The Rockin' Dead

by bitComposer Games

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   June 2011


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game that can be played in 2D or 3D.

The disk version of the game has to go through Steam activation and has the 3-D glasses.

The main menu page has a character's icon at top right of the screen. Click on her icon to toggle between 2D and 3D.

At the bottom of the screen see new game, load, credits and exit.

ESC key pressed during gameplay shows the picture link to main menu or continue game.

The gameplay screen has the save game (diskette), change 3-D/2D mode and exit icons at bottom right of screen.

The inventory (bag) and hints icons are at bottom left of screen.

The options icon is at top left of screen. The globe Alyssa is holding is the option for special effects and the skull is for toggling 2D-3D mode. The guitar has volume setting and the water valve by fountain has the water effects selection. The machine above the waterfall has the particles selection. The klieg light at top center has light on-off selection. The control panel on the left has refraction effects selection.

The skull at top right of screen has the zoom in-out selection.

The inventory bar can be toggled off by clicking the bag icon.

There is an autosave seen on first frame of the save screen.

Move the cursor over the hints-light bulb at bottom left to see all the active spots in the screen. Clicking on it opens the hints frame. The hints page shows hints for the first 2 clues. The third-spoiler needs hitting with a hammer to open it. The hammer is at right of the frame.

Left mouse click skips intro and cutscenes.


See a castle on top of a hill. A man in glasses experiments with skeletons. He prints out an invitation to a festival.

See Alyssa, lead guitarist and song writer riding her bike to rehearsal. Together with Cassandra and Sahara, they form the Deadly Lullabyes.

Their neighbor Quentin polishes his red mustang.




Look around.

Mailbox:    Open the mailbox left of the warehouse door.

Take the Creator's Creation Festival invitation for tomorrow at midnight.

Rehearsal room:    Enter through the big sliding door. Look around.

Take the volleyball (optional) on the floor by the door.

Talk to Cassandra over and over. Learn that Quentin, the neighbor places an ad for a racy old timer seeking equally racy woman." Learn that the bus doesn't have any battery.

Check the magazine on top of the mixer at bottom of screen and learn that the Deadly Lullabyes were voted metal band of the year. Turn the pages to learn about the band members.

Check the band mascot at left of the room. Exit the warehouse.

Get a battery for the band bus:

Talk to the Quentin, the old man at right.

Get Quentin to leave:    Remember the ad the girls mentioned.

Go to telephone booth. Pan down and take the 1 dollar coin from the coin slot.

Go to the newspaper vending machine at foreground. Use the coin on coin slot of the machine.

Pick up the change - 50 cent coin. Automatically have the Dark City Tribune in inventory.

Click on newspaper in inventory to read Quentin's ad and get his phone number - 555-3379.

Go back to the phone booth and use the coin on the slot. Dial 555-3379. Alyssa talks to Quentin.

Battery:    Now that Quentin is gone, open the hood of the red mustang. Take the car battery.

Go to the band bus. Open the car hood. Use the car battery on the bus' engine. Now it is ready to go.

Click on bus door to automatically leave.

Watch the trip. After 50 miles, they reach the mountains. The sky turns black and starts to rain. They are on the zigzag road at side of mountain. After a tunnel, see a roadblock ahead with skeletons doing the Twist. The bus crashes.



Upon waking up, Alyssa sees that the bus is trashed and that Cassandra and Sahara are gone.

Find clue:

Bridge:    Go right pass the bus and see that the bridge collapsed. That is the reason for the road block.

Continue to end of the existing bridge and see peculiar plant. Try to check it and an eagle swoops down.

Bus:    Go back to the bus. Check the back of the bus and see that all equipment is gone.

Go left of bus and pick up the traffic cone (optional) from the road. Take the anchor pendant from Cassandra's necklace beside the cone.

Check the signpost. The arrows point to Pig's Head Castle and graveyard.

Check the old sign with skull and crossbones. See the back of the sign has a plan of sorts.


Pick up the paint bucket and brush from the ground under the graffiti on the wall.

Gate:    Check the gate. Alyssa sees the stone slabs that she says are connected to the gate.

Remember the plan behind the sign. Stand on slabs 1 - 2 - 3. The gate opens.


