Curse of the Four Branches

by Arberth Studios

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   September 2008


Gameplay:    This is a first person point and click game. The CD does not need to be in the drive for gameplay after installation.

The manual is in the game folder in pdf form.

A game setting menu is seen at start up. The display device and colors, sound device, accessibility for vision impaired selections and about information are seen.

The main menu has new game, load, save, credits and quit. The introduction can be skipped by ESC key.

There are 100 saved game slots. The saved games can be labeled or overwritten.

The up arrow is a thinner than the forward movement arrow. Books or documents can be turned to next page by placing the arrow at top right or left of the page.

The menu and inventory is accessed during gameplay by placing the cursor on top of the page and the drop bar menu appears.

Items that are active sometimes can not be picked up. They can generally be picked up later in the game. This is a great hint to note the objects that will be useful later.

Items can be seen in close up mode by right clicking on it in inventory. Items can be combined by first right clicking one of the item and then left click the second item on the first.

You are Chris. Jennifer and Malcolm Sullivan asked you to look after the farm while they take their daughter Rhiannon on vacation. Rhiannon is plagued by visions and nightmares.

Jennifer's e-mail is read. You drive to get to the farmstead.

You are now in Ty Pryderi.

Chapter One: Arrival


You can look around as you wish. Right click and read Jen's e-mail in inventory at top of the page.

Look around the house:    Go forward to the front door of the house. Hear a horse galloping. The house is left of the pond.The front door is to the right.

Front door:    At the front door, turn left and look down.

Move the flower pot by using the down arrow (bottom center of the screen) and take the front door key. Click on the key to place it in inventory.

Turn around and see a bag of cement on the other side.

Use the key on the front door lock.

Hallway:    Go forward in the dark hallway. Try the switch on the left of the stairs. Of course, no electricity.

Turn around and forward to the front door.

Turn left and open the small cabinet on the wall. Flip the red switch and have power to the house. Close the cabinet.

Read the note left by Malcolm on the front door.

Go forward to the stairs and try to climb up. Hear voices warning and welcoming you.

You are turned around. Try the locked door on the left. Enter the door right of the stairs.

Living room:    You are in a cozy living room.

Phone:     Go to the phone on the table. Press the arrow button to listen to all the messages.

Tommy Harris state they stopped working because of things that are happening. They left a ladder. Van damage is blamed on horse.

Jen talks about food for cat and to start a fire.

Tommy Harris talks about a bundle of cloth found under the tile in the dining room.

Piano:    Check the piano in the alcove at left. See the music sheet for The Ash Grove at top left.

Take the lighter left of the lamp.

Go back to the living room and check the book case ahead. Open the book case and read the book about Native Trees of the UK. We will need this later.

TV-Stereo:    Check the stereo system at the other corner of the room. Check the stereo components below the TV.

The Ash Grove music is heard on the bottom component.

Sofa:    Turn around and go forward once to the sofa.

Turn left and go down to be sitting on the sofa. Click on the pillow of the opposite sofa and see the manual for the MP3 player.

We need stuff for the fireplace. Let's look. Go to the door right of the phone.

Unfinished dining room:    Look around.

There's a stepladder here.

Go to the window and click on the window sill until a picture is exposed. Take the fire photograph of the damaged house. See that the right side is damaged.

Turn right and open the wall cabinet. Move the box at middle and see a flashlight.

Pantry:    Enter the door at the middle. Look around.

See caviar on the window sill, bread pan and measuring cup at top shelf on the left. The freezer is full of frozen food.

Turn around and look right at a blue chocolate fountain. Take the Zap firelighter on the right side of the table.

Turn right to the shelving. There's a bowl at top shelf. Take the light bulb on the left plastic tub. There's a bottle of ale on the right box with a warning about yeast.

Turn right and look right of door. See batteries on the shelf. Exit the room.

Kitchen:    Enter the door at right. Hear a flapping of a pet door. The cat must have left.

See the bundle of cloth Tommy mentioned on the table.

Check the cabinets on the left. There is a list of preservatives in common foods and their side effects.

Take the Tiddles cat food from top shelf.

There is salt on the right top cabinet. The bottom left cabinet has a bowl.

Open the refrigerator and take the tomato soup can. Take the key inside the can. There is butter in the fridge also.

There's a book tucked at the corner of the top cabinet. The sink has water.

Cat:    Look down by the door and place cat food on the cat bowl.

Take the dead mouse.

The oven of the stove at the right can be opened and used.

Bathroom:    Go through the next room. It's a small bathroom. Enter the toilet and flush down the dead mice.

The door on the left exits to the patio at left side of the building. Exit to the patio.

Boiler room:     Turn around and enter the gray door on the left.

There's an open rafter on the right wall. We can't get up there - too high. Exit to the patio.

Firewood:    Go forward to the path and then right. Go forward to the wood chopping area beside the shed.

Take some firewood. Go back to the house.

Living room:    Go back to the living room.

Lighting a fire:   Now that Jen's message of lighting a fire is heard - Go forward to the fireplace.

Look close at fireplace and open the door.

Place fireplace starter from the pantry inside. Take some kindling from the basket and place them inside.

Add the firewood from the wood chopping area on top of everything. Use the lighter from the piano to get a nice fire.

Malcolm's study:    Exit to the hallway. Use the key from the fridge on the locked door across the hall.

Look around. Look left and check the Gold plate award for Malcolm on top of the book shelves.

Check the map of Wales (Four Branches of the Mabinogion) on the wall.

Legends of Pryderi:    Read the book at right end of left top shelf: The Legends of Pryderi. Be sure to review-refer to this book at start of appropriate chapter in this game. It will explain the story.

Take Rhiannon's letter to daddy at the page after Branch Three. It talks about her fear of Llwyd. He took all the Rhiannons that lived in the house. Llwyd wants her now. She begs Malcolm to get rid of Llwyd.

Read the highlighted words and Rhiannon's notes.

Turn to the middle wall.

There is a printer right of the middle wall.

Take the MP3 player left of the printer. Press the power button and see that the battery is low.

Read the tack board. Jennifer is a Homeopath and wants new business cards.

Check the to do list. Check the grass trimmer leaflet with 20:1 oil in first reminder.

See the map of Ty Pryderi and note that the woodlands are divided in areas.

Check the divining-dowsing information. A forked hazel twig is required. Read front and back of Malcolm's note. He wants to try dowsing at workshop side and the well be accessible to existing paths.

Look close at Malcolm's desk at right.

See an MP3 charger right of the monitor. Place the MP3 player on the charger.

Look up at right and open the estate box. It has the property description of Ty Pryderi.

