You have mail...
Read the new email from Jon on Rhiannon's computer. He suggests that she take a 'rubbing' of the Ogam script on the Standing Stone. Take the Crayons and Tracing Paper found in the right drawer of her desk. Examine the photo of the Standing Stone on the pin board above her desk to see what you are looking for. When turning to face the door you automatically get the Download Leaflet. Note the message written on it by her dad.
Much of what you do from now on takes place outside, so remove the Tree Plan (site plan) on the pin board in Malcolm's Study.
I have included a detailed Site Plan with all the locations marked on it. I suggest that you print it out to assist with finding your way around Ty Pryderi.




To get to the Standing Stone (in Area 3) from the front door go outside, turn left, forward, turn left, go forward twice, turn right and then go forward 6 times. To get to it from the grey Kitchen door you go forward 7 times. Put the Tracing Paper on the Standing Stone, then trace the script with the Crayons to get the Stone Rubbing.
Return to Rhiannon's Room to find that there are two new emails from Jon. Read the first one, 'Translating Ogam Script', noting it has two attachments. Click the attachments to view them. Pay particular attention to the second attachment (doc2.txt) as it provides an example of how to translate the script. The second email contains an Ogam Translation Program.
Run the program and enter the Ogam Character Set symbols that correspond to those on the Stone Rubbing. When doing this, follow the instructions in the doc2.txt example:

make groups of 3 that start and end with a vowel

start the following group with the last vowel of the previous group




The puzzle resets if an incorrect group of symbols is entered, so 'save' a game position often during the translation process.
The correct groups of symbols (Triplets) are indicated in the graphics below. After entering a Triplet, press the blue 'Add to Message Pane' button.









When translated the four lines of symbols on the Stone Rubbing read:


Earth, Water, Fire, Air

I Bind Your Soul Upon Death

To Roam This Land Without Memory

Never To Find Your Final Resting Place

After completing the translation save your results to get Llwyd's Spell Part 1. Note the reaction to the photo of the Standing Stone on Rhiannon's pin board.


If you explored the grounds you may have noticed various twigs lying on the ground. Your next task is to collect all 10 of these twigs.
Begin outside the front door. From here go forward, turn right, go forward twice, turn right and go forward 7 times (inside Area 1) to where you see a gate in front of you. Turn to the left and pick up Twig 8.
Turn to the left (facing where you came from) and then go forward twice. Pick up Twig 2 lying on the right side of the path.
Continue going forward 9 times to get to the blue doors at the entrance to Area 2 (Right). Go through the blue doors and forward once to find Twig 4 on the right side of the path.
Continue forward to the stream and turn to the left to find Twig 10 on the rock.
Turn to the left (facing where you came from) and then forward twice, through the blue doors, turn to the right, go forward 3 times, then turn right to face an iron gate leading to the Orchard. Go through the gate and turn to the left to find Twig 1 on the ground.
Leave the Orchard through the iron gate, turn right, go forward twice then turn to the right to face the entrance into Area 2 (Left). Go through the opening, go forward and turn to your left to find Twig 6.
Turn to the right and continue forward twice to the fallen tree that blocks the way forward. Turn to the left and pick up Twig 3.
Turn to the left (facing where you came from) and go forward 3 times, go through the opening between the pillars, forward 3 times and turn right to find Twig 9.
Turn to the left (facing the circle) and go forward, turn to the right and then go forward to get to the stone stairs leading to the Standing Stone. Turn to the right and pick up Twig 7.
Turn to the right (facing the wooden bridge) and go forward, turn right, forward twice towards the Kitchen. Turn around to see Twig 5 on the left side of the path.
You need to identify the various twigs, but this is dealt with later in the walkthrough.


The message inside Rhiannon's birthday card (on the dressing table in her room) reads:

From the note at the back of the Download Leaflet you know that she downloaded tracks for her dad's MP3 Player. Go to Malcolm's Study and take the MP3 Player from the printer table. Press the bottom right button on it to learn that the battery needs to be charged. Place it into the charger on Malcolm's desk. Leave the room, then return and remove the MP3 Player from the charger. Switch it on (bottom right button) and scroll through the tracks using the >> button to Track #3. From the title of the track (Rhiannon, by Fleetwood Mac) you know it must be the 'key' to the Workshop. Take note of the length of the song, i.e. 04:06.
Make your way to the Workshop (yellow doors in the buildings to the left of the house) and set the combination lock to the length of Track #3, i.e. 0406.


The bottom drawer of the old dresser in the Workshop is stuck. After trying to open it, take the can of RD20 Lubricant from the workbench and use it to open the drawer. Remove the article about 'Significant Objects and Symbolism' (Mabinogion Branch) from the drawer. The second page of the document makes reference to five objects that symbolize Pryderi's life:










You need to find each of these objects, or reasonable facsimiles of them.


Take the Block and Tackle from the shelf above the Workshop doors. Exit the Workshop and make your way to the Standing Stone.
Attach the Block and Tackle to the overhanging branch above the stone to lift it off the ground. Remove the Slate Piece that was hidden under the stone.
Did you notice 2 other smaller standing stones while exploring the grounds? The first of these is inside the Orchard, to the right after you enter. The second one is to your left after you enter Area 2 (Left) through the opening between the pillars. Go to the smaller standing stones, lift them and remove the Slate Piece beneath each of them.
When you have all 3, join them together to form the Slate Combined. The slates each have a Roman Numeral (I, II and III) at the top.

