Ring 2: Twilight of The Gods

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Following the success of Ring: The Legend of The Niebelungen in 1998, Arxel Tribe releases Ring 2: Twilight of The Gods. The game changes from 1st person perspective adventure game into a 3rd person perspective adventure game. The game still maintain the pure adventure style from the first game. I do not experience any unnecessary fighting or jumping (not excessively like Tomb Raider kind of game). In fact there is no fighting sequence anywhere in the game.

The graphics are one of the best in the past 2 years. In fact, Ring II has better graphics than Microid's Syberia. All images within this walkthrough are examples of what kind of images you could expect inside the game. The sound and voice acting are superbly done, just like its predecessor. I give both graphics and sounds quality an A+.

The puzzles are range from easy to very difficult, especially on chapter 2 where you need to pay attention to your surrounding (yup.. it's the infamous Pixel Hunting kind of puzzle) and inside the dragon lair where you have to use your skill to navigate the character in a timely sequence action. These two are the toughest puzzles inside the game.

The control is a mix between keyboard and mouse control. You will have to use the mouse on the close up view of an item or location. As for movement, you will use your keyboard to navigate the main character. The downside of the game is its inventory system. You could only hold 1 item in your inventory. This could be very tedious in some of the puzzles that requires multiple items to solve it. I'm not sure what kind of thought inside the designer to design this kind of inventory system.

If you are looking for a good solid adventure game with great story and do not bothered with keyboard navigational system and the inventory system that could only hold 1 item, this is a perfect new year's treat for you.


The game is created based on the story of Siegfried. Experience his adventure as he slays dragon, giants, wins the love of Brunhilde, the Valkyrie, and his ultimate death in the Twilight of the Gods. He accepts the challenge of the Gods to prove that he is a worth successor of the Walsungs, the hero clan in Scandinavian folk lore.


Function Primary Key Secondary Key

Chapter Two: Pay attention to the glittering objects on the ground. These are the objects that he could get. Too bad, our character could only pick up one object at a time.



Chapter 1: The Slave in The Forge

Q: What should I do to start the fire?
Go straight to the bellow. Move the bellow up and down by holding the mouse. Walk to the wooden handle in front of the bellow. Swing it back and forth from left to right to operate the hammer. Unfortunately, you started the fire while doing that.

Q: How could I put out the fires?
Go to the crevice on the wall (the spot looks like an arch with a head statue on the top, close to the bellow). Pick up the water tank. First, put out the fire on a pile of log just beside the crevice. Fill up the water tank again on the crevice. Move as quickly as possible to the wall across the crevice. You might have to go back and forth between the fire and the crevice. Run as fast as possible and try to put out that fire. When the second fire out, the dwarf will ask you to fix the furnace.

Q: Where should I go to fix that furnace?
Go right from the forge toward a group of furnaces. Two black crows will show up and lift you up to the sky. They will drop you near a very big tree to begin the story of ......

Chapter 2: The Crows of The Grey God

Q: Where does that strange woman go? What should I do in this strange place?
Follow the woman to the top of the root. At this time, you will not be able to do anything. To the right of the landing spot, there is a big bull trapped in a bush. There is a warrior's skeleton holding a dagger trapped in a bush to the left of the landing spot.

Q: How could I help the bull?
Pick up the pliers on the grass to the far left end of the tree. Use the pliers to cut the branches to free the bull. Pick up the rose beside it. Give the rose to the bull.

Q: How could I get the knife from the warrior's skeleton?
Stand in front of the bull. Start walking away from the bull toward the other end of the field. You will see the rope on the grass. Pick it up. Now walk back toward the bull. Stand in front of the warrior's skeleton and then go down. Combine the rope with the hook on the ground to make a grappling hook. Attach this hook to the branches where the skeleton is. Go back to the bull and pick up the leather on the grass in front of the branches where the bull used to be. Put the leather on the bull's neck. Pick up another red rose and place it near the end of rope of the grappling hook. Walk toward the skeleton and the bull will come and try to eat the red rose. Attach the hook to the bull. The bull will pull away the branches. Grab the dagger from the skeleton.

Q: How could I find the strange woman?
Climb to the top of the root where you saw the woman disappeared earlier. Use the knife to climb the cliff to unfold .....

Chapter 3: The Ghosts

Q: Where should I go now?
The woman will show you the way to freedom. Jump over the small river and walk away from her toward the dirt path. You will see a large spider web at the end of the path.

Q: The spider always caught me. What should I do?
Use your patience. Walk slowly toward the other end of the chasm. Stop walking whenever the web started to shake.

Q: What should I do with this pedestal?
Notice there is a triangle mark on the top of it. You need to create the other two triangles to summon the black crows. Go toward the big log. You'll arrive at an intersection. You will see a long tunnel to your right and graveyards to the left.