Open the left top drawer. Read about the trees found in the woodlands. The report is subdivided by areas were the trees are found. Read Tommy Harris' list of work to be done here.

Check the trash basket left of the desk. Malcolm is planning to dig a well for the property.

Upstairs:    Exit the room.

Climb upstairs:     Try to climb the stairs. It is dark up here. Hear a voice.

Go back to the utility room cabinet right of the living room and take the flashlight.

While here, take the (step)ladder now that we saw the unreachable rafter in the boiler room.

Use the flashlight on the stairs. See a head that stated: I am Llywd. Pryderi soul is mine.

He throws you across the hallway. Use the flashlight and then climb the stairs.

Turn left at top of stairs. Look right to a lamp on a table. Use the light bulb from the pantry on the lamp. Now there is light.

Jen's office:    Turn around and enter the room.

Family plot:    As soon as you enter, turn left. Read Jen's mom's letter. It states that her mom's side of the family came from the Arberth area. They have a family plot at the cemetery. Great grandparents Lucinda and George Edwards are buried here in the late 1800's.

Poster:    Turn around and see a poster: The Symbol's the Thing. Then use the symbol. Look close and it briefly lights up. See the 4 element symbols.

Turn left. Read the covers of the 2 magazines on the chair at left.

Magical Water:    Go forward and read a page from a magazine about Magical Water from the table.

Learn about a study that showed that words can be imprinted on water. Freeze the water and then check on the microscope. Patterns and colors that denote emotions are seen.

Check the cover of the magazine under the page and the one at bottom of the table.

Check Jenny's diploma on Homeopathic Medicine. Exit the room.

Bathroom:    Go forward to the room across the hall.

See an active spot on the vent above the tub.

Turn left and check the medicine cabinet. There's a Strontium complex bottle in there.

Sink:    Turn to the sink. Open the right tap and see that there is now hot water.

Steam rises to the mirror. Hear music - that sound familiar. It's The Ash Grove.

The word Harken shows up on the mirror. Yes - we did listen to The Ash Grove.

Exit the room.

Jen and Malcolm's bedroom:    Turn left.

See a sword hanging on the right wall.

Enter the bedroom and look around. Check the machine on the window sill. Exit the room.

Unfinished spare room:    Go left and then right. Enter the room on the right of the Sale poster.

See the light swing above.

Check the box below the wall with hippy graffiti. It can be moved.

Exit the room.

Jen's laboratory:    Enter the room left of the Sale poster.

Look around at the Colors of Homeopathy poster on the left wall.

The opposite table has microscope, glass slides and blue capped vials on the shelf.

Exit the room.

Rhiannon's room:    Try to enter the room left of the lab.

Enter Rhiannon's room:    Click on door handle.

Words appear on the door: Fetch Absent Child.

The first letters of each word are highlighted when clicked on.

This must be Llwyd that Rhiannon mentioned in her letter to daddy.

Hmm.. The word seen in the bathroom implies to listen to The Ash Grove.

Go down and look at The Ash Grove music sheet by the piano. Note down the notes of the music.

Go back upstairs and click the notes of the music on the first letters of each word on the door.

Click on:    C F A C A F.

Enter the room. See mist and hear Llwyd and the pleas of others. I am Llwyd. Arthur, it burns so. Can you help us? Pryderi's soul is mine.

Dresser:    Turn left and look close at the dresser.

Card:    Read the birthday card. Daddy wrote that Rhiannon has the key to his heart and his workshop.

Diary:    Read Rhiannon's diary behind the basket completely. There are clues there.

She wrote about her crush on Dylan, an apprentice worker. Read about Emma, hippies who lived in the house and Gwen. Learn about her coping with the ghostly visitations and her contacting a historical expert on Pryderi. She was told to write down her experiences.

Pop can:    Look at the soda can under the bed.

Skull poster:    Check the Gottiko poster. The skull badge at bottom left can be removed and turned. Look close at the Zodiac poster and see that Emma, Gwen and Rhiannon's signs are marked.

Fireplace:    Look down at the fireplace. Remove the cushion. Open the vent. See Rhiannon's hiding place.

Read Rhiannon's other diary that she was told to start. The cover page is Dreamy Dylan.

Rhiannon is close to a breakdown now.

Window sill:    Turn right and look close at window sill.

Check the book behind the vase at left. The Magical Properties of Trees has the Ogam characters, element and other information that is associated with the common trees around here.

Desk:    Turn to the desk.

Tack board:    Look at the tack board above the computer.

Look close at a picture of a standing stone in the woodlands.

Right drawer:    Open the drawer and see crayons, roll of tracing paper and physics homework.

Computer:    Look close at the computer. Click on the power button at bottom of the monitor.

Password:    It asks for a password.

What new thing or event occurred in Rhiannon's life? Her new crush.

Type in using your keyboard: Dreamy Dylan. Click OK.

E-mails:    Click on the e-mail icon and read all the archived e-mails.

Read Emma's correspondence. This is her friend Emma that we learn from her diary.

Read all of Jon's mails. Jon Southworth is the Pryderi historical expert she contacted. He understands and helps her in her fears and research. She took the picture of the standing stone at his request and sent it to him.

The last e-mail has a mail from Anne Jenkins that lived here in the '60s when it was a hippie commune. She said she had a friend Rhiannon that was also there with her 2 children. She disappeared.

Close the frame. When you click the X at top right, something happens.


Chapter Two: Earth

Rise from the floor of Rhiannon's bedroom.

Look close at the flashing computer. Turn the computer on and check the e-mail.

Jon wants you to get a tracing of the Ogam script of the standing stone. The tracing can be scanned and sent to him or translate it ourselves.

Exit the computer. Put the computer to sleep by clicking on the kitty.

Open the right drawer and take the crayons and tracing paper.

Exit the room and see MP3 leaflet on the wall. Take the leaflet and read the back. Dad wants some tracks downloaded.

Malcolm's Office:   

MP3 player:    Check the MP3 player to see if it has charged.

Turn the power button and cycle through the downloaded music.

See one by Fleetwood Mac titled Rhiannon. It notes a playing time of 04:06.

Turn it off and it will be placed back in the charger.

Tree report:    Open the top left drawer and take the tree report that shows what trees are in what areas.

Area tree map:    Take the Tree plan of the farmstead from the tack board.

Legends of Pryderi:    You might want to review Branch 1 of The Legends of Pryderi book at the book case.

Back door:    Go to the kitchen. Unbolt the kitchen door at right and exit. This way you can get back in through the kitchen door. Be in a potting area.

