RING, the shortest walkthrough

from DreamCatcherEurope FAQs (with permission)

Chapter 1 : The Rise of Alberich

Alberich, the tyrant

Alberich is a tyrannical dwarf who is jealous of the power of the gods. His kingdom is the Nibelheim, an underground world of mines and terrifying machines where a people of dwarfs, the Nibelungen, dig up the ground in order to extract its riches. Alberich's own brother, Mime, has set up his forge there.
When the adventure begins, the mine is deserted and the Nibelungen refuse to work once again for Alberich, who - we are given to understand - had been absent for a long period. He has to find a way of restoring his tyranny over the Nibelungen and put fresh life into Nibelheim.

A - Nibelheim

In Mime's forge
In the corner on the right, there are three objects to pick :

· The little blue pyramid : just click on it.
· The strange jar : just click on it.
· The little painted tile : click on it, he will refuse to give it to you so click then the fist in the menu on him.

After you got all three, you can leave the forge and use the railbike :

· Click on the trunk to open it.
· Select in your inventory, the Glug (little monster) and click inside the trunk.
· Select in your inventory, the blue minerals and click on the Glug to feed him.
· Click to come back to rotation point, you're ready to go.

N.B. You will have to repeat this operation each time you are at one extremity of the rail.

With the bike go straight to the reservoir room (triangular door). Don't get off the bike but turn around and go left on the little platform. There you will be ready to summon the Nibelungen foreman.

· Click on the phone to discuss with him.
· Put the handle in the medium position : the Nibelung comes up, he has some useful information for you.

Go back on the bike, feed the Glug, make your turn in the reservoir room and head towards the other extremity of the Mine. When you finally click on the door, you'll find yourself in the control room.

· First summon the tile puzzle by clicking on the upper large round button.
· Then select in you inventory the painted tile and click it on the empty part of the puzzle.
· Then click on the small button paddle in the following order :
2 5
1 4 3

· It will light up the green light beside the buttons. Click again on the upper button to take off the puzzle.
· Click now on the lower large round button. It will bring out the holomap.
· As it doesn't work, click the fist in the menu on the button.
· On the holomap, manipulate the rotating branch at the intersection so that it connects with the circular room.
· Click again on the button to put down the holomap.
· Turn and proceed towards the tunnel. Click on the tunnel.
· In front of the door, rotate three parts of the mechanism so that it reconstitutes the mouth describing a round shape.

You are now inside Alberich's secret room. There are new objects to pick up.

· Click on the hole in the egg to take the anti-G cells.
· Click on the First round door on the wall to open it, click on the helmet.
· Turn around leave this place and go back to the control room.
· On the board, click again on the lower large round button to call up the holomap.
· This time, position the rotating branch to connect the underground river with the reservoir. Then Lower the first large Block on the left to stop the flow of water. You will ear the sound. You can leave the control room by using pulling down the lever to your right .

Go back at the other extremity, in the reservoir room.

· Get of the bike and heads towards the lift.
· Click on the handle to go up.
· Click on the door and advance.
· Select the frog helmet and click on the water down.
· Once inside the water, click forward.

B - Rhine

· If your wise enough to resist, don't listen to what the mermaids tell you and always click forward instead of clicking on them. Each time, you'll receive a key.
· Once, you have the three keys, head towards the water tunnel under the mountain at the far left.
· Inside, on the left of the door is a rock. Click on it to get the fourth key.
· Use this last key to click on the door and enter.

In the room of desire

· In the first room, first click inside the basin to get the fish.
· Then click the fish on the hole into the aquarium, the dolphin transforms into a mermaid who gives you her medallion.
· Cross the door and use the key named "Indifference" to seal it forever.
· Go to the platform and click on the beam of light.

In the room of Trust

· In the next room, first click on the first hole and select the Medallion in your inventory to give it to the mermaid.
· Then proceed forward.
· Arrived at the middle of the tunnel, click on the second hole. The Mermaid will come to give you back the medallion. Proceed forward.
· In front of the door, turn, select the frog helmet in your inventory and click on the third hole. You will find yourself underwater facing the mermaid again. Give her back the medallion. She will not take it but the door opens.
· Cross the door, close it with the "mistrust" key, then go to next beam and click on it.