Bouncer skeleton:   Enter and look around. See mushrooms, crow and stairs at background.

Go left and talk to the skeleton with a metal ball guarding a mausoleum. No mortals are to go through there. He wants a light for his cigar.

There's a broken shovel at foreground.

Stroller:    Climb the stairs to the right. See a stroller rolling by. It's too fast.

Open the metal door and see that it is part of an elevator.

Check the water pump left of the first metal door.

Pick up the fishing line left of Bernie Bass' gravestone.

Go right and open another metal door. Again it is part of an elevator.

Go right and click on the paving stone on the ground. Alyssa moves it and it stops the stroller beside the gravestone with strange inscription.

Look inside the pram. The crying baby skeleton has a toy cat.

See basil left of the stopped stroller.

Playing skeleton:    Go right and see a skeleton controlling a model airplane with a remote control.

Pick up the 3D cartridge for an instant camera from the ground by Alyssa's feet and the shovel propped on the left mausoleum.

See parsley beside the Celtic cross gravestone.

See that there is a watering can with bottom rusted away at left. See a wooden barrel, matchbox and dirty cloth in front of the playing skeleton.

Talk to the playing skeleton and Alyssa warns him about lightning in a thunderstorm. Too late.

Take the glowing bone and the remote control. See a fruit crate in front of the mausoleum door at right.

Mausoleum:    Enter the mausoleum. Look around. An ogre pops up and scares Alyssa away.

Go back inside and open the door at back of room. The clutter holds the door over the trap door and prevents the ogre from coming up.

Now, look around. Read the ornate urn and understand the clue now.

Take the empty glass bottle from top of the pile of tires.

Take the 3-D camera from inside the closet. Combine the camera and the 3-D film to get a 3-D camera with film.

Take the blue duster (optional) from the box at right.

Exit the mausoleum. See a boat mooring at back of the path. We'll check that later.

Bouncer skeleton:    Go back to the left until the bouncer skeleton.

Talk to him completely. The power is not working in the crypt so there is no show. He starts giving info after the "light the cigar" dialogue.

Cassandra and Sahara were with the guy from the castle.

Alyssa gives the glowing bone to light his cigar. There you go!

Take the bouncer's stuff: the leather cap, the silver ball, glowing cigar and the sunglasses.


Enter the crypt. Look around.

See a mousetrap with cheese right of the stairs. Check the metal cage, harp and the old coffin.

Go right. Check the band equipment. Someone changed the logo.

Check the piano player and sheet music.

Elvis:    Talk to shakin' Elvis. He asks if you want a photo of him.

Use the 3-D camera with film on Elvis. Use the photo on Elvis.

Talk nice to Elvis. Then mention the paparazzi. This will get fake Elvis to autograph the photo - signed photo of Elvis.

Pool player skeleton:    Continue to the right.

Check the water valve at right. Turn the valve. Water is now flowing somewhere; probably at the water pump beside the stairs outside.

Check the metal gate and see another elevator.

8 ball:    Talk to the pool players. They are missing the 8 ball.

In inventory combine the metal ball held by the bouncer with the paint can taken outside the cemetery gates to get an 8 ball.

Give the 8 ball to the pool players and in return get pool trophy of the annual Undead-Masters Pool Tournament.

Check another metal gate and see another elevator.

Check the wooden barrel with hole and see a family of mice in there. There's a pair of shoes at right.

Take a pool cue beside the wooden barrel and cork from the floor.

Harry's Bar:   

Look close at bar. Talk to Harry.

Sticky stuff:    When you ask about the restroom, he places toilet paper on the bar. Take toilet paper.

See sticky stuff at left of counter. Use the toilet paper on the gunk to get sticky stuff.

Cassandra and Sahara:    Ask about the other band members. He wants to see a picture of Cassandra and Sahara.

Check the poster on the wall. Look at the poster in inventory and see the band's tour poster at the back.

Use the poster on Harry. Harry says that the Cassandra and Sahara were here but left in a hurry.

Wine bottle:    Try to take the wine bottle at right of bar. Harry did not like that.

Ask him for a drink. Ask for a Bloody Mary. Huh! Harry goes to cellar to check is she's here with her chainsaw.

Take the wine bottle when he leaves.