Scaffoldings:    Go forward 2 clicks and turn right to see the side of the house that is being worked on (as noted from the worksheet in the office drawer). Go forward once and then turn around. Look up and see-click the scaffolding above. Look down, go forward and right to the path.

Get a tracing of the standing stone:    Go forward to the woodland, up the steps and see the standing stone.

Use the tracing paper on the stone. Use the crayons on the tracing paper and get stone rubbing.

Go back to the house and to the computer in Rhiannon's room.

Translate the stone rubbing's Ogam scripts:    See that there is e-mail received.

Turn on the computer and read the 2 mails sent by Jon.

The first explains on how to translate the Ogam scripts. If you want to do it manually, use the 2 attachments at top right of the mail as guide. The first attachment is to translate the scripts to alphabets. The second is a dictionary of the 3 letter groupings.

The second mail is his Ogam Translator Program. Let's use this one.

Click on the blue Ogam Translator Program.

See the Ogam characters set on the left and the Stone rubbing on the right.

The other letter mentioned that the Ogam can be made up of 3 scripts.

1. On the left Ogam character set, click the first 3 scripts of the rubbing in correct sequence (1)  and see it entered on the Triplet frame at the center.

The 3 alphabets translation of the scripts and the dictionary meaning is automatically seen at the Triplet Interpreter.

2. Click 'Add to Message Pane' and the word is placed on the bottom frame.

If you click on a wrong Ogam script, hear laughter and all entries get erased. Save as you go along.

Remember based on the other e-mail: The first script of the next triplet is the last script of the previous triplet.

3. Do this to next triplet (2) and so on until 17.

The numbers are the sequence of the triplets.

The brackets enclose the triplets.

Each triplet forms a word. For example 1 is earth, 2 is water...

4. When all are translated correctly, click on the blue 'Save your result' that appears.

Get Llwyd's Spell Part 1.

Earth, Water, Fire, Air

I bind your soul upon death

To roam this land without memory

Never to find your final resting place

The picture of the standing stone moves sideways. A part of the Llwyd's spell is undone.

Turn to the window sill and take the Magical Properties of Trees book behind the left vase.

Go down to the living room. Open the bookcase left of the door and take the Pocket Guide to Native Trees in UK book. Now we can identify the trees by their leaves.

Look around outside:    Now that we have an area map of the farmstead let's look around outside and keep an eye out for the standing stone.

Pond Area:    Exit through the front door. Go forward to the pond and go right.

Barn:    See the wood cutting area by the barn.

Stone building:    Climb the steps at side of the stone building left of the wood cutting area. The door is locked. Go down and go right. The door of the lower level of the stone building has a padlock.

Dock:    Go around the right side of the pond. Midway go left to a short dock. Walk the dock. See something black caught in the reeds and can not be reached.

Stables:    Go to the building at right and enter the stables.

Look around the empty and dusty stables. There is another door at the back of the stables that goes out to a small patio.

Exit back out through the pond door.

Workshop:    Left of the stables is the padlocked door of Malcolm's workshop.

Shed:    Enter the door left of the workshop. See a tractor rod on the floor.

On the shelf at right are Tree stump remover, Bug Gone and Brushwood killer.

Exit and go forward to the wood cutting area by the barn.

Area 1:    Before the woodcutting area, turn right (check the map).

Go forward to the path to be at Area 1. Look around the path and enjoy the scenery.

Around 3-4 clicks into the path, turn left and see a holly branch on the ground. Look at it close and it will return beside the holly tree.

At the end of the path see a structure of corrugated sheets. Click the bushes that block the entry to the structure. The bushes need to be cut down.

Turn around and take Twig 8 from the ground from the bushes-corrugated structure. Check the Native Trees book and see that it is an oak.

Check the Native Trees book for all the twigs picked up.

Turn left to face the path. Two clicks forward and take Twig 2 from right side of path.

Check the Native Trees book and see that it is an ash.

Go forward until the stone building across the pond.

Area 2 (water side):    Go through the blue gate (check the map) right of the pond and left of the stone building.

Go forward twice and pick up Twig 4 from right side of the path. Check the Native Trees book and see that it is a birch.

Turn left and see a padlocked covered well.

Turn right and go forward to the Mabinogion River. See a chapel on the other side of the river. That must be the one with the cemetery.

Turn left and pick up Twig 10 from the rocks by the river. Check the Native Trees book and see that it is a willow.

Turn back, forward to the blue gate and exit.

Orchard:    Turn right, go forward on path right of the pond and turn right to gate right of the stables. Enter through the grilled gate.

Turn left and pick up an apple on twig 1 on the foreground.

Turn around and look close at a standing stone.

Exit the courtyard

Area 2 (blocked side):    Go right and forward on path right of the stable to be at the end at the patio area behind the stables (check map).

Go right outside the open gate. Look left and see a broken standing stone.

Go forward from the standing stone and turn left. Take Twig 6 from the ground. Check the Native Trees book and see that it is an elm.

Continue to the end of the path and see that it is blocked by a fallen tree.

Turn left and take Twig 3. Check the Native Trees book and see that it is a beech.

Turn around and go back to the patio behind the stables.

Patio behind the stable:    Face the back door of the stables.

See a forked hazel branch on the ground at left. It cannot be taken yet.

Study the walls surrounding the patio. Note that the left side has III mark on top of the wall. Click on several active spots of moss covered bricks. II is at right side close to the gate of Area 2. I is by the path close to the farmstead wall (and orchard gate) on the outside wall of the stable.

Path:    While still on the patio behind the stables, continue on the path at yard right of the house.

2 clicks from the patio turn right and take Twig 9. Check the Native Trees book and see that it is a Rowan.

Go left towards the house. Go pass the low wall 2 clicks and then turn around. Take Twig 5. Check the Native Trees book and see that it is a Blackthorn.


Area C:     Take the path going to the steps ahead.

Turn right before the steps and take Twig 7. Check the Native Trees book and see that it is a Hawthorne.

Workshop:    Go back to the workshop by the pond.

Open the workshop:    The clue was in the birthday card given by dad to Rhiannon. He wrote that Rhiannon has the key to his workshop. Also the leaflet and download reminder of the MP3 player before leaving the bedroom door was another clue.

The only mention of Rhiannon is the Fleetwood Mac download on the MP3 player with time of 04:06.

Enter 0406 on the padlock. The lock opens. Enter and look around.

Dresser:    Turn right and see an old dresser.

Open the top right drawer and see a chisel. The bottom drawer is stuck.

Worktable:    Look close at the worktable.

Read the Torgovox 12 torque wrench instructions. Note the balanced rotation and the drawing.

