R E M E D Y   (Demo & Game)


 Len Green            28th  November 2004     lengreen@hotmail.com




Shortly before finishing this walkthrough I received the following email from the (pair of) Developers … Mikael and Eleen Nyqvist (http://www.mdna-games.com/).

I myself stumbled upon (only) about a half of these “mini Easter Eggs” whilst beta-testing and repeatedly playing “Remedy”.

Hi Len!
                   This may be totally meaningless, especially for the walkthrough, but just for the heck of it, we compiled a small, and no doubt incomplete, list of things that easily can be missed in the game, but aren't necessary. "Easter eggs" might be a too strong word.
            Here goes:-     Take care!        M & E


If you would like to read &/or perform any of them, please link to the very end of this walkthrough.




{A}   This walkthrough describes the absolute MINIMUM actions only which you must take in order to succeed.

There are a few actions which players are most likely to perform which SEEM to be essential but actually are not.  Some of these have been mentioned and designated as such in the walkthrough, in order to save the player unnecessary frustrations.

However, please don’t use this walkthrough unless you absolutely have to.  Many aspects which are not essential have been omitted.  A lot of these are interesting and provide much of the background story to the game, and particularly to the fascinating (and artistic) character and scenery of Norrköping … a relatively small town in Sweden.

{B}   Warning :-  The main purpose of this game is to examine items, interview people, and generally ‘act the tourist’, etc.  Some of these actions are essential, but many are not and quite a few are red herrings.

If you simply take this walkthrough in your hand and follow exactly what to do & not to do, you can probably finish the game very quickly. This however would completely defeat its whole purpose!

{C}   This walkthrough does not do justice to “Remedy”!  A very great part of the interest and beauty of the game is wandering around through the vast number of locations and views … There are so many that I’m pretty certain that I missed a few ! L

          I have included ONLY the essential locations and actions (together with a few puzzle solutions).  To have even attempted to describe the many panoramas and the local characters would have taken me more than twice the time and double the length !!

{D}   This is a first-person game and much of the intricacy lies in browsing around … and as aforementioned there is a lot of that.  I (personally) frequently ‘got lost’ looking for some location or object, and sometimes after finding it, lost my way again on returning.

Despite this fact however, I have not given exact ‘direction-instructions’ in this walkthrough … i.e. you won’t find extensive “forward; forward; right; back; left; left; forward; right; etc.” descriptions.  The player will be told where to go, but not exactly how to get there.  Nevertheless, quite a few times where finding a vital location is particularly tricky but essential, some accurate direction instructions ARE included.

{E}   On entering every new location, it is advisable to browse around as much as possible in order to explore the general layout.  However, the walkthrough never tells you explicitly to do this!    

{F}   You should NOT  have to follow the identical order of accessing locations as described in this walkthrough.  Some locations of course will not appear on the map until you have completed certain tasks, and so a particular order is sometimes essential.  Other than this, you are free to visit (&/or revisit) as you wish !

{G}   There is no need to describe ANY of the ‘mechanics’ &/or interface of the game.  It is all contained in the short ‘ReadMe.txt’ file in the “Remedy” folder on your Hard Disc (after installing of course).

{H}   There are absolutely no action sequences and you never get killed in this game.  There are no slider puzzles or mazes.

Nevertheless it is easy to make a wrong or redundant move!  So it is advisable to save frequently.  There are an infinite number of save-slots. Each save is very small (only 4 KB), and so saving and loading is almost instantaneous, presenting no delays to progress.

{I}  A very personal suggestion ONLY.

When people (including myself) need to look at a walkthrough, they can’t avoid seeing additional hints … especially speed readers in their mother tongue.  This can be very upsetting.  Since this walkthrough is FULL of spoilers I recommend the following (also in general for ALL walkthroughs) :-

Decide upon one (or more) most appropriate keyword.  Access “Edit/Find” on your walkthrough’s toolbar, enter your keyword, and search !  With luck, this should take you immediately (or almost immediately) just to the area where you need help … minimizing the risk of seeing additional spoilers !

Simply as a (very) theoretical example :- Suppose you’re stuck in a location with a fretsaw that you think you need to do something with, but don’t know what or how, or maybe even where !  Try searching for the word ‘fretsaw’ in the walkthrough, or just ‘saw’ or maybe ‘blade’, or ‘workshop’, or ‘wood’, etc.


Walkthrough :-  (Demo & Game)       


 You start off in Carol’s apartment.