Mouse trap:    Go back to the left pass the band equipment.

Use the pool cue to take the mousetrap with cheese right of the stairs. Pick up the cheese and mousetrap from floor.

Climb the stairs to exit the crypt.


Boat mooring:

Climb the stairs and see the water pump is now flowing.

Baby skeleton:    Continue to the right.

Look close at the stroller. Use the wine bottle on the toy cat. The baby is happy.

Check the toy cat and see that it is a windup toy.

Dock:    Go through the path behind the former playing skeleton to be at a dock.

Get model aircraft from right of dock.

Dinghy:    Go left and check the dinghy. See that the motor won't start because there is no gasoline.

Take the empty jerry-gas can.

Fish:    See a large fish under the dock.

Make a fishing pole. Combine the pool cue and the fishing line. Then combine it with the cork from the bar. Combine the setup with the anchor from the necklace to get rod with hook.

Go to left end of dock and see mosquitoes in the air. Catch the large mosquito using the empty glass bottle from the mausoleum.

Combine the rod with hook with the mosquito in glass bottle to get a complete fishing rod.

Use complete fishing rod on fish under the dock.

See a close up of the water with swimming fish. Click on water in front of the largest fish. Then see if it eats the bait. Get a large fish.

Rest room:    Go to the rest room at background center of dock and left of the archways.

Take the iron bar, flower pot, rusty bucket. Take the bathroom reading (optional) from inside the restroom.

Take the rusty gutter (optional) at top right of the roof of the rest room.

See chives at right of the barrel. 

There is a large gas tank behind the rest room. Use the empty gas can on the gas tank to get full gas can.

The wooden door at left would not open. Use the rod with hook with wooden door.


Go through the door and be in a swamp.

See thyme between the 2 trees in the foreground.

Go left to the 2 barrels. Use the iron bar with hook on the left floating barrel. Alyssa pulls it closer.

Walk across over the barrels to the next log.

Again - go left to the 2 barrels. Use the iron bar with hook on the left floating barrel. Alyssa pulls it closer.

Walk across over the barrels to the next log.

Rat:    Go left and see a giant rat. The cheese we have is too small.

See a tree house at the background. Go back to the right.

Go right to the 2 barrels. Use the iron bar with hook on the right floating barrel. Alyssa pulls it closer.

Walk across over the barrels to the next log.

Go right to the 2 barrels. Use the iron bar with hook on the right floating barrel. Alyssa pulls it closer.

Walk across over the barrels to the next log.

Now continue to the left until the tree house.

Tree house:    Pick up the metal key from the ground.

Pull the rope with handle and hear something.

See holes on the tree trunk. The rods in inventory do not fit.

Go back to the restroom. Exit at right.

Dinghy:    Go back to the dinghy.

Use the full gas can on the outboard motor.

Start the outboard motor but the creepers are still stopping the motor. Use the iron bar to remove the creepers.

Go left and across to the other side of the river to another dock.

Other dock:

Take the iron chain on the mooring of the dinghy.

Hand:    See a running hand on the dock.

It goes to the right on an unstable part of the dock.

Go left to a more stable part of the dock. Use the mouse trap on the running hand.

Go left away from the trap. See the hand get caught by the mouse trap. Take the captured hand.

Look at the captured hand in inventory. It is in metal shackles.

Use the iron rod with the captured hand to get icy cold handshake and metal shackles.

Leave the jetty.

Tentacles:    See tentacles come up on both sides of the path. Combine the shackle and chain from the dock.

When the right tentacle disappears, use the shackle and chain on the post at foreground (left of the right tentacle). See that the right tentacle is now shackled.

Go forward until the greenhouse.



Look through the window. See bookshelves farther back.

The door is locked. Pick up the sneakers (optional).

Go right and see a hole in the window. There's something glittering close to the hole. Reach in and get a key.

Take red rose (optional) at right. Use the key on the locked door.

Inside:    Check the books on the floor and the well-fountain at left. Check the giant tomato at right of door.

Office:    Go right to be at the office. Look around at the books, armchair, clock and plans.

Take the rolled plan-site plan at top of the left bookshelf. Look at the map of the lake in inventory and see an X in the middle of the lake.

