Legacy of Rosemond Hill

Walkthrough by Iris

December 2004

Gameplay Keys:

Tab = shows the favors to be done for John & Melissa as well as the chores for each challenge.

ESC = (options ) Saves/Loads game

~ (tild) = Checks your horse's health. You want your horse(s) health at 100% before you get the mail and the invitation to each of the Trials.

Q = inventory

Arrow keys = are used to move Annie and the horse(s)

General Considerations:

You have to earn your way to each trial or Championship. In each section you will have chores to do. The bottom left are favors for John and Melissa, as well as the things you need to discover the mystery about why your family doesn't have Rosemond Hill anymore. The bottom right are the "regular" chores you need to do to condition your horse. Both are necessary to earn the invitations to compete at the Trials and Championships.

You are playing the game as Annie. In the opening scene you arrive at Rosemond Hill with the exciting news that you have inherited your own horse.

Melissa says you will never be anything but "her groom" but if you aren't dreaming about the horse, then "that hack" or you will never amount to anything!" Nice friend!

John agrees to let you rent the spare stall at Rosemond Hill and to help you all he can.

With 2nd placing or below, John will be with you when you get the trophy and tell you that you did really well.

Note:  The first time I played I finished 2nd in every event. The ending was the same when I went back and beat Melissa in all events. I don't know if the ending is different with a placing below 2nd.

It is possible to beat Melissa with ALL horses. Even Alpha - the one she said is just a "hack".

Any disqualifications and Melissa will sure to be there to gloat on your failure.

If you BEAT Melissa, she will be there when you get your trophy and say that you really do surprise her sometimes. YES!!!

When you are happy with your placing, go on to the next level and Save Game. SAVE GAME at the mail box before getting the mail in every level. You can practice all the Events at the Menu screen but it's still best to save your game before each trial as it takes several attempts to make it through each especially to beat Melissa!

Note: You will have to go back to pick apples for each new section. You don't keep them in your inventory.

Hint for feeding an apple:     Put the bridle on first, then highlight the horse from the same position (in front of the horse) hit Q- scroll to an apple and hit space bar to feed the apple.



* Melissa asks/demands to borrow a grooming brush. She can't find hers. Say yes.

* John asks you to bring some hay into the feed storage. Say yes.

* Find broken board on the left exercise pen and John will come to thank you and repair it.

When Alpha's health is at 100% go to the mail box and pick up your invitation to ROSEMOND HILL TRIAL SAVE GAME before you click to open the mail so you can practice and learn the course. This is especially important on the trials following Rosemond Hill. You always practice on the same courses while you are in training, but each Trial or Competition following is a very different and progressively harder course.


When you have completed each trial you will arrive back at the entry gate at Rosemond Hill. You will be given the option to choose another horse to train (up to 3 horses).

* John asks you to turn his horse out to pasture.

* Just inside the door you will see a key on the floor and Annie will wonder what it's for.

* Melissa asks you to clean Comet's stall. She doesn't have time, she has a date. (See your diary in the club room - this is why Annie is annoyed with Melissa)

* When you go to the feed storage area, you will notice a ladder leading to the loft. Go up and look in the right hand drawer and find an article about your Grandparents and how your family lost ownership of Rosemond Hill.

* Go to the Club room door. Beside the door you will see some brown boxes to the right of the door. Use the key you by the door.

Do all your chores until your horse(s) are at 100%, then go to the mail box. Don't forget to SAVE GAME before you get the mail. Pick up your invitation to the MAPLE FOREST COMPETITION.


* On your way into the stables John will ask you to sweep the barn isle for him. Make sure you get all the piles to get the points.

* Melissa greets you in the stable with the news that she found your horse hurt and called the Vet. The Vet will be in Alpha's stall.

* When the Vet leaves, Melissa will ask you to help find Comet's stud. It's right in front of the stool on the way to the feed storage.

* Melissa will thank you by cleaning your stall for you. Whoa! Hope for that girl yet!

* Go to the club room. The phone will be ringing. It's a reporter wanting and interview from you! WOW!