Q: What should I do with this long fireball tunnel?
Listen carefully to the sound of the crows. Run underneath the fireball as soon as you hear the crow produce a single call. Repeat this action until you reach the end of the tunnel. Hold your weapon and pick up the bowl from the statue. Go back to the pedestal and put the bowl on it.

Q: Where could I find the other triangle?
Go toward the left path toward the graveyards. Get the Mjolnir hammer from the statue. On the way back to the log, you will face couple of fire-spitting monsters. Throw it toward them before they're able to spit fireballs toward you. Place the hammer on the pedestal. The crows will pull you up to the sky again. This time they will drop you in front of a big locked door.

Q: How could I open the locked door?
Notice the two items on the door: the sliding puzzle lock and a tool to form a key piece for the sliding puzzle lock. Use the image below to help you solving the sliding puzzle lock. Then use the image from the lock to form the final key piece on the tool to the right of the lock. Use the key piece on the lock to open the door. Enter .....

Chapter 4: The First Ordeals

Q: What should I do now?
There is a plan on the altar. Read that plan carefully. This plan will show you how to unlock the triangle  mechanism on the cave wall.

Q: Where is the mechanism?
Pick up the fire flower on the ground to the left of the altar. Walk toward the far end wall of the cave (the one with the hour glass device). Put the plant on the floor. This will illuminate the mechanism to the right of the hour glass.

Q: How could I unlock this mechanism?
Based on the drawing on the plan, you will need several items: pumpkins, fire flower with copper lid, coal, lead, ice flower, and golden gem. Pick up the pumpkin on the cave floor just in front of the mechanism. Put them one by one on every corner of the triangle mechanism. Pick up the coal from the shelf next to the altar. It's hidden inside the jar on the left. Open the center triangle compartment of the mechanism and put the coal inside. Close the compartment. Pick up the lead from the other jar on the shelf. Insert it into the left tube. Now look at the hour glass. Pull the handle out. You will be grown into an adult. Quickly push the handle of the hour glass in before you run out of time. This act will stop your growth. Look at the mechanism again. Turn S1 twice to send the lead to the top part of the triangle. Pick up the ice flower on the floor cave (the bluish color flower). Insert the flower on the top of the triangle. Turn S2 twice to transfer the lead to the lower right of the triangle. Pick up the fire flower and put it in front of the lower right of the triangle mechanism. Pick up the copper lid on the floor close to the spot where you pick up the ice flower earlier. Put it on the fire flower. Turn S3 twice. The mechanism will spit out a golden gem. Open the compartment and put the golden gem inside. This action will open a hidden passage. Enter the passage.

Q: How could I cross this deep chasm?
You can't. Pick up the stones on the cave floor just before you reach the end of the passage. Now look down to the deep chasm. Siegmund, the man with the red cloth, will appear again. Throw the stones into the chasm every time Siegmund try to build the fire balls. After doing this for five or six times, Siegmund will disappear. Throw a stone into the chasm and then jump into it and enter ...

Chapter 5: The End of The Trials

Q: How can I get out from this dead end?
Talk with all of those four heads inside this room (you will see the last one across the bridge). Walk toward the pit at the end. Use the dagger on the sprite. The sprite will open the path underneath the lake for you. Dive down into ....

Chapter 6: The Metamorphosis

Q: How could I help the bear?
Pick up the stick and slide it under the boulder. Move it to the left and lift it up so that the boulder will hit the four skeletons. Now the bear needs only to fight the last skeleton warrior. Run down to the bear through the path on the left. Unfortunately at the end of the path, your dagger will be stuck on the magnetized wall.

Q: How could I defeat the skeleton without my dagger?
Get the amulet on the middle of the cave floor. Quickly, run back toward the magnetized wall. The wall will attract the skeleton warrior's sword along with him. Give the amulet to the bear. The female ghost and Siegmund will appear. They told you to find Nothung's sword. this sword will reveal who you really are. You will be transferred back to the forge of Mime, the Dwarf to enter ...

Q: How could I enter the forge?
Try to knock on the door twice. Mime will not let you in. Use the bear (click on it) to break the door.

Q: Where is Mime?
Notice those two trunks on the corner. Mime hides inside one of those trunks. Open both trunks to find Mime. Talk with Mime. He still refuse to tell you any story.

Q: How could I force Mime to talk?
Use the bear again (click on it). Stand close to Mime and the bear will jump into him. He will tell you about the story of your mother, Sieglinde. When he walked away to the furnace, approached him. Try to make him talking again. Use the bear one more time to force him talking. He will take you to the hidden valley with some big carnivore plants to learn ......

