Microids 2001

Walkthrough by Witchen=O)
July 2001



Chapter 1: The Taj Mahal
- The Tile Puzzle

Chapter 2: Anusha's Neighborhood

Chapter 3: Jail and Escape
- The Monkey Puzzle
- The Jail Stairway Maze

Chapter 4: On Being Penniless and Dumped in an Alley
- Rat Trapping in New Delhi

Chapter 5: Fourteen Rama Road
- The Carved Wooden Box Puzzle

Chapter 6: The Temple Trial
- The Stained Glass Puzzle

Chapter 7: The Lotus Pool Maze

Chapter 8: Back to Reality

Chapter 9: The Big Finale



A year prior to present time, in New Delhi, India, you witness a tragic event; the planting of a briefcase bomb in a busy marketplace.  Famous East Indian movie star, Laj Vanti, and several other people are injured in the subsequent blast.  To add to the mystery, Laj Vanti later mysteriously disappears.

In present time our hero, Fred Reynolds, says goodbye to his girlfriend, Anusha, at Kennedy Airport.  Anusha is going home to India for a visit with her family.  She tells Fred she loves him and she obviously will miss him dearly.

A week later a letter arrives at Fred's apartment from Anusha.  The letter says that she is leaving him and that he is not to try to find her.

Poor devastated Fred gets on the next available plane for New Delhi.  He's going to find Anusha and at least ask her for an explanation of her strange behavior.

In the first dream sequence, of many during the game, Fred arrives in India at the Taj Mahal.  He sees a beautiful woman in a red sari, who looks like Laj Vanti.  She is waving to him from the entrance, but she is abruptly accosted and carried off by a kidnapper, before Fred can reach her.

Chapter 1: The Taj Mahal

When you have control of the cursor, walk up to the main entrance of the Taj Mahal. Turn right.  Go one click forward. Turn left and pick up the SNAKE CHARMING FLUTE. Walk back to the front of the building and face the entrance. You will see your cursor change to a pair of hands in a framing position.  Left click for a close up of the Tile Puzzle.  It's obvious that there is one tile missing. So, perhaps it would be a good idea to find that tile.  Use the hitchhiker thumb icon to exit the close up.  Turn completely around and walk forward.  Turn left and go down the stairs.  Go forward twice, until you hear a monkey chattering.  Look down-right to see him.  He's carrying that missing tile you need, with his tail.  Maybe you can find something to bribe him with so he will give it up.

Turn back left in the direction you were going and move ahead two clicks.  Turn right to see the elephant tethered in the side area.  You can click on the broken part of the fencing to go out and visit him, but it's not necessary to your advancement in the game at this point.

Turn back to the left to explore the remainder of this location and look down-right near the wall along the fence, to find a ROPE.  Pick it up.  Turn around and go forward all the way to the end of the veranda, past the stairs, until you see an orange tree off to your right.  You will see the framing cursor, on the tree.  You're not tall enough to reach the oranges up there.  Look in your inventory and find the rope you picked up and the snake charming flute. Does that give you an idea?  Use the rope on the action cursor (hand operating a lever) at the base of the tree.  Then, click the flute on the rope.  The rope will be "charmed" by the flute's music and will climb into the air.  Use the close up cursor on the treee to see the oranges up close. Take the big ORANGE.

Leave the rope and flute behind, turn around and go back to the waiting monkey.  Give the orange to the monkey.  He'll leave, taking the orange with him.  He will leave you the LAST TILE.  Pick it up and return up the stairs to the front of the building.  When you get there, turn right, go forward, turn left. Examine the image engraved on the wall in close up.  Exit and return back to the front of the building.  Click on the close up.


Six tiles will appear.  Add the one you have in inventory. From left to right mentally number the tiles 1 through  7.


Move tile 4 to tile 1 position
Move tile 3 to tile 2 position
Move tile 7 to tile 3 position
Move tile 6 to tile 4 position
Move tile 5 to tile 6 position

The puzzle is solved and the main gate to the Taj Mahal is now open to you.  Go forward into the entry.  You will catch another brief cutscene of the kidnapper carrying off the lady in red.

Keep going on inside. You will be struck over the head and will awake from this dream sequence.  The following cutscene will reveal Anusha's all too real kidnapping, in front of her mother's house, by two men who look very familiar. And, the same for the big black sedan.