(N.B.  To a certain degree only, the order is important in this location!) *****  Look at the postcard on the table.

*****  Flip the postcard over.

*****  It’s from Lovisa.  Read it.

*****  Go to the bedroom and look at the suitcase.

*****  Your (i.e. the “heroine’s”) name is Carol Reed.

*****  Open the suitcase.

*****  Look at Jane Austen’s “Sense & Sensibility”.

*****  Go to the bathroom.

*****  Look at the sink.

*****  Look at Carol’s ring near to the taps.

*****  Take it.

*****  Go to the kitchen and look at the pocket knife on the counter.

*****  Take the pocket knife.

*****  Look at the refrigerator.

*****  Read ‘Conrad’s code’ on the fridge door and note it down. (1958).

*****  Go to the front door.

*****  Open the door. You can’t … yet !

*****  Look down at the package on the floor (next to the stool).  It has just been delivered.

*****  It’s addressed to Carol Reed.  Pick it up.

*****  Open the package and read the letter from Katarina Vogel.

*****  Open the sealed letter addressed to Carol Reed.  You can’t … “I need something to open this with”!  [ :~ (( ]

*****  Use the pocket knife (from inventory) on the letter.

*****  Read the letter from (the late) Conrad (Vogel Investigations, Norrköping, Sweden) to Carol asking for help !

*****  Open the front door.  View the map.

To finish the Demo :- Access any location on the map (except “Home”).


Katarina Vogel’s residence.

*****  Choose Katarina Vogel.

*****  Climb the stairs up to the apartment door next to the bicycle.

*****  There is a bell button on the left hand side of the door … press it.

*****  The bell rings and Katarina welcomes you to come inside her apartment.

*****  Approach Katarina (who’s baking a cake) in the kitchen 2 or 3 times.

*****  She will eventually tell you “You can wait in the living room”.

*****  Go to the living room where there is a couch, 2 armchairs and a table with a couple of round objects on it.

*****  Sit down (i.e. ‘down-arrow’).

*****  Go through the whole dialog tree with Katarina … it’s not long !

*****  “Thank you for your time” … and you automatically exit to the map.


The Tower Remains.

*****  Choose The Tower Remains.

*****  Go to the rear of Conrad’s parked Volvo (NOT the close-up).

*****  Turn right and look at the box half hidden in the bushes.

*****  Look at the steel wire inside the box.

*****  Take the steel wire.

*****  Return to the map.


Conrad’s apartment.

*****  Choose Conrad’s apartment.

*****  To enter the apartment building, you need to enter a code into the keypad.

*****  Conrad’s code is … (see above) 1958.

*****  Enter Conrad’s code correctly and the red light (beneath the buttons) switches on.

*****  Use the main door handle and enter the building.

*****  Climb the stairs up to the apartment door with the nameplate “Conrad Vogel” on the letter box.

*****  Look at this letter box and open it..

*****  Inside your inventory, combine the steel wire with the ring.

*****  Use this ‘ring with wire’ combination on the open slot in the letter box to unlock the door.

*****  Use the door handle and enter Conrad’s apartment.

*****  There’s a combination safe with a keypad consisting of 4 colored disks.  By clicking each disk, it cycles through 4 different colors.

          It’s impossible to open the safe until much later in the game (even if you use the ‘correct’ combination) !

*****  View Conrad’s bookshelves … in close-up.

*****  Look at Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”.  It’s “got no earthly business in Conrad’s library” !

*****  Pull out the book and look at it carefully.  

*****  There is a sheet of paper protruding from the right side.

*****  Take it and read the letter. 

*****  Continue downwards and look at the 2 photographs and then the request to water his plants in the attic.

*****  Take the attached attic key.

*****  View the white card on the windowsill beneath the picturesque window and above the radiator.

*****  Look at the card  … “St. John’s graveyard” ??

*****  There is a telephone in the apartment.  Next to it is a cabinet with a glass door (it looks rather like a picture in a frame).

*****  Press the catch on the right side of this cabinet and its door opens.

*****  Remove Conrad’s car keys from a hook there.

*****  You quite likely may have come across an empty bottle and possibly filled it with water from a tap in the kitchen.  You can even use this in a very short while … there is no ‘harm’ in this, but none of it is necessary !!

*****  Exit the front door of the apartment.


Conrad’s attic.