Take RD-20 can on the left now that we have seen the stuck dresser drawer.

Dresser:    Go back to the dresser and use the RD-20 lubricant on the bottom drawer.

Symbols needed for First branch:    Take the middle paper Mabinogion Branch 1.

Read the Significant Objects and Symbolism in the Four Branches of the Mabinogion written by Dr. Rhodri Gwyndaf Ap Trefechan.

It states that the objects symbolize Pryderi's Life and also act as Protectors.

The objects needed are: sword, claw, foal, cradle and crown.

These objects are in the story of the First branch in the book at Malcolm's office.

The poster in Jen's office also notes that The Symbol's the Thing. Then use the symbol.

So we need to collect the symbolic items of each elements for protection and cover Pryderi's life.

Shelf:    Turn around and see a shelf on the wall.

Take the oil measure flask now that we have clicked on the bushes that block entry to the corrugated sheet building at area 1. See a red oil can on the shelf also.

Grass trimmer:    Turn right to the worktable. Go close to the grass trimmer.

See petrol and oil barrels. Recall the note on the instructions of the grass trimmer in Malcolm's office. It states 20:1.

Remove the cap of the grass trimmer.

Use the oil measure flask once on the oil barrel. Pour-click oil in the open grass trimmer.

Use the oil measure flask on the petrol barrel. Pour-click petrol in the open grass trimmer. Do this for a total of 5 times.

If you measure wrong, the trimmer gets emptied with an accompanying laugh.

Close the cap when the fuel is added.

Click on the pull handle on the top. If correctly done, the trimmer-brush cutter will start and can be taken.

Block and tackle:    Turn around to the door. Take the winch-block and tackle (now that we have seen the standing stones around the farmstead and the tilted picture of the standing stone in Rhiannon's bedroom) from the rafter above the door.

Collect the symbols for the First branch:

We need to collect the symbolic items of Earth for protection and cover this part of Pryderi's life. Recall the Significant Objects and Symbolism in the Four Branches of the Mabinogion written by Dr. Rhodri Gwyndaf Ap Trefechan.

Check the standing stones:   

Standing stone 1:    After learning Llwyd's spell 1 from the computer, the picture of the standing stone tilted.

Go to the standing stone. Go right from the workshop. Go forward on the path until the end and turn right.

Go forward until the standing stone.

Use the block and tackle on the active spot above the standing stone. Automatically, see the standing stone gets tilted.

Look down and take slate 1.

Standing stone 2:    Go to the Orchard beside the stables.

Move the standing stone at right and get slate 2.

Standing stone 3:    Go to the path right of the patio behind the stables.

Turn left after the gate and move the broken standing stone. Take slate 3.


Combine the 3 slates:    Right click a slate and see it in close up view.

Left click another slate and click it on the enlarged slate. See them combined.

Take the last slate and click it on the combined slate to get a slate combined.

See the starting point flashes.

Bricks:    The stars on the slates joined by lines are bricks on the wall of the patio behind and side of the stables.

III is on the left side, II is on the right side and I is on the outside wall of the stable by the path close to the farmstead wall.

The active bricks are covered by moss and have to be cleaned.

Go to the workshop and open the top right drawer of the dresser. After finding out that the patio wall's moss covered bricks are active, the paint scraper can now be taken.

Slate puzzle:  

The aim of the puzzle is to follow the flashing light from start to end of the combined slate and complete the spell formed by the words on the bricks.

You can clean a wall's bricks at one time or clean them as you follow the flashing light.

The cleaned bricks have words that form a spell if revealed in the correct order.

1. Look for the location of the flashing brick, (clean it with paint scraper) and click on the brick. The word will be seen at the bottom of the screen.

2. Do this until the end brick is reached and the spell completed.

3. Click on the slate with spell part 2.

Crown:    See a ball of light guide you to the standing stone.

Look down at the base of the standing stone. Take the crown. The first symbolic element of Earth in Pryderi's life.

Look close at the crown and see an Ogam script on it. Check the Magical Properties of Trees book and look for the tree that has that Ogam script. It is the Elm tree.

Find more about the Rhiannon that disappeared in 1967:

Garage:   Go forward to the wood cutting area. Turn right and go forward until the end of the path of Area 1.

Bushes:    See that the bushes block the entry to the corrugated building. Use the brush cutter-grass trimmer on the bushes.

Click to remove the corrugated sheets. See a car inside.

Car:    Look inside the car and see a diary on the front seat.

Rhiannon's diary:    Pick up and read the diary of Rhiannon, the woman that disappeared in the hippie commune here.

Her 2 children were Rachel and Jonathan. Her birthday is September 8 and she was 24 years old in 1967. The kids gave her a claw they found in the floorboard of their room.

This Rhiannon met the author of the Significant Objects and Symbolism in the Four Branches of the Mabinogion paper taken from the workshop. The papers given by Rhodri were taken and used all over the commune. We found one as a lining for a dresser.

She attached the claw on a bracelet. A holly tree affected her that she nearly fainted.

She heard her name called around the standing stone. She will have a look.

Turn the pages until the end of the book and the diary closes automatically. There are no more entries after her going to the standing stone.

Pick up the bracelet from the floor of the car. The claw is not there. Take a look at the red glove.

Try to open the car door. Click to break the rear window of the car.

Horse:    Take the wooden rocking horse found by the kids in the house. Look close and see an Ogam script on bottom right of the rocker. The second Earth symbolic item is now taken.

Check the Magical Properties of Trees book and look for the tree that has that Ogam script. It is the apple tree.

Ball of light:    Exit the garage and go down the path. The ball of light appears again. It is Rhiannon looking for her children. Help me find them.

Computer:    Go back to Rhiannon's bedroom and check the e-mail that arrived.

Jon wrote about an archived 1969 Arberth Advertiser news concerning an unidentified body found in the woods.

The body was buried at the Parish Chapel close to where the body was found.

Sword:    Take the sword hanging outside Jen and Malcolm's bedroom. Another symbolic item taken.

Look close at the sword in inventory. Click to see the other side. See an Ogam script.

Check the Magical Properties of Trees book and look for the tree that has that Ogam script. It is the Ash tree.

Crib:    Go downstairs to the front door. Look down and read the newspaper from the floor.

Read and take the advertisement of Arberth Artisans. It has a picture of a crib. Another symbolic item taken.

The Ogam script is seen on the street map. It is the Birch tree.

Claw:    Go back to the Area 1 path towards the garage. Go 3-4 clicks after entering the Area 1 path.

Turn left before the holly tree that made the missing Rhiannon sick. Click on the down arrow.