Chapter 2: Anusha's Neighborhood

When the cutscene ends, go over and talk to Anusha's grief stricken mother.  You will tell her who you are and ask her where Anusha has been taken.  Anusha's mother is unconsolable and unresponsive.  She rushes off, sobbing hysterically.  You are left to your own devices.  Use the hand cursor to get some GRASS out of the planter on your left at the house's entry.  Turn around, cross the street, look down and pick up the STICK.

Turn right and go forward to the intersection.  Go directly across the intersection, twice forward, to see a young boy standing in the shadows.  Go over and speak to him.  He needs some charity.  Ask him if he has change for one American dollar.  He gives you the equivalent in rupees.  Ask the boy all conversation options as they appear.

When you ask him "Where's the nearest bank machine?", he'll tell you it's at the end of the street.  Turn left and go forward three times to encounter one immense example of India's famous sacred cattle lounging comfortably in the middle of the street.  Give the grass from Anusha's mother's house to the bovine.  The animal will eventually move aside.

Go one more click forward and turn right to see an old man begging.  Go down the alley and pick up a CLOTHES HANGER.  Come back to the front of the alley and turn to speak with the old man.  Ask him everything.  He tells you not to trust the young boy.  Don't believe him.  Turn back to your right.  Go three clicks forward, turn right again and cross the street, toward a shop with a red banner above it.  Click on the magazine in the display window.  Click on the picture of the black sedan.

Exit the close up and click on the door.  The action cursor will appear and Fred will remark that the door is latched from the inside.  Use the clothes hangar on the door, but you still can't get it open.  Exit the close up and go back across the street to talk to the boy.  He's still right where you left him. Ask him everthing!  He'll tell you not to trust the old beggar.  He'll get the magazine from the shop window for you if you give him some money for food.  But, the few rupees you have aren't acceptable.

Go right, down the street to the theater, just one click.  Turn left and use your rupees to get some BUBBLEGUM from the gum machine.  Exit the theater entrance.  Turn right and go straight down to the end of the street past the old man.  (Go forward five times.)  Turn left to face the Dutch Anucan sign.  Cross the street to the entry steps and turn immediately right to face the teller machine.  Use your UNITED BANK CARD on the lower right, gray metal slot.

Go back across the street and down the other side to the little boy.  Give him the MONEY you got from the teller machine.  When he's pocketed the money, talk to him about his turn to help you.  He'll ask you to go open the store window and he'll get your magazine.  Just click on the conversation choices to cause this to happen.  After you receive the magazine from the boy, leave this street and go back through the intersection, down past Anusha's mother's house, to the gate on the left side of the street.  Use the close up cursor to look through the gate, and the action cursor to determine that there's a key you can't reach on the other side of the gate.

In inventory, combine the stick with the bubblegum and (in a cutscene) retrieve the KEY.  Use the key to open the gate.  Walk down the corridor and into the courtyard behind Anusha's house.  Turn left to see a shrine that has been created in the middle of the courtyard.  Walk over to the shrine and pick up the PHOTOGRAPH of a man who looks like the kidnapper from the dream sequences.  Note that the shrine contains a statuette of Kali, an offering of food, and a photograph of the actress, Laj Vanti.

Leave the area and return to the street.  Turn right and make your way through the intersection.  Approach the young boy again and talk to him about the man in the photo (Darmesh Shareef), the goddess Kali,  and the Thugs.  Turn left and go down the street to the old man on the corner.  Talk to him about the photo of Shareef and everything else.  He then wants you to follow him down into the alley. That is, as soon as he hears Shareef's name mentioned.  He says he knows someone who knows him.  (You might want to save your game here.)

