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Go to the top of the staircase, where you hear the sound of something being inserted through the 'letters' slot on the front door, followed by a van driving off. At the bottom of the stairs look towards the front door to see mail on the floor. Examine the mail to find the Postcard from the couriers advising that they left a parcel in the Boiler Room. You also get Tommy's Note with a Key to the Outbuildings attached to it.


Go to the Outbuildings and unlock the blue door with the Key. Enter the Outbuilding, turn to the right, go forward once and turn around to face towards the door. The Mabinogion Branch 2 is behind the cement bags next to the door.

Read the Mabinogion Branch 2 to get a list of objects you need to collect.


Silver Rods


Gold Plate






Magic Cloak




Cauldron of Rebirth
You should have seen four of the objects while exploring the house and grounds, although two of them are not easily identifiable as objects on the list.
The Tractor Rod on the floor in the Toolshed next to the Workshop is an acceptable facsimile for the Silver Rods. The Gold Plate is on top of the bookcase in Malcolm's Study. There's a 'skull' badge (offered as a free gift) in the bottom left corner of the Gottiko poster on the wall in Rhiannon's Room. Examine the poster, then click the Gottiko Badge three times to get it into your inventory. Take the Cloth on the Kitchen table, noting the effect that this has on the chair. Perhaps it really is a Magic Cloak!


There's a Recipe Book on the small shelf on the right edge of the wall cabinets in the Kitchen. Note that you have to face the cabinets in order to take it. Inside the book you find the Recipe for baking bread. The ingredients you need to find are:












Bread Tin


Mixing Bowl
Between the blue door of the Outbuilding and the wood chopping area stone stairs lead up to the Outbuilding Loft. To enter the Loft you need the Key hanging on the wall next to the door inside the Outbuilding. Enter the Loft and look to your right to see a bag of Flour. Unfortunately you cannot get to it as some floorboard planks are missing. Go back to the Outbuilding below and turn right, go forward once and turn to the right to find a Plank. Note that you can only take it after having seen the missing planks in the Loft above. Return to the Loft and put the Plank over the gap and walk across it to fetch the Flour. Phew! This baking thing is really hard work!
Inside the Kitchen you find Salt in the top left cabinet and a Mixing Bowl in the bottom left one.
The Butter is on the inside of the Kitchen fridge door.
You won't find any Yeast, but there is something that contains this ingredient. Go to the Pantry and take the Beer Bottle from the right bin on the shelf above the freezer. From the label on it you know that it contains yeast.
Also in the Pantry, on the top shelf to the left of the window (directly ahead after entering) you find a Measuring Jug and Bread Tin. Fill the Measuring Jug with Water at the Kitchen sink.

Now that you have all the necessary ingredients, it's time to bake!

Put the Flour and Salt in the Mixing Bowl

Add the Butter and rub it in by clicking the mixture

Click the mixture again to make a well

Pour the contents of the Beer Bottle into the Mixing Bowl

Add the Water (in the Measuring Jug)

Click the mixture to make dough

Use the Bread Tin on the Mixing Bowl to get the Unbaked Bread

Insert the Unbaked Bread in the oven and close the oven door

Open the oven door and remove the Baked Bread



While exploring the area between the Kitchen and the Standing Stone you may have noticed the builders' scaffolding and the weather vane on top of the house.

If you walk round the house from the front door to the Kitchen door, you see the builders' sign hanging from the scaffolding. To get to it, turn to the left outside the front door, go forward and turn to your left. Go forward once more to be directly below the scaffolding. From here look up to see the scaffolding and that you can interact with it.
Go back into the Outbuilding, turn to the right, go forward twice and turn left. You find a Ladder on the side of wooden shelves to your left. Note that you can only take the Ladder after having looked at the scaffolding while standing underneath it.
Return to the scaffolding and use the Ladder to climb up to the top. Remove the Weathervane on your left, which resembles a starling bird.