Now that the e-mail from Jon about the unidentified body and the complete diary are read; see Rhiannon being taken by the wind and leaving something behind.

Take the claw. Look at the claw in close up and see the Ogam script.

Check the Magical Properties of Trees book and look for the tree that has that Ogam script. It is the Blackthorn tree.

Combine the symbols of the First Branch:

Go back to the standing stone at Area 3.

Find out the trees that correlate to the symbols of the first branch using the Magical Properties of Trees book. Another clue is that each symbolic object has an Ogam script.

Place the symbolic item and the matching twig at the base of the standing stone.

This can be done in any order:

Claw and Blackthorn tree (Twig 5).

Crib and Birch tree (Twig 4).

Sword and Ash tree (Twig 2).

Horse and Apple tree (Twig 1).

Crown and Elm tree (Twig 6).

The symbols coalesced to form Earth orb.

Chapter Three: Water

Again, wake up in Rhiannon's room.

Review the Branch II of The Legends of Pryderi book in Malcolm's office.

Front Door:    Go to the front door. Pick up the mail on the floor.

A postcard from the mailman states that a parcel is left in the boiler room.

Tommy Harris the builder wrote in a letter that they took the ladders and left a key. Take the key.

Stone building:    Exit the house and go right to the padlocked door of the building left of the wood cutting area.

Use the key on the padlock and enter. Look around.

Turn around to the door and take the key hanging on the right side.

Turn right while facing the door and go forward to the corner. Turn around and take the crowbar on the wheelbarrow at left.

Continue to the left and turn left to the shelving. Move the paint and see a metal handle.

Turn around and forward. Look left and see a crank-metal frame on the wall. It does not do anything, maybe no power is available yet.

Turn around from the wall. Look up and take the long hook hanging on the rafter at right.

Go forward, go left, forward and turn to the left. See a long trap door on the floor. Use the crowbar to open the trap door. The cellar is filled with water. We need to drain that.

Take the ladder hanging on the top shelf at left. This will work on the scaffolding we saw earlier at right side of the house.

Go once towards the door, left and see planks.

Turn right, look at the bottom right side of the door and see a paper lodge behind the bags.

Mabinogion Branch II:    Look close and take the paper. The hippies used it to write the work rotation of the commune. Turn the paper and see that on the back is the second of Rhodri's Mabinogion paper.

It states that the needed symbols for water are: silver rods, gold plate, bread, starling, magic cloak, skull and cauldron of rebirth. We need to collect all these symbolic items for water.

Exit the stone building.

Collect the water symbolic items:   


Top of the stone building:    Go up the steps on the side of the stone building close to the wood cutting area.

Use the key taken from the lower level on the door lock.

Enter and look around. See a gap on the planks to go right.

Go back down and enter the lower level.

Take a plank left of the door.

Go back upstairs. Use the plank on the gap at right.

Go forward and see a bag of flour. Take the cauldron piece tucked in on the wall at right side.

Pond:    Go to the dock of the pond outside. Take the path at right close to the right wall of the farmstead and turn left to the dock.

Go forward and use the long hook on the dark object caught in the reeds. Take another cauldron piece.

Covered well:    Exit through the blue gate in Area 2 left of the stone building. Go forward and then turn left.

Look close at the cover of the well. Use the crowbar on the hinge at right side of the cover.

Take the cover off. Go down the well and take another cauldron piece. Go up.

Combine cauldron:    Right click on the biggest cauldron piece and see it in close up.

Left click another piece on it. They combined.

Click the third cauldron piece to the combined one to get a complete cauldron.

See that it changes to a golden Cauldron of Rebirth.

It is inscribed with:    Give me the blood of Earth, I give thee Life.

Blood of Earth:    What is the blood of earth? Water.

Dowsing:    Go to Malcolm's office and review the dowsing paper on the tack board.

Read the back of the paper and see where he thinks the new well should go.

Go to the patio behind the stables. Face the back door of the stables.

Pick up the hazel twig on the ground at left.

Right click the hazel twig in inventory to see it in close up.

Click on it again to turn it and have the forked side towards you.

See it on the screen and also the forward cursor.

Find water:    Turn right if facing the back door of the stables.

Go forward to the path. See the end of the hazel twig shakes at end of the path.

The path splits right and left. Move the cursor to the left and see it active or pointing to a boulder.

Return the hazel twig to inventory. Use the Cauldron of Rebirth on the boulder at left of screen.

See water springs out and pours into the cauldron.

Silver rods:    Go to the shed left of Malcolm's workshop. Take the tractor rod (it looks silvery)from the floor.

Starling:    Go to the front door, turn right and then left. Be under the scaffolding at right side of the house and facing the kitchen porch-potting area.

Walk under the scaffolding and look up while facing the potting area. Click on scaffolding.

Use the ladder taken from the stone building on the scaffolding.

Climb up to the roof. Take the starling part of the weather vane.

Look around and see a nice view of the farmstead. Go down.

Bread:    Enter the back-kitchen door. Face the cabinets on the left of the table.

Read the book tucked at right side of the cabinet beside the striped bottle. Read the recipe for making bread.

Ingredients:    Take salt from top right cabinet, butter from refrigerator and mixing bowl from bottom left cabinet.

Go to unfinished dining room and then left to the pantry. Take the (beer) bottle of ale from the tub on the right shelf. Take the measuring cup -jug and the bread pan-tin on the shelving at top left.

Go outside to the top floor of the stone building and take the bag of flour now that you need it.

Bake bread:    Wish it was this easy. Go back to the kitchen.

Go to the sink. Turn on the right faucet and use the measuring cup on the water. Turn off the faucet to conserve water.

In inventory, right click the bowl to see it in the screen.

Add flour, salt and then butter to the bowl. Click to mix the ingredients. Click again to make a well at the center of the mixture.

Add the yeast (ale-beer in bottle) and water to the mixture. Click on the mixture to get dough.

Click the bread pan on the mixture to get unbaked bread.

Go to the oven and open the door. Place the unbaked bread inside the oven.

Close the door of the oven. Open the door again and take out the baked bread.

Magic cloak:    Take the bundle of cloth from the table. The chair moved. Seems like someone is a bit upset.

Just a reminder - have you fed the cat lately?

Gold plate:    Go to Malcolm's Office. Take the gold plate award on top of the bookcase.

Skull:    Go to Rhiannon's bedroom and take the skull badge from the Gottiko poster. Eek!

Emotions of the symbolic items:   

Boiler room:    Go to the boiler room and pick up the parcel left for Jen.

Kirlian effects:    Go upstairs to Jen's work room.

Camera setup:    Place the parcel right of the microscope. Open the parcel by clicking on it. Read the camera instructions.