Go ahead.  Follow the old man down the alley.  It's inevitable.  Be prepared for some unpleasant personal circumstances.:)

Chapter 3: Jail and Escape

In another dream sequence, you awake on a bunk in a jail cell.  Look out the window in the cell door to see the sleeping guard.  See that key on the desk?  You need it.  You can't reach it now though.  Turn around 180 degrees.  Look out the barred window to see your old friend, the monkey.  Exit the window and look down right to see something protruding from under the bunk.  Click on the bunk to lift it up and take the RIPE BANANA.  Give the banana to the monkey.  He will come inside the cell and eat the banana.  Pick up the BANANA PEEL.  Drop the banana peel out the cell window in the door.  Go over and click on the bunk to bring it back down with a loud bang!  The guard will awaken, trip on the banana peel and be conveniently knocked senseless for a while.  Turn around and talk to that monkey. Yes, talk to the monkey:


You have four "conversation" choices:
1. Eeek!
2. Hoo Hoo Hoo!
3. Gnee!
4. Whahaee!

You must decide which combination of FIVE of these simian utterances will prompt the monkey to enter the cell, jump up on the boxes, then the desk, pick up the key, and bring it back to you.

Here's  the solution:
1. Eeek!
3. Gnee!
2. Hoo Hoo Hoo!
3. Gnee!
4. Whahaee!

The monkey will go through the five progressive moves to pick up the CELL DOOR KEY and bring it to you.  It will appear in your inventory automatically. Use the key to open the cell door. Walk out into the anteroom and look down-right, beside the guard.  Pick up his KNIFE.  Turn left and open the iron gate which leads to the jail stairway maze.


- Go forward twice
- Turn right
- Go forward twice
- Turn left and go up to the iron gate
- Turn right
- Go down the stairs, one click forward
- Turn right
- Go up the stairs behind the guard with his back to you
- Use the knife to clobber him over the head
- After he hits the floor, go through the door at his feet
- Go straight across and up the short staircase directly opposite
- Pick up the urn from the niche in the wall
- Turn around and go to the bottom of the first set of stairs
- Turn right to see another guard (you can't go that way)
- Go up the stairs ahead of you
- Turn right and look down to see the first unconscious guard and get the    key laying beside him
- Go over his body and out through the iron gate at the bottom
- Turn right
- Go down around the corner turning gradually right
- Continue down another flight of stairs (2 clicks)
- Turn left to see the back of the second guard
- Let him have it with the knife and down he goes
- When you look down at this guard's head, scan right
- Go forward around the pillar then turn right and go up the stairs
- At the iron gate at the top (it's locked) use the key you got beside the first guard
- When the gate opens, go up the stairs
- When you get to the top (wall) turn right and see a window.  Use the close up cursor to see the guard   standing below the window
- Drop the urn on the guard's head
- Go down the stairs and, at the outside of the gate, go straight down 2 clicks
- Turn left to see two unconscious guards
- Veering left along the steps, walk past both guards and through another iron gate which is standing open.

You will see a cutscene where you immerge from an underground passage.  Turn around completely and leave. Go straight on out the front entrance to the Taj Mahal to find yourself back on the upper terrace where you started.  Go left down the steps and over to where the elephant is tethered.

Use the knife in your inventory to cut the elephant's rope, near the tethering post.  Then, click on the elephant's side.  Cool, an elephant ride!  Head for that darkened section of the wall straight ahead of you.  In a cutscene, the elephant will collapse the section of wall and you are free.

Chapter 4: On Being Penniless and Dumped in an Alley

After another cutscene, you awake from the dream sequence in a dark alley with only the young boy for company.  Your wallet is gone.  Consider  yourself lucky to be alive and go over to talk to the boy again.  Ask him everything.

That being finished, you know you need money to get anything at all accomplished.  Turn left and go to the mattress. Pick up the BOX behind the mattress. Turn completely around and go forward past the boy, who should be on your left.  At the corner, turn right and go three clicks forward. (You may see a seemingly friendly rat here; ignore him for now.)  Turn right and go into the dead end alley. Pick up a BUSINESS CARD and a NECKLACE by scanning around and down amidst the debris at the end of the alley.  Return out of the dead end and turn left.  Go forward twice.  Turn right to view the main alley area and that treacherous old beggar, who got you into this mess, got you knocked out and your wallet stolen.  He's drunk again, probably at your expense.

Go one step forward and turn right to click on the snoring old beggar. Yikes! he's actually got your wallet!  We'll be back later to take care of that important detail.

Turn completely around and pick up the BROKEN BOTTLE to the left of a bench.  Turn right and go one click forward down the street.  Turn right and enter the courtyard of a dilapidated apartment complex.  Go to the far left corner door around the perimeter sidewalk, to #1D.  Enter the shop.  You have found Maitreyi, the Astrologer.  It was her business card you picked up in the alley, remember?

