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Note : Although you can use the online help on the corner of the screen, it's still annoying to wait a few minutes just to get through a section if you're stuck.

In the beginning
   In the cinematic sequence, just use the dragon blaster and go inside the cave. After the cinematic intro sequence, Rodrigo will go back to his office. First go out from office and there's an elevator going up (which lead to Louis' house) and going down (lead to the sewer). Go to Louis' house and talk to him. He will talk about the pirates. Not much to do here. Ride Rodrigo's glider and go to Sancho's Inn.

Sancho's Inn
   When you arrive, you'll meet two men bullying a woman but they soon run away after knowing who you are. Go inside Sancho's inn and go upstairs. You'll meet a man sitting alone drinking beer. Sit down and talk to him a few times until he becomes irritated. After that pirate's warning has finished, you'll receive a cloak from him. Go down and enter the bar where you'll meet two drunkards and a bartender. Talk to drunkards. Talk to Sancho until he tells you about his horn which he used to call customers.

   Go back to your office and meet a dwarf called Ramil who will give you a job. He will ask you to save his wife in Endavin, the pirate city and gives you a bag of gold for the payment. Click on desk to get gold sack.Go outside and the gold sack will drop into the sewer. It's part of the story so don't worry about it.When you try to enter the sewer entrance, the guard won't let you in.Go to Sancho and borrow his horn. Use horn outside the office but not in front of the guard.

The Sewer
   This place is simple and straight-forward if you have explored thoroughly and know all the right passages to go to. I can't explain to you one by one 'cause it will confuse you. Don't worry about the blocked passage as they are for decoration only. Just go through until you see a closed passage and a crank beside it. The gold sack is lying on the water but it goes away when you try to take it. Use the crank to open the gate but the rope will snap. Yeah, this seems quite a hard puzzle but simple if you know where to go. Go outside the sewer as nothing you can do here.

The Forest
   Use glider to go out from Smashville and go to forest in the center of map. You may go to Endavin but there's nothing you can do in there as you don't have the accessories to enter the heavily guarded city yet. When you reach the forest, there's a different paths leading east,west,north,south, northeast,southwest. First go up to meet a girl skipping. AHA! That's what you need to fix the broken crank. Talk to her and ask for the rope. She won't give you even if you try to snatch it from her (you better not, you know when you'll see). Go down two times and you'll notice a bush on the right. Look at bush and get a teddy bear. Give teddy bear to the girl and she'll give you her rope. You'll know what to do next, don't you! I hope you do.
   Upon replacing the rope on the crank, use it and the gate will be raised. Walk past the passage until you see an entrance. Go out and you already in a gorge. Go up and you'll go back to the forest. Go right to meet a dragon who will ask you to get rid of scavengers eating his ancestors remains in the burial ground. Go to dragon skull and click on the bush on the right. This reveals an opening supposed to be an ear hole. Go inside and there's a rotten brain. Go back to the forest. You'll notice there's lots of mushrooms scatterred in the forest. Take one which says it has strange effect when you click on the mushroom. Go to the dead end which has poisonous bush and use mushroom on bush. After the explosion, take the poisoned leaves and return to dragon burial ground. Go inside the skull through ear hole and use leaves on brain. Go outside from the teeth and watch those pesky scavengers explode in glory.Go outside. A pirate will jump out and atttack you but the dragon will toast him to ashes as his gratitude. Take the hat and cyber hand. Then go back to Smashville and go to Ranama's observatory. Talk to him in close range and you'll notice an earring.Click on earring 3 times and snatch the earring when Ranama isn't looking. Go to Endavin.

   Before you enter, observe a pirate (whom you meet at Sancho's inn) when he enters the city. The guard will ask you the same thing. Put on the cloak and enter. Examine the pile of rubble on the right to get a safety pin.Dunno what its purpose though. Enter the inn. Talk to pirates and they ask you to drink a nasty beer. You will get unconscious and get thrown into a dungeon. Talk to a woman who happens to be the dwarf's wife, Jasmine. Examine the window to hear conversation between the pirate and his captain. See the helmet the captain wore? You have to get it back later, but now just click the gate on the straw twice to reveal a secret passage and receive straw.The escape is not so smooth though as your glider will be destroyed and you both landed at the forest. Go up and then go northwest to Esragoth.

   Meet Ramil and after a brief talks,a dwarf will come out and ask you. Follow him into the library and talk to him. You'll be given a task to collect 6 pieces of key stones and receive a key stone from him. Go outside and meet Jasmine and the dwarf. Talk to them and Jasmine will run away when you ask for the necklace she wore. It's the five key stones.Go inside the mine and take shovel.Go into tunnel then go to the left tunnel.Enter right tunnel and take pickaxe. Use it on the stone wall and it dropped a Gloomstone. Use shovel on gloomstone to get it. Use gloomstone on drilling cart and use lever.
   The cart will move to a stonewall and stop there.Use the drill twice on stonewall to reveal a matchbox.Take it and then go to switch point and use shovel on it.Move drill and use it twice on another stonewall to reveal a secret passage. Don't go in yet as nothing you can do about it.Go to forest and find the tree.Talk to Jasmin and she refused to give you the necklace.Use straw on tree and matchbox on the straw.Take the stones she thrown at you. Go back to Esragoth and enter library. Notice those colored floor tiles which make up some patterns. Remeber those patterns for later.Go back to secret passage and look at artifact. Use the six stones in this order: red, white(light blue), purple, yellow, pink (magenta), green.

   Watch the sequence and you wake up in Cynthia's hut. After finish talking to her(you'll might want to use her bed for some "sleep", you'll understand why),go to dragon gorge and talk to dragon.He will tell you a story and then go back to hut.You can get some rest in the hut. Go back to dragon gorge again and take the gold sack just outside the sewer entrance(aaah,at last).
Go back to hut and use gold sack on fountain.Talk to it and it will tell you about Megophias who lives in an island.Talk to dragon and he will take you there.Go inside the house. You'll notice there's a window in the middle of the wall that look strange. Click on it twice and you will be warped to a secret room where you meet trapped Megophias.Talk to him and he will ask you to retrieve his Virtual Ego Projector,which is a helmet the pirate captain wears.Still remember the scene from the cell in Endavin!? It's in the forest outside the house. Go to forest and examine the hole.You'll found out that the helmet had been taken by the pirate.Talk to Megophias again to find out about pirates.Go back to the forest and and there is a new path opened for you.

Final Showdown
   Enter the path and you are in what's left of Smashville.Click on barrels and the lady you saw in front of Sancho's Inn will jump out.Talk to her a few times and she will open a secret passage for you.Enter the passage.You will see a boat but you can't use it yet.You need some disguise for your boat.Go back to the island and go to forest.Take the pirate flag and go back to the boat.Use flag with the boat.Row to pirate ship.Once there,move barrel from the left door.Talk to the girl to open door.Enter ship and a pirate shows up.Nothing to worry about as the girl will take care of him.Take the helmet and leave the room (you may take a bottle but it won't serve any purpose at all).Go back to Megophias and use the helmet on adapter.Use the Virtual Ego Projector. You will be transported into Cyberspace where you'll meet a magician.Your final battle should be very easy if you know the trick.Choose six out of eight characters in an order and you'll pass. The characters are: girl,female stranger,Cynthia,Louis, Sancho and dragon (they must be in this order from left to right).
Congratulations! You have completed Rent-A-Hero.
Hope you guys enjoy the game like I did.

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