In the room of Generosity

· In the reserve room, use Brutality (fist icon) to break the mirror. The mermaid appears. Give her the medallion and she will give you the anti-G cells.
· Cross the door, close it with the "selfishness" Key, go to next beam of light and click on it.

In the room of Sacrifice

· In the last room, click on the agonising mermaid : she talks. Click on her another time, turn around and click backwards. You will find yourself down at the entrance but she will magically teleport you up again.
· Cross the door, seal it with the key of "disgust" and proceed to the lift.
· In the underwater room, first, select the frog helmet in your bag, then advance and seize the gold. You will find yourself back in the forge of Mime.

C - Back in Nibelheim

· Go to the reservoir room, get off the bike.
· On both sides, there are little drawers on the pipes. Open both and put the levers down.
· Go to the mechanism, click on the big circular button, select Loge's tear in your inventory, then click it on the pipe.
· Leave the room : Nibelheim comes to life again.


Back in Nibelheim, Alberich brings the Gold to his brother. Mime forges the ring of power for him and Nibelheim springs back to life: the Nibelungen, with no means of escaping the new found powers of their master and tyrant, return to working in the mine. The first adventure is over. Alberich reigns once more over Nibelheim and begins to amass sufficient riches so that, before long, he is able to aspire to the power of the gods.


Chapter 2 : The Mission of Loge

Loge, the fire spirit

Loge, who had been an elementary fire spirit, was forcibly " incarnated " into the god's servant by Wotan. He will need to help his master, who has to pay tribute-money to the giants, for the heavenly fortress he ordered from them.

The Walhall prize

Wotan is on the Rock of the Gods, waiting for the giants Fafner and Fasolt to arrive. They have come to collect payment for their work. Wotan had promised them his young sister Freďa in exchange for the construction of a palace, built to glorify his family. However, he does not want to honour his debt, because the gentle Freďa is also the Keeper of the apples of immortality, which guarantee eternal life to the gods. The giants are furious at this betrayal, and threaten him. Loge advises Wotan to offer them an alternative reward: the Nibelheim treasures amassed by Alberich the dwarf. The giants accept, but take Freďa hostage. Wotan orders Loge to leave for Nibelheim to fetch the treasures.
This time, the mine is a hive of activity. The Nibelungen arrive for work on seemingly endless moving walkways; in the distance, mechanical diggers are roaring away. Alberich is out of sight, but we can hear him shouting orders at the dwarves.

A - Nibelheim 2

· Go out of Mime's forge
· Go to the left on the platform that goes down

In the torture room :

· Click on the right hand dwarf and speak with him
· Go back to the platform to go up
· Go to the entrance of Mime's forge, turn right and click on the bottom right side of Alberich to go to the control room

In the control room :

· Click on the lower button
· On the holomap, manipulate the rotating branch at the intersection so that it connects with the circular room. Push the second rectangle bock on the right of the bottom line to drawn the dwarves.
· Click again on the button to put down the holomap.
· Turn around and go forward.
· Use the Fire power to burn the puzzle down.

In the treasure room

· Click on the cage on the right of the egg to take the Chrysoberyl.
· Click successively on the three small safes on the left of the egg to take the three elements they contain.
· Go out of the Treasure room.
· Click again on the button, then hold the lever down to go back to Mime's forge entrance.
· Go into the forge.

In Mime's forge :

· Select the Chrysoberyl in your inventory and click on him, he will give you the cage.
· Go out of the forge and to the reservoir.
· Go to the mechanism on the big circular button, click, then take Loge's tear.
· Go out of the reservoir. You have to fight Alberich with the elements you toke in the Treasure room.
· Successively select in your inventory, first the Centaur, then Dragon and finally the Phoenix to fight each enemy, by clicking in the right side of the screen.

B - Rock of Gods

· Click on the Egg.
· Use fire power to open the panel.
· Solve the season puzzle like when you were a kid.
· Put the numbers of the safe on 00365 or 00366.
· Take the Ring in your inventory and click in front of you then do the same with the crown.

