geothermal room. In the process the grill door slams shut because the machine did not identify him.

The motor stopped.

Open the gate:    Go down to the grill door.

Look left at the ovoids and see a new one ready for Slugger. It needs to ID Slugger first before the door can open.

See blood on the ramp by the door. It's Slugger's.

Take the unimprinted-unadulterated ovoid and use it on the blood and hair to get Slugger's DNA.

Place Slugger's ovoid back on the wall. Click on it to see Slugger's memory. Ah - he wants to get back at Jep.

Enter the geothermal room. Go to the control panel to start the motor.

Oh no! He's in the turbine duct.

Turbine duct:    Enter the door with the alien script. Go the volcano tube and right to the turbine duct.

Hear Slugger threateningly.

Slugger and the catcher:

Get Jep to go in and take care of Slugger.

If Jep's energy is down, get a caress and feed him until the bar is green.

Enter the duct. Slugger throws spherical capacitors.

Catch 5 spherical capacitors to finish the puzzle within the time given.

An easy mode happens after some failures.

Slugger collapses. Click on Slugger and Jep pulls him out of the duct. Mina pulls Slugger to the main room.

Geothermal control:    Click on the control panel.

The machine starts the language comprehension test again because Slugger fiddled with it. Press the buttons stated. 

Hear a sound. Mina automatically balances the process again.

Slugger passes away.

Try everything to cure Jep.

Jep gets sick and collapses. Mina carries him to Nemo's office.

Mina remembers what Nemo stated in the ovoid about the mixer. The colored gases of X can be mixed at the main bulb and produce organic compounds that can be antidotes for any illness or poisons.

Mixer:     Go to the mixer at left window.

See that Slugger has been here and broke things.

See that a bulb is missing at the end of the big round glass.

Pick up the shards of violet glass.

Place the 5 spherical capacitors on the plugs at right.

Take the blown fuse right of the capacitors.

Repair the fuse:    In inventory, disassemble the frayed steel cable taken from the downed helicopter area. Get 2 steel wires.

Use a steel wire on the blown fuse to get repaired fuse.

Place the repaired fuse on the slot right of the capacitors.

Make bottles:

2 bulbs need to be made: the one on the end and the violet one.

Let's walk over to the large kiln and see the island now.

Before you go, give Jep a hug.

Look around the cemetery temple and beach.

Look up at Amber's cliff and see strong flow of green gas coming from there.

See dying birds on the path.

Go to the intersection of the large kiln.

Take the empty coconut shell that Jep used earlier on the opening of the turbine duct and an eyepiece.

See the pool is now a geyser.

If you walk around the south part of the island, see dying snakes and the turtle from the sea. I have not seen the other monkeys.

Large kiln:    Go to large kiln.

We need tools and materials to blow glass. Study the journal.

Long tube:    Place the rifle in the fire of the kiln.

Use the tongs to take out red hot rifle. Click the tong on the stone anvil.

Take the hardy from the block left of the furnace.

Mina said to sharpen the hardy first. Release the tong and rifle.

Sharpen the hardy:    Go to the sawmill.

Replace the saw blade with the grindstone. Place the nail back.

Press the pedal and use the hardy on the grindstone to get sharpened hardy.

Cut the tube:    Go back to the large kiln.

Place the sharpened hardy on the hole of the stone anvil.

Use the tongs to take the red hot rifle. Click it on the stone anvil.

Take the hammer and use it on the rifle twice. Once to cut the rest off and the next strike is to get it back in round shape.

Place the tube in water. Pick up the steel tube. Right click to release the tongs.

Workshop:    Go to workshop and the kiln here.

Blow the violet glass:    Place the crucible in the kiln.

Place the shards of violet glass in the crucible.

Pull the string of the bellows to get a larger fire.

Wait until it melts. Use the tube on the melted violet glass to get violet bottle.

Make another bottle:    Read the journal.

We need sand, charcoal, quicklime and soda ash (from burned seaweed) to make a vitrifiable mixture.

Place seaweed in the kiln and get soda ash.

Place hydrated lime in kiln and get quicklime.

In inventory, combine soda ash, sand, charcoal and quicklime = vitrifiable mixture.

Place vitrifiable mixture in crucible.

Pull the string of the bellows to get a larger fire.

Wait until it melts. Use the tube on the melted violet glass to get bottle.

Prepare the mixer:    Jump to Nemo's base.

Third bottle:    Go to the ovoids and turn to the face.

See that the magenta gas is over flowing now under the green gas.

Use the recently made plain bottle on the magenta gas to get colored gas in bottle.

Place the colored gas in bottle on the end of the mixer.

Now there are cyan, magenta and yellow bottles attached to the setup.

Place the violet bottle underneath the large glass

Eyepiece:    Place the eyepiece on the metal arm above the large glass.

Look through the eyepiece and see that it has decomposed tissue in there.

Clean the mixer:    Press the red button to pass UV light on the setup and sterilize it.

Gases:    Release cyan, yellow and then magenta gas in the large glass.

It looks like the magenta neutralizes the green gas made by yellow and cyan.

Mina wants to remove the green gas. So magenta it is then.

Jep's tissue:    Take the empty sampler.

Go to Jep, give him a hug and then use the sampler on Jep.

Place the sampler with Jep's tissue on the glass at back of the mixer.

Look through the eyepiece and see dead cells, sick cells and healthy cells.

The sick cells have red bacteria surrounded by green bacteria.

Open the magenta tap to fill the large glass with the gas.

Look through the eyepiece and then turn the tap at bottom right to see what happens when Jep's tissue is exposed to magenta gas.

They all died.

Choose: Go out to be picked by rescuers or restore the shield to save the island.

Where does the aggression come from?

Captain Nemo answers: From the exterior.

He explains about the microorganism brought in by the wind when the shield went down. The microorganism attacked the living things here that are not immune to them. Mina being from the outside is immune.

Mina realizes that if she brings the shield back up, she has to stay here.

Captain Nemo regrets that Mina has to choose. This island is his legacy to Mina. The light of the Nautilus goes out.

The alarm of the shield control blares.

Go to the shield control panel.

The alarm means that a helicopter is arriving.

Mina decides.

Save game here before making a decision.

Go home:    Carry Jep. Go to the beach of the Inlet. Watch.

Raise the shield:    Carry Jep. Slowly pull down the lever to raise the shield. Watch.

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