At the top of the stairs you hear the sound of another mail delivery. Examine the mail found on the floor at the front door to find an Electronics Letter and a Letter from Jon with the complete Mabinogion Four Branches attached to it.

The last page of the Mabinogion Four Branches lists the four objects be collected.






Death Shroud


Magic Wand


After opening the sluice gate in Chapter Four the level of the stream in Area 2 (Right) lowers enough for you get across. However, the gate to the Chapel and Graveyard was locked.
There's a new message from Edward Jones, the Chapel minister, on the answering machine in the Living Room. Listen to it to learn that he found the key and has unlocked the gate.
Make your way to the end of the path in Area 2 (Right) and enter the Graveyard. Walk forward twice, then turn to your right and examine the rectangular tomb in which Rhiannon and Arthur Boswell are buried. Take note of the 6-sided star with a + on the side of the tomb.


Go to the Underground Tunnel and use the tunnel boat to get to the Office at the midway point.
Inside the desk drawer you find Charles Robert Boswell's journal of private musings. You find the desk drawer by facing the old gramophone and then turning to your right. Read the journal thoroughly as it contains a number of clues.
Did you notice the 5-digit number written below the 'Office' diagram on the Blueprint?

This is the combination to the safe in the Office. Zoom in on the dial on the safe and enter the combination by turning it to each of the 5 digits, i.e. 8, 7, 3, 6 and 2.
Remove the Ancient Tool from the safe, click the button on the handle (noting the point opens to form a +) and then click it again to add it to your inventory. You must have seen the 6-sided star on Rhiannon Boswell's tomb in the Graveyard and read all the pages of the journal found in the desk drawer before doing this.
Return to the Graveyard and insert the Ancient Tool into the + on the 6-sided star on the tomb of Rhiannon and Arthur Boswell to remove the Round Stone.


In his journal of private musings, Charles Robert Boswell wrote about 'a magical pentangle in the cellar of the Produce Terminus.' There are four round stones with symbols on the walls in the Stock Terminus, and place for a fifth stone to be inserted. These are positioned at the five points of a 'pentangle'. The poster on the wall in Jen's Study and the cover of the second copy of the ProtoScientist magazine (on the chair) have these same four symbols on them, marked as Earth, Water, Fire and Air.
The Scroll found in the safe in the Office refers to the principles of the Symbols of the Magical Pentangle of Ty Pryderi. It states that:

They shall be activated in Balanced Magical Order in sinister rotation

This means that they must be activated in the sequence that the pentangle lines follow.

Begin by inserting the Round Stone in the 'hole' on the wall below the stairs. By following the pentangle lines the sequence of the symbols is Air, Fire, Earth and then Water. Note that you hear the sound of laughter if an incorrect stone is pressed, and the puzzle resets.
From the bottom of the stairs, turn left, go diagonally forward twice towards the left of the boat, then turn around to access the 'hole'. Click the 'hole' once, then insert the Round Stone.
From here turn to your left, go forward, then turn left again, go forward and then turn to the right to access the Air Stone. When you click the stone it should remain depressed.
Turn to the right, go forward, turn right again and go forward to access the Fire Stone. Again, it should remain depressed when clicked.
Next, turn to the left twice and go forward to access the Earth Stone.
Turn to the right twice, go forward, turn right again and go forward to access the Water Stone.
The five symbols will now light up and a glass cage rises from the water. Open the glass cage and remove the Wooden Wand.


The remaining Mabinogion objects are relatively easy to find.
Take the Ceramic Piggy Bank on Rhiannon's desk in her room. The Plastic Hard Hat is found lying on the path near the drum opposite the Mill. The Calendar behind the door in Malcolm's Study has a picture of what astronomers refer to as a planetary nebula 'Death Shroud'.