*****  Beside Conrad’s apartment (on the same floor) is an elevator door.

*****  Enter it and look at the buttons controlling the floors.  Only 2 are accessible.

*****  Press the button marked “5” which takes you to the top floor.

*****  Climb the few stairs to the attic door.

*****  Use the key you got from Conrad’s apartment to enter.

*****  Inside the attic, look for a wicker basket … inside it (at the bottom) is a blue cigarette lighter.

*****  Take the lighter.

*****  Find a cardboard box and open it.

*****  Look at the photo of Conrad at his allotment, and take it.

*****  See above :-  You can use your filled bottle, if indeed you have one,  to water 3 plants (and the bottle will empty and disappear from your inventory) … as requested by the late Conrad.  But (again), this is unnecessary !!

*****  Exit the attic.

*****  Enter the elevator.

*****  Press the large button on the extreme left which takes you to the ground floor.

*****  Exit the elevator and the front door to the map.


The Tower RemainsConrad’s Car.

*****  Choose The Tower Remains.

*****  Go to the door on the driver’s side of Conrad’s parked Volvo. It’s locked. 

*****  Use Conrad’s car keys and open the door.

*****  Look down at the floor on the passenger’s side and see the red colored gem.

*****  Pick up the gem.

*****  Go to the rear of the car and access the close-up of the trunk.  It’s also locked.  Use Conrad’s car keys again to open it.

*****  Look at and handle the silver/white colored box inside the trunk.

*****  It’s a puzzle … you have to open it !

*****  Look at the third line down (#3) … a line of silver/white colored buttons.

All have a red gem in the middle, except one … “Something seems to be missing here” !

*****  Drag your gem from inventory onto the hole in that ‘empty’ button.

*****  Click on various buttons in row #3.  As you do this, view the row of green buttons above (the second line down … #2).

*****  Different clicks on buttons in line #3 cause various combinations of  buttons in line #2 to change from green to white &/or vice versa.

*****  Figure out which buttons to press in order to get the whole line #2 of six buttons to change from green to white.

*****  When you succeed, the top right hand button of the top line (#1) will change from white to blue.

          If it’s difficult to figure out, some trial and error should do the job.

          If that doesn’t ‘work’, the solution from left to right is …. 4:  2;  5;  3.

*****  Click this blue button and the box will open.

*****  View the small key from inside the now open box.

*****  Take the small key.

*****  Return to the map.


St. John’s Graveyard.

*****  Choose St. Johns Graveyard.

*****  Enter the main gates, and immediately turn left.

*****  You’ll see a man working on the plants … maybe a gardener.

*****  Go up to him.

*****  Ask him “Do you know who Conrad Vogel is?”. 

He has never heard of Conrad.

*****  Show him the photograph of Conrad (from your inventory) … “Have you seen this man around here ?”.

*****  Yes !  He has … and he supplies some details about a Madeleine Grip who owns a company called Vivatech … and her ex-husband.

*****  Continue the (short) dialog until the end.

*****  Go to a close up of the front door of the church.

*****  It is not locked … so enter.

There is a piano in the church and if you wish (only) you can have fun clicking out any melody you like … but this is NOT necessary !

*****  Walk forward a good number of times.  (8 times actually).

*****  Turn left (once) and walk to the stairs.

*****  Climb the stairs and you’ll see a key.

*****  It’s a church key … pick it up.

*****  Return down the stairs and face the entrance door.

*****  Go straight forward to the main door (3 times) and turn right towards a purple colored door.

*****  Go forward to this locked door.

*****  Open this door with the church key and enter.

*****  Immediately turn right.

*****  Open the door you are facing.

*****  Go forward to the blue book on the table.

*****  Look at the book … “That means Tuesday’s prayer group”.

*****  Open and view it.

*****  Turn to the second page and highlight the name “Gustav Grip”.

*****  He has changed his address “I hope this is his current address” !

*****  Exit the church (there are now two exit doors !) and go to the map.


Gustav Grip’s residence.

*****  Choose Gustav Grip’s residence.

*****  Go upstairs to Gustav Grip’s apartment.

*****  Press the buzzer near the door handle … “Come in !”.

*****  Talk to Gustav and exhaust all the dialogs.

*****  Ask for the bathroom.  Look around the apartment to find it, and enter.

*****  Look at the steamed up mirror.  “It looks like something has been written here”.

*****  Run some hot water from the (red) tap and the writing clears.

*****  Note down what’s written  … It is … “Psalm 635”.

*****  Exit the apartment.

*****  Go downstairs a couple of times.  Turn right around and face the bottom of the stairs again (don’t exit to the map !).

