All throughout the game, we have been gathering clues to help deduce the code for the bomb, which Otto Heilmann, Michael O'Toole and Valeriy Borzov originally had the arming codes for. Project Trinity, they called it, and it had the safeguard that each cosmonaut would design a series of twenty numbers known only to himself. The input of any two of the three codes was required to arm the bomb, but the input of only one code is able to disarm it. We will be able to shut it down if we can assemble O'Toole's code.

Our information began in the opening scene, when Michael O'Toole described his pet sequence of 40 prime numbers.

In the Octospider classroom. we found a plaque with 40 four-digit numbers. These are the prime numbers O'Toole told us about.

When we found the catechism card, it gave us the layout of the code, and the first and last numbers. 15 means use the 15th number, or 0251. 33 says to use 1097.
Looking at the ID card, we find 3 and 29 circled. So we need to use 0047 and 0853, and we need to figure out where they go.
Looking at the back of the anniversary photo, is a number that varies from game to game It could be 19, 20, 21 or 22. Thus, we need to use 0383, 0421, 0461, or 0503.
The final clue is the photo we saw in the gallery. The 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th numbers are provided. They also change from game to game. So you must look at the photo in your gallery, not mine.

So, we know we are going to use 0047 and 0853 somewhere, along with one of the following: 0383, 0421, 0461, or 0503. The 7th and 8th digits provided in the photo will establish the second number, and the 9th and 10th digits from the photo will nail down the third number. The fourth number is whatever is left over. Either 0047 or 0853.

Carefully input the numbers into the bomb. Sit back and proofread them. It's easy to make a mistake because the first click is a zero, not one. Whew! You've just saved Rama and all it inhabitants from destruction. Congratulations.