Chapter 7: The Revelation of the Origins

Q: How could I go pass these plants?
Notice that one of the tree is dead. You need to use this tree as your tool to avoid the other carnivore plants. Look closely at the dead giant spider. Pick up the stick beside the spider. Use the stick to pick up the acid pouch from its death body. Use the pouch on the dead tree. Push the tree until it falls down to the ground. Crawl into it to the other side.

Q: How could I avoid this giant spider? It always caught me.
This spider is really fast. Wait patiently until the spider walking toward you. Run like hell to the left side, avoid the spider and go straight to the bridge. If you fast enough, you will be able to reach the bridge before the spider gets you. Walk across the bridge to reach the castle of the giant Kuperan.

Q: How could I enter the castle?
Approach the castle and hide behind the left pillar (not the one that close to the main door). Wait until a giant spider come out from the door. Keep on waiting until it pass your hiding place. Run as fast as you can to reach the main gate. Enter the castle and continue your mission on ....

Chapter 8: Finding Nothung

Q: What should I do now?
Walk carefully toward the top of the fireplace. Alberich, the king of the dwarf, will ask you to help him. He wants you to pick up the key on the cape to unlock his cage.

Q: Where is the key?
First of all, try to find salt to protect you from all the spiders that lurking around this room. Continue walking on the top of the fireplace to the other side. Jump to the top of the cabinet. Walk toward the other end. Jump down to the ground. Walk to the open chest. Sprinkle the salt onto your body. Now walk out of the chest toward the kitchen door. Climb the cutlery shelf beside the door. Use the iron staplers on the side of the shelf for climbing. Jump to the top of the stool on the left end of this shelf. Get the key on the stool. Jump down to the kitchen floor. Climb on the top of the other cabinet to the right of the cutlery shelf. Jump to the ledge on the right end of this cabinet. Give the key to Alberich after he tells you about the broken sword of Nothung.

Q: Where is the chest that kept Nothung?
The chest is located in between the cutlery shelf and the cabinet. Unfortunately it is locked tight.

Q: How could I open the locked chest?
You need to utilize the giant spider to open it. Remember that the spider carry a pouch of acid inside its body. Go to the mouse trap in front of the salt chest. Pick up a garbage from the pile nearby. Put the garbage on the mouse trap and hide. The spider will be killed by this trap. Get its broken leg and use it to pick up the pouch of acid. Use the acid to unlock the locked chest. Get the sword parts from the chest. Siegfried will ride one of the spider back to the forge.

Q: How could I fix this broken sword?
Walk to the anvil. Pull the lever on the side of the furnace. A bucket will show up. Put the sword parts in it. Pull the lever again to push back the bucket into the furnace. Walk to the bellow and use it to heat up the bucket. Go back to the furnace and pull the lever again to retrieve the bucket. Pull the lever on the bucket cart to pour down the melted iron to the mould. Bring the mould to the water fountain near the two trunks where you found Mime earlier. Bring the rough form of Nothung to the anvil. Use the hammer's handle to form Nothung. You'll automatically see the cut scene where you lift up Nothung after you move the handle 6-7 times. Nothung will give you a blood rush. Mime will tell you about the Dragon Fafner, the fiercest creatures in the land. You need to beat it to display your courage. Mime will take you to the lair of Fafner. Step into the lair and face ........

Chapter 9: The Dragon Fafner and The Rhinegold

Q: What is the solution of this tile puzzle?
This is one of the toughest puzzle in the game. It is dealing with timely and navigational puzzle. You need to step on the dragon mosaic and jump over the gap to reach the other side. As soon as you reach the other side, the spiked wall will start moving toward you. You need to back track your step again to reach the starting point. You need to do this quick enough before the spiked wall reaches you. Once the spiked wall hit the cave wall at the starting point, you will be able to step on the dragon mosaic again to reach the other end of the cave. Follow the path to reach the inner chamber where the dragon sleep. On the way there notice the rock with a sunbeam on it.

Q: How could I wake the dragon up?
Pick up the shield on the bridge. Go back toward the path and insert the shield on the rock with the sunbeam. The shield will reflect the sunbeam to the dragon and wake him up. Now you will have to spend hours and hours to fight this though enemy ........ just kidding. You just need to grab a cup of coffee and watch one of the coolest cut scene in the game. Siegfried will defeat the Dragon Fafner. The dragon will mention about the real treasure in this cave: The Rhinegold - the golden ring of the Gods.

Q: Where could I find the Ring?
Use the dragon's body to cross the gap to the main column. Use the wooden hanging bridges to reach the column that has a lot of gold chest on it. The ring is on the pedestal in front of the gold chests. Now you just have to go back to the cave entrance through the dragon mosaic puzzle again. You will see a black crow on the top of one of the pillar that will sing you ....