Look through the window. Alyssa wants to look at the swampy forest.

Check the notices beside the clock. It states: Seven centuries and another quarter will open the way to the locker.

Take the pocket watch (optional) from the table. See that it stopped at one minute to four.

Open the drawer and get a key ring.


Go left and down to the basement across the main door.

Lockers:    See lockers-closets at right. Use the key ring on the padlock until it opens.

Get an empty canister from the Hellfire gas station and diving suit.

Keypad:    See a keypad - input field on the wall of the locker. It needs a code.

Remember the notice in the office. 7 centuries and a quarter = enter 725 on the keypad and then press enter button.

See a peculiar machine with a spiral. Check the machine but nothing happens.

Go right and see control console. It is missing a tube.

Go back to the left and the basement.

Control panel:    See 2 metal doors and 3 test canisters in the room.

See a control panel on the left. It has 3 levers.

Pull up the right lever and see the right test chamber fill up. The plant inside is normal.

Pull up the middle lever and see the middle test chamber fill up. The plant inside grows fast. The side bottle is leaking. Use the empty canister on the leak to get filled canister with quick grow fertilizer.

Pull up the left lever and the left test canister is filled up. It is empty.

Now pull all the levers down to empty the 3 test canisters.

Place the cheese in the left empty canister.

Pull the left lever up to fill the canister with the cheese. That is a big cheese.

Pull the lever down. Take the large piece of cheese. Guess who will like that cheese.


Right metal door:    Go right and see the locked metal door. Check the first aid sign on the wall.

Use the key ring on the metal door to unlock it. Go through.

Look around at the bio-experiments that failed.

Go left and check the dirty control consoles. It is dirty and rusty. It looks like it runs the bio-capsule with skeletons at right.

Go back to the right. Climb to the next level-path at left. See a giant spider over the dirty control console.

There's ghost here trying to get Alyssa's attention.

Go left and take peculiar fruit husks from a chamber.


Go up one more level. Go right and when you're across the big spider in the foreground see a ladder in the background.

Office:    Climb that ladder and look around.

Check the clock that points to just before twelve. Note that the desk has a paper with color wheel.

Secret passageway:    Check dusty books with yellow book on top. Read the note that states: "From 3 colors, choose 2. Left is green, the middle is red and right will be blue. Your path is violet."

Check the 3 hanging chains at bottom right of screen. They can be pulled down.

If the left chain is green, middle chain is red and right is blue. We need violet. Red combined with blue makes violet.

Pull the middle and right chains fast to make them lower together.

See a secret door open. Go through secret passageway.

Alyssa walks the halls and comes out down the stairs. She is blocked by a wall.

See that beyond that wall is a room full of skeletons and large amplifiers. There's a guitar hanging on the wall.

Mirror image office:    Go back to the left and down to the lab. At the landing just below the ladder to the office; go right.

You should pass behind the test canister with a huge man with open stomach and abdomen.

See another ladder. Go up the ladder. Alyssa says this is a mirror image of the other office.

Let's check here. Check the dusty book stack with the yellow book on top.

The note states: yellow.

See the 3 chains at bottom left. If this is mirror image of the other office - the left chain is blue, middle chain is red and right is green. We need yellow. Red mixed with green makes yellow.

Pull the middle and right chains fast to make them lower together.

See a secret door open. Go through secret passageway.

Alyssa walks the halls and comes out the room that was seen blocked by the wall at other secret passageway.

Alyssa's favorite guitar is hanging on the wall. Take the guitar. Alyssa plays rock music.

Look at the large amplifiers at the back. Take the middle tube from the amplifier.

Exit at right to be at office. Exit at left to go back to the lab. Go down the different levels and exit at far right.

Use the key ring on the left locked metal door and see the other end of the lab. Exit.

Peculiar spiral machine - Portal:   

Go right and through the opened locker to be at peculiar machine room.

Go right to the control console. Use the tube take from the amplifiers on the control console.

Now the peculiar machine is working. Enter the machine - portal.

Alyssa enjoyed the trip. She comes out at the cemetery gate.


Enter the cemetery. Climb the stairs. Go forward until the boat mooring.

Strange - the dinghy is on this side. You can also go back to the other side through the spiral machine and go out the greenhouse to find the dinghy at the dock there.