There should be a 2nd call from your sister saying she has some free time to come and help you clean stalls and groom. **Note: If you don't get this call with the one from the reporter, then go do something else (like pick apples), then check the club room again.

* When you get back to the stable Melissa will ask you to give a note to John.

Do all your chores as required until your horse(s) are at 100%, then go get the mail (don't forget to SAVE GAME at the mail box) and your invitation to the Glennwood Championships.

When you get to the mail box, Melissa is there and tells you you'd better practice a LOT if you want to beat her because she has been! Isn't she charming??


At the start of this section Annie reads in her diary that John told her the key to the house is on the path. She also mentions that Speed is expecting a foal. Remember this hint as you will need it in the last section for the Kingswood Championship.

* Go and look at the steps to the house. You will see a chipped place on one step and Annie will find another key.

* Use it to open the front door. (Q - hi-lite key and Enter) Find and read the letter on the little table in the Foyer by the stairs. Learn more about your family history.

* When you arrive at the stables you will find Comet out of his stall. Open his stall door to put him away and Melissa will actually thank you and says she will clean your stall for you.

* Read the bulletin board and the article from Annie's interview and the one for the lost wallet and make note of the phone number. ( 555-6173) You will find the wallet in the shower when you go to wash one of your horses. Or just go and get it. It's in the corner of the horse shower.


* Make the call in the club room. It's Michael's wallet and for finding it he will help with your stalls. Nice guy!

* Go up in the loft again. You will find a locket and Annie says it was her Grandmother's!


* John will meet you when you get back from exercising your horse and tell you Melissa is missing and wants you to go out on the Cross Country course to find her. She and Comet are by the 3rd jump. Help her back to Rosemond Hill.

When the cut scene is done, you are back at Rosemond Hill. Melissa will find you in the stable and ask you to give a "very personal' note to John.

* Find John and give him the note.

**If you have too many apples in your inventory, the note won't show. Go feed and apple and the note will show up.

When all the chores are done and your horse(s) at 100% -- time to get the mail again and your invitation to the Glennwood Championship

** Win at Glennwood and Melissa will grudgingly say " She must admit you really aren't that bad!"


You got to meet Mr. Willoughby - the current owner of Rosemond Hill. He made a rather odd comment about doing well at the Kingswood and "proving where you belong'. How odd......

There is to be a competition between you and Melissa. Look to the right when you arrive at Rosemond Hill and see John, Melissa, Michael and another girl talking. Join them. Annie will say she would like to join the competition.

John is telling them about a treasure hunt he has organized. You have to ride out on the cross country course and find a series of numbers by the jumps. Organize them from lowest to highest, then be the first person to make the call and win a prize!

** I couldn't beat Melissa no matter how fast I went. The only way I could win was to SAVE GAME as soon as John was finished giving the instructions. Go ride the course and get the numbers ( 683158) . Go back to the save and go straight to the phone and enter 135688. **

John's prize is he will groom and shower your horse(s) for you!

* Walk around outside and find John. He will ask you if you know if Melissa has been up in the loft. Hmm.. now why would he ask that?

* Go up in the loft and look around. Look in the trunk in the corner and find Melissa's diary. Read it... well... that explains a few things I guess.....

* Remember Speed? Go down the isle toward the shower and look in the last stall on the left. AWWWW! Isn't he a cutie???


* Look under Speed's belly and find the lucky shoe!

* The mail box should be flashing. If you haven't done any chores for your horses yet, it's safe to go for mail and not save game. There is a letter from your Grandmother. She tells you to keep her locket for good luck. She wore it when she won the Kingsford! WOW! More family history and a bit more mystery cleared up too.

If all your chores are done and your horse(s) at 100% .... head for the mail box, SAVE GAME and pick up your invitation to the Kingsford Championship! GOOD LUCK!

**At the end of the game you are back at a celebration at Rosemond Hill. Mr. Willoughby tells you he is giving Rosemond Hill back to you and your family! He never felt at "home' there and felt your family never should have lost it. He says YOU belong there more than he ever did and he wants to "right" things for your family. ***

** I placed 2nd in all events the first time I played, went back and did the game again and placed 1st in all events. The ending was the same. I don't know if the ending differs with any lower placings.**

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