Go in and talk to her about everything.  Darmesh Shareef is one of her clients.  She won't give you his address, however.  She also denies the existence of the Thugs in present time.  But, we might know better, right?  Maitreyi is no help to you.  Click on that small scrap of paper on the right of her desk.  You'll find it's something you need to get, in addition to your wallet.

Turn around and exit the shop, returning through the courtyard to the main alley.  Turn right and go one click forward.  Hear those pigeons cooing?  Look down and behind you to pick up one PIGEON FEATHER.  Turn around  completely again and head further down towards the end of the alley.  Three clicks down you will see another dead end alley off to the left.  Enter.  Go to the window in the wall at the end.  Look down and place your box under the window.  Use the close up cursor on the window.  Take the CHEESE.  PIck up your box and leave the alley, turning left at the end.

Walk to the smoking man with the rickshaw and ask him everything.  He's not taking you anywhere without Shareef's address.  Turn completely around and walk back along the alley three clicks.  Look down-right at the base of that pole.  Put your box down where you see the action cursor.  Scan up the pole and click where you see the close up cursor.  Use the broken bottle to cut that clothes line rope and take it with you.  Pick up your box.

Go three clicks forward and turn left to look down at the old man again.  Use the feather to tickle his face and, when he rolls over in a cutscene, take your WALLET out of his left shirt pocket.

Turn right, go F, R, F, L, F, R to see the young boy waiting for you in the corner.  Talk to him and ask him everything.  He'll tell you what he knows abou the astrologer, Maitreyi.  You ask him to make a phone call to the astrologer's shop in five minutes.  He agrees but needs money to make the call. Give him the paper bill from your inventory. Off he goes.

Return back along the main alley. Go back to the apartment complex courtyard and into the astrologer's shop.  The telephone will ring, thanks to your young friend, and Maitreyi will go off to answer it.  Take that scrap of paper, a CUSTOMER BILL, off the desk.  Leave the shop.


Note: It is not imperative that you catch a rat here to quite successfully complete the game.  However, you will see a bit of a different ending if you have caught the rat, as opposed to having no rat. :)

After you leave the shop of the astrologer go back down the alley to where the boy is waiting.  Get the close up view of the mattress. Look right toward a rusty barrel at the end of the mattress.  Scan up the wall to the right of a small knot hole where a stream of sunlight is shining in.  Look for the hand cursor and pick up the STICK on the ledge.

Go back out of the area and proceed straight forward to where the rat hangs out.  No doubt you are familiar with that area by now!

Go one click into the alley, before you reach the door on the right, and look down.  You will see an action icon on the ground.  In inventory:

1. Combine the stick with the rope
2. Combine the stick and the rope with the cheese
3. Combine the stick, the rope, and the cheese with your box.

Set the box trap combination down and you will have your RAT in a cutscene!

Turn completely around and leave the alley.  Turn right at the T and go on down, past the old beggar, to the end of the alley where the rickshaw driver is still concentrating on his cigarette count for the day.  Give him the single bill from your inventory.  He will ask, "Where to...."  You tell him, "I am going to 14 Rama Road, how much?"  And, next thing you know, you are on your way through the New Delhi streets on the way to Shareef's house.  Later, just at sundown, you arrive at Shareef's compound.

Chapter 5: Fourteen Rama Road

Note: In your inventory now, you should have one rope, one rat, one box, and your wallet.  If you got to Shareef's without a rope, you might look around on the ground when you arrive to see if you can find one; the game appears to have some flexibility here.

From where the rickshaw driver drops you off, walk along the foot path beside the walled compound.  The wall will be on your right.  Go three clicks forward toward the corner of the wall.  Turn right and pick up a STICK near the wall. Turn back and continue forward one click.  Turn right.  Go forward. Turn right and look up at the broad crack in the compound wall.  Combine the stick and rope in inventory.  Use this new device on the crack.  As you drop down inside the compound, you catch a quick glimpse of a woman in red in an upstairs bedroom window of the main house.

