Ringworld: Revenge of the Patriarch - Walkthrough
Walkthrough by Veikko Danilas veiks@et.ee
RINGWORLD (TM)  -  Revenge of the Patriarch (TM) by  Tsunami

Written on early March (C) 1995 Veikko Danilas This walkthru may be copied and
distributed by any means under the condition that it is left in its entirety

I used the CD-version of the Ringworld but this solve
should apply to a disk version as well. Sound Blaster music
is kind of a lame but hey, just use roland (or GUS) to get
amazingly (sometimes) enjoyable results. The environment is
based on Larry Niven's "Know Space" which adds certain charm
to the adventure. Enough of a loose talk, we have an
universe to save.

After an introductionary animation you'll find yourself
standing before family Chemeee's cosy home. Touch that fancy
doorbell beam to announce your arrival. Kzinti guy comes up
and asks for some proof. Give him Louis Wu's signet ring,
which should satisfy that big cat. Your little chit-chat
with friendly host is rather abruptly interrupted (it
doesn't really matter, what you say). Stun the intruder -
just to be sure. Didn't he just drop something? Yes, let's
pick it up and follow our host.
Now there are three fly cycles but only two riders and we
don't want to leave and transportation behind.  So climb into
free fly cycle (just pick one). Insert that "modern" floppy and
read the message contained on disk. Also don't forget to press
SLAVE button.
We might need that floppy later so take it back and leave
the cycle. Now hop into another and set it to MASTER
(inserting yellow disk first). Pull speed control lever and
let's get out of here !
Sometimes it's better to rely on other beings so let
Iacch-Captain to do your dirty work. Looks like we got some
unwelcome visitors. You should put them out cold, using that
trusty stunner. Now sit back and enjoy some cinematics. So
Miranda is going to cause some serious trouble. If you want
to punish her for it, stun her but it's not very polite to
shoot them' ladies so you can just talk with her and let the
time pass. Luckily our furry friend is smarter than you and
doesn't have any prejudices against shooting a woman.
COPY PROTECTION !!!  What a obnoxious thing to put into
a CD-game! I thought we got rid of those stupid manual
lookups with CD-s, but no such luck! Really lame, if you ask
Reconnect those wires and reach some sort of an
agreement with Iacch-Captain. So she requires some proof to
back up your story. The AutoDoc has many functions so we can
use it to access interesting information. Put that yellow
mission disk into AutoDoc. So now we are all friends -
great. Relax and watch another one of those great
animations. Ringworld, here we come !

So here we are, in a little heavenly canyon, playing
gods and all ... Our friend Rock That Safeguards His People
wants to have a little drink so don't keep him waiting.
There doesn't seem to be something very drinkable in here so
we shall return to lander in search for drink. In lander bay
is a computer that allows you to access ship's computer
containing delightfully detailed information about Known
Space. It's  really interesting to read those entries but
it's not unavoidable right now.
We should take a lift to the level 2. Left from a Quinn is a food
replicator so we could use it a little. Yep, ale, that's it! This Alterian
Moonshine should be a hot stuff. So back to the chief's hut
we go. Quite sadly Quinn is subjected to a rishatra with a
member of another race but it has it's advantages so just
suffer through it. After working you can grab a rope and
wander back to the chief's room. Can we find room in our
pocket for that little ladder thingy? Yes of course (i just
looove adventure games).
Leave the house and watch as guard conveniently leaves his
pervious standpoint. There are some interesting smokes up there
so let's take a closer look. Use that "portable" ladder and once up,
tie chief's rope to the rock (we have to move silently). Now pick a
hole and descend into it (no, not the right one, you might get, hmm,
toasted). There are some items to admire but you should
concentrate on back wall and take some notes or just
remember that little (star)map there.
WALK out and grab priest's necklace from just under his nose.
Back thru the ceiling you go and down using the ladder. You'll be
placed at the Tech so look at the map (from temple's back wall) and
put those pegs in correct holes. Wow, a little cute spaceship.
Procedures require a scan of any new interesting object so let's do
just that. Well well, looks like you just completed your first task, only
Miranda will have to do some researching jet.
So your next job lies in the caverns. Talk with seeker - it doesn't really
matter, what you'll say. He speeds ahead and you and Miranda form the
exited audience. Oops, now you'll have to save his furry ass. Take a lift
to level 2.

That storage room can be very useful at times so just walk
in and grab the med-kit. Back to the cave we go. There are
some skeletons lying about but nothing important. So let's
enter that cave. There seems to be some kind of a bat
creature caught in the net. Help him by pulling the rope
that hangs from the net. Ouch ! And so you have found our
furry friend. Inject him with your medcit (bites can be very
dangerous). But unfortunately it doesn't help much.