The same Roman Numerals also appear on 3 walls near to the opening to Area 2 (Left) as indicated in the map below.


Zoom in to close up mode on these walls to see there are areas covered in moss that can be interacted with. Also note that the moss areas correspond with the various points marked with an asterisk on the Slate Combined.
Go back into the Workshop and take the Paint Scraper found in the top right drawer of the old dresser. Note that you can only take it after joining the three slates and examining at least one of the 'numbered' walls.
Use the Paint Scraper to remove the moss from the walls in the exact sequence indicated by the pattern on the Slate Combined to reveal words engraved in the rock. Begin at the flashing point, i.e. bottom left of Wall III. Click the words to embed the text and move the 'flash' to the next point in the pattern. When completed you get Llwyd's Spell Part 2.

Your life symbols scattered through place and time

The means to redemption of your spirit

Restored to fullness by consumption

Earth, Water, Fire, Air



When you exit close up mode of the wall after getting Llwyd's Spell Part 2, a bright white light 'guides' you toward the Standing Stone, then disappears at the base. Slide open the slab at the base of the Standing Stone to find the Wooden Crown. You have the first of the 5 required objects. Note the yellow smoke being emitted from the base.
Two of the objects are inside the house. The Wooden Sword is hanging on the wall next to the Bedroom upstairs. Did you read the newspaper lying on the floor at the front door? As you get to the bottom of the stairs you see it to the right of the front door. The Advertising Flyer insert that came with the newspaper has a photo of a crib on it. It will have to do as you won't find an actual crib anywhere in the game. Note that you must read the newspaper at this point in the game to get the Advertising Flyer into your inventory.

The brushcutter (next to the petrol and oil drums) in the Workshop needs to be filled with fuel. Take the Oil Measure from the wall shelf in the Workshop. The pamphlet about the brushcutter on the pin board in Malcolm's Study has a note stuck on it:

From this you know how to fill the brushcutter. Remove the cap on the brushcutter's plastic fuel tank. Use the Oil Measure to get one 'measure' of oil from the oil drum, noting that the amount of oil is 100ml. Pour the oil into the plastic fuel tank. Each 'measure' of petrol you get from the petrol drum is 400ml. You must therefore pour 5 'measures' of petrol into the plastic fuel tank to comply with the 20:1 ratio. After fuelling the brushcutter, replace the fuel tank cap (click the fuel tank) and then pull the cord at the top to start the motor.  Click the 'working' Brushcutter to get it into your inventory.
Go to the far end of Area 1. The entrance into the Old Garage (on your right) is blocked by a thick bush. Use the Brushcutter to remove the bush, move the sheet of corrugated iron out the way and enter the Old Garage.
Try opening the door handle on the car, then smash the rear window to get a Rocking Horse.
The diary from 1967 on the front seat belonged to Rhiannon Wallace. Read it very carefully as there are a number of important clues. You learn that she had two kids, Jonathan and Rachel, who gave her a gold charm they found under their bedroom floorboards for her 24th birthday. In the entry on Tuesday 10 October she wrote about what happened while she was looking for holly sprigs in the woods. Note that you must flip through all the pages in the diary.
Exit from the Old Garage and make your way back to the house. You see another bright white light and hear a voice asking you to help find Jonathan and Rachel.
Go to Rhiannon's Room and read the new email from Jon. It has an extract from a newspaper report in 1969 about a woman's dog that found a body among the leaves near a footpath.
Return to the path in Area 1. At the point where you are between two holly trees on either side of the path, turn to your left to see a holly sprig. Look on the ground below the sprig to trigger a vision of the dead body. When the vision clears, pick up the Charm.
You now have all 5 of the objects specified in the Mabinogion Branch.


On the window sill in Rhiannon's Room you find the Magical Properties of Trees book. Next to the name of each tree in the book is an Ogam symbol.
Four of the objects you collected have a symbol engraved on them. There's no symbol on the Advertising Flyer, but note the street address (Birch Street) of the manufacturer. You need to associate each of the other 4 objects with a particular tree based on the symbols.










Use the Pocket Guide to the Native Trees of the UK (Tree Book) found on the top shelf inside the glass cabinet in the Living Room to identify the twigs. The Tree Report found in the top left drawer of the desk in Malcolm's Study will also help as it narrows down the type of trees that grow in each area.
















Do you remember the yellow smoke coming out of the base of the Standing Stone? This was a clue as to what must be done with the objects and twigs. You have to experiment a bit with the objects and twigs to learn that putting any two items into the receptacle at the base of the stone causes a reaction. Obviously the correct pairs of items need to be inserted. Pair each of the 5 objects with the twig from the same tree and insert the items as follows:
Wooden Sword and Twig 2
Rocking Horse and Twig 1
Wooden Crown and Twig 6
Charm and Twig 5
Advertising Flyer and Twig 4
Chapter Two ends when the 5 objects combine to produce the Earth Orb.