Go forward twice.  Turn extreme right and go to the shed where you see the light shining.  Open the door and go inside.  Pick up a pair of blue handled WIRE CUTTERS from a corner on the floor.  Pick up a SCREWDRIVER from the lower shelf.

Turn around and leave the tool shed.  Walk down to the front of the house.  Turn left and walk up on the front porch.  Look up to get a close up of the security system control box, which is armed.  Use your box on the porch below the control box, because you aren't tall enough to reach it.  Use your screwdriver to open the dark gray panel on the right side of the control box.  Use your wire cutters to cut the red and green protruding wires and disable the system.  Success!  The light will turn green on the front panel.  Leave your box behind this time. You won't be needing it anymore.

Turn left and go forward. Make another left and go up into the gazebo.  Scan around under the bench until you find a HAMMER.  Pick it up. Leave the gazebo and walk forward down the left wall of the house to the garage.  Use the close up cursor to peer inside.  Aha!  Darmesh's slick black sedan.  Turn right.  Go one click up the walk toward the house.  Turn left and go forward once.  Turn right to find a window where an action cursor appears.  Note the green light on the small security panel bottom right of the window. If the light is not green, you need to check that security control box on the front porch again.  If the light is green, open the window.  You don't need tools for this job.  Climb inside to the dining room.   Walk around the table and down the far wall to the door.  Turn right, open the door and enter the foyer.  Cross the foyer and enter the first door on the left at the end of the mirrored sideboard.  You are in Darmesh's private den.  Cozy isn't it?

Go into the room at right through the arch.  Look down-right and take the book from the seat of the arm chair.  Click on your notes in inventory to access the book and learn just a little more about the Thugs and Kali.

Reenter the other room and walk down to the lighted lamp on the small table in front of the bay windows.  Use your close up cursor to pick up the carved wooden box.  Notice the symbols?  Where have you see that before?


Use the directional arrows to manipulate the box and to open all NINE of the sliding panels to successfully unlock the box.

The easiest way is to use one directional arrow at a time.  Use only the top arrow to roll the box, opening all the  panels you can on each of the THREE sides (except the front panel with the emblem).  After you've used the top arrow, use the bottom arrow to roll the box the other direction, making sure you haven't missed any small panels. Then use the left arrow and subsequently, the right arrow, to turn the box each way horizontally, and open the side panels.  When you have all nine of them open, turn the box back to the top (emblem carving) and click on the sun character.  Take the KEY.

Note: Some of the panels are more difficult to find, but I tried all kinds of different manipulations and found no sequential pattern; only that all the panels must be open to unlock the box.


1. Press top arrow  and open 2 side panels
2. Press top arrow  and open 3 bottom panels
3. Press left arrow and open 1 side panel
4. Press left arrow twice and open other side (1) panel
5. Press left arrow to resposition only
6. Press bottom arrow three times and open 2 panels
7. Press top arrow twice to reposition only
8. Press the sun carving on top of the box and take the KEY.

Leave the den and go out to the foyer again. If you turn left, you can go check out the bathroom straight ahead.  It's a nicely decorated, simple, clean bathroom. And, there's absolutely nothing in there that is of use to you.  The other two doors in the alcove under the stairs, are not accessible right now.

Go up the stairs.  Turn left at the top and go to the door ahead of you. Use the key from the puzzle box (quietly, please).  Enter Laj Vanti's bedroom cell where she is being kept prisoner.  Turn to the window and talk to Laj Vanti about everything.  You will be accosted by Darmesh Shareef, Laj Vanti's husband, and his guards. Then, you are chloroformed into unconsciousness again.

Chapter 6: The Temple Trial

In the following cutscene, you see a bizarre scene where Darmesh isolates Laj Vanti on the opposite side of a river of fire contained within a moat, inside a temple of some kind.  Laj Vanti is unconscious lying on the altar.  Is she to be a sacrifice to Kali? Or is that really Laj Vanti?

Turn right and walk to the outer walls where you see three stained glass windows.  Take all three colored panels.  Walk across to the other side to find and take three more.  You have SIX STAINED GLASS PANELS in your inventory.  Go back to the center of the room and turn completely around.  See an open archway.  Go out and down the steps.  Halfway, or so, down the stairs, turn left and right to see antechamber entries off to the side of the main staircase.  Enter the chamber on the right side, facing down the stairs.