*****  To the right of the stairs is a bluish-white colored door.  Open it and you’re in a cellar.


Gustav Grip’s cellar.

*****  Go down a few steps.

*****  Go forward a couple of times and turn right.  You’re facing a door.

*****  Open this door and you’re in total darkness.

*****  Drag the lighter from your inventory to see what’s inside.

*****  Look at an oil can … and take it.

*****  Extinguish the lighter and exit the pitch black room.

*****  Turn left a couple of times and proceed along the corridor also a couple of times.

*****  Turn right and you will see a room labeled ‘Mangelbod’ (‘Mangle-room’ in English !).

*****  Open the door and enter.

*****  Look around until you find a rag on a table.

*****  Look at the rag and take it.

*****  It’s now appropriate to exit the cellar.

*****  However if you return to the entrance door, it shuts automatically and gets stuck that way.

*****  You can do no more than pound on the closed stuck entrance door; which is not helpful !

*****  With your back to the (black) entrance door, go forward then left, then forward then left again.

*****  Go forward and you’re in a bicycle room.

*****  Look around and you’ll see a window in the bicycle room.

*****  Maybe you can get out of the cellar through that window ?

*****  It seems you need to use something (which apparently you haven’t got !).

*****  Look around the bicycle room again and see a ladder.

*****  See a ladder and then take it.

*****  Return to the window, and place the ladder (from inventory) below the window.

*****  Climb up the ladder to the (double) window.

*****  Open the catch at the extreme right hand side of the windows.

*****  Climb out of that open window.


Gustav Grip’s backyard.

*****  Look around Gustav’s backyard.

*****  Notice a pair of trousers on a clothes ‘line’ (a sort of metal bar).

*****  It looks as though there may be something in the trousers.

*****  Access the trousers.  You can’t … “They’re too high”.

*****  Apparently the bar is raised or lowered by means of a crank.

*****  OK … use the crank.  Impossible --- “It’s … stuck” !

*****  Use the oil can (from inventory) to loosen up the crank.

*****  Use the crank to lower the trousers so that you can get hold of them.

*****  There is a pass card sticking out of one of the trouser pockets. 

*****  Take the pass card.

*****  Exit Gustav Grip’s backyard and go to the map.


St. John’s Graveyard.

*****  Choose St. Johns Graveyard.

*****  Enter the main gates.

*****  Go to a close up of the front door of the church.

*****  It is not locked … so enter.

*****  Walk forward a good number of times.  (6 times).

*****  Turn right (once) and walk to the hymn book.

*****  Open the hymn book.

*****  Turn the pages until you get to the hymn you noted in Gustav Grip’s apartment (hymn 635).

*****  Note the number of the page it’s on (page 1205).

*****  Exit the church and go to the map.



*****  Choose Vivatech.

*****  Go forward to the front door.

*****  Try to enter.  You can’t … it’s locked.

*****  Look left at the pass card reader.

*****  Insert the pass card (from inventory) into the slot.

*****  Return to the front door and you can now enter the lobby.

*****  Step forward again and you come to the main door leading inside.

*****  Take a close look at the keypad … it has a red light on it.

*****  Enter the number you obtained from the hymn book (1205) and the keypad light changes from red to green.

*****  You can now enter the main door.

*****  Walk straight forward along the corridor (6 times) and turn left.

*****  Look at Gustav Grip’s office.

*****  Try to enter … no go.  It seems you need something … a key ?

*****  Continue towards the end of the corridor (you’ll need to make a few turns forward, right, left, etc.) and you’ll come across a desk printer and not far away, a large photocopier (“A spaceship” ??).

*****  Turn left from the photocopier and enter (through an opening) another office.

*****  Look at the computer there, and particularly look closely at the mouse.

*****  Next to the mouse is a key.  Pick it up.

*****  Return to Gustav’s office.

*****  Use the key (from inventory) on the lock, and enter.

*****  There are many files lying around.  They are of no interest except one red one … “This one looks different”.

*****  Open it.  It contains a cutting from a journal and a letter concerning a prenuptial agreement.  Read them.

*****  At the bottom of the prenuptial agreement, notice the top (only) of a Vivatech yellow post-it note.

*****  Look at it and read it (M:  Rydgatan 3).  “M … Can that be Madeleine?”.

*****  There is a cupboard in the office.

*****  Look at it and open it.

*****  View the mortar and pestle.

*****  Take the pestle.

*****  Access the computer.

*****  Switch it on and view the monitor screen.

*****  The printer is out of paper, and hence hasn’t printed page-5 of some document. (Pressing ‘Cancel’ doesn’t help !).