Dive:    Enter the dinghy and move the cursor to center of the river.

See the dive icon. Dive. Continuously click the dive down cursor until Alyssa is at bottom of the water while she swims to the right. She passes through an arch and sees a sluice gate.

Turn the wheel valve to open the sluice gate. Enter.

Laboratory:    Check the switch right of the sluice gate. A bridge is moved.

Cross the bridge. Check the bolted metal door.

Test labs bottom level:

Zombie and rat:    Go right to the lab as seen behind the glass. Check the peculiar lounger-operating table.

Use the controller and Alyssa says it controls the operating table. There's no juice-power.

Use the test lab and see a zombie riding a giant rat.

Frankenstein:    Go right and electricity junction box.

Check another test lab machine. See a Frankenstein creation. Alyssa says again that this is mentioned in her Creator Creation song (like other creatures, places and events in the adventure).

See another controller for the operating table.

3 lady zombies:    Go right and check the third test lab. See 3 lady zombies.

Top level:   

Go back to the left until the metal stairs.

Climb the stairs and go left. The hidden path is missing a piece of walkway. Go back down and click on the switchboard at start of the metal ladder. Hear something happening up there.

Go back up and now there's a way to go left pass the hidden path.

Continue to the left. Another piece of the path is missing. Use the switchboard.

See the path move to the left.

Climb the metal stairs. Go right to the general control console. It's not working. Take the old brass key at top left of the console.

Go back down. Use the switchboard of the moving walkway to go right. Go right and down the stairs.

Go left pass the metal door and out the sluice door. Go to the surface.



Go to the dock at right. Go the rest room area at middle of the dock.

Go through the wood door and be at the swamp again.

Rat:    Go left until the rat. Give the large cheese to the rat. It dies. The cheese must have been poisoned.

Bloody Mary:     Walk across to the shed. See moonshine distillery at left.

Talk to a crying Bloody Mary. She moans that Elvis doesn't notice her.

Use the signed photo of Elvis with Bloody Mary.

Select dialogues: I shot the picture in Harry's Bar and the King signed it just for you and then He said he'll be waiting for you at the jetty tonight. That will get her out of the way til later.

Take the bloody chainsaw Bloody Mary left by the barrel.

Moonshine:    Check the moonshine still. Take the mash and the empty gas tank behind the barrels inside the shack at right.

Tree house:

Go right and walk the logs and barrels until you get to the tree house.

Portal:    See another portal left of the tree house.

Get up the tree house:    If you haven't yet, pick up the metal key from the ground.

See holes on the tree trunk. In inventory use Bloody Mary's chainsaw with the shovel to get pieces of wood -kindling.

Use kindling on the holes of the tree trunk. Climb up.

Look around. Check the large kettle and the coal burner underneath. See hanging dead giant rats.

Go up the wooden steps to the armchair.

See an old wooden trunk (uh oh), cookbooks, large gun with no ammunition and the armchair.

Get a trickster coin from the armchair. Look at coin inventory and see that it is heads on both sides. :D

Uncle Waldo:    Go down and left. See an old man.

Check the poster left of the entryway. It is for Uncle Waldo's Chicken Soup. The wall is thin here and the poster is put up to seal it.

Talk to Uncle Waldo. Select follow the delicious smell, drool, staff, what to do and cooking, cleaning, discretion dialogue. You got the job.

The first job is to collect basil, chives, thyme and parsley. He gives herb sickle.

Collect herbs:

Go down the tree house. Go left to the portal and enter.

Arrive at top of the stairs inside the cemetery.

Running water:    Use the rusty bucket from the rest room on the running water pump at left to get bucket of water.

Basil:    Go right and use sickle on basil in front of the stroller.

Parsley:    Go right and use sickle on parsley left of the Celtic cross and watering can.

Chives:    Go to boat mooring at top of screen and then to rest room. Use sickle on chives right of barrel.

Gas:    Use the empty gas tank from the still on the large gas tank to get full gas tank.

Thyme:    Go through wood door at left to be at swamp. Use sickle on thyme at foreground between the 2 trees.

Moonshine distillery:

Walk the logs and barrel to go left to the moonshine still.