Take the MP3 Player out of the charger on Malcolm's desk in his Study and the Tunovox tone analyzer from the window sill inside the upstairs Bedroom. The Electronics Letter received in the mail contains detailed instructions for using these two items.
From Rhiannon's Physics Homework (found in the drawer of the desk in her room) you learn that 'sound is made by things vibrating'. You need to record the sound made by four items in the game that 'vibrate'.
Go to the mill wheel at the end of the walkway at the Mill. Use the Tunovox to record the sound it makes by pressing the 'Tone' button. Next, zoom in to close up view of the generator on the first floor inside the Mill Terminus, then again use the Tunovox to record the sound it makes. The freezer in the Pantry also 'vibrates', so this is the third sound to record. The final item is a bit more tricky to find as the sound it makes is very feint. The wall fan in the upstairs Bathroom does 'vibrate', but you need to listen closely to hear it. Record the sound with the Tunovox.

After recording all the sounds there are four separate MP3 Players in your inventory:

Kitchen Appliance Tone

Bathroom Fan Tone

Generator Tone

Millwheel Tone

You can view the sounds on the MP3 Player after recording them. However, there is a 'bug' in the game. The mill wheel recording reflects the generator tone and the generator recording is reflected as the mill wheel tone.


From the display on the MP3 Players you know that the sounds cannot be heard.

Did you find the MP3 Leaflet in the Living Room? If you stand in front of the coffee table facing towards the window, look down at the table. Lift the right cushion on the couch (next to the red book) to find it. Note the two speakers on either side of the couch, which means you are in the correct position as indicated in the MP3 Leaflet. Get up and zoom in on the hi fi set below the television. Press the button on the middle component to detect the Persavox MP3 Player.
Return to close up view of the coffee table, noting that the top is glowing. This indicates where the 'matching' pairs must be placed.
Look at each MP3 Player, noting the frequency level indicated by the position of the red bar.
The diagram at the bottom of the Physics Homework illustrates the frequency levels of various materials in bar chart format, from lowest to highest.

From this you can work out how to match the different MP3 Player tones with the objects.
Generator Tone (lowest) and Wooden Wand
Bathroom Fan (2nd lowest) and Calendar
Kitchen Appliance Tone (2nd highest) and Plastic Hard Hat
Mill Wheel Tone (highest) and Ceramic Piggy Bank
Place the 'matching pairs' on the coffee table. Note that after placing the Generator Tone and Wooden Wand on the table, they form the Glass Wand, which is added to your inventory. The remaining three pairs combine to form the Air Orb.


Go to the Graveyard at the extreme end of Area 2 (Right) and look closely at the tombstones. Most of them have receptacles that can be interacted with.
You now have four Orbs and know there have been four 'Rhiannons' at Ty Pryderi. You have to figure out into which receptacles the four Orbs must be placed.
The present occupant (Rhiannon Sullivan) is obviously still very much alive. However, from the Mother's Letter found on top of the bookshelves in Jens Study, you learn that there's a family plot in the Graveyard. The Mother's Letter also gives the names of Rhiannon's grandparents, i.e. Lucinda and George Edwards. The zodiac poster (on the wall in Rhiannon's Room) has a 'sticky note' bearing her name on the 'Water' quadrant, linking her to the Water Orb.
The body found on the path in 1969 was never identified, but from the 1967 diary in the car at the Old Garage you know it was Rhiannon Wallace. From the diary entry on that day you also learn that her birthday was on 8 September. Using the zodiac poster in Rhiannon's Room you can therefore link her with the Earth Orb.
You know that Rhiannon Boswell's rectangular tomb is in the Graveyard. In his journal, Charles Robert Boswell describes Rhiannon as 'one born with the Sun in Aquarius, a child of the Air Element'. Based on this she can be linked to the Air Orb.
From Charles Robert Boswell's journal you also learn that Rhiannon of Pywll (the original one) is buried in the Graveyard. One of the tombstones has Ogam script carved on it. This script is identical to that shown on the Main Menu page, which is translated as 'Rhiannon' down the left hand side. By process of elimination you know she is linked to the Fire Orb.
Zoom in on the four tombs and insert the Orbs linked with them as follows:
George and Lucinda Edwards - Water Orb
Unknown (Lost but now Found) - Earth Orb
Rhiannon Boswell - Air Orb
Rhiannon of Pwyll (Ogam Script) - Fire Orb
Finally, place the Glass Wand on the round flat stone near the door to the Chapel.
Sit back and enjoy the fruits of all you hard work...