· After the Giants battle go straight forward to the machinery.
· Click on the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 6th lozenge (from left to right)
· Drag the mechanical arm on the right to the first lozenge (on the left) and click successively on all lozenges from left to right.
· For the organ, click successively (counting the pads from left to right) on 1 to 10, then 15, 14, 13, 11 and 12.

Chapter 3 : Hurling with wolves

Siegmund, the wolf's son

Siegmund is the son of Wotan and a mortal. Long before this adventure began, he had a twin sister. But one day, he returned from the hunt to find his mother dead, his sister gone, and a wolf's pelt, the only memento of his father. He never knew who his father really was. Indeed Wotan liked to take on human form so that he could live on earth among men.

· Let the hut behind you and click once, then click in the hole between the trees on the right side of the screen.
· Go forward, then into the tree with the boat on it (Wotan's tree)

In Wotan's tree :

· Go up the stairs.
· Click on the cupboard to the left of the arm chair to open it.
· Click on the bow, the arrows, and on rabbit hare to take them.
· Click on the drawers on the back of the armchair and take the pan and the mineral extracts.
· On the left of the cupboard there is a small water reservoir
· Click on the lever to put water in the basin to the left
· Click in the inventory and put successively Loge's tear, the pan and the mineral extracts.
· Click again on the lever of the small reservoir
· To the left of the basin click on the drawer of the small cupboard
· On the mould of the future Golem put successively the mineral extracts in the funnels (from left to right) : lead, steel, silver, gold, tin, copper, quicksilver.
· Go down the stairs, out of the tree, go forward, turn around
· Click on the right to go to the pier

On the boat :

· Click on the boat to take it.
· Click on the tree on the other side of the lake to cross
· Use Wolf instinct in the inventory on the bush.
· Click on the berries to take them, the on the small panel in the top right corner of the screen.
· Go back to the pier, get off the boat, go back in Wotan's house, up the stairs.

Back in Wotan's tree :

· To the right of the armchair, put the berries under the pressing-machine.
· Press the button at the bottom of the pressing machine then get the bottle of poison that appeared.
· Go to the armchair.
· Select the Golem in the inventory and click on the hole at the bottom of the armchair.
· Select the Bottle in the inventory and click it on the Golem.
· Go down the stairs, out of the tree and straight forward until you arrive in front of the hut with the wolf to your right.
· Select Wolf instinct in the inventory and click on the wolf.
· Select Rabbit hare in the inventory and click on the wolf
· Turn around and go straight forward until you arrive on top of the pyramid.

The pyramid :

· Click successively on the seven cylinders in their holes to have them in your inventory.
· Under one of the signs, you have a small drawer.
· Start to put successively the cylinders in the holes clockwise by selecting them in the inventory and clicking on the holes : Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Sun.
· Select Wolf vision in the inventory,
· At the bottom left of the structure use the hand to centre the Wolf's icon (head up), then click on it.
· Go out of the tree, forward, turn around, go to the pier, go into the boat, and click in the direction of Wotan's tree.
· Click on the lever.
· Go out of the tree back to the pier.

On the pier facing the lake :

· Select the hunting bow in the inventory and click on one flame.
· Select the hunting bow and click on the boat floating in front of you in the lake.
· Go back into Wotan's tree, up the stairs twice.

On the bridge above the lake :

· Go forward to the other end of the bridge.
· Select Wolf's vision in the inventory and click on the moss on the trunk.
· Select the Golem to take the worms.
· Turn around, go forward, and go into the small hut in the middle of the bridge.
· Turn around, click on the bench and on the fishing pole inside.
· Select the pole in the inventory and click in the water.
· Go down of the tree and back to the pyramid.

On the pyramid again :

· On top of the pyramid select the key in your inventory and click on the drawer under Saturn's sign.
· Select successively the tree panels in your inventory and click in the three holes. To take the medallion, click on it.
· Go down the pyramid and straight forward until you arrive at the hut.