Walk to the end of the small wooden pier found between Area 2 (Right) and the Orchard. You see a piece of the cauldron caught in the reeds in the pond. Go back into the Outbuilding, turn to the right, go forward and turn to your left. Remove the Long Hook from the rafter on your left. Note that you can only take the Long Hook after seeing the cauldron piece in the pond. Return to the pier and snag the Cauldron Piece with the Long Hook.
There's another Cauldron Piece in the Outbuilding Loft. You find it inside the small hole in the wall behind where you found the Flour.
Before looking for the third piece of the cauldron, take the Crowbar out of the wheelbarrow in the Outbuilding. Go through the blue doors leading to Area 2 (Right) then go forward and turn to your left to see the well. Use the Crowbar to smash the chain (right side of the well cover) and remove the cover. Go down to the bottom of the well to find the last Cauldron Piece.

Combine the 3 Cauldron Pieces to get the Cauldron of Rebirth. Note the inscription on it:

Give Me Blood of Earth

Give Thee Life


Did you read the note about 'Water Divining' on the pin board in Malcolm's Study? It details the process to be followed. You find a Hazel Twig lying on the ground at the rear Stable door, opposite Wall III. The handwritten notes (reverse side of the note) indicate where to look:

Must be close to the house

Not too close to other buildings (Workshop side?)

Easily accessible

Close to existing paths

From where you found the Hazel Twig turn to your right, then hold the Hazel Twig and click on it once to turn it around, as indicated in the note. Go forward twice and the 'dowsing stick' will vibrate gently. Go forward once more and it now vibrates rapidly, indicating that you've found a water source.
Place the Cauldron of Rebirth on the rock to your left and water pours into it from the rock.


The Magazine Article (Magical Water) on the small table in Jen's Study contains vital clues on what to do next, so read it extremely carefully.
The final paragraph deals with the theory of taking Kirlian photographs of the auras of objects. Go to the Boiler Room and fetch the Parcel left there by the couriers. Place the Parcel on the workbench in Jen's Laboratory, then open it. Read the Camera Instructions and then connect the camera. Place each of the objects you found (obviously excluding the Cauldron of Rebirth) on the glass plate and photograph it by flipping the switch on the 'tube' section of the camera. Note that you must have the Magazine Article in your inventory to use the camera.
You should now have Kirlian images of the Plate, Skull, Rod, Starling, Cloth and Bread.
The Magazine Article also describes the work of the Japanese scientist (Dr. Mesaru Emoto) who demonstrated that emotive words written on labels and stuck to bottles of water produce patterns when the water is frozen and viewed through a microscope.
For the next step you need the Tray of Slides on the workbench and the Homeopathy Bottles on the shelf above. Did you previously notice the flashing red light on the printer in Malcolm's Study? Was this a paper jam or print error? Well, if you go to his Study now, the green light is on, so it must be fixed. Press the green button to print two sheets of Labels, noting that each Label describes 'emotion'.
Attach one sheet of Labels to the Tray of Slides and the other one to the Homeopathy Bottles. Go to the Cauldron of Rebirth and fill the Homeopathy Bottles with spring water. Put a sample from each of the Bottles Filled With Spring Water into the Labeled Slides. Take note that you now have 10 separate bottles in your inventory, each one being a different 'emotion'.
Go to the Pantry and put the Slide Samples into the freezer on your right. Exit the Pantry, then immediately go back in and remove the Frozen Tray from the freezer.


When viewed through the microscope on the workbench in Jen's Laboratory, each slide in the Frozen Tray has a distinct pattern. Each Kirlian image must be matched with a corresponding emotion. The poster ('Colors In Homeopathy') on the wall is a clue that the Kirlian images and slides must be matched based on colour. The images and corresponding slides are:




















After viewing the slides return to the Cauldron of Rebirth. As you did at the Standing Stone in Chapter Two, 'matching' pairs of items must be placed into the Cauldron of Rebirth. Note that the pairs are made up from the actual objects and the bottles.
Gold Plate and Calm Bottle
Gottiko Badge and Duty Bottle
Tractor Rod and Insulted Bottle
Weathervane and Truth Bottle
Cloth and Deceived Bottle
Baked Bread and Humiliated Bottle
Take the Water Orb produced by the combination of the six objects to end Chapter Three.