Grab a sharp stone fragment from the floor and slide thru the upper
tunnel. Walk to the rope (avoiding that slippery tile) and
cut the rope with a sharp stone. Examine surrounding if you
like and revisit those charming fellows (by falling thru
floor again). Try to leave by the tunnel ... Friends can be
very useful at the tight places. Follow little critter to
find a secret way to the throne room (and that precious
stasis box). Use stunner to dispose of any bothering
flesheaters. Talk to the bat creature and touch that big
pillar. Here it is ! Get that shiny box and leave at once.

Now we need to speak with the Seeker so just fall thru
again(or skip it if you don't want to speak with a big cat).
Climb out and walk to the pillar with secret door in it.
There is a big rock quite near to that pillar. Remove the
rock and join your friends back at lander.
So we have a problem here: how to open a box. For every
problem there should be an answer somewhere and frequently
it's good to check with computer database. Read information
about Stasis Fields and go talk to your team-mates (on 1-St
deck). Now say that you want to fly a probe if you'd like to
do some action for a change. Or you can leave action part to
the Seeker. And there comes that transmission again.
We should dive into the ocean depths but it's a rather
dangerous thing to do without a proper equipment. Go back to
the lander's storage bay and wear your environmental suit
and open the airlock. Are we all set? Yes, so dive right in.
This boss guy gives you a little quest that needs some
flying power. Drop that bulky suit and proceed to the bay
(you might want to visit Seeker for some directions).
Operate Fly cycle control panel and fly to the "sky house".
The crazy man doesn't want to cooperate so you should stun
that loser. There is a key in the transfer tube and cork on
the wooden barrel. Take them both. Greed liquid can be
collected with a jar from the table. Touch those novels on
the shelf and discover a paper. 2-4-3. seems to be some kind
of a combination. Examine that stool and turn it according
to paper slip (2 times to the right, 4 to the left and 3 to
the right). Take a look at the floor safe and open it using
the key (from transfer tube). There is nothing more to be
done in that house and you should return to the lander.
And while you are there at the lander bay check out the tech
console. Grab what's left from the probe and walk back to
the beach. Give dolphin hands, translator and green slime to
the amphibian and he'll bring you another stasis box. Take
it and that ends another mission.
When Seeker leaves talk to the slave and head for the
castle (nice surrounding). There seems to be a large
quantities of straw here. Some of it is dump or just filthy
so select clean and dry spot and grab a handful. You
shouldn't forget your new duties so guide Quinn to the
patriarch (out and right and down again).
Patriarch spoils his tunic (what a shame) and Quinn gets
a chance to be useful for a change. Get the spoiled tunic and
go for the new one (out and right and right again). Guard can be
surpassed by showing him the spoiled tunic. In the closet is
a lot of tunics but they aren't really needed(let that cat
suffer without one!). One of the Kzinti arrows is actually a
trigger for a secret compartment. Get the short sword and
return to the bedroom. Insert the short sword into a nearest
column to acquire a perfect fit. Yes, stasis box at last.
Now if only you could distract that guard character. Let's
great a little accident. Get a candle from the candelabra
and make a nice little fire on the patriarch's bed using
straw and the candle. Balcony seems to be a perfect escape
route so speed to the balcony and use your portable
communicating device(scanner).
Alas our fearless heroes are back at the mysterious
ship. Shut down the stasis field with a remote control
(negator). Access panel gives you a nice little picture

correct order :

  3  5  1
  2  4  6

Get the little bugger out of that bucket of bolts (slaver
ship) and give him the telepath's helmet for a continued
communication. A magnetic key can be used to open the
maintenance cover. Put that moving blue field into the
stasis box and take it with you. Now it's possible to
retrieve these interesting modules and leave the slaver
ship. Wounded guy tries to get nasty but you are able to
eliminate him with a neural wave nullifier. "Manhandle" your
guest back to the ship and seal the exits.
Quinn finds himself in a perilous position without a chance to escape
but then he remembers those strange devices from the slaver ship. With
a shaking hand he uses a device and teleports into relative safety of the
And so we bid our heroes a found farewell as they speed back to the
ringworld to find another challenges and puzzles in the
"Return to the Ringworld (TM)". Universe is safe once more.
We didn't quite find Louis Wu or Chmee but maybe we will in
the sequel. Who knows? And more importantly : who cares?
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