Open the filling plant at top right. Place the mash inside the filling plant.

Place the bucket of water in the large wooden barrel at right.

The distillery is running. When finished processing, take the moonshine barrel at left.

Uncle Waldo and the Chicken Soup Factory:

Go back to the tree house. Talk to Uncle Waldo. He now tells Alyssa to supervise the automated production of the chicken soup. Waldo goes back inside his hut.

Chest:    Go up the steps to the wooden chest. Use the metal key taken from the ground beside the tree trunk on the chest. It's full of guns. Take the fireworks and the diary.

Turn the page to read the entire diary. Learn about being imprisoned and his nephew that betrayed him. The nephew is the lord of the castle. Learn also that giant rat meat is used in the chicken soup production and the herbs are used to mask the taste. Uncle Waldo's main aim is world domination.

Poster:    Go down and let to poster. Remember this wall is thin.

Use the flower pot on the poster to eavesdrop on Uncle Waldo. He's pacing back and forth like he is waiting for something.

Soup production:    Go right and down to the soup production.

There is a surveillance camera at end of the walkway. Use the sticky stuff taken from Harry's Bar on the camera.

Alyssa's recipe:    Check the empty container at middle of the line. It is where you add ingredients to the line.

Use the peculiar husk taken from the biolab at the greenhouse with the empty container.

Alyssa marks the crate that will have the fruit addition.

Start production by flipping the main switch right of Uncle Waldo's poster.

See rat carcass is brought in for shredding. The first container adds the shredded rat, the middle container adds the herbs and the third container adds the fruit that Alyssa added.

The filled crate is automatically taken away.

Uncle Waldo:    Go back to the left and up to Uncle Waldo's hut.

Eavesdrop on him again using the flower pot on the poster. Hear him say that the delivery is still at the old broken bridge.

Go to broken bridge delivery:

Ferryman:    Go back to the soup production line at right and down.

Go to the right end. Go down the ladder to the ferryman. See a lot of skeletons.

The ferryman doesn't want to take just anyone on the ferry.

He would talk only if shown something of interest. Show him the moonshine barrel.

Tell him it is full of moonshine. What do I get in return?

The ferryman says they will play a drinking game. If Alyssa wins she will be taken to the other side on the raft.

Select to flip a coin. Alyssa uses the trickster coin taken from the armchair.

The ferryman drinks the moonshine, collapses and then shrinks.

Take the ferryman's oar. Get on the raft. Alyssa rows to the other side.

Generator:    On the other side, see a big machine. Go left and then check the generator.

Alyssa says that it must power Uncle Waldo's production line.

See a pile of pallets at left. Push them one by one until a metal lid is seen on the floor.

Use the iron bar on the metal lid. See a lever. Move the lever to reroute the generator. Now there is no power to Uncle Waldo's factory. The power is rerouted somewhere.

Exit close up and Harry comes out of the portal. Showtime. Harry takes Alyssa back to the Crypt. The show is on. Alyssa returns through the portal left of Harry's Bar. The power was rerouted to the Crypt.

Soup pickup:    Enter the portal again. Exit the crypt.

Exit the cemetery. Go right to the bus. See the soup crates are being picked up.

In inventory combine the remote control taken from the player skeleton and the model aircraft taken from the dock.

Use the aircraft and remote on the huge dude - deliveryman. Alyssa controls the plane to dive bomb the huge dude. He runs away.

Examine soup delivery. Check the box of soup at bottom of the screen. Take the box of soup with an X.


Find Cassandra and Sahara:

Eagle:    Go right of the band bus. Check the peculiar plant remains at end of bridge. The eagle swoops down.

Use the caught fish with the end of the bridge (protruding wood). The eagle takes the fish.

Bridge:    Now check the peculiar plant. Alyssa says it's slowly growing to the other side. She wants it speeded up.

Use the canister with quick grow on plant remains. The plant grows and connects the bridge.

Go across the plant bridge.

Taxi Express:    Check the pigs and the despondent skeleton.

Check the trash can to get rock hard bread.

Check the shed and see a motorbike.

Viewing platform:    Go to the gazebo at back left.

Take the jewelry (optional) hanging on the post of the gazebo.

See a peculiar shadow - shadow of himself on the bench.