It is a Kirlian camera. Click to take the camera out and placed on the work table.

Aura of the symbolic items:    Place one of the symbolic items on the plate of the camera.

Flip the switch on the right and a picture is taken.

See the aura around the symbolic item.

Do this for all the symbolic items to get: Kirlian skull image, Kirlian plate image, Kirlian cloth image, Kirlian bread image, Kirlian starling image and Kirlian rod image.

Pattern of emotions seen in water:

Go to Jen's office and take-read again the magazine article about Magical Water from the table.

Learn about a study that showed that words can be imprinted on water. Freeze the water and then check on the microscope. Patterns and colors that denote emotions are seen.

Equipment:    Take the blue homeopathy bottles from the shelf.

Take the tray of glass slides from the left side of the work table.

Go to Malcolm's office downstairs. Go to the printer and press the lit button. Take 2 sets of labels.

Right click to look close on the blue bottles. Use one sheet of labels on the blue bottles.

Right click to look close on the tray of glass slides. Use the other sheet of labels on the blue bottles.

The bottles and glass slides are now labeled.

Samples of emotions:    Go back to the Cauldron of Rebirth outside.

Use the labeled blue bottles on the cauldron with spring water. Take bottles filled with spring water.

Right click the labeled glass slides and use-left click the filled blue bottles on them. The glass slides now have samples under the cover slips - slide samples (of emotions).

The bottles are now off the rack.

Preparation:    Go to the freezer in the pantry.

Open the freezer and place the slide samples inside.

Close the freezer and go out of the room.

Come back inside and take the tray of frozen slides (of emotions).

Testing:    Go back to Jen's lab.

Look close at the microscope. Right click the tray of frozen glass slide from inventory.

Take a labeled frozen glass slide and place it on the microscope plate.

Look through the eyepiece and see the colors and pattern of that emotion.

Comparison of the aura colors of the symbolic items and the emotions in frozen water:

 While looking at each frozen glass slide, compare them with the Kirlian photograph of the symbolic items.

This way you can attribute an emotion to a symbolic item.


Skull has similar colors as duty.


Bread has similar colors as humiliated.


Starling has similar colors as truth.

  Cloth has similar colors as deceived.

Tractor rod has similar colors as insulted.

  Gold plate has similar colors as calm.

Combine the symbols of the Second Branch:

Go back to the Cauldron of Rebirth. It is now bubbling. 

Add a symbolic item (not the picture of the symbolic item) and its matching blue bottle of emotion to the cauldron.

Do this to all symbolic items: skull and duty, starling and truth, tractor rod and insulted, bread and humiliated, cloth and deceived, gold plate and calm.

If correctly done, they coalesce and form the Water orb. Take the Water orb.

Chapter Four: Fire

Once again, wake up in Rhiannon's room.

Review the Branch III of The Legends of Pryderi book in Malcolm's office.

Exit the house.

Area 2 (blocked path):    Go to the path behind and right of the stables.

Go forward and see that the road is now unblocked and the fallen tree is gone.

Mill:    Go forward and see a watermill at right.

Go down the steps at right. See a locked door on the left and a watermill that is not working at the end of the path. That waterwheel can produce power. Go back up on the steps.

See a red drum that must have been used to burn wood by the workmen. Continue to the right.

Continue forward and see a sluice gate at right of the flowing water. Look close and see that the key to the gate is not here.

Go back to the stone building across the pond at the farmstead. Enter and now that we need it as seen by the closed sluice gate, take the metal thing-sluice key on the shelf hidden by the paint cans at left of the room. Go back to the sluice beside the watermill.

Use the sluice key on the sluice gate and see water flow. This started the waterwheel of the mill.

Go back and take a look at the turning waterwheel.

Stone building:    Go back to the stone building across the pond.

Go to the handle-crank-frame on the back wall that did not work before. Now that the waterwheel is producing energy, turn the handle.

See that the gate opens and water is released. The cellar is drained of water.

Go to the trap door on the side of the room. Go down the steps.

Cellar:    Look around.

See that on the walls are 4 circular plates that have the symbols of the 4 elements: air, fire, earth and water.

Look at the base of the step and see another circular plate but the symbol is missing.

Go to the left side of the walkway.

Boat:    Enter the boat on the right side. This then make you face towards the tunnel.

Click on the lever in front of you that is attached to the center of the boat.

If you want to go to the opposite way enter through the other side so that you face where you want to go.

Boswell's office:    Midway in the tunnel, the boat stops. Exit the boat and enter the blue submarine door.

Look around. See a safe on the left and a display case on the right.

Safe:    Look close and check-click the safe.

Portraits:    Be sure to look close and read the nameplates below the 4 portraits. They are the Boswell family: Michael, Arthur, Charles Robert the patriarch and Margaret the matriarch. We heard a ghost cry for Arthur in Rhiannon's room earlier.

Gramophone:    Play the gramophone and hear old time music.

Desk:    While standing by the gramophone, turn right and look at the desk.

Read the paper on the desk.

Open the drawer of the desk and read Charles Boswell's diary cover to cover.

Learn how he bought Ty Pryderi for his son Arthur who wants to be a farmer. Learn how he made the water tunnel.

He recognized that there is an evil entity here that is causing problems and that it is Llwyd. Boswell is afraid for Rhiannon, Arthur's new wife and started actions to protect her from Llwyd. He mentions that this Rhiannon is an Aquarius, an Air sign. He determined to use a Magical wand which is the symbol of Llwyd's power. He made a magical pentangle at the Produce Terminus (cellar).

The last page showed that he was not successful. A fire was Llwyd's doing. Remember the picture of a fire destroyed Ty Pryderi taken from the unfinished dining room.

Exit the office and go back to the boat.

Mill:    Enter the boat on the left side so that you face the tunnel at right. If you want to go back to the stone building at left, enter the boat at right side so that you face that way.

Exit the boat and climb the spiral staircase at the corner.

Generator room:    Look around and see green rubber boots by the left wall.

There is a generator left of the door that has an active spot.

Read the poster on the door. It has the 'what to do' in case the police arrives. It looks like illegal activity happened here.

Open the door by removing the bar and see that it goes out to the outside of the watermill at Area B. Go back inside.

Plant room:    Climb up the red spiral staircase at the corner.

See the ball of light that is Rhiannon the hippie that disappeared come out of the rafters. She turns the radio on and floats out the window.

Go forward, turn left and see the illegal plants raised here in the commune at that time.

Take the paper plane tucked at top of the wall. Read the paper and see that it describes Mabinogion Branch 3.