Chapter 10: The Song of The World and
The Death of The Mime

Q: What should I do with the crow?
The crow will start singing the Song of The World and tell you the story of the Mime when you approach it. As soon as the story finish, Mime will show up. He brings you the cup with wine in it.

Q: Should I drink the potion that Mime's offer?
DO NOT ACCEPT the offer or you will be die instantly. Instead, draw your sword and kill the dwarf. Watch the cut scene as Siegfried walk toward Hinderfiall where Brunnhilde the Valkyrie, protector of his parents, now rests.

Q: How could I avoid the guards?
Walk quickly and hide behind the boulder to the left. When the guard walks away, start running. Follow the dirt path passing the log pile and hide behind the bushes. Wait until the two guards out of the screen. Run quickly to the building on the left.

Q: How could I enter the building?
Use your sword to cut open the door's chain. Open the door and enter the building.

Q: What is the solution of the locking mechanism of the gun powder chest?
Look at the picture above to help you. Once you solve the puzzle, click on the fuse on the left to make a bomb. Grab the bomb.

Q: What should I do with the bomb?
This bomb will be your tool to get the attention of all the guards that lurking outside the village. Put the bomb on the log pile. Use your sword to lit it up. Run as quickly as possible from the bomb. The blast will create a big hole on the fence. Enter the hole on the fence and run into the entrance on the ground to your left to find ........

Chapter 11: The Valkyrie

Q: Where is Brunhilde?
Wait until the block to the right of the spiked wheel move. Run through the right path, avoiding the fireball, step onto the moving platform, and finally jump to the other side. Enter the crypt. You will see Brunhilde lying inside a coffin.

Q: How could I release Brunhilde?
The clues are on the statues around her coffin. Lift the numbered claw in this order: 08, 13, 21, 34, 55. You know that you're on the right direction if the claw above her head does not start moving (stay still).

Chapter 12: Tasting The World

This is a self-explanatory chapter. Watch how Siegfried and Brunhilde walk toward the ogre soldiers. They both are the king and the queen of the world at this moment. Brunhilde will lend Grane, the great vessel, to Siegfried so that he could take a journey to meet King Gunther ......

Chapter 13: At The Court of The Gibichungen

Another self-explanatory chapter. You just have to be relax and watch Siegfried talk with King Gunther, Princess Gudrun, and Hagen, the advisor, at The Court of The Gibichungen. Siegfried needs to find an answer from Erda, the Clairvoyant. Hagen told Siegfried to find the Three Objects of Evil: the tears of the loss and the Norns thread, that will conjure the meeting with Erda. Siegfried will set a trip to find ....

Chapter 14: The Three Objects of Evil Magic

Q: Where could I find these tears of the loss?
Talk to the two maidens on the water. If you keep on talking with the maiden on the right, she will eventually give you her tears. The maiden on the left wants you to kill Alberich in return of her tears.

Q: How could I captured Alberich?
Run to the left bridge. Keep on running until you reach the main platform. Turn around cut the bridge rope so that the bridge will collapse. Go back to your starting point through the other bridge on this main platform. You will be able to corner Alberich on the collapsed bridge. Bring back Alberich body to the maiden and you will get your second tears.

Meanwhile, Hagen, Gunther, and Gudrun lie to Siegfried and tell him that the Norns have abducted Brunhilde. Driving by the love to Brunhilde, Siegried loss his common sense and head straight to the Norns. Now Siegfried is nothing than a toy for the Gibichungen. Siegfried go straight to confront the Norns to ask them about ......

Chapter 15: The Abduction of Brunhilde

Q: How could I cross this bridge to reach the Norns?
Use this image to help you crossing the bridge. Talk with the Norns as soon as you reach the other end. Unfortunately none of the Norns will help you. Notice that little spider that keep on moving from one Norns to the others.

Q: How could I make the Norns to help me?
Pick up the sands on the left of the Norns. Use this sand to shot down the little spider. This spider is their eyes. Stand in between the left and the center Norns. As soon as the spider start crawling from the middle to the left Norns (or vice versa), throw the sand to it. Kill it with your sword. Pick the spider up and watch the last 2 chapters of the story ......

Chapter 16: Marriage and Revenge

Feel betrayed by Siegfried that never return to her, Brunhilde agrees to marry King Gunther. Siegfried has fallen into Hagen's trap and feel betrayed also with Brunhilde's act. Siegfried agrees to marry Princess Gudrun. During the celebration, Siegfried has found the truth through ....

Chapter 17: The Meeting with Erda and
The Twilight of The Gods

Both Siegfried and Brunhilde finally find out about the truth and face the ultimate truth of all ..... their tragic death. Another great story from the Opera of Wagner.


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