*****  Leave Gustav’s office.

*****  Go to the printer (at the end of the corridor).

*****  Open the printer’s paper tray.

*****  From alongside the printer take some paper.

*****  Feed the paper (from inventory) into the paper tray.

*****  Return to the computer in Gustav’s office.

*****  Look at the screen.

*****  Now you can click on ‘Continue’.  Do that !

*****  Back again to the printer.

*****  Notice the printed page at the top of the printer.  Take it.

*****  You can't actually TAKE it ... but read it, and pay special attention to the P.S. 

*****  If you now try to exit Vivatech, you will be unable to … “Perhaps I should put the key back” !

*****  Return to the room where you obtained the key to Gustav’s office.

*****  Replace the key (from inventory) from where you found it … next to the computer’s mouse.

*****  Return back along the corridor towards the main entrance door.

*****  You will come to an overhead exit-arrow/walk/door sign.

*****  Go to the Vivatech lobby.

*****  Leave the main door of Vivatech … onto the map.


Marianne Stridh’s residence.

*****  Choose Rydgatan 3.

*****  Press the button to the left of the door handle.

*****  Marianne Stridh comes to the door.

*****  Talk to her and exhaust all dialogs.

*****  Ask to see Madeleine’s room … “I guess there’s no harm in it” !

*****  Enter, and look around her room. 

*****  There is a chest of drawers with a picture of a very young blond child on it, and a candle and a vase.

*****  Propped up near to them is a yellow/white card.

*****  Look at the card … ‘Berga --- Smultronstigen 20’.  “I think this is the address to Conrad’s allotment”

*****  Pan down to the drawers themselves.

*****  Open the drawers and look inside them.

*****  In one of them is a note and a couple of photographs.

*****  Read the note … it is anonymous and sinister !

Examining the note &/or the photos is in no way essential for finishing the game fully, but it adds to the narrative !

*****  Leave Marianne’s … she is outside watering plants.

*****  You are now on the map.


Conrad’s allotment.

*****  Choose Conrad’s allotment.

*****  Go to the entrance of the shed.  It is locked up with a padlock.

*****  Use the small key (from inventory) which came from the boot of Conrad’s car.

*****  Unlock the door and enter.

*****  Look around generally.

*****  There is a poster on one wall … Exposé 2002 --- Greengrass Gardens.

*****  Now !!  Does that remind you of something ?

*****  Something you’ve seen before pertaining to Conrad ?  Make a note of it !

*****  If you now try to exit the allotment, you will be unable to … “I probably ought to lock the shed before I leave”.

*****  Return to the shed and replace the self locking padlock (from inventory).

*****  Leave the allotment … onto the map.


Conrad’s apartment.

*****  Choose Conrad’s apartment … again.

*****  Enter his apartment (now you can go straight in !).

*****  Do you remember the following … shortly after the beginning ?

There’s a combination safe with a keypad consisting of 4 colored disks.  By clicking each disk, it cycles through 4 different colors.

          It’s impossible to open the safe until much later in the game (even if you use the ‘correct’ combination) !

*****  Well utilizing the poster in Conrad’s allotment, you should now be able to use the ‘correct’ combination.

*****  Open the safe (From the top right hand corner, clockwise … Violet; Mauve; Red; Yellow).

*****  There is an opened envelope addressed to Conrad Vogel.  Read the threatening letter inside from “I know’ !

*****  View and read the accompanying letter from ‘Scantech Biolibraries’ … “I wonder who Bob is?”.

*****  There is also a yellow post-it note which is worth reading.

          This is not essential, but is (partly) a pointer to something in the future !

*****  Leave the apartment … You can’t move until you close the safe.

*****  When you try to open the front door, the telephone rings and you can’t exit … “I think I’d better answer the phone first”.

*****  Go to the telephone and lift up the handset.  Listen to the electronically disguised voice warning you … “I’m watching you all the time.  Go away” !

*****  Leave the apartment, and then the main door … you’re on the map.


Katarina Vogel’s residence.