The symbolic objects needed for water are: shield, boots, saddle, wedding ring, fountain, golden bowl, mouse and glove. We need to collect those items.

Turn around and look at the tack board on the wall.

See a list of chemicals that makes different colors. Take the bonfire poster. It looks like the colors correlate to the symbolic objects. We need to collect these chemicals also.

Collect the chemicals and symbolic objects:

Turn around and take the Bordeaux mixture that has copper sulphate on the top shelf right of the illegal plants.

Go to the window by the staircase. Take the darts trophy that is shaped like a shield.

Generator room:    Go down the spiral staircase. Take the green rubber boots from left wall.

Malcolm's workshop:    Take the lithium battery from the recycle box on the floor left of the room.

Shed:    Go to the shed left of the workshop. Take the Tree Stump Remover that contains saltpeter from the shelf at right.

Garage:    Go to the car at the garage end of the path of Area 1. Now that we need it, take the orange glove of Rhiannon of the 60's from the dashboard.

Boiler room:    Go to the boiler room left of the door going into the bathroom of the house.

If you haven't done it yet, use the stepladder taken from the unfinished room on the right wall. Climb up and get rat poison that has barium carbonate.

Front door:    Go around outside and face the front door. Turn right and take the bag of gypsum cement.

Rhiannon's bedroom:    Take the aluminum soda can under the bed.

Bathroom:    Go to the bathroom and open the medicine cabinet at left wall. Take the Strontium tablets.

Malcolm's office:    Take the computer mouse from the desk.

Pantry:    Take the yellow bowl at top shelf on the right. Turn around and take the blue chocolate fountain and the caviar with E285 on the window sill. Go to the kitchen and open the left top cabinet. Look at the list on the door. See that E285 is borax.

Living room:    Go back to the living room. If nothing happens after collecting all objects and chemicals except saddle and ring, exit to the hallway by the stairs and go back in to the living room.

Rhiannon Boswell:    If you have done everything above and have seen everything in Boswell's office (safe and diary), see Rhiannon Boswell enter through the right wall. You are pulled into the room.

See her in state after the fire that killed her.

Look close and take the purple ring from her left hand. She is under the sign of Aquarius, an air sign and this stone is amethyst.

Credenza:    Look at the side board on the right.

Read the memorial card for Rhiannon on top of the credenza.

Open the left cabinet and take the blueprint. See the plan done by Boswell to connect the 3 terminus at underground tunnel. Take note of the 87362 written under the office drawing. Close the door.

Open the middle cabinet and then the tin can. Look at the the wedding certificate of Arthur and Rhiannon. Read the newspaper clipping, inquest report and see the family picture of Rhiannon and her sister Elizabeth with their husbands. Close the door.

Open the right cabinet. Look inside the pressed flower book and take the key. Close the door.

Exit the room. If you are finished in this room, the door disappears. If some of the items are still not taken, you can come back in by clicking on the active spot on the wall.

Rhiannon appears and floats up to the ceiling.

Unfinished room:    Go upstairs and enter the room right of the Sale poster. This is the room where Rhiannon floated up to.

Move the cardboard box on the floor under the graffiti.

Now that Rhiannon showed it to you, look close and use the crowbar on the floorboard.

Take the box. Use the Edwardian key from the pressed flower book on the lock. Read the letter to Elizabeth, the last words of Rhiannon Boswell. Learn what has been happening to her and the events before the fire.

She mentions a saddle she found after tripping over a flagstone at the stables. Later she returned it to the stable thinking that it started all this frightening events.

Stables:    Go to the stables.

Go left to the far corner and then go right to the window. Turn around from the window and face the shelving.

See a ghost horse. Pan down and right - look close at the flagstone at right side close to the wall.

See a gap on the flooring. Take the tile off and take the red saddle.

Make a bonfire of the symbolic objects:   

We have all the symbolic items and chemicals. Let us combine them.

Red drum:    Go to the red drum by the Mill. See that there is now fire inside the drum.

Using the colors of the object and the color of the chemicals in the list taken from the Mill, match the items and then place them in the red drum.

Red saddle with lithium battery that produces red fire.

Yellowish green shield (darts trophy) with caviar that has borax that produces yellowish green fire.

Blue fountain with Bordeaux mixture that has copper sulphate that produces blue fire.

Yellow bowl with tree stump remover that has saltpetre that produces yellow flame.

White computer mouse with aluminum soda can that produces white flame.

Green boots with rat poison that has barium carbonate that produces green flame.

Purple ring with strontium tablets that produces purple fire.

Orange glove with cement bag with gypsum that produces orange flame.

Watch them combine. Take the fire orb.


Chapter 5: Air

Wake up in Rhiannon's bedroom once again.

Front door:    The mailman has been here. Pick up the letters.

Read the letter that explains an update to MP3 player and the usage of the combination of the MP3 player and the Tunovox.

Open the packet and read the letter sent by Jon Southworth. It has the complete paper of the Mabinogion including Branch IV. The symbolic objects are pig, helmet, death shroud and wand. We need to collect the items for air.

Collect symbolic items:

Malcolm's office:

Take the MP3 player from the charger. Turn it off to place it in inventory.

On the way out, take the Death Shroud calendar from the door.

Rhiannon's bedroom:    Take the ceramic piggy bank right of the computer.

Open the right drawer and take the physics homework.

Jen and Malcolm's bedroom:    Take the Tunobox from the window sill.

Mill:    Go to the mill at the formerly blocked area 2 road. Take the yellow plastic hard hat on side of the road which can be seen on the way back from the sluice bridge.

We need to look for a wand.

Collect the correlating sounds for the symbolic items:

Air symbols must be correlated to the sounds we hear, check and record the sounds needed. Read the physics homework of Rhiannon. It states that materials have different frequencies.

Mill:    Go down the steps to the mill.

Waterwheel:    Go to the waterwheel at end of path.

Use the Tunobox on the waterwheel. Press the tone button.

See that the MP3 player records the sound made by the waterwheel (MP3 player). Turn the power off the Tunobox.

Generator:    Go inside the mill through the side door.

Use the Tunobox on the generator beside the door. Press the tone button.

See that the MP3 player records the sound made by the generator (MP3 player).

House:    Go back to the house.

Living room:    The phone is buzzing. Check the latest message on the phone. It is the minister that Jen talked to concerning the family plot as mentioned in her mom's letter.

The minister states that he found the key and unlocked the cemetery.

Kitchen appliance:    Go to the refrigerator at the kitchen or the freezer in the pantry.

Use the Tunobox on either one of the 2 kitchen appliance. Press the tone button.

