Your adventure begins when you arrive at Ty Pryderi to house-sit for the Sullivans. Take note of what Jennifer said in her email about the electricity mains and key to the front door.
Make your way around the pond to the front door. Note the sound of a horse galloping. At the door turn left, then look down to see a pot plant. Lift the pot plant and remove the Key. Use the Key to unlock the front door and enter the house.

Directly ahead you see a light switch on the pillar to the left of the stairs. Try the switch, then turn around and go back to the front door. Turn to your left to find the brown mains box on the wall. Open the mains box and switch on the electricity.
When you try climbing the stairs you hear voices and the front door slams shut. Read the note stuck on the door to learn that Malcolm has locked his study and hidden the key. Try climbing the stairs again to see that you need an 'object' to interact with on the staircase.


From the Entrance Hall enter the Living Room. The answering machine is beeping, indicating that there are unheard messages. Listen to all three messages by first clicking the > button on the answering machine, then the >> button for the other two. From Tommy Harris' messages you learn about a horse on the property and the bundle of cloth he left in the Kitchen. Jennifer reminds you to feed the cat and that you need to start a fire to get hot water.


Make your way to the Kitchen. Take the tin of Cat Food found inside the left wall cabinet and empty some into the bowl on the floor below the microwave. Take the Dead Mouse next to the bowl and flush it down the cistern in the Toilet. Not the most hygienic method of disposal and I don't suggest doing it in your own home!
Make it a habit to check the bowl regularly, and fill it with Cat Food. Doing this will prevent the cat bringing more 'nasties' into the Kitchen.
While in the Bathroom, go outside through the grey door, then immediately re-enter. Unless you do this you cannot open this door from the outside, should you need to use it later in the game. Do the same at the grey door (with a cat flap) in the Kitchen.


You need to go outside to get the Firewood. Exit through the front door and go forward, turn right then go forward three times to the wood chopping area.
Go to the Pantry and look on the window sill (to your left after entering) to get the Firelighters.
You also need the Lighter found on top of the piano in the alcove inside the Living Room.
View the fireplace (inside the Living Room) in close up mode and take the Kindling from the basket on the left.
Open the fireplace door to insert the Firelighters, Kindling and Firewood, then light it with the Lighter. You can now get hot water from the taps in the house.


From the note stuck behind the front door you know Malcolm has hidden the key to his Study. Look inside the can of tomato soup in the Kitchen fridge to find the Key. Go into the Study and remove the blue book (The Legends of Pryderi) from the top shelf of the bookcase. Read the stories about the Four Branches of Mabinogion.
You find Rhiannon's Letter inside the book.


There's a Flashlight behind the box inside the red cabinet in the Dining Room. Note that you can only take it after you've tried climbing the stairs twice. Go to the Pantry and look at the shelves above the freezer on the right. Take the Lightbulb out of the yellow bin on the left.
Return to the Entrance Hall and use the Flashlight on the staircase. Llwyd's ghost pushes you backwards. All adventure gamers have a stubborn streak, so don't give up and try it again.
At the top of the stairs, turn left and insert the Lightbulb into the lampshade on the table.




This puzzle is only activated after starting a fire and finding Rhiannon's Letter inside the blue book (The Legends of Pryderi) in Malcolm's Study. When you try to open the door to her room you see a message 'burned' into the wood of the door:


A clue to solving this puzzle is found in the upstairs Bathroom. Open the hot water tap and the rising steam reveals the word 'Harken' (listen) on the mirror. Listen carefully to the tune heard when this happens. Go back downstairs to the Living Room and zoom in on the hi fi set below the television. Press the button on the bottom component to listen to 'The Ash Grove'. This is the same tune as you heard in the Bathroom. The music sheet for 'The Ash Grove' is on top of the piano in the alcove.

What do you notice about the first 8 notes of the song? These are the first letters of the three words 'burned' into Rhiannon's door.
Return to Rhiannon's Room and again try to open the door. The three words reappear and the opening 6 notes of the song are heard. Click the first letters of the three words in the same sequence as the first 6 music notes, i.e. C F A C A F, to enter the room.
Take note of the voices you hear, and what they say, when the door opens. In addition to that of Llwyd,  you hear other voices saying:

Arthur it burns so, it burns so

Can you help us?



You find Rhiannon's diary hidden behind the small basket on the chest of drawers. Read it carefully to get some background to the story as well as a few vital clues. On the last page she writes about starting a record which is hidden. After reading her diary a new 'hotspot' is activated at the top of the fireplace below the zodiac poster. Look downwards towards the pillow on the floor, then move it to reveal the fireplace grate. Open the grate to find the record (a second diary) that she wrote about. Read the second diary, noting in particular the words 'Dreamy Dylan' that are drawn on the first page.
Zoom in on her computer, and after switching it on you are prompted for a password. In the entry on the June 21st (in her first diary) Rhiannon wrote about thinking of a new password for her computer. Based on the content of this diary and the drawing in her record (second diary) you work out that Rhiannon's new password is 'Dreamy Dylan'. Type in the password (noting that both words begin with capital letters) and press the OK button.
Click the 'envelope' to access Rhiannon's emails and read all the archived mail. Chapter One ends when you close the last email received from Jon on 2nd October. Note that you must scroll down to the end of this email before closing it.