Take blood bag. Take the food tray beside him. Pick up the binoculars at left.

Cassandra and Sahara:    Pull back and use the binoculars on the castle at left.

See Cassandra and Sahara with the man in glasses looking down at the Gazebo. The man releases a pigeon.

Pigeon:    Click the peculiar shadow again to get a close up. See the carrier pigeon with the message.

Place the rock hard bread in the wastebasket. Then place the food tray over it. That traps the pigeon.

Take the message tied to the pigeon.

Bob brought the creatures of Alyssa's song Creator's Creation to life but someone hacked his computer. The girls and Bob want Alyssa to join them at the castle.

Get a ride to the mountain:

Taxi Express:    Go back to the shed-Taxi Express. Check the motorbike.

It doesn't have gas. Use the full gas tank with the motorbike with a sidecar.

Despondent skeleton:    Try to talk to the despondent skeleton to get him to drive the motorbike.

He says he is not driving anymore. The good old times with the pool table are over.

Use the pool trophy on him. He said that the trophy is his. He is the champion.

After threatening to melt the trophy, he will take you but not up to the castle. Skeletons are not allowed there.

Click on the cab driver and away they ride.

Find a way to the castle:

House:    The cab driver let Alyssa off outside a cozy house.

Pick up Sahara's DAT recorder from the bench. The headphones are missing.

Enter the house. Take the skull key from the table and the crucifix on top of the shelf.

Take the lubricant from left wood planks. Exit the house.

Mosquitoes:    Go right. Try to go to the right but huge mosquitoes are in the way.

Place the blood bag on the tree stump. The mosquitoes drink their fill and fly away.

Water tank:    Go to the water tank.

Enter the hot air balloon. Use the still glowing cigar on the burner above Alyssa.

Go up.

Take care of the zombie guard:   Try to leave balloon.

There is a guard at end of the walkway. See chains in front of the zombie guard.

Go down. Leave water tank.

Go right.  See heavy tree trunks hanging on chains above a control panel at left.

Check the lever on the panel. The tree trunks are raised and are now above the zombie guard at top of the mountain.

Unhitch load using the same control panel. Unseen, the tree trunks fall on the zombie guard. The guard is now beside Alyssa.

Examine the guard to get helmet with ultrasound transmitter.

Zombie transmitter:    Go back to the left and then the water tank.

Go up using the balloon. Go right up to the shed at left.

The sound heard is coming from the transmitter that Alyssa thinks is for the zombies.

Use a better sound to be transmitted to the zombies - use Sahara's recorder on the transmitter controls. That's much nicer.

Go down to the ground.


Mine entrance:    Go right pass the truck-mine car. See that boards are blocking the railcar.

Use Bloody Mary's chainsaw on the boards. That takes care of that.

Go inside. Examine all barrels seen.

Take the 6 pack of beer on the second set of barrels.

Dwarves:   Exit the mine. Go left until the cabdriver. See a waterfall at left.

Go left. Meet Ronald the boss. He wants a toll. He said he has a thirst and needs to be satisfied.

Give him the 6 pack of beer. He said the mill is broken and they are making charcoal.

Check the wooden ramp at left. Note the chains holding it up.

Go left and Alyssa will be up above by the waterfall.

Use the iron chain by Alyssa. She releases the chain. Go back to the left and down.

Pick up the end of the iron chain by the water and automatically wrap it around the ramp.

Use the wooden ramp now. Watch as Alyssa positions the water ramp to bring water to the mill.

Talk to Ronald. Ask if there is anything else to do.

Ronald wants a new outfit. Use the leather hat from the bouncer skeleton on Ronald.

Ask for something in return. You get 3 suitcases. Check what are in the cases: dynamite, pumpkin and ice cream. Be sure to take the dynamite.

Go back to the right until the rail car.

Enter the mine:    Try to use the rail car. It is rusty. Use the lubricant on rail car.

Enter the rail car-truck. That's quite a ride.

Catch Bats:    Look around. Check the barrel at foreground to get wooden pole.

Go right and be up at back ramp. Check the barrels hidden behind the rock column. Get an old cloth bag.

Go back to the right and back to the level at foreground.

Go left and see bats flying close to a big cobweb.