In Hunding's hut :

· Click on the door to knock.
· Click on the girl opening you (Sieglinde)
· Click on her medallion.
· Discuss with her then with Hunding.
· When Hunding is drinking at the table, look at the floor.
· Click on the floor when he puts his huge glass on the floor.
· Then first select the Golem and click on the glass, then select the bottle and click on the Golem.
· Get up and click on Sieglinde's medallion.
· Go out of the hut and to the strange tree in the middle of the way.
· Select Wolf's vision and click on the tree.
· Select first the wolf badge to click on the sword, then the wolf brooch and do the same.

Forest is over, let's go to the Walkyries.

Chapter 4 : The Necropolis

I. Brunnhilde, the proud Walkyrie

Brunnhilde is the adored daughter of Wotan. The most beautiful and the proudest of the nine Walkyries, she scours the battlefields in order to carry the dead warriors, bravely fallen, to the hive where they will wait to join the heavenly army of Wotan in Walhall. She was seen, in the preceding film sequence, sent by her father to defend Siegmund, then disobeying Wotan when he changed his mind and wanted his own son killed. Now she is seen fleeing her own father, running toward the hive where she hopes to find help among her sisters.

· After the dialog, enter the necropolis.
· Go up to the 4th room on your right (Forest).

In the Forrest room :

· Click forward, then on the sword a the bottom of the tree, and on the apple to your left.
· Go out of the room, and down to the 2nd room (Water) after the entrance.

In the Water room :

· Go forward, turn to your left and click to enter the cavern.
· Select the magic lance to use it on the head of dragon to your left, then do the same with the sword.
· Click again on the sword to get it back.
· Click on the Conch released from ice.
· Go out of the room, forward and up the stone ladder.
· Face the ice mountain in the middle of the sea of ice and click on it.
· Select the Magic lance and click on the phoenix.
· Go down to the seaside, look dawn and click on the bark.
· Go out of the room and up one room (Hill)

In the Hill room :

· Go up the hill.
· Click on the bottom right of the floor to collect a flower.
· Click on the stone between the feet of the dead body.
· Select the Golem and click on the armchair :
- Click on the Golem's head and drop it in the upper left hole.
- Click on the Golem's skull and drop it in the upper right hole.
- Click on the Golem's left arm and drop it in the middle left hole.
- Click on the Golem's right and drop it in the middle right hole.
- Click on the Golem's belly and drop it in the lower left hole.
- Click on the Golem's leg protections and drop it in the lower right hole.
- Then click on the heart of the Golem and drop it in the hole above his head.

· Click on the board that appears.
· You have to drag and drop the different body parts stones at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines. 1st line : 1/4 (Horizontal/vertical) - 2nd line : 2/7 - 3rd line : 2/1 - 4th line : 4/4 - 5th line : 7/3 - 6th line : 7/5 - 7th line : 3/5.
· Go to desert room (first after the entrance)

In the Desert room :

· Go forward, select your sword and click on one of the ropes.
· Select the Conch and click on the cloud.
· Go out and to the Forest room.

Back in the forest room :

· Click on the left of the main tree.
· >From left to right, select in you inventory and click in the holes in the wooden statues, the flower, the apple, the leaves, and the bark.
· Go out of the room and up the corridor.

In Buddha's place :

· Click on the door in front of you.
· At the bottom of the Buddha, there are 5 holes, the three last being filled with geometrical objects.
· Click on 3rd then on 2nd, click on 4th then 1st, click on 5th then 2nd, click on 2nd then 1st.
· After the text appears on Buddha's legs, click on the sand-glass above.
· Look down the strange monument and click on the glowing light.
· You have to position the ball in such a way that the body in the crypt represents an alive adult man.
· Click on the bottom left sign, then on the upper right sign to stop the ball in the middle of the Möebius ring : so you have to click the upper right sign when the ball is in right in front of you.
· Click on the right wall of the room.
· Select the rope and click on the cylinder on the wall.

The end trailer starts.

¨ When you are back on the asteroid, go to the teleport room, and use the last "thing" in your inventory on the hole in the centre.

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