Position yourself in front of the grated window and access the action cursor.  Look at the stained glass panels in your inventory.  They are lined up in two rows of three. Note that there is a key symbol in the middle of each panel.

1. Blue key with green left prongs
2. Red key with green top and red prongs
3. Green key with red top and blue left prongs
4. Yellow key with red left prongs
5. Blue key with brown left prongs
6. Green key with purple top and yellow prongs

Numbers 1, 2 and 3 above should be place in the grated window, one on top of another. It does not matter if you place them 3, 2, 1 or 2, 1, 3......the order is interchangeable as long as you use the correct three panels.

You will witness a display of twinkling fairy dust and a stairway magically opens under the golden key pedestal embedded in the stone floor.  Descend down the darkened stairway.

Chapter 7:  The Lotus Pool Maze

There is no apparent step-by-step solution to successfully navigate the Lotus Pool Maze.  It appears rather, that you need only to wander about the maze for approximately ten real-time minutes.
Note:  Road to India players have offered that they found it easier to navigate the maze by keeping the tinging bell noise in the center each time they moved. Others have suggested that if you listen carefully to whether the tinging bell is coming from your left or right stereo speaker, that is the direction you should go. The most effective and apparently the correct method, is to follow the little rat you see scampering from room to room. The doorway where he stops leads to the hallway you need to enter next. Just keep following him.

You may return unexpectedly to the steps again. Each time that happens, just start out again in any direction.  After about ten minutes have passed, another friendly rat will appear, complete with chirping sounds.  Follow him and note at which doorway he stops and chirps at you.  Go forward through that doorway, and the next chamber.  You will see Mr. Rat again in the next chamber and he will lead you, with his progressive chirping, to the next doorway.  This happens about 6 or 7 times before you are lead to a wall with a radiating blue light in the center.

Click on the light.  In a cutscene you will be drawn through the wall and will witness an apparition of Laj Vanti rising to the sanctuary above  you.

When the cutscene ends, turn and leave the chamber. You will find yourself at the exit staircase immediately.  Go up the stairs.  Turn left and exit the room where you placed  the stained glass panels.  On the main staircase, turn right.  Go down to the bottom and take the center DOOR HANDLE from the double carved doors.  Turn around and go forward up the staircase twice.  Turn right and enter another antichamber.  Go forward into the chamber and find a CHAIN hanging on the back of a chair.  That's all you need in this dark torture chamber.

Go back out to the main staircase and turn right.  Go forward toward the altar and notice that Laj Vanti is standing off to the right. Or at least it is the Laj Vanti apparition.  But, in that case, who is that woman in red on the altar?  You'll find that you still cannot cross the bridge.

In inventory, combine the door handle with the chain and throw this device over the lever to the left of the altar.  In a cutscene Fred will be able to lasso the lever and shut down the flames in the moat.  Cross the bridge and see Fred's dreamed reunion with his beloved Anusha.

Chapter 8: Back to Reality

After a cutscene in which Fred is seen beating on the door of his temporary cell; a dark, hot,  little room. You need to find some light.  Move your cursor around until you get a hand cursor.  Click on it.  Then click on your inventory to see that you have added a SINGLE MATCH and a BOX OF MATCHES to the resident rat and the screwdriver in your inventory.  Light the match by striking it on the match box. Exit your inventory quickly and find a PIECE OF CLOTH on a shelf.  Light another match, exit your inventory and find a small BOTTLE OF GAS.  In inventory, combine the cloth with the small bottle of gas. Light the cloth with a match.  Now you have a small gas lantern.  Handy!

Use the screwdriver on the door's lock, to the left.  Then, use your action cursor on the right side of the door to push it open.  Hmmm, looks like you were locked in a cellar closet below Shareef's house.

Once you have escaped, don't bother to check out all that stuff on the pantry shelves. Just high tail it up the steps.  You have plenty of work to do yet.  At the top of the stairs use your screwdriver on the door hinges to the right.  The door will fall open and you are in the house's foyer again.  You've come out the door directly under the stairs to the upper floor.