*****  Choose Katarina Vogel … She is sitting in the garden.

*****  Complete the short dialogs with her.

*****  “Do you know someone called Bob ?”.

Katarina says he was Conrad’s friend, and promises to phone him at ‘Nanotech’

*****  Leave Katarina’s residence … onto the map.


Bob’s Laboratory.

*****  Choose Bob’s Laboratory (at Nanotech).

*****  Complete the short dialogs with Bob.  He mentions the East Docks.

*****  Leave and you are on the map. 

You can now go to the docks, but you will be able to achieve only a VERY limited amount at this stage.  It won’t ‘hurt’ … but worth while waiting until later.



          This is a very large location.  To finish the game fully you only HAVE to go to one location and perform a simple pair of actions there.

        But it is such a scenic and historical attraction that I recommend exploring as much of it as you can.

        When you arrive at the video machine beside the cactus display, although not essential, I suggest that you operate the side switch and look at each of the five stills, which give you some interesting information about Norrköping.

*****  Have a GOOD look at the video machine (beside the cactus display).  Do you see anything ‘special’?

*****  Look at the bottom, on the ground.  There’s a yellow object … easily overlooked !

*****  Pick it up and look at it …  “A yellow rose.  That’s the symbol for hope.”

*****  Examine it more closely … “A hairpin entangled in the rose”.

*****  Take the hairpin and then the rose.

*****  Return to the map.


Gustav Grip’s cellar.

*****  Choose Gustav Grip’s residence.

*****  Open the door to the cellar.

*****  Pan downwards … there is something to do at the bottom of the door.

*****  Jam the door so that it won’t close when you go forward … Use the pestle (from inventory) to do this.

*****  Go to the bicycle Room.  You’ve done this before, but in case you’ve forgotten … (Take a step forward, then go forward then left, then forward then left again.  Go forward and you’re there.)

*****  Go to the window and see the ladder standing beneath it … where you left it before climbing out previously.

*****  Take the ladder … you CAN now since the door has been jammed open and you don’t (can’t) leave through the window.

*****  Exit the cellar and Gustav Grip’s residence.

*****  Return to the map.


St. John’s Graveyard.

*****  Choose St. Johns Graveyard.

*****  Enter the main gates, and continue until you obtain a close-up of the main entrance door to the church.

*****  Enter the church.

*****  Walk forward a good number of times.  (5 times actually).

*****  Turn left (once) and walk to the purple colored door (which you previously unlocked with the church key.  It has remained unlocked !).

*****  Open this door.

*****  Immediately turn right.

*****  Open the door you are facing and Immediately turn left.

*****  Look at the cupboard, open it and look at the church articles inside.

          This is not essential.

*****  Look upwards and see a rack holding several collection bags …

*****  Examine them … “I guess they use these for the collections”.

*****  Take one … “I can’t reach it”.

*****  So, place the ladder (from inventory) against the cupboard … beneath the rack.

*****  Climb up and take one of the collection bags.

*****  Return down and take your ladder back again.

*****  Find the stairs leading up to the chandeliers.  This can be a bit tricky, so … (from where you placed the ladder ... go left, go forward, go right, go forward, open the door in front of you, go immediately to the left.).

*****  Go up the stairs and work your way around until you see the chandelier in front of you … and fairly close.

*****  Look at it.  A small blue bottle is lying on it.  “That must be some cleaning spray they forgot when cleaning the chandeliers”.

*****  Get the bottle.  Obviously you can’t … it’s too far away.

*****  Scoop it up with the collection bag (from inventory).

*****  Oops !!  It’s not there.  It must have fallen down ?!

*****  Return to the church corridor, below the chandelier.

*****  Yes !  It’s there alright.

*****  Pick the bottle of cleaning liquid up.

*****  Leave the church.

          If you forgot to take the ladder back earlier, Carol will not allow you to leave until you get it !  “I think I should get the ladder first”.

*****  Return to the map.


The Docks.

*****  Choose the docks.

*****  Explore the whole area.

*****  Look for a large warehouse with a small black rectangular sign board on the front.

*****  Look more closely.  It’s a name plate but so filthy dirty that you can’t possibly read it.

*****  But you MUST read it.

          For this you must have three items in your inventory.  If you haven’t got any of them, you’ll have to return and acquire them … they are ALL still ‘available’ and at the following locations ……………

Cleaning liquid …… On the chandelier, in the church at

     St. John’s Graveyard.

          Hairpin ……….…… Beneath the video machine, Downtown.

          Rag ………..……... In the ‘mangle room’ in Gustav Grip’s cellar.

