Did you read the 'Things To Do' list on the pin board in Malcolm's Study? The first item on the list (marked as having been done) is a clue on how to get started in Chapter Four.

If you went down the path in Area 2 (Left) during Chapter 3, you would have heard someone using a chain saw beyond the fallen tree, which has now been removed.


The path in Area 2 (Left) leads to the Mill. Examine the unusual lock on the sluice gate at the end of the path. There are wooden stairs at the Mill that lead down to a walkway, from where a large mill wheel is visible. Take note of the locked door at the bottom of the stairs.
Go to the Outbuilding and take the Sluice Key found behind the paint tins in the far left corner. Note that it can only be taken after you've seen the lock on the sluice gate. Return to the sluice gate and use the Sluice Key to open it, allowing the water to flow through. After doing this, the mill wheel on the side of the Mill will start turning.


An Underground Tunnel is accessible from inside the Outbuilding. Use the Crowbar to lift the wooden trapdoor in the far right corner, noting that the area below is filled with water. Pull the lever on the far wall opposite the entrance, then watch the cut scene to see the water below gushing out the side of the building. Note that this only works if the sluice gate is open.
Go down the open trapdoor to the Stock Terminus. Get into the tunnel boat and push the lever on the central mast forward. Take note that the lever is visible on the left of the mast. You can get out and explore the Office (through the turquoise submarine door) when the boat stops at the halfway point. If you do, board the boat on the left side afterwards, i.e. the lever must be on the left of the mast. If the lever is on the right, the boat returns to the Stock Terminus when you push the lever. Continue your journey in the tunnel boat to the Mill Terminus.
Disembark at the Mill Terminus and climb up the spiral staircase to the first floor. Remove the bar on the door with the 'Lockdown Procedure' poster on it. This is the locked door you saw in Area 2 (Left) at the bottom of the wooden stairs next to the Mill. After doing this, you can enter the Mill Terminus from Area 2 (Left) without having to use the tunnel boat.
Climb the spiral staircase up to the second floor. A bright white light comes out of the rafters, turns on the radio and then disappears through the window. This is a clue on where to look for the Mabinogion Branch 3.
Walk towards the workbench next to the radio, turn left and you see the Mabinogion Branch 3, folded into a paper plane, in the rafters. Incidentally, you may want to wait until the song on the radio finishes before doing this as the game has a tendency to remain 'stuck' on this song.


This time there are eight objects to be collected:








Wedding Ring




Golden Bowl




Six of the objects are in plain sight, while finding the other two is a bit more tricky. Before you leave the Mill Terminus, take the Darts Trophy from the window sill to the right at the top of the spiral staircase and the Wellington Boots on the floor on the first level.
If you haven't already done so, go to the Office at the midway point of the Tunnel and examine the safe in close up mode. There's no logical explanation for this, but it triggers what happens next in the Living Room back at the house. Return to the house, remembering to board the tunnel boat at the rear, so the lever is to the right of the mast. When you enter the Living Room from the Entrance Hall door, a ghost appears and vanishes through a 'door' on the right. You automatically follow it into a Ghost Room. You may recall that Rhiannon wrote about a 'vision' in which the door to the Dining Room mysteriously moved. Note that you must have examined the safe in the Office and must enter from the Living Room to trigger the vision.
Examine the corpse in the coffin and remove the Ring on her finger. From the card on top of the cabinet you learn that it's the body of Rhiannon Boswell. Take the Blueprint (a map of the Underground Tunnel) from the left side of the cabinet. There's a 'Flowers' book inside the right side of the cabinet. Open the book to find the Edwardian Key. Inside the middle part of the cabinet you find a tin containing a marriage certificate, two newspaper cuttings and an old photograph. These documents contain some helpful information, so read them carefully. Note that you can't re-enter the room after having taken the Ring, Blueprint and Edwardian Key, so I suggest saving a game position in the room in case you need to read the documents later.
Did you find the Fire Photograph hidden under the window sill in the Dining Room? From the photograph and the newspaper cuttings in the tin you work out that Rhiannon Boswell (nee Davis) died in the fire while she was inside the Spare Room upstairs. When you first enter the Spare Room, the light bulb sways eerily. Move the cardboard box (to your right) to reveal a loose floorboard. This only happens after taking the Blueprint and Edwardian Key. Remove the floorboard with the Crowbar to find a small box. Use the Edwardian Key to unlock the box and read the Letter to Elizabeth found inside it.
On the second page of her Letter to Elizabeth, Rhiannon wrote about 'a saddle hidden under a flagstone in the Stable'. Enter the Stable through the door next to the Workshop and go into the stall on the left. Turn around to briefly see a vision of a white horse. Zoom in on the loose flagstone, wipe away the hay and then lift it to find the Saddle.
The remaining four objects are all items you should have seen already. The Glove is found in the glove compartment of the car in the Old Garage. The Yellow Bowl and Chocolate Fountain are both in the Pantry. Look on the shelves above the freezer and on the window sill opposite the freezer. Lastly, take the Computer Mouse next to his PC in Malcolm's Study. I sincerely hope you didn't hang around waiting for the cat to bring another Dead Mouse inside!


The Bonfire Poster found on the pin board on the second floor of the Mill Terminus lists eight different chemical compounds to be collected.

Common household terms for all but three of the chemicals are also on the Bonfire Poster.
You should know that nowadays many batteries contain Lithium. There are two batteries to be found in the game. The green one on the shelf in the Pantry is an 'Energizer', so it's of no use. You need to take the red Rechargeable Battery (marked 'Lithium') found inside the box on the floor in the Workshop.
While facing the front door of the house, turn to the right to get the bag of Gypsum Cement.
From the wording on the box of Tree Stump Remover, found on the shelf in the Toolshed, you know that it contains Saltpetre.
There's a 'Preservatives Chart' pasted onto the inside of the left door of the Kitchen cabinet. Read it carefully, noting from the last item that caviar contains Borax. Take the tin of Caviar on the far window sill in the Pantry.
If you haven't already done so, enter the Boiler Room and face the wall to the right, noting that it can be interacted with. After doing this you can take the Ladder in the Dining Room. Place the Ladder against this wall, then climb up to find a can of Rat Poison.
The Bordeaux Mixture Fungicide is on the shelf below the rafter where you originally found the Mabinogion Branch 3 on the second floor of the Mill Terminus.
You find a bottle of 'Strontium Complex' Tablets in the wall cabinet in the upstairs Bathroom.
Despite the fact that Americans don't pronounce it correctly, even they know that soda cans are made from Aluminium - Sorry, couldn't resist that small jibe! Pick up the Drinks Can under Rhiannon's bed in her room.


After you've been inside the Ghost Room, the drum opposite the wooden stairs at the Mill has a fire in it. This is obviously where the 'matching' items must be inserted.
Each chemical compound listed on the Bonfire Poster is prefaced by a colour. Examine all the Mabinogion Objects, noting that each one (or part of it) is of a corresponding colour.













Match each object (based on its colour) with the items representing the chemical compounds on the Bonfire Poster. The correct 'pairs' to be inserted into the drum are:
Saddle and Rechargeable Battery
Glove and Gypsum Cement
Yellow Bowl and Tree Stump Remover
Darts Trophy and Caviar
Wellington Boots and Rat Poison
Chocolate Fountain and Bordeaux Mixture
Ring and Tablets
Computer Mouse and Drinks Can
In a rather spectacular fireworks display, the objects combine to form the Fire Orb, which you take to bring Chapter Four to an end.