Go back up the stairs.  At the top, turn left and go to the door in front of you, Laj Vanti's room.  Don't go in yet. Turn left and go on down to the landing.  Enter the room to the right where you can retrieve Shareef's DIARY off the desk.  Before you leave, pick up the KEYS off the table to the left of the door.  Leave the room.  Go around the landing to the right and enter the room at the end.  Click on the close up of a young woman's picture on the wall in front of you.  The picture moves aside with your next click. You will see a safe.  Use the keys you got from Shareef's room on the safe.  Take the CD ROM with Laj Vanti's picture. Go along the left side of the bed and pick up the CD ROM PLAYER from the table.

Leave the room and return down the stairs.  In the foyer, go over to Shareef's den door and use the action cursor to communicate with Anusha, who is locked away in preparation for her supposed unwilling marriage to Shareef.  Talk to her through the door about everything.  Then, go back to Laj Vanti's room. Combine in inventory the CD ROM and the CD player. Click this combination on Laj Vanti.  When she finishes grooving to the music, talk to her about everything.  You will see another cutscene which reveals a procession taking place outside the window.  Anusha is being carried off somewhere and Fred rushes madly out of the house to try to rescue her.

Chapter 9: The Big Finale

From your position on the front porch, turn right and go around to the right side of the house where the garage is.  Continue around the garage on the left side.  Stop and turn right where you see the light shining.  Unlock the side door with the keys form Shareef's upstairs room and enter.  Turn right and walk around the now familiar black sedan, to the front of the garage.  Look down at the table under the window and pick up the car's REMOTE CONTROL device.  Turn left, go forward once and look down. Pick up the discarded CRICKET BAT. Continue around the car and try that end door if you like, but it is locked permanently.

Turn around and go back up to the front of the car.  Try the remote on the hood of the car. No dice.  The noise might alert the guards lurking somewhere on the grounds.  Leave the garage and go left around to the window.  Use the remote control through the garage window to start the car.

In a cutscene, the nearest guard will hear the car start and will come to investigate.  Fred will close and lock the side door of the garage.  The guard will soon be overcome by carbon monoxide fumes.  Go back into the garage and around on the back side of the car to pick up a SECURITY ACCESS CARD dropped by the downed guard.

Leave the garage.  Turn left and go to the gazebo in the garden.  Go to the right of the gazebo, down the path, toward the compound wall.  You will see a menacing six-armed statue.  Approach the statue.  Pan down-left to view the red light and the slot where that security card might just work.

Use the card on the slot to move the statue aside and reveal a hole in the ground.  Click on it. In a cutscene, Fred will descend into the hole, and come out in front of the edifice you saw in the dream sequence.  Go to it.  Approach the mouth at the bottom.  When you stop, turn left and down to see another guard.  Use that old muffler or jack to temporarily flatten this guy too.  Pick up the KNIFE he drops.  Go past him up the steps and turn right.  You should get an action cursor.  Use the guard's knife to pry open the grill work on the window.  Enter.

Look down to see a circular pattern on the floor.  Click on it to open a hatch and go on down.  You've been here before, right?  Go straight ahead; no lotus ponds in reality, are there?  You will shortly come to a dead end; a wall. Use your action cursor and just click to open up the wall.  Walk on through the doorway.  Swing right to see poor Anusha  reposing on an altar.  Talk to her.

(NOTE: Easter Egg - Open your inventory and put the rat you trapped earlier  into your hand, appearing as the cursor. Then talk to Anusha.  Shareef will show up right on cue, but this time he'll be carrying a funny looking laser cannon, rather than a very large gun. Easter Egg with thanks to Athistaur and SKRaven.)

Whoops!  Shareef intervenes here, a very large hand gun at the ready.  Talk to him about everything.  Learn that Shareef is going to sacrifice Anusha to Kali in an attempt to restore Laj Vanti's beauty, after she was accidentally burned in the market bombing incident. The incident that Shareef perpetrated.  Shareef intends to "lead the Thugs to glory" with Laj Vanti at his side.

This guy, has a bad case of the crazies.  Continue with all the conversation choices until Laj Vanti comes to the rescue and is subsequently fatally wounded.

That's the end, my friends!  Shareef is captured. Laj Vanti has gone to greater glory.  Fred,  Anusha and a coy Mr. Rat (if you caught him) fly off to America and a new life ...happily ever after.

Congratulations!  Great job!


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