See that the MP3 player records the sound made by kitchen appliance (MP3 player).

Bathroom fan:    Go to the bathroom upstairs.

Use the Tunobox on the bathroom fan above the tub. Press the tone button.

See that the MP3 player records the sound made by the fan (MP3 player).

Find the wand:   

Cemetery:    Go to the chapel-cemetery via the Area 2 road to the river.

After hearing the phone message of the minister about the key to the cemetery, see that there are now stepping stones to go the other side.

Enter through the gate. Look around at the tombstones.

Rhiannon Boswell:    Go forward twice and look at the tomb on the right. See that there is a circular stone with a cross-shaped hole at the center. Click on the hole and make a remark.

Look at top of tomb and see that this is Rhiannon Boswell's tomb. Arthur has joined her 2 years later. It has a cup at one end.

Stone:   Turn around. On the ground just in front of the chapel entrance is a stone with a hole at the center.

Rhiannon of Pwyll, mother of Pryderi:    Go forward to the left side of the chapel.

See the Ogam script of the name Rhiannon on the wall. There's a circular hole on the front.

Rhiannon of the '60s:    Turn around and turn right. See a tombstone of an unknown. This must be the one mentioned at the e-mailed news clipping. A box is in front of the tombstone.

Family grave of Rhiannon Sullivan:    From Jen's mother's letter, the family plot has George and Lucinda Edwards tombstone.

Turn left from the unknown tomb and forward twice. Turn right and see a shadowed tombstone close to the wall.

Click to go there and see that this is the Edwards' plot. There is also a box here.

Exit the cemetery.

Boswell's Office:    Go to the boat at the cellar of the stone building. Ride the boat to Boswell's office.

Open the safe:    Enter and go to the safe.

Using the blueprint numbers taken from the cabinet in the room where Rhiannon Boswell was in state, open the safe. Click on numbers: 8 7 3 6 2. Upon clicking a number, the dial will automatically turn it to that number, return to zero and be ready for the next number.

Read and take the scroll - Principiae Symbolarum. Boswell wrote the principles of the Magical Pentangle he made here. There are the 4 elements plus the 5th element - spirit. The water is at the center of the pentangle. They should be activated in balanced order in sinister position.

Remember that the 4 circles on the cellar wall of the stone building have the elements symbols. The fifth circle is missing a symbol. That might be the one at Rhiannon's tomb.

Now that you have clicked on the hole in front of Rhiannon Boswell's tomb; look at, press the button of the stick tool and see that the end opens to 4 points. Take the antique tool now that you know where to use it.

Check the other documents.

Cemetery:    Go back to the cemetery and use the antique key on the circular stone in front of Rhiannon Boswell's tomb. Take the round spirit stone.

Cellar:    Go back to the stone building and down the cellar.

Based on Boswell's diary and the scroll, the symbols are to be pressed in sinister order to form a pentacle.

Recall that the torque leaflet in Malcolm's workshop specifically states how to do a balance (clockwise) order of bolts that are arranged in a pentacle. Do the reverse of that procedure but starting on the top also.

Make the pentacle:

At the cellar, look close at the round area at the base of the stairs. Place the round spirit stone on the circle.

Forming the pentacle in sinister (counterclockwise) order, go to the far left circular plate close to the back right end of the boat. Press the Air symbol. If correct, the plate stays recessed and no laughter is heard.

Go to the circular plate right of the spirit stone and top right of the boat. Press the Fire symbol.

Go to the circulate plate left of the spirit stone and close to the stairs. Press the Earth symbol.

Go to the circular plate close to the side entrance of the boat. Press the Water symbol.

The symbols light up. Watch the appearance of the glass case from the water. Open the case and take the wooden wand.

Symbolic objects and their sounds:

Living room:    Go back to the house and to the living room.

Stereo:    Click on the TV and see a face appear briefly.

Press the middle component and see that a device is found.

Frequencies of materials:   

Study the physics homework of Rhiannon. It states that materials have different frequencies.

Note the bar graph at bottom of the page.

The materials shown as example are arranged from low to high (left to right) frequencies:  wood, paper, plastic and ceramic.

MP3 recordings of machineries:   

Check each MP3 player recordings done.

Arranged by low to high (left to right) frequencies:     generator, bathroom fan, kitchen appliance and waterwheel (mill).

Combine the sound and symbolic objects:

Go to the middle part of the sofa, turn left and sit down. See that the coffee table becomes active.

After knowing the matching pairs of the symbols and sound and have turned on the stereo's middle component, place on the table:

Wand (wood) and generator MP3 recording. The glass wand that signifies Llywd goes back to inventory.

Calendar of Death Shroud (wood) and bathroom fan MP3 recording.

Helmet-Hard hat (plastic) and kitchen appliance MP3 recording.

Pig (ceramic) and waterwheel-mill MP3 recording.

See them combine. Take the Air orb.

Release the spirits and seal Llwyd:

Go back to the cemetery. Look for the graves of the Rhiannons and place the orbs in the holders on their grave. Rhiannon Sullivan is represented by her family plot, the Edwards.

Element signs:   

Rhiannon Sullivan:    Based on the zodiac poster in her bedroom, Rhiannon was born under a water sign.

Rhiannon Boswell:    Boswell mentioned that she has an air sign.

Rhiannon of the '60s:    Rhiannon wrote in her diary that her birthday is on September 8. That makes her under the earth sign.

This leaves fire sign for Rhiannon of Pwyll.


Rhiannon Boswell:    Go forward twice upon entering the cemetery. Look above the Rhiannon Boswell's tomb and place the Air orb in the cup.

Rhiannon of Pwyll:    Turn around and go forward to the left side of the chapel.

See the Ogam script of the name Rhiannon on the wall. Place the Fire orb in the hole.

Rhiannon of the '60s:    Turn around and turn right. See a tombstone of unknown.

Place the Earth orb in the box.

Family grave of Rhiannon Sullivan:   Go forward towards the gate, turn right and see a shadowed tombstone close to the wall. Click to go there and see that this is the Edwards' plot. Place the Water orb in the box.

Stone:   Turn right, forward and left. Look down at the stone with a hole at the center.

Use the glass wand on the stone.

Watch the pentangle, release of the Rhiannons and the sealing of Llwyd.

Listen to the e-mail of Jon to Rhiannon. Learn that Rhiannon has returned and is safe at home. Upon receiving Rhiannon's diary, Jon checks his past and learned that he is the son of Rhiannon Wallace. He reunited with Rachel, her sister.

The source of the power of Llwyd himself shall prevail against his evil.

When shall come the fourth Rhiannon Thus shall the soul of Pryderi be released

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