by FlyingDutchman42

                       March 2018



   Gameplay:  Rise Of Insanity  is a first person psychological horror game, with additional VR support (optional)



   Minim requirements: Pc - Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600

   Memory:                      4 GB Ram 

   Graphics:                     Pc - GTX 560 Ti




This is a watered down walkthrough to help you to get on with the game, not a step by step one.

 (You have to do something yourself as well!) 



Desk:  You stand before a desk, read the note, listen to the Dictaphone, and then investigate the room.

            You open the door and walk to the left

            Open second drawer of cupboard

            Walk downstairs and than to the left


Living Room:   Read Note,  Investigate Kitchen

             Turn off the T.V

              Answer phone Call (always answer phone calls!)


Office:   Read Note. Listen to dictaphone

               Read Note beside the radio.

               Exit. To the left, Open door

               Check the Table, Exit


Elevator: Enter Elevator.

                 Walk down the hallway

                 Check the rooms

                 At the end of the hallway is a code Lock


                 To find the code: Go to the room where the eyes are examined.

                  Check the rooms, always check the rooms after a phone call or after you "have returned".       


Re-enter Elevator:  Use code on Lock, (use the A,S D button on the keyboard and use the "S" button to switch between the numbers.


Room with Birdcage:   A room filled with Bird Pictures.

                    Look at the Pictures

                    No clues here, you want to leave the room but it is impossible!!

                    This is the tough part of the game ....

                     You look at the birdcage and then the drawing

                     You have to use the drawing with the Birdcage to maneuver you're way out.

                     Use keyboard and mouse and "Fly towards the Light" and do not touch the walls of the Cave.


Another Phone Call:            Walk towards  The Greenhouse

                     The door is locked. You'll have to find the key.

                      Investigate the surroundings.

                      After finding Key open door and investigate.


The Boy's Room :       Check the room thoroughly  and exit

                     Entering the room downstairs you are returned to the boy's room.

                     Walk to the door beside the stairs.


No Fuses:    Go downstairs to look for the fuses.

                      After finding the fuses investigate further.

                      When suddenly there is a gas leak.

                       Close off the supply.


Go Upstairs:  Install the fuses.

                         Re-enter the living room and kitchen.


                         Follow request, and investigate further.


Elevator:         After Elevator, check the groundfloor.


Creepy Scene:            A creepy Scene follows, walk down to the end of the hallway.


Flashlight:     Pick up the flashlight, investigate the VW bus (all around)


Greenhouse:  Walk towards the greenhouse, Danger!

                          Don't get too close. The solution:


                           Repair the ignition of the VW bus so that you can turn on the lights.

                           Find something to repair it with ...

                           After the repair, enter  and check the Greenhouse.


You're Back:                 Turn off the TV.  Check the room

                           Go Upstairs. Listen to the Dictaphone

                           Investigate Upstairs, another Phone Call.

                           Walk towards the light ( just as in "Poltergeist")


Icy Path:           Keep walking straight ahead on the Icy Path

                           At the end there is a bridge.

                           You can't get to the end of it.



                            Run! And than you have to enter the door. 

                             You're back in the kitchen.

                             Check the rooms, and go to the bathroom.

                              Bring the requested towel and enter.

                               After  checking it answer the phone. 


Office:                Look in all the rooms, you'll find a closed Trunk. Find Key and find a light bulb.

                               You return to where you came from and there is another scary moment.

                                When it starts: Immediately screw the lightbulb in the lamp, cause if you don't you will have to start all over again from the office.

                                 (The light scares of the Evil!)


Trunk:                   Open the trunk. Apparently the research wasn't a success ...

                                 You want to leave, but again, you're stuck.

                                  Keep turning the door handle.



Greenhouse:         Bathing in light you find the backdoor closed. Find the tool to open it. 

                                After opening the backdoor, follow the path and use the rowing boat.


The Icy Path once more:            Follow the Icy path.

                                Open the door, You're in jail

                                Investigate all rooms.

                                A morse code puzzle.

                                Use it to open the lock you've found.


Courtroom:          Use the Key on investigation room lock

                                You will enter a court room.

                                 Than go to the office and follow the instruction.

                                  Enter the boy's room and stay close to the door (enter to fa and you might get stuck! (I did!)

                                   Exit. Back on the path and move through the gatehouse.


                                   Follow the jumper .... The End                                     


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