*****  Use the rag (from inventory) on the name plate.

*****  No go ! “I think I need something more than the cloth to remove all this dirt”.

*****  So use the cleaning liquid bottle (from inventory)  on the name plate.

*****  Also no good ! “It seems like the bottle has clogged up.  I need something to clear it”

*****  In inventory, use the hairpin on the bottle to unclog it and you get ‘opened cleaning liquid’.

*****  Now try the ‘opened cleaning liquid’ (from inventory)  on the name plate.

*****  It still doesn’t help !  “I can’t just spray on the sign”.

*****  In inventory, use the ‘opened cleaning liquid’ on the rag.  You obtain a ‘prepared rag’.

*****  Rub the ‘prepared rag’ (from inventory)  on the name plate.

*****  Eureka !  It cleans it completely revealing the name “Glocal Shipping”.

That name has ‘appeared’ before … do you remember?  On the yellow post-it note in the safe in Conrad’s apartment … if you looked at it, and carefully.

It seems that you’re on the right track !

*****  Walk away from the warehouse … the sky darkens with thunder and lightening.

*****  Carol hears steps behind her.  She is hit on the head and passes out.  *****  When she comes to, she is seated with her legs bound.

*****  Look upwards.  You see Marianne Stridh.  Apparently she has engineered this whole plot !

*****  “Where is Madeleine Grip?”.  No proper answer is given and after a brief conversation, Marianne leaves.

*****  Look at the rope binding your legs … it’s really tight.

*****  Use the pocket knife (from inventory) to cut it.

*****  Now you’re free to look around the warehouse … which apparently houses a light plane.

*****  You find Madeleine, sitting on a chair with her hands tied behind her back.

*****  Talk to Madeleine who (understandably) just wants to get out !

*****  Use the  pocket knife (from inventory) on her bindings to release her. 

*****  The pocket knife is no good “I don’t want to hurt her”.

*****  Keep looking around.  There is a brown cabinet standing close to one of the walls of the warehouse.

*****  Open it.

*****  Look at the wire cutters.

*****  Take them, and return to Madeleine.

*****  Use the wire cutters (from inventory) and release Madeleine.

*****  Talk to her and she reveals the reason and details  behind her kidnapping.

*****  Madeleine says “Let’s get going”.

*****  Then … Madeleine says “There’s always a certain melody when she exits” and hums a four note melody (over and over again … if you wish her to !).

*****  Find the door.  It’s closed.

*****  There’s a loudspeaker and some buttons next to it. 

*****  Press each button and you get a note.

*****  Copy the melody that Madeleine hummed.  It’s quite easy … even if you don’t appreciate musical puzzles (If you can’t or don’t want to solve it … press the following colored buttons :- Grey;  Purple;  Yellow;  Green.).

*****  Open the door … and walk out into the glorious sunset.


Carol’s apartment (Home).

*****  You are back at the table (with the candles) where you first started the game.

*****  Look at the envelope addressed to Carol Reed

*****  Use the pocket knife (from inventory) to open it.

*****  Read the enclosed letter from Katarina Vogel about Conrad’s death.

*****  There was a pencil underneath the envelope.

*****  Pick up the pencil.

*****  Use the pencil to write (and listen to) Carol’s concluding letter to Lovisa.

CREDITS and the END !!



Mini Easter Eggs” & ‘Extras’ :-

The toilet can be flushed.
  The disco ball can be viewed close up from its right side.
  The clown hanging on the exit door can be pulled.
  You can see the stairs through the peep hole on the exit door.
  You can see the street outside of the window in the bedroom.
Conrad's cellar.
You can use the ladder on the window in the ‘mangle room’.
  The magnet outside the cellar door can be viewed with different comments, depending on if the door has closed yet or not.
Conrad's apartment.
You can look at Conrad's computer.
  There is a phone number to “Scantech Biolibraries” in the safe. It can be used on the phone.
  You can try to water the dead flowers at the window sill in the kitchen.
St. John’s Graveyard.
After having finished the business with the graveyard worker … If you exit the graveyard and return, he's leaning against a tree having a nap.



There are also custom made replies throughout the game when the wrong object is used to interact with something. …………………..

    Some examples:-
        When the knife is used on the coin box in the church.
        When the pestle is used on the lock to the allotment.
        When keys are used on Madeleine's handcuffs.
        When the bottle found at Conrad's apartment is used on the flowers in Gustav's office.


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