Go left and check the barrels to get noose made of rope.

Check the small crevasse in front of the cobweb. Place the helmet with ultrasound transmitter in the crevasse. The bats sense of directions are scrambled. They get caught in the cobweb. Alyssa wonders if it works the other way around.

Take the helmet with ultrasound transmitter back.

The bats are too high. In inventory combine noose made of rope with wooden pole.

Combine the wooden pole and noose with the icy cold handshake to get hand with pole extension.

Now that you have the cloth bag to store the bats, use the hand with pole extension with the bats in the cobweb. The captured bats are now in the bag.

(Back to the surface:    If you want or need to go back to the surface, use the control panel at right rock column. The hook goes down to the rail car. Enter the rail car and rise to the surface.)

Spider:    Continue down here in the deep part of the mine - go right to be at back walkway.

Continue to the left and down the ladder. Pick up the toy trombone (optional).

At left see the hanging skeleton and spider. Go left and be at an unstable part of the walkway, Alyssa says to lure the spider there.

In inventory combine the skull key and the toy cat from the baby skeleton. Use the wound toy cat on the unstable path. Watch what happens.

Now there's a gap in the walkway. Taking a cue from the skeleton - click on the hanging metal chain to do a Tarzan swing.

Ogre:    Go through the cobweb at the back to be in a big hall with snake statues and big door.

The left snakes of the sets on either side of the door are tipped forward.

There is a food bowl in front of the door. Check the food bowl and see the ogre come out of the big door.

He's hungry. Use Uncle Waldo's box of soup on the food bowl. That soup is potent.

Elevator:    Enter the large gate. See the elevator. The elevator car is on a different floor.

There are snakes on either side of the elevator. They look like the snakes outside.

Just like those outside - click the left snakes to tip them forward. Numbering 1-4; left to right: click on 1 and 3.

Enter the elevator.

Save the world.


Find Cassandra, Sahara and Bob:    Look around and see all doors are locked. There's a zombie guarding the door on second level.

Use the old brass key taken from the console at the underwater lab on the left wooden door.

Dungeon:    Enter and see Bob, Cassandra and Sahara tied to torture instruments. They are guarded by 2 zombies wearing helmets with ultrasound transmitter.

Aha! Let's see if it does work the other way around. Use the captured bats with the zombie guards. It works! All guards are incapacitated.

Go down the small ladder and talk to Bob.

Learn that Uncle Waldo took over the groundwork he did on making Alyssa's lyrics come to life.

Waldo is in the command center. The zombie army is powered by the generator in the underwater lab. Alyssa has to destroy that generator. Bob gives the castle key that opens all the castle doors.

Talk to Cassandra. She wants Alyssa to stop Waldo first before releasing them.

Climb the small ladder and then go out to castle foyer.

Command Center:    Climb the stairs to the room above.

Use the castle key on wooden door. Enter and see Waldo at the computer by the fireplace. He activates the program. The underwater lab provided energy to the zombies.

Distraction:    Alyssa wants a distraction so she can get to the computers.

Go right to the right wooden door on lower level. Use the castle key to open it.

Go to the roof and see the chimney of the fireplace beside Waldo at the command center.

Use the fireworks on the chimney. That scares Waldo.

Go down and back to the command center.

Computers:    See Waldo is now totally mad.

Check the right monitor and see that the underwater lab is activated.

The middle monitor shows the invasion strategy.

The left monitor shows the metal door at the underwater lab. Press the keyboard in front of the left monitor to open that metal door.

Underwater lab:    Go down to the door below the command center.

Use the castle key to open the door. Enter the room and the portal.

Be at the underwater lab. Go left and be at the opened metal door. Hear the sirens.

Generator:    Go right and climb the stairs. Go left and be at the sliding walkway.

Use the switch board to go left. Go up to the commissioned generator controller.

Check the controller. Blasting would be the best.

Use the box of dynamite on the generator.

Go left and use the glowing cigar on the fuse at end of the wire (right of the left post).

Watch what happens.

Alyssa, Cassandra and Sahara are with Bob at the castle.

Bloody Mary and Elvis see the underwater explosion.

The girls get an explanation from Bob.

Waldo escapes.

The Deadly Lullabyes performs at the Crypt.


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